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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

------[Cromford]---(p5, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm021a   Ann            KIDD           85  f  N
Cm021b   Edwin          KIDD           25  m  Y  Marble mason
Cm021c   William        KIDD           15  m  Y  Lab
Cm021d   Mary           KIDD           10  f  Y
Cm022a   William        HODGKINSON     40  m  Y  M.S.
Cm022b   Dorothy        HODGKINSON     40  f  Y
Cm022c   Abram          SHAW           5   m  N
Cm023a   Samuel         SMITH          40  m  Y  Gardener
Cm023b   James          SMITH          8   m  Y
Cm023c   Philip         SMITH          4   m  Y
Cm023d   Mary           SMITH          35  f  Y
Cm023e   Elizabeth      SMITH          15  f  Y
Cm023f   Ann            SMITH          15  f  Y
Cm023g   Emma           SMITH          10  f  Y
Cm023h   Susanah        SMITH          1m  f  Y
Cm024a   Lydia          PEARSON        75  f  Y
Cm024b   William        PEARSON        30  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm024c   Lydia          PEARSON        25  f  Y
Cm024d   Joseph         ROLLEY         40  m  Y  Hatter
Cm024e   Mary           ROLLEY         35  f  Y
Cm024f   William        DICKENSON      10  m  Y
Cm024g   Mary           DICKENSON      5   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p6, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm025a   Thomas         RATCLIFFE      65  m  N  Lead miner
Cm025b   Mary           RATCLIFFE      65  f  Y
Cm025c   Mary           RATCLIFFE      30  f  Y
Cm026a   James          BROWNSON       50  m  Y  Wood turner
Cm026b   Charles        BROWNSON       12  m  Y
Cm026c   Abel           BROWNSON       10  m  Y
Cm026d   George         BROWNSON       8   m  Y
Cm026e   Sarah          BROWNSON       50  f  Y
Cm026f   Mary           BROWNSON       5   f  Y
Cm026g   Emilia         BROWNSON       14  f  Y
Cm027a   William        WILKINSON      70  m  Y  Joiner
Cm027b   Catherine      WILKINSON      70  f  Y
Cm027c   Hannah         WILKINSON      30  f  Y
Cm028a   Anthony        BODEN          60  m  Y  Farmer
Cm028b   Anthony        BODEN          14  m  Y  M.S.
Cm028c   Joseph         BOWLES         30  m  Y  M.S.
Cm028d   Hannah         BOWLES         30  f  Y
Cm028e   John           BOWLES         4m  m  Y
Cm029a   Edward         HARRISON       30  m  Y
Cm029b   Edward         HARRISON       3   m  Y
Cm029c   William        HARRISON       1   m  Y
Cm029d   Louisia        HARRISON       30  f  N
Cm029e   Mary           HOLMES         15  f  Y  F.S.
Cm030a   William        PARKER         70  m  Y  Plumber+glazier
Cm030b   John           PARKER         40  m  Y  Plumber+glazier
Cm030c   Henery         PARKER         15  m  Y
Cm030d   Thomas         PARKER         15  m  Y
Cm030e   Lydia          PARKER         45  f  Y
Cm030f   Elizabeth      PARKER         11  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p7, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm031a   James          ROLLEY         45  m  Y  Hatter Mnf
Cm031b   Ellen          ROLLEY         45  f  Y
Cm031c   Mary           ROLLEY         15  f  Y
Cm031d   Elizabeth      ROLLEY         15  f  Y
Cm031e   Matilda        ROLLEY         6   f  Y
Cm031f   Maria          ROLLEY         1   f  Y
Cm031g   George         WALTON         15  m  Y  Hatter Ap
Cm032a   Nathan         STAFFORD       60  m  Y  Tailor
Cm032b   Sarah          STAFFORD       65  f  Y
Cm033a   Samuel         WHITE          45  m  Y  Drapery
Cm033b   Hannah         WHITE          50  f  Y
Cm033c   Sarah          WHITE          45  f  Y
Cm034a   John           WALTON         75  m  Y  Butcher
Cm034b   Ann            WALTON         70  f  Y
Cm035a   James          GREEN          45  m  Y  Grocer
Cm035b   Mary           GREEN          45  f  Y
Cm035c   Mary           GREEN          14  f  Y
Cm035d   Hannah         GREEN          15  f  Y
Cm035e   Martha         GREEN          10  f  Y
Cm035f   Ann            GREEN          4   f  Y
Cm036a   William        BUNTING        40  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cm036b   William        BUNTING        10  m  Y
Cm036c   Mary           BUNTING        35  f  Y
Cm036d   Hannah         BUNTING        12  f  Y
Cm036e   James          FROST          85  m  Y  Lead miner
------[Cromford]---(p8, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm037a   Richard        CLAY           25  m  N  Drugist
Cm037b   Richard        CLAY           3   m  Y
Cm037c   Thomas         CLAY           6m  m  Y
Cm037d   Harriett       CLAY           25  f  N
Cm037e   Hemingway      CLAY           15  m  Y  Shop
Cm037f   Mary?          CORDING        15  f  Y  F.S.
Cm037g   James          HENSTOCK       50  m  N
Cm038a   Edward         BODEN          75  m  Y
Cm038b   Elizabeth      BODEN          55  f  Y
Cm038c   Mary           WHEATCROFT     12  f  Y  F.S.
Cm039a   Henry          BUXTON         65  m  Y  Grocer
Cm039b   Abraham        BUXTON         20  m  Y  Sh
Cm039c   Henry          BUXTON         15  m  Y
Cm039d   William        BUXTON         20  m  Y  Sh
Cm039e   Ann            BUXTON         55  f  Y
Cm039f   Elizabeth      BUXTON         15  f  N
Cm040a   James          FEARN          45  m  Y  Barber
Cm040b   John           FEARN          13  m  Y
Cm040c   Henry          FEARN          10  m  Y
Cm040d   Ralfe          FEARN          4   m  Y
Cm040e   Mary           FEARN          45  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p9, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm041a   George         HIGGETT        45  m  Y  Publican
Cm041b   Rebecca        HIGGETT        40  f  Y
Cm041c   William        WHEATCROFT     45  m  Y  Ind
Cm041d   William        WHEATCROFT     8   m  Y
Cm041e   Elizabeth      WHEATCROFT     45  f  Y
Cm041f   Sarah          YOUNG          25  f  Y  F.S.
Cm041g   Mary           HOLMES         25  f  Y  F.S.
Cm041h   Ann            HAMBLETON      20  f  Y  F.S.
Cm041i   Henry          WATSON         15  m  Y  M.S.
Cm041j   Charles        WATSON         20  m  Y  M.S.
Cm041k   John           HOLMES         30  m  Y  M.S.
Cm041l   John           FITZHUGHS      40  m  N  Traviler
Cm041m   Thomas         ADDIS          20  m  N  Traviler
Cm041n   Samuell        HANSORP?       40  m  N  Traviler
Cm042a   Josua          HOLMES         60  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm042b   Martha         HOLMES         75  f  Y
Cm042c   Thomas         HOLMES         55  m  Y  Lab
Cm042d   Elizabeth      HOLMES         30  f  Y
Cm043a   Jesse          BRITLAND       50  m  Y  Frame W K
Cm043b   William        BRITLAND       20  m  Y  Lab
Cm043c   Mary           BRITLAND       50  f  Y
Cm043d   Hannah         BRITLAND       25  f  Y  Ind
Cm043e   Ellen          BRITLAND       1m  f  Y
Cm043f   Lidia          BRITLAND       5   f  Y
Cm043g   Emma           BRITLAND       11  f  -  Ind
Cm043h   Charles        HORROBIN       45  m  N  M.S.
Cm043i   William        WILKASON?      2   m  Y
Cm043j   Mary           BAMFORD        50  f  Y  Ind
------[Cromford]---(p10, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm044a   Elizabeth      ROLLEY         45  f  N  Ind
Cm044b   Sarah          ROLLEY         20  f  N
Cm044c   Hannah         ROLLEY         15  f  Y
Cm044d   Millicent      ROLLEY         12  f  Y
Cm044e   William        ROLLEY         15  m  Y
Cm044f   Thomas         ROLLEY         15  m  Y
Cm044g   Samuell        ROLLEY         13  m  Y
Cm044h   James          ROLLEY         25  m  Y  Hatter
Cm044i   Hannah         ROLLEY         25  f  N
Cm044j   Ellen          ROLLEY         1   f  N
Cm044k   Elizabeth      ROOSE          50  f  Y
Cm045a   Martha         DEBANK         70  f  Y
Cm045b   Mark           DEBANK         35  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm045c   William        DEBANK         11  m  Y
Cm045d   John           DEBANK         9   m  Y
Cm045e   Edward         DEBANK         6   m  Y
Cm045f   Josaia         DEBANK         5   m  Y       [1851 Census:"Joshua"]
Cm045g   Joseph         DEBANK         3   m  Y
Cm045h   Alfred         DEBANK         8m  m  Y
Cm045i   Sarah          DEBANK         30  f  Y
Cm045j   John           WILD           15  m  N  Cotton spinner
Cm045k   Joseph         WILD           15  m  N  Cotton spinner
Cm045l   Ann            WILD           50  f  Y  Ind
Cm045m   Martha         WILD           12  f  N
Cm045n   Martha         DEBANK         35  f  Y
Cm045o   John           FIRN           19  m  N
------[Cromford]---(p11, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm046a   Ebenezer       BODEN          35  m  Y  Coal dealer
Cm046b   William        BODEN          11  m  Y
Cm046c   Joseph         BODEN          6   m  Y
Cm046d   Edward         BODEN          4   m  Y
Cm046e   Sarah          BODEN          30  f  Y
Cm046f   George         BODEN          11m m  Y
Cm047a   Robert         FANTOM         60  m  Y  Joiner
Cm047b   Jabas          FANTOM         20  m  Y  Lab
Cm047c   Mary           FANTOM         30  f  Y
Cm047d   Elizabeth      FANTOM         15  f  Y
Cm047e   John           TOMSON         30  m  Y  Lab
Cm047f   William        TOMSON         1   m  Y
Cm047g   Radhall?       TOMSON         25  f  Y
Cm047h   Mary           TOMSON         8   f  Y
Cm047i   John           TOMSON         6   m  Y
Cm047j   James          TOMSON         2   m  Y
Cm048a   Samuel         JONES          40  m  Y  Lab
Cm048b   Samuel         JONES          15  m  Y
Cm048c   Grace          JONES          35  f  Y
Cm048d   Grace          JONES          10  f  Y
Cm048e   Ann            JONES          20  f  -
Cm048f   Sarah          JONES          14  f  Y
Cm048g   Rebecka        JONES          11  f  Y
Cm048h   Joseph         JONES          8   m  Y
Cm048i   William        JONES          6   m  Y
Cm048j   James          JONES          4   m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p12, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm049a   Ester          WOODWARD       55  f  Y
Cm049b   Adam           WOODWARD       30  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm049c   Dorothy        WOODWARD       30  f  Y
Cm049d   Ester          WOODWARD       8   f  Y
Cm049e   Ann            BOWERING       1   f  Y
Cm049f   Michal         GRAHAME        40  m  I  Brush m
Cm049g   Ellen          GRAHAME        40  f  I
Cm049h   Peter          SOUCH          25  m  Y  Tailor
Cm049i   Samuell        HOLEHOUSE      20  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm049j   Henry          WOODWARD       20  m  Y
Cm050a   Ellen          STALEY         60  f  Y
Cm050b   Nathaniel      STALEY         30  m  Y  Ag S
Cm050c   Samuel         DAWES          30  m  Y  Frame W K
Cm050d   Adam           SIMPSON        25  m  Y  Engineer
Cm051a   Dorotha        BRADLEY        70  f  Y  Ind
Cm051b   John           BRADLEY        45  m  Y  Hatter
Cm051c   James          BRADLEY        13  m  Y
Cm051d   William        BRADLEY        11  m  Y
Cm051e   Sylance        BRADLEY        35  f  Y
Cm051f   Dorothy        BRADLEY        15  f  Y
Cm051g   Mary           BRADLEY        8   f  Y
Cm051h   Sarah          BRADLEY        4   f  Y
Cm051i   Martha         BRADLEY        10  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p13, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm052a   Ann            MATHER         65  f  Y  Farmer
Cm052b   Joseph         MATHER         14  m  Y  Mechanic ap
Cm052c   John           MATHER         25  m  Y  Mechanic Ap
Cm052d   George         MATHER         4   m  Y
Cm052e   Elizabeth      MATHER         25  f  Y
Cm053a   William        EATON          20  m  Y  Lab
Cm053b   George         EATON          2m  m  Y
Cm053c   Sarah          EATON          20  f  Y
Cm054a   Moses          KIDD           40  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm054b   Thomas         KIDD           45  m  N  Hatter
Cm054c   Thomas         KIDD           5   m  Y
Cm054d   Edward         KIDD           5   m  Y
Cm054e   Mary           KIDD           25  f  Y
Cm054f   Mary           BUXTON         60  f  Y  Ind
Cm054g   Samuel         BUXTON         15  m  Y
Cm055a   James          FRYER          65  m  N  Paper m
Cm055b   Elizabeth      FRYER          60  f  Y  Milliner
Cm055c   Elizabeth      FRYER          30  f  N  Milliner
Cm055d   Kezia          FRYER          25  f  N  Milliner
Cm055e   Martha         FRYER          13  f  Y
Cm055f   Mary           FRYER          10  f  Y
Cm056a   Ann            LYMN           65  f  Y  Spinster
------[Cromford]---(p14, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm057a   James          JONES          70  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm057b   William        JONES          40  m  Y  Hatter
Cm057c   Samuell        JONES          10  m  Y
Cm057d   Mary           JONES          45  f  Y
Cm057e   Hannah         JONES          10  f  Y
Cm058a   Samuel         BOWN           40  m  Y
Cm059a   Hugh           GREY           35  m  S  Tailor
Cm059b   Mary           GREY           40  f  Y
Cm059c   Mary           GREY           9   f  Y
Cm059d   Ellen          LEE            35  f  Y  F.S.
Cm060a   Ann            SLALEY         55  f  Y  Ind
Cm060b   George         SLALEY         30  m  Y  Grocer
Cm061a   Josua          ROPER          80  m  Y  Publican
Cm061b   Martha         ROPER          65  f  Y
Cm061c   Hugh           CANNING        35  m  Y
Cm061d   Ellen          CANNING        45  f  S  Traviler
Cm061e   Benjamin       LYMN           25  m  S  Traviler
Cm062a   N.K.           LYMN           20  m  N  Traviler
Cm062b   N.k.           LYMN           30  m  Y  Traviler
Cm063a   George         ALLEN          65  m  Y  Draper
Cm063b   Ann            ALLEN          65  f  Y
Cm063c   John           FRYER          20  m  Y  Sh
Cm064a   Joseph         WAGSTAFF       70  m  Y  Tailor
Cm064b   Hannah         WAGSTAFF       60  f  Y
Cm064c   Hannah         WAGSTAFF       25  f  Y  Milliner
Cm064d   Millicent      WAGSTAFF       25  f  Y  Milliner
------[Cromford]---(p15, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm065a   John           KIDD           25  m  Y  Tin m
Cm065b   John           KIDD           1   m  Y
Cm065c   Mary           KIDD           30  f  Y
Cm065d   Ann            KIDD           4   f  Y
Cm066a   Daniel         SMEDLEY        45  m  Y  Lab
Cm066b   Ruth           SMEDLEY        45  f  Y
Cm066c   Elizabeth      SMEDLEY        20  f  Y
Cm066d   Levinear       SMEDLEY        15  f  Y
Cm066e   Joseph         KNIVETON       75  m  Y  Weaver
Cm067a   John           KIDD           45  m  Y  Hatter
Cm067b   William        KIDD           15  m  Y  Lab
Cm067c   Hannah         KIDD           45  f  Y
Cm067d   Maria          KIDD           14  f  Y
Cm067e   Elizabeth      KIDD           10  f  Y
Cm068a   Mary           SIDDON         60  f  Y
Cm068b   Hannah         SIDDON         25  f  Y
Cm068c   Sarah          SIDDON         20  f  Y
Cm068d   Mary A         SIDDON         15  f  Y
Cm068e   Emmia          SIDDON         6   f  Y
Cm068f   John           SIDDON         14  m  Y
Cm069a   William        ROEBUCK        30  m  N  Tailor
Cm069b   Joseph         ROEBUCK        7   m  Y
Cm069c   Ann            ROEBUCK        30  f  Y
Cm070a   Timothy        JEPSON         35  m  Y
Cm070b   Peter          JEPSON         14  m  Y
Cm070c   James          JEPSON         12  m  Y
Cm070d   Elizabeth      JEPSON         35  f  Y
Cm070e   Ellen          JEPSON         10  f  Y
Cm070f   Mary           JEPSON         4   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p16, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm071a   George         BODEN          60  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm071b   Mary           BODEN          60  f  N
Cm071c   Ester          OLIVER         13  f  Y
Cm071d   Mary           CARDING        25  f  Y  F.S.
Cm071e   William        CARDING        6   m  Y
Cm071f   Elizabeth      CARDING        1   f  Y
Cm071g   Emmia          CARDING        4   f  Y
Cm072a   Simeon         SPENCER        40  m  Y  Lab
Cm072b   John           SPENCER        14  m  Y
Cm072c   Elizabeth      SPENCER        30  f  Y
Cm072d   Elizer         SPENCER        20  f  Y
Cm072e   Ann            SPENCER        19  f  Y
Cm072f   Rane           SPENCER        18  f  Y
Cm072g   Mary           SPENCER        16  f  Y
Cm072h   Fanny          SPENCER        12  f  Y
Cm072i   Elizabeth      SPENCER        1   f  Y
Cm073a   Joseph         EATON          40  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm073b   Joseph         EATON          14  m  Y
Cm073c   Mary           EATON          15  f  Y
Cm073d   Rebecca        EATON          15  f  Y
Cm073e   Ann            EATON          10  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p17, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm074a   William        JOLIFFE        40  m  N  Excise m
Cm074b   William        JOLIFFE        4   m  N
Cm074c   James          JOLIFFE        2   m  Y
Cm074d   Jane           JOLIFFE        30  f  N
Cm074e   Jane           JOLIFFE        8   f  N
Cm074f   Hannah         WRAGG          15  f  Y  F.S.
Cm075a   William        BRITLAND       40  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm075b   Peter          BRITLAND       13  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm075c   William        BRITLAND       11  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm075d   Joseph         BRITLAND       8   m  Y
Cm075e   George         BRITLAND       2   m  Y
Cm075f   Anthony        BRITLAND       17  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm075g   Hannah         BRITLAND       40  f  Y
Cm075h   Mary           BRITLAND       15  f  Y
Cm075i   Dorothy        BRITLAND       5   f  Y
Cm076a   William        ROBINSON       45  m  Y  Lab
Cm076b   Richard        ROBINSON       20  m  Y  Lab
Cm076c   Joseph         ROBINSON       15  m  Y  Lab
Cm076d   William        ROBINSON       2   m  Y
Cm076e   Sarah          ROBINSON       45  f  Y
Cm076f   George         COLEDGE        20  m  Y  Tailor
Cm076g   Hannah         COLEDGE        20  f  Y
Cm076h   Mary           COLEDGE        1   f  Y
Cm077a   John           GELL           25  m  Y  Grocer
Cm077b   Jane           GELL           25  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p18, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm078a   Thomas         JONSON         35  m  Y  Lab
Cm078b   Thomas         JONSON         7   m  Y
Cm078c   Isacc          JONSON         4   m  Y
Cm078d   Elizabeth      JONSON         40  f  Y
Cm078e   Harriott       JONSON         17  f  Y
Cm078f   Luesia         JONSON         15  f  Y
Cm078g   Elizabeth      JONSON         13  f  Y
Cm078h   Emma           JONSON         11  f  Y
Cm078i   Hannah         JONSON         2   f  Y
Cm079a   James          WHITEMAN       30  m  Y  Coal dealer
Cm079b   Mary           WHITEMAN       30  f  Y
Cm079c   Elizabeth      PATTEN         18  f  Y  F.S.
Cm080a   John           MART           55  m  Y  Publican
Cm080b   Paul           MART           10  m  Y
Cm080c   Lydia          MART           45  f  Y
Cm080d   Ellen          MART           10  f  Y
Cm081a   Jacob          CARLINE        80  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm081b   Richard        CARLINE        40  m  Y  Lab
Cm081c   Jacob          CARLINE        14  m  Y  Lab
Cm081d   Dorothy        CARLINE        40  f  Y
Cm081e   Mary           CARLINE        20  f  Y
Cm081f   Hannah         CARLINE        15  f  Y
Cm081g   Maria          CARLINE        10  f  Y
Cm081h   Elizabeth      CARLINE        6   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p19, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm082a   Walter         FLINT          40  m  Y  Sh m
Cm082b   Samuell        FLINT          20  m  Y  Sh Ap
Cm082c   Walter         FLINT          15  m  Y  Sh Ap
Cm082d   Frances        FLINT          11  m  Y
Cm082e   Mary           FLINT          35  f  N
Cm082f   Elizabeth      FLINT          15  f  Y
Cm082g   Mary           FLINT          13  f  Y
Cm082h   Ruth           FLINT          9   f  Y
Cm082i   Ann            FLINT          6   f  Y
Cm083a   Samuell        TAYLOR         35  m  Y  Hatter
Cm083b   Samuel         TAYLOR         6m  m  Y
Cm083c   Ann            TAYLOR         35  f  Y
Cm083d   Mary           TAYLOR         6   f  Y
Cm083e   Silvea         TAYLOR         3   f  Y
Cm084a   John           CARLINE        55  m  Y  Lab
Cm084b   Rebecca        CARLINE        50  f  Y
Cm084c   James          RAINS          25  m  Y  Lab
Cm084d   Sarah          RAINS          20  f  Y
Cm085a   Anthony        BODEN          55  m  Y  Lab
Cm085b   Samuell        BODEN          20  m  Y  Lab
Cm085c   James          BODEN          10  m  Y
Cm085d   Hannah         BODEN          50  f  Y
Cm086a   John           PIDCOCK        60  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm086b   John           PIDCOCK        18  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm086c   Elizabeth      PIDCOCK        60  f  Y
Cm086d   Ellen          PIDCOCK        20  f  Y
Cm086e   Ann            BROOKS         60  f  Y
Cm086f   Mary           BROOKS         20  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p20, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm087a   Thomas         MUSGRAVE       25  m  Y  Lab
Cm087b   Elizabeth      MUSGRAVE       25  f  Y
Cm087c   Mary           MUSGRAVE       2   f  Y
Cm087d   Lydia          MUSGRAVE       1   f  Y
Cm088a   Martha         CORDING        45  f  Y  Cotton sp
Cm088b   Elizabeth      CORDING        50  f  Y  Cotton sp
Cm089a   Peter          BRITLAND       65  m  Y  Cotton sp
Cm089b   Peter          BRITLAND       25  m  Y  Lab
Cm089c   Mary           BRITLAND       55  f  Y
Cm089d   Mary           BRITLAND       25  f  Y
Cm089e   Lydia          BRITLAND       25  f  Y
Cm089f   Sarah          BRITLAND       15  f  Y
Cm090a   George         TISSINGTON     40  m  Y  Hatter
Cm090b   George         TISSINGTON     15  m  Y  Cotton sp
Cm090c   Silvestor      TISSINGTON     14  m  Y
Cm090d   Francis        TISSINGTON     9   m  Y
Cm090e   James          TISSINGTON     6   m  Y
Cm090f   Richard        TISSINGTON     3   m  Y
Cm090g   Elizabeth      TISSINGTON     40  f  Y
Cm090h   Ann            TISSINGTON     12  f  Y
Cm091a   Richard        TURNER         50  m  Y  Lab
Cm091b   Martha         TURNER         50  f  Y
Cm091c   Sarah          TURNER         25  f  Y
Cm091d   Ann            TURNER         10  f  Y
Cm091e   George         MARTIN         20  m  Y
Cm091f   Ellen          MARTIN         20  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p21, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm092a   Elizabeth      BUNTING        65  f  Y
Cm092b   Millicent      BUNTING        35  f  Y
Cm092c   Joseph         BUNTING        35  m  Y  Lab
Cm092d   Henry          BUNTING        12  m  Y
Cm092e   Charles        BUNTING        9   m  Y
Cm092f   Mary           BUNTING        5   f  Y
Cm092g   Martha         BUNTING        1   f  Y
Cm092h   Sarah          DAVIS          50  f  N
Cm092i   Samuel         FOREMAN        47  m  N  Shoe m
Cm093a   Mary           STREET         45  f  Y  Grocer
Cm093b   Henry          STIRLAND       20  m  Y  Shop m
Cm093c   Mary           STIRLAND       20  f  Y
Cm093d   Rebecca        STIRLAND       15  f  Y

------[Cromford]---(p1, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm094a   Joseph         HIGGOTT        50  m  Y  Land surveyor
Cm094b   Mary           HIGGOTT        45  f  Y
Cm094c   Sarah          HIGGOTT        20  f  Y
Cm094d   William        HIGGOTT        19  m  Y  Miller
Cm094e   George         HIGGOTT        17  m  Y  Miller
Cm094f   Francis        HIGGOTT        15  m  Y
Cm094g   Rebecca        HIGGOTT        13  f  Y
Cm094h   Judith         HIGGOTT        11  f  Y
Cm095a   David          CROFTS         50  m  Y  Carpenter
Cm095b   Susanna        CROFTS         50  f  Y
Cm095c   Hannah         CROFTS         20  f  Y
Cm095d   William        CROFTS         17  m  Y
Cm095e   George         CROFTS         14  m  Y
Cm095f   Henry          CROFTS         11  m  Y
Cm095g   Emila          CROFTS         7   f  Y
Cm095h   Ann            CROFTS         5   f  Y
Cm096a   George         BUCKLEY        40  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm096b   Mary           BUCKLEY        40  f  Y
Cm096c   George         BUCKLEY        15  m  Y  Lab
Cm096d   Ann            BUCKLEY        15  f  Y
Cm096e   Peter          BUCKLEY        12  m  Y
Cm096f   Esther         BUCKLEY        9   f  Y
Cm096g   Martha         BUCKLEY        2   f  Y
Cm096h   Thomas         TAYLOR         20  m  Y  Lab
Cm096i   Lydia          TAYLOR         20  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p2, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm097a   Anthony        WILDGOOSE      40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm097b   Sarah          WILDGOOSE      40  f  Y
Cm097c   William        WILDGOOSE      18  m  Y  Lab
Cm097d   Ann            WILDGOOSE      13  f  Y
Cm097e   Hannah         WILDGOOSE      11  f  Y
Cm097f   Elizabeth      WILDGOOSE      7   f  Y
Cm097g   John           WILDGOOSE      4   m  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm098a   Sarah          REEDS          53  f  Y
Cm098b   Stephen        REEDS          19  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cm098c   Henry          KITCHIN        15  m  Y
Cm098d   Thomas         KITCHIN        11  m  Y
Cm098e   Cornelius      MURPHY         46  m  I  Rope m
Cm098f   John           MURPHY         4   m  I
Cm098g   William        COLLINS        19  m  Y  Nail cutter
Cm098h   Richard        MANSEL         15  m  Y  Silversmith
Cm098i   William        RUGSEL         26  m  I  Comb m
Cm098j   Alfred         JONES          28  m  Y  Baker
Cm098k   Mary           JONES          21  f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm099a   Job            SMEDLEY        30  m  Y  Baker
Cm099b   Sarah          SMEDLEY        40  f  Y
Cm099c   William        SMEDLEY        7   m  Y
Cm099d   Joseph         SMEDLEY        5   m  Y
Cm099e   John           STONE          15  m  Y  Baker
Cm099f   Richard        GREEN          15  m  Y  Baker Ap
Cm100a   John           WILDGOOSE      50  m  Y  Lab
Cm100b   Hannah         WILDGOOSE      50  f  Y
Cm100c   Mary           WILDGOOSE      25  f  Y
Cm100d   Jane           WILDGOOSE      20  f  Y
Cm100e   James          WILDGOOSE      18  m  Y  Lab
Cm100f   William        WILDGOOSE      13  m  Y
Cm100g   Joseph         WILDGOOSE      10  m  Y
---North St---[Cromford]---(p3, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm101a   Lydia          POTTER         20  f  Y
Cm101b   Pennelope      POTTER         60  f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm102a   Robert         BRITLAND       40  m  Y  Framework K
Cm102b   Harriett       BRITLAND       35  f  Y
Cm102c   Mary           BRITLAND       15  f  Y
Cm102d   Elizabeth      BRITLAND       8   f  Y
Cm102e   Thomas         BRITLAND       5   m  Y
Cm102f   Hannah         BRITLAND       5   f  Y
Cm102g   Joseph         BRITLAND       35  m  Y  Framework K
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm103a   Andrew         BLACKWALL      45  m  Y  Hatter
Cm103b   Elizabeth      BLACKWALL      35  f  Y
Cm103c   Hannah         BLACKWALL      15  f  Y
Cm103d   Andrew         BLACKWALL      10  m  Y
Cm103e   Elizabeth      BLACKWALL      10  f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm104a   Joseph         SMITH          25  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm104b   Jamima         SMITH          30  f  Y
Cm104c   Simeon         SMITH          2   m  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm105a   Thomas         EATON          45  m  Y  Framework K
Cm105b   David          EATON          15  m  Y  Framework K
Cm105c   Mary           EATON          9   f  Y
Cm105d   Lousill        PEARSE         15  f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]---(p4, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm106a   Prudence       BUNTING        45  f  Y
Cm106b   Elizabeth      WORTHY         30  f  Y
Cm106c   John           WORTHY         9   m  Y
Cm106d   George         WORTHY         6   m  Y
Cm106e   Adam           WORTHY         3   m  Y
Cm106f   Elizabeth      HALLOWS        18  f  Y
Cm106g   John           TAYLOR         28  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm106h   Ralph          TAYLOR         4   m  Y
Cm106i   Charles        REDFEARN       21  m  Y  Shoe m
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm107a   John           ELLIOTT        46  m  Y  Lab
Cm107b   John           ELLIOTT        20  m  Y  Lab
Cm107c   David          ELLIOTT        22  m  Y  Lab
Cm107d   Peter          ELLIOTT        15  m  Y
Cm107e   Moses          ELLIOTT        12  m  Y
Cm107f   Ann            ELLIOTT        46  f  Y
Cm107g   Ann            ELLIOTT        14  f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm108a   Ruth           STENDALL       73  f  Y
Cm108b   Sarah          HOLLAND        75  f  Y
Cm108c   James          EATON          20  m  Y  Lab
Cm108d   Elizabeth      EATON          25  f  Y
Cm108e   Thomas         SIMPSON        20  m  Y  Joiner
Cm108f   Elizabeth      SIMPSON        20  f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm109a   Joseph         STORER         50  m  Y  Lab
Cm109b   Mary           STORER         40  f  Y
Cm109c   Joseph         STORER         15  m  Y
Cm109d   John           STORER         15  m  Y
---North St---[Cromford]---(p5, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm110a   Joseph         BUNTING        40  m  Y  Lab
Cm110b   Hannah         BUNTING        40  f  Y
Cm110c   Mary           BUNTING        20  f  Y
Cm110d   George         BUNTING        19  m  Y  Lab
Cm110e   Sarah          BUNTING        15  f  Y
Cm110f   Samuel         BUNTING        15  m  Y
Cm110g   Charles        BUNTING        6   m  Y
Cm110h   James          BUNTING        4   m  Y
Cm110i   Harriett       BUNTING        2   f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm111a   Charles        BRITLAND       55  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm111b   Elizabeth      BRITLAND       58  f  Y
Cm111c   Hannah         BRITLAND       36  f  Y
Cm111d   Mary           BRITLAND       20  f  Y
Cm111e   Elizabeth      BRITLAND       15  f  Y
Cm111f   Lydia          BRITLAND       10  f  Y
Cm111g   Fanny          BRITLAND       10m f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]----------
Cm112a   Anthony        FARRAND        40  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm112b   Ann            FARRAND        40  f  Y
Cm112c   Francis        FARRAND        17  m  Y
Cm112d   Mary           FARRAND        14  f  Y
Cm112e   Emma           FARRAND        2   f  Y
---North St---[Cromford]---(p6, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm113a   Dorothy        PEARSON        40  f  Y
Cm113b   Lydia          PEARSON        23  f  Y
Cm113c   Mary           PEARSON        20  f  Y
Cm113d   Martha         PEARSON        13  f  Y
Cm113e   Elijah         WOODWARD       27  m  Y  Lab
Cm113f   Jane           WOODWARD       22  f  Y
Cm113g   Sarah          HOLLINGWORTH   75  f  Y
Cm114a   James          SMITH          65  m  Y  Hatter
Cm114b   Sarah          SMITH          60  f  Y
Cm114c   Elizabeth      SMITH          20  f  Y
Cm114d   William        SMITH          18  m  Y  Lab
Cm114e   Lydia          SMITH          18  f  Y
Cm115a   Henry          MANDERFIELD    30  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm115b   Hannah         MANDERFIELD    35  f  Y
Cm115c   Esther         MANDERFIELD    2   f  Y
Cm115d   Sarah          MANDERFIELD    1   f  Y
Cm116a   Hannah         SWIFT          40  f  Y  Confectioner
Cm116b   Mary           SWIFT          15  f  Y
Cm116c   Elizabeth      SWIFT          13  f  Y
Cm117a   John           ROPER          50  m  Y  Hatter
Cm117b   Hannah         ROPER          50  f  Y
Cm117c   Martha         ROPER          20  f  Y
Cm117d   Daniel         ROPER          15  m  Y
Cm117e   John           ROPER          14  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p7, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm118a   Sarah          KNOWLES        5   f  Y
Cm119a   Isaac          KIDD           70  m  Y  Lab
Cm119b   Hannah         KIDD           65  f  Y
Cm119c   Amay           KIDD           30  f  Y
Cm119d   William        KIDD           14  m  Y
Cm119e   Matilda        KIDD           3   f  Y
Cm119f   Edward         HURD           25  m  N  Tailor j
Cm119g   Michael        TACEY          20  m  I  Tailor j
Cm120a   Elizabeth      PEARSON        60  f  Y
Cm120b   David          SHELDON        25  m  Y  Lab
Cm120c   Elizabeth      SHELDON        25  f  Y
Cm120d   Jane           SHELDON        2m  f  Y
Cm120e   Sarah          HOLLINGWORTH   40  f  Y
Cm120f   Ann            HOLLINGWORTH   12  f  Y
Cm121a   Isaac          NEWTON         50  m  Y  Lab
Cm121b   Charles        NEWTON         10  m  Y
Cm122a   Thomas         HOLMES         45  m  Y  Lab
Cm122b   Sarah          HOLMES         45  f  Y
Cm122c   Anthony        HOLMES         20  m  Y
Cm122d   Isaac          HOLMES         20  m  Y
Cm122e   Mary           HOLMES         15  f  Y
Cm122f   Thomas         HOLMES         15  m  Y
Cm122g   Adam           HOLMES         12  m  Y
Cm122h   Sarah          BUNTING        85  f  Y
Cm122i   Robert         STEAR          60  m  Y  Cotton spinner
---North St---[Cromford]---(p8, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)-------
Cm123a   John           HODGKINSON     47  m  Y  Butcher
Cm123b   Elizabeth      HODGKINSON     43  f  Y
Cm123c   John           HODGKINSON     19  m  Y  Blacksmith Ap
Cm123d   James          HODGKINSON     17  m  Y  Blacksmith Ap
Cm123e   Jane           HODGKINSON     13  f  Y
Cm123f   Elizabeth      HODGKINSON     9   f  Y
Cm123g   Samuel         HODGKINSON     6   m  Y
Cm123h   Esther         HODGKINSON     3   f  Y
Cm123i   George         HODGKINSON     7m  m  Y
Cm124a   Thomas         BURTON         47  m  Y  Farmer
Cm124b   Grace          BURTON         43  f  Y
Cm124c   Mary           BURTON         12  f  Y
Cm124d   Stephen        BURTON         6   m  Y
Cm124e   Hannah         DUNN           35  f  Y  F.S.
Cm125a   William        SHAW           37  m  N  Schoolmaster
Cm125b   Anne           SHAW           32  f  N
Cm125c   Emma           SHAW           3   f  Y
Cm125d   John           SHAW           4   m  N
Cm126a   Anne           HASLAM         20  f  N  Schoolmistress
Cm126b   Jane           JACKS          20  f  N  Schoolmistress
Cm127a   Charlotte      FROGGOTT       55  f  Y
Cm128a   Hannah         STREET         55  f  Y
Cm129a   Dorothy        BODEN          35  f  Y
Cm129b   James          BODEN          12  m  Y
Cm129c   Mary           BODEN          9   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p9, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm130a   Ann            GREGORY        55  f  Y
Cm130b   Elizabeth      GREGORY        30  f  Y
Cm130c   Anthony        GREGORY        25  m  Y
Cm130d   Fanny          GREGORY        20  f  Y
Cm130e   Samuel         GREGORY        5   m  Y
Cm130f   Martha         GREGORY        1   f  Y
Cm131a   Hannah         FARRAND        67  f  Y
Cm132a   Elizabeth      PEARSON        55  f  Y
Cm132b   Mary           PEARSON        20  f  Y
Cm132c   Peter          PEARSON        15  m  Y
Cm132d   Henry          WALKER         25  m  Y  Tinplate worker
Cm133a   John           BODEN          37  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm133b   Sarah          BODEN          53  f  Y
Cm134a   Joseph         BRITLAND       30  m  Y  Cotton carder
Cm134b   Fanny          BRITLAND       30  f  Y
Cm134c   Charles        BRITLAND       3   m  Y
Cm135a   Sarah          SHELDON        25  f  Y
Cm135b   Mary           SHELDON        6   f  Y
Cm135c   Samuel         SHELDON        4   m  Y
Cm135d   Joseph         SHELDON        1   m  Y
Cm136a   George         WILD           25  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm136b   Mary           WILD           25  f  Y
Cm136c   Eliza          WILD           2   f  Y
Cm136d   Mary           WILD           1   f  Y
Cm137a   Elizabeth      EATON          64  f  Y
Cm137b   Ann            EATON          2   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p10, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm138a   Nicholas       KIDD           38  m  Y  Hatter
Cm138b   Mary           KIDD           34  f  Y
Cm138c   Isaac          KIDD           12  m  Y
Cm138d   John           KIDD           10  m  Y
Cm138e   Sampson        KIDD           4   m  Y
Cm138f   Hannah         KIDD           2   f  Y
Cm139a   John           HOLLINGWORTH   30  m  Y  Lab
Cm139b   Sarah          HOLLINGWORTH   30  f  Y
Cm139c   Millisent      HOLLINGWORTH   1   f  Y
Cm140a   John           LYMN           32  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm140b   Ann            LYMN           26  f  Y
Cm140c   John           LYMN           9   m  Y
Cm140d   Ann            LYMN           7   f  Y
Cm140e   Job            LYMN           5   m  Y
Cm140f   William        LYMN           10m m  Y
Cm141a   George         EATON          65  m  Y  Farmer
Cm141b   Esther         EATON          63  f  Y
Cm141c   Aaron          TOPLIS         16  m  Y  Lab
Cm142a   Robert         BRITLAND       55  m  Y  Joiner
Cm142b   Hannah         BRITLAND       60  f  Y
Cm142c   Elizabeth      BRITLAND       25  f  Y
Cm142d   Rebecca        BRITLAND       18  f  Y
Cm142e   Thomas         SNOWBALL       24  m  N  Mason
Cm142f   Mary           SNOWBALL       25  f  Y
Cm142g   Elizabeth      SNOWBALL       1   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p11, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm143a   John           BRITLAND       30  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm143b   Ruth           BRITLAND       30  f  Y
Cm143c   Hannah         BRITLAND       9   f  Y
Cm143d   Rebecca        BRITLAND       7   f  Y
Cm143e   Lydia          BRITLAND       5   f  Y
Cm143f   Mary           BRITLAND       2   f  Y
Cm143g   Joseph         BRITLAND       25  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm144a   Ann            JEPSON         79  f  Y
Cm144b   James          JEPSON         35  m  Y  Shoe m
Cm145a   Joseph         BROWN          45  m  Y
Cm145b   Jamima         BROWN          35  f  Y
Cm145c   William        BROWN          10  m  Y
Cm145d   James          BROWN          8   m  Y
Cm145e   John           BROWN          6   m  Y
Cm146a   Joseph         WHEELDON       62  m  Y  Hatter
Cm146b   Allice         WHEELDON       63  f  Y
Cm146c   John           WHEELDON       17  m  Y
Cm146d   James          WHEELDON       16  m  Y
Cm146e   Samuel         WHEELDON       15  m  Y
Cm147a   Robert         TAYLOR         52  m  Y  Lab
Cm147b   Jane           TAYLOR         50  f  Y
Cm147c   Robert         TAYLOR         22  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm147d   Jane           TAYLOR         20  f  Y
Cm147e   George         TAYLOR         21  m  Y
Cm147f   Mary           TAYLOR         18  f  Y
Cm147g   Samuel         TAYLOR         15  m  Y
Cm147h   Sarah          TAYLOR         13  f  Y
Cm147i   Joseph         TAYLOR         10  m  Y
------[Cromford]---(p12, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm148a   James          HOLMES         56  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm148b   Ellen          HOLMES         53  f  Y
Cm148c   George         HOLMES         19  m  Y
Cm148d   Daniel         HOLMES         14  m  Y
Cm148e   Elizabeth      FOGG           19  f  Y
Cm148f   Thomas         TEREYMACMOTA?  2   m  Y
Cm148g   Hannah         FOGG           1   f  N
Cm149a   Thomas         PEARSON        34  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm149b   Sarah          PEARSON        30  f  Y
Cm149c   William        PEARSON        11  m  Y
Cm149d   Grace          PEARSON        7   f  Y
Cm149e   Thomas         PEARSON        4   m  Y
Cm149f   James          PEARSON        2   m  Y
Cm149g   Lydia          ELLIOTT        20  f  Y
Cm149h   Hannah         ELLIOTT        2   f  Y
Cm150a   George         EATON          35  m  Y  Publican
Cm150b   Ann            EATON          30  f  Y
Cm150c   George         EATON          10  m  Y
Cm150d   John           EATON          8   m  Y
Cm150e   Ann            EATON          3   f  Y
Cm150f   Mary           EATON          3   f  Y
Cm150g   Jasiha         EATON          1   m  Y
Cm150h   William        HOLMES         15  m  Y  M.S.
------[Cromford]---(p13, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm151a   Nicholas       KIDD           43  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm151b   Hannah         KIDD           42  f  Y
Cm151c   Edward         KIDD           9   m  Y
Cm151d   Emma           KIDD           7   f  Y
Cm151e   Sarah          KIDD           3   f  Y
Cm152a   Thomas         HODGKINSON     84  m  Y  Farmer
Cm152b   Mary           HODGKINSON     30  f  Y
Cm152c   Elizabeth      HODGKINSON     10  f  Y
Cm152d   William        HODGKINSON     8   m  Y
Cm152e   Susanne        HODGKINSON     6   f  Y
Cm153a   Paul           HODGKINSON     40  m  Y  Farmer
Cm153b   Jane           HODGKINSON     40  f  Y
Cm153c   Paul           HODGKINSON     13  m  Y
Cm153d   Anne           HODGKINSON     6   f  Y
Cm154a   William        CARMAN         70  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Cm154b   Hannah         CARMAN         70  f  Y
Cm154c   Lydia          CARMAN         30  f  Y
Cm154d   George         CARMAN         25  m  Y  Lab
Cm155a   Joseph         WESTON         35  m  Y  Lead miner
Cm155b   Sarah          WESTON         25  f  Y
Cm155c   Anthony        WESTON         9   m  Y
Cm155d   Joseph         WESTON         7   m  Y
Cm155e   William        WESTON         4   m  -
Cm155f   Ann            WESTON         1   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p14, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm156a   Joseph         PARKER         33  m  Y  Tailor
Cm156b   Mary           PARKER         33  f  Y
Cm156c   Sarah          PARKER         9m  f  Y
Cm156d   Anthony        SHELLEY        15  m  Y
Cm157a   Joseph         BOOT           30  m  N  Lab
Cm157b   Jane           BOOT           30  f  Y
Cm157c   Elizabeth      BOOT           10  f  Y
Cm157d   Rebecca        BOOT           3   f  Y
Cm157e   James          BOOT           10m m  Y
Cm157f   Richard        AUSTIN         20  m  Y  Blacksmith
Cm157g   Sarah          AUSTIN         15  f  Y
Cm157h   Sarah          COTTRILL       8   f  Y
Cm158a   Horatio        HOLMES         47  m  Y  Hatter
Cm158b   Mary           HOLMES         44  f  Y
Cm158c   Hannah         HOLMES         20  f  Y
Cm158d   Harriet        HOLMES         17  f  Y
Cm158e   Joseph         HOLMES         14  m  Y
Cm158f   Ann            HOLMES         12  f  Y
Cm158g   John           HOLMES         9   m  Y
Cm158h   Mary           HOLMES         65  f  Y
Cm158i   Elizabeth      HOLMES         63  f  Y
Cm159a   Jonathan       POTTER         45  m  Y  Lab
Cm159b   Maria          POTTER         45  f  Y
Cm159c   James          POTTER         15  m  Y
Cm159d   Thomas         THORP          24  m  Y  Lab
------[Cromford]---(p15, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm160a   John           HALLAM         65  m  Y  Schoolmaster
Cm160b   Hannah         HALLAM         55  f  Y
Cm160c   Hannah         HALLAM         20  f  Y
Cm160d   Sarah          HALLAM         3   f  Y
Cm161a   William        HALL           44  m  Y  Lab
Cm161b   Ann            HALL           38  f  Y
Cm162a   Jacob          HOUGHTON       52  m  Y  Lab
Cm162b   Hannah         HOUGHTON       60  f  Y
Cm162c   John           HOUGHTON       25  m  Y  Lab
Cm162d   William        HOUGHTON       22  m  Y
Cm162e   Job            HOUGHTON       18  m  Y  Mechanic Ap
Cm162f   Hannah         HALLAM         28  f  Y
Cm162g   Mary           SMEDLEY        51  f  Y
Cm162h   Hannah         WEBSTER        7   f  Y
Cm162i   Susanna        HALLAM         1   f  Y
Cm163a   William        ALLEN          55  m  Y  Weaver
Cm163b   Ann            ALLEN          60  f  Y
Cm163c   William        ALLEN          23  m  Y  Weaver
Cm163d   Joseph         ALLEN          20  m  Y  Weaver
Cm164a   Thomas         HOLMES         55  m  Y  Lab
Cm164b   Mary           HOLMES         60  f  Y
Cm164c   Thomas         HOLMES         25  m  Y  Marble mason
Cm164d   Lydia          STORER         25  f  Y
Cm164e   George         STORER         7m  m  Y
Cm164f   Daniel         WESTON         20  m  Y  Lab
Cm164g   Elizabeth      WESTON         20  f  Y
Cm164h   Eliza          WESTON         1m  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p16, Cromford district 7, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm165a   Jane           WILDGOOSE      55  f  S
Cm165b   Benjamin       PIDCOCK        20  m  Y  Mason
Cm165c   Ann            PIDCOCK        20  f  Y
Cm165d   George         STONE          5   m  N

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.