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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Warm DOXEY grave


The DOXEY grave in Ecclesall contains five members of my close family (My grandparents, two of their sons, and a daughter in law).
However, another person was buried there first, according to the Burial Register in the Cemetery. Who was Lilian IRONSIDE, and how was she connected to the DOXEY family?
For a possible solution, suggested by Nivard Ovington, see emails.


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Buried in the same grave in 
All Saints Ecclesall, Sheffield.
What is the relationship between 
Lilian IRONSIDE and the DOXEYs?

  Burial                Date
Lilian IRONSIDE       17may1915
Alfred DOXEY          02feb1933
Gertrude DOXEY        16jul1954
Ernest DOXEY          18may1963
Constance Annie DOXEY 11oct1974
William DOXEY         14jun1978

Ernest DOXEY (1897-1963) married 1925 to Constance BOWER (1902-1974)
The DOXEY family 1905 on holiday: William (1894-1978) - Gertrude (1877-1954) - Lucy (1900-?) - Ernest (1898-1963) - Dorothy (1895-?) - Alfred (1865-1933)


                 1777               c1776
                 Samuel     1804    Mary
                 1846         |     1850
 |        |     |     |    |                      |
1806     1810  1812  1817 1814           1818    1808               1811
Ebenezer Sarah James Mary Samuel   1838  Sarah   Isaac      1836    Elizabeth
                          IRONSIDE===v===EADES   IRONSIDE=====v=====BELCHER
                          1897           1890    1870         |     1868
 |                      |        |                     |      |
1835                   1841     1845                  1850   1852
Emma                   Frances  Una                   Kate   Lilian
Belcher                Elizabeth |                     |     IRONSIDE
 |                      |        |                     |     1915
 |                      |        |             1843    |
Emma           Abraham  |        |             John    |
Belcher  1854  Blick    |       Una      1873  Thomas  |
IRONSIDE===v===BEST     |       IRONSIDE===v===MILBURN |
                        |                              |
                       Frances        Henry            |            1846
                       Elizabeth 1869 Belcher         Kate    1871  John
                       IRONSIDE===v===WHEATCROFT     IRONSIDE===v===LISTER
Father was Isaac Ironside 1808-1870 British Chartist and socialist politician.
Uncle was Samuel Ironside 1814-1897 NZ missionary and Community leader.

DOXEY family

        1838            1837
        William  1863   Emma
    |                         |
   1865            1877      1867
   Alfred  1893    Gertrude  Walter
   DOXEY=====v=====LONGDEN   DOXEY
   1933      |     1954
 |       |       |       |           |
1894    1895    1898    1900        1907
William Dorothy Ernest  Lucy        Ena
1978             |                   |
                 |                   |
1902            1898   1905          |
Constance 1925  Ernest Bernard 1931 Ena
1974            1963   1957     |   1994
                          |         |
                         1940      1944
                         John      Robert

IRONSIDE Dictionary

"IRONSIDE Dictionary" supplied by Mrs Janet MORLEY, 1 Hillbrow Close, Wood Street Village, Nr Gildford, Surrey GU3 3DF (Tel: ******), who is a member of Guild of One-Name-Studies.

Census entries

1911 Census for Rhoose, Cardiff, Glamorganshire 
MILBURN, John Thomas Head Married M 68 1843 Ship Broker Northumberland Newcastle on Tyne   
MILBURN, Una Wife Married 38 years F 65 1846  Yorkshire Sheffield   
MILBURN, Gwendoline Mary Daughter Single F 32 1879 Part Time Refreshment Caterer Glamorgan Cardiff   
MILBURN, Brenda Daughter Single F 30 1881 Part Time Refreshment Caterer Glamorgan Cardiff   
MILBURN, Hugh Ironside Son Single M 21 1890 Colliery Cos Clerk Glamorgan Penarth   
IRONSIDE, Lilian Sister - In - Law Visitor Single F 58 1853 Education Governess Yorkshire Sheffield
1901 Census for Manor House, Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire  
CONANT, Henry John Head Married M 46 1855 Farming A Magistrate Rickmansworth Hertfordshire   
CONANT, Effie Geraldine Wife Married F 38 1863 Fenlake Bedfordshire   
CONANT, Nigel Cecil Peter Son  M 9 1892 Stanhope Gardens S W London   
IRONSIDE, Lilian  Single F 43 1858 Governess Sheffield Yorkshire
LICHFIELD, Jane Servant Single F 44 1857 Nurse Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire   
HUGHES, Eliza Servant Single F 42 1859 Cook Hallow Worcestershire   
BARBEY, Emily Servant Single F 24 1877 Ladies Maid Roundeway Devizes Wiltshire   
CARTER, Jane Servant Single F 23 1878 Parlour Maid Hertford   
PRUDDEN, Mary Gerraldine Servant Single F 27 1874 House Maid Elstow Bedfordshire   
HUGHES, Lucy Servant Single F 22 1879 Kitchen Maid Talwarp Worcestershire   
SHIPTON, Arthur Servant Single M 27 1874 Coachman Dursley Gloucestershire  
1891 Census for

1881 Census for Newport Rd Ravensworth, Roath, Glamorganshire 
MILBURN, John T Head Married M 38 1843 Stm & Ship Broker Newcastle Northumberland   
MILBURN, Una Wife Married F 35 1846  Sheffield Yorkshire   
MILBURN, Gwendoline U Daughter Single F 2 1879  Cardiff Glamorganshire Wales   
MILBURN, Brenda Daughter Single F 0 1881  Cardiff Glamorganshire Wales   
IRONSIDE, Lilian Sister Law Single F 28 1853  Sheffield Yorkshire
HUMPHREY, Clara A Servant Single F 24 1857 Gen Serv Domestic Tintern Monmouthshire   
HASKELL, Bertha A Servant Single F 15 1866 Gen Serv Domestic Cardiff Glamorganshire 
1871 Census for Glossop Road, Hallam, Nether, Sheffield
JACKSON, Edward Head  M 43 1828  Yorkshire   
JACKSON, Annie L Wife  F 44 1827  Yorkshire   
JACKSON, Percy Son  M 12 1859  Yorkshire   
JACKSON, Edward S Son  M 10 1861  Yorkshire   
JACKSON, Louis Son  M 5 1866  Yorkshire   
JACKSON, Leila Niece  F 10 1861  United States   
IRONSIDE, Lilian Governess  F 18 1853  Yorkshire
CAHILL, Mary Servant  F 26 1845  Ireland   
SNADAN, Jane Servant  F 20 1851  Scotland 
1861 Census for Carr Road, Nether Hallam, Sheffield Yorkshire (West riding)  
IRONSIDE, Isaac Head Married M 52 1809 Share Broker and Accountant. Rotherham Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Elizabeth Wife Married F 50 1811  Sheffield Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Fanny Daughter Unmarried F 19 1842  Sheffield Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Kate Daughter  F 10 1851 Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Lilian Daughter  F 8 1853 Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire
JOEL, Jessie A  Daughter  F 5 1856 Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire 
1851 Census for Barber Nook, Sheffield Yorkshire (West riding) 
IRONSIDE, Isaac Head Married M 42 1809 Town Councillor Land and 
          House Agent Accountant And Share Broker Masbro Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Elizabeth Wife Married F 40 1811 Sheffield Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Emma Belcher Daughter Unmarried F 16 1835 Nurse Sheffield Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Frances Elizabeth Daughter Unmarried F 9 1842 Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Una Daughter Unmarried F 5 1846 Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Kate Daughter Unmarried F 0 (10 MOS) 1851 Infant Sheffield Yorkshire   
LOCKWOOD, Annis Servant Unmarried F 18 1833 House Servant Sheffield Yorkshire  
1841 Census for Pisgah, Sheffield, Hallam, Nether Yorkshire 
IRONSIDE, Isaac M 30 1811  Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Elizabeth F 30 1811  Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Emma F 6 1835  Yorkshire   
HAWKSWORTH, Mary F 15 1826  Yorkshire   
CARR, Walter M 2 1839  Yorkshire  
1841 Census for Workhouse Croft, Sheffield, Sheffield, West Yorkshire 
IRONSIDE, Samuel M 60 1781  Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Mary F 65 1776  Yorkshire
1871 Census for Crookes Road Mount Pisgah, Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield Yorkshire 
IRONSIDE, Una Head  F 25 1846  Yorkshire   
IRONSIDE, Kate Sister  F 20 1851  Yorkshire  
1881 Census for 9, Netherfield Terrace Yd Water Lane, Upper Hallam Yorkshire (West riding) 
LISTER, John Head Married M 35 1846 Stove Grate Manager (Other 21.8) Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Kate Wife Married F 30 1851 Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Laurance J Son Single M 7 1874 (Scholar)  Sheffield Yorkshire   
BELCHER, Fanny Cousin Single F 15 1866  Sheffield Yorkshire   
ROGERSON, Louise M Servant Single F 16 1865 Gen Serv Sheffield Yorkshire  
1891 Census for 20, Nether Green Road, Upper Hallam, Ranmoor, Sheffield Yorkshire (West Riding) 
LISTER, John Head Married M 45 1846 Stove Grate Manager Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Kate Wife Married F 40 1851  Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Lawrence S Son Single M 17 1874 Apprentice Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Elsie A Daughter  F 9 1882 Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire  
1901 Census for 30, Nether Green Road, Upper Hallam, Sheffield Yorkshire (West riding) 
LISTER, John Head Married M 55 1846 Stove Grate Manager Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Kate Wife Married F 50 1851  Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Lawrence I Son Single M 27 1874 Clerk Surveyor Of Taxes Sheffield Yorkshire   
LISTER, Elsie A Daughter Single F 19 1882  Sheffield Yorkshire   
MILBURN, Brenda Niece Single F 20 1881  Cardiff Glamorganshire  
1911 Census for 66 Brincliffe Edge Road Sheffield Yorkshire (West riding) 
LISTER, John Head Married M 65 1846 Manager Lloves Yorkshire Sheffield   
LISTER, Kate Wife Married 39 years F 60 1851  Yorkshire Sheffield   
LISTER, Elsie Armitage Daughter Single F 29 1882 Home Domestic Work Yorkshire Sheffield   
GOYLES, George Boarder Single M 26 1885 Salesman Catter Glamorgan Cardiff  


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From Eric Youle's site: Lives
Isaac Ironside.
Mr. Isaac Ironside died at his home, Carr Road, Walkley, in 1870. He was born at Masborough in 1808, and early in life went into Longden & Walker's Phoenix Foundry. Better still, he stuck to his education, being constant in his attendances at Eadon's night school until he was reputed the finest mathematician in the town. He secured one of the best prizes offered by the Edinburgh Review for solving problems. All this took him away from the foundry to accountancy with his father; he became a great Radical and social reformer, and for a time was on the staff of the Sheffield Free Press. He became mixed up in Chartism without sustaining any harm by doing so, and also dabbled in commercial life. He was appointed director of the New Gas Company in 1852, when that company commenced to dig up the streets, lay the pipes, and do other work, only to have its proceedings declared illegal. Thus the company was driven to Parliament for powers which were necessary. There was much money made in those rather exciting times of the Gas Company's shares, but Isaac Ironside refused to help himself to any of it. It was at one time quite probable that he would be asked to accept the mayoralty of the town.

I assume your grave was/is in a cemetery ?
Graves are sometimes purchased for life but very often for a fixed term and then resold
Some will attempt to contact the previous owner to see if they want to renew but often that would be a fruitless exercise as addresses would often be well out of date
Terms of lease for a grave vary from 50 to 100 years and for so many burials (depending on depth)
So I would suggest your previous occupant was planted by a previous unknown owner of the grave
I have a similar problem but slightly more complex in Scotland where an unknown and as far as we know, unconnected person is buried in a family Lair there, its in between others in the family so its not due to repurchase of the lair
Our best thought on it so far is that pity was shown to him and he was buried as a favour he having no money but thats pure speculation so far Or did your unknown leave a will and bequeath the grave (or what space was left in it)
Unfortunately its an admon
Probate Calendars (Ancestry)
IRONSIDE Lilian of 19 Everton road Sheffield spinster died 14 May 1915 at Biggleswade Bedfordshire
Administration Wakefield 24 June to Kate Lister (wife of John Lister)
Effects 65 2s 8d

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK)
I have recorded the census for the Doxey family for Jennifer Watson. 13 Beverley Grove, Encounter Bay. South Australia 5211. She is decended from the Doxey and Wibberley families I enclose the census showing her descent. I do not know where the gap can be filled Jennifer herself will know that. Also there is a family of Doxeys buried in All Saints. Ecclesall. Sheffield. A Miss Doxey was a teacher at Carterknowle School during the war.
Regards Anne Diver
Yes I remember Miss Doxey she taught me at Carterknowle school. what a small world .I remember she married and her husband dying soon after. I now live at Greystones
Regards Anne Diver
O yes. when I went to school at Carterknowle during the war. Teachers taught and we learnt or else. She caught me reading once when I was not supposed to be. and I got two rulers over my knuckles.
Regards Anne
Lilian Ironside aged 63yrs from Sandy buried 1915 first in grave/ there were Ironsides in sheffield in 1891 Census A locomotive engine driver his wife Amy and 1yrs daug Helen and 5week old Lilian they were not there in 1901. they were born Rotherham; chapeltown and Woodhouse. I don't know where the old lady was born.
Anne Diver
there does not seem to be a connection between Lilian Ironside who died May 1915 aged 63yrs Her father Isaac was an accountant and the engine driver who had a daughter called Lilian was the son of a pedler? The Ironsides may have been relatives to the Doxeys by marriage Lilian was a spinster.aged 8yrs in the 1861 census. She was the first in the grave
Regards Anne
Roger the buildings manager wrote down the entries for me. Lilian Ironside buried 17/5/1915; Alfred 2/2/1933; Gertrude 16/7/1954; Ernest 18/5/1963; Constance Annie 11/10/1974; and William 14/6/1978; If you search marriages for a Doxey and then try to match the entry with an Ironside. It will take for ever though. perhaps Lilians mother was a Doxey or an Ironside female married a Doxey. the list is endless
Lilian Ironside buried in Doxey grave in All Saints Ecclesall died in Sandy Bedfordshire but the funeral left 19 Everton Rd Sheffield 11 the funeral directors were Reuban Thompson and the grave in 1915 cost 4.17s6d. In one census she was a governess for a Doctor on Glossop Rd. Does the road Everton Rd ring any bells. Perhaps she was a friend of the family who had fallen on hard times. and they bought the grave for her.
Regards Anne Diver

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