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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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The pages in this part of the Census have been bound together in the wrong order, which has the effect of "splitting" some families. While the transcription is correct, the pages affected have been placed in their proper position to avoid confusion. The schedule numbers (eg Bn219e) and links to them have not been changed.
This state of affairs was pointed out to the author by John Copley of Fleet, Hants, many thanks.

Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

Bn174a   Elizabeth      HENSTOCK       50  f  Y  Farmer
Bn174b   Mary           HENSTOCK       45  f  Y
Bn174c   Grace          KEAN           42  f  Y
Bn174d   Elizabeth      KEAN           16  f  Y
Bn175a   William        WARDMAN        52  m  Y  Miner
Bn175b   Ruth           WARDMAN        49  f  Y
Bn175c   Martha         WARDMAN        25  f  Y
Bn175d   Charles        WARDMAN        19  m  Y  Farmer
Bn175e   Eadreth        WARDMAN        17  f  Y
Bn175f   Ruth           WARDMAN        14  f  Y
Bn175g   Mary           WARDMAN        12  f  Y
Bn176a   Thomas         HENSTOCK       40  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn176b   Ann            HENSTOCK       35  f  Y
Bn176c   Joseph         HENSTOCK       12  m  Y
Bn176d   Mary           HENSTOCK       8   f  Y
Bn177a   Thomas         FROST          35  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn177b   Elizabeth      FROST          30  f  Y
Bn177c   Mary           FROST          15  f  Y
Bn177d   Thomas         FROST          10  m  Y
Bn177e   Dorothy        FROST          2   f  Y
---Slaley---[Bonsall]---(p11, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn178a   Elizabeth      WOOD           60  f  Y
Bn178b   Edward         WOOD           40  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn178c   William        WOOD           35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn178d   Susanah        WOOD           30  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn178e   Maria          WOOD           25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn178f   Sarah          WOOD           24  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn178g   Ellen          WOOD           20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn178h   Charles        WOOD           18  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn178i   Milicent       WOOD           25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn178j   Charles        FROST          10  m  Y
Bn179a   John           SHELDON        49  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn179b   Cathrine       SHELDON        41  f  Y
Bn179c   William        SHELDON        20  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn179d   John           SHELDON        17  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn179e   Julean         SHELDON        15  f  Y
Bn179f   Grace          SHELDON        10  f  Y
Bn179g   Mark           SHELDON        7   m  Y
Bn179h   Fanny          SHELDON        2   f  Y
Bn180a   Richard        HENSTOCK       82  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn180b   Joseph         HENSTOCK       31  m  Y
Bn180c   Dorothy        HENSTOCK       45  f  Y  Ind
Bn181a   John           SHELDON        51  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn181b   Mary           SHELDON        50  f  Y
Bn181c   George         SHELDON        17  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn181d   Henry          SHELDON        14  m  Y  Lead miner
---Slaley---[Bonsall]---(p12, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn182a   Thomas         MASSEY         50  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn182b   Mary           MASSEY         45  f  Y
Bn183a   Robert         SMEDLEY        46  m  Y  Farmer
Bn183b   Henney         SMEDLEY        43  f  Y
Bn183c   Elizabeth      BAMFORD        17  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn183d   Robert         BAMFORD        13  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn183e   William        SHELDON        20  m  Y
Bn184a   Richard        HENSTOCK       45  m  Y  M.s
Bn184b   Charlotte      HENSTOCK       40  f  Y
Bn184c   Mary           HENSTOCK       7   f  Y
---Bonsall hollow---[Bonsall]----------
Bn185a   James          BRIDDON        40  m  Y  Blacksmith
Bn185b   Lucy           BRIDDON        35  f  Y
Bn185c   Joseph         BRIDDON        7   m  Y
Bn185d   George         BRIDDON        4   m  Y
Bn185e   John           BRIDDON        6m  m  Y
Bn185f   William        CHARLTON       40  m  Y  Gardener
Bn185g   Hannah         CHARLTON       35  f  Y
Bn185h   Mary           BOLTON?        16  f  Y  F.s
Bn186a   John           ALLEN          45  m  Y  Schoolmaster
Bn186b   Lidia          ALLEN          45  f  Y
Bn186c   Thomas         ALLEN          81  m  Y  Ind
Bn186d   Joseph         WASS           13  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186e   Fredrick       CARR           12  m  N  Pupil
Bn186f   Edward         WASS           11  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186g   James miller   WALE           13  m  N  Pupil
Bn186h   Alfred         MAYOR          13  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186i   Montagu R      BROWN          16  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186j   William        WALTON         10  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186k   Joseph         SPENDLOVE      10  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186l   Robert         SPENDLOVE      11  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186m   Jasper         WAGER          12  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186n   William        BEMROSE        9   m  Y  Pupil
Bn186o   Thomas         WALTON         12  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186p   John           ELSE           14  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186q   John           GREGORY        12  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186r   Joseph         PICKARD        14  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186s   William        LISTER         13  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186t   Luke           WASS           8   m  Y  Pupil
Bn186u   John           TOPHAM         14  m  N  Pupil
Bn186v   Samuel         SMITH          10  m  N  Pupil
Bn186w   William        GALLIMORE      14  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186x   John           HOLMES         11  m  Y  Pupil
Bn186y   William        SEVERNE        9   m  Y  Pupil
Bn186z   Benjamin       WHEELER        9   m  N  Pupil
Bn186za  William        SMITH          12  m  N  Pupil
Bn186zb  Samuel         BARKER         20  m  Y  M.s
Bn186zc  Susannah       KNOWLE         20  f  Y  F.s
Bn186zd  Hannah         SMITH          15  f  Y  F.s

---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]---(p1, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn187a   George         HIGGOTT        76  m  Y  Publican
Bn187b   Elizabeth      HIGGOTT        69  f  Y
Bn187c   Mary           CROWTHER       9   f  Y
Bn187d   Charles        OLIVER         31  m  Y  Lodger
---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]----------
Bn188a   Ann            BATEMAN        77  f  Y  Ind
---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]----------
Bn189a   Benjamin       GRATTON        20  m  Y  FWK
Bn189b   Sarah          GRATTON        25  f  Y
Bn189c   Benjamin       WORTHY         12  m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn190a   Henry          FERN           45  m  Y  Lab
Bn190b   Ann            FERN           40  f  Y  FWK
Bn190c   Hannah         FERN           20  f  Y  FWK
Bn190d   Ann            FERN           15  f  Y
Bn190e   Henry          FERN           12  m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn191a   Sialas         BUNTING        60  m  Y  Lab
Bn191b   Lydia          BUNTING        59  f  Y
Bn191c   Thomas         BUNTING        30  m  Y  FWK
Bn191d   Mary           BUNTING        25  f  Y
Bn191e   Lydia          BUNTING        1   f  Y
Bn191f   Ann            BODEN          4   f  Y
Bn192a   Thomas         ROBINSON       50  m  Y  Farmer
Bn192b   Mary           ROBINSON       50  f  Y
Bn192c   Hannah         ROBINSON       20  f  Y
Bn192d   John           ROBINSON       15  m  Y
Bn192e   Mary           ROBINSON       13  f  Y
Bn192f   Elizabeth      ROBINSON       4   f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]---(p2, Bonsall, district 5, Ho 107/197/7)---
Bn193a   Thomas         POUNDALL       44  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn193b   Mary           POUNDALL       45  f  Y  FWK
Bn193c   Elizabeth      POUNDALL       10  f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn194a   William        RADFORD        20  m  Y  FWK
Bn194b   Frances        RADFORD        20  f  Y  FWK
Bn194c   Mary           RADFORD        6m  f  Y
---Yeoman St---[Bonsall]----------
Bn195a   Isaac          WOODIWISS      35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn195b   Harriott       WOODIWISS      40  f  Y  FWK
Bn195c   Charles        WOODIWISS      15  m  Y  FWK
Bn195d   Sarah          WOODIWISS      12  f  Y
Bn195e   Lydia          WOODIWISS      9   f  Y
Bn195f   Mary           WOODIWISS      4   f  Y
Bn195g   Harriett       WOODIWISS      2   f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn196a   Daniel         BUNTING        40  m  Y  FWK
Bn196b   Mary           BUNTING        30  f  Y
Bn196c   Emma           BUNTING        7   f  Y
Bn196d   Mary           BUNTING        5   f  Y
Bn196e   Harriett       BUNTING        3   f  Y
Bn196f   Elizabeth      BUNTING        4m  f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn197a   Job            BUNTING        55  m  Y  FWK
Bn197b   Ann            BUNTING        58  f  Y
Bn197c   Hannah         BUNTING        20  f  Y  FWK
Bn197d   Elizabeth      BUNTING        17  f  Y  FWK
Bn197e   Job            BUNTING        15  m  Y  FWK
Bn197f   Esther         BUNTING        11  f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]---(p3, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn198a   Sarah          PRINCE         44  f  Y
Bn198b   Maria          PRINCE         18  f  N  Cotton spinner
Bn198c   Lydia          PRINCE         15  f  N  Cotton spinner
Bn198d   Henry          PRINCE         9   m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn199a   Henry          BUNTING        38  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn199b   Sarah          BUNTING        35  f  Y
Bn199c   Daniel         BUNTING        17  m  Y  Knitters ap
Bn199d   Hannah         BUNTING        13  f  Y  Knitters ap
Bn199e   Esther         BUNTING        9   f  Y
Bn199f   Harriett       BUNTING        6   f  Y
Bn199g   Henry          BUNTING        2   m  Y
Bn199h   Sarah          BUNTING        80  f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn200a   James          GREGORY        54  m  Y  Colour manuf
Bn200b   Mary           GREGORY        49  f  Y
Bn200c   Esther         GREGORY        21  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn200d   Eliza          GREGORY        18  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn200e   James          GREGORY        8   m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn201a   Benjamin       THORP          43  m  Y  Lab
Bn201b   Mary           THORP          42  f  Y
Bn201c   James          THORP          12  m  N
Bn201d   Hannah         THORP          9   f  N
Bn201e   Thomas         THORP          6   m  N
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn202a   John           STATHAM        20  m  Y  Butcher
Bn202b   Lydia          STATHAM        20  f  Y
Bn202c   Lucy           STATHAM        4   f  Y
Bn202d   Grace          STATHAM        1   f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]---(p4, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn203a   Elizabeth      BATTERLY       30  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn203b   George         BATTERLY       6   m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn204a   Joseph         HARTLE         45  m  Y  Shoe m
Bn204b   Elizabeth      HARTLE         45  f  Y
Bn204c   Mary           HARTLE         20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn204d   Joseph         HARTLE         15  m  Y  Comb maker
Bn204e   Hannah         HARTLE         15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn204f   William        HARTLE         10  m  Y
Bn204g   Lucy           HARTLE         10  f  Y
Bn204h   John           HARTLE         9   m  Y
Bn204i   Ruth           HARTLE         6   f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn205a   Hannah         YOUNG          40  f  Y  Farmer
Bn205b   Charles        YOUNG          20  m  Y  Butcher
Bn205c   William        YOUNG          15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn205d   Mary           YOUNG          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn205e   Reuben         YOUNG          10  m  Y
Bn205f   Elizabeth      YOUNG          10  f  Y
Bn205g   Ann            YOUNG          1   f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn206a   Isaac          ASHTON         40  m  Y  FWK
Bn207a   Joshua         TOMISON        40  m  Y  Marble worker
Bn207b   Mary           TOMISON        39  f  N
Bn207c   William        TRULOVE        4   m  N
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn208a   William        FROST          41  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn208b   Elizabeth      FROST          47  f  Y  FWK
Bn208c   Mary           FROST          13  f  Y
Bn208d   John           FROST          11  m  Y
Bn208e   Thomas         FROST          5   m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]---(p5, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn209a   Thomas         BUNTING        47  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn209b   Joseph         BUNTING        14  m  Y  FWK
Bn209c   Mary           WOOD           40  f  Y
Bn209d   Sarah          WOOD           16  f  Y
Bn210a   Francis        HARTLE         50  m  Y  Shoe m
Bn210b   Jane           HARTLE         50  f  Y
Bn210c   Elias          HARTLE         20  m  Y  FWK
Bn210d   Charles        HARTLE         20  m  Y  Comb maker
Bn210e   Sarah          HARTLE         15  f  Y
Bn210f   George         HARTLE         15  m  Y  FWK
Bn210g   Abell          HARTLE         10  m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn211a   Mary           YOUNG          75  f  Y  Farmer
Bn211b   William        YOUNG          15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn211c   Samuel         YOUNG          10  m  Y
Bn211d   James          YOUNG          5   m  Y
Bn211e   James          YOUNG          10  m  Y
Bn211f   John           RENSHAW        30  m  Y  Mason
Bn211g   Elizabeth      RENSHAW        45  f  Y
Bn212a   William        PEARSON        45  m  Y  Farmer
Bn212b   Ann            PEARSON        45  f  Y
Bn212c   Mary           PEARSON        18  f  Y
Bn212d   Hannah         PEARSON        14  f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]---(p6, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn213a   Jonathan       WALLISCROFT    40  m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn214a   Joseph         WORTHY         35  m  Y  Lab
Bn214b   Elizabeth      WORTHY         35  f  Y
Bn214c   Edward         WORTHY         13  m  Y  Lab
Bn214d   William        WORTHY         11  m  Y
Bn214e   Francis        WORTHY         8   m  Y
Bn214f   Joseph         WORTHY         6   m  Y
Bn215a   Thomas         THORP          40  m  Y  Lab
Bn215b   Elizabeth      THORP          40  f  Y
Bn215c   Ann            THORP          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn215d   Elizabeth      THORP          2   f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn216a   William        STONE          30  m  Y  Shoe m
Bn216b   Mary           STONE          25  f  Y
Bn216c   Harriett       STONE          8   f  Y
Bn216d   Isaac          STONE          1   m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn217a   Ann            BATTY          50  f  N  Ind
Bn217b   Betsy          BATTY          14  f  N
Bn218a   John           TRULOVE        20  m  N  Butcher
Bn218b   Mary           TRULOVE        25  f  N  Milliner
Bn218c   Margaret       TRULOVE        25  f  N
Bn218d   Elizabeth      TRULOVE        50  f  N  Ind
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn219a   Thomas         WEBSTER        40  m  Y  Farmer
Bn219b   Alice          WEBSTER        30  f  Y
Bn219c   Ellen          WEBSTER        10  f  Y
Bn219d   Alice          WEBSTER        8   f  Y

The pages in this part of the Census have been bound together in the wrong order, which has the effect of "splitting" some families. While the transcription is correct, the pages affected have been placed in their proper position to avoid confusion. The schedule numbers (eg Bn219e) and links to them have not been changed.
This state of affairs was pointed out to the author by John Copley of Fleet, Hants, many thanks.

===================================page 7================================
Bn219e   Mary           WEBSTER        6   f  Y
Bn219f   Thomas         WEBSTER        3   m  Y
Bn219g   Ellin          BAGSHAW        20  f  N  F.s
Bn219h   Sarah          WRAGG          25  f  N  F.s
------[Bonsall]---(p7, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn220a   James          BUTLER         35  m  Y  Pub & butcher
Bn220b   Cathaim        BUTLER         30  f  Y
Bn220c   James          BUTLER         4   m  Y
Bn220d   William        BUTLER         3m  m  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn221a   Hannah         TIDESWELL      60  f  Y
Bn221b   Hannah         TIDESWELL      30  f  Y  FWK
Bn221c   John           TIDESWELL      19  m  Y  FWK
Bn221d   Sarah          TIDESWELL      6   f  Y
Bn222a   Thomas         BOWN           45  m  N  Cooper
Bn222b   Betty          BOWN           45  f  Y
Bn222c   Edwin          BOWN           15  m  Y  Cooper
Bn222d   Letisha        BOWN           13  f  Y
Bn222e   Thomas         BOWN           10  m  Y
Bn222f   Emma           BOWN           7   f  Y
Bn222g   Isaac          BOWN           2   m  Y
Bn223a   William        MADDOCK        60  m  Y  Lab
---Upper town---[Bonsall]----------
Bn224a   Patrick        WIGLEY         45  m  Y  FWK
Bn224b   Hannah         WIGLEY         40  f  Y
Bn224c   Rosetta        WIGLEY         20  f  Y
Bn224d   Lewis          WIGLEY         15  m  Y  FWK
Bn224e   Annis          WIGLEY         15  f  Y  FWK
===================================page 14====================================
Bn254e   William        WIGLEY         15  m  Y  FWK
Bn254f   Susanna        WIGLEY         13  f  Y  FWK
Bn254g   Kendrick       WIGLEY         11  m  Y
Bn254h   Oscar          WIGLEY         8   m  Y
Bn254i   Emmanuel       WIGLEY         6   m  Y
Bn254j   Dinah          WIGLEY         2   f  Y
Bn254k   Henrietta      WIGLEY         1   f  Y
------[Bonsall]---(p14, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn255a   Robert         GREGORY        35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn256a   William        WALKER         60  m  Y  Farmer
Bn256b   Francis        HARTLE         15  m  Y  Shoe m
Bn256c   John           TIPPING        30  m  Y  Lab
Bn256d   Hannah         TIPPING        20  f  Y
Bn256e   Mary           TIPPING        2   f  Y
Bn257a   Job            BUNTING        60  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn257b   Martha         BUNTING        55  f  Y
Bn257c   Eliza          BUNTING        13  f  Y  Seamster
Bn257d   Sarah          BUNTING        12  f  Y  Seamster
Bn258a   Adam           WOLLEY         73  m  Y  FWK
Bn258b   Mary           WOLLEY         84  f  Y
Bn258c   William        BUXTON         23  m  Y  FWK
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn259a   John           OLIVER         45  m  Y  FWK
Bn259b   Susanna        OLIVER         43  f  Y
Bn259c   Ruth           OLIVER         22  f  Y
Bn259d   Ashton         OLIVER         18  m  Y  FWK
Bn259e   James          OLIVER         14  m  Y  FWK
===================================page 15====================================
Bn259f   Esther         OLIVER         12  f  Y
Bn259g   Henry          OLIVER         9   m  Y
Bn259h   William        OLIVER         7   m  Y
Bn259i   Susannah       OLIVER         1   f  Y
------[Bonsall]---(p15, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn260a   Thomas         WIGLEY         45  m  Y  FWK
Bn260b   Sarah          WIGLEY         35  f  Y  FWK
Bn260c   Hannah         WIGLEY         9   f  Y
Bn261a   Samuel         BOND           62  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn261b   Hannah         BOND           64  f  Y
Bn261c   Daniel         ROLLEY         33  m  Y  FWK
Bn261d   Charlotte      ROLLEY         34  f  Y  FWK
Bn261e   Hannah         ROLLEY         10  f  Y
Bn261f   Charlotte      ROLLEY         7   f  Y
Bn261g   John           ROLLEY         4   m  Y
Bn261h   Elisa          ROLLEY         1   f  Y
Bn262a   Thomas         WIGLEY         30  m  Y  FWK
Bn262b   Hannah         WIGLEY         30  f  Y
Bn262c   Mary           WIGLEY         6   f  Y
Bn263a   Hannah         TWIGG          50  f  Y  Ind
Bn263b   Sarah          TWIGG          20  f  Y
Bn263c   Mary           TWIGG          20  f  Y
Bn263d   Elisa          TWIGG          15  f  Y
Bn264a   John           WIGLY          60  m  Y  FWK
Bn264b   Sarah          WIGLY          56  f  Y
Bn264c   John           WIGLY          56  m  Y  FWK
===================================page 12====================================
Bn242d   Joshua         WIGLEY         21  m  Y  FWK
Bn242e   Elizabeth      WIGLEY         18  f  Y  FWK
Bn242f   Edwin          WIGLEY         16  m  Y  FWK
Bn242g   James          BUNTING        25  m  Y  Jour.framework
------[Bonsall]---(p12, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn243a   Anthony        WOOD           25  m  Y  FWK
Bn243b   Dorothy        WOOD           25  f  Y
Bn243c   Sarah          WOOD           7   f  Y
Bn243d   Mary           WOOD           6m  f  Y
---Upper town---[Bonsall]----------
Bn244a   William        GRATTON        25  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn244b   Mary           GRATTON        25  f  Y  Dress maker
Bn244c   Sarah          GRATTON        3   f  Y
Bn244d   Ann            GRATTON        7m  f  Y
Bn245a   Hannah         GRATTON        75  f  Y  Farmer
Bn245b   Benjamin       GRATTON        30  m  Y
Bn245c   Martha         SPENCER        25  f  Y
Bn246a   Thomas         HENSTOCK       35  m  Y  Taylor
Bn246b   Mary           HENSTOCK       30  f  Y
Bn246c   John           HENSTOCK       4   m  Y
Bn246d   Maria          HENSTOCK       2   f  Y
Bn246e   James          HENSTOCK       6m  m  Y
---Upper town---[Bonsall]----------
Bn247a   Samuel         GRATTON        30  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn247b   Winneyford     GRATTON        30  f  Y
Bn247c   Charles        GRATTON        3   m  Y
Bn247d   Anna           GRATTON        1   f  Y
Bn247e   John           SMEDLEY        59  m  Y  Farmer
===================================page 13====================================
Bn247f   Hannah         SMEDLEY        55  f  Y
Bn247g   George         WALKER         15  m  Y  Ag lab
------[Bonsall]---(p13, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn248a   William        WIGLEY         60  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn248b   Mary           WIGLEY         65  f  Y
Bn248c   Henry          WIGLEY         40  m  Y  Lab
Bn248d   William        WIGLEY         35  m  Y  Lab
Bn248e   Anthony        WIGLEY         35  m  Y  Lab
Bn248f   Joshua         WIGLEY         20  m  Y  Lab
Bn249a   James          SMEDLEY        20  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn249b   Hannah         SMEDLEY        25  f  Y
Bn249c   Mary           SMEDLEY        2   f  Y
Bn250a   John           FROST          70  m  Y  Lab
Bn250b   Sarah          FROST          65  f  Y
Bn251a   Joshua         WIGLEY         38  m  Y  Lab
Bn251b   Ann            WIGLEY         30  f  Y
Bn251c   Mary           WIGLEY         1   f  Y
Bn252a   Joshua         WIGLEY         72  m  Y  Farmer
Bn252b   Lydia          WIGLEY         74  f  Y
Bn252c   Frances        WIGLEY         41  f  Y
Bn252d   Mary           SPENCER        13  f  Y  F.s
Bn253a   Grace          GREEN          70  f  Y
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn254a   John           CHARLESWORTH   38  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn254b   Grace          CHARLESWORTH   40  f  Y
Bn254c   Betsey         CHARLESWORTH   15  f  Y  FWK
Bn254d   Ruth           CHARLESWORTH   14  f  Y  Cotton spinner
===================================page 10====================================
Bn233h   William        CHARLESWORTH   11  m  Y  FWK
Bn233i   John           CHARLESWORTH   8   m  Y
Bn233j   Grace          CHARLESWORTH   6   f  Y
Bn233k   Eliza          CHARLESWORTH   3   f  Y
---Upper town---[Bonsall]---(p10, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn234a   Sarah          ROLLEY         70  f  Y
Bn234b   William        ROLLEY         41  m  Y
Bn235a   John           FERN           35  m  Y  Confectioner
Bn235b   Elizabeth      FERN           35  f  Y
Bn235c   Samuel         FERN           12  m  Y
Bn235d   Ellin          FERN           80  f  Y
Bn235e   William        FERN           40  m  Y  Lab
Bn236a   Mary           BUNTING        44  f  Y  Char woman
Bn236b   Edwin          BUNTING        5   m  Y
Bn236c   Rueben         BUNTING        1   m  Y
Bn236d   Emma           YOUNG          10  f  Y
Bn236e   Henry          WILKINSON      40  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn236f   Ezra           BARNS          20  m  Y  FWK
Bn237a   Samuel         BUNTING        56  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn237b   Mary           BUNTING        57  f  Y
Bn237c   Mary           BUNTING        10  f  Y
---Upper town---[Bonsall]----------
Bn238a   William        ABELL          60  m  Y  Farmer
Bn238b   Martha         ABELL          59  f  Y
Bn238c   Ezra           GREGORY        12  m  Y
Bn238d   Joseph         MEGDONALD      36  m  Y  Comb maker
Bn238e   Esther         MEGDONALD      36  f  Y
===================================page 11====================================
Bn238f   Ann            MEGDONALD      8   f  Y
Bn238g   Martha         MEGDONALD      3   f  Y
Bn238h   Mary           MEGDONALD      3m  f  Y
------[Bonsall]---(p11, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn239a   Thomas         MILWARD        40  m  N  Lead miner
Bn239b   Ann            MILWARD        30  f  Y
Bn239c   John           MILWARD        14  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn239d   Mary           MILWARD        13  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn239e   George         MILWARD        10  m  Y
Bn239f   Lucy           MILWARD        7   f  Y
Bn239g   Henry          MILWARD        5   m  Y
Bn239h   Sarah          MILWARD        2   f  Y
Bn240a   John           HARDING        84  m  Y  Ind
Bn240b   Jane           HODGKINSON     25  f  Y  F.s
Bn241a   Josiah         ALSOP          50  m  Y  Farmer
Bn241b   Ellin          ALSOP          35  f  Y
Bn241c   Hannah         ALSOP          15  f  Y
Bn241d   John           ALSOP          10  m  Y
Bn241e   Elizabeth      ALSOP          5   f  Y
Bn241f   Frances        ALSOP          3   f  Y
Bn241g   Mary           ALSOP          1   f  Y
Bn241h   George         KINDER         25  m  Y  M.s
Bn241i   Mary           RENISHAW       19  f  Y  F.s
---Yeoman st---[Bonsall]----------
Bn242a   William        GRATTON        56  m  Y  FWK
Bn242b   Alice          GRATTON        46  f  Y
Bn242c   William        GRATTON        24  m  Y  Frame knitter
===================================page 8====================================
Bn224f   Alice          GRATTON        19  f  Y
Bn224g   Joseph         GRATTON        16  m  Y  FWK
Bn224h   Ellin          GRATTON        14  f  Y
Bn224i   John           GRATTON        12  m  Y
Bn224j   Francis        GRATTON        10  m  Y
Bn224k   Thomas         GRATTON        7   m  Y
Bn224l   Samuel         GRATTON        5   m  Y
Bn224m   Esther         GRATTON        1   f  Y
------[Bonsall]---(p8, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn225a   Isaac          TWIGG          65  m  Y  Farmer
Bn225b   Elizabeth      TWIGG          52  f  Y
Bn225c   Rebecca        WRAGG          20  f  Y  F.s
Bn225d   John           TOMLINSON      30  m  Y  Ind
Bn225e   Eliza          TOMLINSON      30  f  Y
Bn225f   Elizabeth      TOMLINSON      1   f  Y
Bn226a   Luke           GREGORY        46  m  Y  Farmer
Bn226b   Elizabeth      GREGORY        35  f  Y
Bn226c   John           GREGORY        15  m  Y  Joiner
Bn226d   Thomas         SWINDALL       15  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn227a   Thomas         ALSOP          26  m  Y  Lab
Bn227b   Sarah          ALSOP          25  f  Y
Bn227c   William        ALSOP          3   m  Y
Bn227d   Henry          ALSOP          1   m  Y
Bn228a   Mary           STUBBS         67  f  Y  Ind
Bn228b   Mary           LOXLEY         25  f  Y
Bn228c   William        LOXLEY         65  m  Y  Ag lab
===================================page 9==================================
---Upper town---[Bonsall]---(p9, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn229a   John           LOXLEY         73  m  Y  Rope maker
Bn229b   Mary           LOXLEY         65  f  Y
Bn229c   Ann            LOXLEY         33  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn230a   Thomas         LOXLEY         30  m  Y  Rope maker
Bn230b   Dorothy        LOXLEY         25  f  Y
Bn230c   Francis        LOXLEY         5   m  Y
Bn230d   Sarah          LOXLEY         2   f  Y
Bn230e   Thomas         LOXLEY         2m  m  Y
Bn231a   John           LOXLEY         38  m  Y  Lab
Bn231b   Sarah          LOXLEY         45  f  Y
Bn231c   Ann            LOXLEY         19  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn231d   John           LOXLEY         15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn231e   David          LOXLEY         12  m  Y
Bn231f   Mary           LOXLEY         9   f  Y
Bn231g   Sarah          LOXLEY         6   f  Y
Bn231h   William        LOXLEY         3   m  Y
Bn232a   Anthony        WOOD           55  m  Y  Farmer
Bn232b   Elizabeth      WOOD           60  f  Y
Bn233a   Samuel         TOOTH          80  m  Y  Grocer
Bn233b   Elizabeth      TOOTH          60  f  Y
Bn233c   Agnes          WOODWARD       10  f  Y
Bn233d   Ann            GILL           27  f  Y
Bn233e   Mary           GILL           6   f  Y
Bn233f   Joseph         GILL           4   m  Y
Bn233g   Elizabeth      GILL           2   f  Y

------[Bonsall]---(p16, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn265a John BOND 25 m Y Ag lab Bn265b Ann BOND 20 f Y Bn265c Harriett BOND 3 f Y Bn265d Esther BOND 5m f Y Bn265e Mary GREGORY 20 f Y FWK ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn266a George MILWARD 30 m N FWK Bn266b Lucy MILWARD 30 f Y FWK Bn266c Edwin MILWARD 6 m Y Bn266d Horatia MILWARD 4 f Y Bn266e Thomas MILWARD 3 m Y Bn266f Sarah MILWARD 12w f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn267a John WHYSALL 65 m Y Farmer Bn267b Ann WHYSALL 55 f Y Bn267c Maria WHYSALL 20 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn268a Henry FROST 30 m Y Lead miner Bn268b Hannah FROST 35 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn269a John MASSY 43 m Y Mason Bn269b Mary MASSY 45 f Y Bn269c Ann MASSY 22 f Y Cotton spinner Bn269d Thomas MASSY 19 m Y Mason Bn269e William MASSY 16 m Y FWK Bn269f George MASSY 13 m Y Bn269g Andrew MASSY 9 m Y Bn269h Lucy MASSY 9 f Y ---Upper town---[Bonsall]---------- Bn270a James GRATTON 70 m Y Shoe m Bn270b Henry GRATTON 30 m Y Ag lab ---Upper town---[Bonsall]---(p17, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn271a James GRATTON 40 m Y Lead miner Bn271b Mary GRATTON 30 f Y Bn271c Maria GRATTON 4 f Y Bn271d Henry GRATTON 2 m Y Bn271e Sarah FERN 9 f Y Bn271f James FERN 6 m Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn272a James KINDER 65 m Y Shoe m Bn272b Elizabeth KINDER 75 f Y Bn272c Dorothy KINDER 35 f Y Bn272d Ann WRAGG 50 f N Bn272e Hannah COTTERILL 15 f Y FWK ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn273a Job GRATTON 30 m Y Lead miner Bn273b Mary GRATTON 35 f Y Bn273c John GRATTON 10 m Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn274a Benjamin BUNTING 50 m Y Lead miner Bn274b Ann BUNTING 30 f Y Bn274c Job BUNTING 15 m Y Lead miner Bn274d John BUNTING 9 m Y Bn274e Alice BUNTING 7 f Y Bn274f Maria BUNTING 4 f Y Bn274g Aaron BUNTING 9m m Y ---Dale---[Bonsall]---(p18, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn275a Esther FERN 55 f Y Bn275b Joseph FERN 35 m Y Lab Bn275c Samuel FERN 20 m Y Lab Bn275d John FERN 25 m Y FWK Bn275e Christopher FERN 15 m Y FWK Bn275f Elizabeth FERN 14 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn276a Job WORTHY 82 m Y Ind ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn277a William WORTHY 36 m Y Lead miner Bn277b Lucy WORTHY 39 f Y Bn277c Millicent WORTHY 10 f Y Bn277d Charles WORTHY 8 m Y Bn277e Lucy WORTHY 4 f Y Bn277f Ruth WORTHY 2 f Y Bn277g Ann SHELDON 10 f Y Bn277h Mary SHELDON 12 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn278a Newton WRIGHT 55 m Y Shoe m Bn278b Mary WRIGHT 55 f Y Bn278c William WRIGHT 25 m Y Shoe m Bn278d Mary WRIGHT 20 f Y Cotton spinner Bn278e Richard WRIGHT 15 m Y Shoe m Bn278f Hester WRIGHT 15 f Y Cotton spinner Bn278g James WRIGHT 12 m Y Bn278h Richard WALKER 75 m Y Ind ---Dale---[Bonsall]---------- Bn279a John ALSOP 55 m Y Lead miner Bn279b Ruth ALSOP 55 f Y Bn279c Mary ALSOP 30 f Y Cotton spinner Bn279d John ALSOP 20 m Y Warehouse man ------[Bonsall]---(p19, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn280a George BUNTING 70 m Y Lab ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn281a James GRATTON 60 m Y Farmer Bn281b Joseph GRATTON 55 m Y M.s Bn281c Hannah MERCHANT 55 f Y F.s Bn281d William BUTLER 12 m Y M.s ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn282a Isaac DOXEY 60 m Y Lead miner Bn282b Hannah DOXEY 60 f Y Bn282c Joseph DOXEY 30 m Y Lead miner Bn282d Ann DOXEY 30 f Y Cotton spinner Bn282e Hannah DOXEY 30 f Y Bn282f Elizabeth DOXEY 30 f Y Cotton spinner ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn283a Samuel SWINDALL 70 m Y Farmer Bn283b Esther SWINDALL 55 f Y Bn283c Ann ALSOP 15 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn284a Thomas BUNTING 45 m Y Lead miner Bn284b Sarah BUNTING 45 f Y FWK ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn285a Joseph BUNTING 40 m Y Lead miner Bn285b Alice BUNTING 40 f Y Bn285c William BUNTING 20 m Y Lead miner Bn285d Joseph BUNTING 17 m Y Lead miner Bn285e Job BUNTING 14 m Y Lead miner Bn285f Anthony BUNTING 11 m Y Bn285g Jemima BUNTING 8 f Y Bn285h Thomas BUNTING 2 m Y ---Dale---[Bonsall]---(p20, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn286a John KNOWLES 35 m Y Colour manuf Bn286b Mary KNOWLES 30 f Y Bn286c Charles KNOWLES 9 m Y Bn286d John KNOWLES 7 m Y Bn286e Mary KNOWLES 1 f Y Bn286f Elizabeth HASLAM 20 f Y F.s Bn286g Eliza HASLAM 15 f Y FWK Bn286h John HASLAM 15 m Y M.s Bn286i William HASLAM 10 m Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn287a Henry ALSOP 35 m Y Lab Bn287b Sarah ALSOP 35 f N Bn287c Lydia ALSOP 10 f N Bn287d Peter ALSOP 9 m Y Bn287e Thomas ALSOP 5 m Y Bn287f Elizabeth ALSOP 2 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn288a Isaac BUNTING 38 m Y FWK Bn288b Sarah BUNTING 40 f Y Bn288c Dennis BUNTING 11 m Y FWK Bn288d Samuel BUNTING 1 m Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn289a William TOMISON 45 m Y Farmer Bn289b Sarah TOMISON 45 f Y Bn289c Sarah FIELDING 10 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn290a Isaac KILLER 60 m Y Joiner Bn290b Sarah KILLER 55 f Y Bn290c Elizabeth KILLER 25 f Y Bn290d Ann KILLER 20 f Y Cotton spinner Bn290e Harriett KILLER 15 f Y Bn290f Mary KILLER 13 f Y Bn290g Isaac DOXEY 10 m Y ------[Bonsall]---(p21, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn291a George ALLIN 45 m Y Grocer Bn291b Elizabeth SELLORS 25 f Y F.s ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn292a Charles BUNTING 50 m Y Lead miner Bn292b Ellin BUNTING 50 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn293a Jacob SHELDON 45 m Y Lead miner Bn293b Martha SHELDON 40 f Y FWK Bn293c Benjamin SHELDON 15 m Y FWK Bn293d Mary SHELDON 15 f Y Cotton spinner Bn293e William SHELDON 10 m Y Bn293f Jacob SHELDON 10 m Y Bn293g Grace SHELDON 10 f Y Bn293h Hannah SHELDON 5 f Y Bn293i Fanny SHELDON 5 f Y Bn293j Martha SHELDON 17 f Y Bn293k William CHADWICK 80 m Y ---Dale---[Bonsall]---------- Bn294a Josephine PEARSON 40 f F Bn294b Sophia PEARSON 20 f L FWK L="London" Bn294c Eliza PEARSON 20 f Y FWK Bn294d Henry PEARSON 15 m Y FWK Bn294e George PEARSON 15 m Y FWK Bn294f Pemilla PEARSON 15 f Y FWK Bn294g Mary PEARSON 15 f Y FWK Bn294h Luke PEARSON 15 m Y FWK Bn294i Elizabeth PEARSON 10 f Y Bn294j Andrew PEARSON 10 m Y Bn294k William PEARSON 4 m Y Bn294l Jesse PEARSON 2 m Y ------[Bonsall]---(p22, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn295a Anthony GREATOREX 45 m Y FWK Bn295b Mary GREATOREX 45 f Y Bn295c Thomas GREATOREX 11 m Y FWK Bn295d Sarah GREATOREX 9 f Y Bn295e Anthony GREATOREX 7 m Y Bn295f Ann GREATOREX 5 f Y Bn295g Thomas GREATOREX 50 m Y FWK ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn296a Thomas WALKER 33 m Y Schoolmaster ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn297a John EVANS 35 m Y Lead miner Bn297b Mary EVANS 30 f Y Bn297c Sarah EVANS 10 f Y Bn297d John EVANS 8 m Y Bn297e William EVANS 2 m Y Bn297f Mary EVANS 8m f Y Bn297g Joseph SPENCER 20 m Y Cotton spinner ---Dale---[Bonsall]---------- Bn298a William SHELDON 46 m Y Lead miner Bn298b Mary SHELDON 50 f Y Bn298c Mary SHELDON 16 f Y Cotton spinner Bn298d William SHELDON 11 m Y Bn298e Jacob SHELDON 8 m Y ------[Bonsall]---(p23, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn299a John ASHTON 51 m Y FWK Bn299b John ASHTON 4 m Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn300a George HENSTOCK 68 m Y Lab Bn300b Ann HENSTOCK 64 f Y Bn300c Martha SHELDON 3 f Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn301a Francis WORTHY 35 m Y Lead miner Bn301b Elizabeth WORTHY 40 f Y Bn301c William WORTHY 15 m Y Lead miner Bn301d John WORTHY 15 m Y Cotton spinner Bn301e Francis WORTHY 10 m Y Lead miner Bn301f Lydia WORTHY 10 f Y Bn301g Mary WORTHY 10 f Y Bn301h Millicent WORTHY 8 f Y Bn301i Emma WORTHY 5 f Y Bn301j Hesther WORTHY 4 f Y Bn301k David WORTHY 2 m Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn302a Thomas WORTHY 58 m Y Lead miner ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn303a Abram FROST 65 m Y Schoolmaster Bn303b Mary FROST 65 f Y Bn303c Mary FROST 25 f Y ---Moor---[Bonsall]---------- Bn304a Elizabeth COATES 50 f Y Farmer Bn304b William COATES 20 m Y Farmer Bn304c Samuel COATES 14 m Y ---Leys---[Bonsall]---(p24, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn305a Rueben SPENCER 75 m Y Farmer Bn305b Benjamin SPENCER 35 m Y Farmer Bn305c Ann SPENCER 40 f Y Bn305d Ellin SPENCER 20 f Y F.s Bn305e John SPENCER 15 m Y M.s Bn305f Thomas BUXTON 40 m Y Ag lab Bn305g Sarah BUXTON 30 f Y Bn305h Joseph BUXTON 8 m Y Bn305i Mary BUXTON 5 f Y Bn305j Jane BUXTON 3 f Y Bn305k Ann BUXTON 1 f Y Bn305l Joshua GRATTON 15 m Y M.s ---Moor---[Bonsall]---------- Bn306a Ann SHELDON 40 f Y Farmer Bn306b William SHELDON 17 m Y Bn306c John SHELDON 12 m Y Bn306d Mary SHELDON 7 f Y Bn306e Ann SHELDON 5 f Y Bn306f Samuel SLATER 20 m Y M.s ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn307a John HOLLAND 36 m Y Ag lab Bn307b Pheby HOLLAND 20 f N Bn307c William HOLLAND 4 m Y Bn307d Thomas HOLLAND 2 m Y Bn307e John HOLLAND 4m m Y ------[Bonsall]---------- Bn308a Elizabeth NEEDHAM? 50 f Y Farmer Bn308b Joseph WALKER 25 m Y Farmer Bn308c Elizabeth WALKER 20 f Y ---Moor---[Bonsall]---(p25, Bonsall, district 5, HO 107/197/7)--- Bn309a John WEBSTER 75 m Y Farmer Bn309b John WEBSTER 32 m Y Farmer Bn309c Mary WEBSTER 30 f Y Bn309d Abram WEBSTER 10 m Y Bn309e Alice WEBSTER 8 f Y Bn309f Mary WEBSTER 7 f Y Bn309g John WEBSTER 5 m Y Bn309h Thomas WEBSTER 4 m Y Bn309i Samuel WEBSTER 1 m Y Bn309j Thomas STAFFORD 20 m Y M.s Bn309k William ELLIOTT 18 m Y M.s Bn309l Hannah PRINCE 20 f Y F.s Bn309m Dorothy SWINDALL 10 f Y F.s ------[Brassington]---(p1, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)--- Br001a Daniel SLACK 30 m Y Schoolmaster Br001b Hannah SLACK 25 f Y Br001c Hannah SLACK 6 f Y Br001d Daniel SLACK 3 m Y Br001e Benjamin SWINDELL 50 m Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br002a William FEARN 40 m Y Mason Br002b Elizabeth FEARN 30 f Y Br002c Ann FEARN 4 f Y Br002d William FEARN 2 m Y Br002e John FEARN 4m m Y Br002f Ann SMITH 25 f Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br003a Joseph FEARN 40 m Y Lead ore miner Br003b Ann FEARN 40 f Y Br003c Elizabeth FEARN 15 f Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br004a William ALSOP 60 m Y Farmer Br004b Mary ALSOP 55 f Y Br004c James ALSOP 14 m Y Br004d Dorothy ALSOP 12 f Y Br004e Hannah ALSOP 10 f Y Br004f Sarah ALSOP 5 f Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br005a Henry TAYLOR 60 m Y Ag labourer Br005b Elizabeth TAYLOR 50 f Y Br005c Sarah TAYLOR 25 f Y Br005d Mary TAYLOR 20 f Y Br005e Harriot TAYLOR 3 f Y ------[Brassington]---(p2, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)--- Br006a John SEAL 30 m Y Ag labourer ------[Brassington]---------- Br007a Ann WATSON 45 f Y Br007b Ann SLATER 70 f Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br008a John WAYNE 40 m Y Farmer Br008b Mary WAYNE 45 f Y Br008c Ann WAYNE 20 f Y Br008d John WAYNE 15 m Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br009a Richard WALKER 70 m Y Farmer Br009b William WALKER 25 m Y Cordwainer ------[Brassington]---------- Br010a Robert SWINDELL 45 m Y Farmer Br010b Hannah SWINDELL 40 f Y Br010c Esther SWINDELL 15 f Y Br010d Isaac SWINDELL 11 m Y Br010e Hannah SWINDELL 8 f Y Br010f Samuel SWINDELL 5 m Y Br010g Fanny SWINDELL 4 f Y Br010h William SWINDELL 1m m Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br011a James TOPLIS 60 m Y Ag labourer ------[Brassington]---------- Br012a William ALLSOP 25 m Y Ag labourer Br012b Samuel ALLSOP 20 m Y Ag labourer ------[Brassington]---------- Br013a William MELBOURN 60 m Y Farmer Br013b Jane MELBOURN 50 f Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br014a William WALTON 35 m Y Pig dealer Br014b Ann WALTON 25 f Y Br014c William LEES 15 m Y Pig dealer ------[Brassington]---(p3, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)--- Br015a Henry SEAL 55 m Y Farmer Br015b Hannah SEAL 55 f Y Br015c Joseph SEAL 20 m Y Br015d Mary SEAL 15 f Y Br015e Richard SEAL 13 m Y Br015f Edmund SEAL 11 m Y Br015g Hannah SEAL 8 f Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br016a Thomas FEARN 50 m Y Lead ore miner Br016b Hannah FEARN 70 f Y Br016c John FEARN 15 m Y Br016d James WAYNE 15 m Y Tailor ap ------[Brassington]---------- Br017a William TOPLIS 50 m Y Farmer Br017b Elizabeth TOPLIS 50 f Y Br017c Esther REDFERN 70 f Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br018a George WAYNE 35 m Y Butter dealer Br018b Alice WAYNE 35 f Y Br018c George WAYNE 15 m Y Br018d Robert WAYNE 11 m Y Br018e James WAYNE 9 m Y Br018f Sarah WAYNE 6 f Y Br018g Jane WAYNE 4 f Y Br018h William WAYNE 2m m Y ------[Brassington]---------- Br019a William WALKER 75 m Y Parish clerk ------[Brassington]---------- Br020a Robert WAYNE 50 m Y Farmer Br020b Ann WAYNE - f N ------[Brassington]---(p4, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)--- Br021a John ENSOR 45 m Y Ag labourer Br021b Hannah ENSOR 45 f Y Br021c Emilia ENSOR 10 f Y Br021d John ENSOR 9 m Y Br021e Mary ENSOR 7 f Y Br021f Ellen ENSOR 5 f Y Br021g John ENSOR 1 m Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2008, . All Rights Reserved.