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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

Cm166a   David          DOXEY          30  m  Y  Cl
Cm166b   Ann            DOXEY          30  f  Y
Cm166c   Emma           DOXEY          6   f  Y
Cm166d   Elizabeth      DOXEY          3   f  Y
Cm167a   Samuel         HOLMES         30  m  Y  Gamekeeper
Cm167b   Esther         HOLMES         35  f  Y
Cm167c   Sarah          HOLMES         4   f  Y
Cm167d   James          HOLMES         3   m  Y
Cm168a   Joseph         JEPSON         56  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm168b   Mary           JEPSON         60  f  Y
Cm168c   James          JEPSON         24  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm168d   Timothy        JEPSON         22  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cm169a   William        HOWSLEY        25  m  Y  Lab
Cm169b   Mary           HOWSLEY        25  f  Y
Cm169c   George         HOWSLEY        2   m  Y
Cm169d   Mary           HOWSLEY        8   f  Y
Cm169e   William        HOWSLEY        2   m  Y
Cm169f   Harriott       DOXEY          18  f  Y  F.S.
------[Cromford]---(p17, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm170a   Edward         LYMN           25  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm171a   Mary           FOX            29  f  Y  Spinster
Cm172a   Daniel         GELL           55  m  Y  Publican
Cm172b   Phebe          GELL           55  f  Y
Cm172c   Sarah          GELL           20  f  Y
Cm172d   Thomas         GELL           15  m  Y
Cm172e   William        GELL           15  m  Y
Cm172f   Elizabeth      GELL           10  f  Y
Cm172g   James          GELL           10  m  Y
Cm173a   John           TWIGG          50  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm173b   Ann            TWIGG          58  f  Y
Cm173c   Hannah         TWIGG          25  f  Y
Cm173d   Millisent      TWIGG          20  f  Y
Cm173e   Grace          BESTWICK       50  f  Y
Cm174a   Martha         BRITLAND       67  f  N
Cm174b   Jane           BRITLAND       30  f  Y  Schoolmistress
Cm174c   Joseph         BRITLAND       30  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm174d   James          BRITLAND       25  m  Y
Cm174e   John           BRITLAND       21  m  Y
Cm175a   Thomas         POTTER         45  m  Y  Gardener
Cm175b   Hannah         POTTER         55  f  Y
Cm175c   John           POTTER         15  m  Y
Cm175d   Samuel         POTTER         15  m  Y
Cm175e   Fanny          POTTER         10  f  Y
Cm176a   George         CHEETHAM       42  m  Y  Lab
Cm176b   Hannah         CHEETHAM       38  f  Y
Cm176c   Ellen          CHEETHAM       22  f  Y
Cm176d   Thomas         CHEETHAM       19  m  Y
Cm176e   Sarah          CHEETHAM       13  f  Y
Cm176f   Hannah         CHEETHAM       11  f  Y
Cm176g   Mary           CHEETHAM       7   f  Y
Cm176h   Rebecca        CHEETHAM       5   f  Y
Cm176i   Eliza          CHEETHAM       2   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p18, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm177a   Mary           PEARSON        55  f  Y
Cm177b   William        PEARSON        25  m  Y  Lab
Cm177c   John           PEARSON        20  m  Y
Cm177d   Joseph         BRITLAND       30  m  Y  Lab
Cm177e   Ann            BRITLAND       20  f  Y
Cm178a   James          WHITE          44  m  I  Cotton spinner
Cm178b   Mary           WHITE          41  f  Y
Cm178c   Rebecca        WHITE          17  f  Y
Cm178d   Joseph         WHITE          14  m  Y
Cm178e   James          WHITE          5   m  Y
Cm178f   Mary           WHITE          3   f  Y
Cm178g   Thomas         WHITE          7m  m  Y
Cm179a   Thomas         FROGGATT       40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm179b   Elizabeth      FROGGATT       40  f  Y
Cm179c   John           FROGGATT       20  m  Y
Cm179d   Elizabeth      FROGGATT       11  f  Y
Cm179e   Samuel         HOLMES         20  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm179f   Lydia          HOLMES         20  f  Y
Cm179g   Sarah          HOLMES         4   f  Y
Cm179h   Harriott       HOLMES         2   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p19, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm180a   Samuel         MARCHANT       52  m  Y  Lab
Cm180b   Joseph         MARCHANT       19  m  Y  Lab
Cm180c   Sarah          MARCHANT       20  f  Y
Cm180d   Samuel         FOX            5   m  Y
Cm181a   Anthony        HOLMES         52  m  Y  Hatter
Cm181b   Hannah         HOLMES         50  f  Y
Cm181c   Samuel         HOLMES         20  m  Y  Mason
Cm181d   Peter          HOLMES         20  m  Y  Tailor
Cm181e   Ann            HOLMES         14  f  Y
Cm181f   Anthony        HOLMES         11  m  Y
Cm181g   James          HOLMES         8   m  Y
Cm182a   Thomas         REEDS          45  m  Y  Hatter J
Cm182b   Dorothy        REEDS          45  f  Y
Cm182c   John           REEDS          20  m  Y
Cm182d   Joseph         REEDS          15  m  Y
Cm183a   Thomas         YOUNG          41  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm183b   Elizabeth      YOUNG          50  f  Y
Cm183c   Lydia          YOUNG          15  f  Y
Cm183d   Hannah         YOUNG          15  f  Y
Cm184a   Samuel         LITTLEWOOD     59  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cm184b   Sarah          LITTLEWOOD     38  f  Y
Cm184c   Sarah          LITTLEWOOD     20  f  Y
Cm184d   Frances        LITTLEWOOD     16  f  Y
Cm184e   Esther         LITTLEWOOD     10  f  Y
Cm184f   Martha         LITTLEWOOD     6   f  Y
Cm184g   William        LITTLEWOOD     2   m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p20, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm185a   George         SWIFT          47  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm185b   Elizabeth      SWIFT          50  f  Y
Cm185c   Gabrial        SWIFT          20  m  Y
Cm185d   George         SWIFT          15  m  Y
Cm185e   Christopher    SWIFT          10  m  Y
Cm185f   Thomas         TURNER         24  m  Y  Tailor
Cm185g   Mary           TURNER         22  f  Y
Cm185h   George         TURNER         2m  m  Y
Cm186a   Joseph         TAFT           50  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cm186b   Sarah          TAFT           50  f  Y
Cm186c   Benjamin       TAFT           10  m  Y
Cm186d   John           TAFT           10m m  Y
Cm186e   Francis        TAFT           15  m  Y
Cm186f   Rachel         TAFT           20  f  Y
Cm186g   Mary           TAFT           15  f  Y
Cm186h   Martha         TAFT           10  f  Y
Cm186i   Solomon        CORDING        5   m  Y
Cm187a   Hannah         SHELLEY        36  f  Y
Cm187b   Sarah          SHELLEY        10  f  Y
Cm187c   John           SHELLEY        9   m  Y
Cm187d   George         TOPLIS         16  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p21, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm188a   Daniel         FOGG           31  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm188b   Esther         FOGG           32  f  Y
Cm188c   George         FOGG           4   m  Y
Cm188d   William        FOGG           2   m  Y
Cm188e   Joseph         FOGG           18  m  Y
Cm189a   William        HERROD         57  m  Y  Weaver
Cm189b   Hannah         HERROD         51  f  Y
Cm189c   Samuel         HERROD         31  m  Y  Lab
Cm189d   Joseph         HERROD         19  m  Y
Cm189e   Hannah         HERROD         15  f  Y
Cm189f   Mary           HERROD         9   f  Y
Cm190a   Samuel         BURGINE        50  m  Y  Lab
Cm190b   Mary           BURGINE        50  f  Y
Cm190c   Lueza          BURGINE        20  f  Y
Cm191a   John           REEDS          50  m  Y  Framework K
Cm191b   Dorothy        REEDS          50  f  Y
Cm191c   Joseph         ORM            30  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm191d   Sarah          ORM            28  f  Y
Cm191e   William        ORM            5   m  Y
Cm191f   Joseph         ORM            4   m  Y
Cm191g   Elizabeth      ORM            1   f  Y
Cm192a   William        HOLMES         58  m  Y  Lab
Cm192b   Sarah          HOLMES         54  f  Y
Cm192c   Mary           HOLMES         26  f  Y
Cm192d   George         HOLMES         16  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p22, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm193a   Richard        AUSTIN         67  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cm193b   Hannah         AUSTIN         66  f  Y
Cm193c   Elizabeth      AUSTIN         30  f  Y
Cm193d   James          AUSTIN         11  m  Y
Cm193e   Edward         BROOKS         31  m  Y  Lab
Cm193f   Mary           BROOKS         34  f  Y
Cm193g   Susanna        BROOKS         11  f  Y
Cm193h   Richard        BROOKS         6   m  Y
Cm193i   Sampson        BROOKS         8   m  Y
Cm194a   Thomas         BURTON         70  m  Y  Baker
Cm194b   Mary           BURTON         28  f  Y
Cm194c   Milliscent     BURTON         20  f  Y
Cm195a   Martha         JONES          55  f  Y
Cm195b   Hannah         MUSGRAVE       25  f  Y
Cm195c   George         MUSGRAVE       30  m  Y  Lab
Cm195d   Martha         MUSGRAVE       2   f  Y
Cm195e   Christopher    MUSGRAVE       8m  m  Y
Cm196a   Elizabeth      BUNTING        76  f  Y
Cm196b   William        FOGG           31  m  Y  Lab
Cm196c   Dorothy        FOGG           25  f  Y
Cm196d   Hannah         FOGG           3   f  Y
Cm197a   Mary           MART           56  f  Y
Cm197b   Joseph         MART           18  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm197c   Martha         MART           17  f  Y
Cm197d   Hannah         MART           13  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p23, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm198a   William        ALLEN          45  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm198b   Elizabeth      ALLEN          45  f  Y
Cm198c   Grace          ALLEN          13  f  Y
Cm198d   William        ALLEN          12  m  Y
Cm198e   Elizabeth      ALLEN          9   f  Y
Cm198f   George         ALLEN          4   m  Y
Cm199a   Benjamin       TAYLOR         30  m  Y  Lab
Cm199b   Mary           TAYLOR         35  f  Y
Cm199c   Ann            TAYLOR         13  f  Y
Cm199d   Hannah         TAYLOR         7   f  Y
Cm199e   William        ORME           50  m  Y  Framework K
Cm199f   Isaac          ORME           20  m  Y
Cm200a   Joshua         HODGKINSON     50  m  Y  Joiner J
Cm200b   Isabella       HODGKINSON     50  f  Y
Cm200c   Lydia          HODGKINSON     22  f  Y
Cm200d   Joshua         HODGKINSON     21  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm200e   Elizabeth      HODGKINSON     19  f  Y
Cm200f   Job            HODGKINSON     17  m  Y
Cm200g   Ann            HODGKINSON     12  f  Y
Cm200h   Isabella       HODGKINSON     9   f  Y
Cm200i   Samuel         HODGKINSON     7   m  Y
Cm200j   Hannah         HODGKINSON     5   f  Y
Cm201a   Mary           ROUSE          65  f  N
Cm201b   Lydia          ROUSE          35  f  Y
Cm201c   Hannah         ROUSE          27  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p24, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm202a   Joseph         FOX            35  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm202b   Elizabeth      FOX            35  f  Y
Cm202c   Hannah         FOX            15  f  Y
Cm202d   Rebecca        FOX            13  f  Y
Cm202e   William        FOX            10  m  Y
Cm202f   Mary           FOX            7   f  Y
Cm202g   Henry          FOX            2   m  Y
Cm202h   William        HAMBLETON      30  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm202i   Mary           HAMBLETON      45  f  Y
Cm203a   John           HOLMES         48  m  Y  Hatter J
Cm203b   Elizabeth      HOLMES         46  f  Y
Cm203c   Mary           HOLMES         18  f  Y
Cm203d   Samuel         HOLMES         17  m  Y
Cm203e   John           HOLMES         8   m  Y
Cm204a   William        MASON          43  m  Y  Grocer
Cm204b   Sarah          MASON          30  f  Y
Cm204c   Ann            MASON          11  f  Y
Cm204d   Thomas         MASON          7   m  Y
Cm204e   William        MASON          3   m  Y
Cm204f   John           MASON          2m  m  Y
Cm205a   William        SIDDON         32  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm205b   Ann            SIDDON         40  f  Y
Cm205c   Jane           SIDDON         10  f  Y
Cm205d   William        SIDDON         2   m  Y
Cm205e   Joseph         FLETCHER       15  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p25, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm206a   Anthony        TURNER         72  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm206b   Mary           TURNER         77  f  Y
Cm206c   Thomas         HEATH          15  m  N
Cm207a   Thomas         HUDSON         35  m  N  Tailor
Cm207b   Dorothy        HUDSON         33  f  Y
Cm207c   Grace          HUDSON         9   f  Y
Cm207d   Elizabeth      HUDSON         6   f  Y
Cm207e   Joseph         HUDSON         4   m  Y
Cm207f   John           HUDSON         1   m  Y
Cm208a   William        FOX            71  m  Y
Cm208b   Hannah         FOX            84  f  Y  Ind
Cm209a   James          BROOKS         49  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm209b   Dorothy        BROOKS         51  f  Y
Cm209c   Mary           HUBBARD        64  f  Y
Cm209d   Elizabeth      YOUNG          40  f  Y
Cm210a   Thomas         WOOD           65  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm210b   Ann            WOOD           45  f  Y
Cm211a   William        EATON          40  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm211b   Lydia          EATON          38  f  Y
Cm211c   Grace          EATON          13  f  Y
Cm211d   Charles        EATON          11  m  Y
Cm211e   Lydia          EATON          7   f  Y
Cm211f   Mary           EATON          4   f  Y
Cm211g   Rebecca        EATON          1   f  Y
Cm212a   George         ALLEN          75  m  -  Cotton spinner
Cm212b   John           ALLEN          50  m  Y  Lab
Cm212c   Benjamin       ALLEN          30  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm212d   Hannah         ALLEN          25  f  Y
Cm212e   Charles        ALLEN          10  m  Y
Cm212f   Hannah         ALLEN          5   f  Y
Cm212g   Anthony        ALLEN          2   m  Y
Cm212h   George         PERKINS        40  m  Y  Lab
Cm212i   James          CURTY?         50  m  -  Weaver
Cm212j   John           MILLES         30  m  N  Fenman?
Cm212k   Ann            MILLES         25  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p26, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm213a   Jeremiah       COOPER         25  m  Y  Carpenter
Cm213b   Mary           COOPER         25  f  Y
Cm213c   Mary           COOPER         3   f  Y
Cm213d   Samuel         COOPER         1   m  Y
Cm213e   Ellen          KIDD           25  f  Y
Cm213f   Sarah          KIDD           4m  f  Y
Cm214a   Dorothy        BRITLAND       69  f  Y  ? widow
Cm214b   Sarah          BRITLAND       35  f  Y
Cm214c   Lydia          BRITLAND       25  f  Y
Cm214d   George         BRITLAND       25  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm215a   Mary           BATTAM         15  f  Y
Cm215b   Lydia          BATTAM         13  f  Y
Cm215c   Hannah         BATTAM         10  f  Y
Cm215d   Joseph         BATTAM         6   m  Y
Cm216a   John           WESTON         31  m  Y  Lab
Cm216b   Jane           WESTON         50  f  Y
Cm216c   Esther         WESTON         28  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p27, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm217a   Henry          BRADLEY        45  m  Y  Cotton carder
Cm217b   John           BRADLEY        20  m  Y
Cm217c   Simon          BRADLEY        15  m  Y
Cm217d   Sarah          BRADLEY        13  f  Y
Cm217e   Samuel         WHEATCROFT     20  m  Y  Farmer
Cm217f   Mary           BRADLEY        50  f  Y
Cm218a   George         EATON          31  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm218b   Sarah          EATON          25  f  Y
Cm218c   Hannah         EATON          5   f  Y
Cm218d   Thomas         EATON          6m  m  Y
Cm219a   Samuel         FROST          41  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm219b   Elizabeth      FROST          43  f  Y
Cm219c   Joseph         FROST          20  m  Y
Cm219d   Gabriel        FROST          18  m  Y
Cm219e   Hannah         FROST          13  f  Y
Cm219f   Mary           FROST          11  f  Y
Cm219g   Samuel         FROST          2   m  Y
Cm220a   Anthony        BRITLAND       47  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm220b   Dorothy        BRITLAND       50  f
Cm220c   Elizabeth      HAYNES         6   f
Cm220d   Ellen          MITCHEL        45  f  N  Trowster silk
------[Cromford]---(p28, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm221a   Stephen        FROGGETT       50  m  Y  Lab
Cm221b   Mary           FROGGETT       50  f  Y
Cm221c   William        FROGGETT       15  m  Y
Cm221d   Emma           FROGGETT       2   f  Y
Cm221e   Elizabeth      FROGGETT       10  f  Y
Cm222a   Henry          FROGGATT       42  m  Y  Hatter J
Cm222b   Sarah          FROGGATT       50  f  Y
Cm222c   Samuel         FROGGATT       18  m  Y
Cm222d   Henry          FROGGATT       15  m  Y
Cm222e   Mary           FROGGATT       11  f  Y
Cm223a   Ann            SWINSCOW       55  f  Y
Cm223b   Mary           SWINSCOW       25  f  Y
Cm223c   Ann            SWINSCOW       14  f  Y
Cm223d   Elizabeth      SWINSCOW       25  f  Y
Cm223e   Ann            SWINSCOW       2m  f  N
Cm223f   John           SWINSCOW       18  m  Y  Mechanic Ap
Cm223g   Sarah          HOLMES         60  f  Y
Cm223h   Mary           SMITH          10  f  Y
Cm224a   Richard        GOODALL        54  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm224b   Dorothy        GOODALL        24  f  Y
Cm224c   Betsy          GOODALL        17  f  Y
Cm225a   Samuel         KIDD           40  m  Y  Grocer
Cm225b   Ann            KIDD           40  f  Y
Cm225c   Elizabeth      KIDD           15  f  Y
Cm225d   David          KIDD           11  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p29, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)--
Cm226a   Joseph         BOTHAM         70  m  Y  Lab
Cm226b   Mary           BOTHAM         67  f  Y
Cm226c   William        BOTHAM         20  m  Y  Lab
Cm226d   Benjamin       REEDS          30  m  Y  Hatter
Cm226e   Hannah         REEDS          30  f  Y
Cm226f   Joseph         REEDS          10  m  Y
Cm227a   Grace          ELLIOTT        52  f  Y
Cm227b   Hannah         ELLIOTT        28  f  Y
Cm228a   William        FOX            40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm228b   Elizabeth      FOX            34  f  Y
Cm228c   Ann            FOX            9   f  Y
Cm228d   Julia          FOX            5   f  Y
Cm228e   Jane           FOX            3   f  Y
Cm228f   Eliza          FOX            4m  f  Y
Cm229a   Samuel         ELLOTT         44  m  Y  Lab
Cm229b   Ann            ELLOTT         35  f  Y
Cm229c   Jane           ELLOTT         14  f  Y
Cm229d   William        ELLOTT         12  m  Y
Cm229e   John           ELLOTT         9   m  Y
Cm229f   Hannah         ELLOTT         7   f  Y
Cm229g   Isaac          ELLOTT         1   m  Y
Cm230a   John           KIDDY          44  m  -  Lab
Cm230b   Ann            KIDDY          44  f  -
Cm230c   Isaac          GOODALL        34  m  -
Cm230d   Sarah          GOODALL        20  f  -
Cm231a   Benjamin       SWIFT          30  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm231b   Martha         SWIFT          25  f  Y
Cm231c   Andrew         SWIFT          9m  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p30, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)-------
Cm232a   Solomon        SHELDON        50  m  N  Cooper
Cm232b   Mary           SHELDON        55  f  N
Cm233a   John           ROLLEY         77  m  Y  Framework K
Cm233b   Henry          ROLLEY         45  m  Y  Hatter
Cm233c   John           ROLLEY         20  m  Y
Cm233d   Joseph         ROLLEY         11  m  Y
Cm233e   Mary           ROLLEY         45  f  Y
Cm233f   Elizabeth      ROLLEY         45  f  Y
Cm233g   Ann            ROLLEY         40  f  Y
Cm234a   Joseph         SHELDON        45  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm234b   Milliscent     SHELDON        45  f  Y
Cm234c   Joseph         SHELDON        25  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm234d   Mary           SHELDON        20  f  Y
Cm234e   Hannah         SHELDON        15  f  Y
Cm234f   Martha         CORDING        15  f  Y
Cm235a   John           TOMPSON        34  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm235b   Mary           TOMPSON        33  f  Y
Cm235c   Elizabeth      TOMPSON        12  f  Y
Cm235d   James          TOMPSON        10  m  Y
Cm235e   John           TOMPSON        7   m  Y
Cm235f   Sarah          TOMPSON        4   f  Y
Cm235g   George         TOMPSON        2   m  Y
Cm235h   Martha         BRADLEY        64  f  Y
Cm235i   Hannah         SHELDON        42  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p31, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm236a   John           BARKER         45  m  Y  Lab
Cm236b   Dorothy        BARKER         50  f  Y
Cm236c   Samuel         BARKER         15  m  Y
Cm236d   William        BARKER         13  m  Y
Cm236e   Mary           WESTON         30  f  Y
Cm237a   Joseph         ANDREW         45  m  Y  Lab
Cm237b   Margret        ANDREW         45  f  Y
Cm237c   Joseph         ANDREW         9   m  Y
Cm238a   John           DOXEY          40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm238b   Lydia          DOXEY          30  f  Y
Cm238c   Sarah          DOXEY          14  f  Y
Cm238d   Mary           DOXEY          6   f  Y
Cm238e   William        DOXEY          4   m  Y
Cm238f   Ruth           DOXEY          2   f  Y
Cm239a   Joseph         NIGHTINGALE    35  m  Y  Lab
Cm239b   Ellen          NIGHTINGALE    35  f  Y
Cm239c   Michal         NIGHTINGALE    13  m  Y
Cm239d   Henry          NIGHTINGALE    11  m  Y
Cm239e   Joseph         NIGHTINGALE    10  m  Y
Cm239f   Emma           NIGHTINGALE    6   f  Y
Cm239g   Ann            NIGHTINGALE    4   f  Y
Cm239h   Thomas         NIGHTINGALE    3   m  Y
Cm239i   Jane           NIGHTINGALE    14  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p32, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm240a   Sarah          ELLIOTT        60  f  Y
Cm240b   Joseph         ELLIOTT        28  m  Y  Lab
Cm240c   William        ELLIOTT        26  m  Y
Cm240d   Samuel         ELLIOTT        21  m  Y
Cm241a   John           HOLMES         50  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm241b   Mary           HOLMES         50  f  Y
Cm241c   Elizabeth      HOLMES         14  f  Y
Cm241d   Daniel         HOLMES         12  m  Y
Cm241e   Mary           HOLMES         7   f  Y
Cm242a   William        BODEN          34  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm242b   Hannah         BODEN          34  f  Y
Cm242c   Martha         BODEN          11  f  Y
Cm242d   Lydia          BODEN          1   f  Y
Cm243a   Martha         PEARSON        45  f  Y
Cm243b   Thomas         WORTHY         25  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm243c   Mary           WORTHY         25  f  Y
Cm244a   James          PEARSON        20  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm244b   Dorothy        PEARSON        23  f  Y
Cm245a   Charles        BROWN          25  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm245b   Sarah          BROWN          25  f  Y
Cm245c   George         BROWN          9m  m  Y
Cm245d   David          ELLIOTT        25  m  Y  Lab
Cm245e   Emma           ELLIOTT        25  f  Y
Cm245f   Rebecca        ELLIOTT        1   f  Y
Cm246a   William        DAWSON         43  m  Y  Mason
Cm246b   William        DAWSON         18  m  Y  Masons Ap
Cm246c   Catharine      DAWSON         50  f  Y
Cm246d   Esther         DAWSON         15  f  Y
Cm246e   Ruth           DAWSON         8   f  Y
Cm246f   Mary           DAWSON         4   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p33, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm247a   Edward         STORRER        27  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm247b   Maria          STORRER        25  f  Y
Cm247c   Joseph         STORRER        20  m  Y  Lab
Cm247d   George         STORRER        5   m  Y
Cm247e   William        STORRER        3   m  Y
Cm247f   Richard        STORRER        2   m  Y
Cm248a   Thomas         HODGKINSON     55  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm248b   Ruth           HODGKINSON     52  f  Y
Cm248c   Lydia          HODGKINSON     15  f  Y
Cm249a   John           HODGKINSON     72  m  Y  Farmer
Cm249b   Esther         HODGKINSON     72  f  Y
Cm249c   James          HODGKINSON     38  m  Y  Mechanic J
Cm249d   Ruth           HODGKINSON     32  f  Y
Cm250a   John           BARKER         45  m  Y  Hatter J
Cm250b   Hannah         BARKER         45  f  Y
Cm250c   Fanny          ALLEN          70  f  Y
Cm250d   Samuel         ALLEN          27  m  Y  Lab
Cm251a   Thomas         WHEELDON       35  m  Y  Hatter
Cm251b   Mary           WHEELDON       30  f  Y
Cm251c   William        WHEELDON       13  m  Y
Cm251d   Mary           WHEELDON       10  f  Y
Cm251e   Thomas         WHEELDON       6   m  Y
Cm251f   Alice          WHEELDON       3   f  Y
Cm251g   Joseph         WHEELDON       1m  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p34, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm252a   John           SHELLEY        42  m  Y  Lab
Cm252b   Ann            SHELLEY        43  f  Y
Cm252c   Sarah          SHELLEY        21  f  Y
Cm252d   William        SHELLEY        18  m  Y
Cm252e   Ann            SHELLEY        16  f  Y
Cm252f   John           SHELLEY        11  m  Y
Cm252g   Thomas         SHELLEY        7   m  Y
Cm252h   Susanna        SHELLEY        5   f  Y
Cm252i   Martha         SHELLEY        11m f  Y
Cm253a   Anthony        HEWITT         43  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm253b   Mary           HEWITT         33  f  Y
Cm253c   George         HEWITT         6   m  Y
Cm253d   Mary           HEWITT         2   f  Y
Cm253e   Anthony        HEWITT         1m  m  Y
Cm253f   Mary           ELLIOTT        20  f  Y
Cm253g   Elizabeth      ELLIOTT        18  f  Y
Cm254a   Edward         SWINSCOW       26  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm254b   Mary           SWINSCOW       25  f  Y
Cm254c   James          SWINSCOW       4   m  Y
Cm254d   Jonathan       SWINSCOW       11m m  Y
Cm255a   George         HODGKINSON     30  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm255b   Sarah          WORTHY         40  f  N  Ind
------[Cromford]---(p35, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm256a   Ruth           YATES          68  f  Y
Cm256b   Harriot        YATES          29  f  Y
Cm256c   William        YATES          22  m  Y
Cm256d   Elizabeth      YATES          19  f  Y
Cm257a   John           ALLEN          40  m  Y  Weaver
Cm257b   Grace          ALLEN          35  f  Y
Cm257c   Edward         ALLEN          8   m  Y
Cm257d   Jane           ALLEN          13  f  Y
Cm257e   Mary           ALLEN          5   f  Y
Cm257f   Edward         ALLEN          50  m  Y  Weaver
Cm257g   John           ALLEN          25  m  Y  Weaver
Cm258a   Anthony        REEDS          40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm258b   Ann            REEDS          35  f  Y
Cm258c   Mary           REEDS          10  f  Y
Cm258d   James          REEDS          8   m  Y
Cm258e   William        REEDS          4   m  Y
Cm259a   William        FROGGATT       50  m  Y  Lab
Cm259b   Samuel         FROGGATT       20  m  Y
Cm259c   Hannah         FROGGATT       17  f  Y
Cm259d   Francis        FROGGATT       15  m  Y
Cm259e   William        FROGGATT       10  m  Y
Cm259f   John           FROGGATT       7   m  Y
Cm259g   Mary           BUCKLEY        20  f  Y
Cm259h   John           BUCKLEY        1   m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p36, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm260a   George         SPENCER        30  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm260b   Hannah         SPENCER        30  f  Y
Cm260c   George         SPENCER        13  m  Y
Cm260d   Francis        SPENCER        12  m  Y
Cm260e   Samuel         SPENCER        8   m  Y
Cm260f   Simeon         SPENCER        6   m  Y
Cm260g   Mary           SPENCER        1   f  Y
Cm261a   John           BUCKLEY        35  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm261b   William        BUCKLEY        5   m  Y

---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p11, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn01a     Millicent      GREATORIX      34  f  Y
Cn01b     Joseph         GREATORIX      11  m  Y
Cn01c     Anne           GREATORIX      8   f  Y
Cn01d     Mary           GREATORIX      6   f  Y
Cn01e     Joshua         GREATORIX      4   m  Y
Cn01f     Hannah         GREATORIX      2   f  Y
Cn01g     Richard        SMITH          35  m  Y  Lead minor
Cn01h     Hannah         SMITH          20  f  Y
Cn01i     Henry          SMITH          3m  m  Y
Cn01j     Thomas         GREATORIX      20  m  Y  Visitor
Cn02a     John           WIGLEY         40  m  Y  Farmer
Cn02b     Jane           WIGLEY         40  f  Y
Cn02c     Mary           WIGLEY         13  f  Y
Cn02d     Joseph         HARRISON       15  m  Y  M.s
Cn03a     John           OLDFIELD       65  m  Y  Farmer
Cn03b     Anne           OLDFIELD       40  f  N
Cn03c     John           OLDFIELD       8   m  Y
Cn03d     Sarah          OLDFIELD       5   f  Y
Cn03e     William        SALT           15  m  N  M.s
Cn03f     Hannah         BRINDLEY       15  f  N  F.s
Cn04a     Thomas         GREATOREX      55  m  Y  Butcher
Cn04b     Mary           GREATOREX      55  f  Y
Cn04c     Elizabeth      GREATOREX      15  f  Y
Cn04d     Cristopher     OLDMOUR?       40  m  Y  Taylor
Cn04e     Annah          NORCLIFF       45  f  Y  F.s
Cn04f     John           LOVEGROVE      15  m  Y  Taylor ap
------[Carsington]---(p12, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn05a     John           HEATHCOTE      30  m  Y  Farmer
Cn05b     Millicent      HEATHCOTE      70  f  Y
Cn05c     Anne           BOWN           15  f  Y  F.s
Cn05d     Ellen          BOWN           15  f  Y  F.s
Cn05e     Harry          BROWN          15  m  Y  M.s
---Shining ford---[Carsington]----------
Cn06a     Robert         ELLIOTT        50  m  Y  Farmer
Cn06b     Anne           ELLIOTT        46  f  Y
Cn06c     Robert         ELLIOTT        6   m  Y
Cn06d     William        HEATHCOTE      14  m  Y  M.s
Cn06e     Maria          HITCHCOCK      28  f  Y  F.s
Cn07a     Robert         WILKINSON      33  m  Y  Shoe m
Cn07b     Anne           WILKINSON      32  f  Y
Cn07c     Robert         WILKINSON      9   m  Y
Cn07d     Anne           WILKINSON      7   f  Y
Cn07e     Sarah          WILKINSON      4   f  Y
Cn08a     Joseph         GREATOREX      75  m  Y  Farmer
Cn08b     Anne           GREATOREX      64  f  Y
Cn09a     William        BATTERLEY      50  m  Y  Lead minor
Cn09b     Francis        BATTERLEY      50  f  Y
Cn09c     Samuel         BATTERLEY      19  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn09d     Richard        BATTERLEY      16  m  Y
Cn09e     John           BATTERLEY      10  m  Y
Cn09f     Helen          BATTERLEY      5   f  Y
Cn10a     Richard        BATTERLEY      35  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn10b     Elizabeth      BATTERLEY      30  f  Y
Cn10c     Elizabeth      BATTERLEY      55  f  Y  ?
Cn10d     John           BATTERLEY      14  m  Y
Cn10e     Thomas         BATTERLEY      10  m  Y
Cn10f     William        BATTERLEY      7   m  Y
Cn10g     Hannah         BATTERLEY      4   f  Y
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p13, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn11a     Isaac          TAYLOR         79  m  Y  ?
Cn12a     John           SMITH          45  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn12b     Sarah          SMITH          70  f  Y
Cn12c     Richard        SMITH          20  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn12d     John           SMITH          12  m  Y
Cn12e     Elizabeth      SMITH          10  f  Y
Cn13a     William        GREATOREX      40  m  Y  Green grocer
Cn13b     Hannah         GREATOREX      45  f  Y
Cn13c     Ellen          GREATOREX      15  f  Y
Cn13d     Henry          GREATOREX      12  m  Y
Cn13e     William        GREATOREX      8   m  Y
Cn13f     Hannah         GREATOREX      4   f  Y
Cn13g     Andrew         GREATOREX      1   m  Y
Cn14a     Sarah          RIPPON         59  f  Y
Cn14b     Joshua         RIPPON         26  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn14c     Judith         HUGHES         64  f  Y
Cn15a     Thomas         OLDFIELD       60  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn15b     Elizabeth      OLDFIELD       50  f  Y
Cn15c     John           OLDFIELD       20  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn15d     Emma           OLDFIELD       10  f  Y
Cn15e     Thomas         OLDFIELD       5   m  Y
Cn15f     John           HUGHES         35  m  Y  Lead miner
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p14, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn16a     John           DONCASTER      35  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn16b     Elizabeth      DONCASTER      40  f  Y
Cn17a     Richard        SMITH          66  m  Y  Miner
Cn17b     George         SMITH          50  m  Y  Groom
Cn18a     Samuel         SMITH          40  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn18b     Dorothy        SMITH          45  f  Y
Cn18c     James          SMITH          15  m  Y
Cn18d     Samuel         SMITH          10  m  Y
Cn18e     Mary           SMITH          10  f  Y
Cn18f     George         SMITH          5   m  Y
Cn19a     Mathew         BACON          50  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn19b     Elizabeth      BACON          45  f  Y
Cn19c     Elizabeth      BACON          25  f  Y
Cn19d     Anne           BACON          20  f  Y
Cn19e     Fanny          BACON          14  f  Y
Cn19f     Mathew         BACON          11  m  Y
Cn19g     Isaac          BACON          6   m  Y
Cn19h     John           BACON          2   m  Y
Cn19i     Samuel         BACON          1   m  Y
Cn19j     Thomas         WILSON         25  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cn19k     Lucy           WILSON         18m f  Y
Cn20a     Ellen          WALTERS        70  f  Y  Widow
Cn20b     Dorothy        LOMAS          70  f  Y  Widow
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p15, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn21a     Sarah          BACON          70  f  Y  Shopkeeper
Cn22a     Anthony        REPTON         47  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn22b     Martha         REPTON         46  f  Y
Cn22c     Benjamin       REPTON         12  m  Y
Cn23a     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         60  f  Y  Shopkeeper
Cn23b     Benjamin       ALLSOP         35  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn24a     Edmund         BEARDSLEY      40  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn24b     Hannah         BEARDSLEY      35  f  Y
Cn24c     Rebecca        BEARDSLEY      11  f  Y
Cn24d     Samuel         BEARDSLEY      8   m  Y
Cn24e     William        BEARDSLEY      6   m  Y
Cn24f     Anne           BEARDSLEY      3   f  Y
Cn24g     John           BEARDSLEY      6m  m  Y
Cn25a     George         ALLSOP         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn25b     Hannah         ALLSOP         25  f  Y
Cn25c     Maria          ALLSOP         6   f  Y
Cn25d     John           ALLSOP         2   m  Y
Cn25e     George         ALLSOP         2m  m  Y
Cn26a     Elizabeth      BANKS          50  f  Y  Widow
Cn26b     John           BANKS          20  m  Y  Shoemaker
Cn27a     Joseph         ALLSOP         70  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn27b     Annah          ALLSOP         25  f  Y
Cn27c     Ellen          ALLSOP         20  f  Y
Cn27d     Sarah          ALLSOP         15  f  Y
Cn27e     Elizabeth      ALLSOP         3   f  Y
Cn27f     Mary           ALLSOP         1   f  Y
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p16, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn28a     Thomas         GREAGORY       50  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn28b     Millicent      GREAGORY       40  f  Y
Cn29a     George         SMITH          40  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn29b     Samuel         SMITH          15  m  Y
Cn30a     John           ALLSOP         29  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn30b     Fanny          ALLSOP         24  f  Y
Cn30c     John           ALLSOP         1   m  Y
Cn31a     Samuel         TAYLOR         35  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn31b     Mary           TAYLOR         30  f  Y
Cn31c     Alice          TAYLOR         6   f  Y
Cn31d     Rebecca        TAYLOR         5   f  Y
Cn31e     William        TAYLOR         3   m  Y
Cn31f     Hannah         TAYLOR         1   f  Y
Cn31g     Henry          TAYLOR         3m  m  Y
Cn32a     Samuel         STEPHENSON     35  m  Y  Ag lab
Cn32b     Elizabeth      STEPHENSON     32  f  Y
Cn32c     Mary           STEPHENSON     6   f  Y
Cn32d     Samuel         STEPHENSON     2   m  Y
Cn33a     James          TWIGG          35  m  Y  Joiner
Cn33b     Maria          TWIGG          30  f  Y
Cn33c     James          TWIGG          11  m  Y
Cn33d     Henry          TWIGG          9   m  Y
Cn33e     John           TWIGG          7   m  Y
Cn33f     Anne           TWIGG          5   f  Y
Cn33g     Mary           TWIGG          3   f  Y
Cn33h     Benjamin       TWIGG          8m  m  Y
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p17, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn34a     John           BANKS          49  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn34b     Sarah          BANKS          47  f  Y
Cn34c     Milicent       BANKS          11  f  Y
Cn34d     Josiah         BANKS          8   m  Y
Cn35a     William        FEARN          45  m  Y  Stone mason
Cn35b     Sarah          FEARN          60  f  Y
Cn35c     John           FEARN          15  m  Y
Cn35d     Anne           LANE           25  f  Y
Cn36a     Francis        SLATER         55  m  Y  Farmer
Cn36b     Hannah         SLATER         45  f  Y
Cn36c     Anne           SLATER         15  f  Y
Cn36d     Elizabeth      SLATER         14  f  Y
Cn36e     Francis        SLATER         12  m  Y
Cn36f     Jane           SLATER         10  f  Y
Cn36g     Robert         SLATER         5   m  Y
Cn36h     Dorothy        SLATER         2   f  Y
Cn37a     Joseph         WEBSTER        60  m  Y  Wood cutter
Cn37b     Sarah          WEBSTER        55  f  Y
Cn37c     John           WEBSTER        35  m  Y
Cn37d     Simeon         WEBSTER        8   m  Y
Cn38a     John           BOWLER         38  m  Y  Farmer
Cn38b     John           BOWLER         12  m  Y
Cn38c     Elizabeth      BOWLER         10  f  Y
Cn38d     Thomas         BOWLER         8   m  Y
Cn38e     William        BOWLER         6   m  Y
Cn38f     Joseph         BOWLER         2   m  Y
Cn38g     Mary           BOWLER         2   f  Y
Cn38h     Milicent       WRIGHT         60  f  Y  Mother in law
Cn38i     Anne           KEELING        20  f  Y  F.s
Cn38j     James          STEPLES        25  m  Y  M.s
Cn38k     Henry          ELLIS?         15  m  Y  M.s
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p18, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn39a     Mary           GREATOREX      75  f  Y  Widow
Cn39b     John           GREATOREX      55  m  Y  Lime burner
Cn39c     Anne           GREATOREX      50  f  Y
Cn39d     Mary           GREATOREX      10  f  Y
Cn39e     Emma           GREATOREX      8   f  Y
Cn40a     Elizabeth      STEPHENSON     66  f  Y  Farmer
Cn40b     Anne           OLDFIELD       23  f  Y  Widow
Cn40c     John           OLDFIELD       5   m  Y
Cn40d     Anne           OLDFIELD       1   f  Y
Cn40e     George         REPTON         25  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn40f     Elizabeth      REPTON         30  f  Y
Cn40g     Elizabeth      REPTON         1   f  Y
Cn40h     Mary           STEVENSON      15  f  Y  F.s
Cn40i     Edward         STEVENSON      10  m  Y
Cn41a     Samuel         BACON          75  m  Y  Lead miner
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p19, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn42a     William        BESTWICK       45  m  Y  Farmer
Cn42b     Sophia         BESTWICK       35  f  Y
Cn42c     George         BESTWICK       13  m  Y
Cn42d     John           BESTWICK       11  m  Y
Cn42e     Anne           BESTWICK       9   f  Y
Cn42f     William        BESTWICK       7   m  Y
Cn42g     Thomas         BESTWICK       4   m  Y
Cn42h     Jane           MILLS          2   f  Y
---Charity school---[Carsington]----------
Cn43a     Hannah         FORD           40  f  N  School mistress
Cn43b     Ellen          FORD           15  f  N
Cn44a     William        STEEPLES       65  m  Y  Farmer
Cn44b     Mary           STEEPLES       65  f  Y
Cn44c     Stephen        STEEPLES       20  m  Y  Farmer
Cn44d     Anne           STEEPLES       6   f  Y
Cn44e     Robert         MILWARD        22  m  Y  Shoe maker
Cn44f     Mary           MILWARD        40  f  Y
Cn44g     Fanny          MILWARD        1   f  Y
Cn45a     Anthony        GOULD          40  m  Y  Publican
Cn45b     Elizabeth      GOULD          30  f  Y
Cn45c     Anne           GOULD          15  f  Y
Cn45d     Anne           GOULD          13  f  Y
Cn45e     Eliza          GOULD          11  f  Y
Cn45f     Sarah          GOULD          5   f  Y
Cn45g     James          WRIGHT         20  m  N  Timber dealer
Cn45h     Thomas         BANKS          20  m  Y  M.s
Cn45i     James          SMITH          20  m  Y  M.s
---Carsington---[Carsington]---(p20, Carsington, HO 107/197/13)---
Cn46a     Jacob          STAFFORD       45  m  Y  Lead miner
Cn46b     Ellen          STAFFORD       43  f  Y
Cn46c     George         STAFFORD       12  m  Y
Cn46d     John           STAFFORD       9   m  Y
Cn46e     James          STAFFORD       6   m  Y
Cn46f     William        STAFFORD       3   m  Y
Cn47a     John           BENNET         35  m  Y  M.s
Cn47b     Sarah          BENNET         25  f  Y

---High Callow---[Callow]---(p1, Callow, HO 107/198/13)---
Cw01a     Samuel         BEARDSLEY      58  m  Y  Farmer
Cw01b     Mary Ann       BEARDSLEY      52  f  Y
Cw01c     Mary Ann       BEARDSLEY      26  f  Y
Cw01d     William        BEARDSLEY      16  m  Y
Cw01e     Maria          BEARDSLEY      14  f  Y
Cw01f     John           HEATHCOTE      35  m  Y
Cw01g     Samuel         HOLMES         18  m  Y  M.S.
Cw01h     Mary           HARRISON       15  f  Y  F.S.
Cw02a     German         DEAN           66  m  Y  Farmer
Cw02b     Martha         DEAN           66  f  Y
Cw02c     Samuel         DEAN           35  m  Y
Cw02d     George         MILLER         17  m  Y  M.S.
Cw02e     James          MELLOR         12  m  Y  M.S.
Cw02f     Harriett       BROWN          20  f  Y  F.S.
Cw03a     William        COOPER         44  m  Y  Farmer
Cw03b     Mary           COOPER         40  f  Y
Cw03c     William        COOPER         11  m  Y
Cw03d     John           COOPER         9   m  Y
Cw03e     Elizabeth      COOPER         7   f  Y
Cw03f     Daniel         COOPER         6   m  Y
Cw03g     Robert         COOPER         4   m  Y
Cw03h     Mary           COOPER         3   f  Y
Cw03i     James          COOPER         6w  m  Y
Cw04a     Mary           PICKERING      69  f  Y  Widow
Cw04b     Ralph          WILDGOOSE      27  m  Y  Ag Lab
Cw04c     Sarah          WILDGOOSE      27  f  Y
Cw04d     George         WILDGOOSE      3   m  Y
Cw04e     Abraham        WILDGOOSE      1   m  Y
---Callow---[Callow]---(p2, Callow, HO 107/198/13)---
Cw05a     William        KINDER         30  m  Y  Ag Lab
Cw05b     Millicent      KINDER         65  f  Y  Widow
Cw05c     Joseph         KINDER         8   m  Y
Cw05d     Elizabeth      WRAGG          15  f  Y  Lace runner
Cw06a     Elizabeth      HALL           56  f  Y  Farmer
Cw06b     Lydia          HALL           5   f  Y
Cw06c     Anne           HALL           3   f  Y
Cw07a     Joshua         KINDER         60  m  Y  Ag Lab
Cw07b     Patience       KINDER         60  f  Y
Cw07c     Martha         KINDER         30  f  Y
Cw07d     Thomas         KINDER         10  m  Y
Cw07e     Sarah          BUNTING        27  f  Y
Cw07f     Martha         BUNTING        5   f  Y
Cw07g     Elizabeth      BUNTING        4   f  Y
Cw07h     William        BUNTING        2   m  Y
Cw08a     Daniel         GREATOREX      50  m  Y  Farmer
Cw08b     Alice          GREATOREX      60  f  Y
Cw08c     William        GREATOREX      45  m  Y
Cw08d     Anne           GREATOREX      30  f  Y
Cw08e     Mary Anne      GREATOREX      25  f  Y
Cw08f     Henry          GREATOREX      20  m  Y
Cw08g     Benjamin       GREATOREX      20  m  Y
Cw08h     Hannah         GREATOREX      15  f  Y
Cw08i     Mary           GREATOREX      5   f  Y
Cw08j     Sarah          GREATOREX      4   f  Y
---Callow---[Callow]---(p3, Callow, HO 107/198/13)---
Cw09a     John           DEAN           45  m  Y  Stone cutter
---Carr Farm---[Callow]----------
Cw10a     James          TRUMAN         25  m  Y  Farmer
Cw10b     Mary           TRUMAN         25  f  Y
Cw10c     Lidia          SMEDLEY        40  f  Y  F.S.
Cw10d     Sarah          TOMLINSON      20  f  Y  F.S.
Cw10e     John           HALL           20  m  Y  M.S.
Cw10f     Job            HALL           15  m  Y  M.S.

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.