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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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"The Lees" Auction 1880

Arthur Harward, owner of "The Lees" Estate in Wirksworth, became bankrupt through building a tunnel under Wirksworth, to carry stone from his Dale Quarry to the railway, was forced to sell the estate, which broke his heart and he died 6 months afterwards. In 1901 The Lees mansion was completely burned down. From 1914-1925 the Dale Quarry was closed, but was the ruin of Wirksworth when it re-opened.

On 24 May 1880, a fine residence called "The Lees", West End, Wirksworth was auctioned. Included were adjoining fields, buildings and cottages. An Estate of 13 Fields and 15 cottages in all, near the centre of the Town, as well as the famous Dale Quarry. The Documentation for the Auction is transcribed below.

Photos of various parts of the old "Lees Estate", sent by Janice Mather, can be found on Lees 2015

The only image of "The Lees" I can find, before it burned down in 1901

Arthur HARWARD's obituary is from the Derbyshire Times of 06nov1880. Arthur was the son of John HARWARD, the Vicar of Wirksworth 1831-1851 with 5 children, Arthur being the only son. Mary Jane, Arthur's widow sold "The Lees" and moved into Riber Castle with her sister-in-Law Caroline SMEDLEY nee HARWARD (widow of the famous John Smedley) and 5 of her 9 children. By March 1881, William FISHER, (also a solicitor), his wife and two children had moved into "The Lees" and the large Estate broken up.

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History of Dale Quarry
1862 Arthur Harward purchases land near Dale
1879 Arthur Harward gets deed of grant for tunnel
1880 Arthur Harward bankrupt then dies
1880 Quarry taken over by Joseph Boulton
1893 Quarry sold to George Miller.
1900 Quarry sold to Butterly Co.
1914 Quarry closed for first time
1925 Quarry re-opened and destroys Wirksworth

Death of Mr Harward. - It is our painful duty this week to announce the death of Mr Arthur Harward, solicitor, late of "The Lees", Wirksworth, which sad event took place at Matlock Bath, (where he has been residing during the summer months) on Friday evening last, after a lingering illness.
Some six or seven years ago the deceased gentleman embarked in a commercial enterprise, which, we regret to say, proved most disastrous to him, and eventually involved him in pecuniary difficulties from which he never recovered. Under the style of the Wirksworth Dale Stone and Lime Company, he opened a stone quarry at Wirksworth, and to facilate the output of stone constructed a tunnel under a portion of the town, from the quarry to the Railway Station, in the progress of which many difficulties were surmounted at great expense. At this period Mr Harward was the largest employer of labour in the district, and many families were enabled to obtain a comfortable living through his kindness and liberality. Upon the completion of the tunnel above referred to a period of unusual commercial depression set in, and after vainly struggling through two or three years in hopes of averting a crisis, the deceased gentleman found it necessary to file his petition for liquidation, which was done on November 5th, 1879.
Bankruptcy of Arthur Harward 05nov1879
This step seems to have preyed heavily upon his mind, for shortly afterwards he was seized with an illness which he never overcame, and which resulted in his death. The deceased gentleman was 45 years of age.
From the Derbyshire Times, 06nov1880.

Dale Quarry (Big Hole)
Dale quarry, also known as the big hole, is the most southerly of the quarries that were served by the railway. It was opened in 1874 by Arthur Harward under the name of the Wirksworth Dale Stone and Lime Company when stone and lime were carted by horse and cart to the station. The “Nimbys” of that day were not impressed by this or the scheme mooted to build a tramway through the streets, but in the end the plan of a tunnel under the town was approved, the work taking 18 months, opening with a large public gathering and ceremony on 17th November 1877, including a trip through the tunnel in a special train.
Although a great engineering success the expenditure bankrupted Harward who in Dec 1879 was forced to sell out to a J G Compton of Derby and after a couple of further changes of ownership ended up with the Butterley Company until the 1920s when it closed.
From www.evra.org.uk

From "O'er Back and on the Hillock" by Jack Doxey
The Leys, a large family house which stood mid way between the Dale and Brassington Lane, although not actually in the Dale itself, was so much part of it, in all aspects of its life, that it deserves to be mentioned. The livliehood of so many of the inhabitants of the Dale was dependent on the people connected with the Leys, both for work that was provided at the Quarry, and the dwellings they lived in. The house was built of gritstone under a tiled roof, with a large glass covered entrance from the driveway, and an entrance hall leading into the house from the lawn. There were two carriage drives leading to a reception area at the side of the house. One entrance was at the corner of Brassington Lane and the other opposite Number 61 West End. There was also a pedestrian entrance on Bowling Green Lane. It was a large house containing the usual accomodation provided for the gentry of the day, with library, drawing room, dining room, breakfast room, ten bedrooms, servant's quarters, stables and coach-houses. The extensive grounds contained the Leys Cottage, a building of ample proportions with six bedrooms, drawing room, dining room, breakfast room, stables and coach-house. Also situated in the grounds were, the gardeners cottage, tennis courts, and large kitchen and pleasure gardens. The Leys was occupied by Arthur Harwood, who in March 1862 purchased a large area of land in the vicinity of The Dale. Part of the land was a hollow in the ground containing a medium sized cliff, which became the Big Hole Quarry.
During the eleven year period between 1914 and 1925, when the quarry was closed for the first time, it was a delight to live in the Dale when all the houses were occupied and the gardens were cultivated. Although many were quite small, they were tended with care. At this time I remember the rock face being full of colour in the spring, covered with white rock and gillyflowers, and in the summer it was a joy to see the hundreds of antirrhinums that had seeded themselves from the neighbouring gardens, and at Dale Top and Dale fields, void of all noise and hustle, the low growing flowers and the cows at Dale Top grazing so peacefully. 'HAPPY DAYS'
The stone produced in the early part of the Big Hole Quarry's existence, had to be transported by horse drawn vehicle down the Dale, and through the town to the Midland Railway Station. The roads at this time were made up of limestone chippings, dust, and other available material suitable to create a suitably solid surface when rolled and stamped. You can imagine the state of the roads at this time, especially the mess created by the busy traffic in the streets. As the quarry increased in depth the stone had to be winched up by crane. It was due to this slow and laborious method of getting the stone out, and the state of the roads in the town, that it became necessary to take ction to improve the rate of production, and at the same time, alleviate the problems cuased by the mess in the town and in the Dale. On August 29th, 1879, Arthur Harwood acquired a deed of grant to "make and forever maintain, a tunnel from the station of Midland Railway Company to the stone quarry in The Dale".The opening of the tunnel was a momentous occasion, performed with great ceremony. The Wirksworth Volunteer band was in attendance, and after the ceremony a lavish meal was served in the Town Hall for the dignitaries and all concerned. However, probably within the year, Arthur Harwood relinquished the ownership of the quarry, and it was then taken over by a group of people trading under the name of the Wirksworth Dale Stone and Lime Company, under the managership of Joseph Boulton. The quarry again changed hands, and came in to the ownership of George Colledge, who at the same time was working the Bailey Croft Quarry, and was registered as a lime and stone merchant. The two lime burning kilns in use in the early part of the quarry's existence stood only a few yards from The Dale itself, almost on the doorsteps of numbers 66,67, and 68. The coal needed to burn the limestone had to be transported through the town and The Dale, by horse drawn vehicle. It is interesting to note that in the 1880s, the two kilns were capable of producing 200 tons of lime per week, and this fact gives us some idea of the large amount of horse drawn traffic at the time. The remains of the kilns were still visible in the 1920s.
The quarry changed hands again on the 7th October 1893, and came into the possession of George Miller who, in July 1900, sold out to the Butterly Company who continued to work the quarry until 1914. It remained closed from that date until February 1925, when Wirksworth Quarries Limited took possession. During the quarry's working life up to 1914, when the work was done by hand, very few problems were encountered. Very little dust was created and only a small amount of acceptable noise.

From "O'er Back and on the Hillock" by Jack Doxey

The re-opening of the Big Hole Quarry in 1925/26 was an environmental disaster for the whole of the community. It was not so much the working of the quarry, but the decision to allow a stone crusher to be installed in the hole, two or thre hundred feet deep in the midle of a fairly densely populated area. What did they expect, the dust to go down the tunnel? IT WAS A TRAGEDY. Although I worked in the quarry myself, I had no alternative, I thought it was a disaster, both for the Dale and its inhabitants. It was obvious from the start something serious would happen, and it did. The continual noise of the plant was bad enough, but the dust created when crushing the stones, covered the houses, gardens, surrounding fields and trees. The dust problem was appaling. It infiltrated into the houses in the neighbourhood, and made the whole area look like a lunar landscape. I wish I could find a stronger word than 'infiltrate'. No words can ever describe the conditions the people of The Dale lived under, the heartache it caused, and the hard daily toil which was necessary to keep the houses clean and habitable. I had personal knowledge of the problem through my in-laws who lived at Number 58, The Dale. No sooner had the house been cleaned by my wife, than it was ready to be cleaned again. The Council were approached many times about the dust problem, but unfortunately nothing seemed to be achieved, and the problem was never resolved. I believe this was one of the main causes of the area becoming almost derelict. It was virtually destroyed, and I cannot find adequate words to describe this tragedy. An injunction was taken out against the quarry in late 1932, but at a later date withdrawn.





Sheffield Evening Telegraph 19dec1901

Enormous damage
The Lees, Wirksworth, one of the oldest mansions
of the Peak of Derbyshire, the residence of Mr
C.E.B.Bowles, JP, was totally destroyed by fire
this morning. The family and servants had narrow 
escapes, and nothing of value was saved. The loss
is enormous.

Whitstable Times & Herne Bay Herald 28dec1901

"The Lees", Wirksworth, near Matlock Bath,
the residence of Mr C.E.B.Bowles, JP, was
completely destroyed by fire on Thursday morning.
Mr Bowles was slightly injured, while the ladies
had to leave the mansion attired in blankets. The
damage is estimated at £10,000, part of which is
covered by insurance. The family heirlooms,
jewellery, and plate chest were destroyed. It is 
believed that the fire was caused by the hall stove
communicating flames to the drapery of the



              1785              1797
              John              Amelia
              1868        |
      |       |       |       |         |
     1821    1827    1828    1830      1833
     Louisa  Arthur  Berthe  Margaret  Agatha
              |              Augusta   Mat.
             1827              1831
             Arthur    1856    Mary Jane
             1880        |     1898
 |       |    |      |        |       |       |        |        |
1857    1858 1859   1861     1862    1865    1866     1869     1872
William John Lionel Theodore Mary    Alfred  Charles  Ethel    Francis
Arthur                       Amelia  Edgar   Cuthbert Margaret Edward



1841 Census for Wirksworth
---Coldwell St---[Wirksworth]---(p11, Wirksworth, district 6, HO 107/198/12)---
W757a  John      HARWARD    50  m  N  Cl M A
W757b  Amelia    HARWARD    45  f  N
W757c  Louisa    HARWARD    20  f  N
W757d  Caroline  HARWARD    15  f  N
W757e  Bertha    HARWARD    12  f  N
W757f  Margaret  HARWARD    10  f  N
W757g  Agatha    HARWARD    7   f  Y
W757h  Edwin     HARWARD    5   m  Y
W757i  William   REDFERN    15  m  Y  M.S.
W757j  Ellen     TAYLOR     20  f  Y  F.S.
W757k  Ann       FRITCHLEY  15  f  Y  F.S.
John Harward - Vicar of Wirksworth 1831-1851
1851 Census for Wirksworth
#034---Coldwell St---[Wirksworth]---
W034a  John          HARWARD  Head      M  66  M   Vicar of Wirksworth Hampshire HAM
W034b  Amelia        HARWARD  Wife      M  54  F                       Wiltshire WIL
W034c  Louisa        HARWARD  Dau       U  30  F                       Muefield? GLS
W034d  Arthur        HARWARD  Son       U  24  M   Solicitor           Frome SOM
W034e  Berthe        HARWARD  Dau       U  23  F                       Frome SOM
W034f  Margaret Aug. HARWARD  Dau       U  21  F                       Frome SOM
W034g  Agatha Mat.   HARWARD  Dau       U  18  F                       Wirksworth
W034h  Mary          BODEN    Servant   U  29  F   Cook                Matlock
W034i  Jane          POYSER   Servant   U  15  F   House maid          Wirksworth
W034j  Benjamin      POYSER   Servant   U  17  M   General servant     Wirksworth
1857 Tradesman's Index
HARWARD A. [Coldwell st., Wirksworth] Sun Fire+Life Office
HARWARD Arthur [Coldwell st.; h. The Lees, Wirksworth] Attorney
1861 Census for Wirksworth
#38---The Lees, West End---[Wirksworth]---(Page 8,ED 3, RSD "Wirksworth",RG9/2517)---
W368a  Arthur    HARWARD   Head    M 34  M  Solicitor       Frome SOM
W368b  Adelaide  BRISTOL   Servant U 25  F  House servant   Wirksworth
W368c  Hannah    TOWNDROW  Servant U 17  F  House servant   Crich
W368d  Henry     STOPPARD  Servant U 17  M  House servant   Ashleyhay
1871 Census for Wirksworth
#11---West End---[Wirksworth]---
W338a  Arthur       HARWARD    Head    M 44  M  Solicitor, landowner  Farme? SOM
W338b  Mary Jane    HARWARD    Wife    M 40  F  Wife                  Spalding LIN
W338c  Theodore     HARWARD    Son       10  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338d  Mary Amelia  HARWARD    Dau       8   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338e  Alfred Edgar HARWARD    Son       5   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338f  Charles Cuth HARWARD    Son       4   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338g  Ethel margrt HARWARD    Dau       1   F                        Wirksworth
W338h  Mary Jane    WILKINSON  Moth iL W 71  F  Annuitant             Elme CAM
W338i  Ellen        PERCIVAL   Servant U 40  F  Cook, dom servant     Wirksworth
W338j  Eliza        TAYLOR     Servant U 23  F  Waiting maid,servant  Spalding LIN
W338k  Annie        GAMBLE     Servant U 18  F  Housemaid, servant    Wirksworth
W338l  Sarah        THOMPSON   Servant U 18  F  Nurse, servant        Wirksworth
W338m  Sarah Ann    DOXEY      Servant U 15  F  Under nurse, servant  Wirksworth
1881 Census for Matlock
#207---Riber Castle---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p40)
Mk1091a  Caroline     SMEDLEY   Head    W 59  F  Annuitant                  Frome SOM
Mk1091b  Mary Jane    HARWOOD   Sis iL  W 50  F                             Spalding LIN
Mk1091c  John         HARWOOD   Nephew  U 22  M  Undergrad Oxford           Wirksworth
Mk1091d  Lionel       HARWOOD   Nephew  U 21  M  Solicitors articled clerk  Wirksworth
Mk1091e  Charles A.   HARWOOD   Nephew  U 14  M  Scholar                    Wirksworth
Mk1091f  Ethel M.     HARWOOD   Niece   U 11  F  Scholar                    Wirksworth
Mk1091g  Francis E.   HARWOOD   Nephew    8   M  Scholar                    Wirksworth
Mk1091h  Lousia M.    KELT      Niece   U 20  F                             St Pancras LND
Mk1091i  Charlotte D. HOGWORTH  Visitor W 62  F                             Edinburgh SCT
Mk1091j  Susan        TURNER    Servant U 36  F  Dom serv housemaid         Higham
Mk1091k  Jane         FRYER     Servant U 24  F  Dom serv cook              Stanton In Peak
Mk1091l  Mary         WALL      Servant U 17  F  Dom serv kitchenmaid       Riber
1881 Census for Wirksworth
#34---West End, The Lees---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-3-p7)
W349a  William S.  FISHER   Head    M 27  M  Solicitor  Torquay DEV
W349b  Gertrude M. FISHER   Wife    M 24  F             West Bromwich STS
W349c  George S.   FISHER   Son       1   M             Surbiton SRY
W349d  Olive F.S.  FISHER   Dau       8m  F             Surbiton SRY
W349e  Ellen A.    BISHOP   Servant U 24  F  Nurse      Maiden Newton DOR
W349f  Martha J.   WORRALL  Servant U 17  F  Housemaid  Kiniver STS
W349g  Sarah       JEPSON   Servant U 20  F  Cook       Middleton by Wirk
1891 Census for Wirksworth
#82---Bank Terrace, Old Bank House---[Wirksworth]---
W384a  William S   FISHER   Head    M 37  M  Solicitor             Torquay DEV
W384b  Gertrude M  FISHER   Wife    M 35  F                        West Bromwich STS
W384c  Olive F S   FISHER   Dau       10  F  Scholar               Surbiton SRY
W384d  John W S    FISHER   Son       8   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W384e  Maud U S    FISHER   Dau       6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W384f  Roger S S   FISHER   Son       2   M                        Wirksworth
W384g  Lizzie      GASKIN   Servant S 23  F  Cook dom servant      Willington
W384h  Emily       TWIGG    Servant S 19  F  Housemaid dom serv    Idridgehay
W384i  Lucy        FENNELL  Servant S 18  F  Nurse dom servant     Idridgehay
1891 Census for Wirksworth
#36---West End, The Lees---[Wirksworth]---
W338a  Arthur        KENWORTHY    Head    M 38  M  Living on own means   Manchester LAN
W338b  Edith         KENWORTHY    Wife    M 35  F                        Bristol GLS
W338c  John          KENWORTHY    Son       10  M                        Stretford LAN
W338d  Zaida         KENWORTHY    Dau       9   F                        St Austell CON
W338e  Norah         KENWORTHY    Dau       6   F                        St Austell CON
W338f  Percy         SUMMERS      Nephew    13  M                        Clifton GLS
W338g  Elizabeth J   MITCHELL     Govern  S 23  F  Governess             Perran Combe CON
W338h  Eliza         BOWDEN       Servant S 39  F  Cook,dom servant      Helstone CON
W338i  Bessie        ROBERTS      Servant S 21  F  Sewing maid,dom serv  Tregoney CON
W338j  Louisa        LAMB         Servant S 17  F  Housemaid,dom serv    Ashbourne
W338k  Henry         LUCAS        Servant S 25  M  Coachman, dom serv    St Austell CON
1901 Census for Wirksworth
#157---The Leas---[Wirksworth]---
W300a  Charles E B  BOWLES    Head    M 52  M  JP living own means   Woking SRY
W300b  Jane C       BOWLES    Wife    M 47  F                        Marylebone LND
W300c  Dorothy M    BOWLES    Dau     S 19  F                        Clifton GLS
W300d  Cicely F     BOWLES    Dau       17  F                        Clifton GLS
W300e  Ellen        CHADBURN  Servant S 31  F  Cook domestic         Ashby LEI
W300f  Martha E     JIMSON    Servant S 30  F  Parlourmaid dom       Ashley NTH

Arthur Harward's Obituary

From the Derbyshire Times, 06nov1880



[page 1]
in the county of Derby
particulars and plan of a
principally of freehold tenure, 
comprising two detached
with stables, lock-up coach-houses, gardens, lawn and 
pleasure grounds; a building site with
asphalted lawn tennis court; 
Also several lots of accomodation
with gardens; one-third share in
a highly valuable
Lime-Kilns, fixed Plant and Machinery, Tunnel laid 
with permanent Rails, and connected with the
Midland Railway, to be sold by auction, by
at the Red Lion Hotel, Wirksworth, on
at two in the afternoon
Mr T.H.Harrison, 
Commercial Chambers, Derby;
Mr Arthur Harward, 
solicitor, Wirksworth;
Messrs Rashleigh & Smart, 
Solicitors, 38 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London
St James's Chambers, Derby

Lots 1-18


[Page 2]
in the county of Derby
particulars and plan of a
principally of freehold tenure, comprising two detached
in thorough repair, and fitted throughout 
with all requisite conveniences, known respectively as
with stables, lock-up coach-houses, gardens, lawn & 
pleasure grounds; a valuable building site with
ashalted lawn tennis court, having together a total area of
several lots of accomodation
of exceptional fertility;
and appurtenances in thorough repair; one-third share in
a highly valuable
with 2 Lime-Kilns, & all the fixed Plant and Machinery,
Tunnel laid with permanentRails, and connected with the
Midland Railway, containing in the whole a total area of
or therebouts; to be sold by auction, by
at the Red Lion Hotel, Wirksworth, on
at two o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such 
other lots as may be agreed upon, and subject to
Conditions of Sale to be then produced.
Particulars with Plans, & tickets to view, may be had of the
Auctioneer, Wirksworth; Mr T.H.Harrison, Commercial Chambers, Derby;
Mr Arthur Harward, solicitor, Wirksworth;
Messrs Rashleigh & Smart, Solicitors, 38 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London
or at the offices of
Solicitors, st James's Chambers, Derby

LOT 1-3


[Page 3]

Lots 1,2 & 3 put up together | £1000 bid - no advances | withdrawn | Lot 1 seperately | no bid | Lot 2 & 3 withdrawn. | Lots 1, 2 & 3 sold afterwards | for £3850 | to Mr Rashleigh |
PARTICULARS LOT 1 All that very desirable and picturesque freehold VILLA RESIDENCE The Lees, Wirksworth situate at a moderate elevation on the West side of the Town of Wirksworth, commanding exquisite views of ECCLESBOURNE VALE, abd other interesting points. The Residence, buildings, and Land comprise a total area of 8 ACRES 2 ROODS 24½ PERCHES The Lees was enlarged and greatly improved by the late owner only a few years ago. It is substantially built, and in thorough repair. The House comprises, on the Ground Floor:- Covered Glass Entrance from the Carriage Drivee and Entrance Hall from the Lawn, with principal staircase; Dining Room - - - - - - - - - 21ft x 15ft 3in Drawing Room (with Bay Window) - - 21ft 3in x 16ft 4in Billiard Room - - - - - - - 36ft 6in x 16ft 4in Library, Butlers Pantry, Kitchen, Scullery, and Larder. On the Basement is excellent cellarage On the Upper Floors are TEN BED ROOMS Housemaid's closet, and rooms in the attics; with provision for further bed rooms, if required. There are two w.c's, and a Bath Room The House is supplied with Hot and Cold Water, and the principal rooms are fitted with Hot-water apparatus. Gas is laid on in all the rooms and passages, and the House is thoroughly supplied with soft water. The Drainage and Ventilation are PERFECT in their arrangement and efficiency. The Out-offices comprise Washhouse and Laundry and these, like the Stables, are built of Rock-faced Grit-stone, and are of recent erection. The stabling comprises a COMMODIOUS 3-STALLED STABLE and well-ventillated Loose Box, A Coach-House, Harness and Saddle Room adjoin the Stables. There is also a Large Room, suitable for School or other purposes, over the Stable and Coach-House [Page 4] THE FARM BUILDINGS comprise Cow-House, Barn, Shed, Piggeries, and Stack-Yard A WALLED KITCHEN GARDEN, WITH GREEN-HOUSE is situate at the back of the Premises, and is well-stocked with choice fruit-trees in full bearing; and the ground is tilled for Crops THERE ARE TWO CARRIAGE DRIVES to the Principal Entrance from the hopton road, and also a Foot entrance from the same road, at a short distance nearer the Town. The Front of the House and Grounds are screened from the road, and the House and Grounds are screened from the road, and the House has a long frontage to the TERRACED PLEASURE GROUNDS which are laid out with great taste, and planted with choice Shrubs and Timber, in full growth A PICTURESQUE COTTAGE (no 25) suitable as a Residence for Butler or other Servant, is situate in the Grounds THE LAND is fine old turf, overlying the Limestone Strata. Each Field has a good road frontage. The House and Grounds are within five minutes' walk from the Church and Town-hall, and eight minutes from the Wirksworth Station of the Midland Railway Company.


(This photo is of Lot 1a and the bottom
entrance to the Lees which also went to Lot 2.)

£16 bid | withdrawn
[Page 4] LOT 1A AN EQUAL UNDIVIDED THIRD PART OR SHARE in Two Dwelling-Houses, with Garden, Stable, and piggeries adjoining the West End, Wirksworth, and bounded on all other sides by Lot 1, and now in the occupation of Messrs James Potter and Joshua Smith Lot 1a is subject, with other properties, to the payment of the following annuities: £25 to a Lady aged 59, £5 to a Lady aged 64; and £8 to a Lady aged 45


Bottom footpath gate to Lot 2 (between words Bowling and Green on map). Bowling Green Lane ahead with red brick house where it divides, gennel down to Crown Yard and Market Place on the right

[Page 4]
containing One acre and one perch, situate in front of Lot 1
Part is asphalted and used as a
Other portions are Old Turf, and the remainder is planted with 
Shrubbery. It is screened from all the cold
winds, and is almost Unequalled as a site for Villa Residences
The Private Entrance is within two minutes' walk of the Market Place. 
The Principal Entrance will be in common with the property Lot 1 and 3


Not much to see of Lot 3 - just the wall and trees where (the top gennel of) Bowling Green Lane bends

[Page 5]
Another charming detached
adjoining Lots 1 and 2, and known as
This Lot, like Lot 1, has only recently been very much enlarged
and considerably improved. Its accomodation consists of Entrance Hall,
with excellent Stair-case; Drawing Room, 18ft x 16ft 6in, with Bay Window;
Dining Room, 19ft 2in x 14 ft; Breakfast Room, Six Bed Rooms; w-c;
Kitchen; Larder; Scullery' and Closets.
There is a Two-stalled Stable, with Lock-up Coach-House and Room over,
at a short distance from the House. The Kitchen Garden is in full bearing,
and the Lawn and Shrubberies leave nothing to be desired.
The Lot comprises an area 2 roods 30½ perches, and is in occupation
of Mrs John Hubbersty, as a yearly Tenant, at the very inadequate rent
of £34
Lots 1,2 and 3, will, in the first instance, be submitted for sale in One Lot.
In case they should not be sold as a whole, Lot 1 will be sold, subject to
a right of road for the Owners and Occupiers of Lots 2 and 3, over the road
shown by the dottedlines on the East side of Lot 1; and Lots 2 and 3 will
be sold with the benefit of such right.



[Page 5]
Joshua Winson £280
A very valuable field of RICH ACCOMMODATION GRASS LAND known as "The Leys", containing 2 acres, 0 roods, 23 perches


Old mine shaft on Lot 5 by road

[Page 5]
E.Roobottom £330
Another equally eligible field of ACCOMMODATION GRASS LAND together with the Barn, &c thereon, also known as "The Leys", containing 2 acres, 1 rood, 34 perches


The 2 old field barns are either side of the remains of the wall - they're on the map on the boundary between Lots 6 and 8. They are a bit further up on the other side of the road from The Lees main gates.

[Page 5]
Subject to Annuity of £5 Mr Prescott £114
Another very valuable field of ACCOMMODATION GRASS LAND together with the excellent Barn thereon, known as the "Saltseats", containing 1 acre, 1 rood, 39 perches, as occupied by Mr Edward Slack



[Page 5]
Subject to Annuity Mr Prescott £52
An undivided third part or share in ANOTHER FIELD OF ACCOMMODATION GRASS LAND also called the "Saltseats", containing in the whole, 3 acres 0 roods, 31 perches, as occupied by Mr E Slack



[Page 5]
Annuity of £4 Mr Prescott £115
A very valuable Field of RICH MEADOW LAND with building thereon, now known as "The Pingle", abutting on Hopton Lane aforesaid, containing 1 acre, 0 roods, 33 perches. Lots 6 and 8, from their proximity to the Town, situation and road frontage, are eminently suitable for Building Purposes Lot 6 will be sold subject to an apportioned annuity of £5 during the life of a Lady now aged 60; and Lot 8 to an apportioned annuity of £4 during the life of the same Lady.


Part of Lot 9 - The barn (now converted to a house) on the roadside in the bottom corner and part of the field

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Subject to Annuity Mr Stone £100
An undivided third part or share in a capital FIELD OF PASTURE LAND, called "Upper Long Close", together with the excellent Cow-House and Barn thereon, containing in the whole, 5 acres 3 roods 3 perches as occupied by Mr Joseph Bowmer

LOT 10


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LOT 10
£120 Chas Ogden
ANOTHER CAPITAL FIELD of Valuable accommodation Meadow Land, called "Brassington Lane Pingle", containing 1 acre 0 rood 16 perches, as now occupied by Mr George Hawley

LOT 11


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LOT 11
Subject to Annuity Thos Gibbons £81
Another undivided Third Part or share in a VALUABLE FIELD OF OLD TURF MEADOW LAND, HAVING A Southern aspect, and known as "Aspin, or, Brown's Meadow" together with the Barn thereon, containing altogether, 4 acres 1 rood 28 perches, as now occupied by Mr Abanathan Hawley. Lots 7,9 and 11 are sold subject with other Lands together now letting for £65 10s to an Annuity of £52 per annum, payable to a Lady now aged 55.

LOT 12


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LOT 12
Mr Rashleigh £120
THREE EXCELLENT STONE-BUILT 2-STORIED COTTAGES with Yard, Garden, and other Appurtenances, situate in the Dale, Wirksworth, as now or lately occupied by Messrs. Wm Houghton, J.Orridge and Wm Byard.

LOT 13


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LOT 13
Mr Rashleigh £95
Two recently-erected BRICK-FRONT AND TILE-ROOFED COTTAGES adjoining to and having similar accommodation to Lot12, and now or late in the occupation of Messrs George Brooks and Thomas Byard.

LOT 14


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LOT 14
Mr Rashleigh £311
TWO OTHER STONE-BUILT 2-STORIED COTTAGES with Yards and Gardens adjoining thereto, as now occupied by Messrs D Wardman and E Doxey; and also ANOTHER NEWLY-ERECTED DWELLING-HOUSE with brick-front and tiled Roof, and comprising House-place, Sitting Room, Back Kitchen, Two Bed-rooms and Work-room; Yard and Garden; all situate in The Dale, Wirksworth, as now occupied by Mr John Brewell.

LOT 15


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LOT 15
£100 Mr Rashleigh
TWO STONE-BUILT TILE-ROOFED COTTAGES with gardens and other Appurtenances, situate in the Dale, Wirksworth, as now occupied by Mr Henry Spencer and Miss Houghton

LOT 16


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LOT 16
£50 Mr Rashleigh
THREE WELL-BUILT STONE AND TILE ROOFED HOUSES with Gardens and ither Appurtenances, as now occupied by Wm Else, T Orridge, and Mrs Hinds

LOT 17


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LOT 17
£80 Mr Rashleigh
ANOTHER EXCELLENT COTTAGE with Two Gardens and other Appurtenances, as now occupied by Mr John Tomlinson

LOT 18

Dale Quarry Tunnel under the houses - 1.2km long - built 1876-1877 - the cause of Arthur Harward's bankruptcy
Dale Quarry - the two Lime Kilns
Dale Quarry - Steam Crane, Steam Hoist and start of the tunnel.

[Page 7]
LOT 18
£8000 Mr Rashleigh
An Invaluable and Preactically Inexhaustible LIMESTONE QUARRY with Two Lime-Kilns Adjoining, As now carried on by the WIRKSWORTH-DALE STONE & LIME COMPANY The Quarry is of an average height of about 300 feet. The greater portion of the Stone is of unequalled purity, and unsurpassable in quality for fluxing glass and chemical purposes, whilst the other portion, being the upper beds, are of exceptional hardness and durability, and in great demand for roads and asphalting. The accompanying Report of Mr E.W.T.Jones, fully details the merits and capabilities of the Stone. THE TWO LIME-KILNS are capable of turning out 200 tons of lime per week, suitable for Agriculture, Building, Gas Purifying, and other purposes. Also all the FIXED PLANT AND MACHINERY including a 7-ton Steam Crane, with Vertical 10-horse power boiler, and 100 yards of 7/8 inch Wire Rope; Blake and Marsden's Stone Crusher, 18-inch jaws, with pierced screen for dust, 3/4 inch and 2¾ inch Stone; a 10-Horse Power Horizontal Engine; a 12-Horse Power Vertical Boiler and Condenser; Three 700-gallon Water Cisterns; Steam Hoist; Drilling Machine; Tram Rails, and other costly Fixtures and Working Plant. The Quarry is connected with the Wirksworth Station, Midland Railway, by a TUNNEL OF MAIN-LINE DIMENSIONS and having all requisit Points and Sidings, thus giving ready access to all Markets. FIVE WORKMEN'S COTTAGES Smith & Wheelwright's Shops; Offices; and SEVERAL FIELDS OF LAND, with Part of New Barn thereon, the whole having an area of 10 ACRES 3 ROODS 13 PERCHES The fixed Plant and Machinery will be included in the sale of, and form part of the Lot. A Plan of the Tunnel can be seen on application to the Auctioneer. The business of Lot 18 is capable of indefinate extension, and with judicious management, large returns will assuredly be realised. ---------------------

Report and Analysis of the Limestone from Wirksworth Dale Stone & Lime
Company's Quarries, by Mr E.W.T Jones, FCS, Public Analyst for South
Staffordshire and the Borough of Wolverhampton, Consulting
Analyst for the Staffordshire Agricultural Society, &c:

                               Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry,
                               10, Victoria Street, Wolverhampton,
                                             6 March 1880
          I have great pleasure in handing you herewith Certificates of
my careful Analysi of the two samples of Limestone - White and Blue. 
I cannot say much more in their favour than they are Limestones of great
purity, and that I consider the White suitable for any purpose for which 
Limestone is required. The Blue is very good, but contains a shade more
Iron, which does not impair its value for the generality of uses.
                                Yours truly,
                                E.W.T.Jones, F.C.S.

Certificate No. 2275               Certificate No. 2276
  Sample of Limstone - WHITE         Sample of Limestone - BLUE
*Lime                   55.32      *Lime                    54.99
Magnesia                 Trace     Magnesia                 Trace
Silica                   1.20      Silica                    1.01
Alumina with             0.41      Alumina with              0.60
 trace of Oxide of Iron             little Oxide of Iron
Carbonic Acid           42.48      Carbonic Acid            43.02
Phosphorus               Trace     Phosphorus               Trace
Sulphur                  Trace     Sulphur                  Trace
Alkalies, Moisture,&c    0.50      Alkalies, Moisture, &c    0.38
 (by difference)                    (by difference)
                        ------                             -------
                        100.00                              100.00

*Equal to Carbonate of Lime 98.80%   *Equal to Carbonate of Lime 98.20%
         E.W.T.Jones, F.C.S.                E.W.T.Jones, F.C.S.

The whole of the Property, with the exception of Lots 12, 13 and 14, and a small portion of Lot 18, which are Copyhold of the Manor Of Wirksworth, with fine small and certain, are Freehold. Lots 1,2,4,5,6,8, and 18, are in hand, and immediate Possession can be had. The whole Property is of a very high character, and worthy of the attention of Gentlemen requiring a good residence in a charming neighbourhood, or Capitalists in search of a sound investment.


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Received from Heather Eaton on 29jul2015
I can’t help with a photograph of ‘The Lees’ but have just spent a pleasant hour poutling around Wirksworth. I noticed that you say the sale was triggered by the death of Arthur Harward, although he died in October 1880 & the sale was in May previous. His effects were listed as ‘under £200’ so suspect there is another story to be unearthed here. I wonder if the house was sold as Arthur’s finances were ‘stretched’.
Being curious I have just searched for evidence & found the newspaper cutting which is attached, revealing all!
Heather Eaton

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