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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

------[Alderwasley]---(p1, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad01a     John           WILMOT         40  m  Y  Farmer
Ad01b     Mary           WILMOT         40  f  Y
Ad01c     John           WILMOT         14  m  Y
Ad01d     Mary           WILMOT         6   f  Y
Ad01e     Sarah          WILMOT         3   f  Y
Ad01f     William        WILMOT         1   m  Y
Ad01g     Mary           DEAN           25  f  Y  F.s
Ad01h     Mary           WALKER         12  f  Y  F.s
Ad01i     Joseph         PEAT           16  m  Y  M.s
Ad02a     Edward         GADSBY         40  m  Y  Farm bailiff
Ad02b     Elizabeth      GADSBY         35  f  Y  H.k
Ad02c     Mary           GADSBY         35  f  Y  F.d
Ad03a     Elizabeth?     NUTTALL        30  f  Y  F.s
Ad03b     Frances        WALKER         20  f  Y  F.s
Ad03c     Robert         EDWARD         30  m  Y  M.s
Ad04a     Robert         BROMLEY        21  m  Y  L.surveyor
Ad04b     Charles        ROBERTSON      15  m  N  L.surveyor
Ad04c     John           NUTTALL        38  m  Y  Farmer
Ad04d     Ann            NUTTALL        40  f  Y
Ad04e     James          PAINTER        24  m  Y  M.s
Ad04f     George         THIRKETTLE     17  m  N  M.s
Ad04g     Mary           GREGORY        21  f  Y  F.s
Ad05a     Jedier?        WINSON         30  m  Y  Ag.lab
Ad05b     Hannah         WINSON         30  f  Y
Ad05c     William        HIDES          7   m  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p2, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)----
Ad06a     John           RODGERS        40  m  N  Gardiner
Ad06b     John           RODGERS        13  m  N
Ad06c     George         RODGERS        11  m  N
Ad06d     Henry          RODGERS        9   m  N
Ad06e     James          RODGERS        8   m  N
Ad06f     Charles        RODGERS        6   m  Y
Ad06g     Robert         RODGERS        4   m  Y
Ad06h     Sarah          RODGERS        35  f  N
Ad06i     Mary           RODGERS        1   f  Y
Ad07a     John           LAMBERT        66  m  Y  P
Ad07b     Sarah          LAMBERT        50  f  Y
Ad07c     Elizabeth      LAMBERT        10  f  Y
Ad07d     James          ROBINSON       3   m  N
Ad08a     Joseph         CALLOWDINE     66  m  Y  Farmer
Ad08b     Anne           CALLOWDINE     55  f  Y
Ad08c     Joseph         CALLOWDINE     15  m  Y
Ad08d     Elias          CALLOWDINE     15  m  Y
Ad08e     Anna           CALLOWDINE     10  f  Y
Ad08f     Mary           ALSOP          15  f  Y
Ad09a     Samuel         ALTON          60  m  Y  Ag.lab
Ad09b     Mary           ALTON          55  f  Y
Ad09c     Grace          POTTER         15  f  Y  F.s
Ad09d     Hannah         STORER         2   f  Y
Ad10a     Thomas         BUNTING        25  m  Y  Joiner
Ad10b     Mary           BUNTING        20  f  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p3, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)----
Ad11a     Samuel         CLARKE         55  m  Y  Inn keeper
Ad11b     Lucy           CLARKE         55  f  Y
Ad11c     Hannah         BROCKLEHURST   12  f  Y
Ad11d     Elizabeth      BROCKLEHURST   10  f  Y
Ad12a     John           LAHEY          70  m  N  Blacksmith
Ad12b     Martha         LAHEY          73  f  N
Ad12c     Elizabeth      LAHEY          46  f  Y
Ad12d     John           HARRIS         17  m  Y  Appren
Ad13a     John           BROOKS         35  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad13b     Elizabeth      BROOKS         41  f  Y
Ad13c     Benjamin       BROOKS         9   m  Y
Ad13d     Ann            BROOKS         7   f  Y
Ad13e     Sarah          BROOKS         4   f  Y
Ad13f     Thomas         BROOKS         3   m  Y
Ad13g     Emma           BROOKS         1   f  Y
Ad13h     William        MARCHANT       70  m  Y
Ad14a     Joseph         COLDWELL       40  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad14b     Elizabeth      COLDWELL       35  f  Y
Ad14c     George         COLDWELL       10  m  Y
Ad14d     Joshua         COLDWELL       9   m  Y
Ad14e     Sarah          COLDWELL       7   f  Y
Ad14f     John           COLDWELL       10m m  Y
Ad14g     William        HOULGATE       30  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad15a     Benjamin       EASTWOOD       60  m  Y  Hammerman
Ad15b     Ann            EASTWOOD       55  f  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p4, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad16a     George         CALDWELL       40  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad16b     Elizabeth      CALDWELL       40  f  Y
Ad16c     Inerigh?       CALDWELL       15  m  Y
Ad16d     Sarah          CALDWELL       13  f  Y
Ad16e     C?             WINSON         25  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad16f     M?             WINSON         25  f  Y
Ad16g     Elizabeth      WINSON         6   f  Y
Ad16h     Martha         WINSON         5   f  Y
Ad16i     Charles        WINSON         4m  m  Y
Ad17a     Benjamin       WIGHT          55  m  Y  Farmer
Ad17b     Margrat        WIGHT          55  f  Y
Ad17c     Thomas         WIGHT          25  m  Y
Ad17d     Elin           ALSOP          20  f  Y  F.s
Ad17e     Sarah          ENSER          20  f  Y  F.s
Ad17f     Francis        BRITTLEBANK    20  m  Y  M.s
Ad17g     Francis        BUTLER         15  m  Y  M.s
Ad17h     Sarah          STATHAM        35  f  Y  Ind
Ad18a     William        SPENDLOVE      45  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad18b     Jane           SPENDLOVE      40  f  Y
Ad18c     Mary           SPENDLOVE      8   f  Y
Ad18d     Ann            SPENDLOVE      3   f  Y
Ad18e     Isack          GROUGRY?       15  m  Y
Ad19a     Marshall       GOODALL        20  m  N  Ag lab
Ad19b     Mary           GOODALL        20  f  Y
Ad19c     Marshall       GOODALL        1   m  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p5, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad20a     Isaih          MOORE          40  m  Y  Game keeper
Ad20b     Ann            MOORE          35  f  Y
Ad20c     Mary           MOORE          12  f  Y
Ad20d     Sarah          MOORE          10  f  Y
Ad20e     Eliza          MOORE          8   f  Y
Ad20f     John           MOORE          4   m  Y
Ad20g     Frances        MOORE          3   f  Y
Ad20h     Emma           MOORE          1   f  Y
Ad20i     Emma           WINFIELD       20  f  Y  F.s
Ad21a     John           SMITH          75  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad21b     John           SMITH          30  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad21c     Hannah         SMITH          20  f  Y
Ad21d     Abraham        SMITH          10m m  Y
Ad22a     Hugh           HOLE           48  m  Y  Farmer
Ad22b     John           HOLE           22  m  Y
Ad22c     Hugh           HOLE           20  m  Y
Ad22d     Mary           HOLE           18  f  Y
Ad22e     Isaac          HOLE           16  m  Y
Ad22f     Elin           HOLE           15  f  Y
Ad22g     Lydia          HOLE           10  f  Y
Ad22h     Henry          HOLE           10  m  Y
Ad22i     Elizabeth      HOLE           5   f  Y
Ad22j     Rebecca        HOLE           3   f  Y
Ad22k     Elizabeth      HOLE           40  f  Y
Ad22l     Henry          SHERLOCK       20  m  Y  M.s
------[Alderwasley]---(p6, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad23a     Joseph         SHELLY         20  m  N  Pudlar
Ad23b     Suhana         SHELLY         25  f  N
Ad23c     Emma           SHELLY         6   f  N
Ad23d     John           SHELLY         3   m  N
Ad23e     Matilda        SHELLY         1   f  N
Ad24a     Evan           THOMAS         30  m  N  Forgeman
Ad24b     Elizabeth      THOMAS         35  f  N
Ad24c     Selina         THOMAS         9   f  N
Ad24d     Palana         THOMAS         5   f  N
Ad24e     Solome         THOMAS         4   f  N
Ad24f     Evan           THOMAS         3   m  N
Ad25a     Thomas         HENDRICK       55  m  N  Forgeman
Ad25b     Elizabeth      HENDRICK       45  f  N
Ad25c     Martha         HENDRICK       15  f  Y
Ad26a     William        ADAMS          65  m  Y  Forgeman
Ad26b     Sarah          ADAMS          65  f  N
Ad26c     Mary           ADAMS          30  f  Y
Ad26d     Sarah          ADAMS          25  f  Y
Ad26e     Hannah         ADAMS          20  f  Y
Ad27a     Sarah          WEBSTER        60  f  Y
Ad27b     Ann            WEBSTER        23  f  Y
Ad27c     John           WEBSTER        19  m  Y  Forgeman
Ad27d     William        WEBSTER        9   m  Y
Ad27e     Luke           ADAMS          68  m  Y  Forgeman
Ad27f     Arthur         BROWN          18  m  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p7, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad28a     Thomas         ADAMS          52  m  Y  Ballfurnessman
Ad28b     Ann            ADAMS          45  f  Y
Ad28c     Charles        ADAMS          25  m  Y
Ad28d     John           ADAMS          20  m  Y
Ad28e     Ann            ADAMS          14  f  Y
Ad28f     Garman         ADAMS          9   m  Y
Ad28g     Mary           ADAMS          4   f  Y
Ad29a     William        WARD           50  m  N  Sheetiron reeler?
Ad29b     Ann            WARD           50  f  N
Ad29c     Sarah          WARD           20  f  N
Ad29d     Elizabeth      WARD           15  f  N
Ad30a     Samuel         COOPER         45  m  Y  M.s
Ad30b     Hannah         COOPER         25  f  Y
Ad30c     Samuel         COOPER         20  m  Y
Ad30d     George         COOPER         20  m  Y
Ad30e     Charles        COOPER         15  m  Y
Ad30f     Elizabeth      COOPER         14  f  Y
Ad30g     Joseph         COOPER         12  m  Y
Ad31a     John           MOLD           60  m  N  Iron master
Ad31b     Elizabeth      WALKER         45  f  N  Ind
Ad31c     Martha         GRIFFITH       30  f  N  F.s
Ad31d     Elizabeth      TRAIBY?        19  f  N  F.s
Ad32a     William        BARNES         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad32b     John           BARNES         6   m  Y
Ad32c     Martha         BARNES         30  f  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p8, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad33a     Samuel         HIDES          60  m  Y  Firnissman
Ad33b     John           HIDES          30  m  Y  Firnissman
Ad33c     Elizabeth      HIDES          30  f  Y
Ad33d     Sarah          HIDES          20  f  Y
Ad33e     Henry          HIDES          15  m  Y
Ad33f     Samuel         HIDES          10  m  Y
Ad33g     John           HIDES          5   m  Y
Ad33h     George         HIDES          3   m  Y
Ad33i     Eliza          HIDES          1   f  Y
Ad34a     Samuel         WEBSTER        26  m  Y  Furnessman
Ad34b     Sarah          WEBSTER        25  f  Y
Ad34c     Elizabeth      WEBSTER        2   f  Y
Ad34d     Emmaly         WEBSTER        9m  f  Y
Ad35a     Samuel         WAYNE          35  m  Y  Farmer
Ad35b     Easter         WAYNE          35  f  Y
Ad35c     John           LEE            15  m  Y  Lab
Ad36a     William        GRAINGER       45  m  Y  FWK
Ad36b     Sophia         GRAINGER       45  f  N
Ad36c     Jane           GRAINGER       19  f  N
Ad37a     William        CALDWELL       45  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad37b     Barbara        CALDWELL       45  f  Y
Ad37c     Elisa          CALDWELL       10  f  Y
Ad38a     Nathaniel      CALDWELL       20  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad38b     Sharllot       CALDWELL       20  f  Y
Ad38c     John           CALDWELL       11m m  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p9, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)----
Ad39a     Elias          ALTON          50  m  Y  Miller
Ad39b     Fanny          ALTON          40  f  N
Ad39c     Hannah         ALTON          80  f  Y  Ind
Ad39d     Elias          ALTON          7   m  Y
Ad39e     William        STEVENSON      30  m  N  Ind
Ad39f     Sarah          STEVENSON      40  f  Y
Ad40a     William        BROCKLEHURST   40  m  Y  C.wainer
Ad40b     Hannah         BROCKLEHURST   40  f  Y
Ad40c     Pheby          BROCKLEHURST   17  f  Y
Ad40d     Joseph         BROCKLEHURST   16  m  Y
Ad40e     Prisela        BROCKLEHURST   15  f  Y
Ad40f     Anthony        BROCKLEHURST   14  m  Y
Ad40g     Aaron          BROCKLEHURST   13  m  Y
Ad40h     Selina         BROCKLEHURST   9   f  Y
Ad40i     Ann            BROCKLEHURST   7   f  Y
Ad40j     Lideah         BROCKLEHURST   6   f  Y
Ad40k     Hannah         BROCKLEHURST   4   f  Y
Ad40l     John           BROCKLEHURST   3   m  Y
Ad40m     William        BROCKLEHURST   1   m  Y
Ad40n     Mary           JACKSON        26  f  N  F.s
Ad41a     Hannah         BROCKLEHURST   75  f  Y
Ad41b     Henry          BROCKLEHURST   50  m  Y  Farmer
Ad41c     Anne           BROCKLEHURST   24  f  Y
Ad41d     Sarah          BROCKLEHURST   11  f  Y
Ad41e     William        BYARD          15  m  Y  M.s
------[Alderwasley]---(p10, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad42a     Job            PEAT           50  m  Y  Farmer
Ad42b     Sarah          PEAT           55  f  Y
Ad42c     Elin           PEAT           30  f  Y
Ad42d     Ann            MALIN          6   f  Y
Ad42e     David          WOOD           40  m  Y  M.s
Ad42f     William        JACKSON        18  m  Y  M.s
Ad42g     Joseph         CALDWELL       12  m  N  M.s
Ad43a     John           FLETCHER       45  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad43b     Elizabeth      FLETCHER       40  f  Y
Ad43c     John           FLETCHER       20  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad43d     Benjamin       FLETCHER       20  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad43e     Joseph         FLETCHER       11  m  Y
Ad43f     Elizabeth      FLETCHER       8   f  Y
Ad43g     Emma           FLETCHER       2   f  Y
Ad43h     Elin           FLETCHER       22  f  Y
Ad43i     Sarah          FLETCHER       2m  f  Y
Ad44a     William        BUTLAR         55  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad44b     Martha         BUTLAR         50  f  Y
Ad44c     Elizabeth      BUTLAR         25  f  Y
Ad44d     Daniel         BUTLAR         15  m  Y
Ad44e     Fanny          BUTLAR         10  f  Y
Ad45a     Miles          PEAT           30  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad45b     Rebecka        PEAT           35  f  Y
Ad45c     Elizabeth      PEAT           11  f  Y
Ad45d     William        PEAT           8   m  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p11, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad46a     George         ALTON          30  m  Y  Cordwainer
Ad46b     Debear         ALTON          30  f  Y
Ad46c     Ann            ALTON          14  f  Y
Ad46d     Mary           ALTON          7   f  Y
Ad46e     John           ALTON          5   m  Y
Ad46f     Samuel         ALTON          3   m  Y
Ad47a     William        SAUNDERS       50  m  Y  Farmer
Ad47b     Hannah         SAUNDERS       45  f  Y
Ad47c     Joseph         SAUNDERS       45  m  Y
Ad47d     Joseph         SAUNDERS       22  m  Y
Ad47e     William        SAUNDERS       17  m  Y
Ad47f     Thomas         SAUNDERS       14  m  Y
Ad47g     Samuel         SAUNDERS       12  m  Y
Ad47h     Mary           SAUNDERS       8   f  Y
Ad48a     Samuel         HARPER         35  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad48b     Hannah         HARPER         30  f  Y
Ad48c     Harriett       HARPER         11  f  Y
Ad48d     Mary           HARPER         9   f  Y
Ad48e     Samuel         HARPER         7   m  Y
Ad48f     Charles        HARPER         5   m  Y
Ad48g     Hannah         HARPER         2   f  Y
Ad49a     Nathaniel      HOULGATE       65  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad49b     Ann            HOULGATE       25  f  Y
Ad49c     Emma           HOULGATE       20  f  Y
Ad49d     Sarah          HOULGATE       5   f  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p12, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad50a     Joseph         STORER         50  m  Y  Farmer
Ad50b     Elizabeth      STORER         35  f  Y
Ad50c     Jonothan       STORER         12  m  Y
Ad50d     Joseph         STORER         10  m  Y
Ad50e     William        STORER         9   m  Y
Ad50f     John           STORER         8   m  Y
Ad50g     Elizabeth      STORER         3   f  Y
Ad50h     Emma           STORER         1   f  Y
Ad50i     Robert         STORER         4m  m  Y
Ad50j     John           STORER         45  m  Y  Ind
Ad50k     William        REDFERN        15  m  Y  M.s
Ad50l     Eliza          STORER         18  f  Y  F.s
Ad50m     Pheabey        HITCHCOCK      12  f  Y  F.s
Ad51a     George         SMITH          45  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad51b     Elizabeth      SMITH          35  f  Y
Ad51c     John           SMITH          17  m  Y
Ad51d     Fanny          SMITH          14  f  Y
Ad51e     Sarah          SMITH          10  f  Y
Ad51f     Ann            SMITH          3   f  Y
Ad52a     William        MARSAS?        50  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad52b     Mary           MARSAS?        40  f  Y
Ad52c     Sarah          MARSAS?        80  f  Y
Ad52d     William        MARSH          50  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad52e     Hannah         MARSH          50  f  Y
Ad52f     Joseph         HOULGATE       70  m  Y  Ag lab
------[Alderwasley]---(p13, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad53a     George         RIPTON         55  m  Y  W wright
Ad53b     George         RIPTON         34  m  Y  Joiner
Ad53c     Martha         RIPTON         55  f  Y
Ad53d     Mary           RIPTON         20  f  Y
Ad53e     Mary           RIPTON         7   f  N
Ad54a     John           HARPER         50  m  Y  Farmer
Ad54b     Hannah         HARPER         45  f  Y
Ad54c     Samuel         HARPER         23  m  Y
Ad54d     Ann            HARPER         18  f  Y
Ad54e     Emma           HARPER         15  f  Y
Ad54f     Silina         HARPER         11  f  Y
Ad55a     James          HATFIELD       23  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad55b     Mary           HATFIELD       27  f  Y
Ad55c     Henry          HATFIELD       4   m  Y
Ad55d     Robert         HATFIELD       2   m  Y
Ad55e     Ann            HATFIELD       1m  f  Y
Ad56a     William        ALSOP          35  m  Y  Sawer
Ad56b     Hannah         ALSOP          35  f  Y
Ad56c     Thomas         ALSOP          15  m  Y
Ad56d     John           ALSOP          12  m  Y
Ad56e     Elizabeth      ALSOP          6   f  Y
Ad56f     Ann            ALSOP          3   f  Y
Ad57a     William        PEAT           65  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad57b     Mary           PEAT           60  f  Y
Ad57c     Maria          PEAT           30  f  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p14, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad58a     Joseph         TAYLOR         20  m  Y  Joiner
Ad58b     Ann            TAYLOR         15  f  Y
Ad58c     Samuel         TAYLOR         75  m  Y
Ad58d     Martha         TAYLOR         70  f  Y
Ad58e     George         TAYLOR         25  m  Y
Ad58f     Sarah          BOLLINGTON     65  f  Y
Ad58g     Hannah         VALLANS        15  f  Y
Ad59a     John           TAYLOR         35  m  Y  C wainer
Ad59b     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         35  f  Y
Ad59c     William        TAYLOR         8   m  Y
Ad59d     Samuel         TAYLOR         6   m  Y
Ad59e     Mary           TAYLOR         4   f  Y
Ad59f     Ann            TAYLOR         1   f  Y
Ad60a     George         CALDWELL       65  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad60b     Martha         CALDWELL       65  f  Y
Ad60c     John           HEAPY          65  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad61a     Mark           CARLINE        35  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad61b     Dorothy        CARLINE        40  f  Y
Ad61c     Elizabeth      CARLINE        10  f  Y
Ad62a     Marke          CARLINE        60  m  Y  Game keeper
Ad62b     Mary           CARLINE        12  f  Y
Ad63a     Samuel         REDFERN        40  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad63b     Sarah          REDFERN        35  f  Y
Ad63c     Mary           REDFERN        10  f  Y
Ad63d     Hannah         REDFERN        3   f  Y
------[Alderwasley]---(p15, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad64a     George         ASHTON         35  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad64b     Mary           ASHTON         30  f  Y
Ad64c     Mary           ASHTON         14  f  Y
Ad64d     William        ASHTON         9   m  Y
Ad64e     George         ASHTON         2   m  Y
Ad64f     Jese           TAYLOR         40  m  Y  Joiner
Ad65a     Samuel         REPTON         25  m  Y  W wright
Ad65b     Mary           REPTON         25  f  Y
Ad65c     Anthony        BROCKLEHURST   70  m  Y  Farmer
Ad66a     George         STORER         60  m  Y  Farmer
Ad66b     Hannah         STORER         55  f  Y
Ad66c     John           STORER         25  m  Y
Ad66d     Hariat         STORER         15  f  Y
Ad66e     Abraham        STORER         10  m  Y
Ad66f     George         STORER         10  m  Y
Ad66g     Moses          STORER         9   m  Y
Ad66h     James          SLATER         35  m  Y  M.s
Ad67a     Francis        PEAT           40  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad67b     Ann            PEAT           40  f  Y
Ad67c     Edwin          PEAT           14  m  Y
Ad67d     Francis        PEAT           10  m  Y
Ad67e     Phineas        PEAT           5   m  Y
Ad67f     Ann            PEAT           6m  f  Y
Ad68a     Ann            HODGKINSON     45  f  Y
Ad68b     Joseph         CARLINE        35  m  Y  Sawer
------[Alderwasley]---(p16, Alderwasley, district 9, HO 107/182/15)---
Ad69a     William        CLARKE         30  m  Y  Farmer
Ad69b     Elizabeth      CLARKE         30  f  Y
Ad69c     John           CLARKE         1   m  Y
Ad69d     Sarah          BROCKLEHURST   9   f  Y
Ad70a     Dorothy        BACON          55  f  Y  Grocer
Ad70b     Sarah          BACON          45  f  Y
Ad70c     John           WOOD           60  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad71a     Samuel         WALKER         50  m  Y  Ag lab
Ad71b     Ann            WALKER         50  f  Y
Ad71c     Fanny          WALKER         15  f  Y
Ad71d     Samuel         WALKER         14  m  Y
Ad71e     Isaac          WALKER         13  m  Y
Ad71f     Jane           WALKER         10  f  Y
Ad72a     James          SIMS           55  m  Y  Farmer
Ad72b     Garman         SIMS           15  m  Y  Ap
Ad72c     John           REDGATE        20  m  Y  M.s
Ad72d     Hannah         REDGATE        42  f  Y
Ad73a     John           HIGTON         65  m  Y  Farmer
Ad73b     Phineas        HIGTON         15  m  Y
Ad73c     Isable         HIGTON         60  f  N
Ad74a     William        BROCKLEHURST   45  m  Y  Farmer
Ad74b     Elin           BROCKLEHURST   30  f  Y
Ad74c     Edward         SAWYER         30  m  N  Game keeper

---Sand hall---[Ashlehay]---(p1, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As01a     Timothy        CLARKE         35  m  N  Shoe m
As01b     Ellen          CLARKE         40  f  Y
As01c     Sarah          CLARKE         11  f  Y
As01d     John           CLARKE         9   m  Y
As01e     Ellen          CLARKE         7   f  Y
As01f     Dorothy        CLARKE         5   f  Y
As01g     Samuel         CLARKE         3   m  Y
---Cold Aston---[Ashlehay]----------
As02a     John           JACKSON        65  m  Y  Farmer
As02b     Mary           JACKSON        70  f  Y  Farmer
As02c     John           JACKSON        11  m  Y
As03a     Joseph         REDFERN        30  m  Y  Farmer
As03b     Mary           REDFERN        20  f  Y
As03c     Henry          REDFERN        1   m  Y
---Dead Carr---[Ashlehay]----------
As04a     Benjamin       GILLOTT        45  m  Y  Farmer
As04b     Mary           GILLOTT        35  f  Y  Farmer
As04c     John           GILLOTT        15  m  Y  Ag lab
As04d     Mary           GILLOTT        12  f  Y
As04e     William        GILLOTT        8   m  Y
As04f     Benjamin       GILLOTT        5   m  Y
As04g     Thomas         GILLOTT        11m m  Y
---Bowling Alley---[Ashlehay]----------
As05a     John           FLINT          55  m  Y  Ag lab
As05b     Lucy           FLINT          50  f  Y
As06a     Thomas         LICHFIELD      35  m  Y  Stockinger
As06b     Eliza          LICHFIELD      25  f  Y
As06c     Henry          LICHFIELD      4   m  Y
---Storer Lane---[Ashlehay]---(p2, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As07a     William        PIDCOCK        45  m  Y  Farmer
As07b     Mary           PIDCOCK        45  f  Y
As07c     Maria          PIDCOCK        15  f  Y
As07d     John           PIDCOCK        14  m  Y
As07e     Mary           PIDCOCK        8   f  Y
As07f     Thomas         NEEDHAM        15  m  Y  M.s
---Dirty Lane End---[Ashlehay]----------
As08a     John           HAYNES         30  m  Y  Ag lab
As08b     Mary           HAYNES         25  f  Y
As08c     Robert         HAYNES         2   m  Y
---Broad Gate---[Ashlehay]----------
As09a     John           BYARD          45  m  Y  Farmer
As09b     Elizabeth      BYARD          40  f  Y
As09c     Elizabeth      BYARD          20  f  Y
As09d     Thomas         BYARD          14  m  Y
As09e     Mary           BYARD          7   f  Y
As09f     Joseph         BYARD          2   m  Y
---Broad Gate---[Ashlehay]----------
As10a     James          HAYNES         35  m  Y  Ag lab
As10b     Jane           HAYNES         30  f  Y  Ag lab
As10c     John           HAYNES         12  m  Y  Ag lab
As10d     James          HAYNES         10  m  Y  Ag lab
As10e     Thomas         HAYNES         8   m  Y
As10f     Mary           HAYNES         5   f  Y
As10g     William        HAYNES         3   m  Y
As10h     Joseph         HAYNES         2   m  Y
---Broad gate---[Ashlehay]----------
As11a     William        HUGHES         75  m  Y  Farmer
As11b     Ann            HUGHES         65  f  Y
---Ashleyhay---[Ashlehay]---(p3, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As12a     Thomas         FOULK          25  m  Y  Ag lab
As12b     Mary           FOULK          20  f  Y
As12c     Samuel         FOULK          3   m  Y
As12d     Ellen          FOULK          7m  f  Y
---New Buildings---[Ashlehay]----------
As13a     Joseph         TAYLOR         30  m  Y  Farmer
As13b     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         25  f  Y
As13c     Sarah          TAYLOR         8   f  Y
As13d     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         6   f  Y
As13e     Joseph         TAYLOR         4   m  Y
As13f     Francis        TAYLOR         2   m  Y
As13g     Mary           TAYLOR         6m  f  Y
As13h     Samuel         KIRKLAND       20  m  Y  M.s
As13i     John           ROE            20  m  Y  M.s
As13j     Peter          KIDDY          12  m  Y  M.s
As13k     Elizabeth      WARING?        15  f  Y  F.s
As13l     Ann            WILSON         10  f  Y  F.s
As14a     Charles        WINSON         50  m  Y  Carpenter
As14b     Ann            WINSON         70  f  Y  Ind
---Middin? Hole---[Ashlehay]----------
As15a     German         DEAN           30  m  Y  Farmer
As15b     Milicent       DEAN           35  f  Y
As15c     Mary           DEAN           7   f  Y
As15d     Hannah         DEAN           6   f  Y
As15e     Samuel         DEAN           5   m  Y
As15f     Patience       DEAN           4   f  Y
As15g     William        DEAN           1   m  Y
As15h     John           HOLMES         15  m  Y  M.s
As15i     Thomas         STAFFORD       15  m  Y  M.s
As15j     George         HEATHCOTE      12  m  Y  M.s
As15k     Maria          SHIPLEY        15  f  Y  F.s
As15l     Ann            BOWN           11  f  Y  F.s
---Storer Lane---[Ashlehay]---(p4, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As16a     Samuel         STATHAM        40  m  Y  Farmer
As16b     Phebea         STATHAM        45  f  Y
As16c     John           STATHAM        10  m  Y
As16d     William        STATHAM        6   m  Y
As16e     Elizabeth      WINSON         75  f  Y  Ind
As16f     Thomas         OAKELY         15  m  Y  M.s
As17a     Joseph         REDFERN        55  m  Y  Farmer
As17b     Elizabeth      REDFERN        40  f  Y
As17c     Eliza          REDFERN        15  f  Y
As17d     Francis        REDFERN        10  m  Y
---Storer Lane---[Ashlehay]----------
As18a     John           WINSON         35  m  Y  Farmer
As18b     Mary           WINSON         30  f  Y
As18c     Sarah          WINSON         5   f  Y
As18d     Ann            WINSON         4   f  Y
As18e     John           WINSON         2   m  Y
As18f     Charlotte      WINSON         6m  f  Y
As18g     George         OAKELY         15  m  Y  M.s
As18h     Elizabeth      REDFERN        15  f  Y  F.s
As19a     Robert         LONGDON        60  m  Y  Ag lab
As19b     Hannah         LONGDON        50  f  Y  Ind
---Ashleyhay---[Ashlehay]---(p5, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As20a     Robert         SPENCER        25  m  Y  Ag lab
---Beighton hole---[Ashlehay]----------
As21a     Aron           STOPPARD       25  m  Y  Farmer
As21b     Mary           STOPPARD       25  f  Y
As21c     Hannah         STOPPARD       3   f  Y
As21d     James          STOPPARD       2   m  Y
As21e     Thomas         STOPPARD       5m  m  Y
---Beighton hole---[Ashlehay]----------
As22a     Dorothy        GREATOREX      50  m  Y  Farmer
As22b     Mary           GREATOREX      15  f  Y
As22c     Samuel         GREATOREX      15  m  Y
As22d     Thomas         BROWN          20  m  Y  M.s
As22e     Frances        BROWN          3   f  Y
---Beighton hole---[Ashlehay]----------
As23a     Anable         THOMAS         55  m  Y  Farmer
As23b     Mary           THOMAS         55  f  Y
As23c     Thomas         BRATBY         12  m  Y  M.s
---Beighton hole---[Ashlehay]----------
As24a     William        FOULK          45  m  Y  Ag lab
As24b     Hannah         FOULK          40  f  Y
As24c     Eliza          FOULK          15  f  Y
As24d     Charlotte      FOULK          10  f  Y
As24e     Elizabeth      FOULK          4   f  Y
---Dirty Lane end---[Ashlehay]----------
As25a     William        PEAT           65  m  Y  Farmer
As25b     David          JOHNSON        45  m  Y  Shoe m
As25c     Sarah          JOHNSON        50  f  Y
As25d     Mary           JOHNSON        20  f  Y
As25e     Charles        JOHNSON        11  m  Y
As25f     James          JOHNSON        3   m  Y
---Beighton bank---[Ashlehay]---(p6, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As26a     William        BRATBY         35  m  Y  Ag lab
As26b     Sarah          BRATBY         35  f  Y
As26c     George         BRATBY         12  m  Y
As26d     Hannah         BRATBY         9   f  Y
As26e     Mary           BRATBY         6   f  Y
---Beighton bank---[Ashlehay]----------
As27a     John           FEARN          25  m  Y  Ag lab
As27b     Eliza          FEARN          30  f  Y
As27c     Samuel         FEARN          11m m  Y
---Brown House---[Ashlehay]----------
As28a     Thomas         RICHARDSON     30  m  Y  Farmer
As28b     Sarah          RICHARDSON     30  f  Y
As28c     William        RICHARDSON     8   m  Y
As28d     John           RICHARDSON     6   m  Y
As28e     Sarah          RICHARDSON     4   f  Y
As28f     Mary           RICHARDSON     2   f  Y
As28g     Samuel         JOHNSON        20  m  Y  M.s
As28h     Samuel         HEATHCOTE      15  m  Y  M.s
As28i     Phebe          BROCKLEHURST   15  f  Y  F.s
---Bowmer Lane---[Ashlehay]----------
As29a     George         MALIN          40  m  Y  Farmer
As29b     Elizabeth      MALIN          25  f  Y
As29c     Joseph         MALIN          4   m  Y
As29d     Mary           MALIN          3   f  Y
As29e     George         MALIN          1   m  Y
As29f     N.k            MALIN          6d  f  Y
As29g     Harriott       ROWLAND        14  f  Y  F.s
As29h     Hannah         SMITH          13  f  Y  F.s
---Spout---[Ashlehay]---(p7, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As30a     Elizabeth      SPENCER        60  f  Y  Ind
As30b     William        SPENCER        20  m  Y  Farmer
As30c     Sarah          SPENCER        20  f  Y  Ind
As30d     Samuel         WALKER         15  m  Y  M.s
As30e     Mary           CLARKE         15  f  Y  F.s
---Broad gates---[Ashlehay]----------
As31a     Lydia          BYARD          70  f  Y  Farmer
As31b     John           BYARD          40  m  Y  M.s
As32a     Richard        BULLOCK        70  m  Y  Ag lab
As32b     Ann            BULLOCK        25  f  Y
As32c     Mary           BULLOCK        11  f  Y
---Sand Hall---[Ashlehay]----------
As33a     Lot            WINSON         35  m  Y  Ag lab
As33b     Sarah          WINSON         25  f  Y
As33c     Maria          WINSON         8   f  Y
As33d     Robert         WINSON         6   m  Y
As33e     Lucy           WINSON         5   f  Y
As33f     Mary           WINSON         3   f  Y
As33g     Thomas         WINSON         1   m  Y
As33h     N.k            WINSON         2w  f  Y
---Broad gate---[Ashlehay]----------
As34a     Sarah          FOX            55  f  Y  Ind
---Broad gate---[Ashlehay]----------
As35a     Samuel         REDFERN        45  m  Y  Farmer
As35b     Lydia          REDFERN        35  f  Y
As35c     John           REDFERN        12  m  Y
As35d     Charles        REDFERN        10  m  Y
As35e     George         REDFERN        8   m  Y
As35f     Sarah          REDFERN        3   f  Y
As35g     Samuel         REDFERN        5d  m  Y
---Ashleyhay---[Ashlehay]---(p8, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)----
As36a     John           JACKSON        40  m  Y  Ag lab
As36b     Phebe          JACKSON        35  f  Y
As36c     Mary           JACKSON        13  f  Y
As36d     Ellen          JACKSON        9   f  Y
As36e     Amy            JACKSON        4   f  Y
As36f     Elizabeth      JACKSON        2   f  Y
As37a     Samuel         FOX            35  m  Y  Ag lab
As37b     Mary           FOX            20  f  Y
As37c     Joseph         FOX            3   m  Y
As37d     Samuel         FOX            2   m  Y
As37e     Emma           FOX            4m  f  Y
---Bannister Hall---[Ashlehay]----------
As38a     Francis        BOWLER         45  m  Y  Ag lab
As38b     Elizabeth      BOWLER         40  f  Y
As38c     Ellen          BOWLER         12  f  Y
---Bannister Hall---[Ashlehay]----------
As39a     John           PRESTON        30  m  Y  Sawyer
As39b     Ruth           PRESTON        25  f  Y
As39c     Kitty          PRESTON        4   f  Y
As39d     John           PRESTON        2   m  Y
As39e     Robert         PRESTON        3m  m  Y
As39f     James          LAMB           15  m  Y  Sawyer
---Bannister Hall---[Ashlehay]----------
As40a     William        BRATBY         60  m  Y  Ag lab
As40b     Sarah          BRATBY         60  f  Y
---Beighton Hill---[Ashlehay]----------
As41a     Thomas         PICKARD        14  m  Y  Ind
As41b     Susannah       PICKARD        30  f  Y  Schoolmistress
---Fishponds---[Ashlehay]---(p9, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As42a     George         PEAT           50  m  Y  Farmer
As42b     Mary           PEAT           50  f  Y
As42c     George         PEAT           20  m  Y  Ag lab
As42d     Ann            PEAT           15  f  Y  Ag lab
As42e     John           PEAT           14  m  Y  Ag lab
As42f     Charles        PEAT           11  m  Y
As42g     Hannah         PEAT           4   f  Y
As42h     Richard        PEAT           60  m  Y  M.s
As42i     William        PEAT           55  m  Y  M.s
As42j     Emma           PEAT           12  f  Y  F.s
As43a     Thomas         BYARD          50  m  Y  Farmer
As43b     Elizabeth      BYARD          50  f  Y
As43c     Thomas         BYARD          15  m  Y  Ag lab
As43d     Gervase        BYARD          13  m  Y  Ag lab
As43e     Anthony        BYARD          10  m  Y
As43f     Henry          BYARD          3   m  Y
As44a     Richard        MALIN          35  m  Y  Farmer
As44b     Phebe          MALIN          25  f  Y
As44c     Hannah         MALIN          11  f  Y
As44d     Sarah          MALIN          10  f  Y
As44e     George         MALIN          3   m  Y
As44f     Martha         MALIN          11m f  Y
As44g     William        PEAT           20  m  Y  M.s
As44h     Jonathon       COOPER         15  m  Y  M.s
As44i     Joseph         DONCASTER      15  m  Y  M.s
As44j     Mary           DONCASTER      15  f  Y  F.s
As44k     Mary           JACKSON        9   f  Y  F.s
---Colne brook---[Ashlehay]---(p10, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As45a     Richard        LANGDON        35  m  N  Farmer
As45b     Martha         LANGDON        25  f  N
As45c     Henry          LANGDON        6   m  Y
As45d     Lydia          LANGDON        5   f  Y
As45e     Richard        LANGDON        2   m  Y
As45f     Jemima         LANGDON        9m  f  Y
As45g     Mary           STORER         15  f  Y  F.s
As46a     Thomas         KEY            50  m  Y  Farmer
As46b     Charlotte      KEY            45  f  Y
As46c     Martha         KEY            15  f  Y
As46d     George         KEY            15  m  Y
As46e     Charlotte      KEY            11  f  Y
As46f     Mary           KEY            8   f  Y
As46g     Elizabeth      KEY            4   f  Y
As46h     Anthony        ROWLAND        15  m  Y  M.s
As47a     Sarah          BYARD          75  f  Y  Farmer
As47b     Mary           BYARD          40  f  Y
As48a     George         BROCKLEHURST   50  m  Y  Farmer
As48b     Mary           BROCKLEHURST   40  f  Y
As48c     William        BROCKLEHURST   20  m  Y
As48d     Henry          BROCKLEHURST   15  m  Y
As48e     Frederic       BROCKLEHURST   5   m  Y
As49a     William        GREATOREX      25  m  Y  Farmer
As49b     Elizabeth      GREATOREX      20  f  Y
As49c     Joseph         GREATOREX      1   m  Y
As49d     Mary           GREATOREX      4m  f  Y
As49e     Mary           GREATOREX      35  f  Y  Ind
As49f     Thomas         PEAT           14  m  Y  M.s
---Ashleyhay---[Ashlehay]---(p11, Ashleyhay, district 10, HO 107/182/16)---
As50a     Samuel         GREATOREX      65  m  Y  Ag lab
As50b     William        GREATOREX      40  m  Y  Ag lab
---Coney greave?---[Ashlehay]----------
As51a     Phineas        PEAT           50  m  Y  Farmer
As51b     Hannah         PEAT           50  f  Y
As51c     Mary           PEAT           15  f  Y
As51d     Paul           HIGTON         20  m  Y  M.s
As51e     William        JOHNSON        15  m  Y  M.s
As52a     Joseph         SPENDLOVE      30  m  Y  Ag lab
As52b     Hannah         SPENDLOVE      30  f  Y  Ag lab
As52c     Robert         SPENDLOVE      7   m  Y  Ag lab
As52d     Job            SPENDLOVE      6   m  Y  Ag lab
As52e     Jane           SPENDLOVE      5   f  Y
As52f     Samuel         SPENDLOVE      2   m  Y
As52g     Joseph         SPENDLOVE      4m  m  Y
As53a     Joseph         BYARD          35  m  Y  Ag lab
As53b     Elizabeth      BYARD          30  f  Y
As53c     Hannah         BYARD          1   f  Y

DERBYSGEN Archives. 
Missing Census pages for Biggin 1841 found. (p1, p2. Bg01a-Bg09c)
Sun, 27 Mar 2011 14:55:54 +0100 
---Biggin---[Biggin]---(p1, Biggin, district 11, HO 107/182/17)---
Bg01a     Samuel         LOCKETT        30  m  Y  Farmer
Bg01b     Alice          LOCKETT        30  f  Y
Bg01c     William        LOCKETT        3   m  Y
Bg01d     John           LOCKETT        1   m  Y
Bg01e     John           COWLEY         15  m  Y  M.S.
Bg01f     Ann?           WILD           14  f  Y  F.S.
Bg02a     James          SIMPSON        45  m  Y  Farmer
Bg02b     Susannah       SIMPSON        45  f  Y
Bg02c     William        EYRES          15  m  Y  M.S.
Bg02d     John           MORLEY         20  m  Y  M.S.
Bg02e     Jane           HUNT           7   f  Y  Ind.
Bg03a     James          FARRISH?       60  m  Y  ?
Bg03b     Samuel         BAINBRIGGE     30  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg03c     Sylvia         BAINBRIGGE     30  f  Y
Bg04a     John           BOOTH          35  m  Y  Farmer
Bg04b     Hannah         BOOTH          30  f  Y
Bg04c     Joseph         BOOTH          12  m  Y
Bg04d     William        BOOTH          11  m  Y
Bg04e     John           BOOTH          7   m  Y
Bg04f     Daniel         BOOTH          6   m  Y
Bg04g     Mary           BOOTH          3   f  Y
Bg04h     Abraham        BOOTH          1   m  Y
Bg04i     Sarah          BOOTH          9   f  Y
Bg04j     Charles        BRELSFORD      18  m  Y  M.S.
Bg04k     Mary           BEESTON        15  f  Y  F.S.
Bg04l     Robert         BOOTH          20  m  Y  China burner
Bg04m     Lettitia       BOOTH          15  f  Y
------[Biggin]---(p2, Biggin, district 11, HO 107/182/17)---
Bg05a     Millicent      BOOTH          45  f  Y  Ind.
Bg05b     Mary           BOOTH          25  f  Y  Milliner
Bg05c     John           BOOTH          20  m  Y
Bg05d     Robert         BOOTH          13  m  Y
Bg05e     William        BOOTH          6   m  Y
Bg05f     Harriett       BOOTH          4   f  Y
Bg06a     Joseph         WASS           45  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg06b     Alice          WASS           40  f  Y
Bg06c     Phebe          WASS           15  f  Y
Bg06d     Sarah          WASS           10  f  Y
Bg07a     Robert         BEESTON        30  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg07b     Ann            BEESTON        25  f  Y
Bg07c     Mary           BEESTON        5   f  Y
Bg07d     Emma           BEESTON        3   f  Y
Bg08a     Thomas         ROBINSON       40  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg08b     Mary           ROBINSON       40  f  Y
Bg08c     Mary           ROBINSON       15  f  Y
Bg08d     Edwin          ROBINSON       10  m  Y
Bg08e     James          ROBINSON       5   m  Y
Bg08f     Sarah          NUTTAL?        84  f  Y  Ind.
Bg09a     Samuel         BRAILSFORD     60  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg09b     Sarah          BRAILSFORD     45  f  Y
Bg09c     Dorothy        BRAILSFORD     15  f  Y
Bg09d     Mary           BRAILSFORD     15  f  Y
Bg09e     Thomas         BRAILSFORD     12  m  Y
Bg09f     Sarah          BRAILSFORD     8   f  Y
Bg09g     William        BRAILSFORD     5   m  Y
---Biggin---[Biggin]---(p3, Biggin, district 11, HO 107/182/17)---
Bg10a     Charles        BEESTON        60  m  Y  Farmer
Bg10b     Ruth           BEESTON        55  f  Y
Bg10c     Ruth           BEESTON        20  f  Y
Bg10d     Hannah         BEESTON        15  f  Y
Bg10e     Joseph         BEESTON        14  m  Y
Bg11a     John           HUNT           45  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg11b     Mary           HUNT           45  f  Y
Bg11c     Mary           HUNT           15  f  Y
Bg12a     John           MILWARD        25  m  Y  Farmer
Bg12b     Hannah         MILWARD        35  f  Y
Bg12c     William        MILWARD        7   m  Y
Bg12d     Henry          MILWARD        5   m  Y
Bg12e     John           MILWARD        3   m  Y
Bg12f     Samuel         MILWARD        1   m  Y
Bg12g     Thomas         WILMOTT        15  m  Y  M.s
Bg12h     Thomas         MURFIN         13  m  Y  M.s
Bg12i     Johnanah?      WHEELD?        14  f  Y  F.s
Bg13a     Samuel         HUNT           60  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg14a     William        BOOTH          50  m  Y  Farmer
Bg14b     Sarah          WILKINS        50  f  Y
Bg14c     Sarah          WILKINS        20  f  Y
Bg14d     Sylvia         WILKINS        11  f  Y
Bg14e     Henry          WILKINS        6   m  Y
---Biggin---[Biggin]---(p4, Biggin, district 11, HO 107/182/17)---
Bg15a     Thomas         AUSTIN         75  m  Y  Ind
Bg15b     Daniel         AUSTIN         40  m  Y  Ind
Bg15c     Mary           MURFIN         30  f  Y  Ind
Bg15d     Samuel         MURFIN         2   m  Y
Bg16a     Thomas         BUCKY?         65  m  Y  Ind
Bg16b     Catharine      BUCKY?         50  f  Y
Bg16c     Harriet        HUTCHINSON     7   f  Y  ? child
Bg17a     John           MART           70  m  Y  Farmer
Bg17b     Mary           MART           50  f  Y
Bg18a     Robert         WAYNE          70  m  Y  Farmer
Bg18b     Elizabeth      WAYNE          40  f  Y
Bg18c     Jane           ATKIN          65  f  Y  Ind
Bg18d     William        BROWN          35  m  Y  M.s
Bg18e     Maria          ALSOP          15  f  Y  F.s
Bg19a     Samuel         KIRKLAND       45  m  Y  Farmer
Bg19b     Sarah          KIRKLAND       45  f  Y
Bg19c     William        KIRKLAND       15  m  Y
Bg19d     Hannah         KIRKLAND       15  f  Y
Bg19e     Mathew         KIRKLAND       10  m  Y
Bg19f     John           KIRKLAND       9   m  Y
Bg19g     Patience       KIRKLAND       7   f  Y
Bg19h     David          KIRKLAND       3   m  Y
Bg20a     Hannah         BEESTON        53  f  Y  School mistress
Bg20b     John           BEESTON        13  m  Y
Bg20c     Thomas         BEESTON        10  m  Y
---Biggin---[Biggin]---(p5, Biggin, district 11, HO 107/182/17)---
Bg21a     George         FORD           35  m  Y  Farmer
Bg21b     Elizabeth      FORD           30  f  Y
Bg21c     John           FORD           8   m  Y
Bg21d     George         FORD           6   m  Y
Bg21e     Isaac          FORD           4   m  Y
Bg21f     Mary           FORD           2   f  Y
Bg21g     Richard        AWTY           15  m  Y  M.s
Bg21h     Samuel         MILLINGTON     15  m  Y  M.s
Bg21i     Thomas         KIRKLAND       15  m  Y  M.s
Bg22a     Harriet        PIDCOCK        35  f  Y  Ind
Bg22b     Lucy           BEATON         20  f  Y  F.s
Bg22c     Elizabeth      PEAT           35  f  Y  F.s
Bg22d     Thomas         BEESTON        60  m  Y  M.s
Bg23a     William        WEBSTER        50  m  Y  Farmer
Bg23b     Mary           WEBSTER        25  f  Y
Bg23c     John           WEBSTER        15  m  Y
Bg23d     Eliza          WEBSTER        15  f  Y
Bg23e     Hannah         SWINDL         20  f  Y  F.s
Bg23f     Ann            COOPER         15  f  Y  F.s
Bg23g     Joseph         BRITLAND       30  m  Y  M.s
Bg23h     William        ROOM           12  m  Y  M.s
Bg23i     Thomas         ROBINSON       12  m  Y  M.s
Bg23j     William        HALLSWORTH     15  m  Y  M.s
---Biggin---[Biggin]---(p6, Biggin, district 11, HO 107/182/17)---
Bg24a     William        MIRFIN         40  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg24b     Mary           MIRFIN         40  f  Y
Bg24c     John           MIRFIN         7   m  Y
Bg25a     John           MURFIN         65  m  Y  Ag lab
Bg25b     Alice          MURFIN         60  f  Y
Bg26a     Lydia          COOPER         70  f  Y  Ind
Bg27a     Stephen        WILBUGH?       30  m  N  Farmer
Bg27b     Ann            WILBUGH?       25  f  N
Bg27c     Charles        WILBUGH?       2   m  Y
Bg27d     Rebecca        WILBUGH?       1   f  Y
Bg27e     George         MURFIN         15  m  Y  M.s
Bg28a     John?          BAINBRIGGE     55  m  Y  Farmer
Bg28b     Sarah          BAINBRIGGE     55  f  Y
Bg28c     John           BAINBRIGGE     30  m  Y
Bg28d     Thomas         BAINBRIGGE     25  m  Y
Bg28e     Ellen          BAINBRIGGE     20  f  Y
Bg28f     Maria          BAINBRIGGE     15  f  Y
Bg29a     Richard        WEESON?        40  m  Y  Farmer
Bg29b     Mary           WEESON?        75  f  Y
Bg29c     Elizabeth      WEESON?        35  f  Y
Bg29d     Samuel         FORD           30  m  Y  M.s
Bg29e     William        STAFFORD       15  m  Y  M.s
Bg29f     Robert         KIRKLAND       13  m  Y  M.s
Bg29g     Louisa         BROWN          15  f  Y  F.s

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.