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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS in 1891 census

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(See Chapman County Codes to find county/country represented by code)
3,425 strays among 18,435 people from 86 counties & countries

AGY Anglesey -- ARB Arabia -- AUS Australia -- AUT Austria -- BDF Bedfordshire -- BEL Belgium -- BEW Berwickshire -- BKM Buckinghamshire -- BRA Brazil -- BRK Berkshire -- BWI British West Indies -- CAE Caernavonshire -- CAM Cambridgeshire -- CAN Canada -- CEY Ceylon -- CGN Cardiganshire -- CHI Channel Islands -- CHS Cheshire -- CON Cornwall -- CUL Cumberland -- DBY Derbyshire -- DEN Denbighshire -- DEU Germany -- DEV Devon -- DFS Dumfriesshire -- DNK Denmark -- DOR Dorset -- DUR Durham -- ESS Essex -- FLN Flintshire -- FRA France -- GIB Gibralter -- GLS Gloucestershire -- HAM Hampshire -- HEF Herefordshire -- HKG Hong Cong -- HRT Hertfordshire -- HUN Huntingdonshire -- IND India -- IOM Isle of Man -- IOW Isle of Wight -- IRL Ireland -- JER Jersey -- KEN Kent -- LAN Lancashire -- LEI Leicestershire -- LIN Lincolnshire -- LND London -- LTN Lothian -- MDX Middlesex -- MGY Montgomeryshire -- MON Monmouthshire -- NBL Northumberland -- NFK Norfolk -- NTH Northamptonshire -- NTT Nottinghamshire -- NZL New Zealand -- OXF Oxfordshire -- PEM Pembrokeshire -- PRT Portugal -- PRU Prussia -- RAD Radnorshire -- RFW Renfrewshire -- ROC Rossshire -- RUT Rutland -- SAL Shropshire -- SCT Scotland -- SEA At Sea -- SFK Suffolk -- SGP Singapore -- SOM Somerset -- SRY Surrey -- SSX Sussex -- STS Staffordshire -- SWE Sweden -- TUR Turkey -- UNK Unknown -- USA United States of America -- WAR Warwickshire -- WES Westmoreland -- WIL Wiltshire -- WIN West Indies -- WLS Wales -- WOR Worcestershire -- YKS Yorkshire -- ZAF South Africa.

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Mk0340b  SILCOX Emily A 48 Sweden SWE
Mk0152v  ALLEN Eveline C 24 Sem.. TUR
Mk0152x  BARKER Cecil Chas 13 Constantinople TUR
Mk0356c  PEARSON Aguenell? 5 Asinibora? TUR
Mk0458g  BRADSHAW John 10 Not-known UNK
Mk0458i  BUCKLEY Thomas 10 Not-known UNK
Mk1130e  CHAMBERLAIN Mary 34 Not known UNK
Mk1024a  CLARK Mary 49 Dont know UNK
Mk0570zb CUBLEY Jane 42 Dudley UNK
Bg05a    EDWARDS John 46 Not Known UNK
Bg05b    EDWARDS Sarah 45 Not Known UNK
Hw15a    FOOTE James 47 Haselbury UNK
W798b    HOUGHTON Mary Jane 29 Unknown UNK
Mk1160b  IBOTSON Isabella 27 Not Known UNK
Mk0458d  MEE Ellen 23 Not-known UNK
Mk0458c  MEE William 25 Not-known UNK
Mk0435e  MOSS Fanny 9 Not known UNK
Mk0986a  MULRY? Mabel 56 Dont know UNK
Mk1424m  NIELSON Elfleda J 35 Sunderland UNK
Mk0458e  ROBINSON John 20 Not-known UNK
Mk0954e  ROMANY John 35 Dont know UNK
Mk0406d  SILVESTER John 26 SuttonWisbeck UNK
Mk0798a  SMITH George E 25 Dont Know UNK
Mk1422p  SMITH James 56 Seatland UNK
Mk1423k  THOMPSON Mabel 15 Sunderland UNK
Hw89e    THORLEY Fredrick 25 Not Known UNK
Mk0877a  TOBISS Ellen 42 Not Known UNK
W810e    UDALE Millicent 7 Smallshorne UNK
Cm146f   WARD Ralph 27 Not Known UNK
Mk0458h  WILE Agnes 10 Not-known UNK
Mk1165a  DAVIS Charles 40 America USA
Mk0693f  DUKE George 32 New York USA
Hw60d    FEILDEN Annie 19 America USA
W727c    HOLMES Emma C 25 New York USA
W727b    HOLMES Martha 31 New York USA
Br002a   MACRAE Isaac 71 America USA
Mk0756b  MARSDEN Mary Ann 34 America USA
Cm180b   PLESSEY? Thomas O 4 Astoria USA
Mk0870o  PRATT Mary C 65 W Bridgewater USA
Mk0698d  SULLY Henry 46 New York USA
Mk0052c  TOPLIS Irene Ada W 7 New York USA
Mk1424c  WELSH Ellen Alice 23 New Jersey USA
Mk0949d  WRIGHT Hellen 65 America USA
Mk0222b  ALLEN Ann 25 Hankerberry WAR
Mk0303b  ASPEY Elizabeth 42 Leamington WAR
Mk0570b  ATKINS Elizabeth 55 Birmingham WAR
Mk0570d  ATKINS William 18 Birmingham WAR
Mk0268a  BAKER Charles 43 Aston WAR
Mk0693d  BARNETT Francis 22 Rugby WAR
Mk1234j  BARRETT Mary P 58 StratfordAvon WAR
W358g    BARTLETT Albert 10 Kineton WAR
W358i    BARTLETT Andrew 4 Kineton WAR
W358h    BARTLETT Ann A 7 Kineton WAR
W358e    BARTLETT Evelyn 15 Kineton WAR
W358f    BARTLETT Fred 12 Kineton WAR
Mk0912a  BECK Harry Thos 39 Birmingham WAR
Mk0913a  BECK Thomas 66 Birmingham WAR
Mk0889e  BEDDOE Mary A 46 Birmingham WAR
Mk0042c  BIDDULPH John William 7 Coleshill WAR
Mk0311a  BODEN Ann 82 Warwick WAR
Mk1421i  BOWICK John Robie 30 Kenilworth WAR
Mk1421t  BOWICK Thomas Gilbt 31 Kenilworth WAR
Mk1036f  BRADBURY Eva G 22 Bedworth WAR
Cn09b    BRETT Anne 66 Edgbaston WAR
Mk0955b  BRITTAIN Caroline 44 Birmingham WAR
Mk0262a  BROOHEAD Elizabeth 64 Birmingham WAR
Md180b   BROOKS Ann 46 Nuneaton WAR
Mk0760e  BROWN Alice Ann? 1 Coventry WAR
Mk0760d  BROWN John Wm 5 Coventry WAR
Mk1421x  BROWN Thomas 70 Wolverhampton WAR
Mk0972a  BROWSON Jane 46 Tamworth WAR
Mk0279b  BRYANT Susannah 67 Birmingham WAR
W868b    BUNTING Ellen 29 Cransbrook WAR
Mk1417d  BURDETT Charles 1 Manchester WAR
Mk1417c  BURDETT Elizabeth A 2 Stockford WAR
Mk0827o  CAMERON Edward A 48 Horington WAR
Sh77b    CLARKE Betsy 46 Ansley WAR
Mk0691e  CURRINGTON Thomas 37 Hill Norton WAR
Mk0406c  DIXON Eliza J 20 Birmingham WAR
W392b    DRANFIELD Margaret 24 Birmingham WAR
Id17a    ELLIOTT Robert 59 Warwickshire WAR
Mk0270a  EVANS Frederick 53 Birmingham WAR
Id25k    EVETTS Ethel M 17 Southam WAR
Id25i    EVETTS Katherine 26 Southam WAR
W729a    FARMER Edmund 58 Birmingham WAR
W022a    FENNELL John 59 HalfordBridge WAR
W036f    FLINT Ada 26 Birmingham WAR
W418a    FROST Mary 70 Birmingham WAR
Sh83a    GALLINGER George 33 Moxley WAR
Mk0153g  GARMAN Myra 26 Birmingham WAR
Mk0911j  GARRISON Benjamin 32 Warwick WAR
Mk1107a  GIDDENS John 37 Bulkington WAR
Mk0570yo GILLIVER William 31 Warwick WAR
Mk0839b  GOODLAD Lousia 35 Warwickshire WAR
Mk0987b  GOODWIN Emma 45 Byailes WAR
Mk0430h  GREEN Bernard N 16 Birmingham WAR
Mk0151c  GREEN William 72 Warwick WAR
Mk1251c  HADFIELD Clarice A 15 Barton Heath WAR
Mk0373b  HADFIELD George E 17 Barton WAR
Md191a   HAND Charles 37 Att--? WAR
Mk0879d  HAND Emma 17 Birmingham WAR
Mk0879c  HAND George 19 Birmingham WAR
Md191f   HAND George Fredk 9 Nuneaton WAR
Md191g   HAND William Hy 4 Nuneaton WAR
Mk0988h  HAWKINS Mary 68 Tamworth WAR
Mk1070j  HILL George 19 Atherstone WAR
Ty007i   HOLBROOK Susan 71 Atherstone WAR
Mk0570yp HORTON Henry 47 Birmingham WAR
Mk0827g  HOULSTON Sarah Ann 27 Birmingham WAR
Ad51m    HOWARD Sarah A 23 Coleshill WAR
W401l    HUBBARD Elizabeth 17 Nuneaton WAR
Hw92b    HULL Eliza 74 Warton WAR
Hw92c    HULL Freeman 46 Warton WAR
Hw92a    HULL Robert 81 Warton WAR
Mk0273a  HUTCHINS Edmund 47 Churchover WAR
Ty089b   HUTTON Clara 27 Bedworth WAR
Mk0162b  INNES Ann A 31 Warwickshire WAR
W398b    JELLYMAN Jane 50 Birmingham WAR
Md221a   JEPSON Joseph 68 Nuneaton WAR
Id25h    JOHNSON Ada B 24 Southam WAR
Mk0303h  JOHNSON Eleanor 29 Allerston WAR
W416e    JOHNSON Mary 15 Birmingham WAR
Mk0647ya JONES Catherine 42 Birmingham WAR
W401k    JONES Fanny 20 Birmingham WAR
Mk0647yb JONES George Harld 5 Birmingham WAR
Mk0647x  JONES George W 42 Birmingham WAR
Mk1282a  JONES Marianne 44 Rugby WAR
Mk1239b  KINDER Kate 16 Stratford WAR
Mk0265b  KING Elizabeth 47 Tamworth WAR
Ty053b   LAIT Emma M 47 Coventry WAR
Bn026a   LLOYD Richard 37 Birmingham WAR
Ty002c   MAIS ? B P 5 Birmingham WAR
Mk1253a  MANN Henry T 26 Warwick WAR
Mk0747d  MARSHALL Harry 15 Birmingham WAR
Mk0062d  MARTIN Frances 79 Kitchington? WAR
W458a    MILLER Henry Edwd 38 Birmingham WAR
Mk0569b  MORRALL Helen 35 Studley WAR
Mk0569a  MORRALL Michael 72 Studley WAR
Mk0570yz MUNDY Ellen 31 SuttonColdfld WAR
Mk0570za MUNDY Hilda J C 7 Birmingham WAR
Mk0151b  OXLEY Jane 42 Warwick WAR
Mk0307d  PALMER Annie 34 Rugby WAR
W255d    PARKER John 24 Welsborne WAR
Mk0889f  PARKINS Fredrick J 26 Birmingham WAR
Mk0495k  PHILLIPS Elizabeth 74 Birmingham WAR
W377b    PICKARD Matilda 34 Coventry WAR
Ty132h   PRICE John 9 Birmingham WAR
Mk0444c  PROFFIT Emily 16 Birmingham WAR
Id22b    ROBOTHAM Susannah 58 Birmingham WAR
Mk0120f  SAMSON? Mary Alice 19 Warwick WAR
W604b    SCOTHERN Hannah E 26 Birmingham WAR
Mk0303a  SHARPE M A 29 Birmingham WAR
Mk0698b  SMITH Emiley 45 Easington WAR
Mk1293b  SMITH Hannah 57 Warwickshire WAR
Mk1293a  SMITH James 56 Warwickshire WAR
Ad08b    SNOW Alice 26 Birmingham WAR
Ad36b    STORER Sarah Ann 41 Woleton WAR
Mk1078c  STOWE Beatrice A 10 StratfordAvon WAR
Mk1078a  STOWE Frederick 33 StratfordAvon WAR
Mk1078d  STOWE Frederick R 9 StratfordAvon WAR
Mk0143b  TAYLOR Sarah 24 Napton? WAR
W095b    THURMAN Amy 13 Sowham WAR
W095a    THURMAN Elizabeth 35 Sowham WAR
Bn102c   TOMISSON Emma 44 Polesworth WAR
Mk0465b  TURTON George 20 Coventry WAR
Mk0284e  VEAL Rosey 20 Warwickshire WAR
Mk0698c  WADDOUP Mary 32 Easington WAR
Mk1426u  WADE Charles Tho 34 Birmingham WAR
Mk1426v  WADE Emily May 28 Leamington WAR
Ad46a    WAINWRIGHT Isaac 46 Nuneaton WAR
W867g    WAINWRIGHT Thomas 33 Polesworth WAR
W619c    WALKER Annie 26 Birmingham WAR
Mk1001a  WARD Ruth 58 Birmingham WAR
Ty144d   WEB John T 4 Atherstone WAR
Mk0936b  WEBB Selina 27 Dunchurch WAR
Mk0936a  WEBB Walter 29 Thurlston WAR
Mk1425s  WILCOX Ida 11 Oldham WAR
Mk1425r  WILCOX Thomas 37 Birmingham WAR
Mk0267a  WILDE Walter 28 Birmingham WAR
Mk0072a  WILLN John 59 Atherstone WAR
Mk0244g  WILTSHIRE Eliza 24 Birmingham WAR
W081a    WRIGHT Anne 82 Coventry WAR
Mk0553b  WRIGHT Harry Besham 9 Birmingham WAR
Mk0490b  YOUNG Fanny 30 Learingham? WAR
Id47a    BEETHORN William 73 Kendal WES
Mk1097f  BELL James 42 Kendall WES
Mk0790e  BINTLEY Mary E 54 Crook WES
Mk0911f  BIRKETT James 61 Rendale? WES
Mk0790b  LIDMAN Harriett 45 Rendd? WES
Mk0353b  WARD Frances 69 Beetham? WES
Mk1045b  ALLEN Francis 33 Not Known WIL
W262a    ALLSOP Emily 49 Salisbury WIL
Mk1091c  BAGSHAW Alice H 27 Salisbury WIL
W313a    BEALING Frank 30 Mere WIL
Cm186a   CLARK Eliza 40 Lea WIL
Mk0424e  DIXON Mary 40 Wiltshire WIL
Cm186e   GREENWOOD Daniel 35 Lea WIL
Mk0208c  GUY E 22 Lyncham WIL
Mk0208b  HILDER Annie 34 Lyncham WIL
Mk0757g  JEFFREY Leo 30 Salisbury WIL
Mk1383b  KIRKLAND Emma 43 Malmesbury WIL
Hw67a    PERMAN Alfred E P 56 Warminster WIL
Hw67b    PERMAN Hephzibah 61 Broadchalke WIL
Mk0985a  PHILIPS William 45 Salisbury WIL
Cm025e   SMITH Frederick 58 Burbage WIL
Mk1302a  SMITH William 34 Burbage WIL
Cm025b   SOWTER Sarah 30 Burbage WIL
Cm207a   TISSINGTON Ellen Amelia 60 Salisbury WIL
Sh11g    WAINSTONE? Mary 27 Holt WIL
W607a    WEAVING John 40 Wroughton WIL
Hw67d    WEST Eliza 54 Broadchalke WIL
Mk1129a  YOUNG Thomas 32 Warminster WIL
Md110b   HARWARD Elizabeth C 47 Barbadoes WIN
Cm138b   BOND Elizabeth 38 Ruabon  WLS
Mk0827yb DAVIES Anthony W 40 Swansea WLS
Md152a   GRATTON Francis Hy 36 Wales WLS
Mk0394b  HARRIS Lousia S 39 Pembroke WLS
Sh81d    HICKMAN Frank 28 Wales WLS
Mk0340d  JOHN Mary 89 Merthyr Tyd WLS
Mk1304a  JONES John 50 South Wales WLS
Mk1422q  JONES John 37 Carmarthan WLS
Mk0743a  JONES Robert M 85 Pembroke WLS
Mk0362b  LEACROFT Constance J 37 Pembroke WLS
Mk0362a  LEACROFT Corbetta S F 67 Pembroke WLS
Mk0211g  MASKREY Martha 30 North Wales WLS
W632a    SEARBY Henry 28 Myther Tydvil WLS
Mk1128c  SHAW Hector P J 6 Tenby WLS
Ty055b   SHORE Julia 25 Bridge End WLS
Mk0117b  SIGGS Emma 33 Beaumaris WLS
Mk0211h  STEVENS Margaret 37 North Wales WLS
Sh43c    VAUGHAN Louisa 20 Wales WLS
Bn070d   WALKER Grace 10 Montgomery WLS
Bn070c   WALKER Hilda 12 Montgomery WLS
Bn070b   WALKER Margaret 35 Montgomery WLS
Mk0394c  WILKINSON Dora L L 11 Pembroke WLS
Mk1421y  WILLIAMS Cannay? 29 Brecon WLS
Mk0113b  WOODWISS Susan 36 Cardiff WLS
W106c    YOUNG Eliza 64 South Wales WLS
Mk0785c  ALLERTON Mary J 30 Linthurst WOR
Mk0434f  BAILEY Peter 23 Bromsgrove WOR
Mk1424o  BARDLECT Albert 25 Redditch WOR
Mk0408a  BOND Abel 63 Kempsey WOR
Ty132f   BOWKUTT Florence 6 Redmoreley WOR
Ty132g   BOWKUTT Gertrude 4 Stanford Bshp WOR
Ty132d   BOWKUTT Jane 10 Bungstee WOR
Ty132e   BOWKUTT Lillie 8 Redmoreley WOR
Ty132c   BOWKUTT William H 12 Stanford Bshp WOR
W315a    BOWN John 44 Worcester WOR
Mk0645o  CARTWRIGHT Henry 47 Lye WOR
Md202b   CLAYTON Mary 55 Malvern WOR
Mk0513b  COCKING Caroline 29 Eversham WOR
Mk0854b  DAKIN Susannah 40 Ombursley WOR
Mk0433d  FLEMING Frances M 17 Malvern WOR
Mk0023g  GREENWELL Emily 10 Dudley WOR
Mk0023e  GREENWELL Frederick J 17 Dudley WOR
Mk0023f  GREENWELL Isabell 14 Dudley WOR
W634a    GRIFFITHS Thomas H 38 Broadwas WOR
W381c    HARLEY Winifred C 36 Hartington WOR
Mk0435c  HEMMING Albert E 21 G Malvern WOR
Mk1112c  HENSHAW? Frederick 9 Broomsgrove WOR
Mk1112b  HENSHAW? Jane 49 Abbots Wood WOR
Mk1112d  HENSHAW? Jane S 11 Worcester WOR
Mk0023b  INCE Florence May 24 Dudley WOR
Mk0708f  JAMES Emiley 20 Longden WOR
Hw67e    LEWIS Eliza J 18 Uppersapey WOR
W036e    LYCETT Mary A 54 Old Swinford WOR
Mk0149e  MILLER Roslind 15 Worcester WOR
Mk0647o  MOLE David N 30 Stourport WOR
Mk0935c  MORRIS Henry 40 Oldbury WOR
Mk0484b  NUTT Louisa 57 Kemprey WOR
Mk1427y  PERRY John Edward 42 Wolverhampton WOR
Ty035b   PORTER Isabella 31 Oldbury WOR
Ty132i   PRICE Winnefred 7 Cutnellgreen WOR
Mk0444b  PROFFIT Alice 25 Cropthorne WOR
Mk0166b  ROWLAND Martha M 49 Worcester WOR
Mk0785b  ROWLETT Elizabeth 32 Linthurst WOR
W019i    SLACK Richard 32 Inkberrow WOR
Cm230g   SMITH Alice A 22 Halesowen WOR
Mk0216h  SPEED Mary L 8 Barbon WOR
Bg05c    SPRAGG Harriet 77 Eversham WOR
Cm001b   TISSINGTON Julia Grace 40 Pershore WOR
Ty092d   TYLER Alice 40 Worcester WOR
Br145a   W---ALL? Thomas 45 Witley WOR
Mk0647n  WILLIAMS Mary Eliza 21 Wilden WOR
Mk0331b  WILLIAMSON Mary Ada 54 Edgbaston WOR
Mk1424w  WILLIAMSON Sarah 48 Welland WOR
Mk0284f  WILTSHIRE Mary 28 Worcester WOR
Ty018d   ? William 59 Keighley YKS
Iw08e    ABELL Ethel A 8 Halifax YKS
Mk0440d  ADAMSON John 25 Hull YKS
Mk0701b  ADDY Annie 44 Norton Woodst YKS
Mk0701d  ADDY Florence 17 Sheffield YKS
Mk0701c  ADDY George herbt 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0701e  ADDY Lilly 14 Sheffield YKS
Mk0950d  ALLEN Alexander R 15 Gleadless YKS
Mk0548b  ALLEN Caroline E 40 Leeds YKS
Mk0430i  ALLEN Eliza 22 Sheffield YKS
Mk0950c  ALLEN Lizza W 17 Gleadless YKS
Ad57f    ALLSOP Amelia C 6 Barnsley YKS
Id56g    ANDREW Sarah 27 MiddletonTyas YKS
Br115a   ARMYTAGE Edward G 62 Austonley YKS
Br115c   ARMYTAGE Emma G 23 Austonley YKS
Mk0427b  ASKEW Jane 52 Leeds YKS
W125b    ASKEY Emma 26 Bramley YKS
Mk1024c  ATKINSON Henry 25 Sheffield YKS
Cm202e   AVERY John 17 Cold Hinley YKS
Bn059a   AXE George 70 Hatfield YKS
Ty037e   BAILEY Levi 27 Keighley YKS
Mk0280b  BALOW Emma E 21 Leeds YKS
Mk1090b  BARBER Emma 49 Sheffield YKS
Mk1090a  BARBER Frederick 51 Sheffield YKS
Mk1090c  BARBER William H 20 Sheffield YKS
Mk0738f  BARKER Ann 17 Rotherham YKS
W381b    BARLOW Elizabeth 43 Wales YKS
Sh19b    BARLOW Mary E 41 Sheffield YKS
Bn054a   BARNES Sarah 66 Not known YKS
Mk0904b  BARRETT Susan 38 Sheffield YKS
Bn011c   BATES Sarah A 28 Saddleworth YKS
Mk1423b  BECK Frances A 38 Bradford YKS
Mk1022b  BEDDINGTON Anne 39 Bramups Moor YKS
Mk0263n  BENN? Annie 58 Selby YKS
Mk0263m  BENN? John 60 Selby YKS
Ty053f   BERESLEY Florence M 1 Sheffield YKS
Ty053e   BERESLEY Nellie 3 Sheffield YKS
Ty053d   BERESLEY Robert W 6 Sheffield YKS
Mk0099b  BIRD Elizabeth 56 Sheffield YKS
Mk1277b  BLACKHAM Mary 30 Wath YKS
Ty049c   BONINGTON William H 24 Sheffield YKS
Mk1329c  BOOKER Alice 17 Ecclesall YKS
Mk0992b  BOYES Edwin 61 Sheffield YKS
Mk0753b  BRADSHAW Hannah Jane 53 Sheffield YKS
Mk0825a  BRAMALD William 57 Swinton YKS
Mk0863b  BRIDGE Ada H 43 Tickhill YKS
W873b    BROCKLEHURST Eliza 47 Hull YKS
Mk0027a  BROCKLEHURST Frederick 24 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0027b  BROCKLEHURST Sarah Ann 21 Wadsley YKS
Mk0942a  BROOKSBANK Charles J 52 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0988r  BROOKSBANK William 63 Morley YKS
Mk0927b  BROUGH Mary 23 Wombwell YKS
Mk0950yb BROWN John 13 Sheffield YKS
Cm186g   BROWN John Thomas 53 York YKS
Cm186h   BROWN John Thomas 14 York YKS
Md212b   BROWN Sarah Ann 28 Sheffield YKS
Mk1051b  BROWNSON Louisa 39 Malton YKS
Mk0923a  BRUNT John W 33 Sheffield YKS
Cm150d   BUCKLEY David 14 Sheffield YKS
Cm135f   BUCKLEY Emily 9 Sheffield YKS
Mk0405a  BUCKLEY Francis 41 NewtonWillows YKS
Cm135d   BUCKLEY Grace 17 Sheffield YKS
Cm135e   BUCKLEY John 12 Sheffield YKS
Cm135c   BUCKLEY Ruth 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0966a  BUCKLEY William G 48 Sheffield YKS
Mk0005b  BUNTING Lavinia 37 Sheffield YKS
Mk0171a  BURGESS Elizabeth 52 Sheffield YKS
Mk1428h  BURGESS Emma 34 Doncaster YKS
Ty051h   BUXTON Amy 12 Sheffield YKS
W139c    BYARD Thirza A 19 Devils Head YKS
W061b    CAMPBELL Lucy M 42 Holmfirth YKS
W279e    CARMAN Herbert 14 Sheffield YKS
W279h    CARMAN Lawrence 6 Sheffield YKS
W279d    CARMAN Sarah Jane 15 Sheffield YKS
W279g    CARMAN Thomas edwin 9 Sheffield YKS
W279f    CARMAN William Hen 12 Sheffield YKS
W613d    CARR A---? 8 Sheffield YKS
Mk0290c  CASTLE Mary 31 Leeds YKS
W856c    CAULDWELL Annie H 17 Sheffield YKS
Mk0980d  CAULFIELD Ann 75 Sheffield YKS
Mk1168b  CHAMBERLAIN Alithea 40 Doncaster YKS
Mk0950s  CHAMBERS Ernest E 12 High Green YKS
Mk0950r  CHAMBERS Henry A 14 High Green YKS
Cm229b   CHESWORTH Mary Jane 64 Hull YKS
Mk1424i  CHILD Francis 15 Shelbey YKS
Mk1424p  CHILD William 55 Shelbey YKS
Cm186d   CLARK Annie 8 Scarborough YKS
Mk1421o  CLAY Joseph 59 Beyley Bridge YKS
Md211f   CLAYTON Hannah 14 Mentra? YKS
Md211g   CLAYTON Martha 11 Mentra? YKS
Md211e   CLAYTON Mary Elizab 15 Mentra? YKS
Mk0988v  CLEGG Walter E 16 Morley YKS
Mk1188a  CLOUGH Robert 50 Barnsley YKS
Bn048e   COOPER Jeremiah 12 Sheffield YKS
Mk0018c  COOPER John 17 Sheffield YKS
Mk0422b  COOPER Mary J 23 Sheffield YKS
Bn048d   COOPER William 15 Sheffield YKS
Mk1245d  COPELAND Charles 3 Farsley YKS
Mk0768a  COTON Alfred 46 Halifax YKS
Mk0768b  COTON Sarah Ellen 35 Halifax YKS
Mk0135d  CRAPPER Sydney A 20 Sheffield YKS
Mk0770a  CROFT James T 59 Sheffield YKS
Mk0108r  CUNINGHAM John 52 Yorkshire YKS
Mk1090d  DAFT Rose 28 Sheffield YKS
Mk0827ya DAKIN Annie T 24 Sheffield YKS
W726a    DAKIN John 32 Sheffield YKS
Hw74b    DALE Harry H 10 Huddersfield YKS
Bn016e   DALLISON Dick 25 Wombwell YKS
Mk1165f  DAVIS William 8 Rawmarsh YKS
Mk0166i  DAWES? Frederick 35 Hull YKS
Mk0263d  DAYSON George H 42 Leeds YKS
Mk0263e  DAYSON Mary A 44 Leeds Holbeck YKS
Mk1367c  DEUXBERRY Peter 75 Ottey YKS
W621d    DEW Elizabeth A 17 Cargreen YKS
Mk1427i  DEWHIRST Robert Ellis 54 Huddersfield YKS
W031b    DICKEN Elizabeth 55 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0015a  DICKENSON John 59 Altofts YKS
Mk0880b  DOXEY Eva R 39 Sheffield YKS
Mk0949f  DRABBLE Clara C 42 Rotherham YKS
Mk1104d  DRAKE Joseph 25 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0870x  DYSON Clara 19 Bradfield YKS
Mk0811b  EDGE Sarah Ann 57 Sheffield YKS
Mk0108h  ELLIS Charles 41 Rotherham YKS
Mk1424q  ELLISS Sarah Elizab 64 Malton YKS
Mk0479b  ELSE Fanny 30 Heeley YKS
Mk1050a  FALDING Arthur E 33 Sheffield YKS
Mk1234a  FARNSWORTH George W 34 Sheffield YKS
Cm230b   FARRAR Edward 50 Leeds YKS
W030c    FARRAR Sarah F 20 Honby? YKS
Hw46c    FEARN Sarah A 19 Sheffield YKS
Bn016b   FERN Mary 30 Wombwell YKS
Mk0510a  FERNLEY Joseph 60 Sheffield YKS
Mk0510b  FERNLEY Mary Ann 54 Sheffield YKS
Bn013b   FILLOWS Albert E 18 Sheffield YKS
Bn013a   FILLOWS Rosina 41 Sheffield YKS
Sh41d    FLETCHER Gerald 6 Brightside YKS
Sh41e    FLETCHER Marian E 3 Sheffield YKS
Iw04a    FOOTTIT Frederick F 40 Barnsley YKS
Mk0696f  FOOTTIT James Arthur 51 Sheffield YKS
Mk0108i  FORSALL Michael 62 Yorkshire YKS
W624b    FOX George 24 Cudworth YKS
Mk1428b  FOX Sarah Louisa 39 Dewsbury YKS
Mk0763b  FROST Sarah 25 Sheffield YKS
Mk0821b  GANNT Mary Anne 57 Sheffield YKS
Mk0202f  GASCOIGNE Ellen 14 Grassmoor YKS
Mk0978u  GOMERSALL Violetta 58 Liversedge YKS
Mk1428m  GOODLAD Albert V 24 Sheffield YKS
Mk1428q  GOODLAD Joseph W 20 Sheffield YKS
Mk0713g  GOODLAD William A 20 Sheffield YKS
Mk0548a  GRAHAM Florence A 28 Bradford YKS
Bn238b   GRATTON Eliza 48 Chalmorton YKS
Mk0388a  GREEN Alfred 25 Hemsworth YKS
Mk0388d  GREEN Eliza 17 Hemsworth YKS
Mk0388c  GREEN William Henr 1 Wakefield YKS
Mk1315b  GREENHOUGH Lucy 74 Batley YKS
Sh19e    GREGORY James 81 Wakefield YKS
Bn142c   GREGORY James 21 Sheffield YKS
Ty049b   GREGORY John 14 Sheffield YKS
Bn142e   GREGORY Lilly 16 Sheffield YKS
Mk0126a  GREGORY Reuben Thos 34 Mossley YKS
W724b    HADFIELD Fanny 21 Sheffield YKS
W724a    HADFIELD Walter 25 Sheffield YKS
Mk0446e  HAGUE Annie 38 Sheffield YKS
Mk0734a  HAGUE John 52 Gleadless YKS
Mk0519i  HAGUE Lucy 16 Sheffield YKS
Mk1421l  HALL Mary 49 Galcar YKS
Mk0950q  HANIFORTH Arthur 14 Sheffield YKS
Mk0950p  HANIFORTH Thomas H 13 Gleadless YKS
Mk0950o  HANIFORTH William J 15 Gleadless YKS
Mk0920f  HARDY John W 35 Bradford YKS
Mk1313b  HARDY Sarah 45 Goole YKS
Mk0417a  HARKER Robert A 53 Kingston Hull YKS
Mk0417b  HARKER Sarah A 56 Kingston Hull YKS
Mk0394a  HARRIS Walter N 45 Hull YKS
Mk1012b  HARRISON Eva M 21 Sheffield YKS
Mk1143b  HARRISON Margaret 50 Leeds YKS
Mk0154b  HARRISON Martha 35 Loxley YKS
Mk1143a  HARRISON William 61 Leeds YKS
Mk0766a  HARTLEY H G 44 Halifax YKS
Ty087b   HEATHCOTE Sarah A 29 Madsley YKS
Mk0911g  HEATON Arthur 26 Liversage YKS
Mk0911h  HEATON Susannah 22 Longwood YKS
Mk0841h  HELLIWELL Mary 56 Halifax YKS
Sh82b    HICKMAN Nanny 39 Clayton YKS
Sh82c    HICKMAN Vernon 14 Clayton YKS
Sh82e    HICKMAN William 3 Batley YKS
Md218a   HIGGINBOTTOM Sarah 59 Worrall YKS
W579b    HIGTON Jemima 34 Barnsley YKS
Mk0509a  HILLERBY George 34 Bridlington YKS
Mk0509b  HILLERBY Jane Elizab 32 High Green YKS
Mk0509d  HILLERBY Reginald 4 Leeds YKS
W750c    HODGKINSON Samuel 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0451b  HODGSON Ann 60 Sheffield YKS
Mk0451a  HODGSON William 74 Sheffield YKS
Ty008f   HODKIN Ernest 15 Sheffield YKS
Mk1424a  HOLDSWORTH Mary 34 Sheffield YKS
Mk0963d  HOLMES Elizabeth JB 7 Sheffield YKS
Md039b   HOLMES John 10 Dronfield YKS
Md039c   HOLMES William Hrld 9 Sheffield YKS
Mk1032b  HOPE Mary 54 Holmfirth YKS
Ty108d   HOPKINSON Emma 13 Sheffield YKS
Cm217b   HOUGH Edith Mary 22 Scarborough YKS
W302c    HOUGHTON Charlotte 38 Shiregreen YKS
W635b    HOUGHTON Sarah E 24 Sheffield YKS
Mk0502a  HOWSLEY Blanche 34 Hull YKS
Mk0814b  HOWSLEY Rose 38 Heale YKS
Mk0135a  HOYLAND Francis 37 Stannington YKS
Mk0348g  HULL Louisia M 1 Leeds YKS
Mk0988n  HUNCLIFFE? Eleanor S 29 Halifax YKS
Mk0996f  HUNT Lucy 17 Denholme YKS
Mk0008d  HURST Emma 23 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0008b  HURST Hannah 62 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0008c  HURST Mary 28 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0008a  HURST Thomas 62 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0712b  HUTCHINSON Anne 34 Sheffield YKS
Mk0712a  HUTCHINSON Thomas 35 Sheffield YKS
Ty089a   HUTTON Frederick 29 Cufforth YKS
Mk1158d  IBBETSON Joseph 24 Gomersal YKS
Mk0378c  INNOCENT Martha 18 Grimethorpe YKS
Mk0271b  JACKSON Sarah 61 Sheffield YKS
Mk1102c  JAMES Annie 6 Sheffield YKS
Mk1102b  JAMES Hannah 35 Sheffield YKS
Mk1102d  JAMES John 5 Sheffield YKS
Mk0773e  JENKINSON Albert 7 Sheffield YKS
Mk0773d  JENKINSON Annie 8 Sheffield YKS
Mk0773b  JENKINSON Clare 21 Sheffield YKS
Mk0773f  JENKINSON Edward 6 Sheffield YKS
Mk0773g  JENKINSON Eli 2 Sheffield YKS
Mk0773c  JENKINSON Esther 9 Sheffield YKS
Mk0773a  JENKINSON John 43 Sheffield YKS
Ty119e   JEPSON Clara 9 Tinkesley YKS
Md225c   JEPSON Edith 10 Sheffield YKS
Ty119f   JEPSON Herbert 7 Tinkesley YKS
Ty119d   JEPSON Mary A 13 Tinkesley YKS
Cm051d   JOHNSON Arthur 13 Rotherham YKS
Cm051e   JOHNSON Ethel 9 Rotherham YKS
W396a    JOHNSON George 32 Haxby YKS
Mk0858b  JONES Annie E 34 Sheffield YKS
Mk0888a  JONES Thomas A 29 Sheffield YKS
Mk0006a  KENDALL Jane 64 Halifax YKS
Mk0950yc KING George W 13 Sheffield YKS
Bn109a   KITCHINGMAN John 63 Leeds YKS
Mk0950m  KNOWLES Clara A 21 Goole YKS
Mk0639c  KNOWLES Emma 30 Sheffield YKS
Ty127g   KNOWLES George 16 Worral YKS
Ty036a   KNOWLES Hannah 40 Grenoside YKS
Mk0639a  KNOWLES William 60 Sheffield YKS
Ty133b   LAIT Kate 26 Sheffield YKS
W315e    LAND Henry 25 Wrenthorpe YKS
Mk1066a  LANGHORN Thomas 69 Snaith YKS
Mk0870u  LAW Elizabeth H 51 ? Bank ? YKS
Id55j    LAWTON Lionel 24 Morly YKS
Mk1287a  LEDJER? George E 38 Doncaster YKS
Mk1287c  LEDJER? Rhoda M E 14 Hatfield YKS
Mk0242b  LEGGOE Matilda H 12 Sheffield YKS
Mk0242a  LEGGOE Samuel T 22 Sheffield YKS
Mk0161l  LENTON Mary 31 Huddersfield YKS
Mk1316b  LEWIS Hannah 24 Masboro YKS
Mk0270c  LOWE Emma 15 Sheffield YKS
Mk1317a  LUPTON David 61 Grassington YKS
Br002b   MACRAE Elizabeth 48 Bedale YKS
Mk1064a  MARSDEN Joseph 37 Sheffield YKS
Mk1210b  MARSH Alathea 46 Ecclesfield YKS
Mk1210a  MARSH George 48 Penistone YKS
Mk0757e  MASON Graham 20 Keighley YKS
Mk0393c  MEAKIN Blanche E 1 Hull YKS
Mk0570yx MEDE Mary Ann 40 Sheffield YKS
Mk1218a  MIDDLETON Ada 45 Sheffield YKS
Mk0016c  MIDDLETON Jane 5 Sheffield YKS
Mk0446b  MILLWARD Gertrude 32 Sheffield YKS
Mk1421m  MITCHELL Mary 67 WooldaleFirth YKS
Mk0647v  MITCHELL Mary Hannah 48 Halifax YKS
Mk1421k  MITTON Frances D 50 Swilcoates? YKS
Mk1019d  MONTGOMERY Helena T 17 Leeds YKS
Mk0547h  MONTGOMERY Lambert 18 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0732b  MOORE Rose 26 Sutton Hull YKS
Mk0313a  MORETON Milnes S 29 Wakefield YKS
Mk1203e  MOUNT Emily 32 Worrall YKS
Ty008b   MYCOCK Emma 55 Bradford YKS
Mk0911r  NADIN Emma J 22 Bradford YKS
Mk0130g  NETTLESHIP James 29 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0757f  NEWHOLME Robert 27 Keighley YKS
W062b    NEWTON Martha 60 Leeds YKS
W620a    NOBLE Balmforth 33 Queensbury YKS
Mk0852e  OATES Gertrude D A 15 Scarborough YKS
Mk1292a  OLDFIELD Harry B 26 Bradford YKS
Mk1292b  OLDFIELD Mary A 25 Bradford YKS
Cm223c   OLIVER Annie Elizab 9 Scarborough YKS
Cm223b   OLIVER Eliza Gert 11 Scarborough YKS
Cm223a   OLIVER Mary Ann 45 Claxton YKS
Mk0950t  OTLEY Harold w 13 Sheffield YKS
Mk0950u  OTLEY Sydney W 12 Sheffield YKS
Mk0950v  OTLEY Thomas S 11 Sheffield YKS
Mk0860d  PANTY? Agnes 14 Heckmondwicke YKS
Mk0860c  PANTY? Allen 16 Dewsbury YKS
Mk0860b  PANTY? Jane 41 Holmefirth YKS
Mk0860a  PANTY? Thomas 43 Dewsbury YKS
Cm042a   PARKER Francis 52 Bramley YKS
Mk0542h  PARKER Harry 19 Sheffield YKS
Ty008e   PARKINS Annie 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0616a  PEARSON Atkinson 49 Bradford YKS
Mk0616b  PEARSON Elizabeth 58 Bradford YKS
Mk0616c  PEARSON Joseph Victr 15 Bradford YKS
Mk0307b  PETERS Rachel 50 Bradford YKS
Ad17c    PETTS Henry 12 Clayton YKS
Md161a   PETTS John 36 Sheffield YKS
Ad17e    PETTS Nellie 8 Thornton YKS
Mk1247c  PINDER Edith 7 Hull YKS
Mk1422f  POOLE Margaret Ann 58 Barnsley YKS
Mk0738k  POTTER Frances 49 York YKS
W121b    PRESTON Rachel 39 Swinton YKS
W121a    PRESTON Thomas 42 Leeds YKS
Mk0367a  QUANT John C 41 Kirksmeaton YKS
Mk0986e  RAFFETY Frank 24 West Milton YKS
Bn125b   REDFERN Lydia 38 Sheffield YKS
Mk1382b  RHODES Eliza 39 Horbury YKS
Ty077g   RHODES Ellen 14 Horbury YKS
Ty120f   RHODES Florence 11 Sheffield YKS
Mk1382a  RHODES Joseph 40 Ossett YKS
Mk0950l  RHODES Mary E 20 Horbury YKS
Mk1382c  RHODES William 11 Horbury YKS
Mk0252a  RICHARDSON William 45 Horamhoss? YKS
W613a    ROBERTS George 21 Leeds YKS
Mk0505b  ROBERTS Hannah Mary 37 Middlesbro YKS
W613b    ROBERTS Ruth 20 Sheffield YKS
Mk0873b  ROBINSON Annie G 17 Halifax YKS
Mk1283g  ROBINSON Elizabeth 14 Stokesley YKS
Mk0812e  ROBINSON Ernest 10 Middlesboro YKS
Mk0935d  ROBINSON Fredrick 33 Bradford YKS
Mk0812d  ROBINSON John 12 Stokesley YKS
Mk1301b  ROBINSON Mary E 35 Penistone YKS
Mk0812c  ROBINSON Robert 27 Middlesboro YKS
Mk0812f  ROBINSON Samuel 8 Middlesboro YKS
Mk0483c  RODGERS John 36 Sheffield YKS
Mk0483a  RODGERS John 71 Rotherham YKS
Mk0483d  RODGERS Joseph 35 Sheffield YKS
Mk0483b  RODGERS Lucy 41 Sheffield YKS
Bn279d   ROLLEY Sarah Ann 21 Sheffield YKS
W697d    ROPER Francis H 18 Attercliffe YKS
Mk0031c  ROUSE Charles 56 Sheffield YKS
Mk0271c  ROW? Edith 15 Loxley YKS
Iw04b    ROWBOTTOM Ann 50 Shephill YKS
W622d    SABINE Henry L 20 Cleckheaton YKS
Mk0570yw SCHOLEFIELD Florence E 7 SowerbyBridge YKS
Mk0570yu SCHOLEFIELD Ford Jowett 42 SowerbyBridge YKS
Mk0570yv SCHOLEFIELD Susanna 42 SowerbyBridge YKS
W603b    SCOTHERN Clara 26 Sheffield YKS
W632b    SEARBY Elizabeth 35 Kirkby YKS
Ad44c    SEFTON Kate R 16 Walton YKS
W390b    SEVERNE? Adelaide E 36 Hull YKS
Mk0387b  SHAW Frances 60 Sheffield YKS
W344b    SHAW Sarah E 35 Cowley YKS
Mk0026b  SHELDON Agnes 68 Sedburgh YKS
Bn041a   SHELDON Joseph 31 Sheffield YKS
Mk0026a  SHELDON Thomas 71 Sheffield YKS
Ad33b    SHEPPARD Ruth 19 Staveley YKS
W572f    SHILLITO Percy 22 Walton YKS
Mk0731d  SIMPSON Fredrick 18 Saddleworth YKS
Mk0731e  SIMPSON Harry 14 Saddleworth YKS
Mk0731a  SIMPSON Mark 60 Sheffield YKS
Ad44b    SIMS Mary 65 Smeaton YKS
Mk0986f  SKERRETT Thomas 22 Barnsley YKS
Br142b   SLACK Mary 49 Cherry Tree YKS
Mk0377c  SLATER Jane 71 Longpreston YKS
W805b    SMITH Amelia 55 Sheffield YKS
Mk0061d  SMITH Edith Annie 3 Leeds YKS
Mk0061c  SMITH Edwin 8 Leeds YKS
Bn024a   SMITH Henry 30 Pocklington YKS
Mk0412f  SMITH Marina 26 Doncaster YKS
Iw02g    SMITH Martha 77 High Burton YKS
Mk0988yd SMITH Peter 49 Colling? YKS
W805d    SMITH Winifred G 1 Sheffield YKS
Mk1325a  SORBY Clement 68 Sheffield YKS
W150c    SORYLEY? Sarah 51 Sheffield YKS
Bn139b   SPENCER Betsy 65 Sheffield YKS
Mk0038d  SPRINGTHORPE H S 16 Leeds YKS
W139b    STAFFORD John E 23 Sheffield YKS
Bn190c   STAFFORD John E 23 Sheffield YKS
Mk1425w  STANDING Lucy 52 Barnsley YKS
Cm159p   STANWICK Kate 20 Richmond YKS
Mk1424s  STEVENS Frances 51 Bickershaw YKS
Hp02e    STEVENSON Thomas 22 Sheffield YKS
Ty121e   STONE Mary 16 Sheffield YKS
Mk0316d  STORER Gertrude 12 Sheffield YKS
Mk0826b  SUAREZ Ann 27 Barnsley YKS
Mk0826c  SUAREZ Horace N 7 Barnsley YKS
Mk0965b  SWIFT Annie E 39 Sheffield YKS
Cm142b   SWIFT Mary J 30 Sheffield YKS
Mk0564g  SWIFT Nellie 26 Sheffield YKS
Mk0988ya SWINDELL Agnes May 12 Sheffield YKS
Mk0988yb SWINDELL Charles 47 Sheffield YKS
Mk0548c  SWINDLE Mary Ann 22 Aughty Bridge YKS
Mk0585b  SWINDLE Samuel 24 Sheffield YKS
W380c    TAIT Agnes 7 North Grinson YKS
Mk0647w  TANGLE? Mary 42 Bradford YKS
Mk1424g  TARBELSON Emily Elizab 49 Hull YKS
Mk1418h  TAYLOR Ada 5 Wakefield YKS
Mk1418g  TAYLOR Charlie 6 Elppermill YKS
Mk0726d  TAYLOR E 53 Sheffield YKS
Id20a    TEALE John C 57 Holmfirth YKS
Id20d    TEALE John W D 17 Holmfirth YKS
Id20b    TEALE Martha 48 Holmfirth YKS
Id20c    TEALE Mary H 20 Holmfirth YKS
Mk1176e  TEMPEST Ada 16 Keighley YKS
Mk0988o  TEMPEST Albert 32 Farnley YKS
Mk1176c  TEMPEST Annie 20 Bingley YKS
Mk1176a  TEMPEST Enoch 46 Bingley YKS
Mk1176b  TEMPEST Grace 45 Haworth YKS
Mk1176d  TEMPEST Minnie 18 Bingley YKS
Mk0984b  THOMPSON Harriet 50 Sheffield YKS
Ty063b   THOMSON Mary L 37 Hull YKS
Mk1388a  THORPE Arthur 27 Sheffield YKS
Mk0978j  TOMPKIN John B 42 Sheffield YKS
Mk0135f  TOWNSEND Sarah 20 Sheffield YKS
Mk1014b  TURNER Sarah 55 Holmfirth YKS
Ad58b    TWIGG Elizabeth G 34 Greasborough YKS
Ad58a    TWIGG William 39 Kimberworth YKS
Mk0152b  TYACK Maria L 49 Sheffield YKS
Mk0200a  WADSWORTH Joseph M 75 Bolton YKS
Mk0950ye WALKER Bernard 9 Sheffield YKS
Mk0734c  WALKER Bernard O 20 Sheffield YKS
Md047a   WALKER Eliza 52 Barnsley YKS
Md047c   WALKER Eliza Jane 17 Barnsley YKS
Md047e   WALKER John Wilcock 9 Barnsley YKS
Md047b   WALKER Margaret Ann 20 Barnsley YKS
Bn070a   WALKER Randolph 36 Bradford YKS
Mk0996a  WALKER Samuel 24 Heuley YKS
Mk0997a  WALKER Sarah 55 Sheffield YKS
Md047d   WALKER Thomas B 14 Barnsley YKS
Mk1052d  WALLACE Clye 8m Sheffield YKS
Mk0899a  WARDALL George W 31 Doncaster YKS
Cm182b   WATSON Anne Elizab 35 Sheffield YKS
Mk0161b  WATSON Mosselle? J 32 Redcar YKS
Mk1427p  WATSON Philip 23 Bradford YKS
Mk0307c  WATSON Sarah 23 Bradford YKS
W552b    WHEATCROFT Sarah 57 Bradford YKS
Mk1109b  WHITE Julia 8 Handsworth YKS
Mk0128b  WILDE Ann 50 Sheffield YKS
Mk0238b  WILDE Eliza J 41 Rotherham YKS
Mk0238a  WILDE Henry 65 Sheffield YKS
Mk0238c  WILDE John A 39 Rotherham YKS
Bn204b   WILDGOOSE Jane 67 Morton Banks YKS
Mk0871a  WILKINSON Arthur J 29 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0232f  WILKINSON Charles 50 Firbeck YKS
Mk1272e  WILLEY Albert H 11m Sheffield YKS
Mk0309e  WILLIAMS Frederick FS 21 Spofforth YKS
Cm220c   WILLIAMSON Emma 20 Seacroft YKS
Mk1426c  WILSON Charles S 46 Bradford YKS
Mk1354b  WOODING Martha 51 Sheffield YKS
Hw60c    WRELTON Mary 67 Kirkby Miston YKS
Mk0166k  WRIGHT Constance 38 Hull YKS
Mk0166j  WRIGHT Emily 46 Hull YKS
Mk0874c  WRIGHT Hannah 27 Sheffield YKS
Mk0166l  WRIGHT Jane 36 Hull YKS
Mk1177c  WRIGLEY Alfred 11 Leeds YKS
Mk1177d  WRIGLEY Annie E 8 Leeds YKS
Mk1177b  WRIGLEY Sarah A 34 Huddersfield YKS
Mk1177a  WRIGLEY Walter 34 Methley YKS
Hw87c    YATES Robert W 16 Kirk Burton YKS
W140b    CARTLIDGE Lucy 15 Cape Town ZAF
Mk1294a  PASKILL John 48 CapeGoodHope ZAF

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