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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS in 1881 census

Click on the county code, click on the name, go straight to the Listing to see the full 1881 Census details
(See Chapman County Codes to find county/country represented by code)
3,063 strays among 17,469 people from 80 counties & countries

AGY Anglesey -- ARL Argyllshire -- BDF Bedfordshire -- BEL Belgium -- BKM Buckinghamshire -- BRE Breconshire -- BRK Berkshire -- CAM Cambridgeshire -- CAN Canada -- CGN Cardiganshire -- CHE Switzerland -- CHI Channel Islands -- CHS Cheshire -- CON Cornwall -- CUL Cumberland -- DBY Derbyshire -- DEN Denbighshire -- DEU Germany -- DEV Devon -- DNB Dunbartonshire -- DNK Denmark -- DOR Dorset -- DUR Durham -- ENG England -- ESS Essex -- FIF Fifeshire -- FLN Flintshire -- FRA France -- GLA Glamorganshire -- GLS Gloucestershire -- HAM Hampshire -- HEF Herefordshire -- HOL Holland -- HRT Hertfordshire -- HUN Huntingdonshire -- IND India -- IOM Isle of Man -- IOW Isle of Wight -- IRL Ireland -- KEN Kent -- LAN Lancashire -- LEI Leicestershire -- LIN Lincolnshire -- LKS Lanarkshire -- LND London -- MDX Middlesex -- MGY Montgomeryshire -- MLT Malta -- MON Monmouthshire -- NBL Northumberland -- NFK Norfolk -- NTH Northamptonshire -- NTT Nottinghamshire -- OXF Oxfordshire -- PEM Pembrokeshire -- RFW Renfrewshire -- RUS Russia -- RUT Rutland -- SAL Shropshire -- SAM South America -- SCT Scotland -- SEA At Sea -- SFK Suffolk -- SOM Somerset -- SRY Surrey -- SSX Sussex -- STS Staffordshire -- SUT Sutherland -- SWE Sweden -- UNK Unknown -- USA United States of America -- WAR Warwickshire -- WES Westmoreland -- WIL Wiltshire -- WIN West Indies -- WLS Wales -- WOR Worcestershire -- WRY West Riding of Yorkshire -- YKS Yorkshire -- ZAF South Africa.

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Cm208h    ADKIN Bertha 16 Sheepshead LAN
W407b     ALCOCK Mary A. 25 Manchester LAN
Mk1074b   ALLEN Maria 39 Manchester LAN
Ad69b     ASHTON Charlotte 35 Manchester LAN
Ad69f     ASHTON Ellen 5 Manchester LAN
Ad69d     ASHTON John 12 Newton LAN
Ad69e     ASHTON Maryhannah 10 Newton LAN
Ad69c     ASHTON Robert 15 Manchester LAN
Ib04d     ASHTON Sarah Jane 37 Salford LAN
Ad69a     ASHTON Thomas 39 Middleton LAN
Ad69g     ASHTON Tom 3 Manchester LAN
Mk0637j   ATHERTON Thomas 24 Hendley LAN
Mk0726e   BAGSHAW Emily 5 Manchester LAN
Mk0726d   BAGSHAW Harriett Ann 7 Manchester LAN
Mk0461yh  BAINBRIDGE Jessie 33 Manchester LAN
Mk0784g   BAINS Sophia 11 Blackburn LAN
W848a     BARBER Esther 64 West Horton LAN
Mk0797b   BATCHELOR Mary E. 27 Liverpool LAN
Md013c    BATEMAN Amelia Mabel 21 Manchester LAN
Bn012b    BATES Ann 42 Stockport LAN
Bn012d    BATES Mary 13 Shard LAN
Bn012a    BATES Richard 46 Stockport LAN
Mk0461yc  BEAKBANCE Margaret 22 Walton LAN
Mk0461yb  BEAKBANCE Thomas Wm. 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk1022o   BEDDROSS Thomas 13 Barton LAN
Mk0461un  BEELMAN? Richard 41 Liverpool LAN
Mk0461yn  BENISON Mary 46 Liverpool LAN
Cm202c    BIDDULPH John 29 Manchester LAN
Mk0461zj  BINGHAM Anne C. 23 Liverpool LAN
Mk0461zk  BINGHAM Martin 22 Liverpool LAN
Ty021a    BLACK Robert 33 Ulverstone LAN
W301r     BLURT John 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk0979c   BODEN Mary Ellen 24 Liverpool LAN
Mk0461zg  BOSWELL H.M.C. 19 Liverpool LAN
Mk0690h   BOTTAMLLY Robina 52 Oldham LAN
Mk0829a   BOTTOMLEY Mary Ann 58 Lancaster LAN
Mk0993a   BRADBURY George 49 Manchester LAN
Mk1069a   BRIDDEN James 33 Staley Bridge LAN
Mk0461xi  BRIGAN Hannah 48 Manchester LAN
Mk0930c   BRIGGS James 52 Liverpool LAN
Cm237b    BROWN Charlotte 34 Denton LAN
Cm237c    BROWN Minnia 9 Denton LAN
Cm237d    BROWN Ninnia 8 Denton LAN
Mk0198j   BROWN William B. 26 Bolton LAN
Mk0687g   BUCKLEY Frank 32 Newton LAN
Mk0453c   BUDD Elizabeth JJ 23 Uleviston? LAN
Mk0426a   BULLOCK Thomas 72 Warrington LAN
Mk0196b   BUNKER Margaret 30 Ashton U Lyne LAN
W846c     BUNTING James 2 Royton LAN
Mk0659l   BUNTING John 16 Manchester LAN
Mk0667b   BUNTING Sarah Ann 67 Manchester LAN
Br086a    BUSFIELD Currer F. 40 Manchester LAN
Mk1186d   BUTTER Thomas 42 Manchester LAN
W644d     BUTTERWORTH Elizabeth A. 6 Manchester LAN
Mk0694o   BUTTERWORTH Hannah 51 Shaw Oldham LAN
Mk0694u   CASHMORE Sarah Ann 20 West Bromwich LAN
Bn170f    CAUSWELL Mary 5 Manchester LAN
Mk0584a   CHAMPION Margaret 46 Manchester LAN
Id24c     CHATFIELD Harriet A. 11 Bury LAN
Id24b     CHATFIELD Mary Ann 35 Preston LAN
Cm215b    CHEETHAM Elizabeth 73 Smedley LAN
Mk0105b   CHEETHAM William H. 50 Manchester LAN
Mk0461uh  CLEGG James 40 Newton LAN
Mk0461uj  CLEGG Lilian A. 13 Birkdale LAN
Mk0960b   COLSON Maria 35 Liverpool LAN
Mk0282d   COOKE Lousia M. 22 Liverpool LAN
W208d     CORDIN John Samuel 6 Hoylor LAN
Mk0495yp  CRAVEN Elizabeth A 20 Manchester LAN
Mk0453d   CREASEY Clarence H. 7 Manchester LAN
W301q     CRIBB Thomas 25 Manchester LAN
Mk0202h   CRICHTON James 18 Manchester LAN
Mk0622b   CROWDER Mary Jane 28 Hulme LAN
Mk0694n   DALTON Sarah Jane 42 Manchester LAN
Mk0358c   DARDEN Agnes M. 29 Heywood LAN
Mk0112t   DAVIES Margoret 23 Knowsley LAN
Mk0959b   DAVIS Alice 33 Bamford LAN
Mk0959c   DAVIS Arthur E. 9 Castleton LAN
Mk0694g   DAVIS Mary Jane 26 Heywood LAN
Mk0461ur  DAWSON Jane Anne 37 Manchester LAN
Mk0490k   DAWSON Joseph 22 Blackburn LAN
Mk1022n   DAWSON Robert J 12 Shadow Moss LAN
Mk0689ye  DEVINE T. George 32 Liverpool LAN
Mk0382b   DIXON Eliza 35 Great Barr LAN
Mk0165b   DOWNES George 24 Stockport LAN
Mk0165c   DOWNES Mary 21 Stockport LAN
Md047c    DOXEY Ada 7 Manchester LAN
Md187a    DOXEY Mary 65 Eccles LAN
Mk0606e   DOXEY Mather Ann 28 Manchester LAN
Mk0675c   DURANDEAN Alfred John 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk0675b   DURANDEAN Emily C. 28 Liverpool LAN
Mk0809f   DURANDEAN William H. 29 Liverpool LAN
Mk0495yk  DUSBURY Hannah 43 Ashton U Lyne LAN
Mk0727g   EADES Elizabeth J. 35 Darwin LAN
Md154d    ELSE Emily 20 Manchester LAN
Mk0279b   EVANS Eliza 34 Salford LAN
Br090b    FEARN Emma 37 Droysdale LAN
Br023c    FEARN Frank 7 Manchester LAN
Bn058f    FEATHERSTONE Anne 9 Manchester LAN
W623d     FISH Annie 2 Manchester LAN
Mk0188f   FLETCHER Sellina A. 16 Manchester LAN
Cm198c    FLETCHER William 34 Hulme LAN
W401a     FORREST Dan 25 Blackburn LAN
Mk0071c   FROGGATT Hannah 24 Birkenhead LAN
Mk0071d   FROGGATT Samuel J.T. 5 Liverpool LAN
W330d     GAMBLE Percy 10 St Helens LAN
Mk0774e   GEORGE Albert 5 Ashton U Lyne LAN
Mk0774b   GEORGE Ann 33 Ashton U Lyne LAN
Mk0774c   GEORGE Eliza Ann 11 Ashton U Lyne LAN
Mk0774f   GEORGE Margaret 4 Ashton U Lyne LAN
W172c     GLEESON William 19 Manchester LAN
Mk1009c   GLOVER Ethel 8 Manchester LAN
W449d     GOODWIN Ada 9 Manchester LAN
W140a     GRATTON Elizabeth 70 Bolton LAN
Bn073a    GRATTON William 30 Manchester LAN
Mk0704k   GREAVES James 23 Oldham LAN
Ty100c    GREENHALGH Jessie 48 Ashton U Lyne LAN
Cm077d    GREENLEES Matthew 27 Rochdale LAN
Bn009a    GREGORY John 23 Manchester LAN
Bn010c    GREGORY Thomas 21 Manchester LAN
Bn133d    GREGORY William H. 39 Manchester LAN
W711a     GROVES Edwin F 32 Ormskirk LAN
W711b     GROVES Sarah A. 22 Rusholme LAN
Mk0188h   HACKETT Mary D. M. 9 Manchester LAN
Mk0461ve  HAGNE James D. 36 Manchester LAN
Mk0619m   HAIGH Ellen 41 Salop LAN
Mk0619l   HAIGH Mary 47 Salop LAN
W352a     HALL John S. 64 Not Known LAN
Mk1022yc  HALL Vincent 9 Hunskiner LAN
Ty071d    HALL William 8 Manchester LAN
W147a     HARDISTY Charles 44 Manchester LAN
Mk0038a   HARRISON William 48 Preston LAN
Mk0471i   HARTLY Mary Ann 27 Preston LAN
Bn119b    HARVEY Florence 21 Openshaw Manch LAN
Mk0781h   HATHORNWATER Alice 57 Lancaster LAN
Cm062a    HAWLEY Elizabeth 38 Manchester LAN
W105d     HAWORTH Arthur 13 Lancaster LAN
W105a     HAWORTH Richard Heny 43 Lancaster LAN
W105c     HAWORTH William Edw. 16 Lancaster LAN
Ad70e     HAYTHORNE Annie 8 Manchester LAN
Ad70g     HAYTHORNE John 3 Manchester LAN
Ad70b     HAYTHORNE Mary 35 Manchester LAN
Ad70d     HAYTHORNE Mary E. 10 Manchester LAN
Ad70c     HAYTHORNE Sarah J. 14 Manchester LAN
Ad70a     HAYTHORNE William 36 Manchester LAN
Ad70f     HAYTHORNE William 6 Manchester LAN
Mk0440d   HEALEY Maud E. 22 Hulme LAN
Mk0027b   HEAPS Elizabeth 35 Chorley LAN
Mk0027c   HEAPS James 9 Chorley LAN
Ty082a    HEATH Ellen 58 Manchester LAN
Mk0209e   HIBBERT Caroline 57 Manchester LAN
W763d     HIGTON Agnes 14 Manchester LAN
W763b     HIGTON Clara 18 Manchester LAN
W763a     HIGTON Martha 45 Manchester LAN
W763c     HIGTON Stephen 16 Manchester LAN
Bn036b    HILL Emily C 51 Crumpsall LAN
Bn036a    HILL George A 56 Salford LAN
Mk0967c   HILL Mary 53 Lees LAN
Ad71c     HILTON Albert 11 Manchester LAN
Ad71f     HILTON Charlotte 3 Manchester LAN
Ad71b     HILTON Frances 35 Manchester LAN
Ad71d     HILTON Frederick 9 Manchester LAN
Ad71e     HILTON James 6 Manchester LAN
Ad71a     HILTON James H. 33 Prestwich LAN
Cm224h    HINDLE George 16 Manchester LAN
W096a     HINDLE James 46 Haslingden LAN
W096b     HINDLE Margaret 48 Prescot LAN
Br025c    HODGKINSON Mary 8 Gorton LAN
Mk0133e   HOLLAND Harriet 11 Manchester LAN
Mk0133c   HOLLAND James 13 Manchester LAN
Mk0133d   HOLLAND William 12 Manchester LAN
Bn039c    HOLMES Annie 7 Broughton LAN
Bn039b    HOLMES Emily 35 Manchester LAN
Bn039d    HOLMES Gertrude 4 Manchester LAN
Bn095d    HOLMES Mary B 3 Bury LAN
Bn039e    HOLMES Rosalind 2 Manchester LAN
Mk1216b   HOLMES Selina A. 21 Liverpool LAN
Mk0982c   HOPKINSON Albert 17 Manchester LAN
Cm066c    HORTON Henrietta BA 6m WaltonLeDale LAN
W182b     HOUGHTON Esther 31 Staley Bridge LAN
W182d     HOUGHTON Esther Annie 13m Staley Bridge LAN
W182c     HOUGHTON John 4 Staley Bridge LAN
Mk0915g   HOWARTH Thomas P 28 Chorley LAN
W085g     HUGHES Samuel 21 Liverpool LAN
Cm094f    JEPSON James 7 Liverpool LAN
Mk0777a   JOHNSON Francis 33 Manchester LAN
W729a     JOHNSON Timothy 41 Pemburton LAN
Kk106a    JONES Thomas 28 Manchester LAN
Mk0199j   JORDAN Mary E. 12 Manchester LAN
Mk0135d   JORDEN F. A. Smedly 11 Manchester LAN
Mk0659k   KAY James 23 Manchester LAN
Mk0991a   KERNS Margaret S. 49 Halton LAN
Md025b    KILLER Sarah 46 NewtonWillows LAN
Cm201a    KINDER Nancy 60 Pilkinton LAN
Bn150a    KIRKLAND Elizabeth 61 Manchester LAN
Mk0471e   LEAMING Mary Ann 42 Manchester LAN
Mk0443b   LEES Eliza 65 Manchester LAN
Mk0433l   LETS Charles 17 Liverpool LAN
Mk0495yc  LINDLEY Richard H. 29 Manchester LAN
Mk0248c   LLOYD Elizabeth A. 22 Manchester LAN
Mk0495yq  LLOYD Susan 21 Songday? LAN
Ty100a    LONG Isaac 76 Stockport LAN
Mk0725a   LOWE Adam 40 Salford LAN
Mk0279c   LOWE John 21 HumeManchester LAN
W017i     MACDONALD Jessie 23 Rochdale LAN
W154a     MACDONALD William 62 Bollington LAN
W471d     MACLURE Fanny 3 Manchester LAN
W471c     MACLURE Walter 12 Manchester LAN
W297a     MACREARY Charles 44 Heaton Mersey LAN
Mk0461xt  MARSDEN Helen 33 Bolton LAN
Mk0461wz  MARSDEN James 36 Bolton LAN
Mk0461wy  MARSDEN Joseph 37 Bolton LAN
Mk1022i   MARSH Frederick 14 Manchester LAN
Mk0397c   MARTIN Louisa 6 Manchester LAN
Mk0689j   MASON Sarah 18 Manchester LAN
Mk0151o   MCCORMICK Anne 31 Liverpool LAN
Mk0622d   MCINTOSH Ethel 5 Hulme LAN
Mk0622c   MCINTOSH Joseph Ian 7 Hulme LAN
Mk0690n   MEADOWCROFT William 48 Horsley LAN
Mk0801c   MIDDLETON Joseph 4 Manchester LAN
Mk0801d   MIDDLETON Lydia E. 2 Manchester LAN
Mk1022f   MILLIGAN Joseph 22 Manchester LAN
Mk0785q   MILLS Martha Ann 11 Delph LAN
Mk0784a   MONK William 63 Harperkley LAN
Mk0957c   MOORE Ada A. 10m Manchester LAN
Md159a    MOORE Robert 37 Manchester LAN
Mk0885b   MORGAN Elizabeth 23 Liverpool LAN
Mk0838b   MORRALL Martha 67 Salford LAN
Mk0319a   MOTTERSHAW Thomas 24 Rusholme LAN
Mk0319d   MOTTERSHAW William 62 Rusholme LAN
Mk0461te  MURPHY Annie 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk0240b   MYCOCK Alfred 10 Manchester LAN
Ty001c    McMUNN Hannah 4 Ashton LAN
Ty001d    McMUNN James 2 Ashton LAN
Ty001a    McMUNN Thomas 30 Ashton LAN
Mk0637o   NUTTALL Robert 25 Bolton LAN
Cn41b     OLDFIELD Harriott 56 Manchester LAN
Mk0694m   OLLERENSHAW Eliza 70 Manchester LAN
Ad14e     ORME Annie 3 Didsbury LAN
Mk0495yh  PALIN Sarah Lees 25 Hardwick LAN
Mk0708a   PALLITT Lizzie 35 Bamford LAN
Mk0093c   PEARSON Alfred J. 6 Manchester LAN
W778c     PEARSON Fanny 13 Manchester LAN
Mk0317b   PEARSON James Norman 6 Liverpool LAN
Mk0461wi  PEILE John 41 Bolton KAN
Hw63c     PERMAN Alfred A.E. 11 Newton Heath LAN
Mk0495w   PICKUP Richard 22 Blatellinwood LAN
Mk0193d   PLATT Harriet J. 7 Southport LAN
Mk0193b   PLATT Sarah 42 Ashton U Lyne LAN
Mk0193c   PLATT William G. 8 Liverpool LAN
Mk0390b   POTTER Bessie 27 Manchester LAN
Mk1037e   PREARCE Thomasine E. 32 Preston LAN
W361a     PRESCOTT Cyril 38 Manchester LAN
Bn038a    PRINCE Margret 58 Manchester LAN
Mk0243d   QUILLIAM Edith M 8 Liverpool LAN
Mk0243c   QUILLIAM Ella M. 17 Liverpool LAN
Mk0243a   QUILLIAM Joseph H. 45 Liverpool LAN
Mk0243b   QUILLIAM Mary A. 38 Liverpool LAN
Mk0038h   RACKSTRAW William 35 Manchester LAN
Mk0968f   READ Esther 18 Liverpool LAN
Mk0815d   READ James D. 5 Liverpool LAN
Mk0815c   READ Mary 7 Manchester LAN
W403h     RICHMOND Mary M. 36 Manchester LAN
Mk0495ya  RIGGS James 53 Burscough LAN
Mk0788b   ROBY Eliza 37 Liverpool LAN
Mk0788c   ROBY Helen 30 Liverpool LAN
Mk0461k   ROORDOCK? Sarah A. 20 Liverpool LAN
Ad33d     ROSS Christina 25 Agbeth Vale LAN
Ad73d     ROSTRON George H. 5 Manchester LAN
Ad73a     ROSTRON Joseph 53 Manchester LAN
Ad73e     ROSTRON Joseph L. 2 Manchester LAN
Ad73c     ROSTRON N.Charles 9 Manchester LAN
Mk0307d   ROUSE Elizabeth 12 Dalton LAN
Ir1c      ROUSE John W 23 Manchester LAN
Mk0307e   ROUSE Marther 10 Dalton LAN
Mk0490l   ROWCLIFFE Robert 18 Morton LAN
Mk0659i   ROWLAND John 25 Liverpool LAN
Mk0668h   SAGAR Lydia 23 Salden LAN
W755c     SALMON Joseph W. 6 Manchester LAN
Mk0567v   SAUNDERSON Henry James 74 Preston LAN
Mk0750b   SCHRIBER Georgina 24 Ulveston LAN
Mk1018b   SCOTHERNE Mary 81 Manchester LAN
Mk0985d   SELLARS Charles 6 Manchester LAN
Mk0619k   SHAW Ada Maria 33 Saddleworth LAN
Mk0740d   SHAW Edward Arthr 12 Manchester LAN
Mk0740a   SHAW Elisabeth 53 Manchester LAN
Mk0740c   SHAW Mathew N 15 Manchester LAN
Mk0223b   SHAW Ruth 35 Ash Under Line LAN
Mk0740b   SHAW William Albt 16 Manchester LAN
Cm204a    SHERLOCK John 53 Manchester LAN
Mk0214c   SHIMWELL Samuel 30 Manchester LAN
Md068d    SIMPSON Adam 15 Manchester LAN
Mk0668k   SIMPSON Ann 51 Whally LAN
Mk0964j   SKIDMORE Clara 21 Manchester LAN
Cm022h    SMEDLEY Ernest 5 Manchester LAN
Cm022g    SMEDLEY Harry 7 Manchester LAN
Mk0209d   SMITH Earnest L. 3 Manchester LAN
W751b     SMITH Eliza 34 Stockport LAN
Cm157d    SMITH Elizabeth A 27 Manchester LAN
W628c     SMITH Florence M. 5 Wigan LAN
W751c     SMITH Samuel 13 Stockport LAN
Mk0264f   SOUTHALL Ellen 48 Manchester LAN
Mk0264e   SOUTHALL Hannah 54 Manchester LAN
Mk0440f   SPEAKMAN Margaret A. 33 Manchester LAN
Md132b    SPENCER Agnes Ann 39 Stockport LAN
Md132d    SPENCER Agnes Jane 6 Oldham Manch LAN
Mk0689u   SPENCER M. E. 49 Liverpool LAN
Md132c    SPENCER Selina 9 Gorton Manch LAN
Ty003c    STALEY Francis 34 Manchester LAN
Ty003e    STALEY William 32 Manchester LAN
Mk0933a   STANFORTH Nathan 50 Preston LAN
W057b     STONE Rachel C 49 Manchester LAN
Mk0161e   STRINGER Robert 72 Liverpool LAN
Mk1022j   SUTCLIFFE Arthur 13 Burnley LAN
Mk1092d   SWAINE Julin P. 43 Manchester LAN
Mk1188b   SWIFT Maggie 32 Liverpool LAN
Mk0327e   TATTERSALL Ethel 13 Manchester LAN
Mk0327d   TATTERSALL James C. 17 Manchester LAN
Mk0327c   TATTERSALL Mary E. 34 Manchester LAN
Mk0461yx  TAYLOR Bessie 34 Lancashire LAN
Ty054a    TAYLOR Charles 56 Bolton LAN
W562c     TAYLOR Elizabeth A 12 Manchester LAN
W248b     TAYLOR Ellen 45 Bollington LAN
Mk0689yq  TAYLOR Emma 35 Liverpool LAN
Mk0689yp  TAYLOR F K 35 Birkenhead LAN
Kk013b    TAYLOR Mary 48 Manchester LAN
Cm128b    TAYLOR Mary 44 Ashton u Lyne LAN
Ty054b    TAYLOR Miranda 16 Manchester LAN
Mk0236b   TEASDALE Betty 65 Audenshaw LAN
Mk0689q   THOMPSON Fredrick Wm 27 Manchester LAN
Sh31b     THORP Hannah 59 Salford LAN
Sh31c     THORP Joseph 27 Salford LAN
Mk0242e   TRAVIS Florence 48 Audenshaw LAN
Mk0792a   TURNBULL Ellen 63 Salford LAN
W254b     TURNER Martha 46 Manchester LAN
Ty066e    TWIGG Alfreda A 19 Manchester LAN
Mk1022yd  WAINWRIGHT Arthur T. 9 Manchester LAN
Mk0153a   WALKE Isabella 55 Blackburn LAN
W451b     WALKER Mary A. 45 DaltonFurness LAN
Mk1022v   WALKER William 13 Liverpool LAN
Mk0757a   WARD Henry 51 Manchester LAN
Iw23f     WARING Thomas 17 Manchester LAN
Mk1009d   WATERFALL Elizabeth 25 Manchester LAN
Mk1009e   WATERFALL Seymour 20 Manchester LAN
Mk0184a   WATHALL Sarah 54 Manchester LAN
Mk0134b   WEBSTER Ann 29 Stockport LAN
Mk0134c   WEBSTER Mary E. 3 Stockport LAN
Mk0134a   WEBSTER Richard 31 Bolton LAN
W638c     WEST William 5 Manchester LAN
Iw17a     WHEATLEY George 45 Manchester LAN
Ty104b    WHITE Lucy 33 Burnley LAN
Cm234a    WHITE William G 23 Liverpool LAN
Ad72d     WHITEHEAD Ada Florence 2 Manchester LAN
Ad72c     WHITEHEAD Arthur H. 4 Manchester LAN
Ad72b     WHITEHEAD Emma 24 Manchester LAN
Ad72a     WHITEHEAD Thomas 24 Manchester LAN
Mk0198b   WHITTAKER Ellen S. 20 Hurst LAN
Mk0198c   WHITTAKER Hannah B. 16 Hurst LAN
Bn105f    WIGLEY Ida May 4 Manchester LAN
Mk0704j   WILD George 39 Oldham LAN
Mk0461vo  WILLIAMS Charles 58 Liverpool LAN
W094c     WILLIAMS Thomas K 21 Ormskirk LAN
Mk0461vn  WILLIAMSON Thomas 58 Liverpool LAN
Mk0340b   WILLS Alice 29 Aughton LAN
Mk0662a   WILMOT John 40 Castleton LAN
Mk0752a   WILMOT Mary Jane 36 Ravenstone LAN
Mk0785i   WILSON Mary 16 Liverpool LAN
Bn013i    WITHAM Amy Wright 11 Stayley Bridge LAN
Mk0461wx  WITHAM William 31 Burnley LAN
Mk0461wv  WITHAS Martha Jane 39 Burnley LAN
Mk0720e   WOOD Alfred 6 Bolton LAN
Mk0720d   WOOD Louisa 8 Bolton LAN
Mk0720a   WOOD Thomas 55 Bolton LAN
Mk0248a   WOODALL Charles I. 40 Manchester LAN
Mk1191b   WOODING Martha 38 Birkenhead LAN
Ty067e    WRAGG Annie 7 Manchester LAN
Ty067d    WRAGG George 9 Manchester LAN
Ty067f    WRAGG Harriet 5 Manchester LAN
W618d     WRIGHT Henry 4 Manchester LAN
Kk075b    WRIGHT Lucy 36 Rochedale LAN
Cm225b    ADKIN Elizabeth 51 Sheepshed LEI
Cm225d    ADKIN George 18 Loughboro LEI
Cm225a    ADKIN John 56 Sheepshed LEI
Cm225c    ADKIN John 19 Sheepshed LEI
Bn056a    ALESBROOK George 30 Stableton LEI
W078d     ALLEN Elizabeth J 22 Asfordby LEI
Mk0451b   ASHTON Maria 41 Drayton LEI
Mk0495f   ATKINS Ann 40 Norbro LEI
Mk0495d   ATKINS Arthur M. 12 Norbro LEI
Mk0495c   ATKINS John H. 13 Norbro LEI
Mk0495a   ATKINS William 52 Norbro LEI
Cm045e    BAILEY Thomas 26 Gilmorton LEI
Bn284a    BAKER James 36 Leicester LEI
Id32a     BARTON Joseph 45 Loughbro LEI
Cm082c    BODEN Ann Elizab 21 Cas Donington LEI
Cm082d    BODEN John 18 Cas Donington LEI
W355a     BOLTON Alfred 31 Great Bowden LEI
W355c     BOLTON Alice M. 8 Leicester LEI
W355d     BOLTON Basil 3 StrettonField LEI
W355b     BOLTON Sarah A. 31 Barrow Soar LEI
Mk1067b   BOOTH Elizabeth 42 Ashby Zouch LEI
Ty032a    BOOTH John 79 Ratcliffe LEI
Mk0461tz  BROADHURST Susan 19 Ashby Zouch LEI
Mk0752d   BROOKS Elizabeth 56 Coleorton LEI
Mk0483b   BROOKS Elizabeth 30 Wood Box LEI
Mk0464j   BROUGHTON Charles 16 Gilmorton LEI
Ty146b    BROWN Elizabeth 73 Redmile LEI
Mk0687b   BROWNSON Louisa 29 Melton Mowbray LEI
Mk0202b   BRYAN Annie 30 Kegworth LEI
W390e     BULL Mary 12 Ashby Zouch LEI
Mk0426b   BULLOCK Sarah 70 Houghton Hill LEI
Mk1118k   BUTTERS Mary 20 Overseal LEI
W224b     CARRADINE Arthur 11 Ashby Zouch LEI
W531b     CASTERTON Charles Wm 14 Leicester LEI
Mk0212a   CHAPLIN Thomas 39 Kegworth LEI
Mk0612a   CLARKE Abraham 36 Wood Endelby LEI
Ty094a    CLAYTON Elizabeth 56 LngBillington LEI
Mk0701a   COLLINSON John 49 Leicestershire LEI
Mk0410d   CRAVEN Henry E. 18 Melton Mowbray LEI
Mk0453b   CREASEY Anne 32 Wigston LEI
Mk0453a   CREASEY Edward 38 Sleaford LEI
Cm218b    DAVENPORT Mary A. 49 Cas Donington LEI
Mk0095a   DICKENS George 36 Loughborough LEI
Mk0095f   DICKENS Mary Ann 5 Loughborough LEI
Mk0095e   DICKENS Sarah 7 Loughborough LEI
Bg12b     DORRINGTON Rachel 42 Queensborough LEI
Cw13a     FEARN George 58 Ingleby LEI
Ad26a     FLETCHER Elizabeth 82 Leicester LEI
Mk0332a   FLUDE Joseph 41 BroughtonAstly LEI
Id38f     GALLIMORE Georgiana 36 Ashby Zouch LEI
Ad01c     GLOVER Clara 32 Arnesley LEI
Id07a     GOODACRE Frederick 36 Leighboro LEI
Cm127a    GREASLEY David 38 NewTownLenfrd LEI
Cm127b    GREASLEY Isabella 33 Islay Walton LEI
Cm127d    GREASLEY Laura 7 Prestwold LEI
Cm127c    GREASLEY Louisa 9 Prestwold LEI
W394a     GREATOREX Thomas 64 Leicester LEI
Mk0325c   GREEN Charlotte M. 26 Knipton LEI
Mk0637w   GREEN Richard 44 Leicester LEI
Br077b    HALL Sarah 42 Betton LEI
Mk0463d   HAMBLET Edward 22 Wittnel LEI
Mk1139a   HARDY William Heny 39 Whitwick LEI
Ad10b     HASTINGS Sarah A 32 Market Harbor LEI
W021c     HASWELL Minnie W. 12 Leicester LEI
W021a     HASWELL William Wale 58 Peckleton LEI
W766c     HATCHETT James 13 Coalville LEI
W766d     HATCHETT Minnie 12 Coalville LEI
Mk0582a   HAYES John 70 Long Whatton LEI
Mk0949d   HAZLEWOOD Henry 19 Asfordby LEI
Mk0452b   HAZLEWOOD Sarah 28 Fenny Drayton LEI
Mk0452a   HAZLEWOOD Thomas 24 Leicester LEI
Ty056a    HICKENBOTTOM Henry 51 Leicester LEI
Mk0207a   HIGGS Elizabeth 66 All Saints LEI
Mk0463b   HILL Ann 63 Barton Lazarus LEI
Mk0463a   HILL Edward 64 Hungarton LEI
Mk0783a   HILL William 36 Hungerton LEI
Mk1134a   HINKS Richard 50 Barwell LEI
Br153i    HODGKINSON Emma 13 Moira LEI
Mk0032c   HODGKINSON Emma 13 Moria LEI
Br153d    HODGKINSON Esther 15 Moira LEI
W849a     HOMER John 25 Ashby Zouch LEI
W078b     HUBBERSTY Eliza Caroln 66 NetherBrghtn LEI
W339b     HUGHES Ann 62 Rothley LEI
W339a     HUGHES William 60 Rothley LEI
Sh42b     JACKSON Eliza 50 Collerton LEI
Mk1083c   JOHNSON Hannah 21 Cas.Donnington LEI
Mk0135a   JORDEN William 41 Ashby Zouch LEI
Mk0464i   JUFFKIN Thomas 18 Pelling LEI
Mk0690m   KERNKY Emily 27 Redmile LEI
Mk0359c   KIRKLAND Fred. Frost 7 Leicester LEI
Mk1199a   LANE John 48 Thurmaston LEI
Mk0946a   LANGHAM Benjamin 43 Wigstown LEI
Mk0946b   LANGHAM Emma 45 Leicester LEI
Mk0765a   LEWIS John 62 Loughborough LEI
Mk0765b   LEWIS Mary 67 Loughborough LEI
Mk0669a   LEWIS William 34 Loughborough LEI
Mk0591b   MARSDEN Ann 65 Stanton LEI
W321c     MARSDEN Ellen M. 26 Leicester LEI
W317d     MASON John H. 17 Leicester LEI
W317c     MASON Mary A. 21 Leicester LEI
Mk0344b   MASTER Jemima B. 42 ThorpeSatchvl LEI
Mk0495yu  MATHER Mary Ann 62 Wigston LEI
Md206a    MEASURES Parkinson 65 Barton LEI
Cm023a    MEE William 37 StauntonHarld LEI
Mk0415c   MILLS Ada 17 Normanton LEI
Mk0592a   MILLS Samuel 37 Belton LEI
W022a     MITCHELL Joseph 64 Thorp Acre LEI
Mk0495yw  MUSSON Eliza 57 Wigston LEI
Mk0495yv  MUSSON Fredrick 57 Leicester LEI
Mk0900b   NEAL Emily 54 Loughborough LEI
Mk1031b   OAKLEY Charlotte 60 Melton Mowbray LEI
W850c     ONER Abram 65 Leicester LEI
Bn011b    PEACH H Florence C 23 Market Harboro LEI
Ad55f     PETTS Edward 7m Leicester LEI
Ty010d    POLLARD George 25 Heason LEI
Mk0638a   POTTER Henry 81 All Saints LEI
Mk0436b   PRIDE Harriet 28 Assington LEI
Mk1045a   RAINES Arthur K. 34 Leicester LEI
Br109b    REPTON Sarah Jane 39 Wymondham LEI
Mk0433n   REVILL Rebecca 20 Eather LEI
Mk0169a   ROBINSON Samuel 44 Markfield LEI
W372a     SHARMAN William 39 Mountsorrel LEI
Mk0207b   SHARP Caroline 22 All Saints LEI
Bn197c    SHARP Selina 61 Colverton LEI
W074c     SHARPE Bertha 2 Belgrave LEI
W074b     SHARPE Ruth 30 Evington LEI
W074a     SHARPE Thomas 30 Barrow On Soar LEI
Sh45b     SHAW Lydia 27 Fenny Draton LEI
Mk0144b   SKIDMORE Hannah 56 Loughborough LEI
Br100b    SLACK Rebecca E 37 Wymondam LEI
W047a     SPRINGTHORPE Caleb 57 Anstey LEI
W047b     SPRINGTHORPE Mary Ann 57 Leicester LEI
W766b     STARKEY Catherine 33 Coalville LEI
W766a     STARKEY John H. 33 Coalville LEI
Br082a    SYLVESTER Joseph 31 Loughborough LEI
Mk0150h   TAYLOR Samuel 57 Market Harboro LEI
Iw08d     TEBBUTT Bertha H. 5 Rothley LEI
Iw08c     TEBBUTT Edith M. 6 Birstall LEI
Iw08a     TEBBUTT John 42 Leicester LEI
Iw08e     TEBBUTT John H. 3 Rothley LEI
W078c     TOWNSEND Ann 28 Burton Lazars LEI
W834g     TUNSON Ellen 36 Twyby LEI
Ad32b     WAINWRIGHT Annie M. 38 Billesdon LEI
W793b     WALKER Eliza 60 Woodhouse E LEI
Md083c    WALKER Susannah 36 Staunton Hrld LEI
Ad08b     WALLIS Elizabeth 33 Billesdon LEI
Mk0208a   WARD Charles 59 Mount Sorrill LEI
Mk0139a   WARDLE Catherine 63 Kegworth LEI
Ad60b     WARNER Ann 26 Bearsby? LEI
Ad60a     WARNER Arthur 34 Great Dalby LEI
Ad60c     WARNER Emily 1 Great Dalby LEI
Ad01a     WATSON William 29 Syston LEI
Mk0498a   WILKINSON William 50 Gadby LEI
Bn088a    WORMLEIGHTON William 43 Loughborough LEI
Ad59b     WRIGHT Ann 53 Thorpe LEI
Mk0464a   WRIGHT Michel 34 Croft LEI
Ad59a     WRIGHT William 52 Wymondham LEI
Cm119b    YOUNG Ann 49 Norborough? LEI
Mk0973b   ALLEN Betsy 28 Bardney LIN
Mk0396a   ATKINSON Edward 53 Lincoln LIN
W062a     ATKINSON Thomas 36 East Keal LIN
Bn284b    BAKER Zilliah 37 Sudbrock LIN
W323b     BARKER Alice 36 Spalding LIN
Mk0197a   BARKER William R. 46 Ingoldsby LIN
Hp08j     BATELLIMON Elizabeth 19 Fenton LIN
W408b     BEESTON Ann 47 Ropsley LIN
Cm167a    BELLAERS Joseph 38 Boston LIN
Mk0461vs  BELLING Herbert L. 11 Louth LIN
Mk0227i   BERKLEY Clara 25 Lincoln LIN
Mk0227h   BERKLEY William R. 50 Lincoln LIN
Mk0495s   BESCOBY Anne 30 Lincoln City LIN
W850a     BLUNTSTONE Sarah 59 Burton Stacey LIN
Mk0979b   BODEN Charlotte 42 Gainsboro LIN
Mk0651b   BONSALL Mather 30 Molton Chapel LIN
Mk1067a   BOOTH George 52 Evanton LIN
Mk0615a   BOWCOCK John 55 Newstead LIN
W095a     BRICE John 70 Thornton LIN
Mk0205a   BROCKLEHURST John G. 38 Gainsborough LIN
W717c     BROOKS Lucie 8 Caistor LIN
Bn057b    BUNTING Elizabeth 39 Ingolsby LIN
Mk1024b   BUXTON Ellen C. 42 Caistor LIN
Mk0785t   BYWATER Annie 20 Bourne LIN
Ad29b     CAULDWELL Jane Elizab 36 MountPleasant LIN
W717b     CHRISTIAN Jennie 22 Caistor LIN
Mk0162a   CLARK John 57 South Witham LIN
Mk0192a   CLARKE Arthur 26 Stamford LIN
Ty151g    COOPER Elizabeth 18 Edn...? LIN
Mk0730b   CROWDER Mary Ellen 30 Lincoln LIN
Mk0461uq  DAWSON Christopher 41 N Somercote LIN
Md044c    DENNIS Omer 20 Whaplode LIN
W382d     ELDRED William 22 Spalding LIN
Mk0871m   FOWLER James H 30 Market Raisen LIN
W747b     HARRIS Mary J. 37 Stamford LIN
W747a     HARRIS Thomas 42 Stamford LIN
Mk0637t   HARRISON Frances 47 Lincolnshire LIN
Mk0637u   HARRISON Jane 12 Lincoln LIN
Mk0637s   HARRISON Jane 55 Lincolnshire LIN
Md107e    HARWARD Ferdinand H 6 Market Raisin LIN
Md107d    HARWARD Laura Elizab 8 Market Raisin LIN
Md107c    HARWARD Reginald C 9 Market Raisin LIN
Mk1091b   HARWOOD Mary Jane 50 Spalding LIN
Ad10a     HASTINGS James 28 Bilsby LIN
Mk1116a   HOBSON Levina 40 Coleby LIN
Mk0364e   HOLLAND Robert C.B. 50 Raithby LIN
Mk0409h   HOWITT Albert 18 Gt Ponton LIN
W030c     JESSOP William 14 S Killington LIN
Mk1083b   JOHNSON Benjamin 35 Rindle LIN
Hw80a     KELLY William 60 Horncastle LIN
Mk0471d   KENT Tom 24 Horncastle LIN
Mk0890a   KIRK Joseph 60 Grantham LIN
Mk0623a   KIRK William 30 Lincoln LIN
Cm224e    LASKEY Harriett 19 Caseby LIN
W315b     MARSH Eliza 50 Lincoln LIN
Mk0344a   MASTER Frederick 37 Hanulton? LIN
Mk0344c   MAWER Helen M. 13 Gainsbro LIN
Mk0749b   MONTGOMERY Sarah L. 40 Gainsboro LIN
Mk0461ym  MUDD Sarah 42 Market Raisen LIN
Mk0643i   O'CONNOR Ann 63 Hulloft? LIN
Mk0643k   O'CONNOR Augusta 25 Dorrington LIN
Mk0643m   O'CONNOR Florence 22 Louth LIN
Mk0643n   O'CONNOR Gertrude 20 Louth LIN
Mk0643l   O'CONNOR Maud 23 Dorrington LIN
Mk0643j   O'CONNOR Selina 27 Dorrington LIN
Br088c    OAKES Elizabeth 26 East Hatton LIN
W613b     OXSPRING Elizabeth 55 Market Rasen LIN
Mk0222c   PICKINS Emily J. 22 Lincoln LIN
W320b     POYSER Grace A. 52 Holbeach LIN
Mk0461xa  RALPH Elizabeth A. 55 Healing LIN
Mk0378e   REYNOLDS Anna 10 Welbourn LIN
Mk0378c   REYNOLDS George 14 Welbourn LIN
Mk0378d   REYNOLDS James 12 Welbourn LIN
Mk0378f   REYNOLDS John 7 Leadenham LIN
Mk0378b   REYNOLDS Mary 43 St Peters LIN
Mk0378a   REYNOLDS Thomas 41 Marston LIN
Ty002b    ROBERTS Susannah 36 Bradford LIN
Mk0882g   SALMON Hannah 17 Waltham LIN
W372e     SHARMAN Charles B. 5 Lincoln LIN
W372d     SHARMAN Francis B. 7 Grantham LIN
Mk0413b   SHARPE Eliza A. 43 Tetney LIN
W050d     SHARPE Emily 18 Lincolnshire LIN
W050c     SHARPE Mary Ellen 21 Lincolnshire LIN
Cm047b    SHELLEY Mary Ellen 21 Croxton Carrl LIN
Mk0685b   SLATER Mary Elizbth 28 Bourne LIN
Mk0890c   SMITH George E. 22 Lincolnshire LIN
Hw16b     SMITH Mary 58 Grimsby LIN
Bg06l     SQUIRES Mary 18 Crowland LIN
Mk0647g   TAYLOR Albert 6 Belton LIN
Mk0647e   TAYLOR George Wm 12 Belton LIN
Mk0647f   TAYLOR Harry 8 Belton LIN
Mk0421h   TAYLOR Joseph 3 Ruskington LIN
Mk0647d   TAYLOR Kate 17 Belton LIN
Mk0421g   TAYLOR Susannah 24 Thorpe Hill LIN
W528b     THOMPSON Elizabeth 41 Whaplode LIN
Mk0344d   THOMPSON Mary Jane 34 Gainsbro LIN
W769d     TILLSON William 20 Spalding LIN
W323h     TILLSON William H. 17 Spalding LIN
Mk0474b   TURNER Amie 30 Gainsborough LIN
Mk0542b   WALL Betsey 46 Spalding LIN
Md027d    WARD John Henry 6 Nettleham LIN
Md027c    WARD William C R 8 Lincoln LIN
Iw08f     WEATHERHOGG Annie 18 Boston LIN
Ad12e     WHITE Elizabeth 11 Messingham LIN
Ad12f     WHITE Fred 9 Messingham LIN
Ad12b     WHITE Mary 43 Messingham LIN
Ad12d     WHITE Tom John 15 Messingham LIN
Ad12c     WHITE Walter 16 Messingham LIN
Ad12a     WHITE William 45 Messingham LIN
Mk0719c   WILKINSON Jane 53 Metheringham LIN
Mk0719d   WILKINSON Mary 54 Metheringham LIN
Mk0980b   WILLAN Anne C. 44 Corby LIN
Mk1081d   WILLAN Leonard 50 Corby LIN
Mk0980a   WILLAN Sarah 64 Corby LIN
Mk0882b   WILLIAMS Eliza 37 Great Grimsley LIN
Sh15l     DONEBY Kate 21 Lanark LKS
LONDON (see also Middlesex)
Mk0567s   BAKEWELL Sarah 57 London LND
Mk0461wq  BARTON Annie 24 Streatham LND
Mk0908b   BLOOR Emma C 45 Southwark LND
Mk0405e   BRAMWELL Charles 21 Camberwell LND
Mk0461wj  BRITTAIN Charles J. 60 Holborn  LND
Mk0186e   CHADWICK Emma 60 London LND
Mk0281g   CLARK William 30 London LND
Mk0201d   COLLINS Earnest S. 12 Camden Town LND
Mk0201c   COLLINS Edith C. 14 S Pancras LND
Mk0689yl  DANKS Louisa 62 London LND
Mk0163a   DAVIS John W. 26 Islington LND
Mk0198n   DEXTOR Esther 18 Kingston LND
Mk0675e   DURANDEAN Gertrude E. 2 Brixton LND
Mk0675d   DURANDEAN Mary Ann 23 Bermondsey LND
Mk0169g   EDWARDS Henry 60 New Road LND
W007i     GIBSON Henry 14 London LND
Mk0689x   GLOSSOP Caroline A 21 Greenwich LND
Mk0299f   HARRISON Thomas 45 London LND
Mk1212a   HART John 43 London LND
W105b     HAWORTH Jane 41 London LND
Mk1091h   KELT Lousia M. 20 St Pancras LND
Mk0198m   KINGABY Alice 19 London LND
Sh47a     KNIGHT Alfred H 25 London LND
Mk0512a   MACKARSIE Ellen 62 London LND
Mk0461xh  MARTIN Marion 19 Streatham SW LND
Mk0403e   MCPHERSON Jessie M. 10m London LND
W105k     MILLER George 18 London LND
Mk0749d   MONTGOMERY Catherine C. 13 London LND
Mk0461ul  MOORE Fredrick 31 Woolwich LND
Mk0306d   MORLEY William 60 The Tower LND
Mk0456b   NICHOLSON Elizabeth 38 Highgate LND
Mk0456a   NICHOLSON Richard 38 Highgate LND
Mk0521e   PAGE Jane 13 London LND
Mk0188c   PEAL B Elizabth N 22m West Hackney LND
Mk0188a   PEAL Ellen E. 44 Islington LND
Mk0188b   PEAL Frances J. 41 Islington LND
Mk0690e   PEARCE Ernest Richd 10 Stockwell LND
W834i     PETTINGALE Elizabeth 16 South Gate LND
W639e     PETTINGALE Horace A. 7 Baxter Rd LND
Mk1159f   PURSLOW Comfort 10 London LND
Mk1159e   PURSLOW Edward 12 London LND
Mk1159d   PURSLOW Hannah 14 London LND
Mk1159c   PURSLOW Samuel 19 London LND
Mk1093a   ROD Eliza 64 London LND
Mk0471l   SAVILL Alice 17 London LND
Mk0967a   SEVILLE Ellen 56 Brentford LND
Mk0568h   SMITH Janie 16 London LND
Mk0276d   SMITH William 61 Bethend Green LND
Mk0471a   STONEHOUSE Dan 11 London LND
Mk0455b   THOMPSON Ruth 47 Chelsea LND
Mk0510b   TOLLADY Elizabeth 45 London LND
Mk0758f   VERTIN Helen Maria 25 Islington LND
Ty066h    WALKER - 57 Stepney LND
Mk0567m   WILLIAMS Edward 47 London LND
Mk0186f   WILLSON Margaret 62 London LND
Mk1147a   WOOD Elizabeth 70 London LND
Bn017a    WRIGHT Edwin 41 White Chapel LND
Mk0939b   WRIGHT Ellen 33 St Johns Wood LND
MIDDLESEX (see also London)
W634e     ASHMAN Harry Archib 4m London MDX
W009c     BANKS Henry 30 London MDX
W444c     BETTLE James V. 37 Islington MDX
W439a     BIRCH Edward 49 Uxbridge MDX
W439b     BIRCH Elizabeth 52 Uxbridge MDX
Mk0461xm  BONE William Thos 63 London MDX
Md123b    BROOKS Frances 34 London MDX
Mk0798b   BURNS Mary A. 57 Hampstead MDX
Mk0228b   CAULFIELD Maid A.K. 23 Paddington MDX
Mk0695d   CHAMBERS Mary Ann 49 Marybourne MDX
Mk0832b   CLARKSON George 54 Mary-le-Bone MDX
Cm214d    CLAY Alice 3 London MDX
W754b     CRANCH Louisa 45 London MDX
Mk0456m   CREAMIER Louisa 13 London MDX
Mk1060b   CURRY Elizabeth 29 Islington MDX
Mk1060d   CURRY George F.W. 2 Clerkenwell MDX
Mk1060c   CURRY Gertrude E. 4 Clerkenwell MDX
Mk1060a   CURRY William F. 31 Islington MDX
Mk0151s   DAMPSTER Agustus E. 38 Barnam Green MDX
Mk0151t   DAMPSTER Emma 28 Barnam Green MDX
Mk0478b   DAVIS Lucretiae 60 Pentonville MDX
Mk0689t   DAVIS Mary Emily 22 London MDX
Mk0008b   DAWES Alfred J. 19 Old Ford MDX
W774a     DAY Nicholas M. 28 London MDX
Cn09e     FLUDE Maria L. 58 Clapton MDX
W301n     FRIDAY Henry 20 London MDX
Hp08a     GELL Henry C P 52 London MDX
Hp08b     GELL Teresa C C P 46 Marylebone MDX
Mk1009a   GLOVER Francis Hy. 46 London MDX
Bn282f    GRATTON Alice 25 London MDX
W068b     HALL Martha Ann 55 Marylebone MDX
Mk0689s   HALSE Gertrude Ann 24 London MDX
Mk0781n   HART Charles 12 London MDX
W383b     HARVEY Julia A. 36 London MDX
Mk0356c   HERDSMAN Ellen M. 63 Marylebone MDX
Mk0151r   HORSFOLD James 22 Barnham Green MDX
Mk1118f   INAFFIELD? Eliza 60 London MDX
Mk0282a   IVATTS William H. 43 Poplar MDX
W603b     JACKSON Emma 46 London MDX
W754a     JENNENS Anne 49 London MDX
Mk1027c   KIRBY Alice M.M. 12 Kings Cross MDX
Mk1027e   KIRBY Earnest 9 Kings Cross MDX
Mk1027d   KIRBY William W. 11 Kings Cross MDX
Mk0461ws  LAMBETH William C 23 London MDX
Mk0724l   LAWRY? Horace R 31 London MDX
Bn026c    LOWLES George 26 Knightsbridge MDX
Bn026a    LOWLES John 59 Southwark MDX
Mk0433a   LUGG William S. 39 London MDX
Br156c    MACRAE Christiana E 17 London MDX
Mk0495yt  MATHER Samuel 65 London MDX
Cm196e    MAY Maria H 53 Brentford MDX
Cm196d    MAY Thomas 35 Brentford MDX
W522a     MEADE William 46 Granford MDX
Mk0610e   MILLS Christina 8 Middlesex MDX
Mk0610c   MILLS Clara 13 Middlesex MDX
Mk0610a   MILLS Edward 36 Middlesex MDX
Mk0610d   MILLS Edward 11 Middlesex MDX
Mk0136a   MOORE Francis 33 Ealing MDX
W043c     MORRISON Edith Mary 11 Holloway MDX
W043b     MORRISON Hephzibah 41 Holloway MDX
Mk1211c   MYCOCK Elizabeth 18 Kentish Town MDX
Mk0368b   NORMAN Mary Ann 28 Kings Cross MDX
Mk0423b   NUTTALL Anne B. 29 Edmonton MDX
Ad33b     OWEN Philippa M. 79 Edmonton MDX
W361d     PAHUD Elizabeth 26 London MDX
Mk0028b   PEDLEY Sophia 26 Marls MDX
Mk1211a   PHILLIPS William 47 Middlesex MDX
Mk0354b   POTTER Louisa 32 St Johns Wood MDX
Cm005e    ROBINSON Albert Edw P 10 London MDX
W335b     ROSEWARNE Mary Ellen 24 London MDX
Mk0967b   SEVILLE Dora 15 Brentford MDX
Cm198d    SMITH William 23 London MDX
Mk0989b   STATHAM Sarah 31 Colney Hatch MDX
Id04c     STEVENSON John R 13 Hayes MDX
Cm217a    SWANSBOURNE Isabella 62 Hackney MDX
Mk0022b   SWIFT Charles 10 Harrow MDX
Br089g    SWINDELL Rebecca 79 London MDX
W715b     TAYLOR Eliza 40 London MDX
Mk0237d   TAYLOR Frances E.J. 8 London MDX
Mk0237c   TAYLOR James W. 13 London MDX
Mk0689n   TICE Ada 22 London MDX
Mk0689o   TICE Jessie 20 London MDX
W094b     TOMLINSON Eliza 58 Chelsea MDX
Mk0485c   TOPLIS William 26 London MDX
Cm017b    WAIN Joseph 24 London MDX
Mk0456n   WATERS Alice 9 London MDX
Bn021b    WATT Jane 68 London MDX
Id33c     WAYNE Emily S. 13 Poplar MDX
Id33d     WAYNE John W. 12 Poplar MDX
Id33b     WAYNE Susannah 36 Hackney MDX
W682b     WESTON Elizabeth 34 London MDX
Mk0336c   WIDDOWSON Mary 53 London MDX
Bn246b    WIGLEY Alice 36 Finchley MDX
Mk0340a   WILLS George W.M. 28 Hommerton MDX
Cm226f    WRIGHT Arthur L. 4 London MDX
Mk0188e   YELD Florence L. 16 Kensington MDX
W159b     CLOUGH Emma 56 Montgomery MGY
W159c     JONES Emily 19 MontgomryOdly MGY
Cm173f    JONES Owen 40 Llanidloes MGY
Bn089d    WALKER Grace 11m Newtown MGY
Bn089c    WALKER Hilda 2 Newtown MGY
Bn089b    WALKER Mary Jane 29 Newtown MGY
Mk0435i   PERRY Hilda 21 Malta MLT
Md132g    BROWN James 67 Wrexham MON
Mk0461vu  CLEWSON Elizabeth 35 Criggion MON
Ad33c     HILL Hannah 28 Penalt MON
Mk0330d   JONES John 41 Monmouthshire MON
Mk1108f   KIDDY George 7 Risca MON
Mk0885a   MORGAN James 28 Tourfee? MON
Mk0131f   MURDOCK Charles 12 Monmouth MON
Mk0461vf  TAYLOR William 60 Newport MON
Mk0461yi  BAINBRIDGE Alice 20 Newcastle Tyne NBL
Mk0461yg  BAINBRIDGE L. 35 Newcastle Tyne NBL
W031a     BLACKLOCK Robert 41 Haydon Bridge NBL
Mk0461zb  CUTTER Dorothy 32 Northumberland NBL
Mk0461wb  CUTTER Thomas 4 Morpeth NBL
Bn183b    EGGLSHAW Jane 43 NewcastleTyne NBL
Mk0461ye  ELLIOTT Edward 59 Corbridge NBL
Mk0461za  ELLIOTT Frances 60 Northumberland NBL
Mk0188i   HALFNIGHT Florence M. 12 Sunderland NBL
Mk0364a   LEVER Anthony 71 Long Benton NBL
Mk0725c   MALLABARR Dorothy 25 The Shaw NBL
Mk0725b   MALLABARR Hannah 32 West End Town NBL
Mk0348b   NEWBOLD Marianna J. 37 Alnwick NBL
Mk0188d   RITSON Florence M. 20 Newcastle Tyne NBL
Mk0567p   THOMPSON John Henry 25 Stockton Tees NBL
Mk0569b   WRAGG Barbar 24 Northumberland NBL
W767a     BAXTER James 51 Wymondham NFK
Mk0296b   BODEN Annie 26 Metton NFK
Mk0786e   BOWLES Ann 78 Norwich NFK
Mk0807c   BRADBURY Bertha 3 Colkirk NFK
Mk0807b   BRADBURY Mary A. 26 Colkirk NFK
Mk0246a   BRYANT Robert H. 61 Holt NFK
Mk0456k   CINCH Martha 20 Upton NFK
Bn083a    COX John 29 South Lopton NFK
Hp14a     GRIX John 50 East Biling NFK
Mk0952b   HOLMES Emma 30 Kidnall NFK
W135a     HOOKE Henry Mason 42 Lymm NFK
Mk0506a   HUTTING Edward 30 Downham Market NFK
Mk0695b   JACKSON Fanny 16 Gessod NFK
Mk0890b   KIRK Mary Ann 58 Hampton NFK
Mk0456l   LITTLEWOOD Jenie 15 Upton NFK
W406a     MAINPRICE John C. 34 GreatYarmouth NFK
Mk0695a   MARTIN Sarah 60 Gessod NFK
Md106b    PALMER Miriam A.M. 25 Clenchwarton NFK
Ty057d    RINGER Ellen 22 Norwich NFK
Mk0786b   STEVENS Charlotte 48 Norwich NFK
Mk1172a   THOMEWILL Frances 68 Bamethorpe NFK
Mk0689m   TICE William 46 Norwich NFK
W131a     ABBOTT Thomas 35 Culworth NTH
Mk0118b   BELLAMY Marther 40 Northampton NTH
Mk0038j   BODDINGTON Abraham 19 Northampton NTH
Mk0504a   BUCKLEY Samuel 68 Northampton NTH
Mk1186a   CHAPMAN William 28 Wheldon NTH
Mk0453j   CHESHER Elizabeth 23 Clipstone NTH
Mk0201a   COLLINS Charles 39 Braunton NTH
Mk0095b   DICKENS Elizabeth 42 Nassington NTH
Mk0095d   DICKENS George 11 Peterborough NTH
Mk0095c   DICKENS Harry R. 13 Peterborough NTH
Mk0271b   HARDY Elizabeth 32 Werrington NTH
Mk0271g   HARLOCK Francis J. 27 Warrington NTH
Sh63a     HAWKINS John 60 Colstone Bar NTH
W065e     HERSON Caroline 15 Apethorpe NTH
W065f     HERSON Henry 13 Kings Cliff NTH
W065d     HERSON Julia 17 Apethorpe NTH
W065b     HERSON Julia 44 Kings Cliff NTH
W065g     HERSON Kate 11 Kings Cliff NTH
W065c     HERSON William 19 Apethorpe NTH
W065a     HERSON William 42 Wood Newton NTH
Mk0410b   HODGKINSON Mary J. 37 Stamford NTH
Mk0133f   HUTCHINS Ellen 19 Hackleton NTH
Id35d     IRONS Thomas 62 Hazelbud? NTH
Mk1027b   KIRBY Frances 45 Chacombe NTH
Mk0112h   MANTON James 49 Dean NTH
W317a     MASON Michael 45 Rushden NTH
Mk0038k   MCKINLEY John 55 Northampton NTH
Ad23b     NEWTON Agnes 27 Peterboro NTH
Cm041d    ORME Catherine 33 Crick NTH
Md106a    PALMER John Thomas 22 Pilton NTH
Mk0461vi  RATCLIFF Henry H. 37 Basford NTH
Mk0639a   RICHARDS George 55 Northampton NTH
Mk0235e   SMITH Hannah 22 Gayton NTH
Mk1159a   SMITH James 47 Rothwell NTH
Mk0235c   SMITH John C. 3 Rothershorpe NTH
Mk0235a   SMITH Samuel 31 Gayton NTH
Mk0235b   SMITH Sarah A. 26 Rothershorpe NTH
Kk012f    TALBOT Benjamin T. 28 Moreton NTH
W323f     TILLSON Mary 75 Glinton NTH
Ty151f    TWIGLEY Phoebe 30 Lt Harrowdon NTH
Mk0982d   WALDEN Kate 26 ChapelBramptn NTH
Mk0449a   WARR William 51 Everdon NTH
Mk0461to  WELTON Cecilina P 45 Towcester NTH
W494a     WILLIAMS Alfred 32 Toaster NTH
W494f     WILLIAMS Edward 72 Toaster NTH
Ad59c     WRIGHT Neomia 17 Livedon NTH

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