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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Surrender Vellum 1769

This Vellum legal form dated 1769 decribes the surrender of Nether Close in Gorsey Bank, Wirksworth from Robert Wagstaffe and family to John Andrew.

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Front of document




    Robert     1732    Jane
    1782?        |     1783
  |      |       |     |       |
 1737   1740    1742  1745    1750
 Phebe  Robert  Jane  Thomas  Ann
       [02]               [03]
       1740               1735
       Robert     1761    Hannah
       1782         |     1811
  |       |     |       |       |     |
 [06]     |     |      [04]     |    [08]
 1762    1764  1766    1769    1771  1770
 Robert  John  Thomas  Joseph  Mary  Mary
 1804    1775  1772    1843    1776  1843

Ref: Ince's Pedigrees page 034a
(compiled 1832) using [square brackets].

Wirksworth Parish Registers for GRIFFIN
C 1690feb19 GRIFFIN Silvanus=(son)George/(Wirksworth),""Alias Gosibank""
M 1713oct07 GRIFFIN Silvanus(Wirksworth)/SMITH Ann
C 1728oct25 GRIFFIN Edward=(son)Silvanus/(Wirksworth)
1769 aged 41
B 1794apr03 GRIFFIN Edward(Wirksworth)

WRAGG tree


                1674            1681
                Adam    1708?   Ellin
                1761      |     1758
 |          |    |     |      |     |       |    |
[05]       [07] [03]  [04]   [11]  [10]         [09]
1709       1711 1712  1714   1717  1719    1722 1725
Elizabeth  Ann  Mary  Ellen  John  George  Ann  Edward
           1777 1769   |
                      1714            1717
                      Ellen   1770    John
                      1796      |     1779

Ref: Ince's Pedigrees page 026b
(compiled 1828) using [square brackets].

Wirksworth Parish Registers for COLLINSON
C 1693jan18 COLLINSON Joseph=(son)Thomas/(Wirksworth)
M 1711sep10 COLLINSON Joseph/MASON Elizabeth
C 1719dec16 COLLINSON Edward=(son)Joseph/(Wirksworth)
1769 aged 50
B 1783dec28 COLLINSON Edward(Wirksworth)


01 MANOR of WIRKSWORTH to wit THE Small Court Baron of Richard Paul Jodrell Esquire Lord of the said Manor
02 held at the Moot Hall in Wirksworth for the said Mannor of Wirksworth with the Number
03 thereof the seventeenth day of March in the Nineth year of the Reign of our Sovereign King
04 George the Third and in the year of our Lord 1769 Before Charles Umfreville Gentleman and
05 Deputy Steward there.

Edward Griffin   )  homagers present
Edward Collinson )

06 WIRKSWORTH to wit TO this Court come Robert Wagstaffe and Jane his wife and Robert Wagstaffe their son xiii xiii
07 xiii in their respective proper persons and Surrender into the hands of the Lord xiii xiii x of the said Mannor by the Rod
08 according to the Custom there used / the said Jane being first Examined by the said Steward in open Court in the Absence of her
09 said husband saith She is not Compelled by her said husband but of her own free will Consenteth to this Surrender ALL that
10 Close called the Nether Close and the Dowry now divided into two Closes Containing together by Estimation two Acres or xiii
11 thereabouts being part or parcell of the two Closes formerly called by the Names of the Close beneath the house and the Dowry
12 now in the possession of John Andrew and are Situate lying and being at Gorsy Bank within the Mannor aforesaid
13 TOGETHER with all ways Waters xiii xiii Watercourses Easements Commons Profits Priviledges Hereditaments and xiii xiii
14 Appurtenances to the said premises belonging or Appurtaining And all the Estate right Title Interest property Claim and Demand
15 whatsoever of them the said Robert Wagstaffe and Jane his wife and Robert Wagstaffe the Son of in and to the same TO the Use
16 and Bewoof of the said John Andrew for and during the Term of his Natural Life and from and after his Decease TO such Uses
17 Intents and purposes as he the said John Andrew shall Limit declare or Appoint in and by his last Will and Testament in Writing
18 And for Default of such last Will and Testament TO the Use and Behoof of the right Heirs of him the said John Andrews for ever xiii
19 WHEREUPON at this Court at the Instance of the said John Andrew the first proclamation was made of the Premises xiii
20 aforesaid without Reclaim AND at the Small Court Baron held at the Moot Hall aforesaid for the said Mannor the Seventh day
21 of April in the Nineth year aforesaid the third proclamation was made of the premises aforesaid without Reclaim AND
22 at the Small Court Baron held at the Moot Hall aforesaid for the said Mannor the twenty eighth day of April instant in the
23 Ninth year aforesaid the third proclamation was made of the premises aforesaid without Reclaim And afterwards at
24 the Court last mentioned the Lord of the said Mannor by his Steward thereof did Deliver Seizin of all and singular the
25 said premises by the Rod unto the said John Andrew TO HOLD unto the said John Andrew in manner above
26 Specifyed by the Rents Customs and Services for the same due and od right Accustomed according to the Custom of the
27 said Mannor And for such Estate and Admittance thereto the said John Andrews then gave to the Lord of the said
28 Mannor One Shilling and ten pence for a ffine he did ffealty and was thereupon Admitted Tenant.

                              Examined by
                                Chas Umfreville Deputy Stewd there. 




See Ince Page 017d for ANDREW pedigree which includes following Will of John Andrew:
23 June 1776 Will of John ANDREW of Gorsey Bank, Wirksworth, Miner.
Gives his lands at G. Bank, Rushy meadows Copyhold to his ux Ellen
(dau of Adam WRAGG of Wirksworth, Butcher) for life. Remainder in fee
To his 3 Cousins Richard BRADSHAW of Wirksworth, Shoemaker, Eliz ux
Thomas WALL of Wirksworth, Shoemaker and Ann YATES of Nottingham
Widow, her sister. After his ux death - Gave Ogdens Dingle [to]
Peter son of W.A. TIMPSON Bonsall, paying thereout : To John A. son
of his Coz Joseph ANDREW 20. To John son of Coz John
(Nathaniel) ANDREW 20. To Eliz A. only dau of his Coz
Theophilus ANDREW 20. Gave 2 closes at Gorsey Bank to Kinsman
Joseph ANDREW of Middleton pays thereout of 10 to Eliz. WALL
dau of Thomas WALL. Gave Gethin Close to Nathaniel ANDREW his Kinsman
pays 10 to Eliz WALL. Demery's Dale Close at Bolehill to
Kinsman Theophilus A. in fee paying 10 to Richard BRADSHAW in
Four lands close to Richard BRADSHAW & Eliz WALL in fee. House in
Nether St to Eliz ux Thomas WALL. A house adj. to Richard
and Edward STUBBS Executors. Proved Lichfield 8 Feb 1777.
1 Aug 1799 Thomas YATES of Nottingham Malster, only son & heir of said
Eliz YATES of Nottingham, widow and James SIMS of Belper, Labourer,
eldest son & heir at law of said Eliz WALL formerly of Wirksworth then
deceased Convey 2nd [piece of page missing] provided 3rd
of house at Gorsey Bank to Robert WAGSTAFF in fee.


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Chris Hills wrote on 29jul2014

Hi John -just checking through some old notes from Matlock (glynns documents?) and think i've found two more surrenders of the Gorsey Bank closes;

(679) 1769 Surrender by Robt Wagstaff etc to John Andrews

(681) 1779 Surrender by Joseph Andrews to Thomas Hemsworth, Ashbourne innkeeper of a close at G B; void if payment of 110+interest paid by April (1780?)

(663) 1784 Surrender of two closes at G B, formerly in possesion of John Andrews, by Thomas Hemsworth, Ashbourne innkeeper to Thomas Lomas, baker of WW

I assume that these all refer to the Vellum closes, although how that ties up to the details in the will is unclear at the moment.

Looking at Thomas Lomas's tree it would seem likely that on his death in 1803 he would have left everything to his daughter Dorothy (only surviving child, son died shortly after birth) who married Henry Lomas, London gent and relation. He may of course have disposed of the land before that.

I dont know if that adds anything useful.

My own researches are based around the Nether Street end of SJS and I'm Trying to integrate information from deeds with that in census results, registers, etc to put together a complete (as if!) picture. It tends to end up as collection of interlinked stories but is interesting nonetheless

Glad to see you are keeping wirksworth.org.uk going
Chris Hills wrote on 25jul2014

Hi John
Very interested to see the vellum and transcript; it ties in with some Nether Street research I'm doing.
John Andrews seems to have been fairly succesful and accumulated various plots of land around Wirksworth. His will is detailed in Ince (also his marriage to Ellen Maggs, should be Wragg) and shows ownership of five separate pieces of land;

Ogdens Dingle left to Peter Timpson
Two closes at Gorsey Bank left to Joseph Andrews
Gethin close at Gorsey bank left to Nathaniel Andrews
Denny's dale close left to Theophilus Andrews
Fourlands close left to Richard Bradshaw and Elizabeth Wall

I suspect the Joseph Andrews closes are those referred to in the vellum
He also left two adjacent houses on Nether street to Richard and Elizabeth; these are almost certainly 53 and 55 although I suspect a fair amount of rebuilding to both of these properties.
Interestingly enough there seems to be an extra twist with a reference to Robert Wagstaffe mentioned after a missing part in Ince.

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