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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1851 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 16,103 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code   Firstname      SURNAME        Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

Ty017a   George         BLACKWALL      Head      M  43  M   Wood turner         Tansley
Ty017b   Elizabeth      BLACKWALL      Wife      M  40  F                       Derby
Ty017c   Joseph         BLACKWALL      Son       U  13  M   Wood turner         Crich
Ty017d   Andrew         BLACKWALL      Son          10  M                       Crich
Ty017e   Mary           BLACKWALL      Dau          3   F                       Tansley
#018---Lumsdale Tnsly---[Tansley]---(p5, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty018a   George         WEBSTER        Head      M  39  M   Joiner              Wirksworth
Ty018b   Susannah       WEBSTER        Wife      M  38  F                       Cromford
Ty018c   Hannah         MARGARSON      Dau       M  18  F                       Cromford
Ty018d   Jacob          WEBSTER        Son       U  15  M   Cotton bleacher     Cromford
Ty018e   Mary Ann       WEBSTER        Dau       U  13  F                       Stockport CHS
Ty018f   Thomas         WEBSTER        Son       U  10  M                       Stockport CHS
Ty019a   William        EVANS          Head      M  52  M   Tape weaver         Baseford
Ty019b   Harriet        EVANS          Wife      M  64  F                       London MDX
Ty020a   John           TWIGG          Head      W  69  M   Labourer            Tansley
Ty021a   Mary           FLETCHER       Head      W  39  F   House work          Cheadle STS
Ty021b   Jesse          FLETCHER       Son       U  18  M   Tape weaver         Middleton Youlgrave
Ty021c   Henry          FLETCHER       Son       U  16  M   Tape weaver         Middleton Youlgrave
Ty021d   Ezra           FLETCHER       Son       U  14  M   Tape weaver         Middleton Youlgrave
Ty021e   George         FLETCHER       Son       U  11  M   School boy          Middleton Youlgrave
Ty021f   Emma           FLETCHER       Dau       U  9   F   School boy          Derby
Ty021g   Mary Ann       FLETCHER       Dau          5   F   School boy          Burton STS
Ty021h   Joseph         FLETCHER       Son          2   M                       Tansley
Ty021i   Hannah Priscll FLETCHER       Dau          9m  F                       Tansley
Ty022a   Ann            EATON          Head      U  72  F   Farmer              Tansley
Ty022b   Thomas         EATON          Nephew    U  32  M   Servant             Snitterton
#023---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p6, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty023a   Barbara        KNOWLES        Head      W  46  F   House keeper        Matlock
Ty023b   Samuel         KNOWLES        Son       U  17  M   Bleacher            Matlock
Ty023c   James          KNOWLES        Son       U  13  M   Bleacher            Matlock
Ty024a   John           BRIDDON        Head      M  23  M   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty024b   Elizabeth      BRIDDON        Wife      M  23  F   Tape weaver         Crich
Ty024c   James          BRIDDON        Son          3   M                       Staley Bridge CHS
Ty024d   Luesa          BRIDDON        Dau          5m  F                       Tansley
Ty024e   George         TAYLOR         Lodger    U  16  M   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty024f   James          PICKALES?      Lodger    U  20  M   Tape weaver         Calor               Callow?
Ty025a   Fredrick       COLLEDGE       Head      M  41  M   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty025b   Dorothy        COLLEDGE       Wife      M  37  F   Tape weaver         Middleton
Ty025c   Mary           COLLEDGE       Dau       U  17  F   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty025d   Emily          COLLEDGE       Dau       U  16  F   Tape weaver         Middleton
Ty025e   Mahalah        COLLEDGE       Dau       U  10  F   Scholar             Middleton
#026---Lumsdale Tnsly---[Tansley]---
Ty026a   John           MARGERRISON    Head      M  61  M   Blacksmith          Ashover
Ty026b   Elizabeth      MARGERRISON    Wife      M  64  F   House keeper        Mansfield NTT
Ty026c   Eliza          MARGERRISON    Dau       U  35  F   Candlewick maker    Matlock
Ty026d   Sarah          MARGERRISON    Dau       U  25  F   Candlewick maker    Tansley
#027---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p7, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty027a   Thomas         JEWSBURY       Head      M  31  M   Smallware weaver    Measham
Ty027b   Harriet        JEWSBURY       Wife      M  30  F   Smallware weaver    Cheadle STS
Ty027c   Thomas         JEWSBURY       Son       U  6   M   Scholar             Measham
Ty027d   Samuel         JEWSBURY       Son       U  3   M   Scholar             Measham
Ty027e   James          GOODWIN        Son iL    U  12  M   Scholar             Wirksworth
#028---Lumsdale Tnsly---[Tansley]---
Ty028a   Joseph         FLETCHER       Head      M  41  M   Gardener            Kilbourn
Ty028b   Ann            FLETCHER       Wife      M  36  F                       Derby
Ty028c   William        FLETCHER       Son       U  14  M                       Risley
Ty028d   John           FLETCHER       Son       U  11  M                       Risley
Ty028e   Hannah         FLETCHER       Dau       U  9   F                       Risley
Ty028f   Joseph         FLETCHER       Son          3   M                       Sawley
Ty028g   James          FLETCHER       Dau          1   M                       Tansley
Ty029a   Mary A         SHIPLEY        Head      U  28  F   Inf schl governess  Belper
Ty029b   Sarah          DICKEN         Visitor   U  18  F   Cotton mill         Riber
Ty029c   Elizabeth      WALKER         Servant   U  40  F   Servant of all work Middleton
Ty030a   John           SILKSTONE      Head      M  50  M   Smallware weaver    Wirksworth
Ty030b   Jane           SILKSTONE      Wife      M  47  F   Smallware weaver    Derby
Ty030c   Maria          SILKSTONE      Dau       U  19  F   Smallware weaver    Tansley
#031---Lumsdale Tnsly---[Tansley]---(p8, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty031a   Selina         RADFORD        Dau       U  29  F   Gentlemans dau      Derby               Head from Home
Ty031b   Childers Chas  RADFORD        Son       U  22  M   Clerk, asst manager Derby
Ty031c   Mary           STAPLES        Cook      U  27  F   House servant       Morley Moor
Ty031d   Fanny          BAMFORD        Hsemaid   U  24  F   House servant       Alfreton
Ty031e   Ellen          BLACKWELL      Kitch Md  U  26  F   House servant       Kilbourne
Ty031f   Ebenezer       BRADSHAW       Man serv  M  33  M   House servant       Walkley YKS         Sheffield
#032---Lumsdale Tnsly---[Tansley]---
Ty032a   Richard        WILSON         Head      M  47  M   Farm labourer       Ashover
Ty032b   Hannah         WILSON         Wife      M  46  F                       Wirksworth
Ty032c   Jane           WILSON         Dau       U  22  F   Mill hand           Ashover
Ty032d   Dolly          WILSON         Dau       U  19  F   Mill hand           Ashover
Ty032e   Ann            WILSON         Dau       U  15  F   Mill hand           Ashover
Ty032f   Robert         WILSON         Son       U  11  M   Bleacher            Ashover
Ty032g   Sarah          WILSON         Dau          10  F                       Ashover
Ty032h   Peter          WILSON         Son          5m  M                       Lumdsdale Matlock
Ty032i   Susannah       HALLAM         Wifes dau    10m F                       Cromford
Ty033a   John           ROOSE          Head      U  36  M   Labourer            Matlock
Ty033b   Sarah          ALLEN          Servant   U  25  F                       Shirland
Ty033c   Mary           ALLEN          Dau          1   F                       Tansley
#034---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---(p9, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty034a   George         HALL           Head      M  34  M   Farmer 12 acres     Heage
Ty034b   Elizabeth      HALL           Wife      M  50  F   Farmers wife        Heage
Ty034c   Susan          TOMLINSON      Wifes sis U  42  F   Parish relief       Heage
Ty034d   James          BROWN          Servant   U  12  M   Farm labourer       Heage
#035---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---
Ty035a   George         WILMOT         Head      M  29  M   Farmer 10 acres     Ashover
Ty035b   Mary           WILMOT         Wife      M  30  F   Farmers wife        Ashover
Ty035c   Thomas         WILMOT         Son          8   M   Scholar             Ashover
Ty035d   Elizabeth      WILMOT         Dau          1   F                       Tansley
Ty035e   Fredrick       MUSGROVE       Lodger    U  35  M   Beesom maker        Farnsfield NTT
#036---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---
Ty036a   Samuel         HAYES          Head      M  32  M   Beesom maker        Herkin NTT
Ty036b   Mary           HAYES          Wife      M  32  F                       Farnsfield NTT
Ty036c   Ann            HAYES          Dau          12  F                       Farnsfield NTT
Ty036d   Fanny          HAYES          Dau          10  F                       Farnsfield NTT
Ty036e   Mary Ann       HAYES          Dau          8   F                       Farnsfield NTT
Ty036f   Henry          HAYES          Son          4   M                       Farnsfield NTT
Ty036g   James          HAYES          Son          2   M                       -
#037---Tnsly Lumsdale---[Tansley]---
Ty037a   William        EDWARDS        Head      M  67  M   Flax spinner        Darley Matlock
Ty037b   Hannah         EDWARDS        Wife         66  F                       Matlock
Ty037c   Ellen          CARDEN         Sister    U  64  F   Cotton winder       Tansley
#038---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p10, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty038a   John           BATES          Head      M  42  M   FWK                 Higham
Ty038b   Mary           BATES          Wife      M  42  F                       Higham
Ty038c   William        BATES          Son       U  19  M   Tape maker          Shetton?
Ty038d   Richard        BATES          Son       U  17  M   Tape maker          Shetton?
Ty038e   Sarah          BATES          Dau       U  13  F   Tape maker          Stockport CHS
Ty038f   Harriet        BATES          Dau          7   F   Scholar             South Winfield
Ty039a   Thomas         HACKETT        Head      M  42  M   Tape & smallware mn Oakethorpe          Manufacturer
Ty039b   Catharine      HACKETT        Wife      M  42  F                       Hull YKS
Ty039c   William Peters HACKETT        Son       U  14  M                       Derby
Ty039d   John           HACKETT        Son       U  12  M                       Derby
Ty039e   Thomas         HACKETT        Son          10  M                       Derby
Ty039f   Catharine      HACKETT        Dau          8   F                       Tansley
Ty039g   Elizabeth      HACKETT        Dau          6   F                       Tansley
Ty039h   Mary           HACKETT        Dau          4   F                       Tansley
Ty039i   George         HACKETT        Son          2   M                       Tansley
Ty039j   Samuel James   HACKETT        Son          4m  M                       Tansley
Ty039k   Hannah         BONSALL        Servant   U  22  F   House servant       Higham
Ty039l   Mary           CALADINE       Servant   U  15  F   House servant       Middleton
#040---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p11, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty040a   George         TAYLOR         Head      M  48  M   Cordwainer          Wirksworth
Ty040b   Ann            TAYLOR         Wife      M  47  F                       Crich
Ty040c   George         TAYLOR         Son          14  M                       Crich
Ty040d   Edward         TAYLOR         Son          12  M   Tape weaver         Crich
Ty040e   Lot Smith      TAYLOR         Son          6   M   Scholar             Crich
#041---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---
Ty041a   John           FRECKINGHAM    Head      M  52  M   Farmer              Kelleby LEI
Ty041b   Elizabeth      FRECKINGHAM    Wife      M  46  F                       Gunstone LEI
Ty041c   Richard        FRECKINGHAM    Son          15  M                       Tansley
Ty041d   Joseph         FRECKINGHAM    Son          9   M                       Tansley
Ty041e   Isaac          FRECKINGHAM    Son          5   M                       Tansley
#042---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---
Ty042a   Elizabeth      ALLEN          Head      W  48  F   Farmer              Brackenfield
Ty042b   John           ALLEN          Son       U  27  M                       Wessington
Ty042c   Elizabeth      ALLEN          Dau       U  21  F                       Tansley
Ty042d   Isabella       WILSON         Visitor   U  18  F                       Sheffield YKS
Ty042e   Matthew        PLATTS         Visitor   U  23  M   Cattle dealer       Riber
Ty043a   William        SPENCER        Head      M  43  M   Cordwainer          Tansley
Ty043b   Martha         SPENCER        Wife      M  47  F                       Matlock
Ty043c   Mary           SPENCER        Dau       U  16  F                       Tansley
Ty043d   Martha         SPENCER        Dau          12  F                       Tansley
Ty043e   William        SPENCER        Son          10  M                       Tansley
#044---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p12, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty044a   James          FOX            Head      U  53  M   Farmer              Tansley
Ty044b   Job            FOX            Brother   U  51  M   Farmer              Tansley
Ty044c   Lucy           FOX            Sister    U  58  F   Farmer              Tansley
Ty045a   Thomas         BODEN          Head      W  77  M   Farmer              Matlock
Ty045b   Samuel         KNOWLES        Son iL    M  45  M   Stone cutter        Matlock
Ty045c   Ann            KNOWLES        Dau       M  44  F                       Tansley
Ty045d   Thomas         KNOWLES        Gson      U  23  M   Stone cutter        Tansley
Ty045e   John           KNOWLES        Gson      U  20  M   Stone cutter        Holloway
Ty045f   Samuel         KNOWLES        Gson      U  17  M   Shoe maker          Holloway
Ty045g   Charles        KNOWLES        Gson      U  15  M   Tape weaver         Holloway
Ty045h   George         KNOWLES        Gson      U  10  M   Tape weaver         Holloway
Ty045i   Henry          KNOWLES        Gson         8   M                       Holloway
Ty045j   Sarah C        KNOWLES        Gdau         3   F                       Tansley
Ty045k   Timothy        KNOWLES        Gson         1   M                       Tansley
Ty045l   Sarah          KNOWLES        Gdau         8   F                       Matlock
Ty046a   Charles        SELLERS        Head      M  37  M   Stone cutter        Tansley
Ty046b   Sarah          SELLERS        Wife      M  50  F                       Dronfield
Ty046c   Ann            BALL           Lodger    U  22  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty046d   Ellen          BALL           Lodger    U  18  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
#047---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---(p13, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty047a   John           WILLMOT        Head      M  26  M   Labourer            Matlock
Ty047b   Maria          WILLMOT        Wife      M  27  F                       Matlock
Ty047c   Emma           WILLMOT        Dau          7   F                       Matlock
Ty047d   Joseph         WILLMOT        Son          5   M                       Matlock
Ty047e   Hannah         WILLMOT        Dau          3   F                       Matlock
Ty047f   Mathew         WILLMOT        Son          1   M                       Matlock
#048---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---
Ty048a   Charles        WILLMOT        Head      M  45  M   Farmer              Youlgrave
Ty048b   Ann            WILLMOT        Wife      M  43  F                       Brassington
Ty048c   Charles        WILLMOT        Son       U  20  M                       Youlgrave
Ty049a   Thomas         TWIGG          Head      M  37  M   Labourer            Tansley
Ty049b   Sarah          TWIGG          Wife      M  33  F                       Tansley
Ty049c   Thomas         TWIGG          Son       U  12  M                       Tansley
Ty049d   Mary           TWIGG          Dau       U  10  F                       Tansley
Ty049e   Sarah          TWIGG          Dau          8   F                       Tansley
Ty049f   John           TWIGG          Son          4   M                       Tansley
Ty049g   William        TWIGG          Son          2   M                       Tansley
Ty050a   William        BIRCH          Head      M  33  M   Labourer            Tansley
Ty050b   Dorothy        BIRCH          Wife      M  30  F                       Tansley
Ty050c   Mary           BIRCH          Dau          9   F                       Tansley
Ty050d   George         BIRCH          Son          6   M                       Tansley
#051---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p14, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty051a   Robert         FROST          Head      M  40  M   FWK                 Alfreton
Ty051b   Sarah          FROST          Wife      M  39  F   House work          Brackenfield
Ty051c   Hannah         FROST          Dau       U  17  F   Bump spinner        Alfreton
Ty051d   John           FROST          Son       U  16  M   Bump spinner        Alfreton
Ty051e   Elizabeth      FROST          Dau       U  14  F   Bump spinner        Alfreton
Ty051f   Sarah          FROST          Dau          12  F   Bump spinner        Alfreton
Ty051g   William        FROST          Son          10  M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty051h   Ann            FROST          Dau          8   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty051i   Fanney         FROST          Dau          6   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty051j   Robert         FROST          Son          4   M   Scholar             Matlock
Ty051k   Martha         FROST          Dau          1   F                       Tansley
Ty052a   Elizabeth      ELLIS          Head      M  33  F   Charwoman           Tansley
Ty052b   William        ELLIS          Son          12  M   Labourer            Matlock
Ty052c   John           ELLIS          Son          9   M   Scholar             Matlock
Ty052d   Sarah          ELLIS          Dau          7   F   Scholar             Matlock
Ty052e   George         ELLIS          Son          5   M   Scholar             Matlock
Ty052f   Samuel         ELLIS          Son          1   M                       Tansley
Ty053a   John           BUNTING        Head      M  25  M   Tape weaver         Basford NTT
Ty053b   Ann            BUNTING        Wife      M  25  F   Tape weaver         Derby
#054---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p15, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty054a   Newton         BARTON         Head      M  50  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Ty054b   Ann            BARTON         Wife      M  48  F   Wife miner          Matlock
Ty054c   William        BARTON         Son       U  27  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Ty054d   Thomas         BARTON         Son       U  25  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Ty054e   Eliza          LYMN           Dau       M  20  F   Stone masons wife   Matlock
Ty054f   Charles        LYMN           Son iL    M  22  M   Stone mason         Norton
Ty054g   Maria          BARTON         Dau       U  18  F   Tape weaver         Matlock
Ty054h   James          BARTON         Son       U  16  M   Tape weaver         Crich
Ty054i   John           BARTON         Son          14  M   Tape weaver         Crich
Ty054j   Harriet        BARTON         Dau          8   F   Scholar             Crich
Ty054k   Sarah          BOWN           Visitor   M  68  F   Farmers wife        Ashover
Ty055a   William        FLETCHER       Head      M  27  M   Farm labourer       North wingfield
Ty055b   Rebecca        FLETCHER       Wife      M  26  F                       Ashover
Ty055c   John           FLETCHER       Son          5   M                       Ashover
Ty055d   Joseph         FLETCHER       Son          3   M                       Ashover
Ty055e   William        FLETCHER       Son          6m  M                       Ashover
Ty056a   John           POTTER         Head      M  54  M   Mason               Tansley
Ty056b   Catharine      POTTER         Wife      M  57  F                       St Huntas? NTT
Ty056c   Josia          CASH           Lodger    U  23  M   Surgeon             Leamington WAR
#057---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p16, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty057a   Samuel         BRADSHAW       Head      M  59  M   Labourer            Matlock
Ty057b   Sarah          BRADSHAW       Wife      M  52  F   Labourers wife      Bolehill
Ty057c   Edward         BRADSHAW       Son       U  27  M   Paint bleacher      Matlock
Ty057d   Mary           BRADSHAW       Dau       U  21  F   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Ty057e   Sarah          BRADSHAW       Dau       U  19  F   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Ty057f   Elizabeth      BRADSHAW       Dau       U  17  F   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Ty057g   Joseph         BRADSHAW       Son       U  15  M   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Ty057h   Job            BRADSHAW       Son       U  13  M   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Ty057i   Hannah         BRADSHAW       Dau       U  11  F   Scholar             Matlock
Ty058a   Martha         JACKSON        Head      U  19  F   Tape weaver         Smithy Moor
Ty058b   Ann            CUTTS          Niece        13  F   Tape weaver         Whalley Moor
Ty059a   Thomas         STRANGE        Head      M  55  M   FWK                 Crich
Ty059b   Sarah          STRANGE        Wife      M  58  F   House keeper        Tansley
Ty059c   Amey           STRANGE        Dau       U  15  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty059d   James          STRANGE        Son       U  13  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty059e   James          TAYLOR         Lodger    U  20  M   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty059f   Ann            WILBRAKAM      Lodger    U  25  F   Tape weaver         Wessinton
Ty060a   Samuel         TAYLOR         Head      M  20  M   Butcher             Wingfield
Ty060b   Fanny          TAYLOR         Wife      M  24  F   Wife                Alderwaslee
#061---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p17, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty061a   John           STONE          Head      M  47  M   Stone mason         Darley Dale
Ty061b   Mary           STONE          Wife      M  47  F                       Tansley
Ty061c   James          STONE          Son       U  22  M   Stone mason         Tansley
Ty061d   Thomas         STONE          Son       U  17  M   Stone mason         Tansley
Ty061e   Job            STONE          Son       U  10  M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty061f   Ann            STONE          Dau          7   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty061g   Stephen        STONE          Son          4   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty061h   Eliza          STONE          Dau          1   F                       Tansley
Ty062a   William        WHITTAKER      Head      M  54  M   Labourer            Dale Abbey
Ty062b   Martha         WHITTAKER      Wife      M  51  F   Wife                Dale Abbey
Ty062c   Mary           WHITTAKER      Dau       U  30  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty062d   Samuel         WHITTAKER      Son       U  19  M   Labourer            Tansley
Ty062e   Elizabeth      WHITTAKER      Dau       U  13  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty062f   Sarah          WHITTAKER      Dau          10  F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty062g   William        WHITTAKER      Gson         3   M   Scholar             Fritchley
Ty063a   John           TAYLOR         Head      M  28  M   Coal seller         Crich
Ty063b   Mary           TAYLOR         Wife      M  33  F   Wife                Shottle
Ty063c   William        TAYLOR         Son          6   M   Scholar             Shottle
Ty063d   Mary Ann       TAYLOR         Dau          5   F   Scholar             Shottle
Ty063e   James          TAYLOR         Son          3   M                       Shottle
#064---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p18, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty064a   Joseph         JOHNSON        Head      M  48  M   Farm labourer       North Wingfield
Ty064b   Mary           JOHNSON        Wife      M  49  F   Wife                North Wingfield
Ty064c   Mary           JOHNSON        Gdau         1   F                       Crich
Ty064d   Joseph         JOHNSON        Son       U  17  M   Labourer            North Wingfield
Ty064e   George         JOHNSON        Son          13  M   Labourer            North Wingfield
Ty065a   Elizabeth      OGDEN          Head      U  23  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty065b   John           OGDEN          Brother      8   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty065c   Henry          SELLERS        Lodger    U  39  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty066a   Harriet        SHENTON        Head      W  35  F   Tape maker          Milners Green
Ty066b   Elizabeth      SHENTON        Dau          9   F   Tape maker, scholar Wirksworth
#067---Tansley Moor---[Tansley]---
Ty067a   Samuel         TWIGG          Head      M  39  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty067b   Catharine      TWIGG          Wife         39  F   Wife                Crich
Ty067c   John           TWIGG          Son          12  M   Tape weaver         Ashover
Ty067d   Ann            TWIGG          Dau          10  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty067e   Sarah          TWIGG          Dau          8   F   Scholar             Ashover
Ty067f   William        TWIGG          Son          6   M   Scholar             Brampton
Ty067g   Elizabeth      TWIGG          Dau          3   F   At home             Tansley
Ty067h   Mary           TWIGG          Dau          1   F   At home             Tansley
Ty068a   James          BRIDDON        Head      M  48  M   Smallware weaver    Wirksworth
Ty068b   Ann            BRIDDON        Wife      M  50  F   Smallware weaver    Wirksworth
#069---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p19, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty069a   Thomas         WILDGOOSE      Head      W  39  M   Labourer            Darley
Ty069b   George         WILDGOOSE      Son          11  M   Tape weaver         Nottingham NTT
Ty069c   Thomas         WILDGOOSE      Son          9   M   Scholar             Matlock
Ty069d   Rebecca        WILDGOOSE      Dau          6   F   Scholar             Matlock
Ty069e   John           WILDGOOSE      Son          5   M   Scholar             Matlock
Ty069f   Mary           WILDGOOSE      Dau          2   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty069g   William        WILDGOOSE      Son          6m  M                       Tansley
Ty069h   Hannah         ROOSE          Servant      19  F   -                   Matlock
Ty070a   Stephen        SMITH          Head      M  27  M   Nurseryman          Matlock
Ty070b   Mariana        SMITH          Wife      M  23  F                       Ashover
Ty070c   Samuel         SMITH          Son          6m  M                       Crich
Ty071a   John           LOMAS          Head      M  63  M   Farmer              Tansley
Ty071b   Jane           LOMAS          Wife      M  63  F                       Ashover
Ty071c   Ann            KNOWLES        Servant   U  13  F                       Holloway
Ty072a   William        WHITE          Head      M  44  M   Labourer            Tansley
Ty072b   Margaret       WHITE          Wife      M  37  F   Labourers wife      Wirksworth
Ty072c   Sarah          WHITE          Day          12  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty072d   Lucy           WHITE          Dau          9   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty072e   John           WHITE          Son          7   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty072f   Joseph         WHITE          Son          4   M   Scholar             Tansley
#073---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p20, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty073a   William        MARSH          Head      M  30  M   Tape weaver         Crich
Ty073b   Elizabeth      MARSH          Wife      M  28  F   Wife                Matlock
Ty073c   Stephen        MARSH          Son          5   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty073d   Elizabeth      MARSH          Dau          3   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty074a   George         BUNTING        Head      M  57  M   Labourer            Bonsall
Ty074b   Mary           BUNTING        Wife      M  58  F                       Tipshall
Ty074c   Joseph         BUNTING        Son       U  20  M   Tape maker          Tansley
Ty074d   William        BUNTING        Son       U  17  M   Tape maker          Tansley
Ty074e   James          BUNTING        Son          12  M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty075a   William        TWIGG          Head      M  45  M   Wood turner         Tansley
Ty075b   Mary           TWIGG          Wife      M  45  F   Wife                Wessington
Ty075c   Jane           TWIGG          Dau          14  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty075d   Hannah         TWIGG          Dau          12  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty076a   Catharine      TWIGG          Head      W  52  F   Laundress           Matlock
Ty076b   Jane           TWIGG          Dau       U  22  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty076c   William        JERRISON       Son iL    M  30  M   Tape weaver         Ashover
Ty076d   Sarah          JERRISON       Dau       M  26  F                       Tansley
Ty076e   Mary           JERRISON       Gdau         1   F                       Tansley
Ty077a   Thomas         TWIGG          Head      M  62  M   Farmer              Tansley
Ty077b   Sarah          TWIGG          Wife      M  68  F                       Matlock
#078---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p21, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty078a   Ben            PALFREYMAN     Head      M  30  M   Tape weaver         Middleton
Ty078b   Elizabeth      PALFREYMAN     Wife      M  29  F   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty078c   Elizabeth      PALFREYMAN     Dau          10  F   Scholar             Wirksworth
Ty078d   Sarah          PALFREYMAN     Dau          8   F   Scholar             Wirksworth
Ty078e   William        PALFREYMAN     Son          5   M   Scholar             Wirksworth
Ty078f   Mary           PALFREYMAN     Dau          1   F                       Tansley
Ty078g   Ben            PALFREYMAN     Son          1d  M                       Tansley
Ty078h   Hannah         MASKRY         Sister iL U  23  F   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty079a   George         BONSALL        Head      M  50  M   Labourer            Selston NTT
Ty079b   Sarah          BONSALL        Wife      M  47  F                       Tansley
Ty079c   George         BONSALL        Son       U  15  M   Bleacher            Whaley CHS
Ty079d   Phebe          BONSALL        Dau          10  F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty079e   John           LEE            Lodger    U  17  M   Factory boy         Middleton
Ty079f   Robert         LEE            Lodger    U  15  M   Factory boy         Middleton
Ty080a   Grace          BRIDDON        Head      W  44  F   Smallware weaver    Wirksworth
Ty080b   William        BIRD           Lodger    M  24  M   Smallware weaver    Nottingham NTT
Ty080c   Sarah          BIRD           Lodger    M  27  F   Smallware weaver    Ashover
Ty080d   Mary Ann       BIRD           Lodger       4d  F                       Tansley
Ty080e   Mary           BROUGH         Visitor   U  10  F   Scholar             Iron Villa
#081------[Tansley]---(p22, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty081a   Francis        DENNIS         Head      M  35  M   Overlooker factory  Measham
Ty081b   Ann            DENNIS         Wife      M  34  F   Dress maker         Burton on Trent STS
Ty081c   William        DENNIS         Son          14  M   Smallware weaver    Measham
Ty081d   Francis        DENNIS         Son          11  M   Scholar             Measham
Ty081e   Thomas         DENNIS         Son          7   M   Scholar             Burton on Trent STS
Ty081f   Sarah Hunt     DENNIS         Dau          4   F   Scholar             Burton on Trent STS
Ty081g   Mary Ann       DENNIS         Dau          2   F                       Tansley
Ty081h   Jane           WRIGHT         Niece        12  F   Servant             Burton on Trent STS
Ty082a   George         WETTON         Head      M  56  M   Farmer of 40 acres  Crich
Ty082b   Betty          WETTON         Wife      M  54  F                       Ashover
Ty082c   Joseph         BOLLINGTON     Wifes bro U  56  M   Annuitant           Ashover
Ty082d   Hannah         BOLLINGTON     Wifes sis U  45  F                       Ashover
Ty082e   Samuel         THORNELOW      Servant   U  16  M   Farm labourer       Bilborough NTT
Ty083a   John           CORDEN         Head      M  51  M   Joiner              Ashbourn
Ty083b   Sarah          CORDEN         Wife         44  F   Wife                Wirksworth
Ty083c   John           CORDEN         Son       U  19  M   Joiner              Wirksworth
Ty083d   Ann            CORDEN         Dau       U  15  F   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty083e   Sarah          CORDEN         Dau          12  F   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Ty083f   Mary           CORDEN         Dau          10  F   Scholar             Tansley
#084---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p23, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty084a   Phebe          GREGORY        Head      W  65  F   Retd from farming   Tansley
Ty085a   William        TWIGG          Head      M  41  M   Farmer 50 acres     Tansley             Of land, 1 man
Ty085b   Sophia         TWIGG          Wife      M  42  F   Housekeeper         Tansley
Ty085c   Thomas         TWIGG          Son          14  M   Labourer on farm    Tansley
Ty085d   Mary           TWIGG          Dau          13  F   Labourer on farm    Tansley
Ty085e   William        TWIGG          Son          9   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty085f   Sarah          TWIGG          Dau          6   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty085g   Samuel         TWIGG          Son          4   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty085h   Ann            TWIGG          Dau          1   F                       Tansley
Ty086a   Charlotte      JAQUES         Head      U  47  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty086b   Phebe          JAQUES         Sister    U  45  F                       Tansley
Ty087a   William        YOUNG          Head      M  61  M   Farmer 10 acres     Tansley
Ty087b   Elizabeth      YOUNG          Wife      M  61  F   Housekeeper         Tansley
Ty087c   John           YOUNG          Son       U  23  M   Labourer            Tansley
Ty087d   William        YOUNG          Son       U  23  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty087e   Henry          YOUNG          Son       U  21  M   Gingham weaver      Tansley
Ty087f   George         YOUNG          Gson         4   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty088a   William        CARR           Head      M  35  M   Shoe maker          Longner
Ty088b   Maria          CARR           Wife      M  35  F                       Bonsall
Ty088c   Samuel         CARR           Son          5   M                       Matlock Bath
#089---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p24, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty089a   Thomas         SPENCER        Head      M  34  M   Farmer 72 acres     Tansley
Ty089b   Harriot        SPENCER        Wife      M  40  F   Farmers wife        Swanwick
Ty089c   Mary           SPENCER        Dau       U  11  F   Servant             Tansley
Ty089d   Joseph         HALLAM         Servant   U  27  M   Farm servant        Brailsford
Ty090a   William        HICKLIN        Head      M  65  M   Farmer 47 acres     Church Broughton
Ty090b   Hannah         HICKLIN        Wife      M  62  F   Farmers wife        Boilston
Ty090c   John           TAYLOR         Servant   U  18  M   Labourer            Matlock
Ty090d   James          WALL           Servant      14  M   Labourer            Ashover
Ty090e   Hannah         YEOMANS        Visitor      9   F   Scholar             Darley
Ty091a   George         HOPKINSON      Head      M  48  M   Labourer            Milltown
Ty091b   Harriet        HOPKINSON      Wife      M  41  F   Labourers wife      Chesterfield
Ty091c   Emma           HOPKINSON      Dau          13  F   Tape weaver         Lumsdale
Ty091d   William        HOPKINSON      Son          7   M   School              Tansley
Ty091e   Edwin          HOPKINSON      Son          14  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty092a   Charles        WILLMOTT       Head      M  25  M   Farmer & labourer   Tansley             2.5 acres
Ty092b   Hannah         WILLMOTT       Wife      M  24  F   Wife                Tansley
Ty092c   William        WILLMOTT       Son          2   M   Son                 Tansley
Ty092d   Hannah elizab  WILLMOTT       Dau          6m  F                       Tansley
Ty092e   Thomas         ELLIOTT        Visitor   U  19  M   Edge Tool grinder   Colcaston
Ty092f   William        ETCHELL        Visitor      15  M   Sickle grinder      Dronfield
#093---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p25, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty093a   Isaac          STALEY         Head      M  38  M   Farmer              Cromford
Ty093b   Elizabeth      STALEY         Wife      M  38  F                       Manchester LAN
Ty093c   Francis        STALEY         Son          5   M   Scholar             Manchester LAN
Ty093d   William        STALEY         Son          3   M   Scholar             Manchester LAN
Ty093e   Mary           STALEY         Dau          11m F                       Tansley
#094---Tansly Nursery---[Tansley]---
Ty094a   Joseph         SMITH          Head      M  56  M   Nurseryman & farmer Manchester LAN      135 acres, 25 out, 2 indoor labourers
Ty094b   Sarah          SMITH          Wife      M  50  F                       Matlock
Ty094c   Joseph         SMITH          Son       U  25  M                       Tansley
Ty094d   Ann            SMITH          Dau       U  19  F   At home             Tansley
Ty094e   Luesa          SMITH          Dau       U  15  F   At home             Tansley
Ty094f   Mary           SMITH          Dau       U  11  F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty094g   Sarah          SMITH          Dau       U  9   F   Scholar             Tansley
Ty094h   Samuel         SMITH          Son          7   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty094i   James          SMITH          Son          4   M                       Tansley
Ty094j   George         TAYLOR         Servant      16  M   Servant             -
Ty095a   Mellvile       HOLMES         Head      U  28  M   Perpetual Curate    Liverpool LAN
Ty095b   Mary           HUNTER                   W  59  F   Annuitant           Windermere WES
Ty095c   Mary Ann       BUSH           Visitor   U  27  F                       Newark NTT
Ty095d   Christopher    HILL                     U  19  M   School master       Hazlebury Bryan DOR
Ty095e   Elizabeth      CALOW          Servant   U  19  F   House servant       Sawley
#096---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p26, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty096a   Anthony        WRAGG          Head      M  43  M   Farm labourer       Tansley
Ty096b   Mary           WRAGG          Wife      M  44  F                       Tansley
Ty096c   Sarah          WRAGG          Dau       U  21  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty096d   Phebe          WRAGG          Dau       U  15  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty096e   Anthony        WRAGG          Son       U  13  M   Bump spinner        Tansley
Ty096f   Mary           WRAGG          Dau          10  F   At home             Tansley
Ty096g   Johnathan      WRAGG          Son          7   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty097a   Ann            HOLE           Head      M  47  F   Charwoman           Wessington
Ty097b   Samuel         HOLE           Son       U  16  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty097c   Sarah          HOLE           Dau       U  13  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty097d   Jane           HOLE           Dau       U  11  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty097e   George         HOLE           Son          6   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty097f   Henry          HOLE           Son          5   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty098a   Francis        CALOW          Head      M  51  M   Wood turner         Matlock             5 men 1 appr
Ty098b   Mary           CALOW          Wife      M  46  F                       Middleton
Ty099a   James          BOBANKS        Head      W  57  M   Grocer, tw chandler Mansfield NTT       Tallow
Ty099b   Thomas         BOBANKS        Son       U  29  M   Grocer, tw chandler Edingley NTT        Tallow
Ty099c   William        BOBANKS        Son       U  26  M   Grocer, tw chandler Tansley             Tallow
Ty099d   Mary           BOBANKS        Dau       U  21  F   Domestic duties     Tansley
Ty099e   Elizabeth      FOX            Gdau         3   F   Infant school       Tansley
#100---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p27, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty100a   William        BOWN           Head      U  26  M   Farmer 52 acres     Macclesfield        2 labs
Ty100b   George         CUPIT          Servant   U  24  M   Labourer            Hooley Moor
Ty100c   Ann            GREENHOUGH     Servant   U  25  F   House servant       Wheatcroft
Ty100d   William        OGDEN          Servant   W  74  M   Labourer            Matlock
Ty101a   William        CALOW          Head      M  56  M   Cordwainer          Matlock
Ty101b   Phebe          CALOW          Wife      M  55  F                       Tansley
Ty101c   Joseph         CALOW          Son       U  21  M   Wood turner         Tansley
Ty101d   Hannah         CALOW          Dau       U  13  F                       Tansley
Ty101e   John           CALOW          Son          10  M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty102a   Hannah         HOLMES         Head      W  50  F   Washer woman        Shardlow
Ty102b   Hannah         HOLMES         Dau       U  16  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty102c   William        HOLMES         Son       U  13  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty103a   Samuel         COOK           Head      M  79  M   Joiner              Tansley
Ty103b   Maria          COOK           Wife      M  52  F                       Hazlewood
Ty103c   Kezia          TOPHAM         Lodger    U  16  F   Tape weaver         Darley
Ty103d   Joseph         KIRK           Lodger    U  11  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty104a   Thomas         CALOW          Head      M  28  M   Wood turner         Tansley
Ty104b   Martha         CALOW          Wife      M  27  F   Wood turners wife   Tansley
Ty104c   William        CALOW          Son          3   M   Scholar             Tansley
Ty104d   Joseph George  CALOW          Son          1   M                       Tansley
#105---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p28, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty105a   George         PEACH          Head      M  44  M   Tape weaver         Measham
Ty105b   Sarah          PEACH          Wife      M  40  F                       Tansley
Ty105c   Samuel         PEACH          Son       U  15  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty105d   Ann            PEACH          Dau       U  13  F   Tape weaver         Tansley
Ty105e   George         PEACH          Son          8   M   Scholar school      Tansley
Ty105f   William        PEACH          Son          5   M   Scholar school      Tansley
Ty105g   John           PEACH          Son          2   M   Scholar school      Tansley
Ty106a   Thomas         KNOWLES        Head      M  44  M   Carpenter           Matlock
Ty106b   Ann            KNOWLES        Wife      M  33  F                       Matlock
Ty106c   Martha         KNOWLES        Dau          11  F   Scholar home        Matlock
Ty106d   Thomas         KNOWLES        Son          9   M   Scholar home        Matlock
Ty106e   William        KNOWLES        Son          8   M   Scholar home        Matlock
Ty106f   John           KNOWLES        Son          6   M   Scholar home        Matlock
Ty106g   Mathew         KNOWLES        Son          4   M   Scholar home        Matlock
Ty106h   George         KNOWLES        Son          2   M                       Tansley
Ty106i   Samuel         KNOWLES        Son          9m  M                       Tansley
Ty107a   Thomas         RADFORD        Head      U  20  M   Weaver              Tansley
Ty107b   Samuel         RADFORD        Brother   U  18  M   Weaver              Tansley
Ty107c   Elizabeth      RADFORD        Brother   U  14  M   Weaver              Tansley
Ty107d   Josiah         RADFORD        Brother   U  12  M   Scholar school      Tansley
#108---Tansley---[Tansley]---(p29, Matlock district, Enumeration district 8, HO 107/2150)
Ty108a   Joseph         BOWN           Head      M  28  M   Butcher             Matlock
Ty108b   Rosamand       BOWN           Wife      M  29  F   House keeper        Chesterfield
Ty108c   Mary           BOWN           Dau          11m F                       Tansley
Ty108d   John           HOLLAND        Visitor   U  44  M   Errand man          Cressbrook
Ty108e   Jabez          LOWE           Visitor   U  21  M   Smallware weaver    Chesterfield
Ty109a   Martha         POTTER         Head      W  55  F   Domestic duties     Mansfield NTT
Ty109b   Amelia         POTTER         Dau       U  23  F   Candlewick manufctr Tansley
Ty109c   John           POTTER         Son       U  19  M   Candlewick manufctr Tansley
Ty109d   William        POTTER         Son       U  16  M   Candlewick manufctr Tansley
Ty109e   Catharine      POTTER         Dau       U  13  F   Candlewick manufctr Tansley
Ty110a   John           SMITH          Head      M  31  M   Smallware weaver    Derby
Ty110b   Susanna        SMITH          Wife      M  24  F                       Crich
Ty110c   Sarah Ann      SMITH          Dau       U  3   F   Smallware weaver    Tansley
Ty110d   John           SMITH          Son       U  1   M   Smallware weaver    Wirksworth
Ty110e   John           SMITH          Servant   M  58  M   Smallware weaver    Yoxall STS
Ty110f   James          FRITH          Lodger    U  17  M   Smallware weaver    Derby
Ty111a   John           COOK           Head      W  50  M   Grocer              Tansley
Ty111b   Mary           COOK           Dau       U  18  F   Housekeeper         Tansley
Ty112a   Mary Grace     BOBANKS        Head      U  53  F   School mistress     Mansfield NTT
Ty112b   Mary           WOOD           Lodger    W  50  F                       Cromford

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Code   Firstname  SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

Ad01a  Job        PEAT     Head       M  61  M  Farmer of 100 acres Ashleyhay           Empl 3 labourers

Number---Address------[Place]-----(page, Registrar's District, Enumeration District, Home Office number)

#001---Knobb Farm---[Alderwasley]---(p1, Wirksworth district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2145)

In the Census, each household is given a #"number of Householders Schedule". A Page Reference number is given, each page holding about 20 entries. Registrar's District, Enumeration District and Home Office reference number are also present. All this information is given in the listing in red. The Home Office (Public Record Office) number can be used to order microfilm of the Census from the PRO, or view at a reference library.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.