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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W262a     Joseph         WILSON         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W262b     Mary           WILSON         30  f  Y
W262c     John           WILSON         9   m  Y
W262d     Daniel         WILSON         7   m  Y
W262e     Mary           WILSON         5   f  Y
W262f     Fanny          WILSON         3   f  Y
W262g     Emma           WILSON         11m f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W263a     David          SEEDS          65  m  Y  Shoe m
W263b     Moses          SEEDS          20  m  Y
W263c     Elizabeth      SEEDS          20  f  N
W263d     Caroline       SEEDS          5m  f  N
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p21, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W264a     John           STONE          30  m  Y  Hostler
W264b     Ann            STONE          30  f  Y
W264c     Mary           STONE          5   f  N
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W265a     Ann            GRIFFIN        65  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W266a     Joshua         GRATTON        25  m  Y  Lead miner
W266b     Elizabeth      GRATTON        20  f  Y
W266c     Joshua         GRATTON        1   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W267a     David          SWINSCOW       25  m  Y  Joiner
W267b     Ann            SWINSCOW       20  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W268a     Joshua         GRATTON        45  m  Y  Lead miner
W268b     Hannah         GRATTON        45  f  Y
W268c     Charles        GRATTON        15  m  Y
W268d     Mary           GRATTON        10  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W269a     John           BROUGH         25  m  Y  Mason's lab
W269b     Ann            BROUGH         20  f  N
W269c     Mary           BROUGH         1   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W270a     William        ELSE           45  m  Y
W270b     Jane           ELSE           40  f  Y
W270c     Thomas         ELSE           15  m  Y
W270d     William        ELSE           13  m  Y
W270e     Dorothy        ELSE           6   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W271a     Thomas         ELSE           30  m  Y  Stone mason
W271b     Ann            ELSE           25  f  Y
W271c     Mary           ELSE           4   f  Y
W271d     William        ELSE           2   m  Y
W271e     Elizabeth      ELSE           20  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p22, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W272a     John           GRATTON        30  m  Y
W272b     Hannah         GRATTON        25  f  Y
W272c     Pheabe         FRITH          15  f  Y
W272d     William        FRITH          20  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W273a     Samuel         MOORE          50  m  Y  Lead miner
W273b     Mary           MOORE          50  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W274a     Gamaliel       MOORE          30  m  Y  Lead miner
W274b     Sarah          MOORE          30  f  Y
W274c     John           MOORE          10  m  Y
W274d     Elizabeth      MOORE          6   f  Y
W274e     Samuel         MOORE          4   m  Y
W274f     Sarah          MOORE          2   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W275a     William        MARPLE         45  m  Y  Lead miner
W275b     Ann            MARPLE         25  f  Y
W275c     George         MARPLE         20  m  Y
W275d     Sarah          MARPLE         18  f  Y
W275e     Ann            MARPLE         15  f  Y
W275f     Mary           MARPLE         14  f  Y
W275g     Elizabeth      MARPLE         12  f  Y
W275h     Job            MARPLE         10  m  Y
W275i     Aron           MARPLE         1   m  Y
W275j     William        CARDING?       7   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p23, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W276a     George         SPENCER        50  m  Y  Silk weaver
W276b     Elizabeth      SPENCER        55  f  Y
W276c     George         SPENCER        20  m  Y
W276d     Emma           SPENCER        10  f  Y
W276e     Sarah          COOPER         4   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W277a     Joseph         ALLSOP         80  m  Y  Lead miner
W277b     Elizabeth      ALLSOP         70  f  Y
W277c     William        ALLSOP         30  m  Y  Shoe m
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W278a     James          GRATTON        55  m  Y  Lead miner
W278b     Martha         GRATTON        50  f  Y
W278c     Charlotte      GRATTON        25  f  Y
W278d     Elizabeth      GRATTON        15  f  Y
W278e     Maria          GRATTON        14  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W279a     William        MASKERY        20  m  Y  Stone mason
W279b     Racheal        MASKERY        20  f  Y
W279c     Charles        MASKERY        3   m  Y
W279d     Rachel         MASKERY        9m  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W280a     Jacob          THOMPSON       40  m  Y  Lead miner
W280b     Charlotte      THOMPSON       35  f  Y
W280c     Jacob          THOMPSON       13  m  Y
W280d     John           THOMPSON       11  m  Y
W280e     Charlotte      THOMPSON       4   f  Y
W280f     Maria          THOMPSON       9m  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W281a     James          SMITH          35  m  Y  Lead miner
W281b     Phebe          SMITH          35  f  N
W281c     Mary           SMITH          10  f  Y
W281d     Lydia          POTTER         65  f  N
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p24, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W282a     William        STORER         40  m  Y  Joiner
W282b     Elizabeth      STORER         20  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W283a     William        GRATTON        60  m  Y  Lead miner
W283b     Lydia          GRATTON        60  f  Y
W283c     William        WILD           15  m  Y  Mason's app
W283d     Anthony        POYSER         9   m  Y
W283e     George         POYSER         7   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W284a     William        GRATTON        40  m  Y  Stone mason
W284b     Martha         GRATTON        45  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W285a     George         MERCHANT       50  m  Y  Labourer
W285b     Mary           BROCKFIELD     50  f  Y
W285c     Sarah          BROCKFIELD     20  f  Y
W285d     Mary           BROCKFIELD     15  f  Y
W285e     George         BROCKFIELD     15  m  Y
W285f     Hannah         BROCKFIELD     11  f  Y
W285g     Martha         BROCKFIELD     8   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W286a     John           ALLSOP         50  m  Y  Silk weaver
W286b     Elizabeth      ALLSOP         45  f  Y
W286c     Sarah          ALLSOP         15  f  Y
W286d     Mary           ALLSOP         15  f  Y
W286e     John           ALLSOP         13  m  Y
W286f     Hannah         ALLSOP         11  f  Y
W286g     Asa            ALLSOP         7   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p25, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W287a     Wandell        ALLSOP         20  m  Y  Velvet weaver
W287b     Martha         ALLSOP         25  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W288a     James          DAWSON         40  m  N  Labourer
W288b     Sarah          DAWSON         40  f  Y
W288c     George         DAWSON         14  m  Y
W288d     John           DAWSON         15  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W289a     Isaac          DOXEY          20  m  Y  Labourer
W289b     Mary           DOXEY          15  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W290a     Thomas         SEEDS          25  m  Y  Labourer
W290b     Elizabeth      SEEDS          25  f  Y
W290c     Ann            SEEDS          1   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W291a     Joseph         TAYLOR         40  m  Y  Dealer in rags
W291b     Mary           TAYLOR         40  f  Y
W291c     Rumuteh        TAYLOR         15  f  Y
W291d     Thomas         TAYLOR         10  m  Y
W291e     Mary           TAYLOR         2   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W292a     Wandall        ALLSOP         75  m  Y  Lead miner
W292b     Ann            ALLSOP         70  f  Y
W292c     William        ALLSOP         40  m  Y  Velvet weaver
W292d     Hannah         ALLSOP         40  f  Y
W292e     Mary           ALLSOP         30  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W293a     John           PEARSON        30  m  Y  Labourer
W293b     Mary           PEARSON        30  f  Y
W293c     William        PEARSON        13  m  Y
W293d     Hannah         PEARSON        11  f  Y
W293e     John           PEARSON        8   m  Y
W293f     George         PEARSON        6   m  Y
W293g     Maria          PEARSON        11m f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p26, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W294a     Arthur         MARPLE         25  m  Y  Lead miner
W294b     Millicent      MARPLE         20  f  Y
W294c     Henry          MARPLE         1   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W295a     Gamaliel       HALL           45  m  Y  Stone mason
W295b     Sarah          HALL           40  f  Y
W295c     Caleb          HALL           15  m  Y
W295d     Hannah         HALL           10  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W296a     Mary           WESLEY         60  f  N
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W297a     Samuel         BUNTING        50  m  Y  Gingham weaver
W297b     George         BUNTING        20  m  Y
W297c     Job            BUNTING        15  m  Y
W297d     John           BUNTING        10  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W298a     James          KNIVETON       20  m  Y  Silk weaver
W298b     Hannah         KNIVETON       20  f  Y
W298c     William        KNIVETON       11m m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W299a     Joseph         WHITE          35  m  Y  Tape weaver
W299b     Jane           WHITE          40  f  Y
W299c     Mary           WHITE          15  f  Y
W299d     Grace          WHITE          11  f  Y
W299e     Ann            WHITE          4   f  Y
W299f     Hannah         WHITE          1   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W300a     Henry          TAYLOR         30  m  Y  Stone mason
W300b     Hannah         TAYLOR         30  f  Y
W300c     Thomas         TAYLOR         8   m  Y
W300d     Henry          TAYLOR         7   m  Y
W300e     John           TAYLOR         5   m  Y
W300f     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         3   f  Y
W300g     Mary           TAYLOR         8w  f  Y
W300h     Sarah          TAYLOR         35  f  N
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p27, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W301a     Sarah          TAYLOR         55  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W302a     George         BUNTING        40  m  Y  Frame W K
W302b     Sarah          BUNTING        40  f  Y
W302c     Joseph         BUNTING        15  m  Y
W302d     Job            WALLBANK       15  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W303a     Jonathan       BLACKHAM       30  m  Y  Nail m
W303b     Ann            BLACKHAM       30  f  Y
W303c     Ann            BLACKHAM       11  f  Y
W303d     Samuel         BLACKHAM       9   m  Y
W303e     Henry          BLACKHAM       1   m  Y
W303f     Allice         STORER         40  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W304a     John           OGDEN          55  m  Y  Coal dealer
W304b     Anthony        OGDEN          15  m  Y
W304c     Mary           OGDEN          12  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W305a     Elizabeth      KIRK           55  f  Y
W305b     Luke           KIRK           20  m  Y
W305c     Samuel         ROPER          20  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W306a     Mary           MELBOURNE      55  f  Y
W306b     John           MELBOURNE      15  m  Y
W306c     Mary           MELBOURNE      15  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p28, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W307a     Neamiah        KNIVETON       20  m  Y  Silk weaver
W307b     Mary           KNIVETON       20  f  Y
W307c     Ester          KNIVETON       2   f  Y
W307d     Hannah         KNIVETON       2m  f  Y
W307e     Elizabeth      WOODHOUSE      20  f  Y
W307f     Samuel         WOODHOUSE      15  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W308a     James          FLINT          40  m  Y  Lead miner
W308b     Elizabeth      FLINT          35  f  Y
W308c     Samuel         FLINT          20  m  Y
W308d     Henry          FLINT          15  m  Y  Wheelwright ap
W308e     Hannah         FLINT          15  f  Y
W308f     Sarah          FLINT          12  f  Y
W308g     James          FLINT          8   m  Y
W308h     Mark           FLINT          5   m  Y
W308i     Joseph         FLINT          1   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W309a     Thomas         TURNER         40  m  N  Shoe m
W309b     Elizabeth      TURNER         30  f  Y
W309c     William        TURNER         15  m  Y
W309d     George         TURNER         15  m  Y
W309e     George         ROOSE          70  m  Y  Ind
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W310a     Mary           MARSH          35  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W311a     John           MOORE          20  m  Y  Lead miner
W311b     Hannah         MOORE          25  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p29, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W312a     John           STORER         35  m  Y  Shoe m
W312b     Mary           STORER         35  f  Y
W312c     Ann            STORER         13  f  Y
W312d     Richard        STORER         7   m  Y
W312e     Ellen          STORER         2   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W313a     Rachel         KIRK           40  f  Y
W313b     Daniel         BUNTING        25  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W313c     Hannah         BUNTING        20  f  Y
W313d     John           KIRK           15  m  Y
W313e     Mary           KIRK           8   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W314a     George         HARDY          65  m  Y  Lead miner
W314b     Lydia          HARDY          55  f  Y
W314c     Elizabeth      HARDY          20  f  Y
W314d     Benjamin       COOPER         85  m  Y  Ind
W314e     John           BUXTON         55  m  Y  Ind
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W315a     George         WOODHOUSE      45  m  Y  Labourer
W315b     Francis        WOODHOUSE      40  f  Y
W315c     Harriott       WOODHOUSE      15  f  Y
W315d     Francis        WOODHOUSE      15  f  Y
W315e     Sarah          WOODHOUSE      6   f  Y
W315f     Anthony        WOODHOUSE      14  m  Y
W315g     John           WOODHOUSE      8   m  Y
W315h     Henry          WOODHOUSE      5   m  Y
W315i     Joseph         WOODHOUSE      2   m  Y
W315j     Eliza          WOODHOUSE      25  f  Y
W315k     George         WOODHOUSE      10w m
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p30, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W316a     George         DAKIN          25  m  Y  Chimney sweep
W316b     Ann            DAKIN          25  f  Y
W316c     Hannah         DAKIN          7   f  Y
W316d     Philip         DAKIN          4   m  Y
W316e     Mary           DAKIN          6m  f  Y
W316f     Charles        MEAKIN         15  m  N  Sweep
W316g     Richard        DRONFIELD      15  m  N  Sweep
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W317a     William        GOLD           40  m  N  P
W317b     Peggy          GOLD           25  f  N
W317c     Mary           GOLD           9   f  N
W317d     William        GOLD           8   m  N
W317e     George         GOLD           5   m  N
W317f     Thomas         GOLD           1   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W318a     Rebecca        MASKERY        50  f  Y
W318b     Sarah          MASKERY        20  f  Y
W318c     Henry          MASKERY        20  m  Y
W318d     John           MASKERY        15  m  Y
W318e     Francis        MASKERY        14  m  Y
W318f     James          MASKERY        12  m  Y
W318g     Thomas         MASKERY        4   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W319a     John           BROUGH         30  m  Y  Shoe m
W319b     Ann            BROUGH         35  f  Y
W319c     Mary           BROUGH         11  f  Y
W319d     Sarah          BROUGH         7   f  Y
W319e     Eliza          BROUGH         5   f  Y
W319f     Ann            BROUGH         2   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p31, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W320a     Isaac          MARSH          25  m  Y  Labourer
W320b     Hannah         MARSH          25  f  Y
W320c     William        MARSH          5   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W321a     William        KEELING        55  m  N  Shoe m
W321b     Sarah          KEELING        50  f  N
W321c     Elizabeth      KEELING        15  f  Y
W321d     Ellen          HARRISON       45  f  Y
W321e     Ann            HARRISON       11  f  Y
W321f     Mary           HARRISON       9   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W322a     Joseph         POTTER         75  m  Y  Candle m
W322b     Jane           POTTER         70  f  Y
W322c     Mary           ALLSOP         4   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W323a     Charles        COOPER         40  m  Y  Cotton FWK
W323b     Ann            COOPER         45  f  Y
W323c     Charles        COOPER         15  m  Y
W323d     Sarah          COOPER         15  f  Y
W323e     Ann            COOPER         14  f  Y
W323f     Hannah         COOPER         11  f  Y
W323g     Samuel         COOPER         8   m  Y
W323h     William        COOPER         6   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W324a     Benjamin       BURTON         50  m  Y  Lead miner
W324b     Elizabeth      BURTON         50  f  Y
W324c     Eliza          ROWLAND        14  f     F.S.
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p32, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W325a     Benjamin       POTTER         45  m  Y  Gingham weaver
W325b     Lydia          POTTER         40  f  Y
W325c     William        POTTER         11  m  Y
W325d     Maria          POTTER         6   f  Y
W325e     Benjamin       POTTER         3   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W326a     Hannah         WILSON         70  f  Y
W326b     Ruth           WILSON         15  f  Y
W326c     Thomas         HOLMES         50  m  Y  Coal miner
W326d     Thomas         REGAN          30  m  I
W326e     Sarah          THOMAS         35  f  I
W326f     Margret        THOMAS         15  f  N
W326g     Dorothy        FLINN          15  f  I
W326h     Ann            ROSE           60  f  Y
W326i     John           CUNNINGHAM     45  m  I
W326j     Rosana         CUNNINGHAM     45  f  I
W326k     Peter          CUNNINGHAM     5   m  I
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W327a     George         COOK           35  m  Y  Labourer
W327b     Elizabeth      COOK           40  f  Y
W327c     Fredric        COOK           12  m  Y
W327d     George         COOK           9   m  Y
W327e     Mary           COOK           7   f  Y
W327f     Samuel         WINT           30  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W328a     Martha         ALLSOP         70  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p33, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W329a     John           ALLSOP         35  m  Y  Higler
W329b     Phebe          ALLSOP         35  f  Y
W329c     Henry          ALLSOP         12  m  Y
W329d     Samuel         ALLSOP         10  m  Y
W329e     Isaac          ALLSOP         7   m  Y
W329f     Mary           WITWORTH       25  f  Y
W329g     Sarah          WITWORTH       20  f  Y

---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]---(p1, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W330a     John           POYSER         58  m  Y  Carrier
W330b     James          POYSER         19  m  Y  Carrier
W330c     Anthony        POYSER         13  m  Y
W330d     Sarah          POYSER         11  f  Y
W330e     Mary           POYSER         9   f  Y
W330f     Elizabeth      SEEDS          56  f  Y  F.S.
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W331a     John           GELL           50  m  Y  Silk weaver
W331b     Ann            GELL           55  f  Y
W331c     Eliza          GELL           20  f  Y
W331d     Edward         GELL           20  m  Y  Silk weaver
W331e     John           GELL           15  m  Y  Silk weaver
W331f     Alfred         GELL           14  m  Y
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W332a     James          WHEELDON       34  m  Y  Ag Lab
W332b     Hannah         WHEELDON       32  f  Y
W332c     Sarah          WHEELDON       11  f  Y
W332d     Frances        WHEELDON       9   f  Y
W332e     Samuel         WHEELDON       6   m  Y
W332f     Ann            WHEELDON       3   f  Y
W332g     Elizabeth      WHEELDON       3   f  Y
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W333a     Sarah          TOMLINSON      30  f  Y  Mangler
W333b     Sarah          TOMLINSON      2   f  Y
W333c     Henry          TOMLINSON      10  m  Y
W333d     Samuel         TOMLINSON      6   m  Y
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W334a     Elizabeth      HALL           52  f  Y  Laundress
W334b     Mary           HALL           15  f  Y  Laundress
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]---(p2, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W335a     Joseph         KNIVETON       25  m  Y  Brickmaker
W335b     Mary           KNIVETON       25  f  Y
W335c     Elizabeth      KNIVETON       1   f  Y
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W336a     Anthony        BROCKLEHURST   51  m  Y  M.S.
W336b     Mary           BROCKLEHURST   24  f  Y
W336c     Godfrey        BROCKLEHURST   22  m  Y  Brazier
W336d     Anthony        BROCKLEHURST   12  m  Y
W336e     William        BROCKLEHURST   11  m  Y
W336f     Sarah          BROCKLEHURST   9   f  Y
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W337a     Abraham        WOOD           67  m  Y  Musician
W337b     Elizabeth      WOOD           65  f  Y
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W338a     Samuel         HANSON         64  m  Y  Shoemaker
W338b     Sarah          HANSON         63  f  Y
W338c     Esther         HANSON         25  f  Y
W338d     Ann            HANSON         20  f  Y
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W339a     George         BECKHOUSE      30  m  N  Hatter
W339b     Mary           WEBSTER        15  f  Y
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W340a     Daniel         WILSON         36  m  Y  Maltster
W340b     Fanny          WILSON         36  f  Y
W340c     Esther         WILSON         14  f  Y
W340d     Fanny          WILSON         10  f  Y
W340e     Betsy          WILSON         8   f  Y
W340f     Daniel         WILSON         6   m  Y
W340g     John           WILSON         4   m  Y
W340h     Eliza          WILSON         2   f  Y
W340i     Thomas         CLARKE         20  m  Y  Maltster J
W340j     Elizabeth      SPRAY          20  f  Y  F.S.
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]---(p3, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W341a     Henry          BUDWORTH       30  m  N  Brazier
W341b     Eliza          BUDWORTH       25  f  Y
W341c     Henry          BUDWORTH       3   m  Y
W341d     John Bell      LEWIS          30  m  N  Journeyman Br
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W342a     Robert         MATHER         75  m  Y  Shoemaker
W342b     Elizabeth      MATHER         73  f  Y
W342c     Edward         MATHER         40  m  Y  Shoemaker
W342d     Edward         SPRAY          26  m  Y  Shoemaker
W342e     Eliza          EATON          12  f  Y  F.S.
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W343a     James          WIGLEY         35  m  Y  Plaisterer
W343b     Mary           WIGLEY         15  f  Y
W343c     Sarah          WIGLEY         13  f  Y
W343d     Ann            WIGLEY         9   f  Y
W343e     Elizabeth      WIGLEY         2   f  Y
---Chinahouse yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W344a     Silence        HAYNES         60  f  Y  Seamstress
W344b     Lydia          HAYNES         34  f  Y
W344c     Sarah          HAYNES         30  f  Y
W344d     Samuel         HAYNES         1   m  Y
W344e     Mary           EVANS          35  f  Y
---Hannage Road---[Wirksworth]------------
W345a     John           BROWNSON       35  m  Y  Joiner
W345b     Elizabeth      BROWNSON       35  f  Y
W345c     Sarah          BROWNSON       7   f  Y
W345d     Alice          BROWNSON       4   f  Y
W345e     Thomas         BROWNSON       2   m  Y
---Hannage Road---[Wirksworth]---(p4, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W346a     William        WESTON         30  m  Y  Carrier
W346b     Hannah         WESTON         25  f  Y
W346c     Ann            WESTON         4   f  Y
W346d     Sarah          WESTON         2   f  Y
---Hannage Road---[Wirksworth]------------
W347a     George         POYSER         50  m  Y  White smith
W347b     Elizabeth      POYSER         45  f  Y
W347c     George         POYSER         25  m  Y
W347d     John           POYSER         15  m  Y
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W348a     Edward         ELLIOTT        71  m  Y  Miner
W348b     Sarah          ELLIOTT        32  f  Y
W348c     Fanny          ELLIOTT        30  f  Y
W348d     Georgina       ELLIOTT        15  f  Y
W348e     Harriett       ELLIOTT        10  f  Y
W348f     Fanny          ELLIOTT        8   f  Y
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W349a     Thomas         WETTON         45  m  Y  Farmer
W349b     Hannah         WETTON         30  f  Y
W349c     Thomas         WETTON         5   m  Y
W349d     Ann            WETTON         3   f  Y
W349e     John           WETTON         2   m  Y
W349f     Francis        WETTON         7m  m  Y
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W350a     Dorothy        MATHER         55  f  Y  Seamstress
---St Mary's Gate---[Wirksworth]------------
W351a     George         BAMFORD        55  m  Y  Shoemaker
W351b     Thomas         BAMFORD        25  m  Y  Shoemaker
W351c     Elizabeth      BAMFORD        20  f  Y
---St Mary's---[Wirksworth]---(p5, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W352a     Mark           STONE          80  m  Y  Shoe mender
---St Mary's---[Wirksworth]------------
W353a     Elizabeth      HEAP           75  f  N  Clothiers
W353b     Sarah          HEAP           50  f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W354a     John           YOUNG          55  m  Y  Tailor
W354b     Ann            YOUNG          40  f  Y
W354c     Sarah          YOUNG          7   f  Y
W354d     Joseph         YOUNG          4   m  Y
W354e     Sarah          ALLSOP         40  f  Y  Tape weaver
W354f     Sarah          RENSHAW        30  f  Y  Tape weaver
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W355a     John           WEBSTER        46  m  Y  Stone mason
W355b     Mary           WEBSTER        44  f  Y
W355c     Hannah         WEBSTER        15  f  Y
W355d     Mary           WEBSTER        13  f  Y
W355e     John           WEBSTER        11  m  Y
W355f     Ellin          WEBSTER        9   f  Y
W355g     Thomas         WEBSTER        6   m  Y
W355h     Eliza          WEBSTER        3   f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W356a     Alice          SPENCER        70  f  Y
W356b     Richard        SPENCER        35  m  Y  Butcher
W356c     Ann            SPENCER        30  f  Y
W356d     Sarah          SPENCER        9   f  Y
W356e     Mary           SPENCER        3   f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W357a     Elizabeth      FARRAND        55  f  Y  Indept
W357b     Joseph         FARRAND        30  m  Y  Butcher
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W358a     George         POYSER         26  m  Y  Shoe maker
W358b     Hannah         POYSER         27  f  Y
W358c     Amy            POYSER         6   f  Y
W358d     Elizabeth      POYSER         4   f  Y
W358e     George         POYSER         2   m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]---(p6, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W359a     Jonathan       MASKREY        22  m  Y  Stone mason
W359b     Sarah          MASKREY        23  f  Y
W359c     Ellen          MASKREY        3   f  Y
W359d     Jonathan       MASKREY        7m  m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W360a     Sarah          GRIFFIN        65  f  Y  Lace runner
W360b     Ellen          GRIFFIN        55  f  Y
W360c     Jane           GRIFFIN        30  f  Y
W360d     Sarah          GRIFFIN        25  f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W361a     James          HURT           56  m  Y  Indept
W361b     Margaret       HURT           45  f  N
W361c     Elizabeth      HURT           11  f  N
W361d     Cassandra      HURT           10  f  N
W361e     Ann            HURT           8   f  N
W361f     Charles        HURT           7   m  Y
W361g     Henry          HURT           4   m  Y
W361h     Emma           HURT           4   f  Y
W361i     Jane           HENDREY?       20  f  N  Governess
W361j     Thomas         GELL           45  m  Y  M.S.
W361k     Cordelina      ROBERTS        35  f  N  F.S.
W361l     Sarah          BLADEN         25  f  Y  F.S.
W361m     Elizabeth      LOOSE?         15  f  N  F.S.
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]---(p7, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W362a     William        WIGLEY         50  m  Y  Miner
W362b     Sarah          WIGLEY         55  f  Y
W362c     John           WIGLEY         25  m  Y  Miner
W362d     William        WIGLEY         25  m  Y  Shoemaker
W362e     Joseph         WIGLEY         20  m  Y  Miner
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W363a     James          GALLIMORE      25  m  Y  Blacksmith
W363b     Elizabeth      GALLIMORE      25  f  Y
W363c     John           GALLIMORE      2   m  Y
W363d     Hannah         GALLIMORE      4   f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W364a     David          SAMPSON        50  m  N  Farmer
W364b     Ann            SAMPSON        45  f  N
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W365a     Phoebe         MOSS           50  f  Y  Seanstress
W365b     Sarah          MOSS           20  f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W366a     Samuel         WILLIAMSON     70  m  Y
W366b     Eliza          CLEY           50  f  Y  F.S.
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W367a     Thomas         JAMES          30  m  N  Druggist
W367b     John           JAMES          6   m  Y
W367c     Elizabeth      JAMES          31  f  N
W367d     Mary           JAMES          3   f  Y
W367e     Fanny          JAMES          1   f  Y
W367f     Ann            WARRINGTON     15  f  Y  Visitor
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W368a     Isaac          SPENCER        40  m  Y  Wheelwright
W368b     Ann            SPENCER        40  f  Y
W368c     George         SPENCER        6   m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W369a     William        WESTON         50  m  Y  Saddler
W369b     Sarah          WESTON         50  f  Y
W369c     Emma           TOMLINSON      15  f  Y  F.S.
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]---(p8, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W370a     Job            WESTON         30  m  Y  ?
W370b     Judith         WESTON         30  f  Y
W370c     George         WESTON         6   m  Y
W370d     Job            WESTON         5   m  Y
W370e     Rebecca        WESTON         3   f  Y
W370f     Mary           WESTON         2   f  Y
W370g     William        WESTON         4m  m  Y
W370h     Mary           MEE            13  f  Y  F.S.
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W371a     William        SPENCER        60  m  Y  Joiner
W371b     Ann            ?              25  f  Y
W371c     Margaret       ?              2m  f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W372a     James          NEEDHAM        35  m  Y  Office of excise
W372b     Enne           NEEDHAM        14  m  Y
W372c     Elizer         NEEDHAM        6   m  N
W372d     Caroline       NEEDHAM        4   f  N
W372e     Clement        NEEDHAM        2   m  Y
W372f     Enne           NEEDHAM        65  m  Y  Farmer
W372g     Hannah         NEEDHAM        55  f  Y
W372h     Mary           NEEDHAM        35  f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W373a     Robert         GREATOREX      25  m  Y  Joiner
W373b     Frances        GREATOREX      30  f  Y
W373c     William        GREATOREX      5   m  Y
W373d     Tom?           GREATOREX      1   m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]---(p9, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W374a     Mary           GREATOREX      65  f  Y
W374b     Mary           GREATOREX      35  f  Y  Schoolmistress
W374c     Mary           GREATOREX      8   f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W375a     Elizabeth      HALL           63  f  Y
W375b     Sarah          HALL           30  f  Y  Lace runner
W375c     William        HALL           7   m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W376a     Thomas         MATHER         40  m  Y  Shoemaker
W376b     Charlotte      MATHER         30  f  Y
W376c     John           MATHER         5   m  Y
W376d     Mary           MATHER         3   f  Y
W376e     Elizabeth      MATHER         1   f  Y
W376f     William        MATHER         14  m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W377a     Joseph         WILD           30  m  Y  Clog maker
W377b     Sarah          WILD           25  f  Y
W377c     John           WILD           10  m  Y
W377d     David          WILD           4   m  Y
W377e     William        WILD           2   m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W378a     Job            DUDSON         45  m  Y  Stone mason
W378b     Ann            DUDSON         45  f  Y
W378c     Ann            DUDSON         25  f  Y
W378d     Mary           DUDSON         20  f  Y
W378e     Frances        DUDSON         15  f  Y
W378f     Job            DUDSON         14  m  Y
W378g     Eliza          DUDSON         8   f  Y
W378h     Hannah         DUDSON         5   f  Y
W378i     Rebecca        DUDSON         1   f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]---(p10, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W379a     Thomas         BROCKLEHURST   40  m  Y  Victualler
W379b     Hannah         BROCKLEHURST   34  f  Y
W379c     William        BROCKLEHURST   5   m  Y
W379d     John           BROCKLEHURST   2   m  Y
W379e     Aaron          BROCKLEHURST   5m  m  Y
W379f     Sarah          BROCKLEHURST   14  f  Y  F.S.
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W380a     John           BAILY          50  m  Y  Shoemaker
W380b     Mary           BAILY          80  f  Y  Indept
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W381a     John           SMITH          40  m  Y  Frame W K
W381b     Hannah         SMITH          45  f  Y  Dressmaker
W381c     Albert         SMITH          7m  m
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W382a     Charles        BOWN           40  m  Y  Labourer Ag
W382b     Sarah          BOWN           30  f  Y
W382c     Eliza          BOWN           10  f  Y
W382d     Thomas         BOWN           8   m  Y
W382e     Robert         BOWN           5   m  Y
W382f     Mary           BOWN           3   f  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W383a     John           DEAN           65  m  Y  Chair maker
W383b     Sarah          DEAN           65  f  Y
W383c     Eliza          BADDOCK        5   f  N
W383d     William        CLAY           25  m  Y  Stone mason
W383e     Eliza          CLAY           26  f  Y
W383f     Sarah          CLAY           3   f  Y
W383g     Thomas         CLAY           9m  m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]---(p11, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W384a     James          ORRIDGE        28  m  Y  General dealer
W384b     Elizabeth      ORRIDGE        23  f  Y
W384c     George         ORRIDGE        5   m  Y
W384d     Thomas         ORRIDGE        2   m  Y
W384e     Mary           ORRIDGE        9m  f  Y
W385a     John           WILSON         55  m  Y  Maltster
W385b     Ellen          WILSON         25  f  Y
W385c     William        CLARK          25  m  Y  M.S.
W386a     Joseph         NUTTALL        45  m  Y  General dealer
W386b     Maria          NUTTALL        29  f  Y
W386c     Catharine      NUTTALL        5   f  Y
W386d     William        NUTTALL        2   m  Y
W387a     John           BROOKS         40  m  Y  Tape weaver
W387b     Hannah         BROOKS         40  f  Y
W387c     Thomas         BROOKS         19  m  Y
W387d     Ann            BROOKS         16  f  Y
W387e     James          BROOKS         9   m  Y
W388a     Sampson        WAYWELL        45  m  N  Tape weaver
W388b     Ann            WAYWELL        44  f  N  Tape weaver
W388c     Hannah         WAYWELL        25  f  N  Tape weaver
W388d     Ann            WAYWELL        23  f  N  Tape weaver
W388e     John           WAYWELL        20  m  N  Tape weaver
W388f     James          WAYWELL        17  m  N  Tape weaver
W388g     William        WAYWELL        15  m  N  Tape weaver
W388h     Sampson        WAYWELL        10  m  N  Tape weaver
W388i     Jane           WAYWELL        7   f  Y
W388j     Thomas         WAYWELL        5   m  Y
W388k     Elizabeth      WAYWELL        3   f  Y
W388l     Sarah          WAYWELL        6m  f  Y
W388m     George         WAYWELL        6m  m  Y
---Warmbrook---[Wirksworth]---(p12, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W389a     German         BUXTON         25  m  Y  Dyer
---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]------------
W390a     George         BRUNT          30  m  Y  Tape weaver
W390b     Ann            BRUNT          30  f  Y  Tape weaver
W390c     Mary           BRUNT          7   f  Y
W390d     George         BRUNT          5   m  Y
W390e     Louisa         BRUNT          2   f  Y
---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]------------
W391a     Thomas         GOODWIN        25  m  Y  Tape weaver
W391b     Ann            GOODWIN        25  f  Y
W391c     Richard        GOODWIN        7   m  Y
W391d     George         GOODWIN        5   m  Y
W391e     William        GOODWIN        2   m  Y
---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]------------
W392a     Elizabeth      BOTHAM         35  f  Y  Tape weaver
W392b     William        BOTHAM         15  m  Y  Tape weaver
W392c     Zillah         BOTHAM         5   f  Y
W392d     Martha         BOTHAM         2   f  Y
W393a     Joseph         PEARSON        35  m  Y  Tape weaver
W393b     Martha         PEARSON        37  f     Tape weaver
W393c     Charles        PEARSON        5   m
W393d     Sarah          PEARSON        15  f     Tape weaver
W393e     Eliza          PEARSON        1   f
W393f     Hannah         BULLOCK        60  f  Y  F.S.
---Gorseybank---[Wirksworth]---(p13, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W394a     William        MASKREY        25  m  Y  Stone mason
W394b     Elizabeth      MASKREY        25  f  Y
W394c     Elizabeth      MASKREY        4   f  Y
W394d     Bartholomew    MASKREY        2   m  Y
W394e     Grace          BRIDDON        30  f  Y  Visitor
W395a     John           SWEETING       25  m  Y  Tape weaver
W395b     Jane           SWEETING       25  f  Y  Tape weaver
W395c     William        SWEETING       8   m  Y
W395d     Sarah          SWEETING       6   f  Y
W395e     Elizabeth      SWEETING       4   f  Y
W395f     Elizabeth      MASKREY        55  f  Y  Indept
W396a     Joseph         MASKREY        60  m  Y  Mason
W396b     Mary           MASKREY        51  f  Y
W396c     William        MASKREY        24  m  Y  Mason
W396d     Joseph         MASKREY        22  m  Y  Weaver
W397a     James          LOWE           55  m  N  School master
W397b     Rachel         LOWE           40  f  Y  Tape weaver
W397c     Margaret       LOWE           20  f  Y  Tape weaver
W397d     Mary           LOWE           15  f  Y  Tape weaver
W397e     Sarah          LOWE           12  f  Y  Tape weaver
W397f     Vincent        GREATOREX      20  m  Y  Miner
W398a     Mary           MASKREY        60  f  Y
W398b     Joseph         MASKREY        20  m  Y  Stone mason
W398c     John           MASKREY        15  m  Y  Stone mason ap
W398d     George         MASKREY        15  m  Y  M.S.
---Gorseybank---[Wirksworth]---(p14, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W399a     William        MASKREY        50  m  Y  Stone mason
W399b     Ruth           MASKREY        35  f  Y
W399c     Grace          MASKREY        15  f  Y
W399d     Hannah         MASKREY        12  f  Y
W399e     John           MASKREY        2   m  Y
W400a     Thomas         GRATTON        23  m  Y  Weaver
W400b     Hannah         GRATTON        25  f  Y
W400c     William        GRATTON        3   m  Y
W400d     Charles        GRATTON        5m  m  Y
W401a     William        SEEDS          60  m  Y  Weaver
W401b     Mary           SEEDS          50  f  Y  Lace
W401c     William        SEEDS          20  m  Y  Weaver
W401d     Ann            SEEDS          18  f  Y  Lace
W401e     Rebecca        SEEDS          12  f  Y  Lace
W401f     Hannah         SEEDS          10  f  Y  Lace
W402a     George         TAYLOR         30  m  Y  Miner
W402b     Mary           TAYLOR         30  f  Y
W402c     James          TAYLOR         11  m  Y
W402d     William        TAYLOR         8   m  Y
W402e     George         TAYLOR         3   m  Y
W403a     Thomas         GARRATT        25  m  Y  Miner
W403b     Elizabeth      GARRATT        40  f  Y
W403c     James          BYARD          12  m  Y
W403d     Ann            BLACKSTON      60  f  Y
---Gorseybank---[Wirksworth]---(p15, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W404a     John           MASKREY        30  m  Y  Mason
W404b     Mary           MASKREY        30  f  Y
W404c     Ann            MASKREY        10  f  Y
W404d     Hannah         MASKREY        7   f  Y
W404e     Job            MASKREY        3   m  Y
W404f     Emma           MASKREY        1   f  Y
W405a     Benjamin       MASKREY        50  m  Y  Stone mason
W405b     Mary           MASKREY        50  f  Y
W405c     John           MASKREY        25  m  Y  Mason
W405d     Edward         MASKREY        20  m  Y  Mason
W405e     Elizabeth      MASKREY        18  f  Y
W405f     Ann            MASKREY        15  f  Y
W405g     James          MASKREY        12  m  Y
W405h     Eliza          MASKREY        10  f  Y
W405i     Anthony        MASKREY        8   m  Y
W405j     Sarah          MASKREY        2   f  Y
W406a     Isaac          BROUNT         25  m  Y  Tape weaver
W406b     Alice          BROUNT         25  f  Y
W406c     William        BROUNT         5   m  Y
W406d     Joshua         BROUNT         3   m  Y
W406e     Isaac          BROUNT         1   m  Y
W407a     Thomas         WALKER         25  m  N  Tape weaver
W407b     Sarah          WALKER         25  f  N
W407c     Susannah       WALKER         7   f  N
W407d     William        WALKER         5   m  N
W407e     James          WALKER         3   m  N
W407f     John           WALKER         3m  m  Y
---Gorseybank---[Wirksworth]---(p16, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W408a     Thomas         BROOKS         40  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W408b     Ann            BROOKS         45  f  Y
W408c     Hannah         BROOKS         10  f  Y
W408d     Thomas         BROOKS         9   m  Y
W408e     Betsey         BROOKS         5   f  Y
W409a     Thomas         HANSON         30  m  Y  Shoemaker
W409b     Hannah         HANSON         40  f  Y
W409c     Mary           HANSON         13  f  Y
W409d     Sarah          HANSON         12  f  Y
W409e     Jane           HANSON         10  f  Y
W409f     Charles        HANSON         5   m  Y
W409g     Charlotte      HANSON         2   f  Y
W409h     Isaac          HANSON         10  m  Y
W409i     William        TURNER         20  m  Y  J shoemaker
W409j     John           ALLSOP         15  m  Y  App shoemaker
W410a     Richard        CAUDIN         42  m  Y  Tape weaver
W410b     Ann            CAUDIN         46  f  Y  Tape weaver
W410c     Harriett       CAUDIN         21  f  Y  Tape weaver
W410d     Richard        CAUDIN         18  m  Y  Tape weaver
W410e     Mary           CAUDIN         15  f  Y  Tape weaver
W410f     Ann            CAUDIN         8   f  Y
W410g     William        CAUDIN         5   m  Y
W410h     Eliza          CAUDIN         7m  f  Y
---Gorseybank---[Wirksworth]---(p17, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W411a     Isaac          WALKER         40  m  Y  Tape weaver
W411b     Maria          WALKER         32  f  Y  Tape weaver
W411c     Samuel         WALKER         17  m  Y  Tape weaver
W411d     Mary           WALKER         15  f  Y  Tape weaver
W411e     William        WALKER         13  m  Y  Tape weaver
W411f     Sarah          WALKER         9   f  Y
W411g     Martha         WALKER         5   f  Y
W411h     Isaac          WALKER         3   m  Y
W412a     Charles        HANSON         27  m  Y  Shoemaker
W412b     Mary           HANSON         25  f  Y
W412c     William        HANSON         4   m  Y
W412d     Isaac          HANSON         3   m  Y
W412e     Selina         HANSON         1m  f  Y
W413a     Samuel         SEEDS          44  m  Y  Stone mason
W413b     Hannah         SEEDS          38  f  Y
W413c     George         SEEDS          5   m  Y
W413d     Joseph         SEEDS          3   m  Y
W413e     Hannah         SEEDS          2w  f  Y
W413f     Mary           MASKREY        11  f  N
W414a     Ann            MASKREY        40  f  Y  Lace worker
W414b     Mary           MASKREY        30  f  Y  Lace worker
W414c     William        MASKREY        20  m  Y  Stone mason
W414d     Sarah          MASKREY        20  f  Y
W415a     John           GELL           45  m  Y  Labourer
W415b     Thomas         GELL           50  m  Y  Labourer
W415c     Ann            GELL           30  f  Y
W415d     Sarah          GELL           7   f  Y
---Gorseybank---[Wirksworth]---(p18, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W416a     Anthony        SPENCER        65  m  Y  Lead miner
W417a     William        DUFFIELD       55  m  Y  Labourer
W417b     Mary           DUFFIELD       55  f  Y
W417c     Elizabeth      DUFFIELD       25  f  Y
W417d     Sarah          DUFFIELD       20  f  Y
W417e     Millicent      DUFFIELD       15  f  Y
W417f     Thomas         DUFFIELD       10  m  Y
W418a     George         CLARK          30  m  N  Cotton weaver
W418b     Asanath        CLARK          30  f  N
W418c     George         CLARK          8   m  N
W418d     James          CLARK          1   m  N
W419a     Thomas         CLARK          17  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W419b     William        CLARK          15  m  Y  Shoemaker
W419c     George         CLARK          62  m  N  Joiner
W420a     Joseph         WAGSTAFF       70  m  Y  Miner
W420b     Mary           WAGSTAFF       57  f  Y
W420c     Eliza          ALLEN          10  f  Y  F.S.
W421a     William        CAUDIN         50  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W421b     Grace          CAUDIN         50  f  Y
W421c     Hannah         CAUDIN         14  f  Y
W421d     Edward         CAUDIN         25  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W421e     Hannah         CAUDIN         20  f  Y
W421f     John           CAUDIN         1   m  Y
---Gorseybank---[Wirksworth]---(p19, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W422a     Sarah          PALFREYMAN     20  f  Y  Tape weaver
W422b     Hannah         PALFREYMAN     15  f  Y
W422c     Elizabeth      PALFREYMAN     6m  f  Y
W423a     John           WALKER         45  m  Y  Tape weaver
W423b     Ann            WALKER         44  f  N
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W424a     John           KINDER         55  m  Y  Blacksmith
W424b     Margaret       KINDER         55  f  Y
W424c     Ellen          KINDER         20  f  Y  Dress maker
W424d     Thomas         TUNSTALL       24  m  Y  J smith
W424e     William        MELBOURNE      20  m  Y  Smith App
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W425a     Anthony        WAIN           60  m  Y  Sawyer
W425b     Sarah          WAIN           60  f  Y
W425c     Elizabeth      WAIN           35  f  Y  Tape weaver
W425d     Samuel         WAIN           20  m  Y  Tape weaver
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W426a     George         WAIN           35  m  Y  Tape weaver
W426b     Sarah          WAIN           30  f  Y
W426c     Anthony        WAIN           7   m  Y
W426d     Eliza          WAIN           5   f  Y
W426e     Sarah          WAIN           2   f  Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.