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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

Ty030a   Thomas         TWIGG          25  m  Y  Farmer
Ty030b   Sarah          TWIGG          25  f  Y
Ty030c   George         TWIGG          4   m  Y
Ty030d   Thomas         TWIGG          2   m  Y
Ty030e   Mary           TWIGG          9m  f  Y
Ty031a   Ann            EATON          55  f  Y  Independent means
Ty031b   Thomas         EATON          25  m  Y  Farmer
Ty032a   John           FOX            45  m  Y  Farmer
Ty032b   Sarah          FOX            45  f  N
Ty032c   Isaac          FOX            20  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty032d   Hannah         FOX            20  f  Y
Ty033a   Joseph         SMITH          40  m  N  Nurseryman
Ty033b   Sarah          SMITH          40  f  Y
Ty033c   Stephen        SMITH          15  m  Y  Nurseryman
Ty033d   Joseph         SMITH          15  m  Y  Nurseryman
Ty033e   Ann            SMITH          9   f  Y
Ty033f   Luezer         SMITH          5   f  Y
Ty033g   Mary           SMITH          10m f  Y
Ty033h   Mary           STORER         14  f  Y
Ty033i   Ann            COUSINS        10  f  Y  F.Servant
------[Tansley]---(p8, Tansley, District 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty034a   William        TWIGG          60  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty034b   Samuel         TWIGG          13  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty035a   William        ALSOP          60  m  Y  Ag.Lab
Ty035b   Mary           BERISFORD      65  f  Y  F.Servant
Ty036a   Job            ALLEN          50  m  Y  Farmer
Ty036b   Elizabeth      ALLEN          40  f  Y
Ty036c   John           ALLEN          15  m  Y  Farmer
Ty036d   Elizabeth      ALLEN          12  f  Y
Ty036e   Fany           ALLEN          8   f  Y
Ty036f   John           ALLEN          25  m  N
Ty036g   Ann            ALLEN          30  f  N
Ty036h   Hannah         ALLEN          25  f  N
Ty037a   Daniel         WATTS          55  m  Y  Farmer
Ty037b   Grace          WATTS          80  f  Y
Ty037c   John           BUNTING        20  m  Y
Ty037d   Jane           WATTS          12  f  Y
Ty038a   John           PRINCE         50  m  Y  Farmer
Ty038b   Mary           PRINCE         70  f  Y
Ty038c   Ann            CUNDY          15  f  Y  F.Servant
Ty038d   Job            HOPTON         20  m  Y  A.Labourer
Ty038e   Robert         FENTON         30  m  Y  Butcher
Ty038f   William        RENSHAW        55  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty039a   John           COUSIN         50  m  N  Farmer
Ty039b   Ann            COUSIN         45  f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p9, Tansley, district 1, HO/ 107/197/14)---
Ty040a   William        HUGHES         45  m  Y  Farmer
Ty040b   Elizabeth      HUGHES         30  f  N
Ty040c   Elizabeth      HUGHES         12  f  Y
Ty040d   William        HUGHES         7   m  Y
Ty040e   Joseph         HUGHES         5   m  Y
Ty040f   Mary           HUGHES         2   f  Y
Ty041a   John           FRICK          40  m  N  Broom Maker
Ty041b   Elizabeth      FRICK          35  f  N
Ty041c   Mary Ann       FRICK          12  f  Y
Ty041d   Thomas         FRICK          9   m  Y
Ty041e   Susana         FRICK          8   f  Y
Ty041f   Stephen        FRICK          7   m  Y
Ty041g   Richard        FRICK          5   m  Y
Ty041h   Elizabeth      FRICK          3   f  Y
Ty042a   John           POTTER         40  m  Y  Stone Mason
Ty042b   Cathrine       POTTER         80  f  N
Ty042c   Cathrine       POTTER         45  f  Y
Ty042d   Sarah          FROST          15  f  N
Ty042e   John           DICKENSON      20  m  Y  Stone Mason
Ty043a   Martha         POTTER         45  f  N
Ty043b   Henry          POTTER         15  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty043c   Amelia         POTTER         13  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty043d   John           POTTER         10  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty043e   William        POTTER         6   m  Y
Ty043f   Cathrine       POTTER         3   f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p10, Tansley, District 1, HO /107/197/14)---
Ty044a   Anth           HOLMES         45  m  Y  Broom Maker
Ty044b   Hannah         HOLMES         45  f  Y
Ty044c   Hannah         HOLMES         7   f  Y
Ty044d   William        HOLMES         4   m  Y
Ty045a   John           HOLLAND        30  m  Y  Tape Weaver
Ty046a   Samuel         TWIGG          25  m  Y  Stone Cutter
Ty046b   Cathrine       TWIGG          25  f  Y
Ty046c   John           TWIGG          3   m  Y
Ty046d   Ann            TWIGG          10  f  Y
Ty047a   Francis        CALOW          80  m  N  Ironn Smith
Ty047b   William        CALOW          45  m  Y  Shoe Maker
Ty047c   Phoeby         CALOW          45  f  Y
Ty047d   Sarah          CALOW          15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty047e   Mary           CALOW          15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty047f   Samuel         CALOW          14  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty047g   Joseph         CALOW          11  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty047h   Elizabeth      CALOW          9   f  Y
Ty047i   Hannah         CALOW          4   f  Y
Ty047j   John           CALOW          2   m  Y
Ty048a   Thomas         WILDGOOSE      35  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty048b   Mary           WILDGOOSE      30  f  Y
Ty048c   George         WILDGOOSE      2   m  Y
Ty048d   Elijah         WILDGOOSE      6m  m  Y
Ty049a   William        OXLEY          20  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty049b   Kitwark        OXLEY          25  f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p11, Tansley, District 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty050a   Thomas         SHIPLEY        55  m  N  Bleacher
Ty050b   Ann            SHIPLEY        55  f  N
Ty050c   Thomas         SHIPLEY        20  m  Y  Bleacher
Ty050d   Mary Ann       SHIPLEY        15  f  Y
Ty050e   Henry          SHIPLEY        13  m  Y  Bleacher
Ty051a   John           SMITH          45  m  N  Miller
Ty051b   Mary           SMITH          35  f  Y
Ty051c   Henry          SMITH          15  m  Y  Miller
Ty051d   John           SMITH          12  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty051e   Charles        SMITH          9   m  Y
Ty051f   Emmela         SMITH          7   f  Y
Ty051g   Harriott       SMITH          4   f  Y
Ty052a   John           COOK           35  m  Y  A. Labourer
Ty052b   Mary           COOK           35  f  Y
Ty052c   Elizabeth      COOK           14  f  Y
Ty052d   Mary           COOK           8   f  Y
Ty052e   Ann            COOK           7   f  Y
Ty052f   Jane           COOK           4   f  Y
Ty053a   Robert         FROST          30  m  Y  A.Labr.
Ty053b   Sarah          FROST          30  f  Y
Ty053c   Hannah         FROST          8   f  Y
Ty053d   John           FROST          6   m  Y
Ty053e   Elizabeth      FROST          4   f  Y
Ty053f   Sarah          FROST          2   f  Y
Ty053g   William        FROST          9m  m  Y
------[Tansley]---(p12, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty054a   Bower          BOWN           42  m  Y  Farmer
Ty054b   Sarah          BOWN           50  f  Y
Ty054c   John           BOWN           30  m  Y
Ty054d   Mary Ann       BOWN           18  f  Y
Ty054e   Samuel         SMITH          15  m  Y  M. Servant
Ty055a   Thomas         CROSSLEY       60  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty055b   Harriett       CROSSLEY       40  f  Y
Ty055c   Elisa          CROSSLEY       15  f  Y
Ty055d   John           CROSSLEY       13  m  Y
Ty055e   Edwin          CROSSLEY       18  m  Y
Ty055f   Josiah         CROSSLEY       10  m  Y
Ty055g   Emma           CROSSLEY       6   f  Y
Ty055h   Hannah         CROSSLEY       4   f  Y
Ty055i   Elizabeth      CROSSLEY       9m  f  Y
Ty056a   Newton         BARTON         40  m  Y  Lead Miner
Ty056b   Ann            BARTON         38  f  Y
Ty056c   Mary Ann       BARTON         18  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty056d   William        BARTON         17  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty056e   Thomas         BARTON         15  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty056f   Grace          BARTON         13  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty056g   Eliza          BARTON         10  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty056h   Maria          BARTON         8   f  Y
Ty056i   James          BARTON         6   m  Y
Ty056j   John           BARTON         4   m  Y
Ty056k   Elizabeth      BARTON         2   f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p13, Tansley, district 1, HO/ 107/197/14)---
Ty057a   Samuel         HOLMES         70  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty057b   Hannah         HOLMES         70  f  Y
Ty057c   George         PEACH          30  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty057d   Sarah          PEACH          30  f  Y
Ty057e   James          PEACH          5   m  Y
Ty057f   Ann            PEACH          3   f  Y
Ty058a   Job            JAQUES         65  m  Y
Ty058b   Charlotte      JAQUES         30  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty058c   Pln?           JAQUES         25  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty059a   Maray          EATON          71  f  N  Farmer
Ty059b   Mary           BOLLINGTON     40  f  N  Fr Lab
Ty059c   Joseph         BOLLINGTON     40  m  N  A.Lab
Ty059d   Ellen          BOLLINGTON     25  f  N  Visitor
Ty059e   Ann            WETTON         15  f  N  Fr.Lab
Ty059f   John           MARSH          15  m  N  M.Lab
Ty060a   Amelia         BOBANKE        75  f  N
Ty060b   Mary Grace     BROBANKE?      60  f  N
Ty060c   John           PROUDMAN       45  m  N  Cotton W.
Ty060d   Francis        O'NAILL        25  m  N  Wood Turner
Ty061a   James          BOBANKE        45  m  N  Grocer H.
Ty061b   Martha         BOBANKE        45  f  N
Ty061c   Thomas         BOBANKE        19  m  N  Grocer H.
Ty061d   William        BOBANKE        16  m  Y  Grocer H.
Ty061e   Elizabeth      BOBANKE        14  f  Y
Ty061f   Mary Ellen     BOBANKE        11  f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p14, Tansley, district 1, HO 100/197/14)---
Ty062a   Samuel         TILL           30  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty062b   Frances        TILL           35  f  Y
Ty062c   Thomas         TILL           10  m  Y
Ty062d   Mary           TILL           9   f  Y
Ty062e   Hannah         TILL           1   f  Y
Ty063a   William        TWIGG          34  m  Y  Bobbin T
Ty063b   Mary           TWIGG          34  f  Y
Ty063c   Sarah          TWIGG          9   f  Y  Cotton
Ty063d   Martha         TWIGG          6   f  Y
Ty063e   Jane           TWIGG          3   f  Y
Ty063f   Hannah         TWIGG          1   f  Y
Ty063g   Ann            WILBRAHAM      13  f  Y  Cotton
Ty064a   Phoeby         GREGORY        50  f  Y
Ty064b   John           GREGORY        15  m  Y  A.Lab.
Ty064c   Hannah         GREGORY        10  f  Y
Ty065a   Anthony        GREEN          40  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty065b   Amey           GREEN          30  f  Y
Ty066a   George         HOPKINSON      38  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty066b   Harriott       HOPKINSON      34  f  Y
Ty066c   Emma           HOPKINSON      4   f  Y
Ty066d   Edwin          HOPKINSON      1   m  Y
Ty067a   William        CROSSLEY       25  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty067b   Ann            CROSSLEY       25  m  Y
Ty067c   Thomas         CROSSLEY       3   m  Y
Ty067d   Mary           CROSSLEY       10  f  Y  M
------[Tansley]---(p15, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty068a   Samuel         GALLIMORE      70  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty068b   Mary           GALLIMORE      65  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty069a   Samuel         COOK           70  m  Y  Joiner
Ty069b   Mary           COOK           48  f  Y
Ty069c   Joseph         COOK           1   m  Y
Ty070a   William        EDWARDS        55  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty070b   Hannah         EDWARDS        55  f  Y
Ty070c   Mary           EDWARDS        20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty070d   Hannah         EDWARDS        10  f  Y
Ty071a   Edward         RADFORD        50  m  Y  Cotton Manufacturer
Ty071b   Eliza Diana    RADFORD        50  f  N
Ty071c   Selina         RADFORD        19  f  Y
Ty071d   Harriett       RADFORD        15  f  Y
Ty071e   Ann Elizabeth  RADFORD        14  f  Y
Ty071f   William        WOOTTEN        31  m  N  M.Servant
Ty071g   Isabella       ASKEW          49  f  Y  F.Servant
Ty071h   Alice          ROWLEY         39  f  Y  F.Servant
Ty071i   Ellen          SHAW           47  f  Y  F.Servant
Ty071j   Elizabeth      ELSE           23  f  Y  F.Servant
Ty071k   George         SHAW           20  m  Y  M.Servant
Ty071l   Walter Aug's   SHIRLEY        40  m  N  Archdeacon of Derby
Ty072a   Elizabeth      LOMAS          80  f  Y
Ty072b   Elizabeth      MELLER         25  f  Y
Ty072c   John           WILSON         15  m  Y  M.S.
Ty072d   Fanny          BODEN          14  f  Y  F.S.
Ty072e   Mary           MARSDEN        10  f  Y  F.S.
Ty072f   William        MELLOR         5m  m  Y
------[Tansley]---(p16, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)-------
Ty073a   Samuel         SMITH          50  m  Y  Dyer
Ty073b   Sarah          SMITH          50  f  Y
Ty073c   Elizabeth      INGRAM         25  f  Y
Ty073d   John           SMITH          15  m  Y  Dyer
Ty073e   Mary           SMITH          10  f  Y
Ty073f   Sarah          INGHAM         5   f  Y
Ty074a   Francis        CALOW          41  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty074b   Mary           CALOW          35  f  Y
Ty074c   Thomas         CALOW          18  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty074d   Pri            SOWTER         48  m  Y
Ty075a   William        WHITAKER       44  m  Y  A.Labr.
Ty075b   Martha         WHITAKER       41  f  Y
Ty075c   Mary           WHITAKER       20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty075d   Hannah         WHITAKER       17  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty075e   Samuel         WHITAKER       9   m  Y
Ty075f   Elizabeth      WHITAKER       6   f  Y
Ty075g   Eliza          WHITAKER       3   f  Y
Ty075h   Sarah          WHITAKER       9m  f  Y
Ty076a   Joseph         WHITAKER       21  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty076b   Ann            WHITAKER       23  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty077a   Joshua         JOHNSON        28  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty077b   Mary           JOHNSON        31  f  Y
Ty077c   Hannah         JOHNSON        5   f  Y
Ty077d   Elizabeth      JOHNSON        3   f  Y
Ty077e   Isaac          JOHNSON        2   m  Y
Ty077f   Joshua         JOHNSON        77  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty077g   Ann            JOHNSON        47  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty077h   William        JOHNSON        11  m  Y  Cotton W.
------[Tansley]---(p17, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty078a   Thomas         TWIGG          50  m  Y  Farmer
Ty078b   Sarah          TWIGG          55  f  Y
Ty078c   Mary           TRICKETT       25  f  Y  Indepent M.
Ty078d   William        TRICKETT       6   m  Y
Ty078e   John           TRICKETT       3   m  Y
Ty079a   George         HOLMES         30  m  Y  Broom M.
Ty079b   Mary           HOLMES         35  f  Y
Ty079c   Samuel         HOLMES         12  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty079d   John           HOLMES         9   m  Y
Ty079e   William        HOLMES         1   m  Y
Ty079f   James          HOLMES         1m  m  Y
Ty080a   Francis        ROBERTS        42  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty080b   Mary           ROBERTS        50  f  Y
Ty080c   Francis Jr     ROBERTS        15  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty080d   Thomas         ROBERTS        13  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty080e   Joseph         ROBERTS        11  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty081a   John           MARSH          50  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty081b   Mary           MARSH          20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty081c   Ann            MARSH          20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty081d   Harriett       MARSH          8m  f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p18, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty082a   James          RADFORD        44  m  Y  A Lab.
Ty082b   Hannah         RADFORD        40  f  Y
Ty082c   Benjamin       RADFORD        17  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty082d   George         RADFORD        15  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty082e   James          RADFORD        13  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty082f   Thomas         RADFORD        11  m  Y
Ty082g   Samuel         RADFORD        9   m  Y
Ty082h   Hannah         RADFORD        7   f  Y
Ty082i   Elizabeth      RADFORD        5   f  Y
Ty082j   Josiah         RADFORD        2   m  Y
Ty083a   John           JOHNSON        51  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty083b   Elizabeth      JOHNSON        58  f  Y
Ty083c   Sarah          JOHNSON        20  f  Y
Ty083d   Elizabeth      JOHNSON        15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty083e   Thomas         JOHNSON        2   m  Y
Ty084a   Benjamin       BOMER          40  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty084b   Elizabeth      BOMER          30  f  N
Ty084c   Hugh           BOMER          10  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty084d   Mary           BOMER          8   f  Y
Ty084e   Jabez          BOMER          3   m  Y
Ty084f   Benjamin       BOMER          3   m  Y
Ty085a   John           CARDIN         43  m  Y  Joiner
Ty085b   Sarah          CARDIN         34  f  Y
Ty085c   John           CARDIN         9   m  Y
Ty085d   Ann            CARDIN         5   f  Y
Ty085e   Sarah          CARDIN         2   f  Y
Ty085f   Mary           CARDIN         3m  f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p19, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty086a   James          OXLEY          25  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty086b   Mary           OXLEY          35  f  Y
Ty086c   Mary Ann       MILLWOOD       18  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty086d   Lydia          MILLWOOD       15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty086e   Martha         MILLWOOD       10  f  Y
Ty086f   Thomas         MILLWOOD       5   m  Y
Ty087a   John           TWIGG          25  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty087b   Elizabeth      TWIGG          20  f  N  Cotton W.
Ty087c   Richard        TWIGG          5m  m  Y
Ty088a   Thomas         BROCKLAND      25  m  N  Wood Turner
Ty088b   Elizabeth      BROCKLAND      30  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty088c   Sarah          WOODWISS       65  f  Y  Independent
Ty088d   Hannah         THATCHER       25  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty088e   Mary Ann       SCOTHOME       25  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty089a   George         POTTER         30  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty089b   Sarah          POTTER         30  f  Y
Ty089c   Samuel         POTTER         3   m  Y
Ty089d   William        BIRCH          20  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty089e   Dorothy        BIRCH          20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty090a   Joseph         BEARDMORE      42  m  N  Cotton W.
Ty090b   Sarah          BEARDMORE      47  f  N  Cotton W.
Ty090c   Elizabeth      BEARDMORE      19  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty090d   John           BEARDMORE      15  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty090e   Samuel         BEARDMORE      8   m  Y
Ty090f   Joseph         BEARDMORE      4   m  Y
Ty090g   Sarah          BEARDMORE      2m  f  Y
Ty090h   Ann            COOK           22  f  Y  Cotton W.
------[Tansley]---(p20, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty091a   William        EVANS          40  m  N  Cotton W.
Ty091b   Harriett       EVANS          50  f  N  Cotton W.
Ty091c   William        BIRD           13  m  N  Cotton W.
Ty092a   William        TWIGG          30  m  Y  Farmer
Ty092b   Sofiah         TWIGG          30  f  Y
Ty092c   George         TWIGG          8   m  Y
Ty092d   Ellen          TWIGG          6   f  Y
Ty092e   Thomas         TWIGG          4   m  Y
Ty092f   Mary           TWIGG          1   f  Y
Ty092g   William        OGDEN          60  m  Y  M.S.
Ty093a   John           SELLORS        30  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty093b   Elizabeth      SELLORS        25  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty093c   Sarah          SELLORS        7   f  Y
Ty094a   John           SILKSTONE      40  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty094b   Jane           SILKSTONE      35  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty094c   Samuel         SILKSTONE      15  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty094d   Marria         SILSTONE       10  f  Y
Ty095a   Richard        HILLMAN        50  m  N  Cotton W.
Ty095b   Keziah         HILLMAN        50  f  Y
Ty095c   John           HILLMAN        15  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty095d   Jemima         HILLMAN        12  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty095e   William        HILLMAN        9   m  Y
Ty095f   Richard        WALTHALL       50  m  Y  Cotton W.
------[Tansley]---(p21, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty096a   Elizabeth      MERRIMAN       40  f  N  F.S.
Ty096b   Keziah         HILLMAN        15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty096c   Thomas         ROBERTS        25  m  N  Dissenting Minster
Ty097a   George         BONSALL        40  m  Y  A.Lab.
Ty097b   Sarah          BONSALL        35  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty097c   Samuel         BONSALL        14  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty097d   Hannah         BONSALL        12  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty097e   Elizabeth      BONSALL        10  f  Y
Ty097f   Sarah          BONSALL        8   f  Y
Ty097g   George         BONSALL        6   m  Y
Ty097h   Phoeba         BONSALL        2m  f  Y
Ty098a   George         KNOWLES        30  m  Y  A.Lab.
Ty098b   Sarah          KNOWLES        30  f  Y
Ty098c   William        KNOWLES        5   m  Y
Ty098d   Mary           KNOWLES        3   f  Y
Ty099a   Thomas         OAKLEY         60  m  Y  Joiner
Ty099b   Anney          OAKLEY         60  f  Y
Ty099c   Abraham        OAKLEY         20  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty100a   Hannah         BUNTING        50  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty100b   Christiana     BUNTING        20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty100c   Mary           GRAHAM         20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty101a   William        DUNN           35  m  Y  A.Lab.
Ty101b   Mary           DUNN           30  f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p22, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty102a   John           MARGERISON     50  m  Y  Blacksmith
Ty102b   Elizabeth      MARGERISON     50  f  Y
Ty102c   Eliza          MARGERISON     25  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty102d   Sarah          MARGERISON     15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty102e   Joseph         MARGERISON     14  m  Y  Tailor
Ty102f   James          MARGERISON     10  m  Y
Ty103a   John           FARNSWORTH     40  m  N  Cotton Bleacher
Ty103b   Hannah         FARNSWORTH     30  f  Y
Ty103c   Richard        FARNSWORTH     11  m  Y
Ty103d   John           FARNSWORTH     9   m  Y
Ty103e   Charles        FARNSWORTH     7   m  Y
Ty103f   William        FARNSWORTH     5   m  Y
Ty103g   Thomas         FARNSWORTH     4   m  Y
Ty103h   Esther         FARNSWORTH     6m  f  Y
Ty103i   Ann            FARNSWORTH     2   f  Y
Ty103j   Mary           LIMB           20  f  Y  F.S.
Ty104a   Richard        FARNSWORTH     60  m  N  Cotton
Ty104b   Ann            FARNSWORTH     60  f  N
Ty105a   Job            SPENCER        68  m  Y  Farmer
Ty105b   Harriett       SPENCER        30  f  Y
Ty105c   Hannah         SPENCER        25  f  Y
Ty105d   Thomas         SPENCER        25  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty105e   Mary           SPENCER        1   f  Y
Ty105f   Elizabeth      SPENCER        9m  f  Y
Ty105g   John           DICKENS        15  m  Y  Man Serv.

---Oakcliff---[Wirksworth]---(p2, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W001a     Ella           MILWARD        78  m  Y  Ag lab
W001b     Hannah         MILWARD        75  f  Y
---Godfrey Hole---[Wirksworth]------------
W002a     Joseph         GREATOREX      55  m  Y  Farmer
W002b     Mary           GREATOREX      45  f  Y
W002c     George         GREATOREX      25  m  Y
W002d     William        GREATOREX      25  m  Y
W002e     Mary           GREATOREX      15  f  Y
W002f     Martha         GREATOREX      10  f  Y
W002g     Hannah         GREATOREX      30  f  Y
W002h     Fredrick       GREATOREX      2   m  Y
W002i     George         GREATOREX      6m  m  Y
---Godfrey Hole---[Wirksworth]------------
W003a     Mary           TWIGG          69  f  Y  Ind
W003b     Henry          TWIGG          25  m  Y
---Godfrey Hole---[Wirksworth]------------
W004a     James          ALSOP          45  m  Y  Miner
W004b     Thurza         ALSOP          35  f  Y
W004c     Maria          ALSOP          15  f  Y
W004d     John           ALSOP          10  m  Y
W004e     Hannah         ALSOP          10  f  Y
W004f     Sarah          ALSOP          8   f  Y
W004g     Ann            ALSOP          6   f  Y
W004h     Abraham        ALSOP          2   m  Y
---Town Head---[Wirksworth]------------
W005a     William        CANTRELL       40  m  Y
W005b     Elizabeth      CANTRELL       30  f  Y
W005c     Elizabeth      FROST          16  f  Y
W005d     James          FROST          14  m  Y
---Town Head---[Wirksworth]---(p3, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W006a     John           DICKEN         45  m  Y  Farrier
W006b     Ann            DICKEN         40  f  I
W006c     John           DICKEN         15  m  I
W006d     James          DICKEN         15  m  N
W006e     George         DICKEN         14  m  S
W006f     Mary           DICKEN         12  f  I
W006g     Charles        DICKEN         9   m  I
W006h     William        DICKEN         8   m  Y
W006i     Catherine      DICKEN         6   f  Y
W006j     Issabella      DICKEN         4   f  Y
---Town Head---[Wirksworth]------------
W007a     Samuel         WINT           58  m  Y  Ag Lab
W007b     Hannah         WINT           22  f  Y
W007c     Jane           STAFFORD       92  f  Y  Poor Widow
---Town Head---[Wirksworth]------------
W008a     Edward         MOSS           25  m  Y  Carrier
W008b     Jane           MOSS           25  f  Y
W009a     Joseph         SMEDLEY        50  m  Y  Mason
W009b     Sarah          SMEDLEY        50  f  Y
W009c     Elizabeth      SMEDLEY        15  f  Y
W010a     James          TATLOW         20  m  Y  M
W010b     Sarah          TATLOW         20  f  Y
W011a     Samuel         LOWE           55  m  Y  J Shoe M
W011b     Dorothy        LOWE           55  f  Y
W011c     Ann            LOWE           25  f  Y
W011d     Mary           LOWE           20  f  Y
W011e     Dorothy        LOWE           15  f  Y
W011f     Eliza          LOWE           13  f  Y
W011g     John           LOWE           25  m  Y  J Shoe M
W011h     Sarah          LOWE           95  f  Y  Ind
W011i     Elizabeth      WIDOWSON       20  f  Y  Lodger
---Westend---[Wirksworth]---(p4, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W012a     William        BAMFORD        50  m  Y  Gardener
W012b     Sarah          BAMFORD        45  f  Y
W012c     William        BAMFORD        6   m  Y
W013a     Mary           KNIVETON       70  f  Y  Ind
W013b     Susanna        KNIVETON       30  f  Y
W014a     James          DOXEY          30  m  Y  Shoe m
W014b     Mary           DOXEY          30  f  Y
W015a     Francis        WALKER         30  m  Y  Butcher
W015b     Susanna        WALKER         30  f  Y
W015c     Francis        WALKER         5   m  Y
W015d     John           WALKER         2   m  Y
W015e     Mary           WALKER         1   f  Y
W016a     Job            COOPER         25  m  Y
W016b     Hannah         COOPER         20  f  Y
W016c     Sarah          COOPER         4   f  Y
W016d     Emma           COOPER         1   f  Y
W017a     John           ELLIOTT        40  m  Y  Silk weaver
W017b     Charlotte      ELLIOTT        30  f  Y
W018a     John           STAFFORD       50  m  Y  Stocking weaver
W018b     Mary           STAFFORD       50  f  Y
W018c     James          STAFFORD       20  m  Y  Velvet weaver
---Westend---[Wirksworth]---(p5, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W019a     Thomas         KILLEY?        35  m  N  Tape weaver
W019b     Mary           KILLEY?        45  f  N
W019c     Hannah         KILLEY?        15  f  N
W019d     Betsey         KILLEY?        7   f  N
W020a     William        KIRKLAND       25  m  Y  Shoe m
W020b     Mary           KIRKLAND       25  f  Y
W020c     Emma           KIRKLAND       3m  f  Y
W020d     Sarah          WILD           70  f  Y  Poor
W021a     Thomas         BUXTON         45  m  Y  Butcher
W021b     Mary           BUXTON         40  f  Y
W021c     Henry          BUXTON         15  m  Y
W021d     Thomas         BUXTON         14  m  Y
W021e     Isaac          BUXTON         10  m  Y
W021f     Sarah          BUXTON         12  f  Y
W022a     Elizabeth      SIMS           50  f  Y  Seamstress
W022b     John           SIMS           25  m  Y  Butcher
W022c     Lydia          SIMS           20  f  Y
W022d     Sarah          SIMS           15  f  Y
W022e     Robert         SIMS           15  m  Y
W022f     Mary           SIMS           10  f  Y
W023a     Joseph         FRITH          30  m  Y  Shoe m
W023b     Dorothy        FRITH          30  f  Y
W023c     William        FRITH          6   m  Y
W024a     Francis        SHENTON        20  m  Y  Tape weaver
W024b     Harriet        SHENTON        20  f  Y
W024c     Ellen          SHENTON        3   f  Y
W024d     Joseph         SHENTON        1   m  Y
---Westend---[Wirksworth]---(p6, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W025a     Thomas         GRAHAM         41  m  Y  Basket maker
W025b     Jane           GRAHAM         69  f  Y
W026a     Charles        SALT           55  m  Y  J Rope maker
W026b     Mary           SALT           35  f  Y
W026c     Sarah          SALT           13  f  Y
W026d     William        BUXTON         20  m  Y
W027a     Samuel         FROST          55  m  Y  Grocer
W027b     Ann            FROST          55  f  Y
W027c     Robert         FROST          20  m  Y
W027d     Agnes          FROST          15  f  Y
W027e     Ellen          DRAKES         9   f  Y
W027f     Ann            DRAKES         7   f  N
W028a     Richard        POYSER         50  m  Y  Plumber+glazier
W028b     Catherine      POYSER         45  f  N
W028c     Thomas         POYSER         13  m  Y
W028d     George         POYSER         12  m  Y
W028e     Mary           POYSER         9   f  Y
W029a     Jane           DAKEN          45  f  Y  Mangle house
W029b     George         DAKEN          12  m  Y
W029c     Jane           DAKEN          8   f  Y
W029d     Dinah          THOMPSON       70  f  N  Poor
W030a     George         FROST          25  m  Y  J shoe m
W030b     Hannah         FROST          25  f  Y
W030c     James          FROST          6   m  Y
W030d     Sarah          FROST          2   f  Y
W030e     George         FROST          1   m  Y
W030f     Jane           POTTER         60  f  Y
---Westend---[Wirksworth]---(p7, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W031a     Francis        SHAW           50  m  N  Surgeon
W031b     Elizabeth      SHAW           45  f  N
W031c     John           SHAW           25  m  Y  Surgeon
W031d     Mary           SHAW           25  f  Y
W031e     Eliza          SHAW           8   f  Y
W031f     Dorothy        KILLER         15  f  Y  F.S.
W031g     Rebecca        WAYNE          15  f  Y  F.S.
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W032a     Samuel         HALL           50  m  Y  Draper
W032b     Catherine      HALL           35  f  Y
W032c     Elizabeth      HALL           10  f  Y
W032d     William        HALL           3   m  Y
W032e     Peter          WAGER          20  m  Y  Shop m
W032f     William        FOX            15  m  Y  Apprentice
W032g     Ann            GRATTON        20  f  Y  F.S.
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W033a     Jonothan       JEPSON         50  m  Y  Shoe m
W033b     Mary           JEPSON         50  f  Y
W033c     Elizabeth      JEPSON         20  f  Y
W033d     Emma           JEPSON         15  f  Y
W033e     Mary           JEPSON         11  f  Y
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W034a     George         COTES          45  m  Y  Book Seller
W034b     Elizabeth      COTES          45  f  Y
W034c     William        COTES          20  m  Y  Printer
W034d     Elizabeth      COTES          20  f  Y
W034e     Mary           COTES          15  f  Y
W034f     George         COTES          15  m  Y
W034g     Sarah          COTES          14  f  Y
W034h     Ann            COTES          12  f  Y
W034i     Agnes          COTES          9   f  Y
W034j     Harriet        HOLMES         15  f  Y  Visitor
W034k     Michael        HOLMES         20  m  Y  Visitor
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]---(p8, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W035a     Elizabeth      WILSON         30  f  Y  Dress Maker
W035b     Ellen          ATKIN          25  f  Y  Lodger
W035c     Charles        ATKIN          3   m  Y
W035d     Joseph         ATKIN          2   m  Y
---Bank Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W036a     John           HACKETT        30  m  N  Hair Dresser
W036b     Eliza          HACKETT        30  f  Y
W036c     William        HACKETT        9   m  N
W036d     Lettiha        HACKETT        6   f  N
W036e     John           HACKETT        5   m  N
W036f     James          HACKETT        3   m  Y
W036g     Mary           HACKETT        1   f  Y
W037a     John           WILLIAMSON     45  m  Y  Farmer
W037b     Thomasine      WILLIAMSON     45  f  Y
W037c     Hannah         WILLIAMSON     15  f  Y  Visitor
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W038a     Henry          DAKIN          25  m  Y  Joiner
W038b     Tacey          DAKIN          25  f  Y
W038c     John           DAKIN          9   m  Y
W038d     George         DAKIN          6   m  Y
W038e     Hannah         DAKIN          1   f  Y
W038f     Hannah         DAKIN          69  f  Y  Widow
W038g     Thomas         DAKIN          15  m  Y  Apprentice
W038h     Frances        SLACK          25  f  Y  Straw bonnet m
W038i     Robert         DAKIN          32  m  Y  Tailor
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]---(p9, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W039a     Elizabeth      FROST          74  f  Y  Victualler
W039b     Joseph         ROBERTS        45  m  Y  Cooper
W039c     Millicent      ROBERTS        45  f  Y
W039d     William        ROBERTS        13  m  Y
W039e     Elizabeth      ROBERTS        11  f  Y
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W040a     Joshua         FORD           35  m  Y  Grocer
W040b     Henry          LANCASHIRE     5   m  Y  Apprentice
W040c     William        SEEDS          15  m  Y  Servant
W040d     John           ELLIOTT        13  m  Y  Servant
W040e     Ann            DAWS           20  f  Y  F.S.
W040f     Thomas         MATHER         55  m  Y  Ind
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W041a     Jeremiah       TATLOW         50  m  Y  U?
W041b     Ann            TATLOW         50  f  Y
W041c     Elizabeth      TATLOW         20  f  Y
W041d     William        TATLOW         15  m  Y
W041e     Benjamin       TATLOW         10  m  Y
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W042a     John           THILWELL       45  m  N  Hatter
W042b     Mary           THILWELL       50  f  Y
W042c     John           THILWELL       18  m  Y
---Causeway---[Wirksworth]---(p10, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W043a     John           MASKERY        45  m  Y  Mason
W043b     George         MASKERY        15  m  Y
W043c     Sarah          MASKERY        13  f  Y
W043d     William        MASKERY        11  m  Y
W044a     William        PEAT           65  m  Y  Shoe m
W044b     Ann            PEAT           55  f  Y
W044c     Phineas        PEAT           20  m  Y
W044d     George         PEAT           10  m  Y
W044e     William        SANDERS        80  m  Y  Ind
W044f     George         FROST          25  m  Y  Joiner
W045a     Sarah          PEARSON        50  f  Y  Confectionary
W045b     Thomas         GREATOREX      20  m  N  Painter
W045c     Mary           GREATOREX      20  f  Y
W046a     Francis        WARD           30  m  Y  Plumber
W046b     Sarah          WARD           35  f  Y
W046c     Frances        WARD           8m  f  Y
W046d     Grace          PEAT           14  f  Y  Former children
W046e     Phineas        PEAT           13  m  Y  Former children
W046f     Josiah         PEAT           10  m  Y  Former children
W047a     William        WESTON         85  m  Y  Farmer
W047b     Mary           WESTON         61  f  Y
W047c     Charles        WESTON         15  m  Y
W048a     William        CADMAN         50  m  Y  Lace Agent
W048b     Mary           CADMAN         45  f  Y
W048c     Elizabeth      CADMAN         14  f  Y
W048d     Mary           CADMAN         9   f  Y
---Causeway---[Wirksworth]---(p11, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W049a     David          RICHARDSON     30  m  Y  Miller+farmer
W049b     Mary           RICHARDSON     35  f  Y
W049c     Emma           RICHARDSON     5   f  Y
W049d     John           RICHARDSON     3   m  Y
W049e     David          RICHARDSON     1   m  Y
W049f     John           BIDDULPH       15  m  Y  M.S.
W050a     Charles        GAMBLE         50  m  Y  Joiner
W050b     Elizabeth      GAMBLE         15  f  Y
---Gate House---[Wirksworth]------------
W051a     Elizabeth      GELL           85  f  N  Ind
W051b     John           MARSH          30  m  Y  M.S.
W051c     Elizabeth      WHEELDON       30  f  Y  F.S.
W051d     Millicent      BARTON         25  f  Y  F.S.
W052a     Ann            ROUSE          50  f  Y  Charwoman
W052b     Edward         ROUSE          20  m  Y
W052c     Ann            ROUSE          20  f  Y
W052d     Joseph         ROUSE          15  m  Y
W052e     William        ROUSE          14  m  Y
W052f     Sarah          ROUSE          12  f  Y
W052g     Hannah         ROUSE          7   f  Y
W052h     Martha         ROUSE          5   f  Y
W053a     James          SPENCER        70  m  Y  Farmer
W053b     Job            HALL           50  m  Y  M.Servant
W053c     Mabel          HALL           50  f  Y  F.Servant
W053d     Mabel          HALL           13  f  Y
---Causeway---[Wirksworth]---(p12, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W054a     Joseph         POYSER         25  m  Y  Plumber+glazier
W054b     Ann            POYSER         25  f  Y
W055a     Alfred         ARKWRIGHT      25  m  Y  Ind
W055b     Ann            MILLINGTON     25  f  Y  F.S.
W055c     William        HILL           35  m  Y  Bank Clerk
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W056a     Thomas         TOMLINSON      50  m  Y  Ironmonger
W056b     Mary           TOMLINSON      50  f  Y
W056c     Mary           TOMLINSON      20  f  Y
W056d     Elizabeth      TOMLINSON      15  f  Y
W056e     William        TOMLINSON      15  m  Y
W056f     Jane           TOMLINSON      13  f  Y
W056g     John           TOMLINSON      11  m  Y
W056h     Fanny          TOMLINSON      6   f  Y
W056i     Ann            TAYLOR         45  f  N  Ind
W056j     Mary Ann       WILSON         20  f  Y  F.S.
---St John's St---[Wirksworth]------------
W057a     John           MATHER         45  m  Y  Publican
W057b     Mary           MATHER         35  f  Y
W057c     Mary           MATHER         4   f  Y
W057d     John           MATHER         2   m  Y
W057e     Ann            MATHER         3m  f  Y
W057f     Fanny          GAMBLE         14  f  Y  F.S.
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]------------
W058a     Philip         SEEDS          30  m  Y  Silk Weaver
W058b     Racheal        SEEDS          30  f  Y
W058c     Grace          SEEDS          9   f  Y
W058d     Jane           SEEDS          4   f  Y
W058e     Esther         SEEDS          2   f  Y
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]---(p13, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W059a     George         KINDER         70  m  Y  Miner
W059b     Elizabeth      KINDER         40  f  Y
W059c     Henry          KINDER         15  m  Y
W059d     Ann            KINDER         12  f  Y
W059e     Ellen          KINDER         10  f  Y
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]------------
W060a     Thomas         BEARDMORE      40  m  N  Tape weaver
W060b     Ann            BEARDMORE      40  f  N
W060c     John           BEARDMORE      20  m  Y  Weaver
W060d     Ann            BEARDMORE      15  f  Y
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]------------
W061a     William        HATFIELD       30  m  Y  Higler
W061b     Sarah          HATFIELD       30  f  Y
W061c     James          HATFIELD       5   m  Y
W061d     Job            HATFIELD       3   m  Y
W061e     Job            HALL           43  m  Y  Miner
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]------------
W062a     Sarah          BROUGH         70  f  Y  Pauper
W062b     Fanny          BROUGH         35  f  Y  Lace worker
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]------------
W063a     Mary           FEARN          30  f  Y  School mistress
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]------------
W064a     William        HATFIELD       60  m  Y  Coal higler
W064b     Mary           HATFIELD       60  f  Y
W064c     Sarah          WINT           30  f  Y
W064d     Ann            WINT           9   f  Y
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]------------
W065a     Thomas         BARLOW         45  m  N  J Hatter
W065b     Susannah       BARLOW         35  f  Y
W065c     Edwin          BARLOW         5   m  Y
W065d     Fredrick       BARLOW         5   m  Y
W065e     Emma           BARLOW         9m  f  Y
W065f     John           SMITH          8   m  Y  By former husband
---Hammonds Court---[Wirksworth]---(p14, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W066a     Thomas         LEVY           75  m  Y  Tailor
W066b     Sarah          ROUSE          45  f  Y  F.Servant
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W067a     Anthony        PEAT           40  m  Y  Shoe m
W067b     Mary           PEAT           40  f  Y
W067c     Elizabeth      PEAT           11  f  Y
W067d     Mary           PEAT           7   f  Y
W067e     Joseph         BEELEY         20  m  Y  Apprentice
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W068a     Samuel         HUNT           30  m  Y  Publican
W068b     Hannah         HUNT           25  f  Y
W068c     John           WOOD           9   m  Y
W068d     James          KENNEY?        30  m  -  Surveyor
W068e     John           BARBER         25  m  N  Surv. assist.
W068f     John           RICHARDS       25  m  -  Surv.assist.
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W069a     John           GAUCHER        45  m  Y  Tailor
W069b     Mary           GAUCHER        35  f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W070a     Joseph         BEARDSLEY      55  m  Y  Ind
W070b     Isaac          BEARDSLEY      50  m  Y  Ind
W070c     Elizabeth      BEARDSLEY      15  f  Y
W070d     Ruth           SLACK          25  f  Y  Dressmaker
---Beardsley Yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W071a     Ann            FROST          45  f  Y  Laceworker
W071b     Hannah         WALL           75  f  Y  Pauper
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]---(p15, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W072a     James          FROST          45  m  Y  Shoemaker
W072b     Mary           FROST          45  f  Y
W072c     Mary           FROST          8   f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W073a     Ann            ELLIOTT        40  f  Y  Seamstress
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W074a     George         HATFIELD       30  m  Y  Higler
W074b     Sarah          HATFIELD       30  f  Y
W074c     Francis        HATFIELD       10  m  Y
W074d     Mary           HATFIELD       1   f  Y
W074e     George         HATFIELD       3m  m  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W075a     Philip         HUBBERSTY      35  m  Y  Attorney
W075b     Ann            HUBBERSTY      25  f  Y
W075c     William        HUBBERSTY      1   m  Y
W075d     John           MOSS           20  m  Y
W075e     Ann            HOOLEY         20  f  Y
W075f     Harriet        WARNER         20  f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W076a     Henry          SWINSCOE       75  m  Y  Lead miner
W076b     Elizabeth      BROCKLEHURST   16  f  Y  Grandchild
W076c     Henry          BROCKLEHURST   10  m  Y  Grandchild
W076d     Richard        BROCKLEHURST   8   m  Y  Grandchild
W076e     Lydia          BROCKLEHURST   7   f  Y  Grandchild
W076f     Jane           BROCKLEHURST   5   f  Y  Grandchild
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W077a     Anthony        FARRAND        80  m  Y  Whitesmith
W077b     Alice          FARRAND        45  f  Y
W077c     Nehemiah       FARRAND        25  m  Y  Shoe m
W077d     Felishaw       WOLLEY         35  f  Y  Laceworker
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]---(p16, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W078a     John           MASKERY        50  m  Y  Mason
W078b     Hannah         MASKERY        50  f  Y
W078c     Emma           MASKERY        6   f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W079a     Susannah       POYSER         60  f  Y  Pauper
W079b     Mary           MASKERY        38  f  Y  Charwoman
W079c     Elizabeth      WIGLEY         30  f  Y  Laceworker
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W080a     Mary           SEEDS          50  f  Y  Shoe m
W080b     George         SEEDS          21  m  Y  Shoe m
W080c     Edward         SEEDS          15  m  Y  Shoe m
W080d     Elizabeth      SEEDS          15  f  Y
W080e     John           SEEDS          15  m  Y
W080f     Anthony        SEEDS          13  m  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W081a     Thomas         CLARK          65  m  Y  Weaver
W081b     Sarah          CLARK          30  f  Y
W081c     Thomas         CLARK          6   m  Y  Grandchild
W081d     Mary           WALKER         30  f  Y  Visitor
---Bamford Yard---[Wirksworth]------------
W082a     Samuel         HALL           45  m  Y  Ag Lab
W082b     Mary           HALL           40  f  Y
W082c     John           HALL           10  m  Y
W082d     Elizabeth      HALL           7   f  Y
W082e     Mary           HALL           5   f  Y
W082f     Thomas         HALL           2   m  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W083a     Ann            TAYLOR         50  f  Y  Charwoman
W083b     Mary           TAYLOR         40  f  Y  Laceworker
W083c     Ellen          TAYLOR         30  f  Y  Laceworker
W083d     Rebecca        TAYLOR         21  f  Y
W083e     Thomas         TAYLOR         11  m  Y
W083f     John           TAYLOR         1   m  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]---(p17, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W084a     Grace          WINSON         77  f  Y  Pauper
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W085a     Thomas         GADSBY         55  m  N  Silk weaver
W085b     Rebecca        GADSBY         55  f  N
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W086a     Zacariah       HALL           70  m  Y  Pauper
W086b     Mary           HALL           60  f  Y
W086c     Ann            HALL           24  f  Y
W086d     Jane           HARRISON       1   f  Y  Nurs? child

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.