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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Gas lights in Wirksworth 1896

Barry Cooper writes:
You may be interested in the attached files. They are scans of pages in a book I've just come across which contains all sorts of oddments. It is a list of standing and hanging street lights in Wirksworth, made on 30 November 1896. The list is in a book inherited from my wife's Grandfather James Harrison who was the Water Bailiff and Inspector probably from 1900 onwards. The book was "the property of Wirksworth Local Board and is provided for the purposes of the Inspection of Water Taps and Branches. June 1891." Goodness knows why, at the opposite end of the book from the water inspections there is a list of street lamps.
Barry Cooper


     List of Street Lamps
                      November 30 1896

No  Name               Road                Hanging
1  Sam DAKIN           Warmbrook         S
2  Miss HEALL          Warmbrook         S
3  Mr WHEATCROFT       Warmbrook         S
4  WESTON stables      Hammond Court       H
5  Miss ARKWRIGHT      Causeway          S
6  Mrs KINGDOM         Causeway            H
7  Bank                Warmbrook           H
8  FLINT               Warmbrook           H
9  Markets by Bank     Market            S
10 Mr MARSDEN workshop Crown Yard          H
11 COOK                West End            H
12 Mr DOXEY            West End            H
13 FRITH               West End          S
14 USTICK              West End          S
15 Mr SHAW             West End          S
16 Mr WRIGHT           West End          S
17 Mr MARSDEN stable   Bowling Green Lane  H
18 Mr WIGLEY           Bowling Green Lane  H
19 BUNTING             Bowling Green Lane  H
20 STONE               Dale                H
21 Miss WALKER         Dale                H
22 John BREWEL         Dale                H
23 Back of WALKER shop Back Green Hill     H
24 Mrs BROOK           Back Green Hill   S
25 ABBOT               Dale                H
26 STORER              Dale                H
27 TOMLINSON           Dale              S
28 WOODHOUSE           Green Hill        S
29 STEEPLE             Green Hill        S
30 BRATBY              Green Hill          H
31 MARSH               Dale                H
32 Town Hall           Market Place      S
33 GETOREAUX           Coldwell Street     H
34 Angel               Chapel Lane         H
35 Temperance Hall     Chapel Lane         H
36 Moot Hall           Chapel Lane         H
37 COLLEDGE quarry     North End         S
38 Lock Up             North End         S
39 Mr WALKER           North End         S
40 J K FRITCHLEY       North End         S
41 KILLER              North End         S
42 Newtons monument    North End         S
43 Mr WALL             Coldwell Street     H
44 Mr ARKWRIGHT        Coldwell Street     H
45 Clock               Coldwell Street   S
46 Bridge              Coldwell Street   S
47 TWIGG               Wash Green        S
48 Luther GOULD        Wash Green          H
49 Ship                Wash Green          H
50 SPRAY               Wash Green        S
51 KNIVETON            Wash Green          H  
52 ALLEN               Wash Green        S
53 Joseph FRITCHLEY    Blind Lane          H
54 Mrs NALL            Near Post Office  S
55 By Vicarage         Church Yard       S
56 Bank                Church Yard       S
57 FRITH               Church Yard       S
58 Church              Church Yard       S
59 DRONFIELD           St Marys Gate       H
60 HANNAGE             St Marys Gate     S
61 CLAY                Warmbrook           H
62 Lime Kiln Inn       Cromford Road     S
63 Mr STARKEY          Cromford Road     S
64 GRATTON             Cromford Road     S
65 TAYLOR              Cromford Road     S
66 SHAW                Cromford Road     S
67 SLACK               Cromford Road     S
68 LEA?                Cromford Road     S
69 BUNTING             Cromford Road     S
70 FERN                Cromford Road     S
71 WESTON              Cromford Road     S
72 BURY                Cromford Road     S
73 GRIFFITH            Top of Bole Hill  S
74 WALKER              Bole Hill           H
75 CROSS               Bole Hill         S
76 Chapel              Bole Hill         S
77 Lamp on Green       Bole Hill         S
78 New Inn             Bole Hill         S
79 Bole Hill           Bole Hill         S
79a New Road           Bole Hill         S
80 Frogg's Entry       Warmbrook         S
81 WALKER              Warmbrook         S
82 Cockpit             Warmbrook         S
83 SMITH               Warmbrook         S
84 WARDMAN             Warmbrook         S
85 Top of Hill         Derby Road        S
86 Top of Hill         Derby Road        S
87 Green Lane End      Derby Road        S
88 JOSKIN              Green Lane        S
89 Mill lamp           Gorsey Bank       S
90 WALKER              Gorsey Bank       S
91 MILLWARD            Gorsey Bank       S
92 Lamp at No 1        Gorsey Bank       S
93 Gate House Hill     Gorsey Bank       S
94 WEBSTER mill        Water Lane        S
95 STEEPLE             Water Lane        S
96 STREET              Water Lane        S

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