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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Middleton fieldnames 1843

The Local Sudies Library at Matlock holds "Plan of the township of Middleton in the Parish of Wirksworth and County of Derbyshire, 1843, John Bromley, Surveyor, Derby". The scale is about 25 inches=1 mile, and the map is 840 mms x 900 mms. They kindly supplied me with a photocopy of this map, and I drew an OS grid onto it for use on this webpage.
A small section of John Bromley's 1843 map of Middleton-by-Wirksworth. OS grid has been added, squares are 100 metres on a side. The plantation shown is at 2645-5575. Many fields have the same name. Centre of fields is referred to by the SW corner of the grid square.

Named mines shown on map of Middleton 1843
OS grid drawn on map

OS ref    Name of mine
2632-5529 Providence mine
2673-5512 Partridge mine
2639-5542 Providence mine
2716-5540 Cank mine
2740-5554 Samuel mine
2795-5555 Jacksons mine
2815-5562 Mine Hills
2665-5578 Welshman mine
2697-5579 Hogdon mine
2706-5587 Bon Dog Hole mine
2639-5590 Welshman mine
2665-5595 Wigley Dog mine
2666-5605 Spar Rake mine
2683-5612 Spar Rake mine
2758-5648 Burrows Mine Hillock (waste)

Fieldnames quoted by Cameron in "Placenames of Derbyshire", p397, from 1841 Tithe Awards and documents from Chandos-Pole-Gell collection.

Acre Close; Allotment; Andrew Key Garden and Croft; Anthony Pingle; Ash Piece; Balderstone; Barn Close; Blowers Piece; Boulters; Brookfast Tor Piece; Bull Croft; Bullock Edge; Bull Stake; Burrow Acre; Buxton Close, Croft and Wood; Clay Butts; Clough; Clover Piece; Coblers; Cold Piece; Corner in Lane; Cow Pasture; Crabtree Half Acre; Cresswell Hillock; Croft; Ditch Pingle; Easter Piece; Edith Mary; Enist Croft; Ferny Pingle; Furlong; Godbehere Close; Goodman Cross Pingle; Gorsey Bank and Bed; Grace Piece; Hall Croft; Hallicar; Hallyard Head Close; Hard Gang; Heald; Heastes Barn Close; Hempyard; Hen's Pingle; Hill Top Allotment; Hollow Piece; Holy Furlong; Horse Pasture; Ible Acre; Jenkinson Piece; Kid Lane Pingle; Lamber Close; Leaming Pit; Lee Close; Levant piece; Longford Close; Long Hedge; Marthers Intake; Meadow Rood Butts; Middle Ditch; Milners Stile; Mine Hillock; Mossy Piece; Nether Field; New Close; Olive Piece; Open field; Paddon gate; Peas Piece; Peters Close; Plumpton Park; Pye Greaves; Red Seat; Rough Piece; Salter Butts; Sheldon Grove Close; Short hedge; Smedley Close; Spingas Close; Stile Croft; Stone Pit; Stoney Butts; Stubbing; Swan Pingle; Three Cuttings; Three Greaves; Topham Pingle; Torrs Loss; Turf Spade; Turnip Pingle; Twenty Butts; Upper Field; Warm Ground; Water Allotment; Well Close; Whites Croft; Wragg Piece.

Fieldnames found on 25"=1 mile map of Middleton by 
John Bromley, dated 1843.
100m square   Centre of fieldname
 x - y
270-549 Top of Hillside Piece
271-549 Clover Piece above railway
273-549 Middle Moor Piece below railway
267-550 Arm Ley Paddock
270-550 Sheldon Grove Close
272-550 Middleton Moor Piece
274-550 Allotment
266-551 Arm Leys
267-551 Top of Gorsey Bank
275-551 Allotment
276-551 Allotment
277-551 Allotment, Allotment, Godbehere Close
265-552 Arm Leys
268-552 Great Rough Piece
270-552 Bradwell Piece
273-552 Brookfoot Tor Piece
274-552 Allotment
276-552 Allotment, Allotment
277-552 Allotment, Allotment
278-552 Alotment, Godbehere Close
262-553 Arm Leys
263-553 Arm Leys
265-553 Arm Leys
266-553 Gorsey Bank & Hillside Piece (rough)
267-553 Gorsey Bed Piece
274-553 Allotment, Allotment
276-553 Allotment, Allotment, Allotment
277-553 Allotment, Allotment
278-553 Allotment, Lee Close
262-554 Arm Leys
264-554 Arm Leys
266-554 Mathers Intake
269-554 Horse Pasture
271-554 Great Barn Close
273-554 Allotment, Allotment
274-554 Allotment
275-554 Allotment, Allotment, Allotment
276-554 Allotment, Allotment, Allotment
277-554 Allotment
278-554 Allotment
279-554 Upper Jackson Close
280-554 Nether Field
261-555 Arm Leys
262-555 Arm leys
263-555 Arm Leys
268-555 Horse Pasture
269-555 Allotment
272-555 Allotment, Allotment
273-555 Allotment, Allotment
274-555 Allotment
275-555 Allotment
276-555 Allotment
277-555 Allotment, Allotment
278-555 Cresswell Hillock
279-555 Longford Close
280-555 Jackson Close
282-555 Nether Three Greaves
263-556 Arm Leys
266-556 Cow Pasture
267-556 Lamb Intake
273-556 Allotment, Allotment
275-556 Allotment (rough)
276-556 Allotment
277-556 Allotment (rough), Hilltop allotment (rough)
278-556 Upper New Close
280-556 Lower New Close
281-556 Heald, Great Pits
265-557 Cow pasture
267-557 Lamb Intake
268-557 Common Allotment
272-557 Allotment, Common Allotment
274-557 Allotment
275-557 Common Allotment
276-557 Allotment
278-557 Turnip Pingle
264-558 Great Cow Pasture
269-558 Common Allotment
270-558 Dog Hole Allotment
271-558 Dog Hole Allotment
272-558 Common Allotment, ditto, ditto, ditto
273-558 Common Allotment, ditto, ditto, ditto
274-558 Common Allotments
275-558 Allotments
278-558 Heastes Rood, Heastes Pingle, Elliot Pingles, Lower Ash Piece
279-558 Meadow Rood, Heastes Piece, ditto, Long Hedge or Eastes Piece
280-558 Long Hedge or Eastes Piece, Heastes Piece, ditto, ditto, ditto
281-558 Dane Bottom
267-559 Common Allotment
269-559 Common Allotment, Fir Plantation
270-559 Common Allotment, Fir Plantation
271-559 Allotment, Common Allotment
272-559 Common Allotment, ditto
273-559 Fir Plantation, Common Allotment, ditto
274-559 Common Allotment
275-559 Croft Allotment, Doghole Croft, Part of Buxton Croft
278-559 Stile Croft Side, Crabtree Half Acre, Warm Grove
279-559 Upper Ash Piece, Meadow Rood Butts, Coblers
281-559 Dane Bottom fir Plantation
265-560 Cow Pasture Paddock
268-560 Allotment, Common Allotment
269-560 Allotment, Common Allotment
270-560 Common Allotment, ditto
272-560 Common Allotment, ditto
273-560 Stone Allotment, Upper Rake
274-560 Plumpton Park
275-560 Hemp Yard, Part of Buxton Croft
277-560 Stile croft, Stile Croft Head
278-560 Stone Pit Rood, Stile Croft Pingle, Stile Croft Head Pingle
279-560 Short Hedge, ditto
280-560 Hard Gang, Dane Rood, ditto, ditto
281-560 Hard Gang, Peas Piece, Lower Peas Piece
265-561 Wood Allotment
269-561 Common Allotment
270-561 Common Allotment, ditto
271-561 Water Allotment
272-561 Boulters, Springas Close
273-561 Upper Springas Piece, Hall Croft
274-561 Hall Croft, ditto
275-561 Smedley Croft
276-561 Point Croft
277-561 Acre Close and Stile Croft Head
278-561 Stitching Pingle, Great Stitching, Stitching Piece, Stone Pit Rood
279-561 Clay Butts, Stitching Piece
280-561 Hard Gang, Clay Butts, ditto, ditto
281-561 Dane Hedge, Hard Going Clough, Middle Ditch Pingle
282-561 Hard Gang
268-562 Wood Allotment
269-562 Wood Allotment
270-562 Wood Allotment, Boulters
271-562 Boulters, Boulters, Springas Piece
272-562 Ible Close, Ible Acre, Springas Piece
273-562 Ible Close, Ible Acre, 
274-562 Ible Acre, Croft Nook, Hall Croft
275-562 Croft Nook Piece, Anthony Pingle, Kid Lane Pingle, Kid Meadow
276-562 Kid Meadow
277-562 Paddon Gate, Paddon Gate
278-562 Stitching Piece, Stitching Pingle, Little Stitching, Torrs Cross
279-562 Little Stoney Butts, Cromford Green Gate
280-562 Lower Stoney Butts, Swan Pingle, Hard Gang
282-562 Middle Hedge and Upper Road, 
283-562 Dane Hedge
284-562 Horse Pasture, Dane Brink
271-563 Wood Allotment
272-563 Ible Rood, Ible Acre, Ible Acre Rood
273-563 Wood Gate Piece, Ible Acre, Ible Rood, Ible Acre
274-563 Wood gate Piece, New Close
275-563 Burrows Pingle, Hall Gate Head, Bull Stake
276-563 Hall Gate Head, Turf Spade, Hallyard Head Close
277-563 Furlong, Paddon Gate, ditto 
278-563 Cromford Green Gate, Stiching Gap, ditto, Stiching Piece
279-563 Smedley Close, Upper Stoney Butts, Cromford Green Pingle, 
        Great Stoney Butts, Cromford Green Gate
280-563 Upper Grace Pingle, Pye Greaves, Long Load Pingle, Topham Pingle
281-563 Long Load Pingle
282-563 Pye Greaves, ditto, Milners Stile, ditto
283-563 Milners Stile
273-564 Edith Mary, ditto, ditto, ditto, Wood Gate Piece, ditto
274-564 Burrows Pingle, ditto
275-564 Burrow Piece, Burrows Acre & Slades
276-564 Furlong & Lane, Misne Piece, Hall Gate Head
277-564 Holy Furlong
278-564 Middle Ditch, Smedley Close
279-564 Bull Pingle, ditto
280-564 Long Load, Long Load Rood, ditto, Upper Long Load Acre
281-564 Long Load, Lower Long Load Acre
282-564 Leeming Pit, Lower Long Load Acre, Leeming, Lower Grace Pingle
283-564 Salter Butts South Side (waste)
272-565 Wood Allotment
273-565 Edith Mary, ditto
274-565 Edith Mary, Three Cuttings and Levant Piece
276-565 Jenkinsons Piece, Buxton Close, Furlong and Lane
277-565 Furlong, ditto
278-565 Blowis Piece, Goodman Cross Pingle, Middle Ditch Pingle, ditto
279-565 Goodman Cross, ditto, Middle Ditch
280-565 Goodman Cross, ditto, ditto, ditto
281-565 Goodman Cross, Leeming Pit
282-565 Leeming Pit, ditto
273-566 Bullock Edge
274-566 Bullock Edge, ditto, ditto
275-566 Upper Field
276-566 Upper Field & Mossy Piece, Burrows, ditto, Twenty Butts
277-566 Buxton Close, ditto
278-566 Blowis Piece, ditto, ditto, ditto
279-566 Open Fields, Olive Piece, Goodman Cross
280-566 Upper Great Stubbing, Stubbing Pingle, ditto, ditto
281-566 Lower Great Stubbing, Goodman Cross
282-566 Leeming Pit
274-567 Bullock Edge, ditto, ditto
275-567 Bullock Edge, ditto, ditto, Cold Piece
276-567 Cold Piece, Short Meadow, Twenty Butts, Buxton Rood, ditto
277-567 Short Meadow, Twenty Butts
279-567 Blowis Piece, ditto, Hallicar, Middle Hallicar Ley, Hallicar Ley
280-567 Hallicar, ditto, ditto, Little Stubbing
281-567 Hallicar Pingle
282-567 Red Seat, Leeming Pit
275-568 Bullock Edge, ditto
277-568 Twenty Butts, Baldstone Half Acre, Baldstone
278-568 Short Meadow, Baldstone Butts, Wragg Piece
279-568 Long Hedge, ditto, Hens Pingle, Hallicar Pingle
280-568 Hallicar, ditto
281-568 Buxton Pingle, Fearny Pingle
282-568 Hallicar or Peters Close, Hallicar Lane
283-568 Lower Hallicar
276-569 Twenty Butts Plantation
277-569 Heastes Acre Close
278-569 Heastes Acre Close
279-569 Lambert Close, Hens Pingle
280-569 Hallicar, ditto, ditto, Lower Hallicar, Lambert Close
281-569 Nether Well Close & Upper Close, Nether Well Close
282-569 Hallicar Barn Close, Hallicar
283-569 Hallicar Bushes
278-570 Lamber Close, Lambert Close
279-570 Lamber Close, ditto
280-570 Lamber Close
282-570 Upper Hallicar Bushes, Lower Hallicar Bushes, Hallicar Bushes
283-570 Hallicar Bushes, ditto
280-571 Lamber Close
281-571 Lamber Close
282-571 Corner of Lamber Close
282-573 New Piece

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