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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS in 1891 census

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(See Chapman County Codes to find county/country represented by code)
3,425 strays among 18,435 people from 86 counties & countries

AGY Anglesey -- ARB Arabia -- AUS Australia -- AUT Austria -- BDF Bedfordshire -- BEL Belgium -- BEW Berwickshire -- BKM Buckinghamshire -- BRA Brazil -- BRK Berkshire -- BWI British West Indies -- CAE Caernavonshire -- CAM Cambridgeshire -- CAN Canada -- CEY Ceylon -- CGN Cardiganshire -- CHI Channel Islands -- CHS Cheshire -- CON Cornwall -- CUL Cumberland -- DBY Derbyshire -- DEN Denbighshire -- DEU Germany -- DEV Devon -- DFS Dumfriesshire -- DNK Denmark -- DOR Dorset -- DUR Durham -- ESS Essex -- FLN Flintshire -- FRA France -- GIB Gibralter -- GLS Gloucestershire -- HAM Hampshire -- HEF Herefordshire -- HKG Hong Cong -- HRT Hertfordshire -- HUN Huntingdonshire -- IND India -- IOM Isle of Man -- IOW Isle of Wight -- IRL Ireland -- JER Jersey -- KEN Kent -- LAN Lancashire -- LEI Leicestershire -- LIN Lincolnshire -- LND London -- LTN Lothian -- MDX Middlesex -- MGY Montgomeryshire -- MON Monmouthshire -- NBL Northumberland -- NFK Norfolk -- NTH Northamptonshire -- NTT Nottinghamshire -- NZL New Zealand -- OXF Oxfordshire -- PEM Pembrokeshire -- PRT Portugal -- PRU Prussia -- RAD Radnorshire -- RFW Renfrewshire -- ROC Rossshire -- RUT Rutland -- SAL Shropshire -- SCT Scotland -- SEA At Sea -- SFK Suffolk -- SGP Singapore -- SOM Somerset -- SRY Surrey -- SSX Sussex -- STS Staffordshire -- SWE Sweden -- TUR Turkey -- UNK Unknown -- USA United States of America -- WAR Warwickshire -- WES Westmoreland -- WIL Wiltshire -- WIN West Indies -- WLS Wales -- WOR Worcestershire -- YKS Yorkshire -- ZAF South Africa.

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Mk0645p  ? Mary Emma 24 Camfried? LAN
Mk0789d  ? William F 2 Oldham LAN
Mk0104a  ACTON Thomas 28 Burnage LAN
Mk0029a  ACTON William 25 Burnage LAN
Kk095c   ADSETTS Ada E 13 Chatham Manch LAN
Mk0268j  ALBURY Lily F 19 Oldham LAN
Mk0152u  ALLEN Charles Petr 29 Manchester LAN
W115d    ALLEN Elsie 14 Manchester LAN
Mk1415b  ALLEN Maria 49 Manchester LAN
Mk0038c  ALLEN Mary Ann 2 Oldham LAN
Mk0152w  ALLEN Sophia Mabel 31 Manchester LAN
Bn230d   ALLSOPP Edith 13 Rochdale LAN
Mk0489b  ASHTON Maria 51 Drayton LAN
Mk0723b  ASHTON Martha Ann 30 Manchester LAN
Mk0154c  ASTON George H 22 Morley manch LAN
W194e    AULT Bernard J 4 Manchester LAN
W511b    AULT Elizabeth A 22 Manchester LAN
W402c    BACHE Harriett A 4 Liverpool LAN
Kk088f   BACMABLE? Thomas G 30 Manchester LAN
Mk0621d  BAGSHAW Emily 15 Manchester LAN
Mk0493k  BAILEY Benjamin 17 Reddish LAN
Mk0268d  BAKER Charles B 9 Ulverston LAN
Mk0268e  BAKER Godfrey L T 7 Ulverston LAN
Mk0268c  BAKER Margaret E 11 Ulverston LAN
Mk0268b  BAKER Mary A 33 Oldham LAN
Ty125f   BARBER Elizabeth 8 Manchester LAN
Kk059c   BARCASLEY? Samuel R 24 Manchester LAN
Cm003b   BARKER Eleanor 36 St Hellens LAN
Mk0499b  BARKER Mabel B 8 Bowden LAN
Sh19a    BARLOW John 38 Manchester LAN
Sh19c    BARLOW Josephine LB 21 Manchester LAN
Mk1425v  BARLOW Maria 36 Leigh LAN
Mk0523b  BARLOW Mary 31 Middleton LAN
Sh19d    BARLOW Millicent G 7 Ashton Mersey LAN
Mk0523a  BARLOW Thomas 29 Manchester LAN
Mk0623c  BARRMER Mary Hannah 25 Oldham LAN
Mk1422t  BARROWCLOUGH John 29 Barrowford LAN
Mk1053a  BATES Francis 31 Openshaw LAN
W016g    BATES Grace 16 Fleetwood LAN
Bn011d   BATES Mary E 23 Shaw LAN
Mk0736b  BATES Richard 21 Oldham LAN
Md091b   BATTERLY Ann William 53 Stockport LAN
Mk1426l  BELLMAN George 54 BroughFurness LAN
Ty148c   BENT John S 12 Stretford LAN
W654c    BERREY Florence S 21 Liverpool LAN
Mk0130f  BETHEL Alice 29 Manchester LAN
Cm233d   BIDDULPH John 38 Manchester LAN
Mk1159b  BILLING Ellen 36 Manchester LAN
Mk0940b  BLEVIN Elizabeth H 60 Harpey LAN
Mk0940a  BLEVIN William 60 Liverpool LAN
Mk0542g  BOGG Nichola 39 Manchester LAN
Mk1422h  BOLTON Elizabeth 25 Newchurch LAN
Mk1422i  BOLTON Henry H 60 Calne LAN
Mk1422g  BOLTON Hubert E L 18 Newchurch LAN
Mk1422j  BOLTON Jane 55 Calne LAN
Mk0466k  BOOTH Ellen 63 Penworthem LAN
Mk1123b  BOOTH Emily 29 Manchester LAN
Mk0466j  BOOTH James Henry 62 Bury LAN
W289a    BOWERS Thomas 35 Manchester LAN
Mk1423r  BRADBURN Elizabeth S 17 Liverpool LAN
Mk1423s  BRADBURN Frederick J 15 Liverpool LAN
Mk1423o  BRADBURN Isaac 52 Liverpool LAN
Mk1423q  BRADBURN Sarah 23 Liverpool LAN
Mk1423t  BRADBURN Thomas Henry 13 Liverpool LAN
Mk1423u  BRADBURN Walter 12 Liverpool LAN
Mk1153a  BRADBURY George 59 Manchester LAN
Mk1413a  BRIDDON James 43 Staley Bridge LAN
Mk0859e  BRIGGS Eliza 53 Whitefield LAN
Mk0859d  BRIGGS Elizabeth 60 Whitefield LAN
Mk0859f  BRIGGS Hellen 41 Whitefield LAN
Mk0870r  BRINDLEY Ellen 40 Lancashire LAN
Md136b   BROOKS Mary Elizab 29 Manchester LAN
Mk1081d  BROUGH Emily 17 Staly Bridge LAN
Mk1049c  BROUGH Harriett E 13 Staley Bridge LAN
Mk0927c  BROUGH Harriott 4 Holesbridge LAN
Mk1081e  BROUGH John 11 Staly Bridge LAN
Mk0760b  BROWN Alice Maud 25 Liverpool LAN
Mk0760c  BROWN Thomas Henry 7 Manchester LAN
Mk0923c  BRUNT Eadith 9 Manchester LAN
Mk0854h  BULLOCK Samuel J 22 Liverpool LAN
Mk0146e  BURNS Arthur 12 Salford LAN
Mk0146c  BURNS Clara 17 Staleybridge LAN
Mk0146d  BURNS James 14 Duckenfield CHS
Mk0146b  BURNS Sarah 37 Staleybridge LAN
Mk0330b  BUTTERWORTH Alice 42 Rochdale LAN
Mk0330a  BUTTERWORTH Charles 41 Rochdale LAN
Mk0330e  BUTTERWORTH Edwin 9 Rochdale LAN
Mk0330c  BUTTERWORTH James 14 Rochdale LAN
Mk0330d  BUTTERWORTH John 11 Rochdale LAN
Mk0290b  CAMBEY Harry 23 Hulme,man LAN
Mk0379b  CARDING Eva M 32 Manchester LAN
Mk0896d  CARR Emily B 15 Liverpool LAN
Mk0870m  CARR Lizzie A 28 Birkdale LAN
Mk0896c  CARR Sarah E M 17 Liverpool LAN
W856d    CAULDWELL Ada 15 St Michael LAN
Mk1423w  CHADWICK Alfred 37 Haywood LAN
Mk1422k  CHADWICK Ellen 30 Blackburn LAN
Mk0662a  CHAMPION Margaret 54 Manchester LAN
Cm017b   CHESWORTH Bertha 28 Stalybridge LAN
Cm017a   CHESWORTH John 29 Manchester LAN
Cm229a   CHESWORTH Thomas 61 Manchester LAN
Mk0570yb CLARKSON Albert Josph 28 Birkenhead LAN
Mk0570yc CLARKSON Charles Heny 25 Birkenhead LAN
Mk1423v  CLEMENT Daniel 23 Liverpool LAN
Mk1188c  CLOUGH Annie G 19 Manchester LAN
Mk1188b  CLOUGH Annie M 52 Manchester LAN
Mk1188d  CLOUGH Frank 17 Manchester LAN
Mk0423d  COOPER Edith 16 Manchester LAN
W284d    CORDEN John S 17 Lancashire LAN
Mk1335b  CORDIN Ann E 46 Liverpool LAN
Bn030j   COTTERILL Ada 7 Manchester LAN
Mk0570q  CRAVEN Elizabeth A 28 Manchester LAN
Mk0645m  CROUKSHAW James 69 Haslington LAN
Mk0694c  CROWDER Mary Alice 36 Manchester LAN
Ty011j   DARWIN John 38 Ashton LAN
Mk0791a  DAVIES George 78 Manchester LAN
Mk0791b  DAVIES Mary Ann 77 Manchester LAN
Mk0827yc DAVIES Mary R W 31 Aintree LAN
Mk1175b  DAVIS Alice 44 Bamford LAN
Mk0237d  DAVIS Arthur E 19 Castleton LAN
Mk0816b  DAVIS Mary J 37 Heywood LAN
Mk0950yh DAVISON William R 9 Flixton LAN
Mk0309a  DAWKIN Susan M 39 Liverpool LAN
Mk0827ye DAWSON Eva 29 Manchester LAN
Mk0263h  DAYSON Constance E 11 Liverpool LAN
Mk0263g  DAYSON Esther M 13 Liverpool LAN
Mk0263f  DAYSON Marion 15 Liverpool LAN
Hw14h    DENHAM Percy 13 Manchester LAN
Mk0758e  DENNIS Arnold 17 Bury LAN
Mk0542i  DEWHURST Hannah 45 Preston LAN
Mk0303i  DONKIN? Eleanor 53 Preston LAN
Mk0346c  DOWN Adalade H 20 Manchester LAN
Mk0303f  DOWN Elizabeth 57 Molyneux LAN
Mk0346b  DOWN Fanny H 28 Manchester LAN
Mk0303g  DOWN Francis 61 Accrington LAN
Md109b   DOXEY Ada 17 Openshaw LAN
Md189c   DOXEY Frank S 18 Manchester LAN
Md166a   DOXEY Mary 75 Eccles LAN
Mk1314a  DULLON Emma 29 Hulme? LAN
Mk1314b  DULLON Jane 33 Wigan LAN
Cm132b   ECCLES Agnes 18 Eccles LAN
Cm132d   ECCLES Alice 14 Manchester LAN
Cm132c   ECCLES Hannah 16 Eccles LAN
Cm132a   ECCLES Sarah Ann 40 Manchester LAN
Mk0416c  EDWARDS Sarah A 20 Liverpool LAN
Mk0302b  ELLAM Elizabeth A 30 Manchester LAN
Mk0302a  ELLAM George 32 Manchester LAN
Mk0302c  ELLAM Violet 2 Droylsden LAN
Mk0133f  ELLAM? Alice 27 Manchester LAN
Mk1072c  ELLIS Dorothy L 4 Withington LAN
Mk1428s  ELLIS Thomas 23 Manchester LAN
Mk0270b  EVANS Eliza 44 Salford LAN
Mk0152yb FANEMORGAN? Mary Eliza 42 Manchester LAN
Cm230d   FARRAR Edith 11 Levenshulme LAN
Cm230f   FARRAR Edward K 1 Withington LAN
Cm230e   FARRAR Ellen 9 Levenshulme LAN
Mk0978e  FENTON Henry 55 Oldham LAN
Mk0978f  FENTON Sarah 43 Oldham LAN
Mk0789a  FIRTH William 80 Oldham LAN
Mk0645s  FISHER William P 28 Barrow LAN
Sh40d    FLETCHER Marian 6 Manchester LAN
Mk1425g  FLETCHER Winifred I 17 Dreylsden LAN
Mk1356b  FOX Mary Jane 24 Liverpool LAN
Mk0219d  FROST Thomas E 34 Manchester LAN
W489c    GAMBLE Percy 20 St Helens LAN
Mk1421q  GARNETT Martha 60 Clitheroe LAN
W205b    GLEESON William 27 Manchester LAN
Mk0287c  GLOVER Ethel 18 Manchester LAN
Mk0978t  GOMERSALL Jane A 18 Oldham LAN
W195d    GOODWIN Ada 19 Manchester LAN
Md152b   GRATTON Eliza 26 Manchester LAN
Bn145a   GRATTON William 39 Manchester LAN
Bg10b    GREATHOLDER Hannah 39 Salford Manch LAN
W546b    GREATOREX Agnes 23 Manchester LAN
W546c    GREATOREX Thomas 2 Manchester LAN
Mk0126b  GREGORY Alice 34 HeatonMorries LAN
Mk1067b  GREGORY Emily C 38 Hulme,Manchtr LAN
Mk0102a  GREGORY John 33 Manchester LAN
Mk0126d  GREGORY Martha Ann 9 HeatonMorries LAN
Mk0126e  GREGORY Mary Ann 7 HeatonMorries LAN
Mk0126c  GREGORY Robert 11 HeatonMorries LAN
Mk1421a  GRIFFITHS Thomas 61 Liverpool LAN
Mk0954d  GRIMSHAW Elizabeth 35 Manchester LAN
Mk0954c  GRIMSHAW Thomas 36 Manchester LAN
Mk1427t  HALL Charles Fred 30 Manchester LAN
W144d    HALL Fritz W 7 West Garton LAN
W711a    HARDISTY Charles 60 Manchester LAN
Mk0978h  HARGREAVES George 26 Darwin LAN
Mk1423m  HARRISON Elizabeth A 35 Whitefield LAN
Mk1425j  HARRISON James Bowen 38 Manchester LAN
Mk1422y  HARTERN Joseph F 42 Macclesfield LAN
W106b    HATFIELD Martha 37 Liverpool LAN
W002c    HAWORTH Arthur 23 Lancaster LAN
W002a    HAWORTH Richard Hen 54 Lancaster LAN
W800b    HENNESSY Julia 16 Fleetwood LAN
Mk0757d  HENRY Thomas 20 Bury LAN
Mk0128c  HESSELTINE Harriett 51 Manchester LAN
Mk0570ze HEWETT Thomas 48 Warrington LAN
Kk063e   HEYS John W 24 Oldham LAN
Mk0841g  HEYWOOD Martha 67 Heaton Mordey LAN
Ad28c    HILTON Albert 21 Newton LAN
Ad28f    HILTON Charlotte 13 Newton LAN
Ad28d    HILTON Frederick 19 Newton LAN
Ad28a    HILTON James H 43 Prestwick LAN
Ad28e    HILTON James H 16 Newton LAN
W010a    HINDLE James 56 Haslingden LAN
Br139c   HODGKINSON Mary 18 Gorton LAN
Mk0547g  HOLMES Albert 15 Manchester LAN
Mk1310c  HOLMES Arthur L 9 Liverpool LAN
Mk1036b  HOLMES Louisa 34 Liverpool LAN
Mk1310b  HOLMES Selena A 31 Liverpool LAN
Mk0870p  HOLT Fredrick 30 Birkdale LAN
Mk1032d  HOPE Alfred 22 Heaton chapel LAN
Mk1032c  HOPE Florence E 27 Stretford LAN
Mk0980a  HOPE George A 29 Manchester LAN
Mk1032a  HOPE John Thomas 53 Manchester LAN
Mk0345a  HOPE Joseph J 37 Harrington LAN
Mk0870q  HOPE Mary A 32 Rawtenstall LAN
Mk0890b  HORSLEY Annie 27 Manchester LAN
Cm217a   HOUGH George 27 Manchester LAN
W264b    HOUGHTON Esther 39 Staley Bridge LAN
W264c    HOUGHTON John 15 Staley Bridge LAN
Mk0044d  HUDDERT Mary Ann 1 Manchester LAN
Kk013a   HUDSON George 66 Manchester LAN
W037b    HUXTER Mary A 23 Tunstal LAN
Mk1422v  INMAN? Janet P 39 Liverpool LAN
Mk0870a  JACKSON Annie 48 Britle LAN
Mk0149c  JACKSON Arthur N 5 Trafford LAN
Mk0493n  JACKSON Sarah 44 Manchester LAN
Mk0149b  JACKSON William B 9 Trafford LAN
Mk1426f  JANES Emmie 40 Liverpool LAN
Cm085c   JEPSON James 17 Liverpool LAN
Mk0978g  JEPSON Peter 26 Oldham LAN
Ty119c   JEPSON Robert 19 Chorlton LAN
Mk0869d  JOHNSON Caroline 14 Southport LAN
Mk0869a  JOHNSON E A 50 Southport LAN
Mk0869b  JOHNSON Maude M 23 Southport LAN
Mk0869c  JOHNSON Samuel M 15 Southport LAN
Cm073g   JONES Ada 1 Manchester LAN
Mk0152o  JONES John 21 Liverpool LAN
Cm073f   JONES Mary Fanny 30 Manchester LAN
Mk1388d  JONES Thomas 71 Blakeley, Man LAN
Mk0138c  JORDAN Francis A 21 Manchester LAN
Mk0336e  KEITLY? Mary A 17 Manchester LAN
W338a    KENWORTHY Arthur 38 Manchester LAN
W338c    KENWORTHY John 10 Stretford LAN
Mk1350c  KIDD Harriett E 19 Bolton LAN
W693b    KILLER Mary A 57 Lancaster LAN
Cm230a   KINDER Ann 70 Stand LAN
W542b    KIRK Fanny 37 Manchester LAN
W542e    KIRK John W 11 Manchester LAN
W542d    KIRK Mary E 13 Manchester LAN
Bn265a   KIRKLAND Elizabeth 70 Manchester LAN
Mk0108e  KNOTT Hannah 11 Royton LAN
Mk0108d  KNOTT Joshua 14 Royton LAN
Mk0108c  KNOTT Mary E 16 Royton LAN
Id45e    KNOWLES Charlotte 26 Stretford LAN
Mk0889b  KNOWLES Fanny 24 Liverpool LAN
Mk0978v  KNOWLES Jean? 18 Liverpool LAN
Mk0303j  LANCASTER Margaret 33 Preston LAN
Mk0123a  LAWTON John Edward 42 Manchester LAN
Mk1424u  LEES Amelia 39 Burnley LAN
Mk0870n  LEES Elizabeth 60 Oldham LAN
Mk0827x  LIMK David 59 Manchester LAN
Mk0866b  LOMAS Jane 30 Manchester LAN
Mk0246f  LOOSE Harold H 17 Manchester LAN
Mk0664b  LOWE Adam 50 Salford LAN
W453g    MACLURE Thomas Waltr 22 Manchester LAN
Mk1421n  MAKINSON James 23 Hindley LAN
Mk1253d  MANN Alice M 1 Didsbury LAN
Mk1253c  MANN George H 3 Didsbury LAN
Cm107c   MARSH Anne Slack 7 Farnworth LAN
Mk1310j  MARTIN Lousia 16 Manchester LAN
W819c    MASKREY Bertha 2 Manchester LAN
Mk0395a  MATHER Lucy 52 Manchester LAN
Mk0395b  MATHER Minnie 25 Manchester LAN
Mk0395c  MATHER William 23 Manchester LAN
Mk0870b  MCENNOLINE? Hannah 55 Acton Bridge LAN
Mk1426r  MCGOWAN Isabella 42 Liverpool LAN
Mk1426q  MCGOWAN Robert 49 Liverpool LAN
Ty001c   MCMUNN Hannah 14 Ashton u Lyne LAN
Ty001d   MCMUNN James 11 Ashton u Lyne LAN
Ty001a   MCMUNN Thomas 40 Ashton u Lyne LAN
Cm020a   MEE William 47 StauntonHarld LAN
Mk0789b  MELLOR Anney 22 Oldham LAN
Mk0789c  MELLOR Sam Firth 19 Oldham LAN
Mk1015c  MIDDLETON Joseph 14 Manchester LAN
Mk1015d  MIDDLETON Lydia E 12 Manchester LAN
Ty068b   MILNER Mary 31 Manchester LAN
Mk0978c  MILTON James 47 Oldham LAN
Mk0978d  MILTON Mary J 44 Oldham LAN
Mk0300d  MOLINEAUX Elizabeth 26 Manchester LAN
Mk1055c  MONK Mary E 34 Liverpool LAN
Md138a   MOORE Robert 49 Manchester LAN
Mk1427j  MURPHY Harriet 38 Walton LAN
Mk0930f  MYLANCE Joseph 29 Manchester LAN
Mk0988m  NUTTALL Thomas R 38 Bolton LAN
Mk0758c  OPENSHAW Harry 27 Bury LAN
Mk0758d  OPENSHAW Sarah Ann 34 Bury LAN
Mk0230i  PEARSE Emily L 32 Stalybridge LAN
Cm010b   PEARSON Hannah 35 Birkenhead LAN
Bn188b   PEARSON James Norman 16 Liverpool LAN
Cn18b    PEDDER Ellen 33 Garstang LAN
Cn18d    PEDDER Margaret 64 Bollard LAN
Cn18c    PEDDER Minnie 4 Garstang LAN
Cn18a    PEDDER William H 28 Scorton LAN
Hw67c    PERMAN Alfred A E 21 Manchester LAN
Bg10e    PICKERING Alice 9 Salford Manch LAN
Mk0225b  PICKERING George 15 Liverpool LAN
Mk1314c  PLATT Lydia 27 Salford LAN
Mk0969a  POLLETT Elizabeth 39 Rochdale LAN
Mk0751b  POTTER Bessie 37 Manchester LAN
Mk1430n  PRENDERGAST Annie 23 Hyde Manchstr LAN
W347a    PRESCOTT Cyril J C 48 Manchester LAN
Mk0565f  PRESTON William 45 Radcliff LAN
Bn029a   PRINCE Margaret 68 Manchester LAN
Mk0335c  QUILLIAM Edith M 18 Liverpool LAN
Mk0335a  QUILLIAM Joseph H 55 Liverpool LAN
Mk0335b  QUILLIAM Mary A 49 Liverpool LAN
Mk0422a  RAIN Robert H 28 Manchester LAN
Mk0493e  RATCLIFF Ann 14 Middleton LAN
Mk0493f  RATCLIFF Mary 19 Middleton LAN
Mk0493g  RATCLIFF Rachel 10 Oldham LAN
Mk0493d  RATCLIFF Robert 19 Middleton LAN
Cm178e   RAWSTON Henry 25 Burnage? LAN
Mk0858g  REDEHALGH Florence E 19 Liverpool LAN
Mk0858d  REDEHALGH Jane 34 Liverpool LAN
Mk0858f  REDEHALGH Mary E 27 Liverpool LAN
Mk0858c  REDEHALGH William 30 Liverpool LAN
Id27f    REDFERN Evaline 15m Manchester LAN
Mk0570yf REED Arthur John 32 Liverpool LAN
Mk0716d  REED J D 15 Liverpool LAN
Mk0716c  REED M 17 Manchester LAN
Mk0252d  RICHARDSON Minnie 11 Gorton LAN
Mk1024b  RIGLEY Mary 48 Skelmersdale LAN
Mk0944a  ROBEY Eliza 47 Liverpool LAN
W592c    ROBINSON Winifred L 5 Darwen LAN
W862c    ROBY Helen 41 Liverpool LAN
Ir2a     ROOSE John W 33 Manchester LAN
Ad28g    ROSCOE William 5 Gorton LAN
Ad64b    ROSS Christine 33 Aigberth Vale LAN
Sh11f    ROWNY Louie 30 Manchester LAN
Ty057a   SCHOLES James H 42 Accrington LAN
Ty057b   SCHOLES Mary M 41 Manchester LAN
W569g    SEEDS Hannah 6 Manchester LAN
Mk0717d  SELLORS Charles 16 Manchester LAN
Mk1136e  SELLORS Ishmael 19 Liverpool LAN
Mk0433b  SHARP Eliza 53 Lancaster LAN
Mk1427o  SHAW Mary 70 Oldham LAN
Md205c   SHELDON Daniel 20 Manchester LAN
Bn005b   SHELDON Violet 29 Manchester LAN
Cm231a   SHERLOCK John 62 Manchester LAN
Cm221b   SHERLOCK Mary 24 Staley Bridge LAN
Mk0276a  SHIMWELL Samuel 40 Manchester LAN
Mk0752d  SHORT William 45 Manchester LAN
Mk0645r  SHOVELTON Martha 30 Berry lane LAN
Mk0825e  SINGLETON Emily 19 Colne LAN
Mk0887e  SKERROW Margrett 60 Hilton LAN
Md011b   SLACK Amelia 31 Manchester LAN
Mk0988p  SLATER Alice M 22 Oldham LAN
Mk0377d  SLATER Frances E 34 Liverpool LAN
Mk0988q  SLATER Smith 56 Oldham LAN
Id58j    SMITH Annie 20 Lancashire LAN
Cm194b   SMITH Elizabeth 37 Manchester LAN
Mk0346f  SMITH Florence E 12 Manchester LAN
W731c    SMITH Florence M 15 Wigan LAN
Mk0935b  SMITH Margret 39 Manchester LAN
Mk0055d  SMITH Thomas 40 Manchester LAN
Mk1267c  SPEED Jane R 19 Liverpool LAN
W711b    STAFFORD Sarah A 53 Manchester LAN
Mk1399a  STALEY Francis 45 Deansgate LAN
Ty011c   STALEY William 44 Deansgate Man LAN
Mk0333c  STEVENSON? Daisy 3 Didsbury LAN
W611a    STIRZAKER Richard 63 Skerton LAN
W508g    STOCKLEY Maurice 9m Manchester LAN
W016b    STONE Rachel C 59 Manchester LAN
Mk1265b  SWIFT Margaret 42 Liverpool LAN
Mk0302d  SWINDELLS Sarah Anne 61 Salford LAN
Mk1427n  TARBALSON Ernest 19 Manchester LAN
Mk1427m  TARBALSON Harold 23 Manchester LAN
Mk1424d  TARBELSON Edith 21 Manchester LAN
Mk1424e  TARBELSON Ethel Maud 16 Manchester LAN
Mk1424f  TARBELSON Gertrude J 25 Manchester LAN
Mk0570yd TATE Clement 67 Bolton LAN
Kk063f   TAYLOR Alfred 20 Oldham LAN
Kk012c   TAYLOR Ann 21 Manchester LAN
Ty149a   TAYLOR Charles 66 Bolton LAN
Kk012d   TAYLOR Frank 16 Manchester LAN
Kk012b   TAYLOR Harriet 26 Manchester LAN
Kk012e   TAYLOR Isaac 11 Manchester LAN
Mk1418f  TAYLOR Martha E 9 Thormanton LAN
Kk012a   TAYLOR Mary 58 Manchester LAN
Ty149b   TAYLOR Miranda 24 Manchester LAN
Mk1257a  TAYLOR Richard 39 Rawtenstall LAN
Id55k    THISLETON George 17 Egremont LAN
Cm010i   THOMAS Samuel J 15 Liverpool LAN
Ty063g   THOMSON Joseph 2 Manchester LAN
Ty063f   THOMSON Louisa 3 Manchester LAN
Ty063e   THOMSON Parker 5 Manchester LAN
Mk1388b  THORPE Mary E 26 Salford Man LAN
Mk0290d  TOOLYE? Amelia 26 Salford, man LAN
Mk1181i  TOPLIS Bertha 2 Southport LAN
Mk0988t  TOWERS Denis 58 Lower Darwen LAN
Mk0653b  TRAVIS Sarah 29 Manchester LAN
Mk0995a  TYAT Mary E 31 Rochdale LAN
Mk0212c  WAGSTAFF Elizabeth 27 Manchester LAN
Md008b   WALKER Mabel 31 Manchester LAN
W522b    WALKER Mary A 55 DaltonFurness LAN
Hw14g    WALKER Sarah 12 Walton Livrpl LAN
Mk0214h  WALLSWORTH Frank 27 Liverpool LAN
Mk0911a  WARD Henry 60 Manchester LAN
Mk1188g  WARHURST Amy A 15 Stalybridge LAN
Mk1188h  WARHURST Flora M 12 Stalybridge LAN
Mk1188i  WARHURST Lilian A 10 Stalybridge LAN
Mk0234a  WATERFALL Elizabeth C 32 Manchester LAN
Mk0234b  WATERFALL Lucy 17 Manchester LAN
W426f    WAYWELL Lilly 6 Broughton LAN
W426g    WAYWELL Louisa 4 Manchester LAN
W426e    WAYWELL Zillah 10 Manchester LAN
Mk0136a  WEBSTER Richard 41 Bolton LAN
Mk0663d  WELDON Ada G 16 Manchester LAN
Mk0570ym WELLS Frederick 25 Liverpool LAN
Mk1424b  WELSH Thomas 54 Birscall LAN
Mk0035b  WHEATCROFT Lilian V 26 Manchester LAN
Mk0035d  WHEATCROFT Thomas Fredk 8 Manchester LAN
Mk0694k  WHITAKER Luke 26 Manchester LAN
Bn166a   WHITEHEAD John W 48 Bury LAN
Mk0669c  WHITTAKER James 34 Rawtenstall LAN
Mk0263j  WHITTLE Thomas 41 Bolton LAN
Mk0981b  WIGSTON Emiley 41 Stapleton LAN
Mk0981a  WIGSTON Wolston 39 Stapleton LAN
Mk0267b  WILDE Mary E 23 Manchester LAN
Ad51o    WILLIAMS Mary 32 Liverpool LAN
Br088c   WILLIAMS May W 5 Liverpool LAN
Mk0696h  WILLIS John Samuel 40 Salford LAN
Mk0911q  WILSON Alice 20 Manchester LAN
Mk1426d  WILSON Hannah 41 Macclesfield LAN
Mk0201d  WITHAM Amy W 20 Staley Bridge LAN
Mk0956d  WOOD Alford 16 Bolton LAN
Mk0949c  WOOD Louisa 20 Bolton LAN
Mk1427u  WOOD Sarah 69 Bolton LAN
Mk1423n  WOODHOUSE Robert 46 Manchester LAN
Cm133b   WOODWARD Emma 44 Manchester LAN
Md160b   WOODWISS Emily E 30 Manchester LAN
Mk0553c  WRIGHT Helena L 7 Liverpool LAN
Kk062b   WRIGHT Lucy 45 Rochdale LAN
Mk0024b  ADKIN Eliza 61 Sheepshead LEI
Cm214a   ADKIN George 28 Loughborough LEI
Mk0024a  ADKIN John 66 Sheapshead LEI
Bn123a   ALESBROOK George 40 Not Known LEI
Mk0106a  ATKINS John 54 Appleby LEI
Mk0106b  ATKINS Mary 44 Appleby LEI
Bn161a   BAKER James 48 Not known LEI
Id38a    BARLOW Joseph 55 Ashby Zouch LEI
Cm159o   BEDFORD Margaret F 19 Ratby LEI
Mk0884f  BELLAIRS Lucey E 25 Leicester LEI
W319b    BLACKSHAW Alice 26 Mkt Harboro LEI
Ty042a   BOOTH Teanie 66 Leicestrshire LEI
Mk0493t  BOSWORTH Thomas 37 Satherry? LEI
Mk0120d  BOWMAN John 22 Hennington LEI
W602a    BRAY Charles 29 Stoney Stantn LEI
Mk0906c  BROOKS Elizabeth 64 Colerton LEI
Mk1417a  BURDETT George 25 Terlangton LEI
Md149a   CASTERTON William 24 Leicester LEI
Id30a    CHAMBERS Mary 75 Peaking Magna LEI
Mk0289a  CHAPLAIN Thomas 48 Kegworth LEI
Cm022f   CHESTER Arthur W 18 Lullenham LEI
Mk0165b  CLARE Ellen M 27 Twycross LEI
Mk0165c  CLARE Florence 24 Twycross LEI
Mk1115a  CLARKE John J 43 Leicester LEI
Mk0376c  CRAMP Edith E 12 Leicester LEI
Mk0404f  CRAVEN Henry E 27 Melton Mowbry LEI
Iw06g    DAUBERY Frances N L 52 Loughborough LEI
Mk0269a  DOBSON George H 64 Melton Mowbry LEI
Mk0400a  ELLIS James 32 Leicester LEI
Mk0400b  ELLIS Sarah 31 Mkt Harboro LEI
Mk0570ya EVANS Gertrude 11 Leicester LEI
Mk0570w  EVANS Ida Clara 17 Leicester LEI
Mk0570v  EVANS Mary Clara 36 Leicester LEI
Mk0570u  EVANS William 39 Leicester LEI
Mk0570x  EVANS William 14 Leicester LEI
Md229b   FEARN Elizabeth 37 Loughborough LEI
Mk0324a  FLUDE Joseph 51 Broughton Ast LEI
W352a    FREER Henry 26 Enderby LEI
Mk0573a  GILBERT Sarah Ann 17 Measham LEI
Cw02a    GREASLEY Henry 53 Linford LEI
Kk074d   GREASLEY Sarah 17 Markfield LEI
Cw02b    GREASLEY Sarah Ann 50 ? LEI
Hw58a    GREEN William 45 Loughboro LEI
Mk0161d  GROVES Thomas J 37 Laxley LEI
Br079a   HALL Sarah 52 Bilton LEI
Mk1313a  HARDY William H 49 Whitwick LEI
Mk0570f  HARVEY Mary Jane 33 Leicester LEI
Md110c   HARWARD Reginald C 19 Market Raisin LEI
Ad38b    HASTINGS Sarah A 41 Foxton LEI
W616c    HATCHETT James 23 Coalville LEI
Cm181c   HAYWOOD William 22 Leicester LEI
Mk0469b  HAZLEWOOD Sarah 38 Drayton LEI
Mk0469a  HAZLEWOOD Thomas 34 Leicester LEI
Mk1418m  HEURERDINE Dan 50 Leicester LEI
Mk0251a  HIGGS Elizabeth 76 Leicester LEI
Mk0864e  HILL Edward 74 Hungerton LEI
Mk0864a  HILL William 46 Hungerton LEI
Mk1264a  HINKS Richard 59 Barwell LEI
Mk0097c  HODGKINSON Emma 23 Leicester LEI
Mk0108o  HORSLEY William 36 Mkt Harboro LEI
W148a    HORTON Henry 26 Harley LEI
W039a    HUBBERSTY Eliza C 76 NthrBroughton LEI
W313d    HUNT Shadrick 41 Mount Sorrel LEI
W313c    INGLESANT James 29 Mount Sorrel LEI
Mk0153j  JACKSON Eliza 18 ..mpton? LEI
Sh28a    JACKSON Eliza 60 Cullsten LEI
Cm051c   JOHNSON Alfred 18 Leicester LEI
W814a    JONES John 28 Whitwick LEI
Mk0871g  JORDAN Catherine 18 Markfield LEI
Mk0138a  JORDAN William 51 Ashby Zouch LEI
W454d    KNOWLES Wilhelmine 8 Leicester LEI
Mk0570j  KUDISS Fanny 17 Heather LEI
Bn115b   LAND Anthony 10 Leicester LEI
Mk1110a  LANE John 58 Thurmaston LEI
Mk0409a  LANGHAM Benjamin 53 Wixen LEI
Mk0409b  LANGHAM Emma 49 Leicester LEI
Mk0976a  LEWIS William 44 Loughboro LEI
Mk0740d  MARTIN Isaac 9 Loughborough LEI
Md230a   MARTIN Thomas Henry 26 Enderby LEI
Mk1422s  MATTHEWS Francis Hen 45 Ashby Zouch LEI
W540a    MAYO Frances 62 Leicester LEI
W313e    MILNE James 46 Groby LEI
Mk0376a  NEAL Emily 63 Loughborough LEI
Mk1198a  OAKLEY Charlotte 70 MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk0570e  PARKER Mary Annie 35 Leicester LEI
Mk0153f  PARR Annie 22 St Helens LEI
Mk1430s  PAYNE Annie Sophia 16 Great Eastern LEI
Ad17d    PETTS Edward 10 Betgrave LEI
Mk1247a  PINDER Mary 74 Whaplode LEI
Mk1247b  PINDER Mary H 30 Friskney LEI
Mk1187d  POLLARD George 30 Enenhamthorpe LEI
Ty035d   PORTER Elizabeth 10m Leicester LEI
Ty035c   PORTER Joseph J 4 Leicester LEI
Ty035a   PORTER William 30 Leicester LEI
Mk0738j  POTTER Richard 47 Whitwick LEI
Mk0406e  POUTHEY Arthur 24 Reasley LEI
Mk0769a  PRIDE Harriett 38 Cossington LEI
Ty092b   RADFORD Mary E 52 Overseal LEI
Br098b   REPTON Sarah J 49 Whymondham LEI
Mk0098b  ROBINSON Ann Elizabth 31 Cas Donington LEI
Mk0214a  ROBINSON Samuel 53 Markfield LEI
Mk0146l  ROE Annie 30 Leicester LEI
Mk0146k  ROE Charles 37 Leicester LEI
W030e    ROE John William 17 Kibworth LEI
Sh72a    SALT Ann 57 Woodhouse LEI
Cm160b   SAUNDERS Eliza 79 Narborough LEI
Mk0251b  SHARP Catherine 32 Leicester LEI
W336c    SHARPE Bertha 12 Belgrave LEI
W336b    SHARPE Ruth 40 Evington LEI
W336a    SHARPE Thomas 40 Barrow Soar LEI
Sh47b    SHAW Lydia A 36 Fenny Drayton LEI
Id56e    SIMMONS Hannah 28 Thorpe Acre LEI
Br026b   SLACK Rebecca 47 Whymondham LEI
Mk0695c  SMITH Thomas 23 Leicester LEI
W311a    SMITH Walter 28 Old Dalby LEI
W076c    SOUTHERN George 27 Enderby LEI
Md050b   SPENCER Sarah Ann 37 Hickling LEI
W785c    SQUIRES Archibald 9 Thrussington LEI
W785b    SQUIRES Emily E 30 Thrussington LEI
W785e    SQUIRES Horace Edgar 4 Thrussington LEI
W785d    SQUIRES Lillian G 6 Thrussington LEI
W616b    STARKEY Catherine 43 Ibstock LEI
W616a    STARKEY John H 43 Coalville LEI
Mk1418i  TAYLOR Mary H 3 Leicester LEI
Mk0827w  THACKER Helina M 19 Leicester LEI
Mk0827v  THACKER Mary E 46 Stoke Golding LEI
Mk0570g  THOMAS Emma Asher 23 Lowesby? LEI
Br145b   W---ALL? Mary 39 Coldwel LEI
Br145c   W---ALL? William 14 Sealford LEI
W614a    WAIN Mathew T 23 Lubinham LEI
Ad46b    WAINWRIGHT Anna M 48 Billesdon LEI
W623a    WALKER Ann 36 Lazars LEI
Ad35b    WALLIS Elizabeth 43 Billesdon LEI
Mk0622d  WARDLE Catherine 73 Kegworth LEI
Mk0814l  WARNER William 23 Loughborough LEI
W120b    WARREN Ellen 41 Sutton Hill LEI
Mk0445e  WATSON Ann 64 Ticknal LEI
Mk0911e  WEAVER Samuel 61 MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1396c  WEBSTER Alice 14 Leicester LEI
W476b    WEBSTER Annie 49 Kegworth LEI
Mk1396d  WEBSTER Clara 10 Leicester LEI
Mk1396a  WEBSTER Joseph 34 Leicester LEI
Mk0964a  WEBSTER Mary A 68 Leicester LEI
Mk1396b  WEBSTER Mary A 33 Leicester LEI
Mk0244i  WESSON Jane 22 Redmile? LEI
Mk0872a  WIGSTON Rosanna 49 Stappleton LEI
Md223a   WILDGOOSE Eliza 34 Belton LEI
W509d    WILEMAN Thomas 8 Ashby Zouch LEI
Mk0803a  WILKINSON William 62 Oakley LEI
Mk0906a  WILMOT Mary J 46 Colerton LEI
W694c    WINFIELD Ada M 14 Leicester LEI
W694b    WINFIELD Clara F 32 Leicester LEI
Md164d   WOODHOUSE William 28 Mountsorrel LEI
Md164e   WOODHOUSE William 26 Mountsorrel LEI
Hw57b    WOOLEY Mary A 47 Leicester LEI
Bn130a   WORMLEIGHTON William 52 Loughborough LEI
Cm160a   YOUNG Ann 58 Narborough LEI
W177b    ALLEN Betsey 54 Bardney LIN
Mk0459a  ATKIN Edward 60 Lincoln LIN
Ty146a   ATKIN Thomas 35 Boston LIN
W021a    ATKINSON Thomas 46 East Keal LIN
Mk0495g  AVERY Easter 17 Stamford LIN
Bn161b   BAKER Priscillia 49 Sudbrook LIN
W362b    BARKER Alice 46 Spalding LIN
Mk0233a  BARNES Ann E 47 Ulceby LIN
Mk0950k  BARNETT Samuel 17 Swinehead LIN
W382b    BEESTON Ann 58 Ropsley LIN
Ty053c   BERESLEY Marie E 32 Louth LIN
Mk1031c  BETLEY Selina M B 42 DoningtonBain LIN
W871a    BLUNSTONE Sarah 70 Burton Stathr LIN
Mk1055b  BODEN Charlotte 53 Gainsboro LIN
Mk0682b  BONSALL Martha 40 Molton LIN
Mk0666m  BROOKS Alfred 22 Alford LIN
Cm150b   BROWN Charlotte 43 Denton LIN
Mk0284c  BRYAN Harry W 12 Gainsboro LIN
Bn165b   BUNTING Elizabeth 49 Ingolsby LIN
Iw09c    BURGESS Charles 7 Eagle Hall LIN
Iw09a    BURGESS William 37 Fulbeck LIN
Mk1139a  BURRELL William D 35 Handleby LIN
Mk0868b  BUXTON Ellen E 51 Caistor LIN
W012d    CALDICOTT Mary 1 Gainsboro LIN
W012a    CALDICOTT Thomas 29 Gainsboro LIN
Ad59b    CAULDWELL Jane E 46 Lincolnshire LIN
Mk0236a  CLARK Arthur 36 Stamford LIN
Mk0847a  CLARKE Abraham 45 Wood Enderby LIN
W324f    CLARKE Louisa 21 Sturton Stowe LIN
Mk1245a  COPELAND Charles 32 Boston LIN
Ty077h   COULING John 61 Lincoln LIN
W065b    COX Matilda A 39 Lincoln LIN
Mk1055e  CUSWORTH John W 70 Gainsboro LIN
W324c    DAKIN Charles H 6 Sturton Stowe LIN
W324b    DAKIN Sarah A 33 Bransby LIN
Mk0423b  DAUBER? Lois E 55 Long Sutton LIN
Cm220b   ELVIN Annie 29 Branston LIN
Mk0396b  FLINT Ann 54 DryDoddington LIN
Mk1187b  GEORGE Annie M 19 Holbeach LIN
Mk1187c  GEORGE Louisa 12 Bourne LIN
Mk1187a  GEORGE William 52 Holbeach LIN
Mk0411d  GILBERT Herbert B 32 Louth LIN
Mk0570o  GLOVER Elizabeth 23 Lincoln LIN
Mk0570k  GLOVER Sarah Jane 17 Lincoln LIN
W021e    GOULDING W 22 Waddington LIN
Bg12a    GREATHOLDER William 70 Horncastle LIN
Mk0390d  GREATOREX Sarah A 26 Marston LIN
Mk0375c  HARNESS Arthur F 12 Wainfleet LIN
Mk0375d  HARNESS Charles 4 Wainfleet LIN
Mk0375a  HARNESS George T 34 Wainfleet LIN
Mk0375b  HARNESS Mary A 37 Skegness LIN
W582b    HARRIS Mary I 48 Stamford LIN
W582a    HARRIS Thomas 54 Stamford LIN
Ad38a    HASTINGS James 39 Bilsby LIN
Mk0852b  HAWLEY Sarah A 48 Sleaford LIN
Mk0465a  HODGKINSON Mary J 45 Stamford LIN
Mk0382e  HOLLAND Robert B 60 Raithby LIN
Mk1088b  HOLLINGWORTH Rosina 28 Lincoln LIN
Md035b   HOUGHTON Mary Ann 29 Medlam LIN
Ty077d   HURD Jane 20 Lincoln LIN
Ty077e   HURD Robert W 12 Skirbeck LIN
Ty077b   HURD Sarah J S 47 Spalding LIN
Ty133a   LAIT Louis C 25 Louth LIN
Ty053a   LAIT Walter 44 Louth LIN
Mk1287d  LEDJER? Maud J 12 Holbeach LIN
Mk1287b  LEDJER? Sarah A 35 Spalding LIN
Mk0507b  LENTHAM Mary Elizab 39 Gelston LIN
Mk0161i  LINSLEY Emma 30 Lincolnshire LIN
W142b    MARSH Eliza 60 St Peters Gor LIN
Mk0526a  MILLS Samuel 47 Bolton? LIN
Mk1019a  MONTGOMERY Sarah L 54 Gainsbro LIN
Ty063h   NARTEN? Annie 21 Lincoln LIN
Ty063i   NARTEN? Emma 17 Lincoln LIN
Mk0911i  NEWTON Matilda 38 Grimsby LIN
Cm211b   NICKLINSON Fanny 39 Lincoln LIN
W620b    NOBLE Annie M 33 Long Sutton LIN
Mk0484d  NORTH Frederick 4 Lincolnshire LIN
Mk1031b  O'CONNOR Anne 78 Hultoft LIN
Mk1031d  O'CONNOR Augusta E 40 DoningtonBain LIN
Mk1031e  O'CONNOR Gertrude A 30 Louth LIN
W673b    OXSPRING Elizabeth 63 Market Rasen LIN
Mk1423x  PATTERSON Samuel 66 Sleaford LIN
Ad37b    PEACOCK Jeanie 40 Alford LIN
Mk0233c  PHILIPSON Ada R 15 Bradley LIN
Mk0233b  PHILIPSON Joseph W 21 Bradley LIN
Mk0281b  PICKEN Emily J 32 Lincoln LIN
W307a    POYSER Grace Ann 62 Holbeack LIN
Mk0224d  PRICE Walter 43 Benigh? LIN
Mk0404c  REYNALDS George 24 Welbourn LIN
Mk0404d  REYNALDS James M 22 Welbourn LIN
Mk0404e  REYNALDS John E 17 Leadenham LIN
Mk0404b  REYNALDS Mary 53 St Peters LIN
Mk0404a  REYNALDS Thomas 51 Marston LIN
Cm155b   SHELLEY Mary E 32 Croxton LIN
Mk0520c  SHIPSIDE Fannie H 23 Spalding LIN
Mk0519h  SHIPSIDE John Tom H 20 Spalding LIN
Mk0870g  SIMPSON William 62 Lincoln LIN
Mk0515b  SLATER Mary Elizab 37 Bourne LIN
W311b    SMITH Annie 29 Barnetby LIN
W025c    SMITH Georgiana HE 48 Whaplode LIN
W805c    SMITH Margaret H 22 Boston LIN
Hw42b    SMITH Mary 76 Grimsby LIN
Md018b   SPENCER Elizabeth 39 LinwoodMartin LIN
Mk0978i  STAPLER William M 39 S Lincolnshre LIN
Mk1114d  STENNETT Alice 17 MoultonChapel LIN
Mk1114b  STENNETT Emma 24 SpaldingMarsh LIN
Mk1114c  STENNETT Henry 22 Donington LIN
Mk1418a  TAYLOR William 48 Sutton LIN
W277b    THOMPSON Elizabeth 51 Whaplode LIN
Ty063d   THOMSON Harry 11 Grantham LIN
Mk1418k  TINDALL Ben 30 Leasingham LIN
Mk0375f  TRAVIS Alfred 24 Boston Ferry LIN
Mk0152yf TROLLOPE Charles Wm 35 Casewich Fall LIN
Mk0525b  TURNER Annie 38 Lincolnshire LIN
Mk0520b  WALL Betsy 56 Spalding LIN
Bn281c   WARD Hannah Eliz 10 Gainsboro LIN
Md116d   WARD John Henry 16 Nettleham LIN
Md116c   WARD W C R 18 Lincoln LIN
W238b    WARDMAN Harriett 24 LngBennington LIN
W591a    WATERFIELD George V 32 Stamford LIN
W591b    WATERFIELD Sarah 28 Stamford LIN
Cm182a   WATSON William 38 Grantham LIN
W416f    WHITFIELD Emily 19 Maxey LIN
Mk1428t  WILKINSON John Edward 24 Louth LIN
Mk0571a  WILLAN Annie Esther 50 Corby LIN
W021d    WILLCOX B 26 Spalding LIN
Mk1272c  WILLEY David 5 Holbeach LIN
Mk1272a  WILLEY David 34 Holbeach LIN
Mk1272b  WILLEY Fanny E 30 Falkingham LIN
Mk1272d  WILLEY Lucy E 3 Holbeach LIN
Mk0260b  WRIGHT Ellen 46 Woolsthorpe LIN
Mk0260a  WRIGHT John 51 Woolsthorpe LIN
Mk0522a  WRIGHT Michael 44 Croft LIN
Cm212a   WRIGHT William John 34 Tetford LIN
Hw87b    YATES Elizabeth 40 Grantham LIN
Mk1422a  ALLEN Sarah Ann 49 London LND
Bn028b   ARNEL Beatrice D 11 London LND
Mk1298a  ARNOLD Charles 38 Hampstead LND
Mk1142f  BAGSHAWE Edward J 26 London LND
Mk0336f  BANISTER Percy K 15 Hackney LND
Mk0259a  BARKER Elizabeth 60 St James LND
Mk0949e  BARKER Lucy 33 London LND
Mk0503b  BARNARD Emily Eliza 33 Clerkenwell LND
Mk0503a  BARNARD Henry deCrez 43 Lambeth LND
W588b    BLASTOCK Annie 50 Pimlico LND
Mk0153p  BLOCK Frederick J 35 London LND
Mk0133b  BODEN Genefer Emma 40 Deptford LND
Mk0877c  BRAMWELL Lousia E 50 London LND
Cm228b   BRITLAND Elizabeth 66 London LND
Md131b   BROOKS Frances 44 Westminster LND
Mk1291d  CARLINE Mary E 8 London LND
Mk0738m  CAVIL Eliza Alice 28 London LND
Mk0137b  CLARK Fredrica E C 33 Brixton LND
Mk0513d  COCKING Charles 6 Westminster LND
Mk0513e  COCKING Harry 5 Westminster LND
Mk0513a  COCKING William 47 Westminster LND
Mk0756l  COLLINSON Hannah 19 London LND
Ty152h   CONSTABLE Alfred W 21 London LND
Mk1047d  COOPER Henry 56 Chelsea LND
Mk0870c  COTTINGHAM Emiley 23 S Hackney LND
Mk1233g  COTTINGHAM Sarah F 19 South Hackney LND
W583a    CRANCH Louisa 54 Holborn LND
Mk1164b  CROWDER Louisa 25 Westminster LND
Hp14e    DURHAM Emma 27 St Martin LND
Mk1426w  EAST James 49 London LND
Mk0247b  EDWARDS Florence 21 Clapham? LND
Mk1427a  FALLS Stewart P 35 Hampstead LND
Mk0510c  FERNLEY Mary Ann E 16 London LND
Mk1424k  FORD Thomas 26 London LND
Mk0241f  FOWLER Harry 21 London LND
Hp14a    GELL H Chandos P 62 Hanover Sq LND
Hp14b    GELL T Charlott P 56 Mary le Bow LND
Mk0287a  GLOVER Francis H 56 London LND
Mk0152yd GORDON Frederick 13 Stk Newington LND
Mk0156a  HACKWOOD Richard W 63 Stepney LND
W030b    HALL Martha A 65 St James LND
Mk0323c  HAMBLING Albert E 11 Kensington LND
Mk0323b  HAMBLING Jessie F 17 StokeNewingtn LND
W085d    HARDY Horatio M 17 London LND
Mk0666c  HART Charles 22 Marylebone LND
Mk0666a  HART John 53 St Annes LND
W370b    HARVEY Julia A 43 Aldgate LND
W002b    HAWORTH Jane 52 London LND
Mk0933c  HAYNES William 60 London LND
Mk0153a  HESKETH Frances E 46 Bishopsgate LND
Mk0448e  HIND Elizabeth G 27 London LND
Mk0348d  HULL Annie Maria 39 Peckam LND
W671b    HUNT Hannah 53 St Giles LND
Mk0008e  HURST Ellen Ann 19 London LND
Mk0149f  JACKSON Emily E 45 Belgrave LND
Mk1426b  JANES Bessie 33 London LND
Mk1426a  JANES Charles Edwd 41 London LND
Mk1425p  JUDD Sarah Bruce 70 London LND
Mk0849b  KIRBY Alice M M 22 Islington LND
Mk0853c  KIRBY Ernest 19 London LND
Mk1423g  KIRK-MACKIE Alexander 60 London LND
Mk0570yt KLUG Frances L 40 Marylebone LND
Mk0152g  LAWSON Amy 25 London LND
Mk0790a  LIDMAN William 53 Stepney LND
Mk0155c  LINFORD Charles Wm 23 Chelsea LND
Mk1270c  LORREN Emily C 23 Clerkenwell LND
Mk1428c  LOWE Sarah 49 London LND
Mk0584a  MACKARZIE Ellen 73 Westminster LND
Br002c   MACRAE Christiana E 26 Paddington LND
Mk1130b  MANLOVE Emily 66 London LND
Mk0901b  MONNET Ann F 72 St Martins LND
Mk0154d  MORLEY William 70 The Tower LND
Mk0484c  MOUNTAIN Susan 40 London LND
Mk1427g  MURRAY Charlotte 59 London LND
Mk0495a  NICHOLSON Elizabeth J 49 St Pancras LND
Mk0300e  O'GRADY Mary L 26 London City LND
Mk1427h  PALMER Guido 14 London LND
Cm159k   PFUND Madeline 30 Chelsea LND
Mk1281a  PHILLIPS William 57 London LND
Mk0371b  POTTER Louisa 42 St Johns Wood LND
Cm202c   PRITCHARD Emily Jane 15 London LND
Mk1293c  PURSLOVE Hannah M 28 London LND
Mk1293d  PURSLOVE Nora 13 London LND
W592a    ROBINSON Walter L 39 Tower Hamlets LND
Mk1229a  ROSE Eliza 72 London LND
Mk1169b  SAMUEL Emily 45 Paddington LND
W804e    SCHMID Laura 5 Lambeth LND
W804d    SCHMID Monica D 7 Lambeth LND
Mk1122a  SETCHFIELD James E 26 Not Known LND
W760b    SIMPSON Alice 36 St Botolphs LND
Mk1131b  SLADEN Annie B 38 London LND
Mk1422o  SMITH Ann 57 London LND
Sh40e    SMITH Stanley B 13 ShepherdsBush LND
Ad08a    SNOW George 29 London LND
Mk0898e  STACEY Robert 8 London LND
Mk0333b  STEVENSON? Ethel 9 London LND
Mk0333a  STEVENSON? Louise 37 London LND
Mk0418c  SULLEY Ada E 12 Islington LND
Mk0031a  TAYLOR Eliza 50 E India Docks LND
Mk0149a  TERRY E Mary 39 London LND
Mk0419a  TERRY John F 45 Clerkenwell LND
Mk0419d  TERRY Percy J F 16 Upton LND
Mk0419c  TERRY Rose C 19 Newington LND
Mk0419e  TERRY Sydney H 10 New Cross LND
Mk0771b  THOMPSON Ruth 56 Chelsea LND
Md051a   TOPLIS William 36 London LND
Mk1024e  TRENTLEMM? Maria 73 London LND
Cm014b   WAIN Joseph 34 Mill St LND
Mk0913g  WALL Emma 8 Fulham LND
Mk0330f  WALTON Eliza 43 London LND
Ty077f   WATTS Edwin R 22 Camberwell LND
Id55i    WAYNE Elizabeth 15 East London LND
Id55c    WAYNE Emily 23 East London LND
Id29a    WAYNE John W 22 Poplar LND
Id55b    WAYNE Susan 47 Hackney LND
Id29c    WAYNE William 17 Brixton LND
Mk0827e  WESINCKA? Lousia 23 St Johns Wood LND
Mk0841c  WHITE Helen A 16 Chelsea LND
Mk0315b  WIDDOWSON Mary 63 St Pancras LND
Mk0703e  WILMOT Elizabeth I 24 Westminster LND
Mk0235a  WOODFIELD William 63 Southwark LND
Mk1377b  WOODHOUSE Lydia 22 London LND
Mk1427x  WOODIWISS Amy? V B 23 London LND
Cm159g   WRIGHT Alice L M 5 Bryanstone Sq LND
Mk1324b  WRIGHT Amelia J 33 Westminster LND
Cm222e   WRIGHT Arthur L 14 Fitzroy Sq LND
Cm159c   WRIGHT Bertram H G 11 Bryanstone Sq LND
Cm159i   WRIGHT Charles H 8m Chester Sq LND
Cm159d   WRIGHT Edward Harry 10 Bryanstone Sq LND
Mk0437a  WRIGHT Ellen 43 St Johns Wood LND
Cm159f   WRIGHT Ellen A 7 Bryanstone Sq LND
Cm159e   WRIGHT Henry F 9 Paddington LND
Cm159h   WRIGHT Robert A P 2 Bryanstone Sq LND
Mk0385b  WRIGHT William 10 London LND
Mk0825c  SHADE Davis 46 DavidsonMains LTN

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