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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1851 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 16,103 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code   Firstname      SURNAME        Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

Mk649a   Francis        ROBERTS        Head      M  55  M   Wood turner         Repton
Mk649b   Mary           ROBERTS        Wife      M  63  F                       Matlock
Mk650a   George         PALFREMAN      Head      M  38  M   Tape weaver         Youlgrave
Mk650b   Fanney         PALFREMAN      Wife      M  34  F                       Stanton
Mk650c   Hew            PALFREMAN      Son          9   M   Scholar             Wirksworth
Mk650d   John           PALFREMAN      Son          7   M   Scholar             Wirksworth
Mk650e   Thomas         PALFREMAN      Son          5   M   Scholar             Wirksworth
Mk650f   Margaret Sarah PALFREMAN      Dau          1m  F                       Matlock
#032---Cliff---[Matlock]---(p9, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk651a   George         BROOKS         Head      M  41  M   Ag lab              Wirksworth
Mk651b   Ann            BROOKS         Wife      M  33  F                       Belper
Mk651c   Mary Ann       BROOKS         Dau       U  14  F                       Tansley
Mk651d   Joseph         BROOKS         Son          12  M   Scholar             Tansley
Mk651e   George         BROOKS         Son          9   M   Scholar             Tansley
Mk651f   James          BROOKS         Son          7   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk651g   Samuel         BROOKS         Son          3   M                       Matlock
Mk652a   John           JOHNSON        Head      M  31  M   Tape weaver         Tansley
Mk652b   Hannah         JOHNSON        Wife      M  30  F                       Matlock
Mk652c   William        JOHNSON        Son          5   M                       Matlock
Mk652d   Joseph         JOHNSON        Dau          7   M                       Matlock
Mk653a   John           JOHNSON        Head      M  60  M   Ag lab              Matlock
Mk653b   Elizabeth      JOHNSON        Wife      M  70  F                       Holloway
Mk653c   Sarah          JOHNSON        Dau       U  32  F                       Matlock
Mk653d   Eliza          CUPID          Dau       M  25  F                       Tansley
Mk653e   Thomas         JOHNSON        Gson         12  M                       Tansley
Mk653f   Mary           CUPID          Gdau         2   F                       Matlock
Mk654a   Richard        WHEELDON       Head      M  60  M   Hatter              Matlock
Mk654b   Elizabeth      WHEELDON       Wife      M  65  F                       Matlock
Mk654c   Ann            HIDES          Visitor      12  F                       Nottinghamshire NTT
#036---Cliff---[Matlock]---(p10, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk655a   William        BRIDDON        Head      M  40  M   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Mk655b   Ann            BRIDDON        Wife      M  40  F   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Mk655c   John           BRIDDON        Son       U  19  M   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Mk655d   Maria          BRIDDON        Dau       U  16  F   Tape weaver         Wirksworth
Mk655e   Job            BRIDDON        Son          14  M                       Wirksworth
Mk655f   Ann            BRIDDON        Dau          12  F   Scholar             Wirksworth
Mk655g   William        BRIDDON        Son          10  M   Scholar             Wirksworth
Mk656a   George         WHITE          Head      M  36  M   Blacksmith          Ashover
Mk656b   Bessey         WHITE          Wife      M  33  F                       Ashover
Mk656c   George         WHITE          Son       U  15  M   Shoemaker apprent   Matlock
Mk656d   Joseph         WHITE          Son          13  M                       Matlock
Mk656e   John           WHITE          Son          11  M                       Matlock
Mk656f   William        WHITE          Son          4   M                       Tansley
Mk656g   Bessey         WHITE          Dau          1   F                       Tansley
Mk656h   Lavinia        SLACK          Visitor      22  F                       Tansley
Mk657a   John           ALSOP          Head      W  58  M   Labourer            Matlock
Mk657b   Edward         ALSOP          Son       U  24  M   Labourer            Matlock
Mk657c   John           ALSOP          Son       U  16  M   Labourer            Matlock
Mk657d   Joseph         CROWDER        Son iL    M  25  M   Plasterer           Matlock
Mk657e   Sarah          CROWDER        Dau       M  21  F   House keeper        Matlock
Mk657f   John           CROWDER        Son iL       8m  M                       Matlock
#039---Cliff---[Matlock]---(p11, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk658a   Charles        OAKLEY         Head      M  36  M   House painter       Crich
Mk658b   Charlotte      OAKLEY         Wife      M  30  F                       Melton Mobry LEI
Mk658c   Mary           OAKLEY         Dau          13  F   Factory girl        Nantwich CHS
Mk658d   Obadiah        OAKLEY         Son          10  M                       Derby
Mk658e   Hariet         OAKLEY         Dau          6   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk658f   Charles        OAKLEY         Son          4   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk658g   Fanny Eliza    OAKLEY         Dau          1   F                       Matlock
Mk658h   Rose Maris     SCOTT          Visitor   U  21  F   Domestic servant    Melton Mobry LEI
Mk658i   George Alfred  SCOTT          Visit son    3d  M                       Matlock
Mk659a   Peter          WRAGG          Head      W  30  M   Joiner journeyman   Bonsall
Mk659b   William George WRAGG          Son          5   M                       Tansley
Mk659c   Mary           WRAGG          Dau          4   F                       Tansley
Mk659d   Harriett       WRAGG          Dau          2   F                       Matlock
Mk659e   Elizabeth      WRAGG          Sister    U  17  F   House keeper        Bonsall
Mk660a   John           TOMLINSON      Head      M  36  M   Ag lab              Brassington
Mk660b   Elizabeth      TOMLINSON      Wife      M  27  F                       Matlock
Mk660c   John           TOMLINSON      Son          6   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk660d   Hannah         TOMLINSON      Mother    W  82  F                       Bradburn
#042---Cliff---[Matlock]---(p12, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk661a   William        TOMLINSON      Head      M  51  M   Labourer            Brassington
Mk661b   Sarah          TOMLINSON      Wife      M  54  F                       Horsfield STS
Mk661c   Ann            TOMLINSON      Dau       U  15  F                       Parwich
Mk661d   Harriett       TOMLINSON      Dau          13  F                       Parwich
Mk661e   Catherine      TOMLINSON      Dau          11  F                       Parwich
Mk661f   Francis        TOMLINSON      Son          9   M                       Brassington
Mk661g   William        ALLEN          Son iL    M  24  M   Lead miner          Wensley
Mk661h   Sarah          ALLEN          Dau       M  20  F                       Parwich
Mk661i   Mary           ALLEN          Gdau         1   F                       Matlock
Mk662a   Ralph          WILDGOOSE      Head      M  57  M   Cordwainer master   Darley dale
Mk662b   Sabra          WILDGOOSE      Wife      M  61  F                       Rowsley
Mk663a   Prisilla       TWIGG          Head      U  71  F   Formerly Dairy maid Matlock
Mk663b   Sarah          TWIGG          Sister    U  52  F                       Matlock
Mk664a   Ralph          LOMAS          Head      M  39  M   Joiner journeyman   Tansley
Mk664b   Jane           LOMAS          Wife      M  38  F                       Edensor
Mk664c   George         LOMAS          Son          8   M   Scholar             Chesterfield
Mk664d   John           LOMAS          Son          6   M   Scholar             Edensor
Mk664e   Sarah          LOMAS          Dau          4   F                       Wales WLS
Mk664f   Susannah       LOMAS          Dau          1   F                       Matlock
#046---Cliff---[Matlock]---(p13, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk665a   William        TINKER         Head      M  35  M   Miller journeyman   Upton NTT
Mk665b   Elizabeth      TINKER         Wife      M  34  F                       Claypol LIN
Mk665c   Mary           TINKER         Dau          9   F   Scholar             Manchester LAN
Mk665d   Ann            TINKER         Dau          6   F   Scholar             Nottinghamshire NTT
Mk665e   Eliza          TINKER         Dau          3   F                       Nottinghamshire NTT
Mk665f   Richard        TINKER         Son          2w  M                       Matlock
Mk665g   Mary           HEBB           Visitor   U  43  F                       Lincolnshire LIN
Mk666a   George         HAWLEY         Head      M  68  M   Blacksmith          Matlock
Mk666b   Mary           HAWLEY         Wife      M  58  F                       Skillingthorpe LIN
Mk666c   James          TOMPSON        Appr      U  18  M   Blacksmith apprent  Cromford
Mk667a   Joshua         STATHAM        Head      U  39  M   Shoemaker master    Matlock             Empl 4 men
Mk667b   George         STATHAM        Brother   U  23  M   Shoemaker           Matlock
Mk667c   Martha         CARDING        Servant   U  19  F   House keeper        Bonsall
Mk668a   William        BRATBY         Head      M  40  M   Druggist & grocer   Overhaddon
Mk668b   Martha         BRATBY         Wife      M  41  F                       Marchington STS
Mk668c   Anne           BRATBY         Dau          10  F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk668d   Mary           BRATBY         Dau          4   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk668e   Richard        BRATBY         Son          6   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk668f   William        BRATBY         Son          3   M                       Matlock
Mk668g   Ruth           CHADWINS       Servant   U  17  F   House servant       London LND
#050---Bridg---[Matlock]---(p14, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk669a   Thomas         WALTERS        Head      M  32  M   Draper              Pentrich
Mk669b   Sarah          WALTERS        Wife      M  35  F                       Pentrich
Mk669c   Mary Ellen     WALTERS        Dau          4m  F                       Matlock
Mk669d   Joseph         BOOTH          Appr         13  M   Apprent draper      Bradley
Mk669e   Hannah         LITCHFIELD     Servant   U  19  F   House servant       Darley Dale
Mk670a   Stephen        SMITH          Head      M  74  M   Hat manufacturer    Mildrage DUR
Mk670b   Mary           SMITH          Wife      M  66  F                       Rotherham YKS
Mk670c   Thomasina      JENNING        Visitor   W  49  F   Landed proprietor   Highsham STS
Mk671a   Sarah          RAWSON         Head      W  69  F   Pauper              Ashover
Mk671b   William        WAGSTAFF       Son       U  29  M   Lead miner          Ashover
Mk672a   Thomas         BUXTON         Head      M  50  M   Ag lab              Matlock
Mk672b   Ann            BUXTON         Wife      M  39  F                       Langford STS
Mk672c   Robert         BUXTON         Son          2   M                       Matlock
Mk673a   Samuel         BUNTING        Head      M  38  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Mk673b   Mary           BUNTING        Wife      M  36  F                       Derby
Mk673c   Ellen          BUNTING        Dau       U  16  F                       Matlock
Mk673d   Sophia         BUNTING        Dau          12  F                       Matlock
Mk673e   Leonard        BUNTING        Son          10  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk673f   Samuel         BUNTING        Son          1   M                       Matlock
#055---Green---[Matlock]---(p15, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk674a   Benjamin       WOODHOUSE      Head      M  71  M   Boat man            Matlock
Mk674b   Hannah         WOODHOUSE      Wife      M  67  F                       Wirksworth
Mk674c   Henry          WOODHOUSE      Son       U  47  M   Boat man            Matlock              deaf & dumb
Mk674d   James          WOODHOUSE      Son       M  45  M   Labourer            Matlock
Mk674e   Sarah          WOODHOUSE      Dau iL    M  43  F                       Matlock
Mk675a   George         NUTTALL        Head      U  49  M   Land Agent & L P    Matlock             Landed proprietor
Mk675b   Catherine      MARSDEN        Servant   U  36  F   House keeper        Darley Dale
Mk675c   Mary           SHAWE          Servant   U  25  F   House servant       Heanor
Mk676a   Mary           KNOWLES        Head      M  42  F                       Matlock
Mk676b   Ann            KNOWLES        Dau          12  F                       Matlock
Mk676c   Elizabeth      KNOWLES        Dau          6   F                       Matlock
Mk676d   Phoebe         BOWN           Lodger    U  82  F   Pauper              Matlock
Mk676e   John           RANDLE         Lodger       23  M   Ag labourer         Beeley
Mk677a   Joseph         TEASDALE       Head      U  41  M   Barber              Matlock
Mk677b   Francis        HAYNES         Lodger    M  50  M   Ag lab              Matlock             Age uncertain
Mk678a   Thomas         BUNTING        Head      W  58  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Mk678b   Robert         BUNTING        Son       U  26  M   School master       Matlock
Mk678c   Edwin          BUNTING        Son       U  24  M   Stone mason         Matlock
Mk678d   Mary           BUNTING        Dau       U  21  F                       Matlock
Mk678e   George         HASLEM         Gson         5   M   Scholar             Riddings
#060---Green---[Matlock]---(p16, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk679a   John           DOBBS          Head      W  74  M   Ag lab              Summercoates
Mk679b   Hannah         DOBBS          Dau       U  40  F   Dress maker         Summercoates
Mk679c   Ann            DOBBS          Gdau      U  17  F                       Dronfield
Mk680a   George         DICKENS        Head      M  40  M   Ag lab              Matlock
Mk680b   Elizabeth      DICKENS        Wife      M  41  F                       Marple CHS
Mk680c   Edward         YOUNG          Lodger    U  35  M   Labourer            Holloway
Mk681a   William        BUNTING        Head      W  38  M   Ag lab              Matlock
Mk681b   Bethes         BUNTING        Sister    U  45  F                       Matlock              dumb
Mk681c   William        BUNTING        Son       U  18  M   Labourer            Matlock
Mk681d   Michael        MORLIN         Lodger    U  31  M   Labourer            Ireland IRL
Mk681e   Charles        CLARK          Lodger    W  50  M   Not known           Stockport CHS
Mk682a   Charlotte      KNOWLES        Head      W  32  F                       Ashover
Mk682b   Alice          KNOWLES        Dau       U  18  F   Bump spinner        Matlock
Mk682c   Emma           KNOWLES        Dau          13  F   Bump spinner        Matlock
Mk682d   Eliza          KNOWLES        Dau          10  F                       Matlock
Mk682e   Francis        KNOWLES        Son          4   M                       Matlock
Mk683a   George         LUMB           Head      M  38  M   Cordwainer          Shoredich MDX
Mk683b   Emma           LUMB           Wife      M  24  F                       Derby
Mk683c   George Lewis   LUMB           Son          1   M                       Cromford
#065---Green---[Matlock]---(p17, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk684a   Reuben         BUNTING        Head      M  39  M   Wheelwright Master  Matlock             Empl 2 men 1 apprentice
Mk684b   Maria          BUNTING        Wife      M  38  F                       Matlock
Mk684c   John           BUNTING        Son          13  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk685a   Francis        CLAY           Head      U  42  M   Grocer &c           Lea
Mk685b   Ann            STATHAM        Servant   U  27  F   House keeper        Matlock
Mk686a   William        CLARK          Head      M  24  M   Shoemaker master    Tansley             Empl 2 men
Mk686b   Martha         CLARK          Wife      M  30  F                       Winster
Mk686c   Mary           CLARK          Dau          1   F                       Matlock
Mk686d   Elizabeth      HALL           Niece        5   F   Scholar             Winster
Mk686e   Mary           BATEMAN        Niece        11  F   Pauper              Winster
Mk686f   James          FENDICK        Lodger    U  30  M   Shoemaker J'man     Brandon SFK
Mk687a   Thomas         STONE          Servant   U  19  M   House servant       Winster
Mk687b   Ann            CHEETAM        Servant   U  25  F   House servant       Higham
Mk688a   Joshua         STATHAM        Head      M  41  M   Tailor & draper     Matlock
Mk688b   Mabel          STATHAM        Wife      M  36  F                       Matlock
Mk688c   George         STATHAM        Son          10  M                       Matlock
Mk688d   Elen           STATHAM        Dau          7   F                       Matlock
Mk688e   Alice          STATHAM        Dau          5   F                       Matlock
Mk688f   Joshua         STATHAM        Son          3   M                       Matlock
Mk688g   William        GREGORY        Appr      U  17  M   Tailor apprent      Matlock
Mk688h   Hannah         SLATER         Servant   U  16  F   House servant       Matlock
#070---Green---[Matlock]---(p18, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk689a   James          WRIGHT         Head      M  51  M   Carpenter           Matlock
Mk689b   Elen           WRIGHT         Wife      M  50  F                       Crich
Mk689c   James          WRIGHT         Son          8   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk689d   William        BRIDDON        Lodger    U  23  M   Hawker of brushes   Stockport CHS
Mk690a   George         HASLAM         Head      M  34  M   Builder master      Brampton            Empl 13 men
Mk690b   Ann            HASLAM         Wife      M  34  F                       Chesterfield
Mk690c   George         HASLAM         Son          9   M   Scholar             Chesterfield
Mk690d   Walter         HASLAM         Son          3   M                       Chesterfield
Mk690e   Emma           HASLAM         Dau          1   F                       Matlock
Mk691a   Hannah         SAUNDERS       Servant   U  66  F   House keeper        South Normanton
Mk692a   Jesse          MARRIOTT       Head      M  34  M   Labourer            Ashover
Mk692b   Mary           MARRIOTT       Wife      M  31  F                       Tansley
Mk693a   Leonard        RODWELL        Head      M  29  M   Miller journeyman   Old Backentham NFK
Mk693b   Elizabeth      RODWELL        Wife      M  36  F                       Grendon NTH
Mk693c   Thomas         RODWELL        Son          6   M                       Daventry
Mk694a   W C            CLARK          Head      U  28  M   School master       Mansfield NTT
Mk694b   Edward C       CLARK          Brother   U  20  M   School assistant    Mansfield NTT
Mk694c   Elizabeth      ROBERTS        Aunt      W  57  F   House keeper        Alfreton
Mk694d   William        GRATTON        Lodger    M  35  M   Labourer            Bonsall
Mk694e   Susanna        GRATTON        Servant   M  35  F   House servant       Matlock
Mk694f   George         WALKER         Pupil        15  M                       Lea
Mk694g   Henry          SIDDALL        Pupil        13  M                       Matlock
Mk694h   Joseph         SIDDALL        Pupil        11  M                       Matlock
Mk694i   John           TOPHAM         Pupil        11  M                       Alfreton
#076---Green---[Matlock]---(p19, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk695a   James          CAMPBELL       Head      M  43  M   Engineer            Ireland IRL
Mk695b   Margret        CAMPBELL       Wife      M  35  F                       Liverpool LAN
Mk695c   Fanny          CAMPBELL       Dau          12  F                       Snibston LEI
Mk695d   Mabel          CAMPBELL       Dau          10  F                       North Wingfield
Mk695e   James          CAMPBELL       Son          7   M                       Clay Cross
Mk695f   Jane           CAMPBELL       Dau          4   F                       Clay Cross
Mk695g   George         CAMPBELL       Son          2   M                       Matlock
Mk695h   Margret        CAMPBELL       Dau          7m  F                       Matlock
Mk695i   David          CAMPBELL       Father    W  76  M   Mill wright         Ireland IRL
Mk695j   Mary           WHAMNALL       Niece     U  20  F                       Ireland IRL
Mk695k   Margaret       MAY            Servant   U  19  F   House servant       Clay Cross
Mk696a   Rebecca        WRIGHT         Head      U  34  F   School mistress     Matlock
Mk696b   Hannah         WRIGHT         Sister    U  40  F   Dress maker         Matlock
Mk696c   Richard        HIBBERT        Nephew       10  M                       Matlock
#078---Town---[Matlock]---(p20, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk697a   Elizabeth      BARROWCLIFF    Head      W  76  F   Pauper              Matlock
Mk698a   John           HOLMES         Head      M  41  M   Carrier             Darley dale
Mk698b   Deborah        HOLMES         Wife      M  39  F                       Tansley
Mk698c   Hannah         HOLMES         Dau       U  16  F   Factory girl        Waley Bridge
Mk698d   Samuel         HOLMES         Son          14  M   Servant             Darley Dale
Mk698e   Elen           HOLMES         Dau          9   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk698f   Thomas         HOLMES         Son          3   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk698g   Anthony        HOLMES         Father    W  73  M   Labourer            Darley Dale
Mk698h   Hannah         HURSTHOUSE     Visitor   W  69  F                       Matlock
Mk699a   William        WALTON         Head      M  25  M   Butcher             Matlock
Mk699b   Elizabeth      WALTON         Wife      M  30  F                       Lea
Mk700a   George         WALTON         Head      W  60  M   Shoemaker           Matlock
Mk700b   William        WALTON         Brother   U  50  M   Shoemaker           Matlock
Mk700c   Edward         WALTON         Son          13  M                       Matlock
Mk700d   Esther         WALTON         Dau       U  23  F                       Matlock
Mk700e   Hannah         WALTON         Dau       U  19  F                       Matlock
Mk700f   Mary           OATES          Sister    M  58  F                       Matlock
Mk701a   John           BOWN           Head      M  51  M   Coal agent          Matlock
Mk701b   Alice          BOWN           Wife      M  58  F   Dress maker         Matlock
Mk702a   Mary           KNOWLES        Head      W  74  F   Pauper              Cromford
#084---Town---[Matlock]---(p21, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk703a   John           COOPER         Head      M  56  M   Miller journeyman   Southwell NTT
Mk703b   Elizabeth      COOPER         Wife      M  40  F                       Bakewell
Mk703c   William        COOPER         Son          9   M                       Tideswell
Mk704a   Adam           BUNTING        Head      M  39  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Mk704b   Mary           BUNTING        Wife      M  27  F                       New...? STS
Mk704c   Adam           BUNTING        Son       U  18  M   Labourer            Matlock
Mk704d   Joseph         BUNTING        Son       U  14  M   Factory boy         Matlock
Mk704e   Hannah         BUNTING        Dau          9   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk704f   Charles        KNOWLES        Stepson      7   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk704g   John           BUNTING        Son          4   M                       Matlock
Mk704h   Thomas         BUNTING        Son          3   M                       Matlock
Mk704i   George         BUNTING        Son          8m  M                       Matlock
Mk705a   Septimus       BRELSFORD      Head      M  36  M   Stay maker          Derby
Mk705b   Susannah       BRELSFORD      Wife      M  36  F                       Macclesfield CHS
Mk705c   John           BRELSFORD      Brother   U  38  M   Labourer            Derby
Mk706a   Stephen        WOODING        Head      M  70  M   Pauper slater       Alfreton
Mk706b   Mary Ann       WOODING        Wife      M  59  F   Charwoman           Manchester LAN
Mk706c   Samuel         WOODING        Son          13  M   Errand boy          Matlock
Mk706d   Thomas         WOODING        Son          8   M                       Matlock
#088---Town---[Matlock]---(p22, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk707a   Henry          WHITE          Head      M  42  M   Blacksmith          Matlock
Mk707b   Ann            WHITE          Wife      M  41  F                       Matlock
Mk707c   Elizabeth      WHITE          Dau       U  16  F                       Matlock
Mk707d   Obadiah        WHITE          Son          15  M   Blacksmith apprent  Matlock
Mk707e   Henry          WHITE          Son          11  M                       Matlock
Mk707f   William        WHITE          Son          9   M                       Matlock
Mk707g   Harriet        WHITE          Dau          7   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk707h   Herbert        WHITE          Son          5   M                       Matlock
Mk707i   Walter         WHITE          Son          3   M                       Matlock
Mk708a   Elizabeth      LIMB           Head      W  58  F   Formerly dressmaker Ashover
Mk708b   George         LIMB           Son       U  20  M   Ag lab              Ashover
Mk708c   Alice          LIMB           Dau          15  F                       Ashover
Mk708d   Elizabeth      LIMB           Dau iL    M  21  F                       Matlock
Mk708e   Sarah Ann      LIMB           Gdau         4   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk709a   Moses          WHEELDON       Head      M  51  M   Stonemason & grocer Matlock
Mk709b   Ann            WHEELDON       Wife      M  51  F                       Matlock
Mk709c   George         WRIGHT         Nephew    U  16  M                       Matlock
Mk710a   John           YOUMANS        Head      M  55  M   Farmer of 41 acres  Shottle             And grocer
Mk710b   Mary           YOUMANS        Wife      M  55  F                       Matlock
Mk710c   John           WRIGHT         Nephew    U  17  M   Ag lab              Matlock
#092---Town---[Matlock]---(p23, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk711a   Joseph         BROOKHOUSE     Head      M  66  M   Retired watch maker Duffield
Mk711b   Sarah          BROOKHOUSE     Wife      M  65  F                       Derby
Mk711c   Sarah          BROOKHOUSE     Dau       U  30  F                       Derby
Mk711d   Sarah          BONSALL        Servant   U  18  F   House servant       Matlock
Mk712a   William        BARKER         Head      W  70  M   Pauper labourer     Matlock
Mk712b   John           PLANT          Lodger    W  76  M   Pauper bleacher     Weston on Trent STS
Mk713a   Leonard        BUNTING        Head      M  65  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Mk713b   Elizabeth      BUNTING        Gdau      U  16  F                       Matlock
Mk714a   William        CLARK          Head      M  34  M   Farmer              Graton YKS
Mk714b   Elizabeth      CLARK          Wife      M  39  F                       Albrough YKS
Mk714c   George         CLARK          Son          10  M                       Albrough YKS
Mk714d   John Fox       CLARK          Son          7   M                       Graton YKS
Mk714e   Thomas Den.    CLARK          Son          5   M                       Graton YKS
Mk714f   Mary Elizabeth CLARK          Dau          2   F                       Matlock
Mk715a   George         WRIGHT         Head      M  58  M   Baker               Mansfield NTT
Mk715b   Jane           WRIGHT         Wife      M  57  F                       Matlock
Mk715c   William        WRIGHT         Son       U  20  M   Empl at cotton mill Matlock
Mk715d   James          WRIGHT         Son       U  18  M   Empl at cotton mill Matlock
Mk716a   William        WARD           Head      M  34  M   Rail lab            Matlock
Mk716b   Mary           WARD           Wife      M  24  F   Dress maker         Darley dale
#098---Town---[Matlock]---(p24, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk717a   Anthony        YOUMANS        Head      W  58  M   Ag lab              Shottle
Mk717b   Sarah          YOUMANS        Dau       U  17  F   Servant             Matlock
Mk717c   Mary           YOUMANS        Dau          12  F                       Matlock
Mk717d   Anthony        YOUMANS        Son          9   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk717e   Eliza          YOUMANS        Dau          7   F                       Matlock
Mk718a   Moses          WHEELDON       Head      M  29  M   Stone mason         Matlock
Mk718b   Mary           WHEELDON       Wife      M  27  F                       Matlock
Mk718c   Henry          WHEELDON       Son          3   M                       Matlock
Mk718d   Joseph         WHEELDON       Son          2   M                       Matlock
Mk719a   Robert         CLAYTON        Head      M  48  M   Font & headst engr  Darley dale         Headstone engraver
Mk719b   Martha         CLAYTON        Wife      M  46  F                       Edensor
Mk719c   Susannah       CLAYTON        Dau       U  16  F                       Matlock
Mk719d   Elen           CLAYTON        Dau          12  F                       Matlock
Mk719e   Martha         CLAYTON        Dau          10  F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk719f   John           LENTHALL       Lodger       24  M   Stone mason         Brampton
Mk720a   George         KING           Head      U  64  M   Parish clark,tailor Matlock
Mk720b   George         KING           Nephew    U  17  M   Tailor              Matlock
Mk720c   William        KING           Nephew       14  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk720d   Herbert        KING           Nephew       11  M   Scholar             Matlock
#102---Town---[Matlock]---(p25, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk721a   Thomas         BODEN          Head      M  47  M   Baker & grocer      Matlock
Mk721b   Elizabeth      BODEN          Wife      M  50  F                       Wirksworth
Mk721c   Thomas         BODEN          Son       U  20  M   Baker apprent       Darley Dale
Mk721d   Elizabeth      BODEN          Dau       U  18  F                       Darley Dale
Mk721e   Sarah          BODEN          Dau       U  15  F                       Matlock
Mk721f   William        BODEN          Son          13  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk721g   Lydia          BODEN          Dau          11  F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk721h   Thomas         ELLIS          Lodger    U  26  M   Joiner journeyman   Matlock
Mk722a   Thomas         HITCHCOCK      Head      M  44  M   Paper maker         Matlock
Mk722b   Elen           HITCHCOCK      Wife      M  44  F                       Matlock
Mk722c   Mary           HITCHCOCK      Dau       U  19  F   Factory girl        Matlock
Mk722d   Thomas         HITCHCOCK      Son          13  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk722e   Joseph         HITCHCOCK      Son          11  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk722f   Elizabeth      HITCHCOCK      Dau          9   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk722g   John           HITCHCOCK      Son          6   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk722h   Richard        HITCHCOCK      Son          4   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk722i   George         HITCHCOCK      Son          2   M                       Matlock
Mk723a   Robert         ADAMS          Head      M  62  M   Sadler master       Matlock             Empl 2 men
Mk723b   Mary           ADAMS          Wife      M  64  F                       Matlock
Mk723c   Obadiah        ADAMS          Son       M  30  M   Sadler journeyman   Matlock
Mk723d   Robert         ADAMS          Son       U  24  M   Sadler journeyman   Matlock
Mk723e   Elizabeth      ADAMS          Dau iL    M  30  F                       Elvastone
Mk723f   Ann            ADAMS          Gdau         4   F                       Matlock
Mk723g   William        ADAMS          Gson         1   M                       Matlock
Mk723h   George         WHITE          Nephew       18  M   Blacksmith J'man    Matlock
#105---Town---[Matlock]---(p26, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk724a   Samuel         BUCKLEY        Head      M  25  M   Stone mason         Matlock
Mk724b   Martha         BUCKLEY        Wife      M  24  F                       Matlock
Mk725a   Joseph         BRELSFORD      Head      M  36  M   Cordwainer          Ashover
Mk725b   Elizabeth      BRELSFORD      Wife      M  36  F                       Matlock
Mk725c   Thomas         BRELSFORD      Son          1m  M                       Matlock
Mk725d   Ann            WILSON         Visitor   U  28  F   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Mk726a   Thomas         BUNTING        Head      M  38  M   Shoe maker master   South Wingfield
Mk726b   Elizabeth      BUNTING        Wife      M  40  F                       Matlock
Mk726c   George         BUNTING        Son          3   M                       Matlock
Mk726d   John           BUNTING        Son          3m  M                       Matlock
Mk727a   Mary Ann       BOWN           Head      W  48  F   Formerly housekeepr Cromford
Mk727b   Peter          BOWN           Son          13  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk727c   Anthony        BOWN           Gson         2   M                       Matlock
Mk728a   William        WILSON         Head      M  31  M   Farmer of 7 acres   Matlock
Mk728b   Hannah         WILSON         Wife      M  30  F                       Matlock
Mk728c   Thomas         WILSON         Son          4   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk728d   Elizabeth      WILSON         Dau          8   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk728e   Hannah         WILSON         Dau          2   F                       Matlock
Mk728f   Martha         WILSON         Dau          1m  F                       Matlock
#110---Town---[Matlock]---(p27, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk729a   William        GAUNT          Head      M  68  M   Victualer & butcher Ashover
Mk729b   Sarah          GAUNT          Wife      M  60  F                       Crich
Mk729c   James          GAUNT          Son       U  21  M   Butcher             Matlock
Mk730a   Sarah          TURNER         Head      W  52  F                       Middleton
Mk730b   Elizabeth      TURNER         Dau       U  19  F   Cotton factory girl South Wingfield
Mk731a   George         SCOTHORN       Head      M  71  M   Frame smith         South Wingfield
Mk731b   Mary           SCOTHORN       Wife      M  67  F                       Matlock
Mk732a   Timothy        SPENCER        Head      M  54  M   Innkeeper           Matlock
Mk732b   Jane           SPENCER        Wife      M  55  F                       Matlock
Mk732c   William        SPENCER        Son       U  18  M                       Matlock
Mk732d   George         SPENCER        Son          16  M                       Matlock
Mk732e   Jane           SPENCER        Dau          14  F                       Matlock
Mk732f   Herbert        SPENCER        Son          10  M                       Matlock
Mk732g   John           WALTON         Son       U  24  M   Baker               Matlock
Mk733a   Job            SHAWE          Head      W  45  M   Innkeeper           South Wingfield
Mk733b   James          HITCHCOCK      Lodger    M  26  M   Rail lab            Hazlewood
Mk733c   Margaret       HITCHCOCK      Lodger    M  26  F   Dress maker         Holloway
#115---Town---[Matlock]---(p28, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk734a   William R      MELVILLE       Head      M  38  M   Rector of Matlock   Nottingham NTT      Rylance
Mk734b   Susanna W      MELVILLE       Wife      M  36  F   Rectors wife        Ireton Wood         Wilcockson
Mk734c   Mary W         MELVILLE       Dau          12  F   Scholar             Ireton Wood         Wilcockson
Mk734d   Ellen          MELVILLE       Dau          10  F   Scholar             Ireton Wood
Mk734e   David          MELVILLE       Son          6   M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk734f   Arthur         MELVILLE       Son          4   M                       Matlock
Mk734g   Frances        MELVILLE       Dau          2   F                       Matlock
Mk734h   Hannah         CARLINE        Servant   U  17  F   Nurse maid          Matlock
Mk734i   Elizabeth      CARLINE        Servant      12  F   Nurse maid          Matlock
Mk734j   William        LYMB           Servant   U  17  M   Groom               Ashover
Mk735a   Jonathan       OATES          Head      M  58  M   Tinman & brazier    Handsworth YKS
Mk735b   Walter         OATES          Son       U  27  M   Grocer              Alfreton
Mk735c   Mary           BEASTALL       Servant   U  21  F   House servant       Ashover
Mk736a   Isaac          STATHAM        Head      M  31  M   Cordwainer & grocer Matlock
Mk736b   Emily          STATHAM        Wife      M  31  F                       Matlock
Mk736c   William        STATHAM        Son          1   M                       Matlock
Mk736d   Maria          MOUNTNEY       Visitor   U  18  F   Dress maker         Washington
#118---Town---[Matlock]---(p29, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk737a   Richard        WALL           Head      M  24  M   Labour at leadmine  Matlock
Mk737b   Sarah          WALL           Wife      M  27  F   Empl at cotton mill Wales WLS
Mk738a   Charles        WALKER         Head      M  40  M   Lead Mine Agent     Matlock
Mk738b   Lydia          WALKER         Wife      M  39  F                       Wirksworth
Mk738c   Charles        WALKER         Son       U  17  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Mk739a   Joseph         SMITH          Head      M  39  M   Hatter master       Scotland SCT        Empl 1 man
Mk739b   Mary           SMITH          Wife      M  36  F                       Matlock
Mk739c   Charles        SMITH          Son          2   M                       Matlock
Mk740a   Charles        WRIGHT         Head      M  64  M   Dealer earthenware  Matlock
Mk740b   Mary           WRIGHT         Wife      M  63  F                       Matlock
Mk740c   Ann            WRIGHT         Dau       U  41  F                       Matlock
Mk740d   Jane           WRIGHT         Servant   U  15  F   Servant             Matlock
Mk741a   Isaac          STATHAM        Head      M  21  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Mk741b   Christina      STATHAM        Wife      M  22  F   Dress maker         Wirksworth
Mk741c   Afinia         STATHAM        Dau          2   F                       Matlock
Mk741d   Lydia          STATHAM        Sister       12  F                       Matlock
Mk742a   George         ROBINSON       Head      M  30  M   Carpenter J'man     Matlock
Mk742b   Ruth           ROBINSON       Wife      M  24  F                       Matlock
Mk742c   Joseph         ROBINSON       Son          5m  M                       Matlock
#124---Town---[Matlock]---(p30, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk743a   Soloman        FOX            Head      M  59  M   Hatter journeyman   Matlock
Mk743b   Ann            FOX            Wife      M  54  F   Hatters wife        Matlock
Mk743c   Samuel         FOX            Son       U  20  M   Hatter apprentice   Matlock
Mk743d   Sarah          FOX            Dau       U  17  F   Lace worker         Matlock
Mk743e   Luke           FOX            Son          14  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk743f   George         FOX            Son          12  M   Scholar             Matlock
Mk744a   William        PHILLIPS       Head      M  54  M   Hatter journeyman   Wales WLS
Mk744b   Sarah          PHILLIPS       Wife      M  51  F                       Wales WLS
Mk744c   Eliza          PHILLIPS       Dau       U  25  F   Factory girl        Wales WLS
Mk744d   Ann            PHILLIPS       Dau       U  22  F   Factory girl        Winterburn GLS
Mk744e   Carolina       PHILLIPS       Dau       U  18  F   Factory girl        Winterburn GLS
Mk744f   William        PHILLIPS       Son       U  17  M   Factory boy         Pontypool MON
Mk744g   Edwin          PHILLIPS       Son          12  M                       Matlock
Mk744h   Joseph         PHILLIPS       Son          9   M                       Matlock
Mk744i   Georgeana      PHILLIPS       Dau          6   F   Scholar             Matlock
Mk745a   Jessiah        SCOTHERN       Head      M  27  M   Rail lab            Matlock
Mk745b   Elizabeth      SCOTHERN       Wife      M  27  F                       Matlock
Mk745c   Kendal         SCOTHERN       Son          5   M   Scholar             Derby
Mk745d   Ann            SCOTHERN       Dau          2   F                       Matlock
Mk745e   John           SCOTHERN       Son          5m  M                       Matlock
#127---Town---[Matlock]---(p31, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk746a   William        BUNTING        Head      M  34  M   Stone mason J'man   Matlock
Mk746b   Mary           BUNTING        Wife      M  34  F                       Matlock
Mk746c   Sarah          BUNTING        Dau          10  F                       Matlock
Mk746d   Elizabeth      BUNTING        Dau          8   F                       Matlock
Mk746e   Thomas         BUNTING        Son          5   M                       Matlock
Mk746f   Hannah         BUNTING        Dau          3   F                       Matlock
Mk746g   William        BUNTING        Son          1   M                       Matlock
Mk746h   Robert         BUNTING        Cousin    U  20  M   Mason apprent       Matlock
Mk747a   Lowisia        PEARSON        Head      U  21  F   Victualer           Matlock
Mk747b   Matilda        PEARSON        Sister    U  15  F                       Matlock
Mk747c   Dorothy        PEARSON        Mother    W  52  F                       Matlock
Mk747d   Hannah         ADAMS          Lodger    U  21  F                       Matlock
Mk748a   Samuel         TAYLOR         Head      M  41  M   Cordwainer          Matlock
Mk748b   Thomas         TAYLOR         Son       U  15  M                       St Pair...? MDX
Mk748c   Anglenor       TAYLOR         Dau          8   F                       St Pair...? MDX
Mk748d   William        TAYLOR         Son          7   M                       St Pair...? MDX
Mk748e   George         TAYLOR         Son          5   M                       St Pair...? MDX
Mk748f   Brigit         BIRD           Mother iL W  74  F                       Ireland IRL
Mk749a   Joseph         HOLMES         Head      M  59  M   Plasterer           Darley Dale
Mk749b   Lydia          HOLMES         Wife      M  50  F                       Matlock
Mk749c   Esther         HOLMES         Dau       U  27  F                       Matlock
Mk749d   Joseph         HOLMES         Son       U  25  M   Plasterer           Matlock
Mk749e   Mary           HOLMES         Dau       U  19  F                       Matlock
Mk749f   Henry          HOLMES         Son       U  18  M   Plasterer           Matlock
#131---Town---[Matlock]---(p32, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk750a   Samuel         SHEPPARD       Head      M  66  M   Pensioner ?         Wirksworth
Mk750b   Sarah          SHEPPARD       Wife      M  63  F                       Halifax YKS
Mk750c   Elizabeth      SMITH          Gdau         3   F                       Matlock
Mk751a   Robert         GREGORY        Head      W  68  M   Gardener            Matlock
Mk751b   Thomas         DICKIN         Son iL    M  24  M   Labourer            Illton?
Mk751c   Hannah         DICKIN         Dau       M  27  F                       Matlock
Mk751d   Robert         DICKIN         Gson         2   M                       Matlock
Mk751e   Ann            DICKIN         Gdau         10m F                       Matlock
Mk752a   John           KNOWLES        Head      M  51  M   Hatter journeyman   Matlock
Mk752b   Catharine      KNOWLES        Wife      M  51  F                       Matlock
Mk752c   Catharine      KNOWLES        Dau       U  26  F                       Matlock
Mk752d   Hannah         KNOWLES        Dau       U  20  F                       Matlock
Mk752e   William        KNOWLES        Son          13  M                       Matlock
Mk752f   Eliza          KNOWLES        Dau          10  F                       Matlock
Mk752g   John           MCGREGOR       Lodger    U  38  M   Hatter              Scotland SCT
#134---Town---[Matlock]---(p33, Matlock district, Enumeration district 7f, HO 107/2150)
Mk753a   Joseph         TAYLOR         Head      W  62  M   Ag labourer         Matlock
Mk753b   Emma           BYETT          Servant   U  42  F   House keeper        Bradley STS
Mk753c   Mary           BYETT          Lodger    U  20  F   Housekeepers dau    Bradley STS
Mk753d   Joseph         BYETT          Lodger       14  M   Housekeepers son    Matlock
Mk754a   Luke           WILSON         Head      M  73  M   Farmer of 9 acres   Matlock
Mk754b   Elizabeth      WILSON         Wife      M  60  F                       Wingfield
Mk754c   Luke           WILSON         Son       U  17  M                       Matlock

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Code   Firstname  SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

Ad01a  Job        PEAT     Head       M  61  M  Farmer of 100 acres Ashleyhay           Empl 3 labourers

Number---Address------[Place]-----(page, Registrar's District, Enumeration District, Home Office number)

#001---Knobb Farm---[Alderwasley]---(p1, Wirksworth district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2145)

In the Census, each household is given a #"number of Householders Schedule". A Page Reference number is given, each page holding about 20 entries. Registrar's District, Enumeration District and Home Office reference number are also present. All this information is given in the listing in red. The Home Office (Public Record Office) number can be used to order microfilm of the Census from the PRO, or view at a reference library.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.