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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Yokecliffe House and Buena Vista

Brenda Pearson (Hamilton, N.Z.)sends these old photos of Yokecliffe House and Buena Vista, up West End. Many were taken by Elizabeth Nowell-Usticke nee Wright around 1888, before she married William Gordon S Nowell-Usticke in 1889

Yokecliffe House and Buena Vista, OS Map, Wirksworth 1920.
Yokecliffe House in 2010
01. Buena Vista Aug 1915

02. Buena Vista Garden and E N-U

03. Buena Vista taken from lawn

04. Buena Vista on left War Plane

05. Buena Vista and Yokecliffe to left Aug 1916

06. Buena Vista, Wirksworth, Derbyshire

07. Wirksworth looking down (Derby Road)

08. Buena Vista entrance gates

20. Jack and basket carriage in Yokecliffe Yard 1885.
10. Yokecliffe Wain & Stanley

11. Yokecliffe Stable, Slade, Horses Belle Luce M N-U with Visme

12. Yokecliffe from the field 1888

13. Wirksworth township

14. Wirksworth Church

15. WRIGHT - Hunting scene

16. WRIGHT family at Yokecliffe Terrace
Photo taken about 1889
Top: Charles 1835-1912 | Margaret 1867-1959 | Elizabeth 1865-1947
Bottom: Charles 1869-1960| Eliza Ann 1840-1901 | William N-U 1866-1938

18. "Yokecliffe" July 3rd 1889.

19. Dovedale Aug 10th 1888.

1901 Census
#25---West End, 51---[Wirksworth]---
W326a      William       NOWELL-UST.  Head    M 36  M  Wine+spirit merchant  Mannamead DEV         Ust.=Usticke
W326b      Elizabeth     NOWELL-UST.  Wife    M 36  F                        Wirksworth            Ust.=Usticke
W326c      Claude        NOWELL-UST.  Son     S 2   M                        Wirksworth            Ust.=Usticke
W326d      Martha        HUGHES       Nurse   S 44  F  Hospital nurse        Prestaigne HEF
W326e      Elizabeth     WAIN         Servant S 52  F  Housemaid dom         Millers Green
W326f      Mary          KINDER       Servant S 26  F  Cook domestic         Callow
W326g      Alice         DUBACH       Govern  S 22  F  Governess             Switzerland CHE       Swiss subject
1911 Census for Green Hall Belper
TAYLOR,         Sophia         Head      Single F 64 1847 Principal Preparatory School Notts Cuckney   
TAYLOR,         Helen          Niece     Single F 41 1870                              Maitham Park London   
SCOTT,          Charles        Assistant Single M 20 1891 Tutor                        Wexford Gorey             Resident   
BIDDLE,         Dorothy        Assistant Single F 25 1886 Governess                    Derbyshire Derby   
WILLIAMS,       Denys          Boarder   Single M 13 1898 School                       Notts Stanton Hill   
NOWELL-USTICKE, Claude         Boarder   Single M 12 1899 School                       Derbyshire Wirksworth   
NOWELL-USTICKE, Stanley        Boarder   Single M  9 1902 School                       Derbyshire Wirksworth   
WHITE,          Godfrey        Boarder   Single M 11 1900 School                       Northams Peterborough   
HUDSON,         Keith          Boarder   Single M 11 1900 School                       Lancs Littleborough   
HUDSON,         Eric           Boarder   Single M  8 1903 School                       Lancs Littleborough  
HUDSON,         Harry Ivyford  Boarder   Single M 10 1901 School                       S Australia Adelaide      Resident   
APRED,          Denis          Boarder   Single M 10 1901 School                       Lancs Southport   
GAMES,          Alexander      Boarder   Single M 11 1900 School                       Ireland Cork              Resident   
FORDHAM,        William        Boarder   Single M 12 1899 School                       Staffs Newcastle on Tyne   
GOODWIN,        Harry          Boarder   Single M  7 1904 School                       Staff Hawley   
HYDE,           John           Boarder   Single M  9 1902 School                       Notts Sutton in Ashfield   
MUSTERS,        James Ashworth Boarder   Single M  9 1902 School                       Notts Annstrey   
KARK,           Frank          Boarder   Single M  5 1906 School                       Philippine Islands Manila Resident    
BOWDEN,         John           Boarder          M  9 1902 School                       Cheshire Stratford   
DIHAM,          Richard        Boarder          M  8 1903 School                       Notts Newington   
LEE,            Annie          Servant          F 39 1872 Matron                       Derby   
LATTENMORE,     Mary           Servant          F 41 1870 Cook                         Northants Weedon   
NEWTON,         Sarah          Servant          M 22 1889 Housemaid                    Derbyshire Belper   
NORMAN,         Annie          Servant          F 19 1892 Housemaid                    Staffordshire Branston   
PEGG,           Adelaide       Servant          F 14 1897 Kitchen Maid                 Derby   
1911 Census for Rossall Public School,  Fleetwood, Lancashire 
NOWELL-USTICKE, Gordon Wright Student Single M 16 1895 Student Derby Wirksworth
1911 Census for  1 St Columb St Andrews Road, Paignton, Devonshire
NOWELL - USTICKE, Charles      Head Married          M 42 1869 Private Means      Cornwall   Falmouth   
NOWELL - USTICKE, Margaret     Wife Married 10 years F 43 1868                    Derbyshire Wirksworth   
NOWELL - USTICKE, Charles De V Son                   M  8 1903                    Devonshire Salcombe   
CRANCH,           Ethel        Servant Single        F 24 1887 Cook Domestic      Devonshire Marlborough Falcombe   
PUTT,             Kate         Servant Single        F 22 1889 Housemaid Domestic Devonshire Salcombe   

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