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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1881 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ivonbrook, Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 17,469 entries.

Researched, transcribed, compiled, edited, indexed, formatted, encoded and copyright © 2003,. All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME   Relation.Con.Age.Sex   Occupation         Born             Handicap    Comments   

#44---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p8)
Bn170a    James         HASLAM       Head    M 60  M  Machine hand          Bonsall
Bn170b    Hannah        HASLAM       Wife    M 56  F                        Wirksworth
Bn170c    Mary A.       HASLAM       Dau     U 31  F  Unable to work        Bonsall           Freght from Birth
Bn170d    Clara H.      HASLAM       Dau     U 19  F  Silk & cotton weaver  Bonsall
Bn170e    Minnie M.     HASLAM       Dau     U 16  F  Mill hand             Bonsall
Bn170f    Mary          CAUSWELL     Visitor U 5   F  Scholar               Manchester LAN
#45---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p8)
Bn171a    Sarah         SHELDON      Head    W 35  F  Shirt trimmer         Bradbourn
Bn171b    Joseph        SHELDON      Son       10  M  Scholer               Bonsall
#46---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p8)
Bn172a    John          KNOWLES      Head    M 47  M  Farmer of 16 acres    Bonsall
Bn172b    Lydia         KNOWLES      Wife    M 46  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn172c    Mary          KNOWLES      Dau     U 27  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn172d    Charles F.    KNOWLES      Son     U 25  M  General labourer      Bonsall
Bn172e    John          KNOWLES      Son     U 20  M  Stone mason           Bonsall
Bn172f    Florence F.   KNOWLES      Dau     U 18  F  Factory hand          Bonsall
Bn172g    Ellen B       KNOWLES      Dau     U 16  F  Factory hand          Bonsall
Bn172h    Lydia         KNOWLES      Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn172i    Harriet       KNOWLES      Dau       12  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn172j    Louisa        KNOWLES      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn172k    Lizzie        KNOWLES      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn172l    Alberta       KNOWLES      Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn172m    George A.     KNOWLES      Son       2   M  Scholar               Bonsall
#47---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p8)
Bn173a    Sarah         ORME         Head    U 70  F  Retired               Bonsall
#48---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p8)
Bn174a    Edwin         MILLWARD     Head    M 46  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn174b    Easter        MILLWARD     Wife    M 45  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn174c    Francis       MILLWARD     Son     U 18  M                        Bonsall
Bn174d    Martha        MILLWARD     Dau     U 16  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn174e    John          MILLWARD     Son     U 13  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn174f    Mary          MILLWARD     Dau       11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn174g    Lucy          MILLWARD     Dau       7   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn174h    Herbert       MILLWARD     Son       5   M  Scholar               Bonsall
#49---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p9)
Bn175a    William       SLATER       Head    M 41  M  Mason                 Ible
Bn175b    Elizabeth     SLATER       Wife    M 44  F                        Bonsall
Bn175c    Eliza         SLATER       Dau     U 24  F  Millhand              Bonsall
Bn175d    Samuel        SLATER       Son       12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn175e    Elizabeth H.  SLATER       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn175f    George        SLATER       Son       8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn175g    Harry         SLATER       Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn175h    Harriet       SLATER       Dau       2   F                        -
#50---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p9)
Bn176a    Humphrey      BARNES       Head    M 67  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn176b    Grace         BARNES       Wife    M 66  F  Wife                  Ashover
Bn176c    Sarah         BARNES       Dau       11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn176d    Hannah        BARNES       Dau       9   F  Scholar               Bonsall
#51---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p9)
Bn177a    Henry         ROWLAND      Head    M 41  M  General labour        Bonsall
Bn177b    Sarah         ROWLAND      Wife    M 42  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn177c    John T.       ROWLAND      Son     U 22  M  Stone mason           Bonsall
Bn177d    Mary J.       ROWLAND      Dau       11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn177e    Harriett      ROWLAND      Dau       9   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn177f    Lucy          ROWLAND      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn177g    Harry         ROWLAND      Son       3   M  Scholar               Bonsall
#52---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p9)
Bn178a    Joseph        HENSTOCK     Head    M 57  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn178b    Lucy          HENSTOCK     Wife    M 49  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn178c    Esther        HENSTOCK     Dau     U 21  F  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn178d    Elizabeth     HENSTOCK     Dau     U 11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn178e    Henry         HENSTOCK     Son       8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
#53---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p10)
Bn179a    Alfred        WEBSTER      Head    M 29  M  Gereral labour        Bonsall
Bn179b    Caroline      WEBSTER      Wife    M 30  F  Shirt trimmer         Bonsall
Bn179c    Mary A.       WEBSTER      Dau       9   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn179d    Samuel        WEBSTER      Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn179e    Lun E.        WEBSTER      Dau       3   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn179f    Mary          WEBSTER      Mother  W 70  F  Annuitant             Bonsall
#54---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p10)
Bn180a    Charles       ALSOP        Head    M 29  M  Farmer of 23 acres    Bonsall
Bn180b    Alice         ALSOP        Wife    M 27  F  Farmers wife          Ripley
Bn180c    Sarah E.      ALSOP        Dau       7   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn180d    Lucy          ALSOP        Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn180e    Lydia         ALSOP        Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn180f    Mary A.       ALSOP        Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
Bn180g    Alice         ALSOP        Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
#55---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p10)
Bn181a    Anthony       WOOD         Head    - 69  M  Labourer              Bonsall
Bn181b    Elizabeth     RAWSON       Boarder - 81  F  Annuitant             Matlock
#56---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p10)
Bn182a    Hannah        RAINS        Head    W 64  F                        Bonsall
Bn182b    John          RAINS        Son     U 30  M  Labourer              Bonsall
Bn182c    Thomas W.     HALL         Gson      10  M                        Long Eaton
#57---Puddle Hill---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p10)
Bn183a    Edward        EGGLSHAW     Head    M 45  M  Labourer              Derby
Bn183b    Jane          EGGLSHAW     Wife    M 43  F  Wife                  NewcastleTyne NBL
Bn184a    George        WOOD         Head    M 84  M  Thatcher,strawjoiner  Bonsall
Bn184b    Sarah         WOOD         Wife    M 82  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn184c    Benjamin      WOOD         Son     M 32  M  General labourer      Bonsall
Bn184d    Mary          WOOD         Dau     M 30  F                        Middleton
Bn184e    Charles       WOOD         Son       4   M  Scholar               Cromford
Bn184f    George W.     WOOD         Son       1   M                        Slaley Bonsall
Bn185a    Thomas        BOWLES       Head    M 49  M  Farmer of 21 acres    Parwich
Bn185b    Hannah        BOWLES       Wife    M 53  F  Farmers wife          Ingleby
Bn185c    Elizabeth     BOWLES       Dau     U 22  F  Farmers dau           Ingleby
Bn185d    Walter        BOWLES       Son     U 16  M  Son                   Sandon STS
Bn185e    Sarah         WINGFIELD    Boarder   4   F                        Matlock Bath
Bn185f    Minnie Flor   MCKENZIE     Boarder   11m F                        Matlock Bath
Bn186a    Henrey        SMEDLEY      Head    W 82  M                        Slaley
Bn186b    Robert        BOMFORD      Son     U 36  M  Gardiner,farmer       Chesterfield          Of 7 acres
Bn186c    Elizabeth     HARTLE       Dau     M 39  F                        Chesterfield
Bn187a    Alfred        SUDBERRY     Head    M 29  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn187b    Emma          SUDBERRY     Wife    M 29  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn187c    Kate          SUDBERRY     Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn187d    Mary E.       SUDBERRY     Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn187e    William       SUDBERRY     Son       3   M                        Bonsall
Bn188a    John          SHELDON      Head    M 29  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn188b    Hannah        SHELDON      Wife    M 29  F                        Cromford
Bn188c    Louisa A.     SHELDON      Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn188d    Elizabeth     SHELDON      Dau       4   F                        Bonsall
Bn188e    Caroline      SHELDON      Dau       2   F                        Bonsall
Bn189a    Henry         SHELDON      Head    M 54  M  Farmer of 32 acres    Slaley
Bn189b    Emma          SHELDON      Wife    M 49  F  FW Knitter merino     Bonsall
Bn189c    Fanny L.      SHELDON      Dau     U 18  F  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn189d    John J.       SHELDON      Son     U 16  M  Farmers son           Bonsall
Bn189e    Ruth          SHELDON      Dau     U 14  F  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn189f    Henry         SHELDON      Son       10  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn190a    Henry W.      LAND         Head    M 42  M  Stone mason           Bonsall
Bn190b    Fanny         LAND         Wife    M 41  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn190c    Sarah C.      LAND         Dau     U 14  F                        Lipton STS
Bn190d    Jane          LAND         Dau       12  F                        Bonsall
Bn190e    Phillip J.    LAND         Son       9   M                        Bonsall
Bn190f    Hannah        LAND         Dau       7   F                        Bonsall
Bn191a    Francis       HENSTOCK     Head    W 50  M  Farmer of 560 acres   Winster               9 men, 6 boys & 2 women
Bn191b    William       HENSTOCK     Son     U 22  M  Farmers son           Bonsall
Bn191c    Thomas        HENSTOCK     Son     U 20  M  Farmers son           Bonsall
Bn191d    Elizabeth M.  HENSTOCK     Dau     U 18  F  Farmers dau           Bonsall
Bn191e    Francis W.    HENSTOCK     Son       6   M  Farmers son           Bonsall
Bn191f    Sarah J.      OWEN         Hkeeper U 33  F  House keeper          Portsmouth HAM
Bn192a    William       WRIGHT       Head    M 68  M  Farming 7 acres       Bonsall
Bn192b    Maria         WRIGHT       Wife    M 69  F  Farming wife          Bonsall
Bn193a    Edith         WORDMAN      Head    U 56  F  Farming 6 acres       Bonsall
Bn193b    William       FROST        Lodger  W 81  M                        Bonsall
Bn194a    John          SHELDON      Head    M 57  M  Farmer & mason        Bonsall
Bn194b    Alice         SHELDON      Wife    M 61  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn194c    James         SHELDON      Son     U 35  M  Farmers son           Bonsall
Bn195a    Catherine     SHELDON      Head    W 82  F  Retired farmer        Wing RUT
Bn195b    Mark          SHELDON      Son     M 46  M  Ag lab                Slaley
Bn195c    Elizabeth     SHELDON      Wife    M 42  F                        Bonsall
Bn195d    John W.       SHELDON      Son     U 18  M  Labourer              Bonsall
Bn195e    Catherine     SHELDON      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn196a    Joseph        HENSTOCK     Head    U 73  M  Farmer of 11 acres    Bonsall
Bn197a    Job           FERN         Head    M 68  M  Retired farmer        Griff Grange
Bn197b    Minnie        FERN         Wife    M 22  F  Retd farmers wife     Gt Basford BDF
Bn197c    Selina        SHARP        Boarder U 61  F  Retired housekeeper   Colverton LEI
Bn197d    Ellen         WHITTLE      Visitor M 34  F  Printers wife         Gt Basford BDF
Bn198a    Sarah E.      FERN         Head    W 41  F  Seamstress            Bonsall
Bn198b    Harriet       FERN         Dau     U 18  F  Seamstress            Bonsall
Bn198c    Thomas        FERN         Son     U 16  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn198d    Elizabeth     FERN         Dau       13  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn198e    Charles       FERN         Son       10  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn198f    William       FERN         Son       8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn198g    Samuel        FERN         Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn198h    George A.     FERN         Son       4   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn198i    Anthony       FERN         Son       3   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn199a    Joseph        SLACK        Head    M 56  M  Farmer 14 acres       Middleton by Wirk.
Bn199b    Grace         SLACK        Wife    M 49  F  Farmers wife          Slaley
Bn199c    William       SLACK        Son     U 27  M  Farmers son           Slaley
Bn199d    Clara         SLACK        Dau     U 18  F  Farmers dau           Slaley
Bn199e    Joseph        SLACK        Son       15  M  Farmers son           Slaley
Bn199f    Julia         SLACK        Dau       12  F  Farmers dau           Slaley
Bn200a    Thomas        FROST        Head    W 77  M  Railway lab           Middleton
Bn200b    Dorothy       FROST        Dau     U 43  F  Wool shirt trimmer    Bonsall
Bn200c    Mary E.       FROST        Gdau      11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn201a    William       WARDMAN      Head    M 32  M  Farmer of 17 acres    Bonsall
Bn201b    Elizabeth     WARDMAN      Wife    M 25  F  Farmers wife          Bollington CHS
Bn201c    Charles       WARDMAN      Son       7   M  Scholar               Slaley Bonsall
Bn201d    Mabel         WARDMAN      Dau       4   F                        Slaley Bonsall
Bn201e    Clara         WARDMAN      Dau       7m  F                        Slaley Bonsall
Bn202a    Thomas        HENSTOCK     Head    U 35  M  Farmer of 25 acres    Slaley
#80---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p14)
Bn203a    Benjamin      GRATTON      Head    M 30  M  Railway lab           Bonsall
Bn203b    Mary          GRATTON      Wife    M 30  F                        Bonsall
Bn203c    Martha        GRATTON      Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn203d    Thomas        GRATTON      Son       3   M                        Bonsall
Bn203e    Charley       GRATTON      Son       1   M                        Bonsall
Bn203f    Louis         POUNDALL     Sister  U 27  F                        Bonsall
#81---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p14)
Bn204a    Benjamin      SPENCER      Head    M 40  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn204b    Isabella      SPENCER      Wife    M 40  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn204c    Mary          SPENCER      Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn204d    Alice         SPENCER      Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
Bn204e    Agness        SPENCER      Dau       4m  F                        Bonsall
Bn204f    William       BUNTING      Son iL  U 20  M  Lab                   Bonsall
#82---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p14)
Bn205a    Pearcy        BUNTING      Head    M 65  M  Grocer                Bonsall
Bn205b    Elizabeth     BUNTING      Wife    M 69  F                        Middleton
#83---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p15)
Bn206a    John          GRATTON      Head    M 53  M  Farmer of 26 acres    Bonsall
Bn206b    Samuel        ROWLAND      Son     U 17  M  Employ on farm        Youlgrave
#84---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p15)
Bn207a    James         SMEDLEY      Head    M 65  M  Farmer of 22 acres    Bonsall
Bn207b    Hannah        SMEDLEY      Wife    M 66  F                        Bonsall
Bn207c    Ester         SMEDLEY      Dau     U 25  F  Domestic              Bonsall
Bn207d    Hannah        SMEDLEY      Gdau      6   F                        Bonsall
Bn207e    James         SMEDLEY      Gson      2   M                        Bonsall
#85---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p15)
Bn208a    Thomas        ALSOP        Head    M 68  M  Farmer of 19 acres    Bonsall
Bn208b    Sarah         ALSOP        Wife    M 63  F  Farmers wife          Ible
Bn208c    Elizabeth     ALSOP        Dau     U 27  F  Dressmaker            Bonsall
Bn208d    John          ALSOP        Son     U 21  M  Joiner                Bonsall
Bn208e    Martha        ALSOP        Dau     U 19  F  Cotton weaver         Bonsall
Bn208f    Esther        ALSOP        Dau     U 15  F  Farmers dau           Bonsall
Bn208g    Lydia         ALSOP        Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn208h    Edith W.      MASSEY       Boarder   3   F  Scholar               Bonsall
#86---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p15)
Bn209a    Josiah        BUNTING      Head    M 24  M  Highway lab           Bonsall
Bn209b    Louisa        BUNTING      Wife    M 21  F                        Wirksworth
Bn209c    Joseph        BUNTING      Son       5m  M                        Bonsall
#87---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p15)
Bn210a    Adam          SMEDLEY      Head    M 31  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn210b    Hannah        SMEDLEY      Wife    M 33  F                        Bonsall
Bn210c    Ruth          SMEDLEY      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn210d    Esther        SMEDLEY      Dau       8   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn210e    John R.       SMEDLEY      Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn210f    Ellen         SMEDLEY      Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
Bn210g    Sarah         SMEDLEY      Dau       8m  F                        Bonsall
#88---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p16)
Bn211a    Joshua        WIGLEY       Head    M 78  M  Farmer of 4 acres     Bonsall
Bn211b    Ann           WIGLEY       Wife    M 71  F                        Grance Mill
#89---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p16)
Bn212a    Adam          GRATTON      Head    M 24  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
Bn212b    Fanny         GRATTON      Wife    M 25  F                        Alderwasley
Bn212c    Ruth          GRATTON      Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
Bn212d    Francis W.    GRATTON      Son       8m  M                        Bonsall
#90---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p16)
Bn213a    William       CHARLESWORTH Head    M 50  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn213b    Jemima        CHARLESWORTH Wife    M 48  F                        Bonsall
Bn213c    Alice         CHARLESWORTH Dau     U 23  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn213d    Jemima        CHARLESWORTH Dau     U 18  F  Wool weaver           Bonsall
Bn213e    John          CHARLESWORTH Son       13  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn213f    Annie G.      CHARLESWORTH Dau       11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn213g    Charles C.    CHARLESWORTH Son       9   M  Scholar               Bonsall
#91---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p16)
Bn214a    John          BUNTING      Head    M 48  M  General lab           Bonsall
Bn214b    Grace         BUNTING      Wife    M 45  F                        Bonsall
Bn214c    James         BUNTING      Son     U 21  M  Stone mason           Bonsall
Bn214d    Felicia       BUNTING      Dau     U 19  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn214e    Fanny         BUNTING      Dau     U 16  F  Paper factory hand    Bonsall
#92---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p16)
Bn215a    Thomas        LOXLEY       Head    W 70  M  Ropemaker & 4 acres   Bonsall               4 acres of land
Bn215b    Eli           LOXLEY       Son     M 34  M  Rope maker            Bonsall
Bn215c    Ellen         LOXLEY       Dau     M 32  F                        Bakewell
Bn215d    Samuel        ROLLEY       Gson      14  M  Servent               Bonsall
Bn215e    Sarah         LOXLEY       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn215f    Eli           LOXLEY       Son       7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn215g    Dorothy       LOXLEY       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn215h    David         LOXLEY       Son       4   M                        Bonsall
Bn215i    Martha        LOXLEY       Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
#93---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p17)
Bn216a    William       BRADLEY      Head    M 56  M  Lead miner            Wirksworth
Bn216b    Sarah         BRADLEY      Wife    M 47  F                        Bonsall
Bn216c    Robert        BRADLEY      Son     U 16  M  Framework knitter     Wainsgrove
Bn216d    Herbert       BRADLEY      Son       8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn216e    Ellen         BRADLEY      Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall
#94---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p17)
Bn217a    Abel          HARTLE       Head    M 51  M  Cordwainer,farmer     Bonsall               Of 16 acres
Bn217b    Mary          HARTLE       Wife    M 50  F  Cordwainers wife      Bonsall
#95---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p17)
Bn218a    Edward        WIGLEY       Head    M 53  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn218b    Eliza         WIGLEY       Wife    M 53  F  FW Knitters wife      Bonsall
Bn218c    John          WIGLEY       Son     U 29  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn218d    Martha        WIGLEY       Dau     U 28  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn218e    Harriet       WIGLEY       Dau     U 22  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn218f    Ann E.        WIGLEY       Dau     U 20  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn218g    Mary A.       WIGLEY       Dau     U 18  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn218h    Emma          WIGLEY       Dau     U 14  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn218i    Clara         WIGLEY       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Bonsall
#96---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p17)
Bn219a    Peter         MARCHANT     Head    M 29  M  Lab                   Cromford
Bn219b    Hannah        MARCHANT     Wife    M 26  F                        Bonsall
Bn219c    Sophia        MARCHANT     Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
#97---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p17)
Bn220a    Thomas        WOOD         Head    M 60  M  Farmer 17 acres       Bonsall
Bn220b    Elizabeth     WOOD         Wife    M 70  F  Farmers wife          Parwich
#98---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p17)
Bn221a    John          LOXLEY       Head    M 46  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
Bn221b    Elizabeth     LOXLEY       Wife    M 53  F                        Wirksworth
#99---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p18)
Bn222a    Francis       GRATTON      Head    M 49  M  Farmer of 12 acres    Bonsall
Bn222b    Maria         GRATTON      Wife    M 47  F                        Bonsall
Bn222c    Emily         GRATTON      Dau     U 18  F                        Bonsall
Bn222d    Ann E.        GRATTON      Dau     U 16  F                        Bonsall
Bn222e    Louisa        GRATTON      Dau       6   F                        Bonsall
#100---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p18)
Bn223a    Mary          GRATTON      Head    W 66  F  Formerly charwoman    Bonsall
Bn223b    Jane M.       GRATTON      Gdau      4   F                        Bonsall
#101---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p18)
Bn224a    Edwin F.      GOODALL      Head    M 34  M  Manager Colour Works  Derbyshire
Bn224b    Sarah A.      GOODALL      Wife    M 30  F                        Matlock Bath
Bn224c    Mary H.       GOODALL      Dau       5   F                        Derby
Bn224d    Lucy M.       GOODALL      Dau       2   F                        Stapenhill
Bn224e    Laura E.      GOODALL      Dau       10m F                        Bonsall
Bn224f    Mary H.       ALSOP        Servant U 16  F  Servant               Ripley
#102---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p18)
Bn225a    Henry         ALSOP        Head    M 42  M  Farmer 26 acres       Bonsall
Bn225b    Mary A.       ALSOP        Wife    M 32  F                        Leath STS
Bn225c    Anne A.       ALSOP        Dau       6   F                        Bonsall
Bn225d    Marthy        ALSOP        Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
Bn225e    Joseph        BUNTING      Servant U 18  M  Servant               Bonsall
#103---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p18)
Bn226a    George        HOWSLEY      Head    M 33  M  Farmer of 28 acres    Steeple Grange
Bn226b    Ann           HOWSLEY      Wife    M 31  F  Farmers wife          Darley Dale
#104---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p18)
Bn227a    Henry         BARNES       Head    W 43  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn227b    Jemima        BARNES       Dau     U 16  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn227c    James         BARNES       Son       9   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn227d    John W.       SANDERSON    Boarder   14  M  Framework knitter     Scotland SCT
#105---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p19)
Bn228a    Edwin         COPE         Head    M 67  M  Farmer of 99 acres    Dunstone STS
Bn228b    Charlotte     COPE         Wife    M 51  F  Farmers wife          Walsall STS
Bn228c    Francis M.    COPE         Dau     U 20  F  Farmers dau           Uttoxeter STS
Bn228d    William E.    COPE         Son     U 18  M  Farmers son           Uttoxeter STS
Bn228e    Martha        COPE         Dau     U 14  F  Farmers dau           Uttoxeter STS
Bn228f    Bertha        COPE         Dau       12  F  Scholar               Duston STS
Bn228g    Thomas        SLANEY       Servant U 19  M  Servant               Bonsall
#106---Upper Town---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p19)
Bn229a    Joseph        BUNTING      Head    M 57  M  Grocer                Bonsall
Bn229b    Mary          BUNTING      Wife    M 53  F                        Bonsall
Bn229c    John          BUNTING      Son       21  M  Highway lab           Bonsall
Bn229d    Frances       BUNTING      Dau     U 16  F  Factory hand          Bonsall
Bn229e    Alfred        BUNTING      Son       14  M  Wheelwright apprent   Bonsall
Bn229f    Elizabeth     BUNTING      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn230a    Samuel        ELLIOTT      Head    M 53  M  Farmer 9 acres        Bonsall
Bn230b    Mary          ELLIOTT      Wife    M 48  F  Domestic              Bonsall
Bn230c    Joseph        ELLIOTT      Son     U 15  M  Domestic              Bonsall
Bn230d    Benjamin      ELLIOTT      Son       12  M  Domestic              Bonsall
Bn230e    William       ELLIOTT      Son       9   M  Domestic              Bonsall
Bn230f    Elizabeth     ELLIOTT      Dau       6   F  Domestic              Bonsall
Bn231a    William       GRATTON      Head    M 35  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
Bn231b    Eliza         GRATTON      Wife    M 34  F  Wife                  Chelmorton
Bn231c    William       GRATTON      Son     U 14  M                        Ible
Bn231d    James         GRATTON      Son       12  M                        Ible
Bn231e    Anne          GRATTON      Dau       10  F                        Ible
Bn231f    Hannah        GRATTON      Dau       8   F                        Bonsall
Bn231g    Harry         GRATTON      Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn231h    Isaac         GRATTON      Son       4   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn231i    Selina        GRATTON      Dau       2   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn232a    William       TOMLINSON    Head    M 30  M  Farmer of 53 acres    England ENG
Bn232b    Mary E.       TOMLINSON    Wife    M 21  F  Wife                  England ENG
Bn232c    William G.    TOMLINSON    Son       7m  M  Son                   England ENG
Bn232d    Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Sis iL  U 19  F  Unemployed            England ENG
Bn232e    Mabel         TAYLOR       Sis iL  U 13  F  Nurse                 England ENG
Bn232f    Benjamin      ELLIOTT      Servant U 12  M  Farm servant          England ENG
Bn232g    Frank         TAYLOR       Visitor U 22  M  Milk seller           England ENG
Bn233a    Anthony       BUNTING      Head    M 51  M  Lead miner            Bonsall
Bn233b    Susannah      BUNTING      Wife    M 53  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn233c    William       BUNTING      Son     W 28  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn233d    Alice         BUNTING      Dau     U 21  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn233e    Clara         BUNTING      Dau     U 18  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn233f    Mary          BUNTING      Dau     U 16  F  Seamster              Bonsall
Bn233g    Henrietta     BUNTING      Dau     U 14  F  Seamster              Bonsall
Bn233h    Ruth          BUNTING      Dau       12  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn233i    William       BUNTING      Gson      5   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn233j    Thomas        BUNTING      Gson      3   M                        Bonsall
Bn234a    John          FROST        Head    M 51  M  Farmer 31 acres       Bonsall
Bn234b    Mary          FROST        Wife    M 51  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn234c    Ruth          FROST        Dau     U 25  F  Assistant             Bonsall
Bn234d    George        PRINCE       Adopson   9   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn234e    Lillian       HEATH        Adopdau   2   F                        Bonsall
Bn235a    Hannah        GRATTON      Head    W 66  F                        Staffordshire STS
Bn235b    Elizabeth     GRATTON      Dau     U 24  F  Seamstress            Bonsall
Bn235c    Kezia         BARNES       Gdau      7   F                        Bonsall
Bn236a    James         WORTHY       Head    M 65  M  Farmer of 9 acres     Bonsall
Bn236b    Esther        WORTHY       Wife    M 64  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn236c    Samuel        WORTHY       Son     U 22  M  Carter                Bonsall
Bn237a    Daniel        HOLMES       Head    M 38  M  Lead miner            Bonsall
Bn237b    Ann           HOLMES       Wife    M 46  F  Lead miners wife      Bonsall
Bn237c    Daniel        HOLMES       Son       9   M  Scholar               Middleton by Wirk.
Bn237d    Geraldine M   PEARSON      Nurse     2   F                        Matlock Bath
Bn238a    Emanuel       WIGLEY       Head    M 46  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn238b    Maria         WIGLEY       Wife    M 43  F                        Bonsall
Bn238c    Ann E.        WIGLEY       Dau     U 21  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn238d    Aron          WIGLEY       Son     U 18  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn238e    Arthur        WIGLEY       Son     U 15  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn238f    John          WIGLEY       Son       10  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn238g    Ruben         WIGLEY       Son       7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn239a    Lucy          WORTHY       Head    W 77  F                        Bonsall
Bn239b    James         PRINCE       Son iL  M 47  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn239c    Millicent     PRINCE       Wife    M 50  F                        Bonsall
Bn239d    Joseph        PRINCE       Son     U 14  M  Unemployed            Bonsall
Bn239e    Isaac         PRINCE       Son       12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn239f    Clara         PRINCE       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn239g    Charles       OLLIVER      Stepson U 22  M  Cord grinder          Bonsall
Bn240a    Susan         FERN         Head    W 71  F                        Bonsall
Bn240b    Henry         SPENCER      Son iL  M 34  M  Foreman platelayer    Elton
Bn240c    Elizabeth     SPENCER      Dau     M 32  F                        Slaley
Bn240d    Henry         SPENCER      Gson      8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn240e    Isaac         SPENCER      Gson      5   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn240f    Susan         SPENCER      Gdau      3   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn240g    Horace        SPENCER      Son       9m  M                        Bonsall
Bn241a    James         WRIGHT       Head    M 55  M  Farmer & grocer       Bonsall
Bn241b    Alice         WRIGHT       Wife    M 55  F                        Winster
Bn241c    Alice         WRIGHT       Dau     U 24  F  Milliner              Bonsall
Bn241d    Elizabeth W   WRIGHT       Dau     U 19  F  Shop woman            Bonsall
Bn241e    Esse          WRIGHT       Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn242a    George        CLARKE       Head    M 54  M  Framework knitter     HucknelTorkd NTT
Bn242b    Sarah E.      CLARKE       Wife    M 31  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn243a    Ashton        OLLIVER      Head    W 52  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn244a    Samuel        BOND         Head    M 39  M  Weaver of merino      Bonsall
Bn244b    Elizabeth     BOND         Wife    M 40  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn244c    William       BOND         Son     U 16  M  Factory hand          Bonsall
Bn244d    Hannah        BOND         Dau     U 14  F  Factory hand          Bonsall
Bn244e    Francis       BOND         Son     U 12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn244f    Esther        BOND         Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn244g    Samuel        BOND         Son       7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn244h    Charlott      BOND         Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn244i    Mary          BOND         Dau       3   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn245a    Thomas        BUNTING      Head    M 29  M  Cotton weaver         Bonsall
Bn245b    Lydia         BUNTING      Wife    M 28  F                        Cromford
Bn245c    Sarah         BUNTING      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Cromford
Bn245d    Harry         BUNTING      Son       5   M  Scholar               Bonsall
#123---The Leys---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p23)
Bn246a    Joshua        WIGLEY       Head    M 39  M  Farmer of 160 acres   Bonsall
Bn246b    Alice         WIGLEY       Wife    M 36  F  Wife                  Finchley MDX
Bn246c    John          WIGLEY       Son       11  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn246d    Richard       WIGLEY       Son       8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn246e    Horace E.     WIGLEY       Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn246f    Rowland S H   WIGLEY       Son       4   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn246g    Septimus J.   WIGLEY       Son       1   M                        Bonsall
Bn246h    Sarah         FLINT        Servant U 16  F  Servant               Wolley
Bn246i    John S.       SHORTER      Servant U 16  M  Servant               Wolley
#124---The Moor---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p23)
Bn247a    William       ROPER        Head    W 72  M  Farmer of 188 acres   Middleton By Wirk.
Bn247b    Louisa        ROPER        Dau     U 43  F  Domestic              Bonsall
Bn247c    Harriet       BUXTON       Dau     M 36  F  Barmaid               Bonsall
Bn247d    William R.    BUXTON       Gson      4   M                        Bonsall
Bn248a    Edward        ADAMS        Head    M 25  M  Farmer of 38 acres    Staffordshire STS
Bn248b    Lydia         ADAMS        Wife    M 35  F  Wife                  Staffordshire STS
Bn249a    William       LOMAS        Head    U 45  M                        Longnes STS
Bn249b    Elizabeth     LOMAS        Sister  U 30  F  Farmer 51 acres       Longnes STS
#127---Bright Gate---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p23)
Bn250a    Thomas        COATES       Head    M 69  M  Retired farmer        Brightgate
Bn250b    Anne          COATES       Wife    M 59  F  Farmers wife          Elton
#128---Bright Gate---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p24)
Bn251a    George        KINDER       Head    M 66  M  Farmer 41 acres       Callow
Bn251b    Ann           KINDER       Wife    M 73  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn251c    Elizabeth     HODGKINSON   Servant U 15  F  Servant               Winster
#129---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p24)
Bn252a    Samuel        GRATTON      Head    M 32  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn252b    Elizabeth     GRATTON      Wife    M 28  F                        Milldale STS
Bn252c    William       GRATTON      Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn252d    Samuel        GRATTON      Son       4   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn252e    Mary          GRATTON      Dau       2   F                        Bonsall
Bn252f    Joseph        GRATTON      Son       1m  M                        Bonsall
Bn252g    Samuel        AUSTIN       Visitor   13  M                        Milldale STS
#130---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p24)
Bn253a    Joseph        GRATTON      Head    W 57  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn253b    Robert        GRATTON      Son     U 19  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn253c    Sarah         GRATTON      Dau     U 16  F  Servant               Bonsall
#131---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p24)
Bn254a    William       FERN         Head    M 65  M  Farmer of 16 acres    Bonsall
Bn254b    Elizabeth     FERN         Wife    M 66  F                        Bonsall
Bn254c    William       FERN         Son     U 28  M  Farmers son           Bonsall
#132---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p24)
Bn255a    Eliza T G     POUNDALL     Servant U 41  F  Domestic              Bonsall               T G=Twigg Grace
#133---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p24)
Bn256a    John W.       HOLBROOK     Head    M 28  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn256b    Sarah E.      HOLBROOK     Wife    M 29  F  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn256c    Ruth E.       HOLBROOK     Dau       5   F                        Bonsall
Bn256d    Fanny         HOLBROOK     Dau       4   F                        Bonsall
Bn256e    John W.       HOLBROOK     Son       1   M                        Bonsall
#134---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p24)
Bn257a    Adam          ABELL        Head    M 63  M  Farmer of 12 acres    Bonsall
Bn257b    Francis       ABELL        Wife    M 63  F                        Datlin IRL
Bn257c    Anne E.       ABELL        Dau     U 23  F  Daughter              Bonsall
Bn257d    Edward        BROOKS       Lodger  U 65  M  Framework knitter     Kirtley NTT
Bn257e    John          STAFFORD     Lodger  U 49  M  Lab                   Mickleover
#137---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p25)
Bn258a    John          BUXTON       Head    M 62  M  Farmer 3 acres        Aldwork
Bn258b    Sarah         BUXTON       Wife    M 54  F  Farmers wife          Aldwork
Bn258c    Sarah J.      BUXTON       Dau     U 27  F  At home               Aldwork
Bn258d    William H.    BUXTON       Son     U 22  M  Lab                   Aldwork
Bn258e    Joseph B.     BUXTON       Son     U 20  M  Lab                   Aldwork
Bn258f    Jervis F.     BUXTON       Son     U 16  M  Lab                   Aldwork
Bn258g    Decimus E.    BUXTON       Son     U 15  M  Home                  Aldwork
Bn258h    Benjamin      GERARD       Lodger  U 21  M  Lab                   Waterhouses STS
#138---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p25)
Bn259a    George        GODBEHERE    Head    U 75  M  Lab                   Bonsall
#139---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p25)
Bn260a    George        MASSEY       Head    M 54  M  Mason,farmer          Bonsall               Of 8 acres
Bn260b    Esther        MASSEY       Wife    M 50  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn260c    Thomas        MASSEY       Son     U 22  M  Mason                 Bonsall
Bn260d    Daniel        MASSEY       Son     U 19  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
Bn260e    Margret       MASSEY       Dau       13  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn260f    Hannah        MASSEY       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
#140---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p25)
Bn261a    John          MILLWARD     Head    M 52  M  Infirmed              Bonsall
Bn261b    Ann           MILLWARD     Wife    M 60  F  Charwoman             Bonsall
Bn261c    Henry         MILLWARD     Son     U 27  M  Lab                   Bonsall
Bn261d    Sarah A.      MILLWARD     Dau     U 23  F  Factory hand          Bonsall
Bn261e    Job           POUNDALL     Son iL  M 36  M  Lab                   Bonsall
#141---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p25)
Bn262a    Daniel        ROLLEY       Head    W 74  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn262b    Thomas        MILLWARD     Son iL  M 42  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn262c    Charlotte     MILLWARD     Wife    M 46  F  Seamer                Bonsall
Bn262d    Edwin         MILLWARD     Son     U 19  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
#142---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p26)
Bn263a    Abram         WHEATCROFT   Head    M 62  M  Agent                 Matlock
Bn263b    Mary          WHEATCROFT   Wife    M 40  F                        Derby
Bn263c    Frederick     WHEATCROFT   Son       13  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn263d    Willis        WHEATCROFT   Son       7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn263e    Mary E.       WHEATCROFT   Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
#143---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p26)
Bn264a    Francis       ROPER        Head    M 46  M  Farmer 62 acres       Bonsall
Bn264b    Hannah        ROPER        Wife    M 41  F  Farmers wife          Kirk Ireton
Bn264c    Mary A.       ROPER        Dau     U 15  F  Farmers dau           Brassington
Bn264d    John W.       ROPER        Son       13  M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
Bn264e    Francis J.    ROPER        Son       12  M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
Bn264f    Albert J.     ROPER        Son       10  M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
Bn264g    George H.     ROPER        Son       8   M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
Bn264h    Arthur        ROPER        Son       6   M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
Bn264i    Emma E.       ROPER        Dau       3   F  Farmers dau           Kirk Ireton
#144---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p26)
Bn265a    Edith         HOLBROOK     Head    U 23  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn265b    Anne          HOLBROOK     Sister  U 21  F  Framework knitter     Bonsall
#145---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p26)
Bn266a    William       HOLBROOK     Head    M 56  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn266b    Emma          HOLBROOK     Wife    M 42  F  Seamer                Bonsall
Bn266c    Joseph        TOMLINSON    Stepson   12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn266d    Charles D.    TOMLINSON    Stepson   10  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn266e    Gertrude      HOLBROOK     Dau       8   F  Scholar               Bonsall               ["Son,F"]
Bn266f    Margret       HOLBROOK     Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
#146---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p26)
Bn267a    John          TIDESWELL    Head    U 58  M  Framework knitter     Bonsall
Bn267b    Alice         MARTINDALE   Sister  W 73  F  House keeper          Bonsall
#147---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p27)
Bn268a    Job           BUNTING      Head    M 54  M  Lead miner            Bonsall
Bn268b    Ellen         BUNTING      Wife    M 55  F  Wife                  Bonsall
Bn268c    Elizabeth     BUNTING      Dau     U 24  F                        Bonsall
Bn268d    Joseph        BUNTING      Son     U 15  M  Labour                Bonsall
#149---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p27)
Bn269a    Richard       WALTERS      Head    M 26  M  Lab                   Wensley
Bn269b    Mary          WALTERS      Wife    M 26  F  Wife                  Curbar
Bn269c    Thomas A.     WALTERS      Son       3   M  Scholar               Wensley
Bn269d    Ellen         WALTERS      Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
Bn269e    William       WALTERS      Son       6m  M                        Bonsall
#149---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p27)
Bn270a    William       GREEN        Head    M 23  M  Boot maker            Muchmorde HEF
Bn270b    Eliza         GREEN        Wife    M 22  F                        Ilpton Severn WOR
Bn270c    Anne          GREEN        Dau       1   F                        Ilpton Severn WOR
#150---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p27)
Bn271a    Edwin         BROWN        Head    M 55  M  Farmer of 23 acres    Bonsall
Bn271b    Maria         BROWN        Wife    M 45  F  Farmers wife          Alfreton
Bn271c    Frederic      BROWN        Son     U 18  M  Farmers son           Bonsall
Bn271d    Eliza         BROWN        Dau     U 18  F  Farmers dau           Bonsall
Bn271e    Caroline      BROWN        Dau       9   F  Farmers dau           Surbiton SRY
#151---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p27)
Bn272a    Samuel        WHEELDON     Head    M 44  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
Bn272b    Emily         WHEELDON     Wife    M 39  F                        Bonsall
Bn272c    Mary          WHEELDON     Dau       12  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn272d    Thomas        WHEELDON     Son       5   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn272e    Emily         WHEELDON     Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
#152---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p27)
Bn273a    Mary          WHEELDON     Head    W 77  F                        Alderwasley
Bn273b    William       WHEELDON     Son     U 39  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
#153---High Street---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-4-p27)
Bn274a    Sarah         GRATTON      Head    U 42  F  Charwoman             Bonsall
Bn274b    William       GRATTON      Son       13  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn274c    Samuel        GRATTON      Son       10  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn274d    Clara         GRATTON      Dau       1   F                        Bonsall

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