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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

---Holley Fearns---[Bonsall]---(p1, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn001a   Mary           ALEXANDER      40  f  Y  Ind
Bn001b   Edith          ALEXANDER      7   f  Y
Bn001c   Mary           BUNTING        14  f  Y  F.s
---Holley Fearns---[Bonsall]----------
Bn002a   Benjamin       BUNTING        30  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn002b   Ellen          BUNTING        26  f  Y
Bn002c   Ann            BUNTING        7   f  Y
Bn002d   Hannah         BUNTING        5   f  Y
Bn002e   Eliza          BUNTING        3   f  Y
Bn002f   Elizabeth      BUNTING        5m  f  Y
---Holley Fearns---[Bonsall]----------
Bn003a   Charles        BRITLAND       25  m  Y  Cl
Bn003b   Mary           BRITLAND       24  f  Y
Bn003c   Elizabeth      BRITLAND       11m f  Y
---Holley Fearns---[Bonsall]----------
Bn004a   Edward         HOLMES         28  m  Y
Bn004b   Sarah          HOLMES         27  f  Y
Bn004c   Daniel         HOLMES         20  m  Y
Bn004d   Maria          BUNTING        1   f  Y
---Holley Fearns---[Bonsall]----------
Bn005a   George         MASSEY         35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn005b   Millicent      MASSEY         30  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn005c   Samuel         MASSEY         7   m  Y
---Hollow Brook---[Bonsall]----------
Bn006a   Job            SHELDON        55  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn006b   Ruth           SHELDON        50  f  Y
Bn006c   John           SHELDON        15  m  Y  Lab
Bn006d   Mary           SHELDON        15  f  Y
Bn006e   Ellen          SHELDON        11  f  Y
---Hollow Brook---[Bonsall]----------
Bn007a   John           WORTHY         65  m  Y  Hatter
Bn007b   Mary           WORTHY         25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Witch Nest---[Bonsall]---(p2, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn008a   George         WARD           45  m  Y  Lab
Bn008b   Sarah          WARD           45  f  Y
Bn008c   Jessiah        WARD           11  m  Y
Bn008d   Mary           WARD           9   f  Y
Bn008e   William        WARD           6   m  Y
Bn008f   Elizabeth      WARD           1   f  Y
---Witch Nest---[Bonsall]----------
Bn009a   Robert         BUNTING        45  m  Y  Lab
Bn009b   Bethiah        BUNTING        40  f  Y
Bn009c   William        BUNTING        21  m  Y  Lab
Bn009d   Sarah          BUNTING        15  f  Y
---Witch nest---[Bonsall]----------
Bn010a   Joseph         FERN           40  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn010b   Phoeby         FERN           30  f  Y
Bn010c   William        FERN           14  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn010d   Jane           FERN           2   f  Y
---Witch Nest---[Bonsall]----------
Bn011a   Prissella      BURTON         78  f  Y  Ind
Bn011b   Benjamin       BURTON         51  m  Y  Farrier
Bn011c   William        ORME           31  m  N  Brewer
---Witch nest---[Bonsall]----------
Bn012a   William        NORLEY         48  m  N  FWK
Bn012b   Hannah         NORLEY         40  f  Y
---Witch nest---[Bonsall]----------
Bn013a   John           WARD           48  m  Y  Lab
Bn013b   Ellen          WARD           50  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn013c   Mary           WARD           14  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Witch nest---[Bonsall]----------
Bn014a   George         COTTERILL      48  m  Y  FWK
Bn014b   Elizabeth      COTTERILL      40  f  Y
Bn014c   William        COTTERILL      21  m  Y
Bn014d   Ruth           COTTERILL      15  f  Y
Bn014e   Sarah          COTTERILL      11  f  Y
Bn014f   Jesse          COTTERILL      5   m  Y
Bn014g   Peter          COTTERILL      2m  m  Y
---Witch nest---[Bonsall]---(p3, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn015a   Robert         CLAY           40  m  Y  Miller
Bn015b   Mary           TOWNDROW       20  f  Y  F.s
Bn015c   George         PENDLETON      20  m  Y  Drapers sh
---Park side---[Bonsall]----------
Bn016a   Betty          FLINT          80  f  N  Ind
Bn016b   Elizabeth      RAINS          70  f  N  Ind
---Park side---[Bonsall]----------
Bn017a   Thomas         SELLORS        30  m  Y  Farmer
Bn017b   Ann            SELLORS        25  f  Y
Bn017c   Elizabeth      SELLORS        1   f  Y
Bn017d   Henry          SELLORS        5m  m  Y
Bn017e   Ann            BRADLEY        13  f  Y  F.s
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn018a   Ann            RAYNES         43  f  Y  Ind
Bn018b   Harriott       RAYNES         29  f  Y  Ind
Bn019a   Anthony        EVANS          35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn019b   Ann            EVANS          40  f  Y
Bn019c   Ann            BONSALL        3   f  Y
Bn020a   Moses          NEWTON         25  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn020b   Amey           NEWTON         40  f  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn021a   George         KILLER         35  m  Y  FWK
Bn021b   Lydia          KILLER         25  f  Y
Bn021c   William        KILLER         15  m  Y  FWK
Bn021d   Agness         KILLER         3   f  Y
Bn021e   John           KILLER         3m  m  Y
Bn021f   Mary           MITCHEL        6   f  Y
Bn021g   James          MITCHEL        5   m  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]---(p4, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn022a   Daniel         MASSEY         25  m  Y  FWK
Bn022b   Elizabeth      MASSEY         25  f  Y  FWK
Bn022c   Ann            MASSEY         2   f  Y
Bn022d   Esther         MASSEY         3m  f  Y
Bn022e   Ann            MASSEY         65  f  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn023a   Samuel         WORTHY         40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn023b   Elizabeth      WORTHY         45  f  Y
Bn023c   Hannah         WORTHY         20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn023d   Elija          WORTHY         17  m  Y  FWK
Bn023e   Sarah          WORTHY         13  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn023f   John           WORTHY         11  m  Y
Bn023g   Lydia          WORTHY         9   f  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn024a   Elizabeth      WOOD           65  f  Y
Bn024b   Elizabeth      WOOD           40  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn024c   Matilda        WOOD           30  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn024d   James          WOOD           20  m  Y
Bn024e   Henry          WOOD           8   m  Y
Bn025a   Thomas         HEROD          27  m  Y  Lab
Bn025b   Alice          HEROD          27  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn025c   George         HEROD          1   m  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn026a   Thomas         HAYNES         65  m  Y
Bn026b   Maud           HAYNES         65  f  Y
Bn026c   Mary           HAYNES         20  f  Y  FWK
Bn026d   Jacob          SALT           14  m  Y  M.s
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]---(p5, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn027a   John           PENISTON       50  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn027b   Hannah         PENISTON       50  f  Y
Bn027c   John           PENISTON       25  m  Y  FWK
Bn027d   Ann            PENISTON       21  f  Y  FWK
Bn027e   Eliza          PENISTON       27  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn027f   William        PENISTON       14  m  Y
Bn027g   Mary           PENISTON       12  f  Y
Bn027h   Amey           PENISTON       9   f  Y
Bn027i   John           WORTHY         35  m  Y  FWK
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn028a   George         ABELL          55  m  Y  Porter
Bn028b   Robert         FLINT          35  m  N  Carder
Bn028c   Mary           FLINT          40  f  Y
Bn028d   Lusia          FLINT          9   f  N
Bn028e   Robert         FLINT          7   m  N
Bn028f   Sarah          FLINT          6   f  N
Bn028g   Joseph         FLINT          5   m  N
Bn028h   John           FLINT          7w  m  N
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn029a   Joseph         KEITH          48  m  Y  Lab
Bn029b   Easther        KEITH          53  f  Y  FWK
Bn029c   Henry          KEITH          15  m  Y  FWK
Bn029d   Maria          OLIVER         30  f  Y  FWK
Bn029e   Salena         OLIVER         4   f  Y
Bn029f   John           POYSER         20  m  Y  FWK
Bn029g   James          HASLAM         25  m  Y  FWK
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]---(p6, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn030a   Edward         SEEDHOUSE      40  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn030b   Sarah          SEEDHOUSE      40  f  Y
Bn030c   Mary           SEEDHOUSE      15  f  Y
Bn030d   Henry          SEEDHOUSE      14  m  Y
Bn030e   Edward         SEEDHOUSE      12  m  Y
Bn030f   Hannah         SEEDHOUSE      10  f  Y
Bn030g   Thomas         SEEDHOUSE      8   m  Y
Bn030h   Maria          SEEDHOUSE      6   f  Y
Bn030i   Lydia          SEEDHOUSE      4   f  Y
Bn030j   Ann            SEEDHOUSE      1   f  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn031a   William        PRINCE         58  m  Y  Lead miner
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn032a   Henry          HENSTOCK       54  m  Y  Weaver
Bn032b   Elizabeth      HENSTOCK       54  f  Y
Bn032c   Jemima         HENSTOCK       26  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn032d   Mary           HENSTOCK       23  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn032e   Henry          HENSTOCK       21  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn032f   Hannah         HENSTOCK       19  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn032g   Joseph         HENSTOCK       17  m  Y  FWK
Bn032h   Esther         HENSTOCK       15  f  Y  FWK
Bn032i   Ann            HENSTOCK       13  f  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn033a   Anthony        DOXEY          25  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn033b   Catharine      DOXEY          25  f  Y
Bn033c   William        DOXEY          4   m  Y
Bn033d   Elizabeth      DOXEY          1   f  Y
Bn033e   Henry          TOMISSON       16  m  Y
---Yeoman street---[Bonsall]---(p7, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn034a   Thomas         REDFERN        30  m  Y  Comb m
Bn034b   Kitty          REDFERN        35  f  Y
Bn034c   John           REDFERN        9   m  Y
Bn034d   Ruth           REDFERN        2   f  Y
---Yeoman Street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn035a   John           FERN           34  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn035b   Youfan         FERN           40  f  Y
Bn035c   Mary           FERN           13  f  Y
Bn035d   Elizabeth      FERN           11  f  Y
Bn035e   Alice          FERN           6   f  Y
Bn035f   Hannah         FERN           3   f  Y
Bn035g   John           FERN           4m  m  Y
Bn035h   Sarah          FERN           80  f  N
Bn035i   Elizabeth      ABELL          44  f  Y
Bn036a   John           ABELL          40  m  Y  Publican
Bn036b   Elizabeth      ABELL          35  f  Y
Bn036c   James          ABELL          10  m  Y
Bn036d   John           ABELL          6   m  Y
Bn036e   Rachel         ABELL          60  f  Y  Ind
Bn036f   Samuel         HOLMES         20  m  Y  M.s
Bn036g   Maria          JOHNSON        15  f  Y  F.s
Bn037a   Mary           MATHER         75  f  Y  Publican
Bn037b   John           BALL           50  m  N  Paint m
Bn037c   Mary           BALL           50  f  N
Bn037d   John           GREGORY        60  m  Y  Lead miner
------[Bonsall]---(p8, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn038a   George         RICHARDS       40  m  Y  FWK
Bn038b   Hannah         RICHARDS       45  f  Y
Bn038c   William        RICHARDS       15  m  Y  FWK
Bn038d   George         RICHARDS       12  m  Y
Bn038e   Mary           RICHARDS       9   f  Y
Bn038f   Jermima        ROBINSON       14  f  N
Bn038g   Mary           BUNTING        70  f  Y
Bn039a   John           RAINS          40  m  Y  Higler
Bn039b   Elizabeth      RAINS          45  f  Y
Bn039c   Robert         RAINS          11  m  Y
Bn039d   Mary           RAINS          8   f  Y
Bn039e   Samuel         RAINS          3   m  Y
Bn040a   Agness         WOODWARD       67  f  Y  Seamer
Bn041a   John           KIRKLAND       45  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn041b   Mary           KIRKLAND       40  f  Y
Bn042a   Hannah         HASLAM         80  f  Y
Bn042b   John           ABELL          50  m  Y  Porter
Bn043a   Rebecca        WALVIN         46  f  Y  Washer woman
Bn043b   Ann            WALVIN         25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn043c   Lucy           WALVIN         11  f  Y
Bn044a   Thomas         MARPLES        54  m  Y  Frameworker
Bn044b   Harriott       MARPLES        44  f  N  Frameworker
Bn045a   Mark           EVANS          25  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn045b   Harriott       EVANS          29  f  N
Bn045c   Maria          EVANS          6m  f  Y
---Rectory---[Bonsall]---(p9, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn046a   Eden           GREVILLE       35  m  Y  Clergyman
Bn046b   Millicent      KIDD           45  f  Y  F.s
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn047a   James          GREATRIX       50  m  Y  Yeoman
Bn047b   Maria          GREATRIX       25  f  F
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn048a   Thomas         KIRKLAND       30  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn048b   Francess       KIRKLAND       31  f  Y
Bn048c   Maria          KIRKLAND       7   f  Y
Bn048d   Thomas         KIRKLAND       3   m  Y
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn049a   Ann            WORTHY         20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn049b   Jane           WORTHY         20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn050a   Mary           BRACE          75  f  Y
Bn050b   Mary           BRACE          45  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn051a   William        JACKSON        50  m  Y  Slater
Bn051b   Elizabeth      JACKSON        50  f  Y
Bn051c   Elizabeth      JACKSON        20  f  Y
Bn051d   Ruth           JACKSON        20  f  Y
Bn051e   Thomas         JACKSON        15  m  Y  Lead miner
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn052a   John           SELLORS        40  m  Y  Ind
Bn052b   Mary           SELLORS        40  f  N
Bn052c   Virginie       SELLORS        10  f  N
Bn052d   Clara          SELLORS        8   f  N
Bn052e   Bessy          SELLORS        6   f  N
Bn052f   Emily          SELLORS        3   f  N
Bn052g   Jemima         HOBSON         20  f  Y  Governess
Bn052h   Margaret       GERVIS         25  f  N  F.s
Bn052i   Elizabeth      STATHAM        14  f  Y  F.s
Bn052j   Charles        WRIGHT         45  m  N  Ind
---Town end---[Bonsall]---(p10, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn053a   John           MARSH          65  m  Y  Farmer
Bn053b   Ruth           MARSH          60  f  Y
Bn053c   Ruth           MARSH          30  f  Y
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn054a   John           GREGORY        59  m  Y  Joiner
Bn054b   Elizabeth      GREGORY        63  f  Y
---Town end---[Bonsall]----------
Bn055a   Joseph         ROBINSON       38  m  Y  Lead smelter
Bn055b   Martha         ROBINSON       34  f  Y
Bn055c   Elizabeth      ROBINSON       13  f  Y
Bn055d   Henry          ROBINSON       11  m  Y
Bn055e   Sarah          ROBINSON       9   f  Y
Bn055f   Mary           ROBINSON       6   f  Y
---Church street---[Bonsall]----------
Bn056a   John           HENSTOCK       45  m  Y  Tailor
Bn056b   Elizabeth      HENSTOCK       38  f  Y
Bn056c   Drusilla       HENSTOCK       10  f  Y
Bn056d   Ann            HENSTOCK       7   f  Y
Bn056e   Charlotte      HENSTOCK       7   f  Y
Bn056f   Lavina         HENSTOCK       2   f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn057a   Ann            HALE           40  f  Y  Chairwoman
Bn057b   George         HALE           14  m  Y
Bn057c   William        HALE           10  m  Y
Bn057d   Hannah         HALE           12  f  Y
Bn057e   Sarah          HALL           2   f  Y
Bn057f   Eliza          REDFERN        19  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]---(p11, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn058a   Rebecca        LAND           50  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn058b   Sarah          BUNTING        40  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn059a   Philip         LAND           30  m  Y  Cotton carder
Bn059b   Sarah          LAND           30  f  Y
Bn059c   Samuel         LAND           5   m  Y
Bn059d   Henry          LAND           3   m  Y
Bn059e   Anthony        LAND           2m  m  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn060a   Mary           PEARSON        75  f  Y
Bn060b   Thomas         FERN           30  m  Y  Stone mason
Bn060c   Harriott       FERN           25  f  N
Bn060d   Sarah          FERN           2   f  Y
Bn060e   Mary           FERN           1m  f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn061a   Samuel         KIRKLAND       35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn061b   Rebecca        KIRKLAND       35  f  Y
Bn061c   James          KIRKLAND       15  m  Y
Bn061d   Sarah          KIRKLAND       15  f  Y
Bn061e   Charles        KIRKLAND       14  m  Y
Bn061f   Mary           KIRKLAND       13  f  Y
Bn061g   Harriott       KIRKLAND       11  f  Y
Bn061h   Henry          KIRKLAND       6   m  Y
Bn061i   Samuel         KIRKLAND       4   m  Y
Bn061j   Alfred         KIRKLAND       1   m  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn062a   George         REDFERN        78  m  Y  Lab
Bn062b   Mary           REDFERN        50  f  Y
Bn062c   Eliza          MATHER         28  f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]---(p12, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn063a   Hannah         SPENCER        50  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn063b   Sarah          SPENCER        48  f  Y
Bn063c   William        SPENCER        20  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn063d   Hannah         SPENCER        16  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn063e   Hannah         REDFERN        60  f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn064a   Henry          BUNTING        66  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn064b   Ann            BUNTING        66  f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn065a   Jesse          SHELDON        25  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn065b   Martha         SHELDON        25  f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn066a   Henry          KIRKLAND       30  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn066b   Mary           KIRKLAND       25  f  Y
Bn066c   Elizabeth      KIRKLAND       4   f  Y
Bn066d   Sarah          KIRKLAND       1   f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn067a   Grace          EVANS          60  f  Y  Widow
Bn067b   Tracy          EVANS          27  f  Y
Bn067c   Mary           EVANS          24  f  Y  FWK
Bn067d   Julia          EVANS          11  f  Y  FWK
Bn067e   Hannah         BONSALL        5   f  Y
Bn067f   Martha         BONSALL        6m  f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn068a   John           CARLINE        35  m  Y  FWK
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn069a   John           BARNES         20  m  Y  FWK
Bn069b   Alice          BARNES         25  f  Y
Bn069c   Charlotte      BARNES         5   f  Y
Bn069d   Henry          BARNES         1   m  Y
Bn069e   Margaret       BARNES         26  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn069f   Dorothy        BARNES         18  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]---(p13, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn070a   Thomas         SEEDHOUSE      30  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn070b   Sarah          SEEDHOUSE      30  f  Y
Bn070c   Edward         SEEDHOUSE      5   m  Y
Bn070d   Mary           SEEDHOUSE      1   f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn071a   John           THOMPSON       40  m  Y  Comb m
Bn071b   Ruth           THOMPSON       35  f  Y
Bn071c   John           THOMPSON       9   m  Y
Bn071d   Eliza          THOMPSON       7   f  Y
Bn071e   William        THOMPSON       4   m  Y
Bn071f   Emil           THOMPSON       1   m  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn072a   Soloman        SHELDON        35  m  Y  Stone? cutter
Bn072b   Elizabeth      SHELDON        15  f  Y
Bn072c   Soloman        SHELDON        8   m  Y
Bn072d   Esther         SHELDON        6   f  Y
Bn072e   Sarah          SHELDON        4   f  Y
---Ember lane---[Bonsall]----------
Bn073a   Edmund         BROUNT         40  m  Y  Butcher
Bn073b   Elizabeth      BROUNT         35  f  Y
Bn073c   Ann            BROUNT         15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn073d   Thomas         BROUNT         13  m  Y  M.s
Bn073e   John           BROUNT         11  m  Y
Bn073f   George         BROUNT         7   m  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn074a   Daniel         SELLORS        75  m  Y  Ind
Bn074b   Flora          ROBINSON       65  f  Y  F.s
Bn074c   Francis        ROBINSON       35  m  Y  Gardener
---Green hill---[Bonsall]---(p14, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn075a   Mary           BRITTLEBANK    30  f  Y  Ind
Bn075b   Mary           BRITTLEBANK    9   f  Y
Bn075c   Matilda        BRITTLEBANK    7   f  Y
Bn075d   Andrew         BRITTLEBANK    3   m  Y
Bn075e   Matilda        BARNES         25  f  Y
Bn075f   Edward         BARNES         60  m  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn076a   Mary           BUNTING        60  f  Y
Bn076b   Isaac          BUNTING        20  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn076c   Anthony        BUNTING        20  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn076d   Joseph         BUNTING        15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn077a   Richard        ROBINSON       40  m  Y  Lead smelter
Bn077b   Ann            ROBINSON       40  f  Y
Bn077c   Ellen          ROBINSON       11  f  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn078a   John           KIRK           30  m  Y  Rope m
Bn078b   Ellen          KIRK           35  f  Y
Bn078c   Leedham        KIRK           3   m  Y
Bn078d   James          KIRK           1   m  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn079a   John           PEARSON        47  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn079b   Sarah          PEARSON        49  f  Y
Bn079c   Ann            PEARSON        16  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn079d   George         PEARSON        14  m  Y  Frameworker
Bn079e   Mary           PEARSON        12  f  Y
Bn079f   Anthony        PEARSON        9   m  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn080a   Ann            PEARSON        78  f  Y  Ind
---Green hill---[Bonsall]---(p15, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn081a   Hannah         KINDER         37  f  Y  Widow
Bn081b   John           KINDER         5   m  Y
Bn081c   Harriott       KINDER         3   f  Y
Bn081d   Margaret       KINDER         1   f  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn082a   William        BUXTON         65  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn082b   Edward         KNOWLES        30  m  Y  Lab
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn083a   Elizabeth      TARRAND        25  f  Y  Ind
Bn083b   Ann            BLOUNT         ?   f  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn084a   Grace          RAINS          40  f  Y  Ind
Bn084b   Jacob          RAINS          11  m  Y
Bn084c   Isaac          RAINS          10  m  Y
Bn084d   Charles        THORNTON       20  m  N  FWK
Bn084e   Silva          THORNTON       20  f  Y  FWK
Bn084f   John           THORNTON       5m  m  Y
Bn084g   William        WARD           20  m  N  FWK
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn085a   Henry          SEEDHOUSE      70  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn085b   Mary           SEEDHOUSE      70  f  Y
Bn085c   John           SEEDHOUSE      20  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn085d   Maria          WILKINSON      25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn085e   Henry          WILKINSON      1   m  Y
---Green hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn086a   Thomas         KIRK           70  m  Y  Rope m
Bn086b   Mary           KIRK           65  f  Y
Bn086c   Leedham        KIRK           25  m  Y  Baker
Bn086d   Hannah         KEELING        45  f  Y
Bn086e   Hannah         KEELING        10  f  -
Bn086f   Ann            KEELING        2   f  Y
Bn086g   Thomas         KEELING        2m  m  Y
---Cross---[Bonsall]---(p16, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn087a   Ann            STATHAM        40  f  Y  Butcher
Bn087b   Ann            STATHAM        20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn087c   George         STATHAM        15  m  Y  Butcher
Bn087d   Mary           STATHAM        15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn087e   Emma           STATHAM        12  f  Y
Bn088a   John           MATHER         35  m  Y  Cooper
Bn089a   Hannah         WRAGG          67  f  Y
Bn089b   Lydia          WRAGG          29  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn089c   Samuel         WRAGG          24  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn089d   Anabella       WRAGG          8   f  Y
Bn090a   James          KIRK           35  m  Y  Lead smelter
Bn090b   Ann            KIRK           30  f  Y
Bn090c   Fredrick       KIRK           12  m  Y
Bn090d   Mary           KIRK           8   f  Y
Bn090e   Harriott       KIRK           6   f  Y
Bn090f   Thomas         KIRK           4   m  Y
Bn090g   Ann            KIRK           5m  f  Y
Bn091a   Mathew         SHELDON        60  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn092a   Sarah          WORTHY         45  f  Y  Schoolmistress
Bn092b   Peter          SMEDLEY        7   m  Y
Bn092c   Hannah         SMEDLEY        5   f  Y
Bn092d   Ann            SMITH          20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn093a   Josiah         ROLLEY         35  m  Y  Sawyer
Bn093b   Ann            ROLLEY         35  f  Y
Bn093c   Mary           ROLLEY         15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn093d   Sarah          ROLLEY         14  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn093e   Thomas         ROLLEY         12  m  Y
Bn093f   John           ROLLEY         11  m  Y
Bn093g   Samuel         ROLLEY         9   m  Y
Bn093h   Ann            ROLLEY         6   f  Y
Bn093i   Betsy          ROLLEY         4   f  Y
Bn093j   Jossiah        ROLLEY         2   m  Y
---Bonsall---[Bonsall]---(p17, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn094a   John           PRINCE         50  m  Y  FWK
Bn094b   Sarah          PRINCE         49  f  Y
Bn094c   Ruth           PRINCE         17  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn094d   William        PRINCE         15  m  Y  FWK
Bn094e   Hannah         PRINCE         14  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn094f   Betsy          PRINCE         11  f  Y
Bn094g   Peter          PRINCE         7   m  Y
Bn094h   Ann            PRINCE         3   f  Y
Bn094i   Joseph         BROUNT         50  m  Y
Bn095a   Mary           POYSER         71  f  Y
Bn095b   David          LOXLEY         36  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn095c   Jemima         LOXLEY         33  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn095d   John           LOXLEY         11m m  Y
Bn095e   Ann            BARTHE         30  f  N
Bn095f   William        BARTHE         3   m  N
Bn095g   Elizabeth      BARTHE         1   f  N
---Bonsall---[Bonsall]---(p18, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn096a   John           BUNTING        38  m  Y  Blacksmith
Bn096b   Rebecca        BUNTING        34  f  Y
Bn096c   Mary           BUNTING        16  f  Y  FWK
Bn096d   Ellen          BUNTING        14  f  Y
Bn096e   Harriott       BUNTING        13  f  Y
Bn096f   John           BUNTING        9   m  Y
Bn096g   Lydia          BUNTING        6   f  Y
Bn096h   Elizabeth      BUNTING        2   f  Y
Bn097a   Samuel         POUNDALL       25  m  Y  Comb m
Bn097b   Martha         POUNDALL       25  f  Y
Bn097c   Millicent      POUNDALL       1   f  Y
Bn097d   Grace          POUNDALL       2m  f  Y
Bn098a   George         WARD           29  m  Y  Comb m
Bn098b   Elizabeth      WARD           30  f  N
Bn098c   Ann            WARD           7   f  Y
Bn098d   William        WARD           6   m  Y
Bn098e   Mary           WARD           3   f  Y
Bn098f   John           WARD           1   m  Y
Bn098g   Hannah         SPENDLOVE      25  f  Y  F.s
Bn099a   William        GREGORY        40  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn099b   Felicia        GREGORY        35  f  Y
Bn099c   James          GREGORY        13  m  Y
Bn099d   William        GREGORY        11  m  Y
Bn099e   Elizabeth      GREGORY        8   f  Y
Bn099f   Grace          GREGORY        6   f  Y
Bn099g   Martha         GREGORY        2   f  Y
Bn099h   Mary           GREGORY        9m  f  Y
---Bonsall---[Bonsall]---(p19, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn099y   Samuel         TIDESWELL      25  m  Y  Framework knitter  [probably a separate household]
Bn099z   Hannah         TIDESWELL      25  f  Y
Bn100a   Adam           WRAGG          35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn100b   Lydia          WRAGG          25  f  Y
Bn100c   Mary           WRAGG          4   f  Y
Bn100d   George         WRAGG          2   m  Y
Bn101a   William        WHEELDON       40  m  Y  Farmer
Bn101b   Mary           WHEELDON       35  f  Y
Bn101c   Ann            WHEELDON       7   f  Y
Bn101d   Samuel         WHEELDON       4   m  Y
Bn101e   Emma           WHEELDON       2   f  Y
Bn101f   Eliza          WHEELDON       3m  f  Y
Bn102a   Thomas         PRINCE         25  m  Y  FWK
Bn102b   Esther         PRINCE         20  f  Y
Bn102c   Charles        PRINCE         3   m  Y
Bn102d   John           PRINCE         5m  m  Y
Bn102e   John           SHELDON        65  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn103a   Robert         CHADWICK       53  m  Y  Farmer
Bn103b   Mary           CHADWICK       45  f  Y
Bn103c   Alice          CHADWICK       17  f  Y
Bn103d   William        CHADWICK       15  m  Y
Bn103e   Robert         CHADWICK       13  m  Y
Bn103f   Eliza          CHADWICK       10  f  Y
Bn103g   Samuel         CHADWICK       5   m  Y
Bn103h   Ann            CHADWICK       83  f  Y
Bn103i   Sarah          TRUMAN         2   f  Y
---Bonsall---[Bonsall]---(p20, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn104a   William        BUNTING        49  m  Y  Lab
Bn104b   Sofa           BUNTING        40  f  Y
Bn104c   John           BUNTING        24  m  Y
Bn104d   Jemima         BUNTING        12  f  Y
Bn105a   John           GRATTON        35  m  Y  Cooper
Bn105b   Ruth           GRATTON        35  f  Y
Bn106a   Francis        BOND           26  m  Y  FWK
Bn106b   Mary           BOND           26  f  Y
Bn106c   Esther         BOND           5   f  Y
Bn106d   Hannah         BOND           3   f  Y
Bn107a   William        ROPER          30  m  Y  Farmer
Bn107b   Ann            ROPER          30  f  Y
Bn107c   Emma           ROPER          8   f  Y
Bn107d   Frances        ROPER          6   m  Y
Bn107e   John           ROPER          5   m  Y
Bn107f   Louisa         ROPER          4   f  Y
Bn107g   Dorothy        ROPER          2m  f  Y
Bn108a   John           TWIGG          70  m  Y  Ind
Bn108b   Isabella       TWIGG          70  f  Y
Bn108c   Isabella       BUNTING        18  f  Y  F.s
Bn109a   John           WORTHY         38  m  Y  Shoe m
Bn109b   Mary           WORTHY         12  f  Y
Bn109c   Ruth           WORTHY         9   f  Y
Bn109d   Bessy          WORTHY         7   f  Y
Bn110a   Ellen          WOOD           40  f  Y  Semstress
Bn110b   Dolly          WOOD           26  f  Y  FWK
Bn110c   Matilda        WOOD           12  f  Y
Bn110d   William        WOOD           10  m  Y
Bn110e   Anthony        WOOD           6   m  Y
Bn110f   Hannah         WOOD           4   f  Y
Bn110g   John           WOOD           1   m  Y
Bn111a   John           ABELL          55  m  Y  FWK
Bn111b   Hannah         ABELL          50  f  Y
Bn111c   William        ABELL          22  m  Y  FWK
Bn111d   Adam           ABELL          20  m  Y  FWK
Bn111e   Sarah          ABELL          15  f  Y
Bn111f   Robert         GREGORY        15  m  Y
Bn112a   Joseph         HAY            40  m  Y  Lab
Bn112b   Elizabeth      HAY            37  f  Y
Bn112c   Sarah          HAY            35  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn112d   Ann            HAY            15  f  Y  FWK
Bn112e   Samuel         HAY            8   m  Y
Bn112f   William        HAY            2   m  Y
Bn113a   James          SHELDON        47  m  Y  FWK
Bn113b   Mary           SHELDON        35  f  Y
Bn113c   James          SHELDON        20  m  Y  FWK
Bn114a   Ann            LANE           55  f  Y  Ind
---Bonsall---[Bonsall]---(p22, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn115a   Sarah          TWIGG          55  f  Y  Ind
---Town head---[Bonsall]----------
Bn116a   William        FERN           25  m  Y  Farmer
Bn116b   John           FERN           9   m  Y
Bn116c   Elizabeth      FERN           30  f  Y
Bn116d   Hannah         FERN           20  f  Y
---Town head---[Bonsall]----------
Bn117a   Charles        BROOM          35  m  Y  Farmer
Bn117b   Ann            BROOM          30  f  Y
Bn117c   Emma           BROOM          3   f  Y
---Town head---[Bonsall]----------
Bn118a   Thomas         HALL           35  m  N  FWK
Bn118b   Elizabeth      HALL           30  f  Y  FWK
---Town head---[Bonsall]----------
Bn119a   Samuel         ELLIOTT        50  m  Y  Butcher
Bn119b   Elizabeth      ELLIOTT        40  f  Y
Bn119c   Samuel         ELLIOTT        13  m  Y
Bn119d   Benjamin       ELLIOTT        10  m  Y
Bn119e   William        ELLIOTT        8   m  Y
Bn119f   Joseph         ELLIOTT        6   m  Y
Bn119g   Mary           ELLIOTT        3   f  Y
Bn119h   Elizabeth      ELLIOTT        1   f  Y
Bn119i   Hannah         WIGLEY         16  f  Y
Bn119j   Sarah          WIGLEY         1m  f  Y
---Town head---[Bonsall]----------
Bn120a   Anthony        HOLEHOUSE      40  m  Y  Cotton weaver
Bn120b   Sarah          HOLEHOUSE      45  f  Y  FWK
---Town head---[Bonsall]----------
Bn121a   John           BERRESFORD     80  m  Y  Cotton weaver
Bn121b   Hannah         BERRESFORD     75  f  Y  Cotton weaver
Bn121c   Peter          BERRESFORD     35  m  N  Cutler
---Lowe---[Bonsall]---(p23, Bonsall, district 3, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn122a   John           SPENCER        38  m  Y  Farmer
Bn122b   Millicent      SPENCER        38  f  Y
Bn122c   John           SPENCER        5   m  Y
Bn122d   Isaac          SPENCER        9   m  Y
Bn122e   George         SPENCER        3   m  Y
Bn122f   Elizabeth      SPENCER        1   f  Y
Bn122g   Sarah          BUNTING        13  f  Y  F.s

---Bonsall Hollow---[Bonsall]---(p1, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn123a   Joseph         FEARN          50  m  Y  Horse keeper
Bn123b   Sophia         FEARN          50  f  Y
Bn123c   Sarah          TURNER         11  f  Y  Ind
---Bonsall hollow---[Bonsall]----------
Bn124a   Charles        SEAL           40  m  Y  Lab
Bn124b   Hannah         SEAL           43  f  Y
Bn124c   Charles        SEAL           12  m  Y
Bn124d   William        SEAL           2   m  Y
Bn124e   Elizabeth      SEAL           18  f  Y
Bn124f   Mary           SEAL           9   f  Y
---Bonsall hollow---[Bonsall]----------
Bn125a   William        BUXTON         50  m  Y  Millwright
Bn125b   Margrett       BUXTON         45  f  N
Bn125c   Anthony        BUXTON         20  m  Y  Millwright
Bn125d   Joseph         BUXTON         12  m  Y
Bn125e   John           BUXTON         9   m  Y
Bn125f   Elizabeth      BUXTON         1   f  Y
---Bonsall hollow---[Bonsall]----------
Bn126a   Anthony        SPENCER        45  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn126b   Mary           SPENCER        40  f  Y
Bn126c   James          SPENCER        11  m  Y
Bn126d   Phebe          SPENCER        6   f  Y
Bn126e   Ann            SPENCER        3   f  Y
Bn126f   Benjamin       SPENCER        5   m  Y
Bn126g   George         ROBINSON       35  m  Y  Smelter
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn127a   Benjamin       TOMISON        86  m  Y  Ind
Bn127b   Alice          TOMISON        81  f  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn128a   William        BROOKS         40  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn128b   Ann            BROOKS         4   f  Y
Bn128c   Mary           BROOKS         20  f  Y
Bn128d   Martha         BROOKS         15  f  Y
Bn128e   Alice          BROOKS         14  f  Y
Bn128f   Benjamin       BROOKS         15  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn128g   Ann            BROOKS         13  f  Y
Bn128h   William        BROOKS         11  m  Y
Bn128i   Samuel         BROOKS         7   m  Y
Bn128j   Elizabeth      BROOKS         2   f  Y
Bn128k   Eliza          BROOKS         20  f  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]---(p2, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn129a   John           KNOWLS         35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn129b   Elizabeth      KNOWLS         30  f  Y
Bn129c   Mary           HARRISON       14  f  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn130a   Joseph         ORME           75  m  Y  Ind
Bn130b   Robert         ORME           30  m  Y  FWK
Bn130c   Sarah          ORME           30  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn131a   William        KNOWLS         70  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn131b   William        KNOWLS         30  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn131c   Joseph         KNOWLS         35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn131d   Henry          KNOWLS         25  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn131e   Susannah       KNOWLS         40  f  Y
Bn131f   Adam           KNOWLS         14  m  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn132a   Joseph         TOMISON        30  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn132b   Martha         TOMISON        30  f  Y
Bn132c   Hannah         TOMISON        8   f  Y
---Bonsall hollow---[Bonsall]---(p3, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn133a   William        HIGGOTT        40  m  Y  Butcher
Bn133b   Jane           HIGGOTT        45  f  N
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn134a   William        TOMISON        70  m  Y  Ind
Bn134b   Hannah         TOMISON        45  f  Y
Bn134c   George         BUNTING        30  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn134d   Elizabeth      BUNTING        35  f  Y
Bn134e   Hannah         BUNTING        8   f  Y
Bn134f   Isabella       BUNTING        3   f  Y
Bn134g   John           LANGAM         15  m  Y
Bn134h   Alfred         GREGORY        13  m  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn135a   Henry          TOMISON        35  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn135b   Sarah          TOMISON        35  f  Y
Bn135c   Lidia          TOMISON        15  f  Y
Bn135d   Mary           TOMISON        10  f  Y
Bn135e   Thomas         TOMISON        8   m  Y
Bn135f   Maria          TOMISON        5   f  Y
Bn135g   Martha         TOMISON        3   f  Y
Bn135h   Rosinah        TOMISON        5m  f  Y
Bn135i   John           WOOD           40  m  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn136a   Aron           SPRINGTHORP    25  m  Y  Engineer
Bn136b   Elizabeth      SPRINGTHORP    25  f  Y
Bn136c   Mary           SPRINGTHORP    5   f  Y
Bn136d   Eliza          SPRINGTHORP    3   f  Y
Bn136e   Alfred         SPRINGTHORP    5m  m  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn137a   Joseph         GODBEHEAR      50  m  Y  Sawer
Bn137b   Mary           GODBEHEAR      50  f  Y
Bn137c   Alfred         GUDLESS        3   m  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]---(p4, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn138a   Henry          GRATTON        28  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn138b   Maria          GRATTON        28  f  Y
Bn138c   John           GRATTON        4   m  Y
Bn138d   William        GRATTON        3   m  Y
Bn138e   Hannah         GRATTON        1   f  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn139a   John           COTTERILL      55  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn139b   Ellen          COTTERILL      50  f  Y
Bn139c   John           COTTERILL      20  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn139d   George         COTTERILL      25  m  Y  Paint m
Bn139e   Thomas         COTTERILL      20  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn139f   Robert         COTTERILL      13  m  Y
Bn139g   Benjamin       COTTERILL      8   m  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn140a   Mary           POYSER         50  f  Y  Ind
Bn140b   Sarah          POYSER         15  f  Y
Bn140c   Mark           POYSER         12  m  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn141a   John           FLINT          45  m  Y  School m
Bn141b   Elizabeth      FLINT          4   f  Y
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn142a   Abraham        SMEDLEY        46  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn142b   Joseph         SMEDLEY        16  m  Y  Ap
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]----------
Bn143a   George         BRITLAND       55  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn143b   Alice          BRITLAND       55  f  Y
Bn143c   Sarah          BRITLAND       25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn143d   Ann            BRITLAND       20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn143e   Elizabeth      BRITLAND       15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
---Clatter way---[Bonsall]---(p5, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn144a   John           HOLBROOK       52  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn144b   Emma           HOLBROOK       58  f  Y
Bn144c   William        HOLBROOK       16  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn144d   Thomas         HOLBROOK       26  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn144e   Mary           HOLBROOK       25  f  N
Bn144f   Abigail        HOLBROOK       6m  f  Y
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn145a   Henry          ROWLAND        30  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn145b   Lucy           ROWLAND        39  f  Y
Bn145c   Mary           ROWLAND        5   f  Y
Bn145d   Henry          ROWLAND        1   m  Y
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn146a   Martha         WOOLEY         60  f  Y  Ind
Bn146b   Joseph         WOOLEY         21  m  Y  Lab
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn147a   Joseph         TOMLINSON      43  m  Y  Farmer
Bn147b   Elizabeth      TOMLINSON      45  f  Y
Bn147c   Joshua         TOMLINSON      16  m  Y
Bn147d   Robert         TOMLINSON      14  m  Y
Bn147e   Sarah          TOMLINSON      13  f  Y
Bn147f   Rebekah        TOMLINSON      10  f  Y
Bn147g   Samuel         TOMLINSON      7   m  Y
Bn147h   George         TOMLINSON      5   m  Y
Bn147i   Mary           TOMLINSON      3   f  Y
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn148a   Thomas         TOPHAM         35  m  Y  Cooper
Bn148b   Sarah          TOPHAM         35  f  Y
Bn148c   Francis        TOPHAM         1   f  Y
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]---(p6, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn149a   James          HENSTOCK       70  m  Y  Tailor
Bn149b   Ann            HENSTOCK       65  f  Y
Bn149c   Ann            COLLIER        20  f  Y
Bn149d   Rosalina       COLLIER        10m f  Y
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn150a   Thomas         HAYNES         20  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn150b   Mary           HAYNES         20  f  Y
Bn150c   John           HAYNES         9m  m  Y
Bn150d   Grace          CARLILE        60  f  Y
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn151a   William        WIGLEY         33  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn151b   Mary           WIGLEY         40  f  Y
Bn151c   Martha         RENSHAW        15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn151d   Edward         RENSHAW        14  m  Y  F.s
Bn151e   James          RENSHAW        12  m  Y  Comb m
Bn151f   Esther         RENSHAW        10  f  Y
---Puddle hill---[Bonsall]----------
Bn152a   William        HENSTOCK       60  m  Y  Miner
Bn152b   William        HENSTOCK       5   m  Y
Bn152c   Hannah         HENSTOCK       60  f  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn153a   John           HODGKINSON     34  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn153b   Elizabeth      HODGKINSON     33  f  Y
Bn153c   Sarah          HODGKINSON     16  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn153d   John           HODGKINSON     14  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn153e   William        HODGKINSON     10  m  Y
Bn153f   James          HODGKINSON     1   m  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn154a   William        BODEN          30  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn154b   Elizabeth      BODEN          25  f  Y
Bn154c   Samuel         BODEN          2   m  Y
Bn154d   James          BODEN          5m  m  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]---(p7, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn155a   Job            WORTHY         50  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn155b   Mary           WORTHY         40  f  Y
Bn155c   Job            WORTHY         20  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn155d   John           WORTHY         15  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn155e   Samuel         WORTHY         15  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn155f   William        WORTHY         10  m  Y
Bn155g   Thomas         WORTHY         15  m  Y
Bn155h   Sarah          WORTHY         10  f  Y
Bn155i   Mary           WORTHY         5   f  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn156a   Newton         WRIGHT         37  m  Y  Shoe m
Bn156b   Mary           WRIGHT         31  f  Y
Bn156c   Newton         WRIGHT         10  m  Y
Bn156d   John           WRIGHT         25  m  Y  Stocking m
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn157a   Benjamin       POUNDAL        30  m  Y  Comb m
Bn157b   Ann            POUNDAL        30  f  Y
Bn157c   William        POUNDAL        5   m  Y
Bn157d   Grace          POUNDAL        3   f  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn158a   William        OLIVER         45  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn158b   Fanny          OLIVER         40  f  Y
Bn158c   Josiah         OLIVER         20  m  Y
Bn158d   Maria          OLIVER         15  f  Y
Bn158e   Emma           OLIVER         9   f  Y
Bn158f   Mary           MILLWARD       15  f  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]---(p8, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn159a   Fredrick       BOND           25  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn159b   Sarah          BOND           35  f  Y
Bn159c   Emma           BOND           4   f  Y
Bn159d   Joshua         BOND           2   m  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn160a   Humphrey       BARNES         25  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn160b   Elizabeth      BARNES         40  f  N
Bn160c   Silvy          BARNES         2   f  Y
Bn160d   Sarah          WOODWARD       17  f  N
Bn160e   Harriott       WOODWARD       12  f  Y
Bn160f   John           WOODWARD       10  m  Y
Bn160g   Alfred         WOODWARD       6   m  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn161a   Henry          COLLINSON      40  m  N  Stocking m
Bn161b   Jane           COLLINSON      4   f  N
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn162a   Silas          BUNTING        35  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn162b   Elizabeth      BUNTING        40  f  Y
Bn162c   Sarah          BUNTING        12  f  Y
Bn162d   Mary           BUNTING        7   f  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn163a   William        KIRKLAND       40  m  Y
Bn163b   Hannah         KIRKLAND       40  f  Y
Bn163c   Stephen        KIRKLAND       15  m  Y
Bn163d   Charlotte      KIRKLAND       10  f  Y
Bn163e   Hannah         KIRKLAND       5   f  Y
---Bonsall dale?---[Bonsall]----------
Bn164a   Charles        FEARN          35  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn165a   Benjamin       SHELDON        35  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn165b   Ann            SHELDON        30  f  Y
Bn165c   Milicent       SHELDON        15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Bn165d   Benjamin       SHELDON        13  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn165e   William        SHELDON        10  m  Y
Bn165f   George         SHELDON        5   m  Y
Bn165g   Jacob          SHELDON        8m  m  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]---(p9, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn166a   Samuel         REDFERN        25  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn166b   Elizabeth      REDFERN        30  f  Y
Bn166c   Emma           REDFERN        1   f  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn167a   William        BUNTING        45  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn167b   Elizabeth      BUNTING        45  f  Y
Bn167c   William        BUNTING        15  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn167d   Alice          BUNTING        20  f  Y  Stocking m
Bn167e   Benjamin       BUNTING        10  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn167f   Job            BUNTING        9   m  Y  Lead miner
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn168a   James          WORTHY         25  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn168b   Esther         WORTHY         25  f  Y
Bn168c   James          WORTHY         1   m  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn169a   William        GRATTON        25  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn169b   Ann            GRATTON        25  f  Y
Bn169c   Ruth           GRATTON        3   f  Y
---Bonsall dale---[Bonsall]----------
Bn170a   John           GRATTON        50  m  Y  Stocking m
Bn170b   Hannah         GRATTON        50  f  Y
Bn170c   Jemima         GRATTON        15  f  Y
Bn170d   Philip         GRATTON        14  m  Y
Bn170e   Hannah         GRATTON        10  f  Y
---Slaley---[Bonsall]---(p10, Bonsall, district 4, HO 107/197/7)---
Bn171a   George         WOOD           39  m  Y  Ag lab
Bn171b   Sarah          WOOD           38  f  Y
Bn171c   Benjamin       WOOD           10  m  Y
Bn172a   Jacob          SHELDON        73  m  Y  Ind
Bn173a   Joseph         SHELDON        71  m  Y  Lead miner
Bn173b   John           SHELDON        19  m  Y  Ap
Bn173c   Mary           FEARN          58  f  Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.