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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1851 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 16,103 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code   Firstname      SURNAME        Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

#078---? Rectory?---[Bonsall]---
Bn153a   Harriot Bertha FARMER         Head      U  20  F   Teacher of Rectory  Birmingham WAR      School
Bn153b   Eliza Clara    FARMER         Sister       3   F   Scholar             Birmingham WAR
#079---Greenhill---[Bonsall]---(p18, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11b, HO 107/2146)
Bn154a   Anthony        EVANS          Head      M  49  M   Lead miner,p clerk  Bonsall             Parish
Bn154b   Ann            EVANS          Wife      M  54  F                       Shirland
Bn155a   Mary           PEARSON        Head      U  21  F   FWK                 Bonsall
#081---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn156a   Eliza          BROWN          Head      M  48  F                       Reeps Moore STS
Bn156b   William        BROWN          Son          6   M                       Fritchley
Bn156c   John           BROWN          Son          3   M                       Winster
Bn156d   George         BROWN          Son          3m  M                       Bonsall
#082---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn157a   John           CARLINE        Head      W  50  M   FWK                 Matlock
#083---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn158a   Grace          EVANS          Head      W  71  F                       Middleton
Bn158b   Joseph         HARTLE         Son iL    M  28  M   Comb maker          Bonsall
Bn158c   Mary           HARTLE         Wife      M  32  F                       Bonsall
Bn158d   Elizabeth      HARTLE         Dau          4   F                       Bonsall
Bn158e   Ruben          HARTLE         Son          2   M                       Bonsall
#084---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn159a   Samuel         KIRKLAND       Head      M  32  M   Ag lab              Matlock
Bn159b   Martha         KIRKLAND       Wife      M  27  F                       Wirksworth
Bn159c   Hannah         KIRKLAND       Dau          4   F                       Bonsall
Bn159d   Ann            KIRKLAND       Dau          2   F                       Bonsall
Bn159e   Sarah          KIRKLAND       Dau          8m  F                       Bonsall
#085---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn160a   Hannah         GREATOREX      Head      W  55  F   FWK                 Wooten STS
Bn160b   Agness         WOODWARD       Mother    W  81  F                       Prestwood STS
#086---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---(p19, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11b, HO 107/2146)
Bn161a   John           FERN           Head      M  45  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn161b   Euphrasia      FERN           Wife      M  49  F                       Bonsall
Bn161c   Alice          FERN           Dau       U  16  F   Cotton spinner      Bonsall
Bn161d   Hannah         FERN           Dau          12  F   Cotton factory      Bonsall
Bn161e   John           FERN           Son          10  M                       Bonsall
Bn161f   John           ABELL          Lodger       66  M   Pauper              Bonsall
#087---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn162a   Ellen          WOOD           Head      W  51  F                       Winster
Bn162b   Hannah         WOOD           Dau       U  15  F   Cotton spinner      Bonsall
Bn162c   John           WOOD           Son          11  M   Errand boy          Bonsall
#088---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn163a   Ellen          BUNTING        Head      W  80  F                       Grange
#089---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn164a   George         REDFERN        Head      M  79  M   Pauper              Bonsall
Bn164b   Mary           REDFERN        Wife      M  65  F   Pauper              Bonsall
#090---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn165a   James          KIRKLAND       Head      M  28  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn165b   Elizabeth      KIRKLAND       Wife      M  27  F   FWK                 Bonsall
Bn165c   Mary Ann       KIRKLAND       Dau          5   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn165d   James          KIRKLAND       Son          2   M                       Bonsall
#091---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---
Bn166a   Rebecca        KIRKLAND       Head      W  47  F                       Bonsall
Bn166b   Harriott       KIRKLAND       Dau       U  20  F   Cotton spinner      Bonsall
Bn166c   Henry          KIRKLAND       Son       U  15  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn166d   Samuel         KIRKLAND       Son          13  M   Cotton factory      Bonsall
Bn166e   Alfred         KIRKLAND       Son          10  M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn166f   Emma           KIRKLAND       Dau          5   F   Scholar             Bonsall
#092---Ember Lane---[Bonsall]---(p20, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11b, HO 107/2146)
Bn167a   Sarah          HEARN?         Head      M  41  F                       Bonsall
Bn167b   Henry          LAND           Son          12  M   Errand boy          Bonsall
Bn167c   Anthony        LAND           Son          9   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn167d   Mary           FERN           Dau iL       9   F                       Bonsall
Bn167e   Thomas         FERN           Son iL       8   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn167f   Harriott       FERN           Dau          2   F                       Bonsall
Bn168a   John           HENSTOCK       Head      M  55  M   Tailor              Bonsall
Bn168b   Eliza          HENSTOCK       Wife      M  48  F                       Farnsfield NTT
Bn168c   Ann Eliza      HENSTOCK       Dau       U  17  F   House servant       Bonsall
Bn168d   Charlotte      HENSTOCK       Dau       U  14  F                       Bonsall
Bn168e   Lavina         HENSTOCK       Dau          12  F                       Bonsall
Bn168f   Isadore        HENSTOCK       Dau          9   F                       Bonsall
Bn169a   Thomas         SEEDHOUSE      Head      W  39  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn169b   Edward         SEEDHOUSE      Son       U  17  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn169c   Mary           SEEDHOUSE      Dau          11  F                       Bonsall
Bn170a   Joseph         ROBINSON       Head      M  46  M   Red lead maker      Bonsall
Bn170b   Martha         ROBINSON       Wife      M  43  F                       Bonsall
Bn170c   Henry          ROBINSON       Son       U  21  M   Smelter of lead ore Bonsall
Bn170d   Sarah          ROBINSON       Dau       U  18  F   Dressmaker          Bonsall
Bn170e   Mary Ann       ROBINSON       Dau       U  16  F   Scholar             Bonsall
#096---T'end Rectory---[Bonsall]---(p21, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11b, HO 107/2146)
Bn171a   Richard        HERBERT        Head      M  45  M   Officiatng minister Ireland IRL         Townend Rectory
Bn171b   Ann            HERBERT        Wife      M  36  F                       Highington LIN
Bn171c   Catherine W    BROWN          Visitor   U  25  F   Annuitant           Bath SOM
Bn171d   Thomas G E     HOLLAND        Visitor   U  15  M   Scholar             Hatfield YKS
Bn171e   Mary           WALKER         Servant   U  25  F   House servant       Highington LIN
Bn171f   Amelia         STODDARD       Servant   U  29  F   House servant       Derby
Bn172a   Mary           BRACE          Head      U  54  F   Washerwoman         Bonsall
Bn173a   Mark           EVANS          Head      W  35  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn173b   Nana           EVANS          Dau          10  F                       Bonsall
Bn173c   Harriott       EVANS          Dau          5   F                       Bonsall
Bn173d   Esther         EVANS          Dau          2   F                       Bonsall
Bn174a   Job            POUNDALL       Head      M  36  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn174b   Elizabeth      POUNDALL       Wife      M  28  F   FWK                 Bonsall
Bn175a   William        GREGORY        Head      M  21  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn175b   Maria          GREGORY        Wife      M  19  F                       Bonsall
Bn176a   Joseph         FROST          Head      M  29  M   Labourer            Cromford
Bn176b   Elizabeth      FROST          Wife      M  27  F                       Matlock
Bn176c   John           FROST          Son          6   M   Scholar             Cromford
Bn176d   Charlotte      FROST          Dau          1   F                       Bonsall
#102---Townend---[Bonsall]---(p22, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11b, HO 107/2146)
Bn177a   Samuel         DAWES          Head      U  40  M   Hawker              Crich
Bn178a   Robert Willis  STAFFORD       Head      M  45  M   Farmer of 14 acres  Bradbourn
Bn178b   Hannah         STAFFORD       Wife      M  40  F                       Ible
Bn178c   William R S    STAFFORD       Son          10  M   Farmers son         Grange
Bn178d   Hannah         STAFFORD       Dau          4   F                       Ible
Bn178e   James          RENSHAW        Visitor   U  21  M   Lead miner          Ible
Bn178f   Sarah Dakin    LOW            Visitor      4m  F                       Ible
Bn179a   John           SELLORS        Head      M  51  M   Fundholder          Bonsall
Bn179b   Mary           SELLORS        Wife      M  62  F                       Stourton WIL
Bn179c   Virginia L     SELLORS        Dau       U  20  F                       Chelsea MDX
Bn179d   Emila Mary Ann SELLORS        Dau          13  F   Scholar at home     Chelsea MDX
Bn179e   Mary           PIGGINS        Servant   U  21  F   Servant             Crich
Bn179f   Lydia          WORTHY         Servant   U  20  F   Servant             Wirksworth
Bn180a   Thomas         KIRKLAND       Head      M  43  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn180b   Frances        KIRKLAND       Wife      M  42  F                       Bonsall
Bn180c   Thomas         KIRKLAND       Son          13  M   Scholar at home     Bonsall
Bn180d   Hannah         KIRKLAND       Dau          5   F   Scholar             Bonsall
#106---Church Gate---[Bonsall]---
Bn181a   Elizabeth      HALL           Head      M  41  F   FWK                 Crich
#107---Church Gate---[Bonsall]---(p23, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11b, HO 107/2146)
Bn182a   John           CARLILE        Head      M  27  M   FWK                 Nottingham NTT
Bn182b   Hannah         CARLILE        Wife      M  28  F   FWK                 Bonsall
Bn182c   Sarah Ann      CARLILE        Dau          5   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn182d   Henry          CARLILE        Son          2   M   Scholar             Bonsall
#108---Church Gate---[Bonsall]---
Bn183a   Isaac          BUNTING        Head      M  48  M   FWK                 Bonsall
Bn183b   Sarah          BUNTING        Wife      M  51  F   Seamer & winder     Holloway
Bn183c   Dennis         BUNTING        Son       U  21  M   FWK                 Bonsall
Bn183d   Samuel         BUNTING        Son          11  M   FWK                 Bonsall
Bn183e   John           BUNTING        Cousin    U  33  M   Bev Sorn? maker     Bonsall
#109---Church Gate---[Bonsall]---
Bn184a   John           KIRKLAND       Head      U  54  M   Farmer of 5 acres   Bonsall             And lead miner
Bn184b   Mary           TOMISSON       Servant   U  56  F   Housekeeper         Bonsall
#110---Church Gate---[Bonsall]---
Bn185a   Hannah         WRAGG          Head      W  82  F                       Slaley
Bn185b   Catharine      WRAGG          Dau       U  42  F   Seamer              Bonsall
Bn185c   Arrabella      WRAGG          Gdau      U  18  F   Worsted spinner     Bonsall
#111---Church Gate---[Bonsall]---
Bn186a   David          WALKER         Head      M  30  M   Slaghearth labourer Bonsall
Bn186b   Julia          WALKER         Wife      M  25  F                       Wensley
#112---Church Gate---[Bonsall]---
Bn187a   John           TIPPING        Head      M  42  M   Labourer            Bonsall
Bn187b   Hannah         TIPPING        Wife      M  33  F                       Bonsall
Bn187c   Maria          TIPPING        Dau          12  F                       Bonsall
Bn187d   Lydia          TIPPING        Dau          9   F                       Bonsall
Bn187e   John           TIPPING        Son          6   M                       Bonsall
Bn187f   Hannah         TIPPING        Dau          4   F                       Bonsall
Bn187g   Samuel         TIPPING        Son          1   M                       Bonsall
#113---Lowe Farm---[Bonsall]---(p24, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11b, HO 107/2146)
Bn188a   John           SPENCER        Head      M  48  M   Farmer of 90 acres  Middleton
Bn188b   Millicent      SPENCER        Wife      M  43  F                       Middleton
Bn188c   Isaac          SPENCER        Son       U  19  M   Farmers son         Middleton
Bn188d   John           SPENCER        Son       U  14  M   Scholar             Middleton
Bn188e   George         SPENCER        Son          12  M   Scholar             Middleton
Bn188f   Joseph         SPENCER        Son          9   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn188g   Hannah         SPENCER        Dau          6   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn188h   Harriott       SPENCER        Dau          4   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn188i   Job            SPENCER        Son          2   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn188j   Emma           WHEELDON       Servant      13  F                       Bonsall

#001---Bonsall Moor---[Bonsall]---(p1, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn189a   Abraham        WEBSTER        Head      U  20  M   Farmer 130 acres    Ible                1 in 2 out labs
Bn189b   Michael        BURKE          Servant   U  20  M   Ag lab              Ireland IRL
Bn189c   John           BATTLE         Servant   U  20  M   Ag lab              Ireland IRL
Bn189d   Hannah         PRINCE         Servant   U  30  F   Housekeeper         Sheen STS
Bn189e   James          MALONEY        Servant   U  20  M   Ag lab              Ireland IRL
#002---Bonsall Moor---[Bonsall]---
Bn190a   Thomas         HAYNES         Head      M  50  M   Farmer of 75 acres  Winster             1 indoor lab
Bn190b   Sarah          HAYNES         Wife      M  48  F                       Birchover
Bn190c   William        HAYNES         Son       U  22  M   Farmers son         Winster
Bn190d   John           HAYNES         Son       U  20  M   Farmers son         Winster
Bn190e   Esther         HAYNES         Dau       U  15  F   Farmers dau         Winster
Bn190f   Catherine      HAYNES         Dau       U  12  F   Scholar             Winster
Bn190g   Hannah         HAYNES         Dau       U  10  F   Scholar             Winster
Bn190h   Grace          HAYNES         Sister    U  54  F   Imbecile            Winster
Bn190i   Thomas         ROBERTS        Lodger    U  48  M   Proprietr of houses Winster
Bn190j   James          MALONEY        Servant   W  40  M   Ag lab              Ireland IRL
#003---White House---[Bonsall]---
Bn191a   Elizabeth      JACKSON        Head      W  64  F   Slaters widow       Bonsall
Bn191b   William M      JACKSON        Son       W  35  M   Slater              Bonsall
Bn191c   Ruth           JACKSON        Gdau         8   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn191d   Robert         JACKSON        Gson         6   M                       Bonsall
#004---Bright gate---[Bonsall]---
Bn192a   Joseph         WALKER         Head      W  38  M   Lead miner, farmer  Bonsall             14 acres
Bn192b   William        WALKER         Son          8   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn192c   George         WALKER         Son          9   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn192d   Anne           SPENDLOVE      Visitor      9   F                       Shottle
#005---Bright Gate---[Bonsall]---(p2, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn193a   William        COATES         Head      M  31  M   Farmer 90 acres     Bonsall             2 indoor labs
Bn193b   Elizabeth      COATES         Wife      M  26  F                       Elton
Bn193c   Ellen A        COATES         Dau          2   F                       Bonsall
Bn193d   Agnes A        COATES         Dau          6   F                       Bonsall
Bn193e   Ann            PALFREYMAN     Servant   U  18  F   Dairymaid           Biggin
Bn193f   Mary           GREATOREX      Servant   U  20  F   General servant     Denby
Bn193g   Samuel         YATES          Servant      17  M   Ag lab              Warslow STS
Bn193h   Samuel         WHEELDON       Servant      16  M   Ag lab              Bonsall
#006---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn194a   William        GRATTON        Head      M  34  M   Lead miner,farmer   Bonsall             8 acres
Bn194b   Mary           GRATTON        Wife      M  37  F                       Bonsall
Bn194c   Sarah H        GRATTON        Dau          12  F                       Bonsall
Bn194d   Ann            GRATTON        Dau          9   F                       Bonsall
Bn194e   William        GRATTON        Son          7   M                       Bonsall
Bn194f   Samuel         GRATTON        Son          2   M                       Bonsall
#007---Top of town---[Bonsall]---
Bn195a   Samuel         ELLIOTT        Head      M  67  M   Butcher             Aldwark
Bn195b   Elizabeth      ELLIOTT        Wife      M  58  F                       Parwich
Bn195c   Benjamin       ELLIOTT        Son       U  20  M   Butcher             Bonsall
Bn195d   Joseph         ELLIOTT        Son          14  M   Butchers assistant  Bonsall
Bn195e   Elizabeth      ELLIOTT        Dau          10  F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn195f   Ann            ELLIOTT        Dau          6   F   Scholar             Bonsall
#008---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---(p3, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn196a   John           GREGORY        Head      M  70  M   Carpenter           Bonsall
Bn196b   Mary           GREGORY        Wife      M  63  F                       Bonsall
#009---Top of town---[Bonsall]---
Bn197a   William        FERN           Head      M  33  M   Higgler & farmer of Bonsall             10 acres
Bn197b   Elizabeth      FERN           Wife      M  35  F                       Bonsall
Bn197c   Mary E         FERN           Dau          1m  F                       Bonsall
Bn197d   Betty          FERN           Sister    U  46  F                       Bonsall
Bn197e   John           FERN           Nephew    U  18  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
#010---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn198a   Anthony        WOOD           Head      M  38  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn198b   Dally          WOOD           Wife      M  31  F                       Winster
Bn198c   Sarah          WOOD           Dau          18  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn198d   Mary Ann       WOOD           Dau          10  F                       Bonsall
Bn198e   Ellen          WOOD           Dau          7   F                       Bonsall
#011---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn199a   John           WIGLEY         Head      M  70  M   Master FWK cotton   West Hallam         2 hands
Bn199b   Sarah          WIGLEY         Wife      M  64  F                       Bonsall
Bn199c   Edwin          WIGLEY         Son       M  23  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn199d   Eliza          WIGLEY         Dau iL    M  23  F                       Bonsall
Bn199e   Sarah Ellen    WIGLEY         Gdau         1   F                       Bonsall
Bn199f   Mary           WIGLEY         Gdau         16  F   FWK cotton drawers  Bonsall
#012---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn200a   Sarah          TWIGG          Head      U  70  F   Land proprietor     Bonsall
#013---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn201a   Hannah B       TWIGG          Head      W  64  F   Fundholdr landowner Bonsall
Bn201b   Eliza Ann      TWIGG          Dau       U  25  F                       Ashover
#014---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn202a   Thomas         WIGLEY         Head      M  44  M   FWK cotton drawers  Bonsall             Master empl 3 hands
Bn202b   Hannah         WIGLEY         Wife      M  44  F                       Manchester LAN
#015---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn203a   Daniel         ROLLEY         Head      M  43  M   FWK cotton drawers  Bonsall
Bn203b   Charlotte      ROLLEY         Wife      M  43  F                       Bonsall
Bn203c   Hannah         ROLLEY         Dau       U  20  F   Steam FWK tenter    Bonsall
Bn203d   Charlotte      ROLLEY         Dau       U  17  F   Cotton winder at f. Bonsall             Factory
Bn203e   Eliza          ROLLEY         Dau          11  F   Seamstress          Bonsall
Bn203f   Daniel         ROLLEY         Son          9   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn203g   Samuel         ROLLEY         Son          7   M   Scholar             Bonsall
#016---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn204a   Francis        BOND           Head         36  M   FWK angola drawers  Bonsall
Bn204b   Mary           BOND           Wife         36  F                       Bonsall
Bn204c   Esther         BOND           Dau          15  F   Drawers turner at   Bonsall             At factory
Bn204d   Hannah         BOND           Dau          12  F   Seamstress          Bonsall
Bn204e   Samuel         BOND           Son          9   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn204f   William        BOND           Son          6   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn204g   Betsy          ROLLEY         Dau          1   F                       Bonsall             Surname error?
#017---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---(p5, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn205a   William        ROPER          Head      M  42  M   Farmer of 90 acres  Middleton           Empl 1 lab
Bn205b   Ann            ROPER          Wife      M  43  F                       Middleton
Bn205c   Emma           ROPER          Dau       U  18  F                       Bonsall
Bn205d   Francis        ROPER          Son          16  M   Farmers son         Bonsall
Bn205e   John L         ROPER          Son          14  M   Farmers son         Bonsall
Bn205f   Louisa         ROPER          Dau          13  F                       Bonsall
Bn205g   Sally          ROPER          Dau          8   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn205h   Harriet        ROPER          Dau          6   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn205i   William H      ROPER          Son          3   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn205j   Albert J       ROPER          Son          2   M   Scholar             Bonsall
#018---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn206a   John           RAINS          Head      M  49  M   Annuitant           Ivon Brook Grange
Bn206b   Elizabeth      RAINS          Wife      M  56  F   Annuitant           Bonsall
Bn206c   Robert         RAINS          Son       U  20  M   Out of employ       Bonsall
Bn206d   Mary A         RAINS          Dau       U  18  F                       Bonsall
Bn206e   Samuel         RAINS          Son          12  M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn206f   Elizabeth      MORLEDGE       Servant   U  18  F   General servant     Cincinatti USA      N America, British subject
Bn206g   George         BROWN          -            15  M   General servant     Bonsall
#019---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn207a   Ann            LANE           Head      U  70  F   Proprietor of land  Bonsall
#020---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn208a   John           WORTHY         Head      W  48  M   Cordwainer          Bonsall
Bn208b   Elizabeth      WORTHY         Dau       U  17  F   Paper manufac rag c Bonsall             Rag cutter
Bn208c   Sarah          WORTHY         Gchild       3   F                       Bonsall
Bn208d   Sarah          WIGLEY         Lodger    W  45  F   FWK cotton          Matlock
#021---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---(p6, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn209a   James          GRATTON        Head      W  50  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn209b   Sarah          GRATTON        Dau       U  18  F   Factory tenter      Bonsall             Cotton
Bn209c   James          GRATTON        Son          16  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn209d   Maria          GRATTON        Dau          13  F   Domestic duties     Bonsall
Bn209e   Henry          GRATTON        Son          12  M                       Bonsall
Bn209f   Rueben         GRATTON        Son          9   M                       Bonsall
Bn209g   Emma           GRATTON        Dau          4   F                       Bonsall
#022---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn210a   John           ABELL          Head      W  67  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn210b   Joshua         GRATTON        Son iL    M  29  M   Carter              Bonsall
Bn210c   Sarah          GRATTON        Dau       M  25  F                       Bonsall
Bn210d   Mary Jane      GRATTON        Gdau         3   F                       Bonsall
#023---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn211a   William        GREGORY        Head      M  50  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn211b   Felicia        GREGORY        Wife      M  46  F   Domestic duties     Crich
Bn211c   Elizabeth      GREGORY        Dau       U  18  F   Paper man.ragcutter Bonsall             Manufacture
Bn211d   Grace          GREGORY        Dau          15  F   Factory spinner     Bonsall             Cotton
Bn211e   Martha         GREGORY        Dau          12  F   Factory winder      Bonsall             Cotton
Bn211f   Mary           GREGORY        Dau          10  F   Nurse girl          Bonsall
Bn211g   Hannah         GREGORY        Dau          8   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn211h   Isabella       GREGORY        Dau          5   F                       Bonsall
Bn211i   Job            GREGORY        Son          3   M                       Bonsall
#024---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---(p7, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn212a   James          BUNTING        Head      M  34  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn212b   Sylvia         BUNTING        Wife      M  32  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn212c   Clara          BUNTING        Dau          6m  F                       Bonsall
Bn212d   John           WIGLEY         Son iL       10  M                       Bonsall
Bn212e   Rosamond       WIGLEY         Dau iL       7   F                       Bonsall
Bn212f   Joanna         WIGLEY         Dau iL       5   F                       Bonsall
Bn212g   Emmanuel       WIGLEY         Broth iL  U  17  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn212h   Henrietta      WIGLEY         Niece        11  F   Nurse maid          Bonsall
#025---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn213a   Charles        BROWN          Head      M  45  M   Lead smelter        Lea
Bn213b   Ann            BROWN          Wife      M  40  F                       Bonsall
Bn213c   Emma           BROWN          Dau          12  F                       Bonsall
Bn213d   Samuel         BROWN          Son          8   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn213e   Hannah         BROWN          Dau          5   F                       Bonsall
#026---Top of Town---[Bonsall]---
Bn214a   James          SHELDON        Head      W  59  M   FWK master angola   Bonsall             Empl 1 man
Bn214b   Esther         SHELDON        Dau          8   F   Scholar             Bonsall
#027---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn215a   William        BUXTON         Head      M  33  M   FWK merino          Bonsall
Bn215b   Hannah         BUXTON         Wife      M  40  F   FWK merino          Bonsall
Bn215c   Sarah          BUXTON         Dau          15  F   Nurse girl          Bonsall
Bn215d   John           BUXTON         Son          7   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn215e   Ann            BUXTON         Dau          5   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn215f   Alice          BUXTON         Dau          1   F                       Bonsall
#028---High Street---[Bonsall]---(p8, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn216a   Thomas         THORPE         Head      M  50  M   General labourer    Ashford
Bn216b   Elizabeth      THORPE         Wife      M  49  F   Washerwoman         Callow
Bn216c   Ann            THORPE         Dau       U  26  F                       Bolsover
Bn216d   Elizabeth      THORPE         Dau          12  F                       Bonsall
Bn216e   John           THORPE         Gson         6   M                       Bonsall
Bn216f   William T      THORPE         Gson         2m  M                       Bonsall
#029---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn217a   Edmund         BROUNT         Head      M  55  M   Butcher             Bonsall
Bn217b   Elizabeth      BROUNT         Wife      M  45  F                       Bonsall
#030---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn218a   William        WALKER         Head      W  72  M   Higgler             Bonsall
#031---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn219a   Robert         CHADWICK       Head      M  64  M   Farmer of 52 acres  Bonsall             1 indoor lab
Bn219b   Mary           CHADWICK       Wife      M  54  F   Farmers wife        Mercaston
Bn219c   Alice          CHADWICK       Dau       U  27  F   Farmers dau         Bonsall
Bn219d   Eliza          CHADWICK       Dau       U  21  F   Farmers dau         Bonsall
Bn219e   Samuel         CHADWICK       Son          15  M   Farmers son         Bonsall
Bn219f   Mary Ann       WHEELDON       Gdau         9   F   Scholar             Finchley MDX
#032---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn220a   Sophia         BUNTING        Head      W  60  F   Pauper, b m widow   Matlock             Beesom makers widow
#033---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn221a   Thomas         DAWES          Head      M  32  M   FWK merino master   Matlock             Empl 2 men
Bn221b   Lydia          DAWES          Wife      M  27  F   FWKs wife           Bonsall
Bn221c   Sarah          DAWES          Dau          9   F                       Bonsall
Bn221d   Mary Ann       DAWES          Dau          5   F                       Bonsall
Bn221e   John           DAWES          Son          2   M                       Bonsall
Bn221f   Jane           DAWES          Dau          6m  F                       Bonsall
#034---High Street---[Bonsall]---(p9, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn222a   William        WHEELDON       Head      M  50  M   Farmer 10 acres     Turnditch           No lab
Bn222b   Mary           WHEELDON       Wife      M  47  F   Farmers wife        Alderwasley
Bn222c   Eliza          WHEELDON       Dau          10  F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn222d   William        WHEELDON       Son          9   M                       Bonsall
Bn222e   Hannah         WHEELDON       Dau          4   F                       Bonsall
#035---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn223a   Grace          RAINS          Head      W  48  F   Proprietor of house Bonsall
Bn223b   Jacob          RAINS          Son       U  21  M   FWK angola          Bonsall
Bn223c   William        LOXLEY         Father    W  79  M   Pauper ag lab       Bonsall
Bn223d   Rosetia        WIGLEY         Niece     U  17  F   Washerwoman         Bonsall
#036---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn224a   John           BUNTING        Head      M  48  M   Blacksmith,innkeepr Bonsall
Bn224b   Rebecca        BUNTING        Wife      M  46  F   Seamstress          Bonsall
Bn224c   Harriet        BUNTING        Dau       U  21  F   Seamstress          Bonsall
Bn224d   John           BUNTING        Son       U  19  M   Blacksmith          Bonsall
Bn224e   Lydia          BUNTING        Dau       U  17  F   Paper manufr sorter Bonsall
Bn224f   Elizabeth      BUNTING        Dau          13  F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn224g   Joseph         BUNTING        Son          9   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn224h   Jemima         BUNTING        Dau          7   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn224i   Samuel         BUNTING        Son          5   M   Scholar             Bonsall
#037---High Street---[Bonsall]---(p10, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn225a   Hannah         TIDESWELL      Head      W  72  F   Late laundress      Aldwark
Bn225b   Samuel         TIDESWELL      Son       M  38  M   FWK master          Bonsall             Merino & worsted, empl 9 hands
Bn225c   Hannah         TIDESWELL      Dau iL    M  38  F   Seamstress          Cromford
Bn225d   John           TIDESWELL      Son       U  28  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn225e   Samuel         TIDESWELL      Gson         8   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn225f   Eliza          TIDESWELL      Gdau         5   F   Scholar             Bonsall
#038---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn226a   George S       WARD           Head      M  38  M   Tortoise shell comb Bonsall             Manufacturer
Bn226b   Hannah         WARD           Wife      M  33  F   Milliner,dressmaker Shottle             Straw bonnet
Bn226c   Anne E         WARD           Dau       U  17  F                       Bonsall
Bn226d   William        WARD           Son          16  M                       Bonsall
Bn226e   Mary           WARD           Dau          12  F                       Bonsall
Bn226f   John           WARD           Son          11  M                       Bonsall
Bn226g   George J       WARD           Son          6   M                       Bonsall
Bn226h   James          WARD           Son          4   M                       Bonsall
Bn226i   Sarah J        WARD           Dau          1   F                       Bonsall
Bn226j   Kezia          SPENDLOVE      Visitor   U  47  F   House servant       Shottle
#039---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn227a   Thomas         BROWN          Head      M  59  M   Cooper              Rugeley STS
Bn227b   Betty          BROWN          Wife      M  58  F   Coopers wife        Bonsall
Bn227c   Edwin          BROWN          Son       U  25  M   Colour maker        Bonsall
Bn227d   Thomas         BROWN          Son       U  20  M   Coopers son         Bonsall
Bn227e   Emma           BROWN          Dau       U  17  F                       Bonsall
Bn227f   Isaac          BROWN          Son          12  M   Scholar             Bonsall
#040---High Street---[Bonsall]---(p11, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn228a   Charles        PRINCE         Head      M  33  M   Shoemaker master    Bonsall             Empl 1 J'man 1 appr
Bn228b   Hannah         PRINCE         Wife      M  33  F                       Bonsall
Bn228c   John T         PRINCE         Son          3   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn228d   Sarah A        PRINCE         Dau          11m F                       Bonsall
Bn228e   Joseph         WOODDEROUFFE   Appr         18  M   Appr shoemaker      Nottingham NTT
Bn228f   Thomas         TAYLOR         Lodger       20  M   Papermill engine tr Bonsall             Engine tenter
#041---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn229a   Robert         GREGORY        Head      M  40  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn229b   Sarah          GREGORY        Wife      M  35  F                       Crich
Bn229c   Robert         GREGORY        Son          4   M   Scholar             Bonsall
#042---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn230a   Thomas         MILWARD        Head      M  49  M   Ag lab              East Grinstead SSX
Bn230b   Ann            MILWARD        Wife      M  43  F                       Bonsall
Bn230c   Mary           MILWARD        Dau       U  21  F   Factory spinner     Bonsall             Cotton
Bn230d   George         MILWARD        Son       U  19  M   General labourer    Bonsall
Bn230e   Lucy           MILWARD        Dau       U  17  F   Factory drawer      Bonsall             Cotton
Bn230f   Henry          MILWARD        Son          13  M   Paint manufact lab  Bonsall
Bn230g   Sarah          MILWARD        Dau          11  F   Nurse girl          Bonsall
Bn230h   Ann            MILWARD        Dau          9   F                       Bonsall
Bn230i   Thomas         MILWARD        Son          7   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn230j   Josiah         MILWARD        Son          3   M                       Bonsall
#043---High Street---[Bonsall]---(p12, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn231a   Lydia          WRAGG          Head      W  36  F   FWK cotton          Matlock
Bn231b   Mary           WRAGG          Dau          12  F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn231c   Samuel         WRAGG          Son          6   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn231d   Adam           WRAGG          Son          1   M                       Bonsall
#044---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn232a   James          GREGORY        Head      M  23  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn232b   Ann            GREGORY        Wife      M  23  F                       Parwich
Bn232c   William        GREGORY        Son          2   M                       Bonsall
Bn232d   Clara          GREGORY        Dau          1m  F                       Bonsall
#045---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn233a   Charles        WOODIWISS      Head      M  26  M   FWK angola          Bonsall
Bn233b   Mary           WOODIWISS      Wife      M  25  F   FWK angola          Bonsall
Bn233c   Samuel         WOODIWISS      Son          3   M                       Bonsall
Bn233d   Harriet        WOODIWISS      Dau          6m  F                       Bonsall
Bn233e   William        SUDBURY        Lodger    U  23  M   FWK cotton          Ilkeston
#046---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn234a   Thomas         WALKER         Head      U  43  M   Schoolmaster        Bonsall
#047---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn235a   Thomas         ROBINSON       Head      W  55  M   Farmer 50 acres     NK YKS              1 indoor lab
Bn235b   John           ROBINSON       Son       M  23  M   Ag lab              Bonsall
Bn235c   Mary           WALKER         Dau       M  23  F   House keeper        Bonsall
Bn235d   Francis        WALKER         Son iL    M  25  M   Corn miller         Middleton
Bn235e   Maria          ROBINSON       Dau iL    M  25  F   Labs wife           Crich Carr
Bn235f   Mary           ROBINSON       Gdau         1   F                       Bonsall
Bn235g   Samuel         ROBINSON       Gson         1m  M                       Bonsall
Bn235h   Thomas         WALKER         Gson         3m  M                       Bonsall
#048---High Street---[Bonsall]---(p13, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn236a   William        MADDOCK        Head      U  73  M   Gardener            Bonsall
#049---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn237a   William        PRINCE         Head      U  25  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn237b   Hannah         PRINCE         Sister    U  23  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn237c   Betsey         PRINCE         Sister    U  19  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn237d   Peter          PRINCE         Brother   U  16  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn237e   Ann            PRINCE         Sister    U  13  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
#050---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn238a   Mathew         SHELDON        Head      M  60  M   Ag lab              Not known
#051---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn239a   Josiah         ROLLEY         Head      W  48  M   Sawyer              Bonsall
Bn239b   Mary           ROLLEY         Dau       U  27  F   Housekeeper         Bonsall
Bn239c   Sarah          ROLLEY         Dau       U  26  F   FWK merino          Bonsall
Bn239d   John           ROLLEY         Son       U  21  M   Sawyer              Bonsall
Bn239e   Ann            ROLLEY         Dau       U  17  F   FWK merino          Bonsall
Bn239f   Betsy          ROLLEY         Dau       U  14  F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn239g   Josiah         ROLLEY         Son          11  M   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn239h   Sarah A        ROLLEY         Gdau         4   F                       Bonsall
Bn239i   William        ROLLEY         Gson         2   M                       Bonsall
Bn239j   Elizabeth      ROLLEY         Gdau         2   F                       Bonsall
#052---High Street---[Bonsall]---(p14, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn240a   Sarah          WORTHY         Head      M  56  F   Washerwoman         Matlock
Bn240b   Hannah         WORTHY         Dau       U  14  F   Seamstress          Bonsall
#053---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn241a   Henry          FERN           Head      M  58  M   Marble mason        Bonsall
Bn241b   Ann            FERN           Wife      M  53  F                       Bonsall
Bn241c   Hannah         FERN           Dau       U  30  F                       Bonsall
Bn241d   Ann            FERN           Dau       U  28  F                       Bonsall
Bn241e   Henry          FERN           Son       U  22  M   Wood turner         Bonsall
Bn241f   Isaac          FERN           Gson         1   M                       Bonsall
#054---High Street---[Bonsall]---
Bn242a   Ann            BATTY          Head      W  67  F   Innkeeper           Billinglow YKS
Bn242b   Betsy          SPENCER        Dau       M  24  F   Butchers wife       Sheffield YKS
Bn242c   William        SPENCER        Son iL    M  31  M   Butcher             Middleton
Bn242d   Ann            SPENCER        Gdau         6   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn242e   Samuel         TAYLOR         Servant      16  M   Butchers boy        Alderwasley
Bn242f   Mary           TAYLOR         Servant      13  F   General servant     Alderwasley
#055---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---
Bn243a   Mary           POUNDALL       Head      M  59  F   Baker               Bonsall
Bn243b   Elizabeth      POUNDALL       Dau       U  18  F   Paper manuf sorter  Bonsall
Bn243c   Thomas         POUNDALL       Lodger    U  54  M   Ag lab              Bonsall
#056---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---(p15, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn244a   Milicent       KIDD           Head      W  56  F   Draper              Cromford
Bn244b   Ann            SPENCER        Dau       M  24  F   Schoolmistress      Cromford
Bn244c   Peter          SPENCER        Son iL    M  27  M   Draper              Middleton
Bn245a   Sarah L L      MILLS          Head      U  50  F   Governess           London MDX
#058---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---
Bn246a   Ann            STATHAM        Head      W  50  F   Ginger beer maker   Bonsall             And pop seller
#059---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---
Bn247a   Charles        YOUNG          Head      M  30  M   Butcher             Bonsall
Bn247b   Hannah         YOUNG          Wife      M  29  F                       Bonsall
Bn247c   Ann            YOUNG          Dau          5   F                       Manchester LAN
Bn247d   Samuel         YOUNG          Son          4m  M                       Bonsall
Bn247e   Hannah         YOUNG          Mother    W  50  F   Butchers widow      Middleton
Bn247f   William        YOUNG          Brother   U  26  M   Butcher             Bonsall
Bn247g   Elizabeth      YOUNG          Sister    U  21  F   Dressmaker          Bonsall
Bn247h   Samuel         YOUNG          Brother   U  18  M   Stone mason         Bonsall
Bn247i   James          YOUNG          Brother   U  15  M   General labourer    Bonsall
#060---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---
Bn248a   John F         OLLERENSHAW    Head      M  46  M   Stone mason         Holloway
Bn248b   Elizabeth      OLLERENSHAW    Wife      M  56  F                       Bonsall
Bn248c   Hannah         OLLERENSHAW    Niece     U  18  F                       Holloway
#061---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---
Bn249a   Ellen          KIRK           Head      W  46  F   Domestic duties     Middleton
Bn249b   William        SEEDHAM        Lodger    W  67  M   Flax dresser        Wensley
#062---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---(p16, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn250a   Charles        READ           Head      M  27  M   FWK silk            Basford NTT
Bn250b   Dorothy        READ           Wife      M  24  F   FWK silk            Bonsall
Bn250c   Catherine      READ           Dau          4   F                       Bonsall
Bn250d   John           READ           Son          2   M                       Bonsall
Bn250e   Hannah         READ           Dau          5m  F                       Bonsall
#063---Bonsall Cross---[Bonsall]---
Bn251a   Francis        HARTLE         Head      M  61  M   Cordwainer master   Bonsall             2 men
Bn251b   Jane           HARTLE         Wife      M  61  F                       Ashford
Bn251c   George         HARTLE         Son       U  25  M   FWK silk            Bonsall
Bn251d   Sarah          HARTLE         Dau       U  29  F   Domestic duties     Bonsall
Bn251e   Abell          HARTLE         Son       U  21  M   Cordwainer          Bonsall
Bn251f   Francis        HARTLE         Son       W  27  M   Cordwainer          Bonsall
Bn251g   Louisa         HARTLE         Dau          6   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn251h   Fanny          HARTLE         Dau          4   F   Scholar             Bonsall
#064---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---
Bn252a   Jacob          SHELDON        Head      M  55  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn252b   Martha         SHELDON        Wife      M  52  F                       Bonsall
Bn252c   Benjamin       SHELDON        Son       U  28  M   FWK angola          Bonsall
Bn252d   Mary           SHELDON        Dau       U  26  F   Factory girl c r    Bonsall             Cotton reeler
Bn252e   Jacob          SHELDON        Son       U  22  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn252f   Grace          SHELDON        Dau       U  19  F   Factory girl c r    Bonsall             Cotton reeler
Bn252g   Hannah         SHELDON        Dau       U  17  F   Paper manuf sorter  Bonsall
Bn252h   Fanny          SHELDON        Dau       U  15  F   Factory spinner t c Bonsall             Throstle cotton
Bn252i   Martha         SHELDON        Dau          11  F   Scholar             Bonsall
#065---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---(p17, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn253a   Samuel         FEARN          Head      M  30  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn253b   Sarah          FEARN          Wife      M  30  F                       Bonsall
Bn253c   Elizabeth      FEARN          Dau          7   F   Scholar             Bonsall
Bn253d   John           FEARN          Son          5   M                       Bonsall
Bn253e   Frances        FEARN          Dau          2   F                       Bonsall
Bn253f   Enoch          FEARN          Son          8m  M                       Bonsall
#066---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---
Bn254a   William        BODEN          Head      M  39  M   FWK cotton          Matlock
Bn254b   Elizabeth      BODEN          Wife      M  38  F                       Bonsall
Bn254c   Ann            BODEN          Dau       U  14  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn254d   Samuel         BODEN          Son          12  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn254e   James          BODEN          Son          10  M                       Bonsall
Bn254f   Lydia          BODEN          Dau          7   F                       Bonsall
Bn254g   Edwin          BODEN          Son          4   M                       Bonsall
Bn254h   Elizabeth      BODEN          Dau          1   F                       Bonsall
#067---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---
Bn255a   Anthony        GREATOREX      Head      M  57  M   FWK cotton Master   Bonsall             6 hands
Bn255b   Mary           GREATOREX      Wife      M  54  F   Seamstress          Matlock
#068---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---
Bn256a   Thomas         GREATOREX      Head      M  65  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn256b   Thomas         GREATOREX      Nephew    U  21  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn256c   Sarah          GREATOREX      Niece     U  19  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn256d   Anthony        GREATOREX      Nephew    U  17  M   FWK cotton          Bonsall
Bn256e   Ann            GREATOREX      Niece     U  15  F   FWK cotton          Bonsall
#069---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---(p18, Brassington district, Enumeration district 11c, HO 107/2146)
Bn257a   George         MASSEY         Head      M  24  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn257b   Esther         MASSEY         Wife      M  20  F                       Ible
#070---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---
Bn258a   Ann            SHELDON        Head      U  20  F   Factory throstle s                      Spinner cotton
#071---Arthur Hill---[Bonsall]---
Bn259a   William        SHELDON        Head      M  56  M   Lead miner          Bonsall
Bn259b   Mary           SHELDON        Wife      M  50  F                       Bonsall
Bn259c   Jacob          SHELDON        Son       U  17  M   Lead miner          Bonsall

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code   Firstname  SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

Ad01a  Job        PEAT     Head       M  61  M  Farmer of 100 acres Ashleyhay           Empl 3 labourers

Number---Address------[Place]-----(page, Registrar's District, Enumeration District, Home Office number)

#001---Knobb Farm---[Alderwasley]---(p1, Wirksworth district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2145)

In the Census, each household is given a #"number of Householders Schedule". A Page Reference number is given, each page holding about 20 entries. Registrar's District, Enumeration District and Home Office reference number are also present. All this information is given in the listing in red. The Home Office (Public Record Office) number can be used to order microfilm of the Census from the PRO, or view at a reference library.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.