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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Hello John

The following is the family history of the Beesley Flint Hoades and Macbeth families

Henry Beesley born 1845 at Heysham Lancashire removing for a time to Liverpool... His parents died young and he came to Coldwell Street Wirksworth to live with his Uncle and Aunt Samuel and Anne Flint nee Taylor ..Samuel son of Samuel and Hannah Flint nee Allen they my 4XUncle and Aunt .

On achieving working age mid teens he became a Solicitors Clerk at the office of what by 1901 was Andrew Macbeth Solicitors also in the 1830s Wirksworth Savings Bank where the Manager was Samuel Frost nephew of my 4XGrandmother Mary Flint nee Frost. Samuel married Nanny Smith daughter of Richard Smith who with Thomas Smedley partnered at a Hosiery Works on North End Wirksworth Thomas Smedley having married Mary Smith sister to Richard Smith their son being John Smedley 1st whose name founded John Smedley Lea Mills

Henry married Anne Marie James daughter of Thomas James a Druggist and China Ware dealer on St John Street Wirksworth formerly from Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire, Anne Marie's sister Mary married Andrew Macbeth at Duffield Parish Church on September 16th 1857 Andrew the son of Isaac and Hannah Macbeth nee Boden ..Hannah daughter of Abel and Anne Boden nee Hoades of Scarthin Cromford Anne Hoades being daughter of my 4XGrandfather Isaac Hoades via his 2nd wife Elizabeth Peach .. Isaac Hoades was my 4XGrandfather via his 1st wife Anne Shaw daughter of Jethro and Ruth Shaw nee Clark-Robinson of Oker and Wensley respectively (Annes nephew John Shaw began the dynasty of quarry owners at Matlock Dale Colehills Hoe Grange (with George Lovegrove) and Middle Peak (with William Green Goodwin of Wigwell Grange John Wilde Shaws brother in law and Peter Bowne )

Henry and Anne Marie had the following children

Frederick A Beesley, Ernest, Lawrence born 1877, Edith, Louisa H, Cyril J, Frank and Arthur The childrens Nanny was Martha Millward Farnsworth my sister in laws Grt Aunt Martha sister to Thomas Millward Farnsworth who married Anne Potter of Wirksworth they my sister in laws Grandparents Potters being Plumbers and Building Contractors of Cromford Road Wirksworth J Farnsworth married my brother J.M Flint retired Bank Manager

Lawrence Beesley of this family married Gertrude Cecile Macbeth in 1901 daughter of Thomas and Ellen Macbeth nee Fox Thomas son of Andrew Macbeth and Isabella nee Spencer Isabella daughter of Anthony and Ellen Spencer nee Duffield of Gorsey Bank, Isabella kin of my wife's family of Spencer Evans Slack Else and Butler and my sister in laws family of Potter

Isabella's brothers Anthony married Grace Potter 2nd wife and Henry Spencer married Anne Potter children of James and Grace Potter nee Peat Grace nee Peat was sister to Anne Peat who married my 3XGrandfather John Flint as his 1st wife they daughters of Phineas Peat ..Anne died in childbirth 1st child and John married Elizabeth Colledge in 1789 she my true 3XGrandmother

Thomas and Isabella lived at 15 Clayton Street Hulme Manchester where he owned his own Commercial Tailoring business employing over 45 staff

Lawrence and Gertude Beesley had a son Alec who married Dodie Smith of Manchester Alec and Dodie were Actors at The Athenian Theatre Manchester owned by Dodies Uncle but by the 1930s as Alec was a opposed to war they removed to U.S.A. where Dodie made her mark as a Playwright being the author of 101 Dalmatians and other works made into Feature Films by the Disney organisation .. Meanwhile at home in England Lawrence had attended Caius College Oxford gaining 1st Class Honours in Science teaching at Anthony Gell Grammar School from 1902 - 1904 and then becoming a Lecturer at Dulwich College By 1910 he became a member of The Christian Science movement of Mary Baker Eddy and had written papers on pure science ..

By 1911 Gertrude had died and in April 1912 Lawrence boarded the ship Titanic for a trip to America and then on to Canada to see his brother Frank who had emigrated to Toronto

When the ship was struck by an Ice Berg and began to sink Lawrence managed to gain a seat in the last lifeboat to be launched and upon reaching land after a time wrote a book about his experiences which was accepted as part of the enquirey into the tragedy and from which the film "A Time To Remember" was taken (Lawrence tried to gain a small part in the film but was refused)

On returning to England Lawrence remarried Murial Grenwood (Mollie) He died at Lincolns Inn Field in 1867 Dodie Smith died in 1994 at Manchester

Andrew Macbeth Solicitors have been my family solicitors from their foundation passing through to Phillip Cash and to Mr Peter Smith of recent years ...

Anne Marie Beesley nee James and Mary Macbeth nee James's brother Jonathan James was also a Solicitors Clerk with Henry Beesley and Andrew Macbeth he becoming a Solicitor in his own firm at Ashbourne

The following then is the history of the Macbeth family

Andrew Macbeth born at Newcastle Upon Tyne 29th September 1769 married Jane Holehouse 1791 at Manchester Cathedral


Andrew Macbeth born 1802 Baptised at Wirksworth 10th March 1823 married Isabella Spencer dau of Anthony and Ellen Spencer nee Duffield 28th December 1826 Andrew was a Commercial Tailor at Hulme Manchester employing at one time 25 men 17 women and 5 boy apprentices

Isaac Macbeth born 1811 Baptised 19th March 1823 married Hannah Boden 1831 daughter of Abel and Anne Boden nee Hoades Abel a Baker..of Scarthin Nick Cromford Isaac also a Baker at St Mary's Gate Wirksworth

Known children

Thomas Alexanda Macbeth born 1834 married Ellen their daughter Gertrude Cecile married Lawrence Beesley Isabella born 1839 Jane Elleanor born 1846 Andrew Macbeth born 1849

Son of Isaac and Hannah Macbeth nee Boden

Andrew Macbeth born 4th November 1833 married Mary James daughter of Thomas James Druggist and China Ware Dealer St John Street Wirksworth originally from Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire S Wales Her sister Anne Marie married Henry Beesley Andrew and Mary married at Duffield 16th Sept 1857

Children of Andrew and Mary Macbeth nee James

Andrew Macbeth Solicitors Clerk along with Henry Beesley at the office where eventually Andrew Macbeth established his Solicitors Office in the old Wirksworth Savings Bank premises previously also a Solicitors office to Kindom and others whose name plates are still visible on the wall of Andrew Macbeth Cash & Co today now taken over by Potter & Co of Matlock ... Henry Beesley in time left the Solicitors practice and became a Bank Clerk at Capital & Counties Bank where once Richard Arkwright & Co were Bankers previously owned and founded by John Toplis of Pratt Hall Pratt Hall Lane above Gorsey Bank off St Helens Lane in 1780 By the late 1890s Henry was Manager at Wirksworth Capital & Counties (in the 1900s taken over by Lloyds of London and then became Lloyds T.S.B.) In the early 1900s Henry Beesley became Area Manager based at Manchester living for a time at The Trevelyan Temperance Hotel Corporation Street Manchester his wife and children living at Bank Terrace Wirksworth (became The Causeway )

Footnote In the 1860s my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker renovated what is now Lloyds Bank (Joseph born 1815 married 3 times his 3rd wife Martha Sheldon married 1867 my true Grt Grandmother his 1st wife Anne Wright being of my blood kin via my 6XGrandfather Robert Frost on Flint's he her 3XGrandfather and my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft Cauldwell - Sheldon - Walkers )he Anne Wrights 4XGrandfather

Isaac Macbeth born 1860 married Emma 1891 Isaac owned an Antique and Furniture Shop on Coldwell Street Wirksworth Had a son Alec Leslie in 1893 Elizabeth Macbeth born 1858 married Arthur Garside Heard Commercial Traveller son of Hiram Heard Solicitor

I am in contact with the Grandson of Lawrence Beesley

Regards Stuart G Flint