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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

---Callow Park---[Callow]----------
Cw11a     Richard        HOLMES         50  m  Y  Farmer
Cw11b     Ellen          HOLMES         60  f  Y
Cw11c     Hannah         MORLEY         15  f  Y  F.S.
Cw11d     George         SLATER         15  m  Y  M.S.
Cw11e     Henry          BROWN          9   m  Y  Visitor
Cw11f     William        PEAT           7   m  Y
---Hob Knowl---[Callow]----------
Cw12a     John           ELLIOT         55  m  Y  Farmer
Cw12b     Lidia          ELLIOT         45  f  Y
Cw12c     William        ELLIOT         25  m  Y
Cw12d     Eliza          ELLIOT         20  f  Y
Cw12e     Thomas         ELLIOT         20  m  Y
Cw12f     Sarah          ELLIOT         15  f  Y
Cw12g     Robert         ELLIOT         10  m  Y
Cw12h     Betty          ELLIOT         10  f  Y
Cw12i     Hannah         ELLIOT         5   f  Y
Cw12j     Mary           ELLIOT         15  f  Y
---Hobknow Mill---[Callow]---(p4, Callow, HO 107/198/13)---
Cw13a     William        OAKLEY         50  m  Y  Miller
Cw13b     Rebecca        OAKLEY         35  f  Y  F.S.
Cw13c     Sarah          OAKLEY         5   f  Y
Cw13d     Thomas         OAKLEY         30  m  Y  Ag Lab
Cw14a     George         WOOD           35  m  Y  Farmer
Cw14b     Sarah          WOOD           30  f  Y
Cw14c     Anne           WOOD           10  f  Y
Cw14d     William        WOOD           10  m  Y
Cw14e     Mary           WOOD           5   f  Y
Cw14f     Charles        WOOD           5   m  Y
Cw14g     Sarah          WOOD           1   f  Y
---Sitch Farm---[Callow]----------
Cw15a     Mary           BLACKWELL      50  f  Y  Farmer
Cw15b     Anne           BLACKWELL      25  f  Y
Cw15c     Isabella       BLACKWELL      8   f  Y
Cw15d     William        MELBOURNE      25  m  Y
Cw15e     George         HARRISON       15  m  Y
Cw15f     Annah          BREWER         15  f  Y
Cw16a     Anthony        BUNTING        40  m  Y  Ass.gamekeeper
Cw16b     Hannah         BUNTING        40  f  Y
Cw16c     Thomas         BUNTING        13  m  Y
Cw16d     Frederic       BUNTING        10  m  Y
Cw16e     Henrietta      BUNTING        7   f  Y
Cw16f     John           BUNTING        5   m  Y
Cw16g     Mary           BUNTING        1   f  Y
Cw16h     Samuel         BUNTING        50  m  Y  Ag Lab
Cw16i     Henry          HENSTOCK       20  m  Y  Shoe m
Cw16j     Fanny          HENSTOCK       20  f  Y
Cw16k     Henry          HENSTOCK       1   m  Y
---Stainsbro---[Callow]---(p5, Callow, HO 107/198/13)-------
Cw17a     William        KEELING        50  m  Y  Farmer
Cw17b     Prudence       KEELING        50  f  Y
Cw17c     Thomas         KEELING        25  m  Y
Cw17d     Dorothy        KEELING        25  f  Y
Cw17e     James          HACKET         20  m  Y  M.S.
Cw17f     Peter          SUTTON         15  m  Y  M.S.
Cw17g     Anne           HIGTON         15  f  Y  F.S.

---Griffe grange---[Griffe Grange]---(p14, Griffe Grange, district 7, HO 107/197/16)---
Gg1a       Joseph         CRICHLOW       30  m  N  Ag lab
Gg1b       Elizabeth      CRICHLOW       30  f  N
Gg1c       John           CRICHLOW       6   m  N
Gg1d       William        CRICHLOW       4   m  N
Gg1e       Anne           CRICHLOW       18m f  N
Gg1f       Ann            JACKSON        70  f  N  Weaver
---Griffe grange---[Griffe Grange]----------
Gg2a       Elizabeth      SHELDON        40  f  Y  Toll collector
Gg2b       Joseph         SHELDON        15  m  Y  Lead miner
Gg2c       Samuel         SHELDON        14  m  Y  Lead miner
---Griffe grange---[Griffe Grange]----------
Gg3a       John           RAINS          50  m  Y  Farmer
Gg3b       Hannah         RAINS          45  f  Y
Gg3c       Elizabeth      RAINS          20  f  Y
Gg3d       Mary           RAINS          20  f  Y
Gg3e       John           RAINS          20  m  Y
Gg3f       Isaac          RAINS          15  m  Y
Gg3g       Anne           RAINS          15  f  Y
Gg3h       James          RAINS          13  m  Y
Gg3i       Hannah         RAINS          11  f  Y
Gg3j       Lidia          RAINS          9   f  Y
Gg3k       Henry          RAINS          7   m  Y
Gg3l       Jane           RAINS          5   f  Y
Gg3m       Stephen        RAINS          1   m  Y
Gg3n       Henry          FEARN          25  m  Y  M.s
Gg3o       Michael        BIRK           35  m  I  M.s

---Toll House---[Hopton]---(p6, Hopton, HO 107/198/15)---
Hp01a     Samuel         SHELDON        74  m  Y  Lead miner
Hp01b     Sarah          DOXEY          25  f  Y
Hp01c     Hannah         DOXEY          5   f  Y
Hp02a     Charles        MASSEY         40  m  Y  Farmer
Hp02b     Sarah          MASSEY         34  f  Y
Hp02c     Robert         MASSEY         12  m  Y
Hp02d     Elizabeth      MASSEY         11  f  Y
Hp02e     Mary           MASSEY         10  f  Y
Hp02f     Ann            MASSEY         8   f  Y
Hp02g     Sarah          MASSEY         7   f  Y
Hp02h     Charles        MASSEY         5   m  Y
Hp02i     Ellen          MASSEY         4   f  Y
Hp02j     Joseph         MASSEY         2   m  Y
Hp02k     Millicent      MASSEY         1   f  Y
Hp02l     Thomas         HEATHCOTE      30  m  Y  M.S.
Hp02m     Joseph         STAFFORD       21  m  Y  M.S.
Hp03a     William        TWIGG          30  m  Y  Joiner
Hp03b     Lucy           TWIGG          30  f  Y
Hp03c     George         LEVEGRAVE      15  m  Y  J Ap
Hp04a     Benjamin       TOMLINSON      75  m  Y  Farmer
Hp04b     Elizabeth      TOMLINSON      75  f  Y
Hp04c     Arthur         TOMLINSON      30  m  Y  Lead miner
Hp04d     Mary           TOMLINSON      30  f  Y
---Alms House---[Hopton]----------
Hp05a     Ruth           SMITH          85  f  Y
Hp05b     Hannah         SMITH          13  f  Y
---Alms House---[Hopton]---(p7, Hopton, HO 107/198/15)---
Hp06a     Anne           BANKS          75  f  Y
Hp06b     William        BANKS          50  m  Y  Schoolmaster
---Alms House---[Hopton]----------
Hp07a     James          HUGHES         75  m  Y
---Alms House---[Hopton]----------
Hp08a     Sarah          SMITH          65  f  Y
Hp08b     Samuel         STEVENSON      9   m  Y
Hp09a     Martha         WOOLISCROFT    50  f  N  Farmer
Hp09b     John           WOOLISCROFT    25  m  N
Hp09c     George         WOOLISCROFT    20  m  N
Hp09d     Richard        WOOLISCROFT    15  m  N
Hp09e     Joshua         KINDER         30  m  Y  Ag Lab
Hp09f     Francis        ROBINSON       15  m  N  M.S.
Hp09g     George         BASSIT         11  m  N  M.S.
Hp09h     Anne           STODDARD       20  f  N  F.S.
Hp09i     Sarah          REDFERN        15  f  Y  F.S.
Hp10a     Thomas         HALL           55  m  Y  Farmer
Hp10b     John           HALL           25  m  N
Hp10c     Mary           HALL           20  f  Y
Hp10d     Samuel         HALL           15  m  Y
Hp10e     Barbara        HALL           15  f  Y
Hp10f     Fanny          HALL           15  f  Y
Hp10g     Henry          HALL           13  m  Y
Hp10h     Charlotte      ALLSOP         20  f  Y  F.S.
Hp10i     Hannah         DOWNING        15  f  Y  F.S.
Hp10j     William        KELLY          20  m  N  M.S.
Hp10k     George         OLDFIELD       15  m  Y  M.S.
Hp10l     Benjamin       BROMLEY        15  m  Y  M.S.
---Hopton---[Hopton]---(p8, Hopton, HO 107/198/15)---
Hp11a     James          SPENCER        55  m  Y  Blacksmith
Hp11b     Elizabeth      SPENCER        55  f  Y
Hp11c     John           HOOSON         20  m  Y  Blacksmith Sh
Hp11d     John           FISHER         20  m  Y  Blacksmith Sh
Hp12a     Thomas         TAYLOR         30  m  Y  Gamekeeper
Hp12b     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         30  f  Y
Hp12c     John           TAYLOR         10  m  Y
Hp12d     Thomas         TAYLOR         8   m  Y
Hp12e     Isaac          TAYLOR         6   m  Y
Hp12f     Clara          TAYLOR         5   f  Y
Hp12g     Harriet        TAYLOR         4   f  Y
Hp12h     Mary           ?              11m f  Y
Hp12i     Elizabeth      STEVENSON      12  f  Y  F.S.
Hp13a     Isaac          TAYLOR         20  m  Y  Gamekeeper
Hp13b     Sarah          TAYLOR         20  f  Y
Hp13c     Benjamin       TAYLOR         1   m  Y
Hp14a     John           TAYLOR         55  m  N  Gardener
Hp14b     Hannah         TAYLOR         50  f  N
---Hopton Hall---[Hopton]----------
Hp15a     Philip         GELL           65  m  N  Independent
Hp15b     Abraham        COATS          45  m  N  M.S.
Hp15c     Matthew        WEBSTER        30  m  Y  M.S.
Hp15d     Richard        SMITH          18  m  N  M.S.
Hp15e     Samuel         BANKS          16  m  N  M.S.
Hp15f     Edward         BADNALL        10  m  N
Hp15g     Charles        BADNALL        8   m  N
Hp15h     Sarah          BADNALL        40  f  N  Visitor
Hp15i     Martha         ?              40  f  N  Visitor
Hp15j     Mary           COLVER         25  f  Y  F.S.
Hp15k     Elizabeth      BAMFORD        20  f  Y  F.S.
Hp15l     Jane           SALT           25  f  Y  F.S.
Hp15m     Eliza          HODES          20  f  Y  F.S.
Hp15n     Ellen          WIGLEY         20  f  Y  F.S.

---Ible---[Ible]---(p1, Ible, HO 107/198/16)-------
Ib01a     John           WATSON         45  m  Y  Miller+farmer
Ib01b     Maria          WATSON         30  f  Y
Ib01c     Ann            WATSON         12  f  Y
Ib01d     Elizabeth      WATSON         10  f  Y
Ib01e     Eliza          WATSON         7   f  Y
Ib02a     James          SLATER         55  m  Y  Ag Lab
Ib02b     Sarah          SLATER         55  f  Y
Ib02c     Millicent      SLATER         12  f  Y
Ib02d     William        SLATER         1   m  Y
Ib03a     Esther         BATTERLEY      65  f  Y  School teaching
Ib04a     John           ALLDRED        35  m  Y  Ag Lab
Ib04b     Fel?           ALLDRED        30  f  Y
Ib05a     John           BATEMAN        55  m  Y  Ag Lab
Ib05b     Elizabeth      BATEMAN        55  f  Y
Ib05c     William        BATEMAN        17  m  Y
Ib05d     John           RENSHAW        29  m  Y  Ag Lab
Ib06a     Jane           GREGORY        40  f  Y  Ind
Ib06b     Mary           GREGORY        9   f  Y
Ib07a     William        WELLER?        30  m  Y  Farmer
Ib07b     Alice          WELLER?        55  f  N
Ib07c     Mary           WELLER?        15  f  Y
Ib07d     Hannah         WELLER?        15  f  Y
Ib07e     James          WELLER?        11  m  Y
Ib08a     Sarah          SPENCER        55  f  Y  Washing
---Ible---[Ible]---(p2, Ible, HO 107/198/16)-------
Ib09a     Robert         STAFFORD       30  m  Y  Ag Lab
Ib09b     Hannah         STAFFORD       30  f  Y
Ib09c     Elizabeth      STAFFORD       8   f  Y
Ib09d     William        STAFFORD       10m m  Y
Ib09e     Kate           WHYSALL        59  f  Y  Ind
Ib10a     Joseph         MARCHINGTON    70  m  Y  Farmer
Ib10b     Hannah         MARCHINGTON    60  f  Y
Ib11a     James          HENSTOCK       55  m  Y  Blacksmith
Ib12a     Joseph         MARCHINGTON    30  m  Y  Farmer
Ib12b     Sarah          MARCHINGTON    20  f  Y
Ib12c     Elizabeth      MARCHINGTON    8   f  Y
Ib12d     Mary           MARCHINGTON    2m  f  Y
Ib13a     William        BUTLER         30  m  Y  Farmer
Ib13b     Hannah         BUTLER         30  f  Y
Ib13c     Mary           BUTLER         4   f  Y
Ib13d     James          BUTLER         1   m  Y
Ib13e     Hannah         BUTLER         5m  f  Y
Ib13f     Charles        WOVIN?         15  m  Y  M.S.
Ib14a     Thomas         TRAVIS         55  m  Y  Farmer
Ib14b     Hannah         TRAVIS         55  f  Y
Ib14c     Hugh           TRAVIS         20  m  Y
Ib14d     Thomas         TRAVIS         15  m  Y
Ib14e     William        TRAVIS         15  m  Y
Ib14f     Mary           TRAVIS         14  f  Y
Ib14g     Ralph          TOPLIS         15  m  Y  M.S.
---Ible---[Ible]---(p3, Ible, HO 107/198/16)---
Ib15a     Job            LONGDEN        45  m  Y  Farmer
Ib15b     Elizabeth      LONGDEN        43  f  Y
Ib15c     Ann            LONGDEN        15  f  Y
Ib15d     Mary           LONGDEN        15  f  Y
Ib15e     Martha         LONGDEN        14  f  Y
Ib15f     Job            LONGDEN        12  m  Y
Ib15g     William        LONGDEN        10  m  Y
Ib15h     Mabil          LONGDEN        9   f  Y
Ib15i     Millisent      LONGDEN        6   f  Y
Ib15j     Elizabeth      LONGDEN        3   f  Y
Ib15k     Samuel         LONGDEN        1   m  Y
Ib15l     George         WHITE          40  m  N  M.S.
Ib16a     George         FARNSWORTH     35  m  Y  Mason
Ib16b     Ann            FARNSWORTH     34  f  Y
Ib16c     William        FARNSWORTH     10  m  Y
Ib16d     Ann            FARNSWORTH     10  f  Y
Ib16e     George         FARNSWORTH     7   m  Y
Ib16f     John           FARNSWORTH     6   m  Y
Ib16g     Martha         FARNSWORTH     3   f  Y
Ib16h     James          FARNSWORTH     1   m  Y
Ib17a     Samuel         KINDER         75  m  Y  Farmer
Ib17b     Mary           KINDER         75  f  Y
Ib17c     Job            KINDER         20  m  Y
Ib17d     Mary           KINDER         20  f  Y
Ib17e     Samuel         TAYLOR         70  m  Y  Ag Lab
Ib17f     John           WILLIS         60  m  Y  Ag Lab
---Ible---[Ible]---(p4, Ible, HO 107/198/16)---
Ib18a     Isaac          SPENCER        60  m  Y  Miller
Ib18b     Elizabeth      SPENCER        65  f  Y
Ib18c     William        FEARN          65  m  Y  Farmer
Ib18d     Hannah         HOMES          30  f  Y
Ib18e     John           HOMES          6   m  Y
Ib18f     Ann            HOMES          2   f  Y
Ib18g     William        HOMES          2m  m  Y
Ib18h     Sarah          BUXTON         25  f  Y
Ib18i     Rebecca        BUXTON         1   f  Y
Ib19a     William        CORBIT         60  m  Y  Farmer
Ib19b     Mary           CORBIT         30  f  Y
Ib19c     Elen           CORBIT         13  f  Y
Ib19d     Charles        CORBIT         10  m  Y
Ib19e     Mary           CORBIT         4   f  Y
Ib19f     Sarah          CORBIT         3   f  Y
Ib19g     Ann            CORBIT         1m  f  Y
Ib20a     Ann            BATTERLEY      50  f  Y  Washing
Ib20b     Hannah         BATTERLEY      20  f  Y

---Hierbrun? mill---[Idridghay]---(p1, Idridghay, district 11, HO 107/182/18)---
Id01a     Edmund         GREATOREX      25  m  Y  Miller
Id01b     Benjamin       JOHNSON        55  m  Y  Ind
Id01c     Mary           TOPLIS         25  f  Y  F.s
Id01d     Joseph         DOWNING        20  m  Y  M.s
---White house---[Idridghay]----------
Id02a     John           GREATOREX      70  m  Y  Ind
Id02b     Mary           GREATOREX      70  f  Y
Id03a     George         SLATER         40  m  Y  Farmer
Id03b     Ann            SLATER         20  f  Y
Id03c     Eliza          SLATER         15  f  Y
Id04a     David          SLATER         60  m  Y  Ag lab
Id04b     Elizabeth      SLATER         40  f  Y
Id04c     Ellen          HEAPY          20  f  Y  Ind
Id04d     William        FORD           40  m  Y  Ag lab
Id04e     William        BROCKLEHURST   20  m  Y  Butcher
---White house---[Idridghay]----------
Id05a     Mary           GREATOREX      55  f  Y  Farmer
Id05b     John           GREATOREX      20  m  Y  Farmer
Id05c     Elizabeth      GREATOREX      15  f  Y  F.s
---Ecclesbourne ho---[Idridghay]----------
Id06a     Ann            STATHAM        40  f  Y  Ind
Id06b     Mary           ADDSETT        25  f  Y  Ind
Id06c     John           ADDSETT        75  m  Y  Ind
Id06d     Mary           ADDSETT        65  f  Y  Ind
Id06e     Anne           STEEPLES       25  f  Y  F.s
Id06f     Margaret       BONSALL        25  f  Y  F.s
Id06g     Edward         BUXTON         20  m  Y  M.s
Id07a     Sarah          YEOMANS        25  f  Y  Dress maker
---Idridgehay---[Idridghay]---(p2, Idridghay, district 11, HO 107/182/18)---
Id08a     Thomas         GAMBLE         45  m  Y  Farmer
Id08b     Mary           GAMBLE         40  f  Y
Id08c     William        GAMBLE         20  m  Y  Butcher
Id08d     Charles        GAMBLE         15  m  Y  M.s
Id08e     Sarah          GAMBLE         10  f  Y
Id08f     John           GAMBLE         10  m  Y
Id08g     Jane           GAMBLE         6   f  Y
Id08h     Mary           GAMBLE         4   f  Y
Id08i     George         GAMBLE         2   m  Y
Id09a     William        STEEPLES       50  m  Y  Farmer
Id09b     Henry          STEEPLES       20  m  Y  M.s
Id09c     Margaret       STEEPLES       7   f  Y
Id10a     John           STEEPLES       25  m  Y  Ag lab
Id10b     Harriet        STEEPLES       20  f  Y
Id10c     Stephen        STEEPLES       3   m  Y
Id10d     Elizabeth      STEEPLES       7m  f  Y
Id11a     George         STEEPLES       45  m  Y  Ag lab
Id11b     Lydia          STEEPLES       50  f  Y
Id11c     William        STEEPLES       10  m  Y
Id11d     German         STEEPLES       5   m  Y
Id12a     John           STEEPLES       65  m  Y  Farmer
Id12b     Ann            STEEPLES       60  f  Y
Id12c     William        STEEPLES       35  m  Y  Ag lab
Id12d     Stephen        STEEPLES       15  m  Y  Ag lab
Id12e     Stephen        STEEPLES       4   m  Y
---Cliffash---[Idridghay]---(p3, Idridghay, district 11, HO 107/182/18)---
Id13a     George         HARDY          35  m  Y  Farmer
Id13b     Hannah         HARDY          45  f  Y
Id13c     Elizabeth      LAW            15  f  Y  F.s
Id14a     John           BROWN          25  m  Y  Ag lab
Id14b     Mary           BROWN          20  f  Y
Id15a     George         CONWAY         75  m  Y  Ag lab
Id15b     Kaith?         GRIST          50  f  Y  F.s
Id16a     Thomas         WESTON         37  m  Y  Farmer
Id16b     Ann            WESTON         36  f  Y
Id16c     John           WESTON         15  m  Y
Id17a     Robert         CRESSWELL      55  m  Y  Land agent
Id17b     Mary           CRESSWELL      50  f  Y  Ind
Id17c     Hannah         CRESSWELL      50  f  Y  Ind
Id17d     Eliza          CRESSWELL      45  f  Y  Ind
Id17e     Ellen          CRESSWELL      35  f  Y  Ind
Id17f     Lucy           MEEK?          65  f  N  Ind
Id17g     Sturges?       MEEK?          25  m  N  Engineer
Id17h     Ann            YEOMANS        20  f  Y  F.s
Id17i     Sarah          KEELING        15  f  Y  F.s
Id17j     Samuel         KEELING        13  m  Y  M.s
Id17k     William        SIMS           20  m  Y  M.s
Id18a     Robert         DEAVILLE       55  m  Y  Farmer
Id18b     Thirza         DEAVILLE       40  f  Y
Id18c     Mary           DEAVILLE       14  f  Y
Id18d     Hannah         DEAVILLE       11  f  Y
---Swan inn---[Idridghay]---(p4, Idridghay, district 11, HO 107/182/18)---
Id19a     John           ANABLE         45  m  Y  Victualler
Id19b     Sarah          ANABLE         40  f  Y
Id19c     Elizabeth      ANABLE         12  f  Y
Id19d     Hannah         ANABLE         9   f  Y
Id19e     Ann            ANABLE         7   f  Y
Id19f     Joseph         ANABLE         4   m  Y
Id19g     John           ANABLE         2   m  Y
Id19h     Mary           ANABLE         4m  f  Y
Id19i     Elizabeth      JOHNSON        25  f  Y  F.s
Id20a     John           MOUNTNEY       45  m  Y  Ag lab
Id20b     Mary           MOUNTNEY       45  f  Y
Id20c     George         MOUNTNEY       20  m  Y  Ag lab
Id20d     Samuel         MOUNTNEY       15  m  Y  Ag lab
Id20e     Call?          MOUNTNEY       10  m  Y
Id20f     Ann            MOUNTNEY       7   f  Y
Id20g     Sarah          MOUNTNEY       5   f  Y
Id21a     William        WALKER         60  m  Y  Farmer
Id21b     Mary           WALKER         20  f  Y  F.s
Id21c     William        WALKER         20  m  Y  M.s
Id21d     Samuel         WALKER         15  m  Y  M.s
Id21e     Richard        BROWN          15  m  Y  M.s
Id21f     Mary           STEEPLE        13  f  Y  F.s
Id22a     James          JEBB           25  m  Y  Butcher
Id22b     Martha         JEBB           20  f  Y
Id22c     Henry          JEBB           7m  m  Y
------[Idridghay]---(p5, Idridghay, district 11, HO 107/182/18)---
Id23a     Henry          HAYNES         50  m  Y  Farmer
Id23b     Millicent      HAYNES         40  f  N
Id23c     Mary ann       HAYNES         20  f  N
Id23d     Eliza          HAYNES         20  f  N
Id23e     George         HAYNES         15  m  Y
Id24a     Thomas         OAKLEY         45  m  Y  Shoemaker
Id24b     William        OAKLEY         25  m  Y  Brickmaker
Id24c     Eliza          OAKLEY         20  f  Y
Id24d     Joseph         ALLSOP         10  m  Y  Shoemaker ap
Id24e     Emma           ALLSOP         8   f  N
Id24f     James          BRINDLEY       20  m  N  Shoemaker J
Id24g     Thomas         CHEESEBROUGH   20  m  N  Printer
Id25a     Samuel         MELBOURN       30  m  Y  Ag lab
Id25b     Maria          MELBOURN       30  f  Y
Id25c     George         MELBOURN       5m  m  Y
Id25d     John           GILL           35  m  Y  M.s
Id25e     Mary           GILL           30  f  Y
Id25f     Matilda        GILL           5   f  Y
Id25g     John           GILL           3   m  Y
Id25h     Thomas         GILL           6m  m  Y
Id26a     John           WAIN           35  m  Y  Ag lab
Id26b     Jane           WAIN           25  f  Y
Id26c     Samuel         WAIN           4   m  Y
Id26d     John           WAIN           3   m  Y
Id26e     Elizabeth      WAIN           10m f  Y
------[Idridghay]---(p6, Idridghay, district 11, HO 107/182/18)---
Id27a     Thomas         SMITH          50  m  Y  Farmer
Id27b     Hannah         SMITH          15  f  Y  F.s
Id27c     Sarah          KIDDEY         45  f  Y  F.s
Id27d     Esther         ANABLE         70  f  Y  Ind
Id28a     John           SWINDELL       25  m  Y  M.s
Id28b     Sarah          SWINDELL       30  f  Y
Id29a     Stephen        STEEPLES       45  m  Y  Farmer
Id29b     Mary           STEEPLES       50  f  Y
Id29c     Hannah         WOOD           20  f  Y
Id29d     Mary           ALLSOP         27  f  Y  F.s
Id30a     William        DEAVILLE       50  m  Y  Farmer
Id30b     Ann            DEAVILLE       50  f  Y
Id30c     Lucy           DEAVILLE       23  f  Y
Id30d     John           DEAVILLE       19  m  Y
Id30e     Eliza          DEAVILLE       15  f  Y
Id30f     Arthur         DEAVILLE       13  m  Y
Id30g     Hannah         DEAVILLE       10  f  Y
Id30h     Emer?          DEAVILLE       7   f  Y
Id30i     Henry          DEAVILLE       3   m  Y
Id31a     Phoebe         JACKSON        50  f  Y  Spinster
Id31b     Thomas         JACKSON        9   m  Y
Id31c     Elizabeth      RICHARDSON     80  f  Y  Ind
Id31d     Joshua?        DONCASTER      40  m  Y  Brickmaker
Id31e     George         DONCASTER      14  m  Y  Brickmaker
Id32a     Millicent      GALLIMORE      65  f  Y  F.s
Id32b     George         GALLIMORE      14  m  Y  M.s
Id33a     Charles        WRIGHT         30  m  Y  Blacksmith
Id33b     Elizabeth      WRIGHT         30  f  Y
Id33c     Hannah         WRIGHT         10  f  Y
Id33d     Mary           WRIGHT         7   f  Y
Id33e     Joshua         CANTRELL?      60  m  Y  Ag lab
Id34a     William        GAMBLE         70  m  Y  Ag lab
Id34b     Sarah          GAMBLE         80  f  N
Id34c     James          GAMBLE         17  m  Y  M.s
---Allton mill---[Idridghay]----------
Id35a     James          TAYLOR         60  m  Y  Miller
Id35b     William        TAYLOR         20  m  Y
Id35c     James          TAYLOR         15  m  Y
Id35d     Lydia          TAYLOR         20  f  Y
Id35e     George         TAYLOR         11  m  Y
Id36a     Mary           DEAN           70  f  Y  Farmer
Id36b     Ann            WARD           60  f  Y  F.s
Id36c     Sarah          FINLINSON      27  f  Y  F.s
Id36d     Joseph         RENSHAW        18  m  Y  M.s
Id36e     John           BYARD          20  m  Y  M.s
---Allton hall---[Idridghay]----------
Id37a     George         WHITE          40  m  Y  Farmer
Id37b     Mary           WHITE          33  f  Y
Id37c     Mary           WHITE          5   f  Y
Id37d     George         WHITE          4m  m  Y
Id37e     Patience       JACKSON        20  f  Y  F.s
Id37f     Betsy          VALLANCE       22  f  Y  F.s
Id37g     Matthew        JACKSON        21  m  Y  M.s
Id37h     Thomas         HICKINBOTTOM   18  m  Y  M.s
Id37i     Stephen        STEEPLES       12  m  Y  M.s
Id37j     James          JACKSON        12  m  Y  M.s
Id37k     John           JACKSON        8   m  Y  M.s
Id37l     William        WHITE          6   m  Y
Id37m     Thursa         SMITH          16  f  Y
Id38a     Thomas         SPENCER        45  m  Y  Farmer
Id38b     Sarah          SPENCER        38  f  Y
Id38c     Sarah          SPENCER        13  f  Y
Id38d     Joseph         SPENCER        12  m  Y
Id38e     Timothy?       SPENCER        10  m  Y
Id38f     Thomas         SPENCER        7   m  Y
Id38g     William        SPENCER        5   m  Y
Id38h     Mary Ann       SPENCER        1   f  Y
Id38i     Robert         ALLSOP         15  m  Y  M.s
Id38j     James          GREATOREX      10  m  Y  M.s
Id38k     Mary           HALL           15  f  Y  F.s
Id38l     Eliza          BYARD          15  f  Y  F.s

---Ironbrooke Grange---[Ironbrook]---(p1, Ironbrooke Grange, HO 107/187/5)---
Ir1a       William        FOX            55  m  Y  Farmer+miller
Ir1b       Ellen          FOX            55  f  Y
---Ironbrooke Grange---[Ironbrook]----------
Ir2a       George         BOAM           45  m  Y  Farmer
Ir2b       Elizabeth      BOAM           45  f  Y
Ir2c       John           BOAM           20  m  Y
Ir2d       Mary           WALTERS        15  f  Y  F.S.
---Ironbrooke Grange---[Ironbrook]----------
Ir3a       Elizabeth      RAINS          55  f  Y  Farmer
Ir3b       John           RAINS          13  m  Y  Ag lab
Ir3c       John           TRAVIS         25  m  Y  Ag lab
Ir3d       Ann            TRAVIS         20  f  Y
Ir3e       Elizabeth      TRAVIS         1   f  Y
Ir3f       Sarah          RICHARDSON     55  f  Y  F.S.
Ir3g       Job            SHILDON        55  m  Y  Ag lab
Ir3h       Thomas         FEARN          15  m  Y  Ag lab
---Ironbrooke Grange---[Ironbrook]----------
Ir4a       Elizabeth      RAINS          73  f  Y  Farmer
Ir4b       Samuel         RAINS          40  m  Y
Ir4c       Stephen        RAINS          25  m  Y
Ir4d       William        FLINT          22  m  Y  Ag lab
Ir4e       Thomas         MILLWARD       20  m  Y  Ag lab
Ir4f       Peter          WAYNE          15  m  Y  Ag lab
Ir4g       Rebecca        GREEN          23  f  Y  F.S.
Ir4h       Elizabeth      MAMFOLD        17  f  Y  F.S.
---Ironbrooke Grange---[Ironbrook]----------
Ir5a       Josiah         RAINS          45  m  Y  Farmer
Ir5b       Elizabeth      RAINS          50  f  Y
Ir5c       Mary           RAINS          10  f  Y
Ir5d       John           RAINS          8   m  Y
Ir5e       Josiah         RAINS          6   m  Y
Ir5f       Isaac          RAINS          5   m  Y
Ir5g       Ann            RAINS          3   f  Y
Ir5h       Samuel         RAINS          1   m  Y

------[Ireton Wood]---(p1, Ireton Wood, district 12, HO 107/198/2)---
Iw01a     George         KEY            50  m  Y  Farmer
Iw01b     Martha         KEY            50  f  Y
Iw01c     Hannah         KEY            12  f  Y
Iw01d     Martha         KEY            9   f  Y
Iw01e     Lucy           KEY            7   f  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw02a     George         SLATER         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw02b     Sarah          SLATER         30  f  Y
Iw02c     William        SLATER         9   m  Y
Iw02d     Matthew        SLATER         7   m  Y
Iw02e     George         SLATER         5   m  Y
Iw02f     Ann            SLATER         3   f  Y
Iw02g     Herbert        SLATER         7m  m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw03a     Samuel         SLATER         55  m  Y  Farmer
Iw03b     Elizabeth      SLATER         45  f  Y
Iw03c     Mary           SLATER         15  f  Y  F.s
Iw03d     Hannah         SLATER         13  f  Y
Iw03e     Elizabeth      SLATER         9   f  Y
Iw03f     Samuel         SLATER         3m  m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw04a     Jonah          RODGERS        80  m  Y  Farmer
Iw04b     John           RODGERS        15  m  Y
Iw04c     Mary           HIND           60  f  Y  F.s
Iw04d     Richard        RIDE           14  m  Y  M.s
Iw04e     Elizabeth      SLATER         15  f  Y  F.s
Iw04f     John           MILLINGTON     25  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw04g     Rebecca        MILLINGTON     25  f  Y
Iw04h     William        MILLINGTON     1   m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]---(p2, Ireton Wood, district 12, HO 107/198/2)---
Iw05a     John           HOLLAND        35  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw05b     Elizabeth      HOLLAND        25  f  Y
Iw05c     Sarah          HOLLAND        11  f  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw06a     Elizabeth      WHEELDON       55  f  N  Butter dealer
Iw06b     John           WHEELDON       10  m  Y
Iw06c     William        WHEELDON       6m  m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw07a     John           PICKERING      60  m  Y  Porter
Iw07b     Hannah         PICKERING      65  f  Y
Iw07c     William        PICKERING      30  m  Y  Ag lab
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw08a     John           WARRINGTON     30  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw08b     Catharine      WARRINGTON     24  f  I
Iw08c     Emma           WARRINGTON     1   f  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw09a     William        SMEDLEY        65  m  Y  Farmer
Iw09b     John           SMEDLEY        25  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw09c     Mary           SMEDLEY        30  f  Y
Iw09d     Joel           SMEDLEY        20  m  Y
Iw09e     Arthur         SMEDLEY        6   m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw10a     Martha         SMITH          80  f  Y  Farmer
Iw10b     Mary           SMITH          45  f  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw11a     Joseph         WALKER         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw11b     Ann            WALKER         35  f  Y
Iw11c     William        WALKER         1   m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw12a     Elizabeth      ALSOP          70  f  Y  Farmer
Iw12b     Elizabeth      ALSOP          40  f  Y
Iw12c     Elizabeth      COOPER         70  f  Y  Ind
Iw12d     Maria          FIDLER         20  f  Y  F.s
------[Ireton Wood]---(p3, Ireton Wood, district 12, HO 107/198/2)---
Iw13a     Jane           MILLINGTON     40  f  Y  Farmer
Iw13b     James          HARRISON       60  m  Y  M.s
Iw13c     Jonothan       ALSOP          15  m  Y  M.s
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw14a     Isaac          SMEDLEY        40  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw14b     Martha         SMEDLEY        40  f  Y
Iw14c     Mary           SMEDLEY        10  f  Y
Iw14d     Elizabeth      SMEDLEY        8   f  Y
Iw14e     Ann            SMEDLEY        6   f  Y
Iw14f     Francis        SMEDLEY        4   m  Y
Iw14g     Samuel         SMEDLEY        1   m  Y
Iw14h     John           YEOMANS        70  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw14i     Samuel         SMEDLEY        40  m  Y  Ag lab
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw15a     Samuel         HUTCHINSON     35  m  Y  Farmer
Iw15b     Mary           HUTCHINSON     25  f  Y
Iw15c     William        HUTCHINSON     7   m  Y
Iw15d     Mary           HUTCHINSON     5   f  Y
Iw15e     Samuel         HUTCHINSON     3   m  Y
Iw15f     John           HUTCHINSON     6m  m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw16a     Samuel         PICKERING      65  m  Y  Farmer
Iw16b     Margaret       PICKERING      65  f  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw17a     George         WINSON         35  m  Y  Farmer
Iw17b     Elizabeth      WINSON         25  f  Y
Iw17c     Mary           WINSON         8   f  Y
Iw17d     Maria          WINSON         5   f  Y
Iw17e     Ellen          WOOD           20  f  Y  F.s
------[Ireton Wood]---(p4, Ireton Wood, district 12, HO 107/198/2)---
Iw18a     John           HEAPY          65  m  Y  Farmer
Iw18b     Hannah         HEAPY          55  f  Y
Iw18c     John           HEAPY          30  m  Y
Iw18d     Mary           HEAPY          25  f  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw19a     Sarah          RIDE           35  f  Y  Farmer
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw20a     William        BEESON         30  m  Y  Farmer
Iw20b     Elizabeth      BEESON         25  f  Y
Iw20c     Mary           BEESON         4   f  Y
Iw20d     Eliza          BEESON         2   f  Y
Iw20e     Ann            BEESON         1m  f  Y
Iw20f     Samuel         HEAPY          10  m  Y  M.s
Iw20g     Elizabeth      FORD           12  f  Y  F.s
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw21a     James          MACDOUGAL      25  m  N  Clerk
Iw21b     James          BUTLER         25  m  Y  M.s
Iw21c     Sarah          HOLMES         50  f  Y  F.s
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw22a     Robert         WALKER         75  m  Y  Farmer
Iw22b     Ellen          WALKER         65  f  Y
Iw22c     Ann            WALKER         40  f  Y  Dress maker
Iw22d     Robert         WALKER         35  m  Y  M.s
Iw22e     Charles        PATEMAN        9   m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw23a     William        TAYLOR         50  m  Y  Farmer
Iw23b     Mary           TAYLOR         45  f  Y
Iw23c     Mary           TAYLOR         25  f  Y
Iw23d     Charles        TAYLOR         20  m  Y
Iw23e     William        TAYLOR         20  m  Y
Iw23f     Robert         TAYLOR         15  m  Y
Iw23g     Harriet        TAYLOR         11  f  Y
Iw23h     Lewis          TAYLOR         8   m  Y
---Hays---[Ireton Wood]---(p5, Ireton Wood, district 12, HO 107/198/2)---
Iw24a     Richard        PEACH          40  m  Y  Farmer
Iw24b     Ellen          PEACH          30  f  Y
Iw24c     Samuel         BUTCHER        15  m  Y  M.s
Iw24d     Mary           HOLMES         14  f  Y  F.s
Iw24e     Richard        FINNEY         20  m  Y  Farmer
Iw24f     Joseph         RODGERS        20  m  Y  Farmer
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw25a     William        BAINBRIGGE     25  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw25b     Mary           BAINBRIGGE     25  f  Y
Iw25c     Samuel         BAINBRIGGE     1   m  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw26a     Samuel         MANSFIELD      25  m  Y  Farmer
Iw26b     Elizabeth      MANSFIELD      20  f  Y
Iw26c     Hannah         MANSFIELD      2   f  Y
Iw26d     John           MANSFIELD      5m  m  Y
Iw26e     Ann            DEAN           25  f  Y  F.s
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw27a     William        BROWN          40  m  Y  Farmer
Iw27b     Ann            FEARN          35  f  Y  F.s
---Mill Field---[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw28a     James          BRADLEY        40  m  Y  Farmer
Iw28b     Elizabeth      BRADLEY        40  f  Y
Iw28c     Ellen          BRADLEY        11  f  Y
Iw28d     Sarah          BRADLEY        10  f  Y
Iw28e     Elizabeth      BRADLEY        8   f  Y
Iw28f     Mary           BRADLEY        6   f  Y
Iw28g     Francis        HARRISON       20  m  N  M.s
Iw28h     Edward         HEATHCOTE      15  m  Y  M.s
Iw28i     Samuel         BROWN          14  m  Y  M.s
Iw28j     Dorothy        BATEMAN        20  f  Y  F.s
Iw28k     Ann            SPENCER        13  f  Y  F.s
---Blackwall---[Ireton Wood]---(p6, Ireton Wood, district 12, HO 107/198/2)---
Iw29a     William        MIDGE          35  m  N  Clerk
Iw29b     Harriet        JEWEL          25  f  N  Ind
Iw29c     Sarah          WILCOCKSON     35  f  Y  Ind
Iw29d     Henry          FORD           50  m  Y  Ag lab
Iw29e     Mary           FORD           25  f  Y  F.s
Iw29f     Lydia          LAWRIE         25  f  Y  F.s
Iw29g     Mary           GOODWIN        20  f  Y  F.s
Iw29h     Julia          HANDLEY        20  f  Y  F.s
Iw29i     Ann            ROBINSON       15  f  Y  F.s
Iw29j     Thomas         COWLEY         20  m  Y  M.s
Iw29k     Emma           EVANS          1   f  Y
Iw29l     Catharine      EVANS          7m  f  Y
------[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw30a     Samuel         HIRSTHOUSE     75  m  Y  Ag lab
---Blackwall---[Ireton Wood]----------
Iw31a     John           DEAN           55  m  Y  Farmer
Iw31b     Elizabeth      DEAN           50  f  Y
Iw31c     John           DEAN           20  m  Y
Iw31d     Henry          DEAN           20  m  Y
Iw31e     William        DEAN           15  m  Y
Iw31f     Maria          DEAN           12  f  Y

---Kirk Ireton---[Kirk Ireton]---(p1, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk001a   William        MILES          50  m  Y  Publican
Kk001b   Mary           MILES          46  f  Y
Kk001c   Sarah          REDFERN        15  f  Y
Kk001d   Elizabeth      BROOMHEAD      14  f  Y  F.s
Kk001e   Thomas         SMEDLEY        12  m  Y  M.s
Kk001f   Ann            TAYLOR         12  f  Y
Kk001g   Sarah          TAYLOR         10  f  Y
---Topshill Lane---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk002a   Isaac          COLLIDGE       40  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk002b   Grace          COLLIDGE       40  f  Y
Kk002c   Thomas         BOWN           25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk002d   Hannah         BOWN           25  f  Y
Kk002e   George         BOWN           2   m  Y
---Topshill farm---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk003a   Joseph         BOWN           55  m  Y  Farmer
Kk003b   Ann            BOWN           50  f  Y
Kk003c   John           BOWN           25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk003d   Sarah          BOWN           14  f  Y
Kk003e   Ann            BOWN           12  f  Y
Kk003f   William        BOWN           8   m  Y
Kk003g   John           BOWN           6   m  Y
Kk003h   Richard        COOPER         50  m  Y  Ag lab
---Topshill---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk004a   Lydia          HARRISON       75  f  Y  Widow
Kk004b   Emma           HARRISON       14  f  Y
Kk004c   Lucy           HARRISON       8   f  Y
Kk004d   George         ALLSOP         14  m  Y
Kk004e   Ellen          ALLSOP         3   f  Y
---Topshill---[Kirk Ireton]---(p2, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk005a   Samuel         HARRISON       40  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk005b   Margaret       HARRISON       45  f  Y
Kk005c   John           HARRISON       20  m  Y
Kk005d   Samuel         HARRISON       15  m  Y
Kk005e   Elizabeth      HARRISON       15  f  Y
Kk005f   William        HARRISON       15  m  Y
Kk005g   James          HARRISON       8   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk006a   Richard        BURTON         60  m  Y  Farmer
Kk006b   Sarah          BURTON         60  f  N
---Moor Side---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk007a   John           WARD           30  m  Y  Ag lab
---Moor Side---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk008a   James          BATES          75  m  Y  Farmer
Kk008b   James          BATES          30  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk008c   Hannah         BATES          30  f  Y
Kk008d   Ann            BATES          6   f  Y
Kk008e   Mary           BATES          4   f  Y
Kk008f   James          BATES          2   m  Y
Kk008g   John           BATES          2m  m  Y
---Windmill---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk009a   William        GREATOREX      50  m  Y  Miller
Kk009b   John           LEE            15  m  Y  Miller ap
Kk009c   Ann            HARRISON       30  f  Y  F.serv
---Ireton moor---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk010a   Joseph         MATKIN         45  m  Y  Farmer
Kk010b   Sarah          MATKIN         45  f  Y
Kk010c   Mary           MATKIN         20  f  Y
Kk010d   John           MATKIN         20  m  Y
Kk010e   Sarah          MATKIN         15  f  Y
Kk010f   Hannah         MATKIN         15  f  Y
Kk010g   Ann            MATKIN         14  f  Y
Kk010h   Joseph         MATKIN         12  m  Y
Kk010i   James          MATKIN         9   m  Y
Kk010j   George         SANDS          14  m  N
Kk010k   Ralph          WARD           20  m  Y  M.s
Kk010l   Daniel         BROWN          15  m  Y  M.s
---Upper field---[Kirk Ireton]---(p3, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk011a   Thomas         JOHNSON        78  m  Y  Farmer
Kk011b   Thomas         JOHNSON        30  m  Y  Farmer
Kk011c   Ellen          JOHNSON        25  f  Y
Kk011d   Robert         JOHNSON        7   m  Y
Kk011e   Ralph          JOHNSON        4   m  Y
Kk011f   Mary           JOHNSON        1m  f  Y
Kk011g   James          WARD           20  m  Y  M.s
Kk011h   William        ALLSOP         10  m  Y  M.s
Kk011i   Joseph         REDFERN        20  m  Y  M.s
Kk011j   Sarah          ALLSOP         20  f  Y  F.s
Kk011k   Hannah         LAITHAM?       13  f  Y  F.s
Kk011l   Ann            REDFERN        15  f  Y
---Upper hays---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk012a   William        HEATHCOTE      50  m  Y  Farmer
Kk012b   Sarah          HEATHCOTE      35  f  Y
Kk012c   Thomas         HEATHCOTE      14  m  Y
Kk012d   Mary           HEATHCOTE      12  f  Y
Kk012e   Ann            HEATHCOTE      10  f  Y
Kk012f   Sarah          HEATHCOTE      7   f  Y
Kk012g   John           HEATHCOTE      1   m  Y
Kk012h   Samuel         KINDER         30  m  Y  M.s
Kk012i   Sarah          BOWN           15  f  Y  F.s
---Nether hays---[Kirk Ireton]---(p4, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk013a   Thomas         HEATHCOTE      75  m  Y  Farmer
Kk013b   Elizabeth      HEATHCOTE      40  f  Y
Kk013c   Robert         TAYLER         65  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk013d   Robert         TAYLER         30  m  Y  M.s
Kk013e   Hannah         TAYLER         30  f  Y  F.s
Kk013f   Anne           TAYLER         30  f  Y  F.s
Kk013g   Anthony        TAYLER         25  m  Y  M.s
Kk013h   Thomas         WIGLEY         14  m  Y  M.s
---Hill side---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk014a   Anthony        BAINBRIGGE     25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk014b   Dorothy        BAINBRIGGE     25  f  Y  Sempstress
Kk014c   Adelaide       BAINBRIGGE     4   f  Y
Kk014d   Hannah         BAINBRIGGE     1   f  Y
---Hill side---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk015a   George         HOLLOWAY       65  m  Y  Farmer
Kk015b   Ann            HOLLOWAY       60  f  N
Kk015c   Thomas         BIDDULPH       14  m  Y  M.s
---Field---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk016a   Richard        LEE            35  m  Y  Farmer
Kk016b   Ann            LEE            35  f  Y
Kk016c   William        LEE            7   m  Y
Kk016d   Sarah          LEE            10m f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk017a   Richard        STORER         70  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk017b   Ellen          SMITH          55  f  Y
Kk017c   James          SMITH          20  m  Y  M.s
Kk017d   Ann            STORER         13  f  Y
Kk017e   Sarah          HOLMES         60  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p5, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk018a   Mary           BROMLEY        70  f  N  Widow
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk019a   David          RODGERS        45  m  Y  ?
Kk019b   Ellen          RODGERS        45  f  Y
Kk019c   Samuel         RODGERS        10  m  Y
Kk019d   Emma           RODGERS        7   f  Y
Kk019e   Ellen          RODGERS        5   f  Y
Kk019f   Joseph         RODGERS        1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk020a   John           BROWN          25  m  Y  Tailor
Kk020b   Mary           BROWN          25  f
Kk020c   Harriet        BROWN          2m  f
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk021a   Thomas         AUSTIN         60  m  Y  Lab
Kk021b   Phebe          AUSTIN         60  f  Y
Kk021c   George         WALLSTONE      35  m  Y  Printer
Kk021d   Jane           WALLSTONE      35  f  Y
Kk021e   Selina         WALLSTONE      3   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk022a   William        ALLDRED?       65  m  Y  Farmer
Kk022b   Mary           ALLDRED?       60  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk023a   Joshua         WOOTTON        35  m  Y  Shoemaker
Kk023b   Elizabeth      WOOTTON        40  f  Y
Kk023c   Sarah          WOOTTON        15  f  Y
Kk023d   Joshua         WOOTTON        10  m  Y
Kk023e   Fanny          WOOTTON        9   f  Y
Kk023f   Elizabeth      WOOTTON        4   f  Y
Kk023g   Ann            WOOTTON        2   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p6, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk024a   Henry          FORD           45  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk024b   John           FORD           25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk024c   Henry          FORD           15  m  Y  M.s
Kk024d   Hannah         FORD           10  f  Y
Kk024e   Sarah          FORD           8   f  Y
Kk024f   Samuel         FORD           5   m  Y
Kk024g   John           GREATOREX      25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk024h   Martha         GREATOREX      20  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk025a   William        ANNABLE        50  m  Y  FWK
Kk025b   Mary           ANNABLE        45  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk025c   Frances        DAVENPORT      3   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk026a   William        POTTER         65  m  Y  Farmer
Kk026b   Mary           POTTER         60  f  Y
Kk026c   William        POTTER         12  m  Y
Kk026d   Mary           STEAR          35  f  Y  F.s
Kk026e   Jane           STEAR          11m f  Y
Kk026f   Elizabeth      SWINSON        15  f  Y  F.s
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk027a   Samuel         SLATER         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk027b   Hannah         SLATER         30  f  Y
Kk027c   Joseph         SLATER         4   m  Y
Kk027d   John           SLATER         2   m  Y
Kk027e   Mary           SLATER         9m  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk028a   Thomas         COWLISHAW      50  m  Y  Farmer
Kk028b   Mary           COWLISHAW      45  f  Y
Kk028c   Thomas         COWLISHAW      9   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p7, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk029a   John           FORD           75  m  Y  Ind
---Bull hill---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk030a   William        FORD           30  m  Y  Farmer
Kk030b   Elizabeth      FORD           25  f  Y
Kk030c   William        FORD           7   m  Y
Kk030d   John           FORD           5   m  Y
Kk030e   Elizabeth      FORD           3   f  Y
Kk030f   Frederick      FORD           1   m  Y
Kk030g   Matthew        WRIGHT         13  m  Y  M.s
Kk030h   Jane           LEE            15  f  Y  F.s
---Biggin Hill ln---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk031a   Joseph         WRIGHT         60  m  Y  Farmer
Kk031b   Sarah          WRIGHT         50  f  Y
Kk031c   Ann            WRIGHT         20  f  Y
Kk031d   Joseph         WRIGHT         20  m  Y
Kk031e   James          WRIGHT         15  m  Y
Kk031f   Charles        WRIGHT         11  m  Y
Kk031g   Emma           WRIGHT         5   f  Y
Kk031h   Agnes          WRIGHT         3   f  Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.