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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1881 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ivonbrook, Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 17,469 entries.

Researched, transcribed, compiled, edited, indexed, formatted, encoded and copyright © 2003,. All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME   Relation.Con.Age.Sex   Occupation         Born             Handicap    Comments   

As25a      Samuel        DEAN         Head    M 44  M  Farmer 100 acres      Ashleyhay
As25b      Fanny         DEAN         Wife    M 36  F                        Hognaston
As25c      Hannah        DEAN         Dau     U 15  F  Scholar               Hognaston
As25d      German        DEAN         Son       14  M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As25e      Millicent     DEAN         Dau       12  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As25f      Elizabeth     DEAN         Dau       10  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As25g      William       DEAN         Son       8   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As25h      Mary          DEAN         Dau       6   F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As25i      Mabel         DEAN         Dau       5   F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As25j      Rebekah       DEAN         Dau       3   F                        Ashleyhay
As25k      Sam           DEAN         Son       1   M                        Ashleyhay
As25l      Napoleon      BYARD        Servant U 16  M  Ag servant            Ashleyhay
As26a      Abram         REDFERN      Head    M 37  M  Ag lab                Ashleyhay
As26b      Rebekah       REDFERN      Wife    M 34  F                        Ashleyhay
As26c      Samuel        REDFERN      Son       3   M                        Wirksworth
As26d      George H      REDFERN      Son       2   M                        Ashleyhay
As26e      Mary          REDFERN      Dau       9m  F                        Ashleyhay
As27a      William       BOWLER       Head    M 46  M  Farmer 30 acres       Carsington
As27b      Elizabeth     BOWLER       Wife    M 44  F                        Alstonfield STS
As27c      Samuel        BOWLER       Son     U 22  M  Railway porter        Ashleyhay
As27d      Sarah         BOWLER       Dau     U 20  F                        Ashleyhay
#28---Storer Lane---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p6)
As28a      George        WARD         Head    M 51  M  Farmer 11 acres       Kirk Ireton
As28b      Jane          WARD         Wife    M 48  F                        Shottle
As28c      Lucy          WARD         Dau     U 23  F  Parlour maid          Ashleyhay
As28d      George        WARD         Son       14  M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As28e      William       WARD         Son       13  M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As28f      Ernest        WARD         Son       5   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As28g      Jane          WARD         Dau       3   F                        Ashleyhay
#29---Storer Lane---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p6)
As29a      John          WINSON       Head    M 43  M  Farmer 36 acres       Ashleyhay
As29b      Juliet        WINSON       Wife    M 38  F                        Burrows
As29c      Mary          WINSON       Dau       15  F                        Ashleyhay
As29d      Juliet        WINSON       Dau       13  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As29e      Alice         WINSON       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As29f      John R.       WINSON       Son       4   M                        Ashleyhay
As29g      Mary          WINSON       Mother  W 73  F                        Hardhurst
#30---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p6)
As30a      Ann           SPENCER      Head    W 63  F  Farmer 12.5 acres     Hardhurst
As30b      Phoebe E      SPENCER      Dau     U 38  F                        Hardhurst
As30c      John          SPENCER      Son     M 40  M  Joiner                Hardhurst
As30d      Sarah         SPENCER      SWife   M 29  F                        Hazlewood             Son's wife
As30e      Annie M.      SPENCER      Gdau      14  F                        Ashleyhay
As30f      Thomas W.     SPENCER      Gson      12  M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As30g      Elizabeth     SPENCER      Gdau      10  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As30h      Robert        SPENCER      Gson      8   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As30i      Lucy A.       SPENCER      Gdau      7   F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As30j      John S.       SPENCER      Gson      7   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As30k      Charles S.    SPENCER      Gson      4   M                        Ashleyhay
As30l      Samuel        BRADLEY      SWSon     6   M  Scholar               Dronfield             Son's Wife's Son
As30m      Harriet       BRADLEY      SWDau     4   F                        Ambergate             Son's Wife's Dau
#31---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p7)
As31a      Sarah         PICKERING    Head    W 65  F                        Kirk Ireton
#32---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p7)
As32a      Francis       PICKERING    Head    M 35  M  Ag lab                Kirk Ireton
As32b      Hannah        PICKERING    Wife    M 26  F                        Heavley
As32c      George H.     PICKERING    Son       3   M                        Ashleyhay
As32d      Emily G.      PICKERING    Dau       1   F                        Ashleyhay
#33---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p7)
As33a      Luke          WOOD         Head    M 29  M  Farmer & ag lab       Callow
As33b      Hannah        WOOD         Wife    M 30  F                        Kirk Ireton
As33c      Elizabeth     WOOD         Dau       6   F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As33d      Mary          WOOD         Dau       4   F                        Ashleyhay
As33e      George        WOOD         Son       2   M                        Ashleyhay
As33f      Henry         FEARN        Lodger  U 21  M  Ag lab                Ashleyhay
As33g      (Infant)      WOOD         Dau       2d  F                        Ashleyhay
#34---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p7)
As34a      Ann           BEESON       Head    M 64  F  Farmer                Ashleyhay
As34b      Maria         BEESON       Dau     U 30  F                        Ireton Wood
#35---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p7)
As35a      William       BROWN        Head    M 25  M  Farmer & ag lab       Kirk Ireton
As35b      Hannah        BROWN        Wife    M 22  F                        Kirk Ireton
As35c      Daniel        BROWN        Son       10m M                        Kirk Ireton
#36---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p8)
As36a      William       BEARDSLEY    Head    M 56  M  Ag lab                Callow
As36b      Mary          BEARDSLEY    Wife    M 43  F                        Wirksworth
As36c      Hannah        BEARDSLEY    Dau     U 12  F  Scholar               Hazlewood
As36d      Maria         BEARDSLEY    Dau       9   F  Scholar               Hazlewood
As36e      Joseph        BEARDSLEY    Son       6   M  Scholar               Hazlewood
As36f      Ruth          BEARDSLEY    Dau       5   F                        Ashleyhay
As36g      Alice         BEARDSLEY    Dau       1   F                        Ashleyhay
#37---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p8)
As37a      Henry         WARD         Head    M 25  M  Farmer 10.5 acres     Kirk Ireton
As37b      Mary          WARD         Wife    M 27  F                        Kirk Ireton
As37c      Mary          WARD         Servant U 17  F  Gen dom servant       Ashleyhay
As37d      George        WARD         Son       2m  M                        Ashleyhay
#38---Beighton Bank---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p8)
As38a      James         SMEDLEY      Head    M 62  M  Farmer 22 acres       Shottle
As38b      Lucy          SMEDLEY      Wife    M 62  F                        Shottle
#39---New Buildings---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p8)
As39a      William       WOOD         Head    W 32  M  Farmer 72 acres       Wirksworth
As39b      Annie L.      WOOD         Dau       13  F                        Shottle
As39c      Ada M.        WOOD         Dau       11  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As39d      Arthur W.     WOOD         Son       9   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As39e      Emily         WOOD         Dau       7   F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
As39f      Bertha        WOOD         Dau       5   F                        Wirksworth
As39g      Marian        WOOD         Dau       3   F                        Wirksworth
As39h      Walter        REDFERN      Servant U 19  M  Ag servant            Shottle
#40---New Buildings---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p8)
As40a      Joseph        TAYLOR       Head    M 72  M  Farmer 15 acres       Ashleyhay
As40b      Elizabeth A.  TAYLOR       Wife    M 67  F                        Shottle
As40c      Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Dau     U 46  F                        Ashleyhay
#41---Doves Wood---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p8)
As41a      Thomas        SPENDLOVE    Head    M 25  M  Farmer 17 acres       Shottle
As41b      Emma          SPENDLOVE    Wife    M 24  F  Farmers wife          Ashleyhay
As41c      Charles W.    SPENDLOVE    Son       5   M                        Millers Green
As41d      Thomas        SPENDLOVE    Son       3   M                        Wirksworth
As41e      Bertha        SPENDLOVE    Dau       1   F                        Ashleyhay
#42---Lane End---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p9)
As42a      Isaac         BUXTON       Head    M 39  M  Farmer 9 acres        Ashover
As42b      Elizabeth     BUXTON       Wife    M 37  F                        Kirk Ireton
As42c      Mary          BUXTON       Dau     U 19  F  Dom servant           Kirk Ireton
As42d      Isaac         BUXTON       Son       9   M  Scholar               Swanwick
As42e      Lucy          BUXTON       Dau       4   F                        Ashleyhay
As42f      Elizabeth     BUXTON       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Pye Bridge
As42g      Ann           BUXTON       Dau       10m F                        Ashleyhay
#43---Lane End---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p9)
As43a      John          HAYNES       Head    M 70  M  Ag lab                Kirk Ireton
As43b      Mary          HAYNES       Wife    M 67  F                        Shottle
As43c      Robert        HAYNES       Gson    U 18  M  Ag lab                Turnditch
As43d      Clara         HAYNES       Gdau      10  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
#44---Lane End---[Ashlehay]---(RG11-3420-8-p9)
As44a      Isaac         JEBB         Head    M 37  M  Ag lab                Shottle
As44b      Ellen         JEBB         Wife    M 20  F                        Wirksworth
As44c      George        JEBB         Son       4m  M                        Ashleyhay
#88---Upper Biggin, Moss Lane---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p17)
Bg01a      William       COOPER       Head    U 51  M  Farmer of 46 acres    Hulland
Bg01b      George        COOPER       Brother U 45  M  Farm servant indoor   Hulland
#89---Upper Biggin, Moss Lane---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p17)
Bg02a      David         GREGORY      Head    M 47  M  Farmer of 44 acres    Elton
Bg02b      Mary          GREGORY      Wife    M 48  F                        Elton
Bg02c      Keren         GREGORY      Dau     U 24  F  Farmers dau           Biggin
Bg02d      Henry         GREGORY      Son     U 19  M  Farmers son           Biggin
Bg02e      Sarah A.      GREGORY      Dau       14  F                        Biggin
Bg02f      David         GREGORY      Son       13  M  Scholar               Biggin
Bg02g      Mary          GREGORY      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Biggin
Bg02h      Jane          GREGORY      Dau       9   F  Scholar               Biggin
Bg02i      Edward        GREGORY      Son       4   M                        Biggin
#90---Upper Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p17)
Bg03a      Joseph        WAGSTAFF     Head    M 45  M  Ag laborer            Atlow
Bg03b      Dorothy       WAGSTAFF     Wife    M 51  F  Seamstress            Brassington
Bg03c      John          WAGSTAFF     Son       12  M  Scholar               Hulland Ward
#91---Upper Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p17)
Bg04a      Sarah         COPNELL      Head    W 81  F                        Atlow
Bg04b      Benjamin      HYDES        Gson      12  M  Scholar               Hulland Ward
#92---Upper Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p17)
Bg05a      James         BATES        Head    M 40  M  Farmer of 63 acres    Kirk Ireton
Bg05b      Anne          BATES        Wife    M 40  F                        Carsington
Bg05c      Anne          BATES        Dau     U 20  F  Farmers dau           Kirk Ireton
Bg05d      James         BATES        Son       14  M  Scholar               Kirk Ireton
Bg05e      Joshua        BATES        Son       9   M  Scholar               Kirk Ireton
Bg05f      Lucy          BATES        Dau       7   F  Scholar               Kirk Ireton
Bg05g      William       BATES        Son       4   M                        Kirk Ireton
Bg05h      Fred          BATES        Son       3   M                        Kirk Ireton
Bg05i      Isabella      BATES        Dau       1   F                        Kirk Ireton
Bg05j      James         BATES        Father  W 76  M  No occupation         Kirk Ireton
Bg05k      William       BEESTON      Visitor U 20  M  Blacksmith            Kirk Ireton
#93---Biggin House---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p18)
Bg06a      John B E      BLACKWALL    Head    M 43  M  Justice of the Peace  Hulland
Bg06b      Lucy          BLACKWALL    Wife    M 37  F  Wife of JP            Nottingham NTT
Bg06c      Millicent     BLACKWALL    Dau       8   F  Scholar               Idridgehay
Bg06d      John E.       BLACKWALL    Son       7   M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Bg06e      Evelyn        BLACKWALL    Dau       6   F  Scholar               Idridgehay
Bg06f      Richard M.    BLACKWALL    Son       3   M                        Biggin
Bg06g      William A.    BLACKWALL    Son       1   M                        Biggin
Bg06h      John B.       EVANS        Nephew    3m  M                        Gloucester GLS
Bg06i      Elizabeth     BING         Govern  U 25  F  Governess             Molash KEN
Bg06j      Annie         WINSON       Servant U 20  F  Cook dom servant      Belper
Bg06k      Martha E.     DERBYSHIRE   Servant U 20  F  Nurse dom servant     Brailsford
Bg06l      Mary          SQUIRES      Servant U 18  F  Housemaid dom serv    Crowland LIN
#94---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p18)
Bg07a      Thomas        REDFERN      Head    M 69  M  Farmer of 87 acres    Tissington            Employing 2 labs
Bg07b      Ann           REDFERN      Wife    M 63  F                        Burslem STS
Bg07c      John          REDFERN      Son     U 29  M  Farmers son           Biggin
Bg07d      Mary A        REDFERN      Dau     U 32  F  Farmers dau           Biggin
Bg07e      Harriett      REDFERN      Dau     U 26  F  Farmers dau           Biggin
Bg07f      Elizabeth R.  MORRELL      Gdau      8   F  Scholar               Derby
Bg07g      Joseph        TAYLOR       Servant U 21  M  Farm servant indoors  Biggin
#95---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p18)
Bg08a      Samuel        MILLINGTON   Head    M 29  M  Coachman dom serv     Kirk Ireton
Bg08b      Harriett      MILLINGTON   Wife    M 26  F                        Ireton Wood
Bg08c      John          MILLINGTON   Son       7   M  Scholar               Ireton Wood
Bg08d      Mary          MILLINGTON   Dau       5   F                        Idridgehay
Bg08e      Henry         MILLINGTON   Son       3   M                        Biggin
Bg08f      Elizabeth     MILLINGTON   Dau       1   F                        Biggin
#96---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p19)
Bg09a      William       ALLSOP       Head    M 47  M  Farmer of 36 acres    Brassington
Bg09b      Elizabeth     ALLSOP       Wife    M 32  F                        Ashburton DEV
Bg09c      Hester E.     ALLSOP       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Biggin
Bg09d      Eleanor A.    ALLSOP       Dau       5   F  Scholar               Biggin
Bg09e      Sarah H.      ALLSOP       Dau       4m  F                        Biggin
#97---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p19)
Bg10a      Samuel        WAYNE        Head    W 63  M  Farmer of 60 acres    Brassington           Employing 1 lab
Bg10b      Sarah         WAYNE        Dau     U 26  F  House keeper          Biggin
Bg10c      Fanny         WAYNE        Dau     U 24  F  Farmers dau           Biggin
Bg10d      Samuel        WAYNE        Son     U 22  M  Farmers son           Biggin
#98---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p19)
Bg11a      Thomas        BIRCH        Head    M 35  M  Brazier,farm of 1.5a  Clifton
Bg11b      Maria         BIRCH        Wife    M 35  F                        Ireton Wood
Bg11c      Harry         BIRCH        Son       7   M  Scholar               Biggin
Bg11d      Charles       BIRCH        Son       3   M                        Biggin
Bg11e      Charles       BIRCH        Visitor M 49  M  Builder,dealer        Clifton               Dealer in sanitary goods
Bg11f      Anne          BIRCH        Visitor U 40  F  Cook                  Clifton
#99---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p19)
Bg12a      John J.       DORRINGTON   Head    M 46  M  Gardener              Derby
Bg12b      Rachel        DORRINGTON   Wife    M 42  F                        Queensborough LEI
Bg12c      Emma          DORRINGTON   Dau       12  F  Scholar               Derby
Bg12d      Ann J.        DORRINGTON   Dau       10  F  Scholar               Derby
Bg12e      William J.    DORRINGTON   Son       7   M  Scholar               Derby
Bg12f      Matilda       DORRINGTON   Dau       6   F  Scholar               Derby
#100---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p19)
Bg13a      John          MILWARD      Head    W 69  M  Farmer of 40 acres    Belper
Bg13b      William       MILWARD      Son     U 47  M  Farmers son           Belper
Bg13c      Henry         MILWARD      Son     U 45  M  Farmers son           Belper
Bg13d      Ann           WEBSTER      Servant U 55  F  Gen servant dom       Mickleover
Bg13e      Mary A.       BURGESS      Visitor   13  F  Scholar               Hulland
#101---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p20)
Bg14a      Robert J.     TAYLOR       Head    M 22  M  Ag lab                Biggin
Bg14b      Harriett      TAYLOR       Wife    M 23  F                        Pear Tree
Bg14c      John          STYCHE       Bro IL  U 21  M  Ag lab                Rose Hill Derby
#102---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p20)
Bg15a      John          WOODHOUSE    Head    M 22  M  Farmer of 17 acres    Brackenfield
Bg15b      Jimima        WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 24  F                        Windley
Bg15c      John          WOODHOUSE    Son       11m M                        Biggin
#104---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p20)
Bg16a      Samuel        BAINBRIGGE   Head    M 72  M  Retired farmer        Biggin
Bg16b      Sylvia        BAINBRIGGE   Wife    M 71  F                        Ripley
#105---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p20)
Bg17a      Thomas        KELLY        Head    U 24  M  Ag lab,Grocers shop   Biggin
Bg17b      William       KELLY        Brother U 21  M  Ag lab                Biggin
#107---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p20)
Bg18a      George        COOPER       Head    M 62  M  Farmer of 11 acres    Atlow
Bg18b      Mary A        COOPER       Wife    M 41  F                        Birmingham WAR
Bg18c      John          BARBER       WifeSon   13  M  Scholar               Chesterfield
#108---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p20)
Bg19a      William       TAYLOR       Head    M 60  M  Farmer of 7 acres     Alton
Bg19b      Amelia        TAYLOR       Wife    M 58  F                        Kirk Ireton
Bg19c      William       TAYLOR       Son     U 25  M  Ag lab                Biggin
Bg19d      Hannah        TAYLOR       Dau     U 23  F                        Biggin
Bg19e      Ellen         TAYLOR       Dau       12  F  Scholar               Biggin
#109---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p20)
Bg20a      Samuel        BOOTH        Head    M 36  M  Joiner,farmer         Biggin                Of 10 acres
Bg20b      Lucy          BOOTH        Wife    M 29  F                        Biggin
Bg20c      William       BOOTH        Son       2   M                        Biggin
Bg20d      Annie         BOOTH        Dau       8m  F                        Biggin
#111---Duncote Farm---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p21)
Bg21a      Thomas        DURO         Head    W 53  M  Farmer of 23 acres    Hulland Ward
Bg21b      Judith        DURO         Sister  U 55  F  Housekeeper           Hulland Ward
Bg21c      Hannah        DURO         Dau     U 22  F                        Shottle
#112---Biggin Mill---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p21)
Bg22a      Charles       TAYLOR       Head    M 32  M  Miller                Ireton Wood
Bg22b      Ellen         TAYLOR       Wife    M 34  F                        Derby
Bg22c      Catherine     TAYLOR       Dau       9   F  Scholar               Biggin Mill
Bg22d      Thomas        TAYLOR       Son       7   M  Scholar               Biggin Mill
Bg22e      Charles       TAYLOR       Son       4   M                        Biggin Mill
Bg22f      Harriett      TAYLOR       Dau       1   F                        Biggin Mill
#113---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p21)
Bg23a      James         ROWLAND      Head    M 54  M  Farmer of 61 acres    Shottle               Employing 1 man
Bg23b      Mary          ROWLAND      Wife    M 56  F                        Ireton Wood
Bg23c      George        ROWLAND      Son       13  M  Farmers son           Biggin
#114---Nether Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p21)
Bg24a      John          JACKSON      Head    M 48  M  Thrashing machine,f   Holloway              Farmer of 11 acres, employing 2 labs
Bg24b      Elizabeth     JACKSON      Wife    M 49  F                        Ireton Wood
Bg24c      Samuel        JACKSON      Son     U 16  M  Farmers son           Shottle
Bg24d      John          JACKSON      Son       13  M  Farmers son           Biggin
Bg24e      Ada M.        JACKSON      Dau       11  F  Scholar               Biggin
#115---Upper Biggin---[Biggin]---(RG11-3421-5-p21)
Bg25a      Sarah         FORD         Head    M 57  F  Ag labs wife          Kirk Ireton
Bg25b      Samuel        FORD         Son     U 24  M  Ag lab                Kirk Ireton
Bg25c      Sarah         FORD         Dau     U 15  F                        Kirk Ireton
Bg25d      George        PAKEMAN      NrseBoy   11  M                        Ireton Wood           Nurse boy
Bg25e      Sarah H.      FORD         Gdau      6   F                        Kirk Ireton
Bg25f      Martha        FORD         Gdau      11m F                        Kirk Ireton
Bg25g      Samuel        ALLSOP       NurseCh   6m  M                        Bowewash
Bg25h      Phillip       KIRKLAND     -       U 39  M  Tramp ag lab          Biggin
Bn001a    John          DAVIS        Head    M 50  M  Paper maker           Matlock Bath
Bn001b    Lydia         DAVIS        Wife    M 55  F                        Bonsall
Bn001c    William       DAVIS        Son     U 23  M  Paper maker           Bonsall
Bn002a    George        WRAGG        Head    W 89  M  Paper maker           Matlock
Bn002b    Rebbeca       MCDONALD     Servant U 37  F  General servant       Bonsall
Bn003a    Joseph        BRIDDEN      Head    U 45  M  Tailor                Bonsall
Bn003b    John          BRIDDEN      Brother U 40  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
Bn004a    William       PRINCE       Head    M 46  M  Paint works lab       Bonsall
Bn004b    Ann           PRINCE       Wife    M 43  F                        Bonsall
Bn004c    George        PRINCE       Son     U 20  M  Paint works lab       Bonsall
Bn004d    Frederic Wm   PRINCE       Son     U 17  M  Paint works lab       Bonsall
Bn004e    Tom           PRINCE       Son     U 16  M  Paint works lab       Bonsall
Bn004f    Colin         PRINCE       Son     U 12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn004g    Ann Elizab    PRINCE       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn004h    Joseph        PRINCE       Son       8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn004i    Anthony       PRINCE       Son       7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn004j    Harry         PRINCE       Son       4   M                        Bonsall
Bn005a    James         SHELDON      Head    M 36  M  Paint works lab       Bonsall
Bn005b    Ann           SHELDON      Wife    M 34  F                        Bonsall
Bn005c    Hannah        SHELDON      Dau       12  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn005d    Henry         SHELDON      Son       9   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn005e    George        SHELDON      Son       7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn005f    James         SHELDON      Son       4   M                        Bonsall
Bn005g    Arther        SHELDON      Son       1   M                        Bonsall
Bn006a    William       RENSHAW      Head    M 24  M  Groom & gardener      Bonsall
Bn006b    Mary Ellen    RENSHAW      Wife    M 24  F                        Elton
Bn006c    Mary          RENSHAW      Dau       2   F                        Elton
Bn006d    Elizabeth     RENSHAW      Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
Bn007a    William       CHARLTON     Head    M 35  M  Gardener              Bonsall
Bn007b    Harriet       CHARLTON     Wife    M 35  F                        Youlgreave
Bn007c    Anne Margret  CHARLTON     Dau       5   F                        Bonsall
Bn008a    George        WILDGOOSE    Head    M 58  M  Paper maker           Darley
Bn008b    Jane          WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 57  F                        Mottonbanks YKS
Bn008c    George        WILDGOOSE    Gson    U 15  M                        Bonsall           cripple
Bn008d    Anthony       EVAN         Lodger  W 80  M  Retired lead miner    Bonsall
Bn009a    John          GREGORY      Head    M 23  M  Carter                Manchester LAN
Bn009b    Elizabeth     GREGORY      Wife    M 23  F                        Cromford
Bn009c    Janet         GREGORY      Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
Bn010a    Dorothy       GREGORY      Head    W 50  F  Inn keeper            Cromford
Bn010b    Fanny         BODEN        Sister  U 40  F  Housemaid             Cromford
Bn010c    Thomas        GREGORY      Son     U 21  M  Carter                Manchester LAN        Barlow Moor
Bn010d    Anne          BODEN        Niece   U 17  F  Barmaid               Derby
Bn010e    Joseph        CORNWELL     Boarder U 9   M  Scholar               Leominster HEF
Bn010f    Richard       MOSLEY       Lodger  U 27  M  Carter                Cromford
Bn010g    J.C.          WILLOTT      Lodger  M 32  M  Traveller             Nottingham NTT
#14---Bonsall Lodge---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p2)
Bn011a    William J S   PEACH        Head    M 29  M  Paint manufacturer    Derby                 J=John, employing 20 men,4 boys
Bn011b    H Florence C  PEACH        Wife    M 23  F                        Market Harboro LEI
Bn011c    Elizabeth     SWANWICK     Servant W 41  F  Gen servant           Shelford NTT
Bn011d    Mary          GRATTON      Servant U 20  F  Gen servant           Bonsall
Bn012a    Richard       BATES        Head    M 46  M  Cotton factory hand   Stockport LAN
Bn012b    Ann           BATES        Wife    M 42  F                        Stockport LAN
Bn012c    Sarah         BATES        Dau     U 19  F  Cotton factory hand   Saddleworth YKS
Bn012d    Mary          BATES        Dau     U 13  F  Scholar               Shard LAN
Bn012e    Emily         BATES        Dau     U 2   F                        Bonsall
Bn013a    William W     WITHAM       Head    M 55  M  Cotton factory mngr   Mansfield NTT         W=Wright, Manager
Bn013b    Ann           WITHAM       Wife    M 51  F                        Mansfield NTT
Bn013c    Samuel Jsph   WITHAM       Son     U 26  M  Cotton factory hand   Mansfield NTT
Bn013d    Eliza         WITHAM       Dau     U 20  F  Cotton factory hand   Mansfield NTT
Bn013e    Fanny         WITHAM       Dau     U 19  F  Cotton factory hand   Mansfield Wdh NTT
Bn013f    Jane Smith    WITHAM       Dau     U 16  F  Cotton factory hand   Mansfield Wdh NTT
Bn013g    John Smith    WITHAM       Son     U 15  M  Cotton factory hand   Mansfield Wdh NTT
Bn013h    Albert W      WITHAM       Son     U 12  M  Scholar               Staley Bridge CHS     W=Wright
Bn013i    Amy Wright    WITHAM       Dau     U 11  F  Scholar               Stayley Bridge LAN
Bn014a    John          ALLEN        Head    M 60  M  Gardener              Ashover
Bn014b    Sarah         ALLEN        Wife    M 49  F                        Wirksworth
Bn014c    Mary Ann      ALLEN        Dau     U 20  F  Cotton factory hand   Wirksworth
Bn014d    Dorothy       ALLEN        Dau     U 11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn014e    Harry         SPRINGTHORPE Boarder U 6   M  Scholar               Leeds YKS
Bn015a    James         MITCHEL      Head    M 48  M  Cotton weaver         Wensley
Bn015b    Elizabeth     MITCHEL      Wife    M 41  F                        Scotland SCT
Bn015c    Samuel        MITCHEL      Son     U 15  M  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn016a    Joseph        POYSER       Head    M 28  M  Comb maker            Bonsall
Bn016b    Elizabeth     POYSER       Wife    M 25  F                        Wirksworth
Bn016c    Sarah         POYSER       Dau       4   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn016d    Mary Ann      POYSER       Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
Bn017a    Edwin         WRIGHT       Head    M 41  M  Paint works lab       White Chapel LND
Bn017b    Ann           WRIGHT       Wife    M 26  F                        Derby
Bn017c    Sarah Jane    BATES        Niece     9   F  Scholar               Derby
Bn018a    Henry         FERN         Head    M 52  M  Wood sawyer           Bonsall
Bn018b    Ellen         FERN         Wife    M 51  F                        Bonsall
Bn018c    Henry         FERN         Son     U 20  M  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn018d    John          FERN         Son     U 19  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
Bn018e    Ellen         FERN         Dau     U 17  F  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn018f    Mary          FERN         Dau       14  F  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn018g    Ada           FERN         Dau       12  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn019a    Mary Ann      WHEATCROFT   Head    U 46  F  Cripple and a pauper  Matlock           cripple
Bn020a    William       SUDBURY      Head    M 52  M  Merino weaver         Ilkeston
Bn020b    Mary          SUDBURY      Wife    M 51  F                        Bonsall
Bn020c    William       SUDBURY      Son     U 19  M  Gardeners lab         Bonsall
Bn020d    Thomas        SUDBURY      Son     U 17  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn020e    Mary          SUDBURY      Dau     U 15  F  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn020f    Catherine     SUDBURY      Dau     U 13  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn020g    Francis       SUDBURY      Son     U 12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn021a    William       WATT         Head    M 70  M  Comb maker            Stirling SCT
Bn021b    Jane          WATT         Wife    M 68  F                        London MDX
Bn021c    Rosina        FELLOWS      Dau     M 32  F  Cotton factory hand   Sheffield YKS
Bn021d    Albert Edwd   FELLOWS      Gson      8   M  Scholar               Sheffield YKS
Bn021e    William Watt  FELLOWS      Gson      4   M                        Bonsall
Bn022a    Mary          DAWS         Head    W 59  F  Draper hosier etc     Bottley HAM
Bn023a    William       KNOWLES      Head    U 72  M  Farmer 11 acres       Bonsall
Bn023b    Henry         KNOWLES      Brother U 69  M  Farmer 11 acres       Bonsall
Bn023c    Adam          KNOWLES      Nephew  M 53  M  Lead miner            Bonsall
Bn023d    Matilda       KNOWLES      Niece   M 50  F                        Sutton NTT
Bn023e    Mary          KNOWLES      GNiece  U 14  F  Scholar               Bonsall               ["2nd niece"]
Bn023f    William       KNOWLES      GNephew U 11  M  Scholar               Bonsall               ["2nd nephew"]
Bn023g    Alice Louisa  KNOWLES      GNiece  U 8   F  Scholar               Bonsall               ["2nd niece"]
Bn024a    John          HUDSON       Head    M 32  M  Gardener              Longford
Bn024b    Jane          HUDSON       Wife    M 33  F                        Topsham DEV
Bn024c    John Edward   HUDSON       Son       10  M  Scholar               Duffield
Bn024d    Annie         HUDSON       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Duffield
Bn025a    William       SWINDEL      Head    M 44  M  Stone mason           Brassington
Bn025b    Mary          SWINDEL      Wife    M 46  F                        Slaley
Bn025c    Thomas        SWINDEL      Son     U 22  M  Stone mason           Slaley
Bn025d    Ann           SWINDEL      Dau     U 18  F  Gen servant           Slaley
Bn025e    Mary          SWINDEL      Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn025f    Joseph        SWINDEL      Son     U 12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn025g    Rebbeca       SWINDEL      Dau     U 7   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn025h    John          HENSTOCK     Boarder U 26  M  Ag lab                Brassington
Bn026a    John          LOWLES       Head    M 59  M  Coachman              Southwark MDX
Bn026b    Caroline      LOWLES       Wife    M 51  F                        Sydenham KEN
Bn026c    George        LOWLES       Son     U 26  M  Coachman              Knightsbridge MDX
Bn026d    Alice         LOWLES       Dau     U 17  F  Gen servant           Highinsbury CHS
Bn027a    Richard       LLOYD        Head    M 27  M  Cotton factory hand   Warwick WAR
Bn027b    Sarah Jane    LLOYD        Wife    M 29  F                        Bonsall
Bn027c    Matilda       LLOYD        Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn027d    Mercy         LLOYD        Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
Bn027e    Frances       LLOYD        Son       1   M                        Bonsall
Bn028a    Matilda       WAGSTAFF     Head    U 63  F  Midwife               Wirksworth
Bn028b    Elizabeth     WAGSTAFF     Mother  W 80  F                        Ostrey WAR
#32---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p6)
Bn029a    Jesse         COTTERILL    Head    M 45  M  Cotton weaver         Bonsall
Bn029b    Emma          COTTERILL    Wife    M 41  F                        Moor Wood Moor
Bn029c    Mira Elizab   COTTERILL    Dau     U 18  F  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn029d    Samuel        COTTERILL    Son     U 16  M  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn029e    Francis       COTTERILL    Dau     U 12  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn029f    Arther        COTTERILL    Son     U 9   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn029g    James         COTTERILL    Son     U 7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn029h    Agabus Hrld   COTTERILL    Son     U 5   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn029i    Sarah Ann     COTTERILL    Dau     U 2   F                        Bonsall
Bn029j    Emma          COTTERILL    Dau     U 9m  F                        Bonsall
#33---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p7)
Bn030a    John          HOLBROOK     Head    M 32  M  Carter                Bonsall
Bn030b    Mary          HOLBROOK     Wife    M 31  F                        Wingfield
Bn030c    Mary Ann      HOLBROOK     Dau       11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn030d    Eliza         HOLBROOK     Dau       7   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn030e    Joseph        HOLBROOK     Son       4   M                        Bonsall
Bn030f    Edith         HOLBROOK     Dau       3   F                        Bonsall
#34---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p7)
Bn031a    William       GRATTON      Head    M 43  M  Comb maker            Bonsall
Bn031b    Mary          GRATTON      Wife    M 39  F                        Brassington
Bn031c    Thomas Henry  GRATTON      Son       9   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn031d    Francis       GRATTON      Son       7   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn031e    Harriet       GRATTON      Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn031f    Mary          GRATTON      Dau       2   F                        Bonsall
#35---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p7)
Bn032a    Josiah        MARSON       Head    M 41  M  Lead miner            Bolehill
Bn032b    Eliza         MARSON       Wife    M 41  F                        Bolehill
Bn032c    Ellen         MARSON       Dau     U 16  F  Gen servant           Bolehill
Bn032d    Josiah        MARSON       Son     U 14  M  Lab                   Bolehill
Bn032e    Henry         MARSON       Son     U 9   M  Scholar               Bolehill
Bn032f    Alfred        MARSON       Son     U 7   M  Scholar               Steeple Grange
Bn032g    Eliza         MARSON       Dau     U 5   F  Scholar               Steeple Grange
#36---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p7)
Bn033a    William       ALLEN        Head    M 23  M  Lime stone getter     Heage
Bn033b    Elizabeth     ALLEN        Wife    M 20  F                        Bonsall
#37---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p7)
Bn034a    Sarah         GRATTON      Head    U 49  F  Wool picker           Bonsall
Bn034b    Eliza         GRATTON      Dau     U 18  F  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn034c    Thomas        GRATTON      Son     U 15  M  Carter                Bonsall
#38---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p8)
Bn035a    John B.       COATES       Head    M 48  M  Retired farmer        Youlgreave
Bn035b    Mary Ann      COATES       Wife    M 48  F                        Bonsall
Bn035c    Robert Clay   COATES       Son     U 20  M  Printers apprentice   Bonsall
#39---Nether Green---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p8)
Bn036a    George A      HILL         Head    U 56  M  Retired farmer        Salford LAN           A=Augustus
Bn036b    Emily C       HILL         Sis iL  W 51  F  Dividends,interest    Crumpsall LAN         C=Constance, interest of money
Bn036c    Emma          WIGLEY       Servant U 20  F  House maid            Bonsall
#40---Park Stile---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p8)
Bn037a    Robert        GREGORY      Head    W 74  M  Pauper                Bonsall
Bn037b    Robert        GREGORY      Son       32  M  Paper mill lab        Bonsall
Bn037c    Ann Elizab    GREGORY      Dau iL    37  F                        Bolehill
Bn037d    William       GREGORY      Gson      1   M                        Bonsall
Bn037e    Rebbeca       STORER       Boarder   17  F  Cotton factory hand   Bolehill
#41---The Study---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p8)
Bn038a    Margret       PRINCE       Head    W 58  F                        Manchester LAN
Bn038b    Annett Roby   PRINCE       Dau     U 27  F  Artist                Bonsall               Sketching,drawing etc
Bn038c    Dorothy C     PRINCE       Dau     U 26  F                        Bonsall               C=Caroline
Bn038d    Sarah         GREATOREX    Servant U 48  F  Cook                  Bonsall
Bn038e    Hannah        GRATTON      Servant U 38  F  Gen servant           Wirksworth
Bn038f    Sarah Jane    MILLER       Servant U 25  F  Gen servant           Siddington CHS
Bn038g    Mary          DALLISON     Servant U 19  F  Gen servant           Wombwell YKS
Bn038h    Francis Mary  GREATOREX    Servant U 15  F  Gen servant           Bolehill
Bn038i    William       SHELDON      Servant M 49  M  Ag lab                Bonsall
#42---Dale End---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p8)
Bn039a    Thomas        HOLMES       Head    M 33  M  Grocer                Cromford
Bn039b    Emily         HOLMES       Wife    M 35  F                        Manchester LAN
Bn039c    Annie         HOLMES       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Broughton LAN
Bn039d    Gertrude      HOLMES       Dau       4   F                        Manchester LAN        Queens Rd
Bn039e    Rosalind      HOLMES       Dau       2   F                        Manchester LAN        Elizabeth St Hulme
#43---Dale End---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p9)
Bn040a    Anthony       HOLMES       Head    M 62  M  Baker & farmer        Cromford
Bn040b    Milicent      HOLMES       Wife    M 62  F                        Cromford
Bn040c    Alfred        HOLMES       Son     U 26  M  Ag lab                Cromford
Bn040d    Clara         HOLMES       Dau     U 15  F  Farmers dau           Cromford
#44---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p9)
Bn041a    Harriet       RAYNES       Head    U 68  F  Income from land      Bonsall
#45---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p9)
Bn042a    Ann           RAYNES       Head    W 48  F                        Alrewas Hays STS
Bn042b    Joseph        RAYNES       Son     U 16  M  Joiner                Bonsall
Bn042c    Isaac         RAYNES       Son     U 14  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn042d    Annie         RAYNES       Dau     U 12  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn042e    Elizabeth     RAYNES       Dau     U 11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn042f    Margrett      RAYNES       Dau     U 8   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn042g    Frank Wm      RAYNES       Son     U 6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
#46---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p9)
Bn043a    John          WOOD         Head    M 55  M  Merino weaver         Calverton NTT
Bn043b    Sarah         WOOD         Wife    M 59  F                        Bonsall
#47---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p9)
Bn044a    Moses         NEWTON       Head    M 67  M  Paper mill lab        Bonsall
Bn044b    Ellen         NEWTON       Wife    M 65  F                        Bonsall
Bn044c    John          WORTHY       Boarder U 78  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
#48---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p9)
Bn045a    Milicent      SHELDON      Head    M 52  F                        Edensor
Bn045b    James         SHELDON      Son     U 20  M  Carter                Bonsall
Bn045c    William       SHELDON      Son     U 18  M  Colour works lab      Bonsall
Bn045d    Henry         SHELDON      Son     U 9   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn045e    Harriet       BIRDS        Boarder U 19  F  Cotton factory hand   Youlgreave
#49---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p10)
Bn046a    William       YOUNG        Head    M 21  M  Gardiner              Cromford
Bn046b    Louisa        YOUNG        Wife    M 24  F                        Bonsall
Bn046c    Ann           YOUNG        Dau       4m  F                        Bonsall
#50---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p10)
Bn047a    Thomas        ALSOP        Head    M 46  M  Gas works lab         Bonsall
Bn047b    Ruth          ALSOP        Wife    M 42  F                        Bonsall
Bn047c    Lydia         ALSOP        Dau       13  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn047d    Joseph        ALSOP        Son       10  M  Scholar               Bonsall
#51---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p10)
Bn048a    John          GRATTON      Head    M 44  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn048b    Elizabeth     GRATTON      Wife    M 43  F                        Milford
Bn048c    Francis Jane  GRATTON      Dau       11  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn048d    John Henry    GRATTON      Son       8   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn048e    Jesse         GRATTON      Son       6   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn048f    George Edge   GRATTON      Son       1   M                        Bonsall
#52---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p10)
Bn049a    Edward        SEEDHOUSE    Head    M 53  M  Lead miner            Bonsall
Bn049b    Hannah        SEEDHOUSE    Wife    M 56  F                        Bonsall
#53---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p10)
Bn050a    Josiah        OLIVER       Head    M 28  M  Carter                Bonsall
Bn050b    Mary          OLIVER       Wife    M 28  F                        Linton DEV
Bn050c    William       OLIVER       Son       5   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn050d    Josiah        OLIVER       Son       3   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn050e    Lawrence      OLIVER       Son       1   M                        Bonsall
#54---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p10)
Bn051a    Henry         GRATTON      Head    M 68  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn051b    Maria         GRATTON      Wife    M 69  F                        Ashover
Bn051c    Charles       WHITE        Lodger  U 18  M  Boot & shoe maker     Tetbury GLS
#56---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p11)
Bn052a    Andrew        PEARSON      Head    M 45  M  Merino weaver         Bonsall
Bn052b    Emma          PEARSON      Wife    M 50  F                        Bonsall
Bn052c    Emma Statham  COOPER       Gdau    U 9   F  Scholar               Derby
Bn052d    George        STATHAM      Nephew  U 23  M  Butcher               Bonsall
#57---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p11)
Bn053a    William       OLIVER       Head    M 44  M  Angola weaver         Bonsall
Bn053b    Harriet       OLIVER       Wife    M 42  F                        Bonsall
Bn053c    Annie         OLIVER       Dau     U 13  F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn053d    Henry S       OLIVER       Son     U 8   M  Scholar               Bonsall               S=Simpson
Bn053e    Rose          OLIVER       Dau     U 5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn053f    William       OLIVER       Son     U 3   M                        Bonsall
#58---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p11)
Bn054a    Thomas        GRATTON      Head    M 28  M  Butcher               Bonsall
Bn054b    Sarah         GRATTON      Wife    M 27  F                        Matlock Bath
Bn054c    Edith         GRATTON      Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn054d    Alice         GRATTON      Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
#59---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p11)
Bn055a    Alfred        AXE          Head    M 29  M  Joiner & builder      Wirksworth
Bn055b    Mary          AXE          Wife    M 29  F                        Bonsall
Bn055c    Ellen Louisa  AXE          Dau       5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn055d    George Wm     AXE          Son       3   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn055e    Richard N     AXE          Son       1   M                        Bonsall               N=Norman
#60---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p11)
Bn056a    George        ALESBROOK    Head    M 30  M  Railway lab           Stableton LEI
Bn056b    Mary          ALESBROOK    Wife    M 29  F                        Bonsall
Bn056c    John William  ALESBROOK    Son       3   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn056d    Alice A E     ALESBROOK    Dau       6   F  Scholar               Bonsall               A E=Annie Elizabeth
Bn056e    George        ALESBROOK    Son       10m M                        Bonsall
#61---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p12)
Bn057a    Joseph        BUNTING      Head    M 39  M  Lead miner            Bonsall
Bn057b    Elizabeth     BUNTING      Wife    M 39  F                        Ingolsby LIN
Bn057c    Job           BUNTING      Son     U 14  M  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn057d    John          BUNTING      Son     U 12  M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn057e    Henry G       BUNTING      Son     U 9   M  Scholar               Bonsall               G=Gosling
Bn057f    Ellin         BUNTING      Dau     U 7   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn057g    Joseph        BUNTING      Son     U 4   M  Scholar               Bonsall
Bn057h    Ann Elizab    BUNTING      Dau     U 2   F                        Bonsall
#62---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(RG11-3426-3-p12)
Bn058a    John          REDFERN      Head    M 49  M  Comb maker            Bonsall
Bn058b    Sarah         REDFERN      Wife    M 56  F                        Bonsall
Bn058c    John          REDFERN      Son     U 21  M  Comb maker            Bonsall
Bn058d    Ann           REDFERN      Dau     U 18  F  Cotton factory hand   Bonsall
Bn058e    Henry         REDFERN      Son     U 16  M  Joiner                Bonsall
Bn058f    Anne          FEATHERSTONE Gdau    U 9   F  Scholar               Manchester LAN

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