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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

Mk459a   Samuel         BUCKLEY        26  m  Y  Tailor
Mk459b   Elizabeth      BUCKLEY        19  f  Y
Mk459c   Elizabeth      BUCKLEY        1   f  Y
Mk459d   Luke           HAMBLETON      35  m  Y  Framework K
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p29, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk460a   John           BAGSHAW        30  m  Y  Millwright
Mk460b   Millicent      BAGSHAW        30  f  Y
Mk460c   Thomas         BAGSHAW        6   m  Y
Mk460d   Robert         BAGSHAW        3   m  Y
Mk460e   John           BAGSHAW        9m  m  Y
Mk460f   James          KING           25  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk460g   Cathrine       KING           20  f  Y
Mk461a   Thomas         YOUNG          72  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk461b   Grace          YOUNG          70  f  Y
Mk461c   Adam           BUCKLEY        44  m  Y  Lead miner
Mk461d   Pammaler       BUCKLEY        38  f  Y
Mk461e   George         BUCKLEY        14  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk461f   Ann            BUCKLEY        13  f  Y  Flax spinner
Mk461g   Grace          BUCKLEY        10  f  Y  Flax spinner
Mk461h   Sarah          BUCKLEY        8   f  Y
Mk461i   Hannah         BUCKLEY        6   f  Y
Mk461j   Hesther        BUCKLEY        3   f  Y
Mk462a   Thomas         KNOWLES        86  m  Y  Ind
Mk462b   Marther        KNOWLES        57  f  Y
Mk462c   George         KNOWLES        24  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk462d   James          BRADSHAW       50  m  N  Hatter
Mk463a   Daniel         PILL           60  m  N  Hatter
Mk463b   Elizabeth      PILL           54  f  N
Mk464a   Betty          BARACLOUGH     65  f  Y  Ind
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p30, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk465a   George         FROGGOTT       50  m  Y  Hatter
Mk465b   Mary           FROGGOTT       49  f  Y
Mk465c   Mary           FROGGOTT       23  f  Y
Mk465d   Ann            FROGGOTT       21  f  Y  Bump mill
Mk465e   Elizabeth      FROGGOTT       19  f  Y  Bump mill
Mk465f   George         FROGGOTT       14  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk465g   Joseph         FROGGOTT       12  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk465h   Benjamin       FROGGOTT       10  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk465i   Sarah          FROGGOTT       6   f  Y
Mk465j   Marther        FROGGOTT       2   f  Y
Mk465k   Lucy           BALLINGTON     40  f  Y  F.S.
Mk466a   William        WARD           35  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk466b   Elizabeth      WARD           35  f  Y
Mk466c   Mary           WARD           15  f  Y
Mk466d   George         WARD           11  m  Y
Mk466e   Lydia          WARD           7   f  Y
Mk466f   John           WARD           5   m  Y
Mk466g   Samuel         WARD           4   m  Y
Mk466h   Thomas         WARD           3   m  Y
Mk466i   Jane           WARD           1   f  Y
Mk467a   James          BUCKLEY        70  m  Y  Lead miner
Mk467b   Elizabeth      BUCKLEY        70  f  Y
Mk468a   Alfred         WOODHOUSE      23  m  Y  Framework K
Mk468b   Mary           WOODHOUSE      25  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p31, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk469a   Joseph         WILSON         45  m  Y  Stone cutter
Mk469b   Mary           WILSON         45  f  Y
Mk469c   Lucy           WILSON         20  f  Y  Cotton mill
Mk469d   William        WILSON         15  m  Y  Stone cutter
Mk469e   Sarah          WILSON         10  f  Y  Cotton mill
Mk469f   Eliza          WILSON         5   f  Y
Mk469g   Joseph         COOK           15  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk470a   Job            SLATER         42  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk470b   Ann            SLATER         40  f  Y
Mk470c   Pamela         SLATER         16  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk470d   Mary           SLATER         14  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk470e   John           SLATER         12  m  Y  Paper maker
Mk470f   Ann            SLATER         9   f  Y
Mk470g   Hannah         SLATER         7   f  Y
Mk470h   Elizabeth      SLATER         3   f  Y
Mk470i   Sarah          SLATER         2   f  Y
Mk471a   William        WRIGHT         60  m  Y  Farmer
Mk471b   Ann            WRIGHT         50  f  Y
Mk472a   James          NEAL           55  m  Y  Ag lab

---Matlock Green---[Matlock]---(p1, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)-------
Mk473a   Richard        TEASDALE       70  m  Y  Saddler
Mk473b   Hannah         TEASDALE       70  f  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk474a   Elizabeth      BOWN           65  f  Y  Ind
Mk474b   Elizabeth      BOWN           35  f  Y
Mk474c   Ann            BOWN           25  f  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk475a   Henry          WHITE          35  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk475b   Ann            WHITE          30  f  Y
Mk475c   George         WHITE          9   m  Y
Mk475d   Obadiah        WHITE          6   m  Y
Mk475e   Mary Ann       WHITE          4   f  Y
Mk475f   William        WHITE          1   m  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk476a   Richard        STORER?        40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk476b   Elizabeth      STORER?        45  f  Y
Mk476c   Elizabeth      STORER?        4   f  Y
Mk476d   Charles        STORER?        15  m  Y
Mk476e   Lucy           BOLD           12  f  Y
Mk476f   Ann            BOLD           15  f  Y
Mk476g   John           CHEETHAM       70  m  N  Hatter
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk477a   Joseph         REEVES         55  m  N  Butcher
Mk477b   Lydia          REEVES         33  f  Y
Mk477c   Frederick      REEVES         8   m  Y
Mk477d   George         REEVES         5   m  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk478a   Isaac          KENT           22  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk478b   Anna Margaret  KENT           20  f  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]---(p2, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk479a   Elizabeth      COOK           65  f  Y
Mk479b   Mary           COOK           25  f  Y  Dress maker
Mk479c   John           COOK           20  m  Y  Labourer
Mk479d   William        GREGORY        20  m  Y  Labourer
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk480a   Horatio        MARSDEN        35  m  Y  Saddler
Mk480b   Elizabeth      MARSDEN        35  f  Y
Mk480c   Samuel         MARSDEN        15  m  Y
Mk480d   Horatio        MARSDEN        10  m  Y
Mk480e   Eliza          MARSDEN        4   f  Y
Mk480f   John           CHARLTON       20  m  Y  J saddler
Mk480g   George         BRADLEY        20  m  Y  J saddler
Mk480h   George         WILDGOOSE      10  m  Y  Ap
Mk480i   Sarah          LIVINGTON      20  f  N  F.S.
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk481a   John           DAKINS         26  m  Y  Labourer
Mk481b   Elizabeth      DAKINS         25  f  Y
Mk481c   William Howard DAKINS         6m  m  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk482a   Margaret Ann   BOWN           40  f  Y  Publican
Mk482b   Elizabeth      BOWN           15  f  Y
Mk482c   Sarah          BOWN           15  f  Y
Mk482d   John           BOWN           10  m  Y
Mk482e   William        BOWN           5   m  Y
Mk482f   Peter          BOWN           2   m  Y
Mk482g   Edward         HIGGOTT        40  m  Y  Servant
Mk482h   Lydia          WILDGOOSE      13  f  Y  F.S.
Mk482i   George         REATON         15  m  Y  M.S.
Mk482j   Mary           BOWN           15  f  Y
Mk482k   Ann            WILBRAHAM      15  f  N
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]---(p3, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk483a   William        ELLIS          50  m  Y  Joiner
Mk483b   John           ELLIS          20  m  Y  Joiner
Mk483c   Elizabeth      ELLIS          18  f  Y
Mk483d   Mary           ELLIS          13  f  Y
Mk483e   George         ELLIS          10  m  Y
Mk483f   Thomas         ELLIS          16  m  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk484a   Sarah          HARDY          45  f  Y
Mk484b   Henry          HARDY          10  m  Y
Mk484c   Francis        HARDY          8   m  Y
Mk484d   John           FROGGATT       24  m  Y  Wheelwright
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]----------
Mk485a   Charles        ELSE           55  m  Y  Publican
Mk485b   Elizabeth      ELSE           45  f  Y
Mk485c   John           ELSE           20  m  Y
Mk485d   Mary           ELSE           15  f  Y
Mk485e   Eliza          ELSE           15  f  Y
Mk485f   Louisa         ELSE           15  f  Y
Mk485g   Marinah?       ELSE           13  f  Y
Mk485h   Hephzibah      ELSE           12  f  Y
Mk485i   Cathrine       ELSE           9   f  Y
Mk485j   Charles        ELSE           7   m  Y
Mk485k   Emma           ELSE           6   f  Y
Mk485l   Isabel         ELSE           3   f  Y
---Matlock Green---[Matlock]---(p4, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk486a   William        PEARSON        30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk486b   Hannah         PEARSON        25  f  Y  Straw bonnet m
Mk487a   Samuel         BUNTING        25  m  Y  Labourer
Mk487b   Mary           BUNTING        25  f  Y
Mk487c   Ellen          BUNTING        6   f  Y
Mk487d   Sophia         BUNTING        3   f  Y
Mk487e   Leonard        BUNTING        1   m  Y
Mk488a   Anthony        OGDEN          40  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk488b   Sarah          OGDEN          46  f  Y
Mk489a   Robert         SMEDLEY        40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk489b   Julia          SMEDLEY        35  f  Y
Mk489c   John           SMEDLEY        15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk489d   Thomas         SMEDLEY        14  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk489e   Elizabeth      SMEDLEY        12  f  Y
Mk489f   Robert         SMEDLEY        11  m  Y
Mk489g   William        SMEDLEY        6   m  Y
Mk489h   Henry          SMEDLEY        4   m  Y
Mk489i   Mary           SMEDLEY        1   f  Y
Mk490a   Thomas         EDWARDS        55  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk490b   Mary           EDWARDS        50  f  Y
Mk490c   Sarah          EDWARDS        30  f  Y  Dress maker
Mk490d   Mary           EDWARDS        25  f  Y  Dress maker
Mk490e   Elizabeth      EDWARDS        15  f  Y  Dress maker
Mk490f   Eliza          EDWARDS        13  f  Y  Dress maker
---Cliffe---[Matlock]---(p5, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk491a   Anthony        BOWN           65  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk491b   Hannah         BOWN           65  f  Y
Mk491c   Elizabeth      BOWN           60  f  Y
Mk491d   Elizabeth      BOWN           20  f  Y
Mk492a   Benjamin       YOUNG          36  m  Y  Cotton weaver
Mk492b   Sarah          YOUNG          32  f  Y  Ind
Mk492c   Mary           YOUNG          73  f  Y  Ind
Mk492d   Elizabeth      YOUNG          6   f  Y
Mk492e   Francis        YOUNG          4   m  Y
Mk492f   Benjamin       YOUNG          2   m  Y
Mk492g   John           YOUNG          9   m  Y
Mk492h   George         YOUNG          1m  m  Y
Mk493a   George         BRELSFORD      40  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk493b   George         BRELSFORD      20  m     Shoe m
Mk493c   Joseph         BRELSFORD      15  m     Shoe m
Mk493d   Samuel         BRELSFORD      15  m     Cotton spinner
Mk493e   Joshua         BRELSFORD      10  m     Cotton spinner
Mk493f   Elizabeth      BRELSFORD      10  f
Mk493g   James          BRELSFORD      10  m     Cotton spinner
Mk493h   William        BRELSFORD      8   m
Mk493i   Mary           BRELSFORD      5   f
Mk493j   John           BRELSFORD      4   m
Mk493k   Hannah         BARKER         20  f     Cotton spinner
Mk493l   Uraniah        BARKER         20  f
Mk493m   Rachel         BARKER         10  f
---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(p6, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk494a   John           GARTON         45  m  N  Bleacher
Mk494b   Mary           GARTON         35  f  N
Mk494c   Edward Hale    GARTON         7   m  Y
Mk494d   Harriet Mary   GARTON         4   f  Y
Mk494e   Emma           GARTON         2   f  Y
Mk494f   Lucy Ann       GARTON         7m  f  Y
Mk494g   Anna Maria     GARTON         15  f  Y
Mk494h   Hannah         TUSTIN         15  f  N  F.S.
Mk494i   Elizabeth      BROWN          15  f  N  F.S.
Mk494j   Mary Ann       MARPLES        20  f  N  F.S.
Mk494k   John (sen)     GARTON         75  m  N  Ind
Mk495a   Helen          BAILEY         30  f  N
Mk495b   Henry edwin    BAILEY         2   m  Y
Mk495c   Martha         WHITTAKER      15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk496a   George         TURNER         20  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk496b   James          TURNER         15  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk496c   John           TURNER         15  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk496d   Mary           TURNER         10  f  Y
Mk496e   William        TURNER         10  m  Y
Mk496f   Emma           TURNER         8   f  Y
Mk497a   Thomas         CHELL          29  m  Y  Millwright
Mk497b   Mary Ann       CHELL          25  f  Y
Mk497c   Peter          CHELL          5   m  Y
Mk497d   Edward         CHELL          3   m  Y
---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(p7, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk498a   James          TOPLIS         45  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk498b   Elizabeth      TOPLIS         45  f  Y
Mk498c   Joseph         TOPLIS         20  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk498d   Marcus         TOPLIS         15  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk498e   William        TOPLIS         14  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk498f   Elizabeth      TOPLIS         12  f  Y
Mk498g   German         TOPLIS         10  m  Y
Mk498h   Abigail        TOPLIS         7   f  Y
Mk498i   James          TOPLIS         5   m  Y
Mk499a   Obadiah        ALLEN          50  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk499b   Hannah         ALLEN          45  f  Y
Mk499c   Sarah          ALLEN          25  f  Y
Mk499d   Sophia         ALLEN          20  f  Y
Mk499e   Harriett       ALLEN          15  f  Y
Mk499f   George         ALLEN          14  m  Y
Mk499g   Lydia          ALLEN          12  f  Y
Mk499h   Jane           ALLEN          9   f  Y
Mk500a   William        WOOD           42  m  Y  M.S.
Mk500b   Mary           WOOD           45  f  Y
Mk500c   Maria          WOOD           15  f  Y
Mk500d   Ann            WOOD           12  f  Y
Mk501a   Joseph         WOODHOUSE      20  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk501b   Ann            WOODHOUSE      25  f  Y
Mk502a   Ann            HALL           40  f  N  Ind
Mk502b   Martha         HALL           30  f  N
---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(p8, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk503a   John           NEEDHAM        50  m  Y  Labourer
Mk503b   Amie           NEEDHAM        20  f  Y
Mk503c   John           KNOWLES        25  m  Y  Labourer
Mk503d   Sarah          KNOWLES        25  f  Y
Mk503e   Isaac          KNOWLES        1   m  Y
Mk504a   William        WRAGG          35  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk504b   Elizabeth      WRAGG          35  f  Y
Mk504c   Mary           WRAGG          11  f  Y
Mk504d   Phoebe         WRAGG          10  f  Y
Mk504e   John           WRAGG          6   m  Y
Mk504f   William        WRAGG          2   m  Y
Mk504g   Ann            WRAGG          1   f  Y
Mk505a   Thomas         MASON          35  m  Y  Gardener
Mk505b   Sarah          MASON          35  f  Y
Mk505c   Mary           MASON          9   f  Y
Mk505d   Thomas         MASON          5   m  Y
Mk505e   Walter         MASON          3   m  Y
Mk506a   Joseph         SHAW           50  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk506b   Hannah         SHAW           55  f  Y
Mk506c   Joseph         SHELDON        20  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk506d   Ann            SHELDON        25  f  N
Mk506e   Maria          SHELDON        inf f  Y
Mk507a   Isabella       LOWE           55  f  Y  Ind
---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(p9, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk508a   George         WHITE          25  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk508b   Elizabeth      WHITE          25  f  Y
Mk508c   Elizabeth      WHITE          70  f  Y
Mk508d   George         WHITE          5   m  Y
Mk508e   Joseph         WHITE          3   m  Y
Mk508f   John           WHITE          1   m  Y
Mk509a   Job            ALLWOOD        55  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk509b   Hannah         ALLWOOD        55  f  Y
Mk509c   Matilda        ALLWOOD        30  f  Y  Cotton factory
Mk509d   Job            ALLWOOD        15  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk509e   Thomas         ALLWOOD        17  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk509f   Joseph         ALLWOOD        5   m  Y
---Matlock mill---[Matlock]----------
Mk510a   Samuel         HARGREAVES     43  m  N  Miller
Mk510b   Elizabeth      HARGREAVES     41  f  Y
Mk510c   James          HARGREAVES     20  m  Y  Miller
Mk510d   Thomas         HARGREAVES     15  m  Y  Miller
Mk510e   Mary           HARGREAVES     20  f  Y
Mk510f   Hannah         HARGREAVES     15  f  Y
Mk510g   Elizabeth      HARGREAVES     9   f  Y
Mk510h   Samuel         HARGREAVES     5   m  Y
---Matlock mill---[Matlock]----------
Mk511a   Henry          LUDLAM         40  m  Y  Maltster
Mk511b   Mary           LUDLAM         40  f  Y
Mk511c   Hannah         LUDLAM         9   f  Y
---Matlock mill---[Matlock]----------
Mk512a   Joseph         WEBB           40  m  N  Clergyman
Mk512b   Jane georgiana WEBB           30  f  N
Mk512c   Mary Jane      WEBB           8   f  Y
Mk512d   Harriett Ann   WEBB           4   f  Y
Mk512e   Louisa M       WEBB           1   f  Y                     M=Millicent
Mk512f   Anne           WEBB           30  f  N  Ind
Mk512g   Elizabeth      THORPE         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk512h   Dorothy        HADFIELD       20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk512i   Hannah         MARGERISON     13  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock mill---[Matlock]---(p10, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk513a   Joseph         BLACKWELL      45  m  Y  Miller
Mk513b   Sarah          BLACKWELL      45  f  Y
Mk513c   Richard        BLACKWELL      11  m  Y
Mk513d   John           BLACKWELL      7   m  Y
Mk513e   Richard        WILDGOOSE      70  m  Y  Ind
Mk513f   George         TOMLINSON      20  m  Y  Miller
Mk513g   Andrew         BLACKWELL      50  m  Y  M.S.
Mk513h   Hannah         SLACK          15  f  Y  F.S.
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk514a   Timothy        SPENCER        70  m  Y  Farmer
Mk514b   Mary           SPENCER        70  f  Y
Mk514c   Phoebe         SPENCER        25  f  Y
Mk514d   Margaret       TAYLOR         12  f  Y
Mk514e   Elizabeth      SPENCER        11  f  Y
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk515a   Andrew         BUNTING        45  m  Y  Labourer
Mk515b   Hannah         BUNTING        45  f  Y
Mk515c   Harriett S     BUNTING        20  f  Y                     S=Spencer
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk516a   Juliana        NORTON         75  f  Y  Ind
Mk516b   Elizabeth      STATHAM        30  f  Y  Ind
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]---(p11, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk517a   Charles        EDWARDS        45  m  Y  Candlewick m
Mk517b   Hannah         EDWARDS        45  f  Y
Mk517c   Sarah          EDWARDS        10  f  Y
Mk517d   John           WHITE          20  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk517e   Mary           WHITE          20  f  Y
Mk517f   Sarah          WHITE          3m  f  Y
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk518a   Henry          CARDER         50  m  Y  Labourer
Mk518b   Ann            CARDER         45  f  Y
Mk518c   Mary           CARDER         20  f  Y
Mk518d   Sarah          SPENCER        45  f  Y
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk519a   John           CASH           60  m  N  Linen weaver
Mk519b   Jane           CASH           60  f  Y
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk520a   George         MATHER         40  m  Y  Weaver
Mk520b   Sarah          MATHER         45  f  Y
Mk520c   John           PLANT          65  m  N  Labourer
Mk520d   William        SPENCER        11w m  Y
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk521a   Joshua         LOMAS          45  m  Y  Farmer
Mk521b   Mary           LOMAS          75  f  Y
Mk521c   Mary           LOMAS          30  f  Y
Mk521d   John           LOMAS          3   m  Y
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk522a   Mary           TRICKETT       75  f  Y
Mk522b   John           TRICKETT       54  m  Y  Engineer
Mk522c   John           TRICKETT       25  m  Y  Engineer
Mk522d   Ann            TRICKETT       35  f  Y
Mk522e   Mary           TRICKETT       8   f  Y
Mk522f   Mary           SPENCER        45  f  Y
Mk522g   Elizabeth      HEARNSHAW      20  f  N  Schoolmistress
---Lime tree lane---[Matlock]---(p12, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk523a   George         SMITH          75  m  Y  Farmer
Mk523b   Thomas         MELLOR         15  m  Y  ? Apprentice
Mk523c   Lydia          SMITH          70  f  Y
Mk523d   Mary Ann       SMITH          15  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk524a   Mary           CROWDER        60  f  Y
Mk524b   George         CROWDER        32  m  Y  Framework K
Mk524c   Mary           CROWDER        30  f  Y
Mk524d   William        CROWDER        6   m  Y
Mk524e   Elizabeth      CROWDER        5   f  Y
Mk524f   Martha         CROWDER        10  f  Y
Mk524g   John           CROWDER        3   m  Y
Mk524h   Ann            CROWDER        1   f  Y
Mk524i   Charles        CROWDER        20  m  Y  Framework K
Mk524j   Elizabeth      CROWDER        25  f  Y
Mk524k   William        CROWDER        2   m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk525a   Mary           TOPLIS         60  f  N
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk526a   George         WARD           60  m  Y  Farmer
Mk526b   Mary           WARD           45  f  Y
Mk526c   George         WARD           11  m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk527a   Peter          LUDLAM         20  m  Y  Framework K
Mk527b   Lydia          LUDLAM         20  f  Y
Mk527c   Mary Ann       LUDLAM         inf f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p13, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk528a   Joseph         TAYLOR         37  m  Y  Labourer
Mk528b   Emma           BYATT          30  f  N
Mk528c   Mary           BYATT          12  f  N
Mk528d   Joseph         BYATT          5   m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk529a   Samuel         MARRIOTT       35  m  Y  Labourer
Mk529b   Lydia          MARRIOTT       30  f  Y
Mk529c   Samuel         MARRIOTT       5   m  Y
Mk529d   Mary           MARRIOTT       3   f  Y
Mk529e   Joseph         MARRIOTT       2   m  Y
Mk529f   Eliza          MARRIOTT       1   f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk530a   Joseph         TAYLOR         30  m  Y  Plumber+glazier
Mk530b   Sarah          TAYLOR         35  f  Y
Mk530c   Mary           TAYLOR         8   f  Y
Mk530d   Joseph         TAYLOR         7   m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk531a   Sarah          ROOSE          55  f  Y  Farmer
Mk531b   Millicent      ROOSE          30  f  Y
Mk531c   Ruth           ROOSE          25  f  Y
Mk531d   John           ROOSE          25  m  Y
Mk531e   William        ROOSE          20  m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]----------
Mk532a   John           WRIGHT         70  m  Y  Framework K
Mk532b   James          WRIGHT         25  m  Y  Framework K
Mk532c   Jemima         WRIGHT         25  f  Y
Mk532d   John           WRIGHT         6   m  Y
Mk532e   Elizabeth      WRIGHT         4   f  Y
Mk532f   James          WRIGHT         11m m  Y
---Hurst---[Matlock]---(p14, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk533a   Job            WILDGOOSE      75  m  Y  Labourer
Mk533b   John           CROWDER        35  m  Y
Mk533c   Sarah          CROWDER        35  f  Y
Mk533d   Joseph         CROWDER        15  m  Y
Mk533e   Mary           CROWDER        14  f  Y
Mk533f   Elizabeth      CROWDER        11  f  Y
Mk533g   Ann            CROWDER        9   f  Y
Mk533h   Sarah          CROWDER        6   f  Y
Mk533i   Hannah         CROWDER        4   f  Y
Mk533j   (an infant)    CROWDER        2w  f  Y
Mk534a   James          CROWDER        30  m  Y  Framework K
Mk534b   Rebekah        CROWDER        25  f  Y
Mk534c   Mark           CROWDER        4   m  Y
Mk534d   Martha         CROWDER        3   f  Y
Mk534e   Charles        CROWDER        1   m  Y
Mk535a   John           HOLMES         30  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk535b   Deborah        HOLMES         25  f  Y
Mk535c   Hannah         HOLMES         6   f  Y
Mk535d   Samuel         HOLMES         4   m  Y
Mk535e   Mary Ann       HOLMES         3   f  Y
Mk535f   Ellen          HOLMES         1   f  Y
Mk535g   Hannah         HURSTHOUSE     55  f  Y
Mk536a   John           WILDGOOSE      65  m  Y  Farmer
Mk536b   Rebekah        WILDGOOSE      65  f  Y
Mk536c   Margaret       WILDGOOSE      35  f  Y
Mk536d   Laurence       WILDGOOSE      35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk536e   Francis        WILDGOOSE      35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk536f   Ann            COTTON         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk536g   William        JANNEY         14  m  Y  Apprentice
Mk536h   John           WILDGOOSE      15  m  Y  M.S.
---Hurst---[Matlock]---(p15, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk537a   Joseph         HURSTHOUSE     50  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk537b   Ann            HURSTHOUSE     50  f  Y
Mk537c   Ann            HURSTHOUSE     25  f  Y  Cotton factory
Mk537d   Joseph         HURSTHOUSE     20  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk537e   William        HURSTHOUSE     15  m  Y  Cotton dyer
Mk537f   Sarah          HURSTHOUSE     15  f  Y  Cotton factory
Mk537g   Francis        HURSTHOUSE     15  m  Y  Labourer
Mk537h   Mary           LANT           25  f  Y
Mk538a   John           ROOSE          60  m  Y  Labourer
Mk538b   Rebekah        ROOSE          35  f  Y
Mk538c   Charles        ROOSE          25  m  Y  Labourer
Mk538d   Peter          ROOSE          15  m  Y  Labourer
Mk538e   George         REDISH         15  m  Y  Labourer
Mk538f   William        TAYLOR         25  m  Y  Plumber+glazier
---Matlock moor---[Matlock]----------
Mk539a   Thomas         LUDLAM         45  m  Y  Farmer
Mk539b   Mary           LUDLAM         40  f  Y
Mk539c   Peter          LUDLAM         75  m  Y  Framework K
Mk539d   William        YOUNG          12  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk539e   William        LUDLAM         5   m  Y
---Matlock moor---[Matlock]---(p16, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk540a   Elijah         WILDGOOSE      50  m  Y  Farmer
Mk540b   Ann            WILDGOOSE      60  f  Y
Mk540c   John           WILDGOOSE      30  m  Y  Labourer
Mk540d   Hannah         WILDGOOSE      30  f  Y
---Matlock moor---[Matlock]----------
Mk541a   Benjamin       GRATTON        55  m  N  Farmer
Mk541b   Hannah         GRATTON        55  f  N
Mk541c   Jane           GRATTON        15  f  Y
Mk541d   Elizabeth      GRATTON        15  f  Y
---Matlock moor---[Matlock]----------
Mk542a   William        BARBER         40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk542b   Hannah         BARBER         43  f  Y
Mk542c   Grace          BARBER         15  f  Y
Mk542d   Elizabeth      BARBER         8   f  Y
Mk542e   Mary           BARBER         7   f  Y
---Matlock moor---[Matlock]----------
Mk543a   Samuel         SMITH          40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk543b   Mary           SMITH          35  f  Y
Mk543c   Samuel         SMITH          10  m  Y
Mk543d   Sarah          SMITH          8   f  Y
Mk543e   Isaac          SMITH          5   m  Y
Mk543f   Richard        SMITH          4   m  Y
Mk543g   Henry          SMITH          1   m  Y
---Cuckoo Stow Dale---[Matlock]----------
Mk544a   Joseph         ALTON          35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk544b   Mercy          ALTON          35  f  Y
Mk544c   Rebekah        ALTON          4   f  Y
Mk544d   Joseph         ALTON          1   m  Y
Mk544e   William        WHITE          40  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk544f   Thomas         LUDLAM         15  m  Y  Ag lab
---Matlock Wold---[Matlock]---(p17, Matlock, district 17, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk545a   Ann            GOODWIN        50  f  Y  Farmer
Mk545b   Rebekah        GOODWIN        20  f  Y
Mk545c   John           GOODWIN        15  m  Y  Farmer
Mk545d   Ann            GOODWIN        15  f  Y
Mk545e   George         GOODWIN        13  m  Y
Mk545f   Peter          GOODWIN        11  m  Y
Mk545g   John           GOODWIN        50  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk545h   Bessey         KING           15  f  Y  F.S.

---Bridge---[Matlock]---(p1, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk546a   William        BRATBY         25  m  Y  Grocer
Mk546b   Martha         BRATBY         25  f  N
Mk546c   Ann            BRATBY         9m  f  Y
Mk546d   Hannah         WILDGOOSE      13  f  Y  F.S.
Mk547a   George         HAWLEY         58  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk547b   Mary           HAWLEY         44  f  Y
Mk547c   John           HAWLEY         18  m  Y  Ap
Mk548a   Stephen        SMITH          65  m  N  Hat M
Mk548b   Mary           SMITH          55  f  N
Mk548c   Soloman        FOX            18  m  Y  Ap
Mk549a   George         NUTTALL        35  m  Y  Ind
Mk549b   Catharine      MARSDEN        25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk549c   Eliza          MARSDEN        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk550a   William        FOX            39  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk550b   Mary           FOX            10  f  Y
Mk550c   Samuel         FOX            4   m  Y
Mk551a   George         RAWSON         50  m  Y  J
Mk551b   Sarah          RAWSON         55  f  Y
Mk551c   John           RAWSON         20  m  Y  Ap
Mk551d   William        RAWSON         15  m  Y
Mk551e   George         RAWSON         12  m  Y
Mk551f   James          RAWSON         8   m  Y
Mk552a   John           BARNES         20  m  Y  Sawyer
Mk552b   Mary           BARNES         20  f  Y
Mk552c   Sarah          BARNES         7m  f  Y
---Green---[Matlock]---(p2, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk553a   James          WOODHOUSE      30  m  Y  Boatsman
Mk553b   Sarah          WOODHOUSE      30  f  Y
Mk554a   Charles        WALKER         70  m  Y  Miner
Mk554b   Charles        WALKER         30  m  Y  Miner
Mk554c   Lydia          WALKER         25  f  Y
Mk554d   Charles        WALKER         5   m  Y
Mk555a   Adam           KNOWLES        65  m  Y  Miner
Mk555b   Pheby          KNOWLES        65  f  Y
Mk555c   Job            GREGORY        20  m  Y  Lab
Mk555d   George         BOMER          25  m  Y  Lab
Mk556a   Benjamin       WOODHOUSE      60  m  Y  Boatsman
Mk556b   Hannah         WOODHOUSE      55  f  Y
Mk556c   Henry          WOODHOUSE      30  m  Y  Lab
Mk557a   Thomas         BUNTING        48  m  Y  Schoolmaster
Mk557b   Robert         BUNTING        17  m  Y
Mk557c   Hannah         BUNTING        10  f  Y
Mk558a   Pheby          BOWN           55  f  Y
Mk559a   John           DOBBS          64  m  Y  Thatcher
Mk559b   Hannah         DOBBS          30  f  Y
Mk559c   Ann            DOBBS          8   f  Y
Mk560a   Richard        OATEY          25  m  N  Shoe m
Mk560b   Bethia         OATEY          30  f  Y
Mk560c   William        OATEY          1   m  Y
Mk560d   John           TURNER         10  m  Y
Mk561a   Susannah       WASS           75  f  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]---(p3, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk562a   Dorothy        BUNTING        63  f  Y
Mk562b   Beatrice       BUNTING        35  f  Y
Mk562c   William        BUNTING        8   m  Y
Mk562d   Thomas         ELVIDGE        30  m  Y  Tailor
Mk562e   Thomas         PIER           60  m  Y
Mk562f   George         GORDON         50  m  S  Bell H
Mk562g   George         GORDON         25  m  S  Bell H
Mk562h   Thomas         GORDON         20  m  S  Bell H
Mk562i   Mary           GORDON         60  f  S
Mk562j   Catharine      GORDON         15  f  S
Mk562k   Caroline       GORDON         15  f  S
Mk562l   Margrett       GORDON         20  f  S
Mk562m   Mary           GORDON         4d  f  Y
Mk562n   Abel           BANKS          20  m  Y
Mk562o   Thomas         BRADY          25  m  Y  Butcher
Mk562p   Sarah          BRADY          20  f  Y
Mk562q   John           BRADY          3   m  Y
Mk562r   Elizabeth      JOHNSTON       40  f  Y
Mk562s   William        JOHNSTON       7   m  Y
Mk562t   John           JOHNSTON       2   m  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk563a   Richard        TEASDALE       41  m  Y  Lab
Mk563b   Hannah         TEASDALE       31  f  Y
Mk563c   Adam           TEASDALE       8   m  Y
Mk563d   Richard        TEASDALE       6   m  Y
Mk563e   George         TEASDALE       4   m  Y
Mk563f   John           TEASDALE       1   m  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]---(p4, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk564a   Rueben         BUNTING        29  m  Y  Wheelwright
Mk564b   Maria          BUNTING        28  f  Y
Mk564c   Lydia          BUNTING        72  f  Y
Mk564d   John           BUNTING        4   m  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk565a   Mary           BUXTON         60  f  Y  Ind
Mk565b   Thomas         BUXTON         23  m  Y  Miller
Mk565c   William        BUXTON         21  m  Y  Lab
Mk565d   Mary           BUXTON         20  f  Y
Mk565e   John           BUXTON         7m  m  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk566a   Tasey          MARTIN         65  f  Y  Ind
Mk566b   Elizabeth      PORT           60  f  N
Mk566c   Ann            DOBBS          25  f  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk567a   Sarah          BRELSFORD      80  f  Y  Ind
Mk567b   Thomas         CLAY           35  m  Y
Mk567c   Margrett       RAINES         5   f  Y
Mk567d   Ann            ROBINSON       14  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk568a   John           EVANS          40  m  Y  Draper
Mk568b   Mary           EVANS          40  f  Y
Mk568c   Margrett       TOWNDROWE      15  f  Y  Shop woman
Mk568d   Mary           ROBINSON       15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk568e   William        STATHAM        15  m  Y  Ap
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk569a   Robert         MACKAY         30  m  S  Bookseller
Mk569b   Samuel         ANDREW         15  m  N  Bookseller
Mk569c   Richard        FANTOM         15  m  Y
Mk569d   Sarah          ANDREW         13  f     F.S.
---Matlock green---[Matlock]---(p5, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk570a   James          WRIGHT         40  m  Y  Joiner
Mk570b   Ellen          WRIGHT         40  f  Y
Mk570c   Robert         WRIGHT         6   m  Y
Mk570d   John           WEBSTER        20  m  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk571a   Samuel         WARD           58  m  Y  Miller
Mk571b   Susana         WARD           47  f  Y
Mk571c   Jessiah        WARD           22  m  Y  Miller
Mk571d   Andrew         WARD           21  m  Y  Lab
Mk571e   Robert         WARD           19  m  Y
Mk571f   William        WARD           14  m  Y
Mk571g   James          WARD           8   m  Y
Mk571h   Mary           WARD           12  f  Y
Mk571i   Ann            WARD           10  f  Y
Mk571j   Sophia         WARD           4   f  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk572a   James          FLETCHER       36  m  Y  Barytem? M
Mk572b   Mary           FLETCHER       36  f  Y
Mk572c   Ann            FLETCHER       4   f  Y
Mk572d   Mary           STEVENSON      16  f  Y
---Matlock green---[Matlock]----------
Mk573a   Thomas         BOWN           75  m  Y  Ind
Mk573b   Sarah          BOWN           77  f  Y
Mk573c   Emma           WILDGOOSE      9   f  Y
Mk574a   Henry          PEARSON        30  m  Y  Hat M
Mk574b   Isaac          STATHAM        20  m  Y  Ap
Mk575a   George         STATHAM        55  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk575b   Mary           STATHAM        30  f  Y
Mk575c   Joshua         STATHAM        25  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk575d   Joseph         STATHAM        15  m  Y  Ap
Mk575e   Hannah         STATHAM        15  f  Y
Mk575f   George         STATHAM        10  m  Y
Mk575g   Ann            STATHAM        5   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p6, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk576a   Sarah          WALTON         82  f  Y
Mk576b   William        WALTON         40  m  Y  Shoe m
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk577a   Elizabeth      FOULK          65  f  Y
Mk577b   Ann            ROUSE          15  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk578a   George         WALTON         50  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk578b   Mary           WALTON         15  f  Y
Mk578c   William        WALTON         10  m  Y
Mk578d   James          WALTON         10  m  Y
Mk578e   Hannah         WALTON         8   f  Y
Mk578f   Sophia         WALTON         6   f  Y
Mk578g   Edward         WALTON         3   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk579a   John           WRIGHT         35  m  Y  Carrier
Mk579b   Hannah         WRIGHT         35  f  Y
Mk579c   John           WRIGHT         8   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk580a   James          WRIGHT         70  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk580b   Rebecca        WRIGHT         20  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk581a   Adam           BUNTING        30  m  Y  Lab
Mk581b   Julea          BUNTING        34  f  Y
Mk581c   Samuel         BUNTING        11  m  -
Mk581d   Adam           BUNTING        8   m  Y
Mk581e   Joseph         BUNTING        6   m  Y
Mk581f   Dorothy        BUNTING        2   f  Y
Mk581g   Hannah         BUNTING        7w  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p7, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk582a   Thomas         ROUSE          50  m  Y  Carrier
Mk582b   Anne           ROUSE          40  f  Y
Mk582c   John           ROUSE          20  m  Y  Carrier
Mk582d   Sarah          ROUSE          15  f  Y
Mk582e   Mary           ROUSE          1   f  Y
Mk582f   James          KNOWLES        20  m  Y  M.S.
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk583a   Robert         ROBINSON       35  m  N  Paint grinder
Mk583b   Ann            ROBINSON       32  f  N
Mk583c   Richard        ROBINSON       11  m  Y
Mk583d   Sarah          ROBINSON       8   f  Y
Mk583e   James          ROBINSON       4   m  Y
Mk583f   Mary           ROBINSON       2   f  Y
Mk583g   Robert         ROBINSON       8m  m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk584a   John           GREGORY        80  m  Y  Ind
Mk584b   Elizabeth      WOOD           13  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk585a   Ann            TIPPING        77  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk586a   William        BARKER         65  m  Y  Lab
Mk586b   Alice          BARKER         55  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk587a   Peter          KNOWLES        65  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk587b   Sarah          BUNTING        22  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk588a   John           KNOWLES        62  m  Y  Miner
Mk588b   Amy            KNOWLES        46  f  Y
Mk588c   Thomas         KNOWLES        18  m  Y  Miner
Mk588d   Sarah          KNOWLES        14  f  Y
Mk588e   Samuel         KNOWLES        6   m  Y
Mk588f   Ann            SCORER         17  f  Y
Mk588g   Jemima         SCORER         16  f  Y
Mk588h   Samuel         SCORER         10  m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p8, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk589a   Moses          WHEELDON       41  m  Y  Draper
Mk589b   Ann            WHEELDON       41  f  Y
Mk589c   George         WRIGHT         5   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk590a   Stephen        WOODING        60  m  Y  Slater
Mk590b   Mary           WOODING        45  f  Y
Mk590c   Susannah       WOODING        9   f  Y
Mk590d   Stephen        WOODING        7   m  Y
Mk590e   Samuel         WOODING        5   m  Y
Mk590f   Sarah          WOODING        3   f  Y
Mk590g   Thomas         WOODING        11m m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk591a   Joseph         KNOWLES        60  m  Y  Hatter
Mk591b   Mary           KNOWLES        60  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk592a   Lenard         BUNTING        55  m  Y  Miner
Mk592b   Elen           BUNTING        53  f  Y
Mk592c   Elizabeth      BUNTING        6   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk593a   Anthony        YEOMAN         46  m  Y  Lab
Mk593b   Jane           YEOMAN         36  f  Y
Mk593c   Sarah          YEOMAN         6   f  Y
Mk593d   Mary           YEOMAN         2   f  Y
Mk593e   Anthony        YEOMAN         6m  m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p9, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk594a   Mary           SIDDAL         30  f  Y
Mk594b   George         SIDDAL         6   m  Y
Mk594c   Henry          SIDDAL         3   m  Y
Mk594d   Joseph         SIDDAL         1   m  Y
Mk594e   Mary           BOWN           15  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk595a   George         HOGDEN         74  m  Y  Lab
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk596a   Martha         REEVES         45  f  Y
Mk596b   Ruth           REEVES         14  f  Y
Mk596c   Elizabeth      REEVES         8   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk597a   Sarah          VASEY          40  f  Y
Mk597b   Richard        VASEY          12  m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk598a   Thomas         BUXTON         39  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk598b   Hannah         BUXTON         50  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk599a   John           YEOMANS        48  m  Y  Farmer
Mk599b   Mary           YEOMANS        45  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk600a   Obadiah        ADAMS          74  m  Y  Sadler
Mk600b   Sarah          ADAMS          77  f  Y
Mk600c   Robert         ADAMS          53  m  Y  Sadler
Mk600d   Mary           ADAMS          54  f  Y
Mk600e   Sarah          ADAMS          27  f  Y
Mk600f   Obadiah        ADAMS          20  m  Y  Sadler
Mk600g   Robert         ADAMS          14  m  Y  Ap
Mk600h   Hannah         ADAMS          11  f  Y
Mk600i   William        BUNTING        25  m  Y  Mason
Mk600j   Mary           BUNTING        24  f  Y
Mk600k   Sarah          BUNTING        2m  f  Y
Mk600l   Elizabeth      WHITE          6   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p10, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk601a   Thomas         HITCHCOCK      34  m  Y  Lab
Mk601b   Ellen          HITCHCOCK      34  f  Y
Mk601c   Mary           HITCHCOCK      9   f  Y
Mk601d   William        HITCHCOCK      8   m  Y
Mk601e   Thomas         HITCHCOCK      4   m  Y
Mk601f   Joseph         HITCHCOCK      2   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk602a   Sarah          PHILLIPS       40  f  N
Mk602b   Margrett       PHILLIPS       20  f  N
Mk602c   Mary           PHILLIPS       18  f  N
Mk602d   Sarah          PHILLIPS       17  f  N
Mk602e   Eliza          PHILLIPS       15  f  N
Mk602f   Ann            PHILLIPS       13  f  N
Mk602g   Ellen          PHILLIPS       10  f  N
Mk602h   Caroline       PHILLIPS       9   f  N
Mk602i   William        PHILLIPS       7   m  N
Mk602j   George         PHILLIPS       4   m  Y
Mk602k   Edwin          PHILLIPS       2   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk603a   George         GREGORY        27  m  Y  Gardener
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk604a   Robert         CLAYTON        35  m  Y  Painter
Mk604b   Martha         CLAYTON        35  f  Y
Mk604c   Elizabeth      CLAYTON        10  f  Y
Mk604d   Susannah       CLAYTON        8   f  Y
Mk604e   Ellen          CLAYTON        4   f  Y
Mk604f   Martha         CLAYTON        10m f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p11, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk605a   Thomas         CALVERT        37  m  N  Officer of Excise
Mk605b   Ann            CALVERT        37  f  N
Mk605c   William        CALVERT        9   m  N
Mk605d   George         CALVERT        7   m  N
Mk605e   John           CALVERT        5   m  N
Mk605f   Joseph         CALVERT        3   m  Y
Mk605g   Mary           CALVERT        8m  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk606a   John           KING           35  m  Y  Tailor
Mk606b   George         KING           55  m  Y
Mk606c   Jane           KING           25  f  Y
Mk606d   John           KING           9   m  Y
Mk606e   George         KING           7   m  Y
Mk606f   William        KING           4   m  Y
Mk606g   Herbert        KING           2   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk607a   Thomas         BODEN          37  m  Y  Baker
Mk607b   Elizabeth      BODEN          40  f  Y
Mk607c   Anthony        BODEN          15  m  Y  Ap
Mk607d   Mary           BODEN          12  f  Y
Mk607e   Thomas         BODEN          10  m  Y
Mk607f   Elizabeth      BODEN          9   f  Y
Mk607g   Sarah          BODEN          5   f  Y
Mk607h   William        BODEN          3   m  Y
Mk607i   Lydia          BODEN          1   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p12, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk608a   Mary           HIGGOTT        74  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk609a   Ann            WILLSON        42  f  Y
Mk609b   Sarah          WILLSON        20  f  Y
Mk609c   Ann            WILLSON        17  f  Y
Mk609d   Elizabeth      WILLSON        16  f  Y
Mk609e   Martha         WILLSON        14  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk610a   Luke           WILLSON        65  m  Y  Swaler?
Mk610b   Elizabeth      WILLSON        55  f  Y
Mk610c   William        WILLSON        20  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk610d   Luke           WILLSON        7   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk611a   John           FLINT          55  m  Y  Publican
Mk611b   Mary           FLINT          45  f  Y
Mk611c   Sarah          PALMER         17  f  N
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk612a   Samuel         GRATTON        70  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk612b   Elizabeth      GRATTON        65  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk613a   George         SCOTHORN       60  m  Y  Frame smith
Mk613b   Ann            SCOTHORN       58  f  Y
Mk613c   Jessiah        SCOTHORN       19  m  Y  Lab
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk614a   James          EDWARDS        28  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk614b   Dinah          EDWARDS        30  f  Y
Mk614c   Sarah          EDWARDS        1   f  Y
Mk614d   Mary           FRITH          20  f  Y
Mk614e   Joseph         DRONFIELD      14  m  Y  Ap
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk615a   Job            SHAWE          35  m  Y  Publican
Mk615b   Elizabeth      SHAWE          32  f  Y
Mk615c   Joseph         FLINT          4   m  Y
Mk615d   Daniel         MULLAN         30  m  I  Hawker
Mk615e   Thomas         BRIDGE         30  m  Y  Baker
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p13, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk616a   William        GANNT?         60  m  Y  Butcher
Mk616b   Sarah          GANNT?         50  f  Y
Mk616c   Henry          GANNT?         8   m  Y
Mk616d   James          BODEN          60  m  Y  Carpenter

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.