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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1891 Census for the Wirksworth Area,
which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 37 enumeration districts with 18,435 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2003, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code    Firstname    SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born            Comments

#145---Matlock Green---[Matlock]---
Mk1179a  James         MARGERRISON  Head    M 37  M  Miller                Tansley
Mk1179b  Elizabeth     MARGERRISON  Wife    M 40  F                        Berkeley GLS
Mk1179c  William A     MARGERRISON  Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1179d  Albert J      MARGERRISON  Son       8   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1179e  Maud M        MARGERRISON  Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1179f  Hubert F      MARGERRISON  Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk1179g  Percy         MARGERRISON  Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1179h  James         MARGERRISON  Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk1179i  Ernest        MARGERRISON  Son       1m  M                        Matlock
Mk1179j  William A     MARGERRISON  Brother S 24  M  Railway clerk         Tansley
---(Corn & Flour Mills)---
#146---Matlock Green---[Matlock]---(page 23,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1180a  George        BODEN        Head    M 46  M  Stone merchant        Matlock
Mk1180b  Elizabeth     BODEN        Wife    M 46  F                        Matlock
Mk1180c  Thomas        BODEN        Son     S 19  M  Assist stonemerchant  Matlock
Mk1180d  Mary H        BARNSLEY     Servant S 18  F  General servant dom   Winster
#147---Malthouse Terrace No 7---[Matlock]---
Mk1181a  James         TOPLIS       Head    M 54  M  Joiner                Matlock
Mk1181b  Sarah         TOPLIS       Wife    M 51  F                        Beeley
Mk1181c  Maria         TOPLIS       Dau     S 24  F  Caretaker Day School  Matlock
Mk1181d  James         TOPLIS       Son     S 22  M  Blacksmith            Matlock
Mk1181e  Frederick     TOPLIS       Son     S 18  M  Assist grocer         Matlock
Mk1181f  Henry         TOPLIS       Son     S 14  M  Assist gardener       Matlock
Mk1181g  Elizabeth     TOPLIS       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1181h  Jesse         TOPLIS       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1181i  Bertha        TOPLIS       Gdau      2   F                        Southport LAN
#148---Malthouse Terrace No 6---[Matlock]---
Mk1182a  William       PAULSON      Head    M 40  M  Miller                Newark NTT            Barnby-in-the-Willows
Mk1182b  Esther E      PAULSON      Wife    M 41  F                        Brough,Newark NTT
Mk1182c  Edith         PAULSON      Dau     S 13  F                        Collingham NTT
Mk1182d  John H        PAULSON      Son       12  M  Scholar               Collingham NTT
Mk1182e  Walter E      PAULSON      Son       10  M  Scholar               Collingham NTT
Mk1182f  Emily         PAULSON      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Collingham NTT
Mk1182g  George V      PAULSON      Son       5   M                        Collingham NTT
Mk1182h  Grace         PAULSON      Dau       2m  F                        Matlock
#149---Malthouse Terrace No 5---[Matlock]---
Mk1183a  Charles       GRATTON      Head    M 55  M  Cooper                Bonsall
Mk1183b  Sylvia        GRATTON      Wife    M 54  F                        Bonsall
Mk1183c  Sophia A      GRATTON      Dau     S 26  F  Cotton bleacher       Tansley
Mk1183d  Harriet E     GRATTON      Dau     S 25  F  Tailoress             Bonsall
Mk1183e  Mary A B      GRATTON      Dau     S 18  F  Cotton factory hand   Matlock
Mk1183f  Alfred J T    GRATTON      Son     S 16  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk1183g  Albert        GRATTON      Son     S 14  M  Cotton factory hand   Matlock
Mk1183h  Emma          GRATTON      Dau       11  F  School girl           Matlock
Mk1183i  William M     SHIPLEY      Boarder M 27  M  Tailor                Mansfield NTT
#150---Malthouse Terrace No 4---[Matlock]---(page 24,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1184a  Thomas        WOODING      Head    M 51  M  Carter                Matlock
Mk1184b  Hannah        WOODING      Wife    M 45  F                        Bonsall
Mk1184c  John          WOODING      Son       3   M                        Matlock
#151---Malthouse Terrace No 3---[Matlock]---
Mk1185a  James         BUNTING      Head    M 30  M  Grocers assistant     Matlock
Mk1185b  Henrietta     BUNTING      Wife    M 31  F                        Tutbury STS
Mk1185c  Ernest        BUNTING      Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1185d  Edith         BUNTING      Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
#152---Malthouse Terrace No 2---[Matlock]---
Mk1186a  William       BUNTING      Head    M 34  M  Gardener              Matlock
Mk1186b  Sarah         BUNTING      Wife    M 34  F                        Matlock
Mk1186c  John          BUNTING      Son       8   M                        Matlock           paralized from birth
#153---Malthouse Terrace No 1---[Matlock]---
Mk1187a  William       GEORGE       Head    W 52  M  Corn miller           Holbeach LIN
Mk1187b  Annie M       GEORGE       Dau     S 19  F  Housekeeper           Holbeach LIN
Mk1187c  Louisa        GEORGE       Dau       12  F                        Bourne LIN
Mk1187d  George        POLLARD      Lodger  S 30  M  Millers carter        Enenhamthorpe LEI
#154---Hunt Bridge School---[Matlock]---
Mk1188a  Robert        CLOUGH       Head    M 50  M  Schoolmaster          Barnsley YKS
Mk1188b  Annie M       CLOUGH       Wife    M 52  F  Schoolmistress        Manchester LAN
Mk1188c  Annie G       CLOUGH       Dau     S 19  F                        Manchester LAN
Mk1188d  Frank         CLOUGH       Son     S 17  M  Scholar               Manchester LAN
Mk1188e  Ruth N        CARRINGTON   Boarder S 17  F  Scholar               Bakewell
Mk1188f  Lucy R        WHITE        Boarder S 14  F  Scholar               Ireland IRL
Mk1188g  Amy A         WARHURST     Boarder S 15  F  Scholar               Stalybridge LAN
Mk1188h  Flora M       WARHURST     Boarder   12  F  Scholar               Stalybridge LAN
Mk1188i  Lilian A      WARHURST     Boarder   10  F  Scholar               Stalybridge LAN
Mk1188j  Mary E        GOUGH        Servant S 22  F  General servant dom   Wolverhampton STS
Mk1188k  Sarah L       BROWNSON     Servant S 13  F  General servant dom   Matlock
#155---Matlock Green,Hunt Bridge House---[Matlock]---(page 25,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1189a  George W      WALKER       Head    M 44  M  Builder               Wirksworth
Mk1189b  Sarah         WALKER       Wife    M 40  F                        Carsington
Mk1189c  Isaac         WALKER       Son       11  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1189d  Mary          WALKER       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1189e  Thomas H      WALKER       Son       6   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1189f  Edward        WALKER       Son       4   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1189g  Samuel K      WALKER       Son       1   M                        Wirksworth Moor
Mk1189h  Agnes         COLELOWNE    Servant S 13  F  General servant dom   Idridgehay
#156---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1190a  Charles       DUNN         Head    M 32  M  Contractor, walling   Ashover
Mk1190b  Mary A        DUNN         Wife    M 30  F                        Heage
Mk1190c  George        DUNN         Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1190d  Charles       DUNN         Son       8   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1190e  Elizabeth     DUNN         Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1190f  Bridgeman H   DUNN         Son       4   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1190g  Clifford C    DUNN         Son       3   M  Scholar               Matlock
#157---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1191a  George        HOUSLEY      Head    W 72  M  Gardener              Stanton in Peak
Mk1191b  George J      ANDREWS      Son iL  M 24  M  Coal leader           High Beach ESS
Mk1191c  Annie M       ANDREWS      Dau     M 25  F                        Matlock
Mk1191d  Arthur        ANDREWS      Gson      3   M                        Matlock
Mk1191e  William E     ANDREWS      Gson      2   M                        Matlock
Mk1191f  Gracie        ANDREWS      Gdau      1   F                        Matlock
Mk1191g  Harry         ANDREWS      Gson      1m  M                        Matlock
#158---Matlock Cliff,Webster Row No 1---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1192a  Samuel        BODEN        Head    M 33  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk1192b  Hannah        BODEN        Wife    M 33  F                        Matlock
Mk1192c  Ada           BODEN        Dau       11  F  Scholar               Darley
Mk1192d  Herbert       BODEN        Son       8   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1192e  Arthur        BODEN        Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1192f  Jane          BODEN        Dau       4   F                        Matlock
Mk1192g  Walter        BODEN        Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1192h  Martha        BODEN        Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#159---Webster's Row No 2---[Matlock]---(page 26,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1193a  Gamaliel      HALL         Head    M 40  M  Tailor                Wirksworth
Mk1193b  Mary          HALL         Wife    M 42  F                        Ashbourne
Mk1193c  Harriet       HALL         Dau     S 17  F  Cotton factory hand   Wirksworth
Mk1193d  Agnes         HALL         Dau     S 16  F  Cotton factory hand   Wirksworth
Mk1193e  Hannah        HALL         Dau       12  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1193f  Caleb         HALL         Son       10  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1193g  Magdalen      HALL         Dau       7   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#160---Webster's Row No 3---[Matlock]---
Mk1194a  Richard       TAYLOR       Head    M 46  M  Flour carter          Brassington
Mk1194b  Mary          TAYLOR       Wife    M 46  F                        Bradbourne
Mk1194c  Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Dau     S 23  F  Machinist hosiery     Bradbourne
Mk1194d  Martha        TAYLOR       Dau     S 21  F  Machinist hosiery     Bradbourne
Mk1194e  John          TAYLOR       Son     S 18  M  Carter                Matlock
Mk1194f  Richard       TAYLOR       Son     S 15  M  Lawyers clerk         Matlock
Mk1194g  George        TAYLOR       Son     S 14  M  Confect errand boy    Matlock               Confectioners
Mk1194h  James         TAYLOR       Son       11  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1194i  Sarah         TAYLOR       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1194j  Joseph        TAYLOR       Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1194k  Gertrude      TAYLOR       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1194l  Ernest        TAYLOR       Son       3   M                        Matlock
#161---Webster's Row No 4---[Matlock]---
Mk1195a  John          BUNTING      Head    M 44  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk1195b  Mary          BUNTING      Wife    M 48  F                        Clay Cross
Mk1195c  Annie         ALLEN        Gdau      2   F                        Matlock
#162---Webster's Row No 5---[Matlock]---
Mk1196a  Joseph        BUCKLEY      Head    M 33  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk1196b  Mary          BUCKLEY      Wife    M 24  F                        Bakewell
Mk1196c  Edith         BUCKLEY      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1196d  Annie         BUCKLEY      Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1196e  William       BUCKLEY      Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
#163---Webster's Row No 6---[Matlock]---
Mk1197a  Sarah E       READER       Head    W 42  F                        Darley
Mk1197b  John          READER       Son     S 21  M  Stat. engine driver   Wirksworth            Stationary
Mk1197c  William       READER       Son     S 19  M  No occup invalid      Matlock
Mk1197d  George E      READER       Son     S 14  M  Stat. engine stoker   Matlock               Stationary
#164---Matlock Cliff---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 27,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1198a  Charlotte     OAKLEY       Head    W 70  F                        MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1198b  Albert E      OAKLEY       Gson      11  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1198c  Laura         EVELEIGH     Lodger  W 58  F  Mission worker        Thetford NFK
#165---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1199a  Jane          LOMAS        Head    M 79  F  Living on own means   Edensor
Mk1199b  Susan         LOMAS        Dau     S 35  F  Needle woman          Matlock
#166---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1200a  James         BRADBURY     Head    M 32  M  Stone mason           Bakewell
Mk1200b  Sarah A       BRADBURY     Wife    M 31  F                        Lichfield STS
Mk1200c  James A       BRADBURY     Son       9   M  Scholar               Bakewell
Mk1200d  Ernest        BRADBURY     Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1200e  Arnold        BRADBURY     Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1200f  Albert E      BRADBURY     Son       1m  M                        Matlock
#167---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1201a  George        HOLMES       Head    M 62  M  Millers clerk         Middleton
Mk1201b  Elizabeth     HOLMES       Wife    M 55  F                        Brassington
Mk1201c  George E      SLATER       Son iL  M 22  M  Boot,shoe maker       Matlock
Mk1201d  Millicent     SLATER       Dau     M 23  F                        Matlock
#168---Matlock Cliff,The Lodge---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1202a  Joseph        HOLMES       Head    M 29  M  Coachman              Brassington
Mk1202b  Evaline       HOLMES       Wife    M 30  F                        Codnor
Mk1202c  Ernest H      HOLMES       Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk1202d  Herman B      HOLMES       Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1202e  Reginald      HOLMES       Son       1m  M                        Matlock
#169---Cliff House---[Matlock]---
Mk1203a  Ernest H      BAILEY       Head    S 21  M  Miller                Matlock
Mk1203b  Mary A        BAILEY       Mother  W 51  F  Living on own means   Collingham NTT
Mk1203c  Kate H        BAILEY       Sister  S 26  F  Living on own means   Collingham NTT
Mk1203d  Sarah         WRAGG        Servant S 22  F  Cook dom serv         Wessington
Mk1203e  Emily         MOUNT        Servant S 32  F  Housemaid domestic    Worrall YKS
Mk1203f  Ruth          POLLARD      Servant S 19  F  Housemaid domestic    Ashover
#170---Bailey's Yard---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1204a  Frederick     FORD         Head    M 27  M  Farm servant          Kirk Ireton
Mk1204b  Clara         FORD         Wife    M 28  F                        Geldersley
---(Corn & Flour Mills)---
#171---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1205a  Joseph        HARRISON     Head    M 53  M  Miller                Harby NTT
Mk1205b  Esther C      HARRISON     Wife    M 46  F                        Darley
Mk1205c  George        HARRISON     Son     S 15  M  Joiners apprentice    Tansley
Mk1205d  Mabel         HARRISON     Dau     S 12  F  Scholar               Tansley
Mk1205e  Elsie         HARRISON     Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1205f  William       HARRISON     Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1205g  Thomas M      HARRISON     Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1205h  Cyril         HARRISON     Son       5   M  Scholar               Matlock
#172---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 28,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1206a  James         SPENCER      Head    M 40  M  Carter                Wirksworth
Mk1206b  Elizabeth     SPENCER      Wife    M 39  F                        Middleton
Mk1206c  Henry         SPENCER      Son     S 13  M  Scholar               Middleton
Mk1206d  Isaac         SPENCER      Son     S 13  M  Scholar               Middleton
Mk1206e  James         SPENCER      Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1206f  John          SPENCER      Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1206g  Frank         SPENCER      Son       4   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1206h  Isaac         SPENCER      Father  W 78  M  Retired lead miner    Bonsall
#173---Matlock Cliff---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1207a  Benjamin      SMITH        Head    W 36  M  General labourer      Ashover
Mk1207b  John R        SMITH        Son     S 18  M  General labourer      Elton
Mk1207c  Sarah         SMITH        Dau     S 12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1207d  Phoebe        SMITH        Dau     S 5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1207e  Sarah         SMITH        Boarder W 48  F  Housekeeper           Stockport CHS
#174---Matlock Cliff---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1208a  William       STEEPLE      Head    M 29  M  General labourer      Carsington
Mk1208b  Maria         STEEPLE      Wife    M 33  F                        Weston Underwood
Mk1208c  William       STEEPLE      Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk1208d  Sarah         STEEPLE      Dau       2   F                        Carsington
#175---Matlock Cliff---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1209a  Matthew       ALLSOPP      Head    M 41  M  Millers labourer      Brassington
Mk1209b  Ann           ALLSOPP      Wife    M 42  F                        Heage
Mk1209c  Hannah        ALLSOPP      Dau     S 18  F  Cotton factory op     Brassington           Operative
Mk1209d  Samuel        ALLSOPP      Son     S 15  M                        Matlock
Mk1209e  Thomas        ALLSOPP      Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1209f  Matthew       ALLSOPP      Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk1209g  Margaret      ALLSOPP      Dau       10m F                        Matlock
#176---Hill Top Farm---[Matlock]---(page 29,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1210a  George        MARSH        Head    M 48  M  Ag labourer           Penistone YKS
Mk1210b  Alathea       MARSH        Wife    M 46  F                        Ecclesfield YKS
Mk1210c  John E        BRADWELL     Lodger  S 26  M  Ag labourer           Longstone
#177---The Lowe's Farm---[Matlock]---
Mk1211a  Thomas        GRETTON      Head    M 27  M  Farmer                Crich
Mk1211b  Annie         GRETTON      Wife    M 25  F  Farmers wife          Alfreton
#178---Riber---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1212a  James         CARLINE      Head    M 36  M  Joiner,small farmer   Matlock
Mk1212b  Elizabeth     CARLINE      Wife    M 33  F                        Matlock
#179---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1213a  Joseph        GREGORY      Head    S 54  M  Ag labourer           Ashover
Mk1214a  William       ELEY         Head    M 42  M  Joiner                Ashover
Mk1214b  Mary          ELEY         Wife    M 39  F                        Matlock
Mk1214c  Alice         ELEY         Dau     S 14  F  Mothers help          Matlock
Mk1214d  William       ELEY         Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1214e  John          ELEY         Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1214f  Elizabeth     GREGORY      Moth iL W 79  F  Retd schoolmistress   Matlock
#181---The Lodge House---[Matlock]---
Mk1215a  John          ELEY         Head    M 29  M  Joiner                Ashover
Mk1215b  Lydia         ELEY         Wife    M 31  F                        Heage
Mk1215c  Grace         ELEY         Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk1215d  Annie         ELEY         Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk1215e  Stephen       ELEY         Son       5m  M                        Matlock
Mk1215f  Edith H       MILLWARD     Servant S 12  F  General servant dom   Matlock
---(Free Methodist Chapel)---
#182---Riber Hall No 2---[Matlock]---
Mk1216a  John          WALL         Head    M 54  M  Farmer                Matlock
Mk1216b  Jane          WALL         Wife    M 53  F  Farmers wife          Burgh Sands CUL
Mk1216c  Sarah         WALL         Dau     S 18  F  Machinist at factory  Matlock
Mk1216d  John E        WALL         Son     S 16  M  Framework knitter     Matlock
Mk1216e  Mary          WALL         Dau     S 14  F  Mothers help          Matlock
Mk1216f  Annie         WALL         Dau     S 12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1217a  George        BALLINGTON   Head    M 42  M  Framework knitter     Matlock
Mk1217b  Sarah E       BALLINGTON   Wife    M 38  F                        Worksop NTT
Mk1217c  Annie         BALLINGTON   Dau     S 17  F  Machinist hosy works  Matlock               Hosiery
Mk1217d  Mary J        BALLINGTON   Dau     S 15  F  Machinist hosy works  Matlock               Hosiery
Mk1217e  Thomas        BALLINGTON   Son     S 12  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1217f  Herbert       BALLINGTON   Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1217g  George        BALLINGTON   Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1217h  Harriet A     BALLINGTON   Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1217i  Emma J        BALLINGTON   Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk1217j  Eliza A       BALLINGTON   Dau       10m F                        Matlock
#185---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 30,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1218a  Ada           MIDDLETON    Head    S 45  F  Living on own means   Sheffield YKS
#186---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1219a  Mary E        MILLWARD     Head    W 45  F                        Darley Dale
Mk1219b  Kate          MILLWARD     Dau     S 14  F  Hosiery factory hand  Darley Dale
Mk1219c  Tom           MILLWARD     Son       9   M  Scholar               Darley Dale
Mk1219d  Charlotte E   MILLWARD     Dau       7   F  Scholar               Darley Dale
Mk1219e  James         MILLWARD     Son       6   M                        Darley Dale
#187---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1220a  Sarah E       FENTON       Head    S 28  F  Hosiery cutter        Ashover
Mk1220b  Ernest        FENTON       Nephew    7   M                        Beeley
#188---Riber---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1221a  Maria         KNOWLES      Head    W 75  F  Living on own means   Matlock Bath
#189---Riber---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1222a  William       OUTRAM       Head    M 48  M  Currier               Cromford
Mk1222b  Annie         OUTRAM       Wife    M 38  F                        Matlock
Mk1222c  Millicent M   OUTRAM       Dau       12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1222d  William T     OUTRAM       Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1222e  Asenath A     OUTRAM       Dau       9   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1222f  Dora K        OUTRAM       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1222g  George S K    OUTRAM       Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk1222h  John W        OUTRAM       Son       4m  M                        Matlock
#190---Riber---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1223a  Jeremiah      CLAYTON      Head    M 47  M  General labourer      Crich
#191---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1224a  William       MYCOCK       Head    M 30  M  General labourer      Monyash
Mk1224b  Ellen         MYCOCK       Wife    M 30  F                        Winster
Mk1224c  Thomas W      MYCOCK       Son       11  M  Scholar               Monyash
Mk1224d  Charles       MYCOCK       Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1224e  Stephen       MYCOCK       Son       7   M  Scholar               Darley
Mk1224f  Ann E         MYCOCK       Dau       5   F                        Darley                [Mary crossed out, Ann substituted]
Mk1224g  Joseph        MYCOCK       Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk1224h  Alice         MYCOCK       Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#192---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 31,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1225a  George        WALL         Head    M 61  M  Unable to work        Matlock
Mk1225b  Ann           WALL         Wife    M 62  F                        Bristol GLS           Winterbourn, Bristol
Mk1225c  Richard       WALL         Son     S 32  M  Bleacher of cotton    Matlock
Mk1225d  Annie         WALL         Dau     S 28  F  Overlooker,machine w  Matlock               Work
Mk1225e  Mary          WALL         Dau     S 26  F  Machinist hosiery fy  Matlock               Factory
Mk1225f  Eliza         WALL         Dau     S 24  F  Machinist hosiery fy  Matlock               Factory
Mk1225g  Sarah E       CRIGHTON     Visitor M 30  F                        Matlock
#193---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1226a  Herbert       POTTER       Head    M 23  M  Hosiery warehouseman  Matlock
Mk1226b  Rhoda         POTTER       Wife    M 23  F                        Tansley
Mk1226c  Nellie        POTTER       Dau       3   F                        Tansley
Mk1226d  William H     POTTER       Son       1   M                        Riber
#194---Riber---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1227a  Isaac         STATHAM      Head    M 62  M  General labourer      Matlock           deaf
Mk1227b  Chrischaner   STATHAM      Wife    M 61  F  Dressmaker            Wirksworth
#195---Riber Old Hall---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1228a  John          MART         Head    M 38  M  Joiner,farmer         Matlock
Mk1228b  Flora         MART         Wife    M 39  F                        Winsham SOM
Mk1228c  William H     MART         Son     S 14  M  Hosiery weaver        Matlock
Mk1228d  Clara A       MART         Dau       12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1228e  Elizabeth A   MART         Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1228f  Sarah H       MART         Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1228g  Flora L       MART         Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#196---Riber Castle---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1229a  Eliza         ROSE         Head    S 72  F                        London LND
#197---Riber Castle---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1230a  George        BODEN        Head    M 63  M  Parcel postman        Matlock
Mk1230b  Betsy         BODEN        Wife    M 53  F                        Brookweare GLS
#198---Riber Castle---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1231a  Henry         TAYLOR       Head    M 49  M  Coachman              Matlock
Mk1231b  Hannah        TAYLOR       Wife    M 50  F                        Wirksworth
Mk1231c  Francis       TAYLOR       Son     S 22  M  Railway platelayer    Matlock
Mk1231d  Frederic      TAYLOR       Son     S 19  M  Pant weaver           Matlock
Mk1231e  Elizabeth A   TAYLOR       Dau     S 16  F                        Matlock
Mk1231f  Edith         TAYLOR       Dau     S 15  F                        Matlock
Mk1231g  John H        TAYLOR       Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
#199---Riber Castle---[Matlock]---(page 32,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1232a  James H       MILLS        Head    M 56  M  Lay reader            Longstone
Mk1232b  Mary          MILLS        Wife    M 66  F                        Pitchford SAL
Mk1232c  Hannah        STACEY       Servant S 15  F  General servant dom   Matlock
#200---Riber Castle---[Matlock]---
Mk1233a  Caroline A    SMEDLEY      Head    W 69  F  Living on own means   Frome SOM
Mk1233b  Margaret A    HARWARD      Sister  S 61  F                        Frome SOM
Mk1233c  Sophia A C    HARWARD      Niece   S 38  F                        Middleton         hysteria
Mk1233d  Susan         TURNER       Servant S 46  F  Housemaid dom serv    Higham,shirland
Mk1233e  Jane          FRYER        Servant S 34  F  Cook dom servant      Stanton,bakewell
Mk1233f  Mary A        WILLIAMS     Servant S 19  F  Underhousemaid dom s  Bristol GLS
Mk1233g  Sarah F       COTTINGHAM   Servant S 19  F  Kitchenmaid dom serv  South Hackney LND
Mk1233h  Margaret      SUTHERLAND   Servant S 27  F  Needlewoman dom serv  Scotland SCT
#201---Riber House---[Matlock]---
Mk1234a  George W      FARNSWORTH   Head    M 34  M  Bricklayer            Sheffield YKS
Mk1234b  Lucy A        FARNSWORTH   Wife    M 35  F                        Mickleton GLS
Mk1234c  Lily M        FARNSWORTH   Dau     S 13  F  Mothers help          Matlock
Mk1234d  Rose A        FARNSWORTH   Dau       11  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1234e  Violet B      FARNSWORTH   Dau       9   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1234f  Willie        FARNSWORTH   Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1234g  Bertie        FARNSWORTH   Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1234h  Lucy M        FARNSWORTH   Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1234i  Charles A     BARRETT      Visitor M 59  M  Retd med pract reg    Kingston Bagp BRK     Retired medical practitioner registered, Bagpuze
Mk1234j  Mary P        BARRETT      V-wife  M 58  F                        StratfordAvon WAR
Mk1234k  Laura P       BARRETT      V-dau   S 30  F  Artist in painting    Walingford BRK
#202---Riber Side---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1235a  John G        KNOWLES      Head    M 38  M  Masons labourer       Matlock
Mk1235b  Mary A        KNOWLES      Wife    M 34  F                        Ilkeston
Mk1235c  Henry J       KNOWLES      Son     S 13  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1235d  Francis G     KNOWLES      Son       11  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1235e  Martha A      KNOWLES      Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1235f  Jemima H      KNOWLES      Dau       5   F                        Matlock
Mk1235g  John W        KNOWLES      Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk1235h  Charles J     KNOWLES      Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1235i  Thomas A      KNOWLES      Son       11m M                        Matlock
#203---Riber Side---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 33,ED 15, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1236a  Hannah        KNOWLES      Head    W 75  F  Farmer                Darley
Mk1236b  Florence E    KNOWLES      Gdau      10  F  Scholar               Matlock
#1---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---(page 1,ED 16, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1237a  Walter        KIRKLANDS    Head    M 63  M  Solicitor             Derby
Mk1237b  Emily         KIRKLANDS    Wife    M 56  F                        Tonbridge KEN
Mk1237c  Emma Annie    KIRKLANDS    Sister  S 52  F                        Derby
#2---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1238a  Arthur        STATHAM      Head    M 33  M  Timber merchant       Matlock
Mk1238b  Jessie Kate   STATHAM      Wife    M 35  F                        Croydon SRY
Mk1238c  Raymond Pcy   STATHAM      Son       9   M                        Matlock
Mk1238d  Dorothy       STATHAM      Dau       5   F                        Matlock
Mk1238e  Stanley Arth  STATHAM      Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk1238f  Edward Hy     STATHAM      Son       2   M                        Matlock
#3---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1239a  Anne J        BROWN        Head    S 60  F  Living on own means   Scotland SCT
Mk1239b  Kate          KINDER       Servant S 16  F  Domestic servant      Stratford WAR
#4---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1240a  Albert        GRATTON      Head    M 28  M  County Court Clerk    Wirksworth            And collector
Mk1240b  Emily M       GRATTON      Wife    M 22  F                        Nottingham NTT
Mk1240c  Bertha        HEATHCOTE    Servant S 14  F  Domestic              Tansley
#5---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1241a  James         BROOKS       Head    M 58  M  Inspector of Masonry  Middleton             And Brickwork
Mk1241b  Ann           BROOKS       Wife    M 54  F                        Ashover
#6---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1242a  Hannah        WILSON       Head    W 70  F  Letting lodgings      Matlock
Mk1242b  Mary          BARNISH      Dau     M 31  F                        Matlock
Mk1242c  Annie M       BARNISH      Gdau      2   F                        Whittington           ["dau"]
#7---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1243a  John          KNOWLES      Head    M 30  M  Railway clerk         Middleton
Mk1243b  Elizabeth     KNOWLES      Wife    M 30  F                        Matlock
Mk1243c  John T        KNOWLES      Son       6   M                        Matlock
Mk1243d  Mary E        KNOWLES      Dau       3   F                        Matlock
#8---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---(page 2,ED 16, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1244a  Lydia         STATHAM      Head    W 50  F                        Riber
Mk1244b  William       STATHAM      Son     S 29  M  Stone cutter          Starkholmes
Mk1244c  Hannah        STATHAM      Dau     S 23  F  Cotton factory hand   Starkholmes
Mk1244d  Agnes         STATHAM      Dau     S 18  F  Cotton factory hand   Starkholmes
Mk1244e  John H        STATHAM      Son     S 16  M  Cotton factory hand   Starkholmes
Mk1244f  Mabel         STATHAM      Dau       13  F  Cotton factory hand   Starkholmes
#9---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1245a  Charles       COPELAND     Head    M 32  M  Railway signalman     Boston LIN
Mk1245b  Sarah         COPELAND     Wife    M 38  F                        Bonsall
Mk1245c  Mary E        COPELAND     Dau       6   F                        Crich
Mk1245d  Charles       COPELAND     Son       3   M                        Farsley YKS
#10---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1246a  William       TAYLOR       Head    M 26  M  Joiner                Kirk Langley
Mk1246b  Mary          TAYLOR       Wife    M 28  F                        Cromford
Mk1246c  George        TAYLOR       Son       6m  M                        Starkholmes
#11---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1247a  Mary          PINDER       Head    W 74  F  Living on own means   Whaplode LEI
Mk1247b  Mary H        PINDER       Dau     S 30  F                        Friskney LEI
Mk1247c  Edith         PINDER       Gdau      7   F                        Hull YKS
#12---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1248a  Isaac         STATHAM      Head    M 43  M  Joiner,farmer         Starkholmes
Mk1248b  Rachel        STATHAM      Wife    M 41  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1248c  Sarah L       STATHAM      Dau     S 15  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1248d  Ada M         STATHAM      Dau       14  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1248e  Isaac         STATHAM      Son       12  M                        Starkholmes
Mk1248f  William       STATHAM      Son       10  M                        Starkholmes
#13---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1249a  James         GREGORY      Head    M 46  M  Tailor                Starkholmes
Mk1249b  Sarah A       GREGORY      Wife    M 42  F                        Stockport CHS
Mk1249c  Edwin         GREGORY      Son     S 21  M  Railway labourer      Starkholmes
Mk1249d  Sarah E       GREGORY      Dau     S 19  F  Cotton mill hand      Starkholmes
Mk1249e  Martha        GREGORY      Dau     S 17  F  Cotton mill hand      Starkholmes
#14---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1250a  John H        GREGORY      Head    M 32  M  Tailor                Matlock
Mk1250b  Elizabeth     GREGORY      Wife    M 30  F                        Cromford
Mk1250c  William       BODEN        Bro iL  S 26  M  Gents service         Cromford
#15---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---(page 3,ED 16, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1251a  Luke          HADFIELD     Head    M 51  M  Cab driver            Matlock
Mk1251b  Clara E       HADFIELD     Wife    M 41  F                        Bourton on W GLS
Mk1251c  Clarice A     HADFIELD     Dau       15  F                        Barton Heath WAR
Mk1251d  Helen L       HADFIELD     Dau       7   F                        Matlock
Mk1251e  Florence      HADFIELD     Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk1251f  Sabina M      ROBINSON     Visitor W 46  F  Housekeeper           Bourton on W GLS
#16---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1252a  Joseph        BARBER       Head    M 26  M  Shoeing smith         Crich
Mk1252b  Emma          BARBER       Wife    M 28  F                        Alderwasley
Mk1252c  Ann A         BARBER       Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk1252d  Maria         BROWN        Servant S 44  F  General servant       Beeley
#17---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1253a  Henry T       MANN         Head    M 26  M  Railway signalman     Warwick WAR
Mk1253b  Sarah A       MANN         Wife    M 26  F                        Collingham NTT
Mk1253c  George H      MANN         Son       3   M                        Didsbury LAN
Mk1253d  Alice M       MANN         Dau       1   F                        Didsbury LAN
#18---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1254a  Charles       NEALE        Head    M 22  M  Railway signalman     Horsley GLS
Mk1254b  Bertha        NEALE        Wife    M 24  F                        Glossop
#19---Starkholmes Road---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1255a  Richard       JEPSON       Head    M 52  M  Joiner                Congleton CHS
Mk1255b  Martha        JEPSON       Wife    M 53  F                        Dumfries SCT
Mk1255c  Peter         JEPSON       Son       9   M  Scholar               Tansley
#21---Starkholmes Road---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1256a  John          CAULDWELL    Head    W 50  M  Railway labourer      Alderwasley
Mk1256b  Arthur        CAULDWELL    Son     S 14  M                        Alderwasley
#22---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1257a  Richard       TAYLOR       Head    M 39  M  Railway labourer      Rawtenstall LAN
Mk1257b  Emma M        TAYLOR       Wife    M 32  F                        Wingfield
Mk1257c  Ellen M       TAYLOR       Dau       7   F                        Tansley
Mk1257d  Richard F     TAYLOR       Son       6   M                        Starkholmes
Mk1257e  Emma M        TAYLOR       Dau       4   F                        Starkholmes
Mk1257f  Joshua B      TAYLOR       Son       2   M                        Starkholmes
#23---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---(page 4,ED 16, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1258a  Robert H      DOUSE        Head    M 36  M  Life Insurance Agent  Chatham KEN
Mk1258b  Flora H       DOUSE        Wife    M 30  F                        Bonsall
Mk1258c  Oliver S      DOUSE        Son       2   M                        New Zealand NZL
Mk1258d  Hannah        ELSE         Servant S 14  F  General servant       Wirksworth
#24---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1259a  John H        FARNSWORTH   Head    M 28  M  Bricklayer            Starkholmes
Mk1259b  Sarah         FARNSWORTH   Wife    M 32  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1259c  Herbert M     FARNSWORTH   Son       8   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1259d  Percy         FARNSWORTH   Son       6   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1259e  Ernest        FARNSWORTH   Son       3   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1259f  Louard        FARNSWORTH   Son       11m M                        Starkholmes
Mk1259g  Rebecca       WILSON       Cousin  S 22  F  Hosiery weaver        Shirland
#25---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1260a  Robert        ROBINSON     Head    M 50  M  Railway engineer      Matlock
Mk1260b  Rebecca       ROBINSON     Wife    M 46  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1260c  Annie         ROBINSON     Dau       13  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1260d  Arthur        ROBINSON     Son       11  M  Scholar               Starkholmes
#26---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1261a  William       TAYLOR       Head    W 63  M  Labourer general      Matlock
Mk1261b  Jane          TAYLOR       Dau     S 34  F  Housekeeper           Matlock
Mk1261c  Adie          TAYLOR       Dau     S 28  F  Hosiery hand          Matlock
#27---Starkholmes Road---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1262a  Alfred        STATHAM      Head    M 24  M  Stone waller          Starkholmes
Mk1262b  Emma          STATHAM      Wife    M 24  F                        Cromford
Mk1262c  Joseph        STATHAM      Son       2   M                        Starkholmes
Mk1262d  Hannah        STATHAM      Dau       1   F                        Starkholmes
#28---Starkholmes Road---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1263a  Hannah        BROCKLEHURST Sister  S 62  F  Assistant laundress   Longway Bank
Mk1263b  Mary          BROCKLEHURST Head    S 33  F  Laundress             Longway Bank
Mk1263c  Ann           BROCKLEHURST Sister  S 50  F  Laundress             Longway Bank
Mk1263d  Arthur        BROCKLEHURST Brother S 18  M  General labourer      Starkholmes
#29---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1264a  Richard       HINKS        Head    M 59  M  Railway labourer      Barwell LEI
Mk1264b  Jane          HINKS        Wife    M 60  F                        Alderwasley
Mk1264c  Henry         NETTLETON    Boarder   11  M                        Bakewell
#30---Starkholmes Road---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 5,ED 16, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1265a  William       SWIFT        Head    M 39  M  General labourer      Starkholmes
Mk1265b  Margaret      SWIFT        Wife    M 42  F                        Liverpool LAN
Mk1265c  George W      SWIFT        Son       11  M                        Starkholmes
Mk1265d  John          SWIFT        Son       9   M                        Starkholmes
#31---Starkholmes Road---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1266a  Lucy          CARLINE      Head    W 39  F  Charwoman             Heanor
Mk1266b  John          CARLINE      Son       14  M                        Starkholmes
Mk1266c  Eliza         CARLINE      Dau       12  F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1266d  Nellie        CARLINE      Dau       8   F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1266e  William       CARLINE      Son       5   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1266f  Sarah         SELLORS      Visitor   49  F                        Starkholmes
#32---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1267a  Charles       SPEED        Head    M 39  M  Sewing machine agent  Nantwich CHS
Mk1267b  Mary J        SPEED        Wife    M 39  F                        Newcastle STS
Mk1267c  Jane R        SPEED        Dau     S 19  F                        Liverpool LAN
Mk1267d  Sarah F       SPEED        Dau       13  F                        Newcastle STS
Mk1267e  Mary A G      SPEED        Dau       11  F                        Newcastle STS
Mk1267f  Charles R     SPEED        Son       9   M                        Newcastle STS
Mk1267g  Ethel         SPEED        Dau       8   F                        Newcastle STS
Mk1267h  George A      SPEED        Son       6   M                        Newcastle STS
Mk1267i  Margretta     SPEED        Dau       4   F                        Newcastle STS
#33---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1268a  Josiah        FOX          Head    W 52  M  Contractor            Matlock
Mk1268b  Harriett A    FOX          Dau     S 21  F  Housekeeper           Matlock
Mk1268c  Elizabeth     FOX          Dau     S 17  F  Assist housekeeper    Matlock
Mk1268d  George        FOX          Son       15  M  Bus conductor         Matlock
Mk1268e  Rueben        GILBERT      Servant S 48  M  Carter                Stanton
Mk1268f  Walter        BIRDS        Servant S 19  M  Carter                Matlock Bath
#34---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1269a  John          ROBINSON     Head    M 49  M  Grocer                Matlock
Mk1269b  Elizabeth     ROBINSON     Wife    M 50  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1269c  Elizabeth     ROBINSON     Dau     S 28  F  Cotton mill hand      Starkholmes
Mk1269d  Elizabeth     CARDING      Servant   14  F  Domestic              Starkholmes
Mk1269e  Florence      ROBINSON     Gdau      3   F                        Starkholmes
#35---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---(page 6,ED 16, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1270a  George        WALL         Head    M 38  M  Farmer                Starkholmes
Mk1270b  Zillah        WALL         Wife    M 41  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1270c  Emily C       LORREN       Boarder S 23  F  Church schoolmistrss  Clerkenwell LND
Mk1270d  William J     SMITH        Boarder S 26  M  Bankers clerk         Halesworth SFK
#37---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1271a  George J      EATON        Head    M 51  M  Fishing tackle maker  Wirksworth
Mk1271b  Elizabeth     EATON        Wife    M 46  F                        Oaker
Mk1271c  Emma M        EATON        Dau     S 21  F  Dressmaker            Starkholmes
Mk1271d  George J      EATON        Son     S 18  M  Fishing tackle maker  Starkholmes
Mk1271e  Lilly         EATON        Dau     S 16  F  Dressmaker            Starkholmes
Mk1271f  Dora          EATON        Dau       14  F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1271g  Elizabeth     EATON        Dau       12  F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1271h  Anthony       EATON        Son       6   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
#38---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1272a  David         WILLEY       Head    M 34  M  Gas stoker            Holbeach LIN
Mk1272b  Fanny E       WILLEY       Wife    M 30  F                        Falkingham LIN
Mk1272c  David         WILLEY       Son       5   M  Scholar               Holbeach LIN
Mk1272d  Lucy E        WILLEY       Dau       3   F                        Holbeach LIN
Mk1272e  Albert H      WILLEY       Son       11m M                        Sheffield YKS
Mk1272f  Frederick     BURFORD      Lodger  S 21  M  Railway porter        Stroud GLS
#39---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1273a  Alfred        GREGORY      Head    M 33  M  General labourer      Starkholmes
Mk1273b  Edward        GREGORY      Son       10  M                        Starkholmes
Mk1273c  Ellen         GREGORY      Wife    M 30  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1273d  Mary Ellen    GREGORY      Dau       6   F                        Starkholmes
#40---Starkholmes Road---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1274a  John          DEVONPORT    Head    S 40  M  -                     Starkholmes
#41---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1275a  Hannah        STATHAM      Head    W 77  F  -                     Ashover
#42---Starkholmes Road---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1276a  Adam          STATHAM      Head    M 48  M  Color works labourer  Starkholmes
Mk1276b  Eliza         STATHAM      Wife    M 50  F                        Elvaston
Mk1276c  Selina        STATHAM      Dau     S 19  F  Cotton winder         Starkholmes
Mk1276d  James I       STATHAM      Son       13  M  Cotton winder         Starkholmes
Mk1276e  Herbert       STATHAM      Son       10  M  Scholar               Starkholmes
#43---Starkholmes Road---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 7,ED 16, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Mk1277a  Samuel        BLACKHAM     Head    M 35  M  Gardener              Bonsall
Mk1277b  Mary          BLACKHAM     Wife    M 30  F                        Wath YKS
Mk1277c  Joseph        BLACKHAM     Son       12  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1277d  Samuel        BLACKHAM     Son       5   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1277e  George        BLACKHAM     Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1277f  Mary          BLACKHAM     Dau       4   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1277g  Violet        BLACKHAM     Dau       10m F                        Matlock
#44---Starkholmes Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1278a  George        HARRISON     Head    M 45  M  Highways labourer     Crich
Mk1278b  Susannah      HARRISON     Wife    M 47  F                        Holloway
Mk1278c  Mary H        HARRISON     Dau     S 22  F  Cotton winder         Starkholmes
Mk1278d  George E      HARRISON     Son       9   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1278e  John T        CARDING      Nephew    13  M                        Starkholmes

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