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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1901 Census for the Wirksworth Area,
which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ivonbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 19,072 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2004, John Palmer.
All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation            Where born           Comments


#1---Alderwasley Hall---[Alderwasley]---(page 1,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad01a      Albert Fred   HURT         Head    M 66  M  Living on own means   Yeldersley
Ad01b      Alice         HURT         Wife    M 57  F                        Hitchin HRT
Ad01c      Grace E J     HURT         Dau     S 25  F                        Little Eaton
Ad01d      Cecilia ECJ   HURT         Niece   S 23  F  Living on own means   Birkenhead CHS
Ad01e      Hannah        WARMINGTON   Servant S 34  F  Ladys maid domestic   Aynho NTH
Ad01f      Alice         SMITHARD     Servant S 31  F  Housemaid dom         Repton
Ad01g      Louisa        BEESTON      Servant S 20  F  Housemaid dom         Tissington
Ad01h      Harriet       UDALE        Servant S 27  F  Kitchenmaid dom       Calwick STS
Ad01i      Annie         MEWIES       Servant S 16  F  Scullerymaid dom      Walton upon Trent
Ad01j      John E        BUCKLER      Servant S 26  M  Butler                Leicester LEI
Ad01k      Henry         ALLSOP       Servant S 15  M  Usher                 Alderwasley
---(Private Church)---
#2---The Hall Gardens---[Alderwasley]---
Ad02a      Frank E       YOUNG        Head    M 25  M  Gardener domestic     Elton GLS
Ad02b      Sarah A       YOUNG        Wife    M 27  F                        Elton GLS
Ad02c      Ellen         REYNOLDS     Sis iL  S 20  F  Parlourmaid dom       Flaxby GLS
#3---Chapel Hill---[Alderwasley]---
Ad03a      Thomas        ALLSOP       Head    M 75  M  Cowman on farm        Alderwasley
Ad03b      Sarah         ALLSOP       Wife    M 68  F                        Derby
Ad03c      Maria         ALLSOP       Dau     S 30  F  Dressmaker            Alderwasley
Ad03d      Edith         ALLSOP       Dau     S 26  F  Schoolteacher         Alderwasley
Ad03e      Amelia C      ALLSOP       Gdau    S 16  F                        Barnsley YKS
---(Mortuary Chapel)---
#4---Chapel Hill---[Alderwasley]---
Ad04a      William       TWIGG        Head    M 49  M  Relieving officer     Masborough YKS
Ad04b      Elizabeth G   TWIGG        Wife    M 45  F                        Greasborough YKS
Ad04c      Stuart W J    TWIGG        Son     S 20  M  Medical student       Crich
Ad04d      Donald S      TWIGG        Son     S 11  M                        Alderwasley
#5---Bury Hill---(4 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad05a      John B        WILLIS       Head    M 23  M  Railway clerk         Alderwasley
Ad05b      Florence      WILLIS       Wife    M 23  F                        Holloway
Ad05c      John          WILLIS       Son     S 11m M                        Alderwasley
#6---Bury Hill Farm---[Alderwasley]---(page 2,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad06a      Thomas        SANDARS      Head    M 48  M  Farmer                Alderwasley
Ad06b      Jane          SANDARS      Wife    M 45  F                        Crich
Ad06c      Thomas        SANDARS      Son     S 24  M  Farmers son           Duffield
Ad06d      Barbara       SANDARS      Dau     S 20  F  Farmers dau           Alderwasley
Ad06e      Arthur        SANDARS      Son     S 14  M  Farmers son           Alderwasley
Ad06f      Hector        SANDARS      Son     S 12  M                        Alderwasley
Ad06g      Elsie J       SANDARS      Dau     S 11  F                        Alderwasley
Ad06h      William       HUDSON       Servant S 16  M  Cowman on farm        Kirk Ireton
Ad06i      James         ROWLAND      Servant S 15  M  Yardboy on farm       Crich
#7---Well Lane---[Alderwasley]---
Ad07a      William       ALLSOP       Head    M 41  M  Carter on farm        Alderwasley
Ad07b      Rachel        ALLSOP       Wife    M 45  F                        Wirksworth
Ad07c      Mary          ALLSOP       Dau     S 14  F  General servant dom   Alderwasley
Ad07d      Rachel        ALLSOP       Dau     S 12  F                        Alderwasley
Ad07e      William       ALLSOP       Son     S 11  M                        Alderwasley
Ad07f      Bertha        ALLSOP       Dau     S 10  F                        Alderwasley
Ad07g      Alice         ALLSOP       Dau     S 8   F                        Alderwasley
Ad07h      Frank         ALLSOP       Son     S 7   M                        Alderwasley
Ad07i      Jane          ALLSOP       Dau     S 5   F                        Alderwasley
Ad07j      Agnes         ALLSOP       Dau     S 2   F                        Alderwasley
#8---The Parsonage House---[Alderwasley]---
Ad08a      John H        WHITE        Head    M 41  M  Provender Super MR    Baslow                Provender Superintendant of Midland Railway Co
Ad08b      Sarah A       WHITE        Wife    M 43  F                        Kimptone HRT
Ad08c      Alice F       WHITE        Dau     S 16  F                        Belper
Ad08d      Amy E         WHITE        Dau     S 14  F                        Belper
Ad08e      Lilian D      WHITE        Dau     S 13  F                        Belper
Ad08f      John H M      WHITE        Son     S 6   M                        Belper
Ad08g      Richard A V   WHITE        Son     S 4   M                        Belper
Ad08h      Mary          BALLARD      Servant S 24  F  General Servant dom   Hanbury WOR
---(Parochial School)---
#9---Schoolhouse---[Alderwasley]---(page 3,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad09a      Elizabeth     ATTRIDGE     Head    S 44  F  Schoolmistress        Belmullet MAY
Ad09b      Elizabeth     ATTRIDGE     Mother  W 70  F  Annuitant             St Davids PEM
#10---Post Office---(4 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad10a      Job           SLACK        Head    M 29  M  Shoemaker             Ambergate
Ad10b      Lucy          SLACK        Wife    M 24  F                        Pinxton
Ad11a      John          CAULDWELL    Head    M 59  M  Masons labourer       Wirksworth
Ad11b      Jane E        CAULDWELL    Wife    M 56  F                        MountPleasant LIN
Ad11c      Mary E        MARSHALL     Niece   S 16  F                        Dunham NTT
Ad12a      Daniel        JACKSON      Head    M 59  M  Estate woodman        Wirksworth
Ad12b      Elizabeth     JACKSON      Wife    M 55  F                        Belper
#14---Knob Farm---[Alderwasley]---
Ad13a      Henry         BROCKLEHURST Head    M 71  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
Ad13b      Elizabeth     BROCKLEHURST Wife    M 47  F                        Crich
Ad13c      Jane          BROCKLEHURST Dau     S 23  F  Farmers dau           Alderwasley
Ad13d      Alice         BROCKLEHURST Dau     S 9   F                        Alderwasley
#15---The Knob---[Alderwasley]---
Ad14a      William       NELSON       Head    M 36  M  Ordinary farm lab     S Wingfield
Ad14b      Mary B        NELSON       Wife    M 34  F                        Shirland
Ad14c      Alice M       NELSON       Dau     S 8   F                        Shirland
Ad14d      John          NELSON       Servant S 1   M                        S Wingfield
Ad15a      Vincent       VICKERS      Head    M 40  M  Farmer                Dronfield Woodhs
Ad15b      Hannah        VICKERS      Wife    M 33  F                        Alderwasley
Ad15c      Mabel         VICKERS      Dau     S 8   F                        Alderwasley
Ad15d      Gertrude R    VICKERS      Dau     S 6   F                        Alderwasley
Ad15e      Eva           VICKERS      Dau     S 4   F                        Alderwasley
Ad15f      Charles       TAYLOR       Servant S 20  M  Waggoner on farm      Idridgehay
#17---Longway Bank, Tollbar House---(3 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad16a      James         FLINT        Head    M 25  M  Farmer,carter         Wingfield
Ad16b      Anne          FLINT        Wife    M 23  F                        Swanwick
Ad16c      Sarah E       FLINT        Dau     S 5   F                        Alfreton
Ad16d      Walter        FLINT        Son     S 3   M                        Alfreton
Ad16e      James         FLINT        Son     S 2   M                        Alfreton
#19---Tollbar house, Whatstandwell---[Alderwasley]---(page 4,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad17a      Benjamin      LEE          Head    M 50  M  RailwayForemanPorter  CheltonPolden SOM
Ad17b      Sarah E       LEE          Wife    M 50  F                        Winscombe SOM
Ad17c      George        LEE          Son     S 19  M  Stone mason           Tamworth WAR
Ad17d      Albert        LEE          Son     S 18  M  Builders assistant    Tamworth WAR
Ad17e      Herbert E     LEE          Son     S 16  M  ClerkAchitectsOffice  Tamworth WAR
Ad17f      Henry         LEE          Son     S 12  M                        Whatstandwell
Ad17g      William       LEE          Son     S 9   M                        Alderwasley
Ad17h      Arthur        LEE          Son     S 7   M                        Alderwasley
Ad17i      Florence E    LEE          Dau     S 4   F                        Alderwasley
#20---Derwent Side---[Alderwasley]---
Ad18a      James         HASTINGS     Head    M 49  M  Farmer                Bilsby LIN
Ad18b      Sarah A       HASTINGS     Wife    M 52  F                        Foxen LEI
Ad18c      Lillie        HASTINGS     Dau     S 26  F  Laundress             Sutton Ashfld NTT
Ad18d      Esther        HASTINGS     Dau     S 23  F  Laundress             Whatstandwell
Ad18e      Henry         DAWES        Boarder S 26  M  RailwayStationMaster  Ironville
#21---Ash House---[Alderwasley]---
Ad19a      George        SNOW         Head    M 39  M  Sanitary Pipe maker   London LND            Earthenware Sanitary pipe maker
Ad19b      Alice         SNOW         Wife    M 36  F                        Birmingham WAR
Ad19c      Frederick A   SNOW         Son     S 9   M                        Alderwasley
Ad19d      George H      SNOW         Son     S 8   M                        Alderwasley
Ad19e      Margaret A    SNOW         Dau     S 5   F                        Alderwasley
#22---Oak Hill---[Alderwasley]---
Ad20a      Thomas        SPENCER      Head    M 52  M  Farmer                Middleton
Ad20b      Martha        SPENCER      Wife    M 53  F                        Wirksworth
#23---Hill Top---[Alderwasley]---(page 5,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad21a      George        PETTS        Head    M 45  M  Stonemason,farmer     Crich
Ad21b      Mary E        PETTS        Wife    M 43  F                        Wirksworth
Ad21c      Harry         PETTS        Son     S 22  M  Stonemason            Clayton YKS
Ad21d      Edward        PETTS        Son     S 20  M  Stonemason            Belgrave LEI
Ad21e      Nellie        PETTS        Dau     S 18  F                        Thornton YKS
Ad21f      John          PETTS        Son     S 16  M  Railway clerk         Alderwasley
Ad21g      Emily         PETTS        Dau     S 14  F                        Alderwasley
Ad21h      Eva A         PETTS        Dau     S 12  F                        Alderwasley
Ad21i      Mary          PETTS        Dau     S 10  F                        Alderwasley
Ad21j      George W      PETTS        Son     S 8   M                        Alderwasley
Ad21k      Arthur        PETTS        Son     S 7   M                        Alderwasley
Ad21l      Edith         PETTS        Dau     S 1   F                        Alderwasley
Ad21m      Sarah         PETTS        Dau     S 7m  F                        Alderwasley
#24---Lambert Hill---[Alderwasley]---
Ad22a      Ernest        TAYLOR       Head    M 48  M  Estate carpenter      Alderwasley
Ad22b      Ellen M       TAYLOR       Wife    M 49  F                        Ashbourne
Ad22c      Ada           TAYLOR       Dau     S 24  F  Dressmaker            Ripley
Ad22d      Henry         TAYLOR       Son     S 22  M  Railway telegraphist  Ripley
Ad22e      Annie         TAYLOR       Dau     S 19  F                        Crich
Ad22f      William       TAYLOR       Son     S 17  M  Carpenters apprent    Alderwasley
#25---Lambert Hill---[Alderwasley]---
Ad23a      Isaac         WAINWRIGHT   Head    M 54  M  Sanitary Pipe Maker   Nuneaton WAR          Earthenware Sanitary pipe maker
Ad23b      Anna M        WAINWRIGHT   Wife    M 58  F                        Billesdon LEI
#26---Hawkins Farm---[Alderwasley]---
Ad24a      John W        ELLIOTT      Head    M 37  M  Farmer                Carsington
Ad24b      Kate          ELLIOTT      Wife    M 36  F                        Alderwasley
Ad24c      William       BROCKLEHURST Servant S 15  M  Farm servant          Wirksworth
Ad24d      Frederick     BROCKLEHURST Servant S 13  M  Farm servant          Cromford
#27---New Road---(4 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad25a      Isaac         SLACK        Head    M 83  M  Retired stonemason    Middleton
Ad25b      Sarah         SLACK        Wife    M 81  F                        Middleton
Ad25c      Frank         SLACK        Son     S 56  M  General labourer      Matlock
Ad25d      Hannah        SLACK        Dau     S 53  F  Charwoman             Middleton
#28---New Road---[Alderwasley]---(page 6,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad26a      Francis       REPTON       Head    M 56  M  Railway signalman     Alderwasley
Ad26b      Susannah      REPTON       Wife    M 57  F                        Ruabon WLS            Note:Avoncitha? DBY
#29---Botton Lodge---(3 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad27a      Edwin F       WALLIS       Head    M 52  M  Gardener domestic     Comberford STS
Ad27b      Elizabeth     WALLIS       Wife    M 54  F                        Billesden LEI
Ad27c      Herbert       WALLIS       Son     S 17  M  Gardener domestic     Alderwasley
Ad28a      Moses         STORER       Head    M 68  M  Farmer,miller         Crich
Ad28b      Sarah A       STORER       Wife    M 51  F  Farmers wife          Wolaton WAR
Ad28c      Sarah A       JACKSON      Servant S 16  F  General servant dom   Eckington
Ad28d      Edith         MAWBY        Niece   S 14  F                        Long Lawford WAR
Ad29a      Jonathan      PEACOCK      Head    W 74  M  TurnpikeRoadRepairer  Sutton CAM
Ad29b      Lucy J        PEACOCK      Dau     S 46  F  Draper                Alford LIN
Ad29c      Thomas R      HOBDAY       Visitor S 54  M  Joiner                Ombersley WOR
#32---Middle Lodge---(4 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad30a      John          HARRISON     Head    M 66  M  Gardener domestic     Crich
Ad30b      Sarah J       HARRISON     Wife    M 44  F                        Miningsby LIN
Ad31a      Anne          JOHNSON      Head    W 47  F  Living on own means   Manchester LAN
Ad31b      Ann           SEARS        Servant W 52  F  Cook domestic         East Peckham KEN
Ad31c      Emily         ASCOTT       Servant S 54  F  Nurse domestic        East Peckham KEN
Ad31d      Mary A        MORRIS       Servant S 39  F  Ladys maid domestic   Glasbury BRE
Ad31e      Laura A       NEWMAN       Servant S 24  F  Housemaid dom         Cavendish SFK
Ad31f      Hannah B      GARRETT      Servant S 22  F  Kitchenmaid dom       Belper
Ad31g      Emma J        LANGSTOW     Servant S 18  F  Housemaid dom         Duffrin GLA
Ad31h      Fanny M       PEPPER       Servant S 16  F  2nd kitchenmaid dom   Granby NTT
Ad31i      Annie R       HARTLE       Servant S 14  F  3rd housemaid dom     Crich
Ad31j      George H      BAMFORD      Servant S 18  M  Footman               Repton STS
#34---Oakhurst Stables---(2 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad32a      George        CHURCH       Head    S 43  M  Coachman dom          Odiham HAM            Rye Common, Odiham
Ad32b      John B        ROGERS       Assist  S 21  M  Groom dom             Belper
#35---Forge Lodge---[Alderwasley]---
Ad33a      Francis       GARRATT      Head    M 50  M  Lab at IronWireMills  Shottle
Ad33b      Annie         GARRATT      Wife    M 43  F                        Crich
Ad33c      Sarah V       GARRATT      Dau     S 20  F                        Crich
#36---Oakhurst Cottage---[Alderwasley]---(page 7,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad34a      George        FEARN        Head    M 49  M  Farm bailiff          Bradley
Ad34b      Ann           FEARN        Wife    M 52  F                        Wirksworth
#37---Oakhurst Gardens---[Alderwasley]---
Ad35a      George W      HOLMES       Head    M 38  M  Gardener domestic     Churton CHS
Ad35b      Maria         HOLMES       Wife    M 33  F                        Elstone NTT
Ad35c      Edward        HOLMES       Son     S 14  M  Gardener domestic     Elstone NTT
Ad35d      Maria         HOLMES       Dau     S 13  F                        Heath
Ad35e      Ethel         HOLMES       Dau     S 11  F                        Crich
Ad35f      Minnie        HOLMES       Dau     S 3   F                        Crich
Ad35g      Wilfred       HOLMES       Son     S 7m  M                        Alderwasley
#38---Nether Houses---[Alderwasley]---
Ad36a      Henry         SMITH        Head    M 52  M  Lab at IronWireWorks  Marstone BDF
Ad36b      Mary A        SMITH        Wife    M 56  F                        Marstone BDF
Ad36c      Mary A        SMITH        Dau     S 19  F  Hosiery pant bitter   Alderwasley
Ad36d      Ada           SMITH        Dau     S 15  F  Hosiery pant bitter   Alderwasley
Ad36e      James         SMITH        Son     S 12  M                        Alderwasley
#39---Nether Houses---[Alderwasley]---
Ad37a      Enoch         COOPER       Head    M 36  M  Iron Wire Galvanizer  Alderwasley
Ad37b      Hannah L      COOPER       Wife    M 34  F                        Belper
Ad37c      Samuel        COOPER       Son     S 11  M                        Alderwasley
Ad37d      Hannah L      COOPER       Dau     S 8   F                        Alderwasley
Ad37e      John          COOPER       Son     S 6   M                        Alderwasley
Ad37f      Lily          COOPER       Dau     S 4   F                        Alderwasley
Ad37g      Sarah         COOPER       Mother  W 71  F                        Billborough NTT
#40---Nether Houses---[Alderwasley]---
Ad38a      James         WOODHEAD     Head    M 43  M  ForemanIronwireDrawg  Huddersfield YKS      Foreman Steel & Iron Wire Drawing
Ad38b      Elizabeth C   WOODHEAD     Wife    M 38  F                        Matlock
#41---Holly Lane---[Alderwasley]---
Ad39a      George R      TURNER       Head    M 46  M  Butler dom            Hereford HEF
Ad39b      Annie         TURNER       Wife    M 47  F                        Pensnet STS
Ad39c      Bertha        TURNER       Dau     S 20  F                        Macclesfield CHS
Ad39d      Charles P     TURNER       Son     S 17  M  Ironwire works clerk  Macclesfield CHS
Ad39e      Naomi         TURNER       Dau     S 15  F  Dressmakers assist    Burton Trent STS
Ad39f      Harold        TURNER       Son     S 13  M                        Manchester LAN
Ad39g      Freeman P     TURNER       Son     S 11  M                        Manchester LAN
#42---Wiggonlee Farm---[Alderwasley]---(page 8,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad40a      Joseph        COXON        Head    M 55  M  Farmer                Morley
Ad40b      Mary          COXON        Wife    M 58  F                        Peover CHS
Ad40c      Frank         COXON        Son     S 29  M  Farmers son           Bury LAN
Ad40d      Edith         COXON        Dau     S 25  F  Farmers dau           Greenfield YKS
Ad40e      Walter        STENTON      Servant S 44  M  Carter on farm        Bradford YKS
#43---Nether Park Farm---[Alderwasley]---
Ad41a      Charles       TAYLOR       Head    M 25  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay
Ad41b      Florence      TAYLOR       Wife    M 24  F                        Shottle
Ad41c      Charles E     TAYLOR       Son     S 2m  M                        Alderwasley
Ad41d      William F     WILSON       Servant S 17  M  Waggoner on farm      Crich
#44---Lawn Farm---[Alderwasley]---
Ad42a      William H     SMITH        Head    M 41  M  Farmer,cattle dealer  Tissington
Ad42b      Elizabeth M   SMITH        Wife    M 37  F                        Bonsall
Ad42c      Malcom        CAMPION      Servant S 21  M  Cowman on farm        Kingston STS
Ad42d      William       WILSON       Servant S 24  M  Waggoner on farm      Kingston STS
Ad42e      George        RAWLINS      Servant S 16  M  Ag lab on farm        Kingston STS
Ad42f      Sarah J       OWEN         Visitor S 57  F  Living on own means   Portsmouth HAM
#45---Dairy Wood Farm---[Alderwasley]---
Ad43a      Susannah      HOLE         Head    W 60  F  Farmer                Shottle
Ad43b      William       HOLE         Son     S 36  M  Farmers son           Belper
Ad43c      Florence A    HOLE         Dau     S 21  F  Farmers dau           Alderwasley
Ad43d      Samuel        REDFERN      Servant W 49  M  Cowman on farm        Bradley
Ad43e      Harry         LLOYD        Servant S 17  M  Farm servant          Bonsall
Ad43f      Sarah A       POLLARD      Servant S 14  F  General servant dom   Langley Mill NTT
#46---Dairy Wood Cottage---[Alderwasley]---
Ad44a      George        MILLS        Head    M 28  M  Gamekeeper            Marchington STS
Ad44b      Florence      MILLS        Wife    M 35  F                        Bloomsbury LND
#47---White Wells Farm---[Alderwasley]---(page 9,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad45a      William H     TOMLINSON    Head    M 48  M  Farmer                Bradley
Ad45b      Amy           TOMLINSON    Wife    M 39  F                        Ashbourne
Ad45c      Doris         LAVER        Stepdau S 14  F                        Nottingham NTT
Ad45d      Mary C        TOMLINSON    Dau     S 8   F                        Bradley
Ad45e      John W        BARNES       Boarder S 21  M  Farm pupil            Sutton Ashfld NTT
Ad45f      Robert        BLACK        Servant S 19  M  Cowman on farm        Bradley
Ad45g      Frederic      GROCOTT      Servant S 18  M  Waggoner on farm      Matlock
Ad45h      Frederic      SHIPLEY      Servant S 17  M  Groom,milk carter fm  Shottle               On farm
Ad45i      Elizabeth     CLARKE       Servant S 19  F  Housemaid dom         Linton
Ad45j      Alice         SLACK        Servant S 20  F  General servant dom   Crich
Ad45k      Marie         RYDER        Govern  S 39  F  Governess, childrens  Edgbaston WAR
#48---Belper Lane End---[Alderwasley]---
Ad46a      William       BRAILSFORD   Head    M 67  M  Farmer                Biggin
Ad46b      Hannah        BRAILSFORD   Wife    M 72  F                        Wingerworth
#49---Star Chamber---[Alderwasley]---
Ad47a      Joseph        STREET       Head    M 23  M  Gritstone quarryman   Belper
Ad47b      Sarah A       STREET       Wife    M 22  F                        Fenney Bentley
#50---Wirksworth Road---[Alderwasley]---
Ad48a      Frederick     WHITE        Head    M 40  M  Farmer                Alderwasley
Ad48b      Eliza         WHITE        Wife    M 34  F                        Shottle
Ad48c      Elsie         WHITE        Dau     S 8   F                        Shottle
Ad48d      Percy         WHITE        Son     S 6   M                        Shottle
Ad48e      Ida           WHITE        Dau     S 4   F                        Alderwasley
Ad48f      Frederick     WHITE        Son     S 2   M                        Alderwasley
#51---Sandyford Farm---[Alderwasley]---
Ad49a      John          REDFERN      Head    M 75  M  Farmer                Wetton STS
Ad49b      Mary A        REDFERN      Wife    M 65  F                        Eckstone STS
Ad49c      Sarah E       REDFERN      Dau     S 33  F  Farmers dau           Grindow STS
Ad49d      George H      REDFERN      Son     S 29  M  Farmers son           Wetton STS
Ad49e      Mary          REDFERN      Dau     S 25  F  Farmers dau           Wetton STS
Ad49f      William       REDFERN      Son     S 23  M  Farmers son           Wetton STS
Ad49g      Edwin         REDFERN      Brother S 63  M  Farmers brother       Wetton STS
Ad49h      Samuel        CARRINGTON   Servant S 16  M  Ag lab on farm        Wetton STS
Ad50a      Ellen         CARRINGTON   Head    W 47  F  Farmer                Wetton STS
Ad50b      John A        CARRINGTON   Son     S 15  M  ApprJoiner,wheelwght  Wetton STS            Apprentice to joiner & wheelwright
Ad50c      William       CARRINGTON   Son     S 14  M  Farmers son           Wetton STS
Ad50d      Arthur B      CARRINGTON   Son     S 12  M  Farmers son           Wetton STS
Ad51a      Arthur        BARNARD      Head    M 46  M  Gamekeeper            Norfolk NFK           Parish not known
Ad51b      Eliza         BARNARD      Wife    M 44  F                        Hawkhurst KEN
#54---Sandhall Cottage---[Alderwasley]---(page 10,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad52a      Charles       WALKER       Head    M 48  M  Gas stoker            Shottle
Ad52b      Maria         WALKER       Wife    M 46  F                        Carsington
Ad52c      Samuel        WALKER       Son     S 21  M  WoodworkRimMachinist  Stonebroom            Cars
Ad52d      Frank         WALKER       Son     S 19  M  TimberMerchantsClerk  Stonebroom
Ad52e      William       WALKER       Son     S 17  M  Stable boy            Stonebroom
Ad52f      Rose          WALKER       Dau     S 12  F                        Stonebroom
Ad52g      Nellie        WALKER       Dau     S 10  F                        Stonebroom
Ad52h      Alfred        WALKER       Son     S 8   M                        Stonebroom
Ad52i      Elizabeth     WALKER       Dau     S 5   F                        Stonebroom
Ad52j      Constance     WALKER       Gdau    S 2   F                        London LND
#55---Fishpool Smithy---[Alderwasley]---
Ad53a      Francis       BUNTING      Head    M 41  M  Blacksmith            Crich
Ad53b      Emma          BUNTING      Wife    M 41  F                        Allestree
Ad53c      Oswald        BUNTING      Son     S 12  M                        Alderwasley
Ad53d      Edith         BUNTING      Dau     S 9   F                        Alderwasley
Ad53e      Edwin         BUNTING      Son     S 8   M                        Alderwasley
#56---New Barns Farms---[Alderwasley]---
Ad54a      John          SANDARS      Head    M 39  M  Farmer                Alderwasley
Ad54b      Sarah         SANDARS      Wife    M 49  F                        Quinton GLS
Ad54c      Agnes         SANDARS      Dau     S 11  F                        Alderwasley
Ad54d      Norah         SANDARS      Dau     S 8   F                        Alderwasley
Ad54e      George        PICKERING    Servant S 23  M  Carter on farm        Alderwasley
Ad54f      Frank         PICKERING    Servant S 17  M  Yardman on farm       Alderwasley
#58---Top Lodge---[Alderwasley]---
Ad55a      Samuel        SMITH        Head    W 78  M  Deerkeeper            Carsington
Ad55b      Francis H     BRAILSFORD   Gson    S 13  M                        Belper
Ad55c      Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Servant S 59  F  Housekeeper dom       Wirksworth
#59---Kennels---[Alderwasley]---(page 11,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad56a      Joseph        WHITEHURST   Head    M 51  M  Gamekeeper            Dilland STS
Ad56b      Ann           WHITEHURST   Wife    M 51  F                        Carsington
Ad56c      Joseph        WHITEHURST   Son     S 26  M  Bricklayers lab       Hulland
Ad56d      Ernest        WHITEHURST   Son     S 19  M  Framewinder,hosieryW  Crich                 At Hosiery Works
Ad56e      Albert        WHITEHURST   Son     S 14  M                        Crich
Ad56f      Henrietta     WHITEHURST   Dau     S 11  F                        Crich
#60---Ridge Wood---[Alderwasley]---
Ad57a      Frederick     SNOW         Head    M 41  M  Farmer,groom dom      Wirksworth
Ad57b      Hannah        SNOW         Wife    M 47  F                        Penalt MON
Ad57c      Oscar         SNOW         Son     S 7   M                        Bonsall
#61---Little Hays---[Alderwasley]---
Ad58a      James         ROWLAND      Head    W 46  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
Ad58b      Annie         ROWLAND      Dau     S 19  F  Housekeeper dom       Alderwasley
#62---Little Hays---(4 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad59a      Isaac         JACKSON      Head    M 61  M  Ordinary ag labourer  Wirksworth
Ad59b      Ann           JACKSON      Wife    M 62  F                        Belper
#63---Little Hays---(2 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad60a      Isaac         WALKER       Head    S 71  M  Retired farmer        Alderwasley
#64---Little Hays---[Alderwasley]---
Ad61a      John E P      WHEELDON     Head    M 22  M  Blacksmiths striker   Holloway
Ad61b      Elizabeth A   WHEELDON     Wife    M 23  F                        Mugginton
Ad61c      Lawrence E    WHEELDON     Son     S 2   M                        Holloway
Ad61d      John H F      WHEELDON     Son     S 1   M                        Alderwasley
#65---Little Hays---[Alderwasley]---
Ad62a      Charles       ALLSOP       Head    M 55  M  Carpenter             Wirksworth
Ad62b      Fanny         ALLSOP       Wife    M 46  F                        Sandhurst BRK
Ad62c      Louisa        ALLSOP       Dau     S 26  F  Laundress             Alderwasley
Ad62d      Charles E     ALLSOP       Son     S 25  M  MidlandRailway clerk  Wirksworth
Ad62e      Ethel         ALLSOP       Dau     S 23  F                        Wirksworth
Ad62f      Dorothy       ALLSOP       Dau     S 3   F                        Alderwasley
#66---Bear Inn---[Alderwasley]---
Ad63a      Albert        SLACK        Head    M 45  M  Farmer,innkeeper      Brassington
Ad63b      Patience      SLACK        Wife    M 37  F                        Shottle
Ad63c      Beatrice A    SLACK        Dau     S 14  F  Mothers help dom      Alderwasley
Ad63d      George W      SLACK        Son     S 13  M  Farmers son           Alderwasley
Ad63e      Lawrence W    SLACK        Son     S 5   M                        Alderwasley
#67---Pendleton Lane---(4 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---(page 12,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad64a      John J        HOMER        Head    M 24  M  Coal miner            Wirksworth            Coal Miner - heavy (below ground)
Ad64b      Mary          HOMER        Wife    M 23  F                        Wirksworth
Ad64c      Wilfred       HOMER        Son     S 8m  M                        Alderwasley
#68---Pendleton Lane---(3 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad65a      Ann           HIGTON       Head    W 79  F  Living on own means   Alderwasley
Ad65b      Phillis       HIGTON       Dau     S 47  F  Housekeeper dom       Alderwasley
Ad65c      Maud          WHEELDON     Gdau    S 7   F                        Alderwasley
#69---Pendleton Lane---[Alderwasley]---
Ad66a      Richard       HARRISON     Head    M 68  M  Retd gardener dom     Nottingham NTT
Ad66b      Ann           HARRISON     Wife    M 63  F                        Alderwasley
Ad66c      John          HARRISON     Son     S 19  M  Ironwire Mills lab    Alderwasley
#70---Pendleton Lane---(3 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad67a      George        STORER       Head    M 71  M  Road labourer         Crich
Ad67b      Elizabeth     STORER       Wife    M 81  F                        Cotton STS
#71---Back Lane---[Alderwasley]---
Ad68a      Joseph        GREEN        Head    M 56  M  General labourer      S Normanton
Ad68b      Ellen R       GREEN        Wife    M 54  F                        Wirksworth
Ad68c      Alfred        GREEN        Son     S 14  M                        Alderwasley
Ad68d      William       GREEN        Gson    S 1   M                        Stockport CHS
#72---Back Lane---[Alderwasley]---
Ad69a      William       ALLSOP       Head    M 33  M  Stone quarryman       Crich
Ad69b      Mary H        ALLSOP       Wife    M 33  F                        Lea
Ad69c      Edith M       ALLSOP       Dau     S 8   F                        Ohio USA              British subject
Ad69d      Robert        ALLSOP       Son     S 6   M                        Ohio USA              British subject
Ad69e      Hilda M       ALLSOP       Dau     S 4   F                        Ohio USA              British subject
Ad70a      Charles       HARPER       Head    M 65  M  Foreman woodcutter E  Ashleyhay             Estate
Ad70b      Hannah        HARPER       Wife    M 63  F                        Ashleyhay
Ad70c      Harriett H    HARPER       Dau     S 36  F  Mothers help dom      Alderwasley
Ad70d      Charles       HARPER       Son     S 29  M  Cattleman on farm     Alderwasley
Ad70e      Thomas        HARPER       Son     S 24  M  WineMerchantsClerk    Alderwasley
Ad70f      Blanche       HARPER       Gdau    S 13  F  Pupil teacher         Alderwasley
Ad70g      Ernest        HARPER       Gson    S 9   M                        Alderwasley
#74---Noton Stear Farm---[Alderwasley]---(page 13,ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
Ad71a      John          SPENDLOVE    Head    W 71  M  Farmer                Shottle
Ad71b      William       SPENDLOVE    Son     M 43  M  Farmers son           Shottle
Ad71c      Elizabeth     SPENDLOVE    Dau iL  M 39  F                        Alderwasley
Ad71d      Mabel E       SPENDLOVE    Gdau    S 11  F                        Alderwasley
Ad71e      William       SPENDLOVE    Gson    S 10  M                        Alderwasley
Ad71f      Ellen         SPENDLOVE    Gdau    S 9   F                        Alderwasley
Ad71g      Sarah         SPENDLOVE    Gdau    S 7   F                        Alderwasley
Ad71h      George        SPENDLOVE    Gson    S 5   M                        Alderwasley
Ad71i      John H        SPENDLOVE    Gson    S 3   M                        Alderwasley
Ad71j      Susannah      SPENDLOVE    Gdau    S 6m  F                        Alderwasley
Ad71k      Charlotte     POLLARD      Servant S 16  F  General servant dom   Langley Mill NTT
Ad71l      Samuel        BROWN        Servant S 60  M  Ag lab on farm        Kilbourn
#75---Lane Head Farm---[Alderwasley]---
Ad72a      Thomas        SHAW         Head    M 48  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
Ad72b      Mary          SHAW         Wife    M 52  F                        Tansley
Ad72c      Sidney J      SHAW         Son     S 21  M  Farmers son           Ashleyhay
Ad72d      William       SHAW         Son     S 20  M  Farmers son           Ashleyhay
Ad72e      Ada           HUNT         Servant S 27  F  General servant dom   S Wingfield
#76-------(4 rooms)---[Alderwasley]---
Ad73a      Robert        WESTON       Head    M 46  M  Clergyman (C of E)    Derby                 Church of England
Ad73b      Emily         WESTON       Wife    M 47  F                        Duxford CAM
#1---Fishpool---[Ashleyhay]---(page 1,ED 8, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
As01a      Rupert        MYCOCK       Head    M 30  M  Farmer                Leek STS
As01b      Emily         MYCOCK       Wife    M 26  F                        Elton
As01c      Rupert        MYCOCK       Son     S 7   M                        Alderwasley
As01d      William       MYCOCK       Son     S 2   M                        Alderwasley
As01e      Lily          MYCOCK       Dau     S 3m  F                        Alderwasley
As01f      Mary Hannah   SMITH        Servant M 25  F  General servant dom   Kirk Ireton
As01g      Luke          PADEN        Servant S 46  M  Ag labourer           Ireland IRL
As02a      Isaac         BUXTON       Head    M 58  M  Farmer                Ashover
As02b      Elizabeth     BUXTON       Wife    M 56  F                        Kirk Ireton
As02c      Isaac         BUXTON       Son     S 29  M  Farmers son           Swanwick
As02d      Edith         BUXTON       Dau     S 16  F  Farmers dau           Ashleyhay
As02e      Elsie         BUXTON       Dau     S 10  F                        Ashleyhay
As03a      William       JOHNSON      Head    M 41  M  Farmer,general lab    Staveley
As03b      Mary A        JOHNSON      Wife    M 41  F                        Ashleyhay
As03c      Francis W     JOHNSON      Son     S 15  M  Farmers son           Shottle
As03d      Mary A        JOHNSON      Dau     S 11  F                        Shottle
#4---Rough Piece---[Ashleyhay]---
As04a      William       FOX          Head    W 55  M  Farmer,general lab    Ashleyhay
As04b      Betsy         FOX          Dau     S 17  F  Farmers dau           Ashleyhay
As04c      Arthur        FOX          Son     S 15  M  Farmers son           Ashleyhay
#5---Coney Grove---[Ashleyhay]---
As05a      William       GOULD        Head    S 58  M  Farmer                Wetton STS
As05b      John          REDFERN      Bro iL  M 43  M  Farmers bro in Law    Butterton STS
As05c      Mary          REDFERN      Sister  M 54  F  Farmers sister        Wetton STS
As05d      Tom           MATKIN       Servant W 26  M  General ag labourer   Kirk Ireton
As05e      Emily S       REDFERN      Visitor S 7   F                        Ashleyhay
As06a      Isaac         GREATOREX    Head    S 54  M  Farmer,ag labourer    Belper
As06b      Mary S        GREATOREX    Sister  S 58  F  Housekeeper dom       Belper
#11---Black Firs---[Ashleyhay]---(page 2,ED 8, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
As07a      Francis       PICKERING    Head    M 54  M  Ordinary ag labourer  Kirk Ireton
As07b      Hannah        PICKERING    Wife    M 49  F                        Boylston STS
As07c      Stephen       PICKERING    Son     S 12  M                        Ashleyhay
As07d      Lilly M       PICKERING    Dau     S 8   F                        Ashleyhay
As07e      Beatrice L    PICKERING    Dau     S 6   F                        Ashleyhay
As07f      Horace B      PICKERING    Son     S 5   M                        Ashleyhay
As07g      Arthur W      PICKERING    Son     S 2   M                        Ashleyhay
#12---Cole Brook---[Ashleyhay]---
As08a      William       SNOW         Head    M 59  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
As08b      Mary A        SNOW         Wife    M 44  F                        Belper
As08c      William H     SNOW         Son     S 35  M  Wesleyan Evangelist   Alderwasley
As08d      Walter        SNOW         Son     S 26  M  Railway clerk         Alderwasley
#13---Bank House---[Ashleyhay]---
As09a      Isaac         CORDIN       Head    M 54  M  Cowkeeper             Wirksworth
As09b      Sarah         CORDIN       Wife    M 41  F                        Kirk Ireton
As10a      Alfred        SHAW         Head    M 28  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay
As10b      Emily         SHAW         Wife    M 27  F                        Derby
As10c      Alfred J      SHAW         Son     S 3   M                        Ashleyhay
As10d      Arthur W      SHAW         Son     S 3   M                        Ashleyhay
As10e      Laura E       SHAW         Dau     S 2   F                        Ashleyhay
---(Weslyan Chapel)---
As11a      Hannah        CLARKE       Head    W 54  F  Farmer                Bonsall
As11b      Elizabeth     CLARKE       Dau     S 24  F  General servant dom   Alderwasley
As11c      Joseph        CLARKE       Son     S 22  M  Ordinary ag labourer  Alderwasley
As11d      Mary          CLARKE       Dau     S 18  F  General servant dom   Alderwasley
#16---Checker Meadow---(4 rooms)---[Ashleyhay]---
As12a      William       CLAY         Head    M 22  M  Ordinary ag labourer  Sutton Ashfld NTT
As12b      Emily G       CLAY         Wife    M 21  F                        Ashleyhay
As12c      Samuel J      CLAY         Son     S 11m M                        Ashleyhay
As12d      Frederick J   PICKERING    Bro iL  S 9   M                        Ashleyhay
#17---Broadgates---[Ashleyhay]---(page 3,ED 8, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
As13a      Henry         BYARD        Head    M 53  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay
As13b      Mary J        BYARD        Wife    M 38  F                        Ashleyhay
As13c      John          LAMB         Servant S 18  M  Farm servant          Derby
As14a      Joseph        BYARD        Head    M 62  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay
As14b      Mary          BYARD        Wife    M 50  F                        Carsington
As14c      William       WEBSTER      Nephew  S 14  M  Farm servant          Carsington
As14d      Alice         BUXTON       Servant S 18  F  General servant dom   Ashleyhay
As15a      Thomas        BUXTON       Head    M 35  M  Farmer                Swanwick
As15b      Mary H        BUXTON       Wife    M 37  F                        Ashleyhay
As15c      Robert D      BUXTON       Son     S 15  M  Farmers son           Ashleyhay
As16a      Henry         WARD         Head    M 45  M  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
As16b      Mary          WARD         Wife    M 47  F                        Kirk Ireton
As16c      George        WARD         Son     S 20  M  Joiners apprentice    Ashleyhay
As16d      Henry H       WARD         Son     S 18  M  Blacksmiths apprent   Ashleyhay
As16e      Archie A      WARD         Son     S 15  M  Farmers son           Ashleyhay
As16f      Constance B   WARD         Dau     S 9   F                        Ashleyhay
As17a      Thomas W      PICKARD      Head    M 26  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
As17b      Jane          PICKARD      Wife    M 23  F                        Ashleyhay
As17c      Thomas G      PICKARD      Son     S 13m M                        Ashleyhay
#22---New Buildings---[Ashleyhay]---
As18a      Enoch         REDFERN      Head    M 38  M  Farmer                Alderwasley
As18b      Emily S       REDFERN      Wife    M 35  F                        Shottle
As18c      John W S      REDFERN      Son     S 10  M                        Alderwasley
As18d      Charles E     REDFERN      Son     S 6   M                        Ashleyhay
As18e      Sarah A       REDFERN      Dau     S 2   F                        Ashleyhay
As18f      Martha        ROWLAND      Servant S 27  F  Farm servant dom      Wirksworth
#23---Griff Villa---[Ashleyhay]---
As19a      John          RAINS        Head    M 81  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
As19b      Sarah         RAINS        Wife    M 61  F                        Ashbourne STS
As19c      Charles       SMITH        Visitor M 63  M  Farmers assistant     Ashbourne STS
As19d      Maria         GRUNDY       Boarder W 61  F  Living on own means   Oakamore STS
#24---Doves Wood---[Ashleyhay]---(page 4,ED 8, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
As20a      Thomas        SPENDLOVE    Head    M 46  M  Farmer                Shottle
As20b      Emma          SPENDLOVE    Wife    M 45  F                        Ashleyhay
As20c      William       SPENDLOVE    Son     S 25  M  Gritstone quarry lab  Wirksworth
As20d      Thomas        SPENDLOVE    Son     S 23  M  Gritstone quarry lab  Wirksworth
As20e      Arthur        SPENDLOVE    Son     S 19  M  Gritstone quarry lab  Ashleyhay
As20f      Arthur        DUROE        Gson    S 2   M                        Ashleyhay
#25---Duck Pool---[Ashleyhay]---
As21a      John S        SPENCER      Head    M 59  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
As21b      Harriet       BRADLEY      Dau iL  S 24  F  Farmers dau in Law    Ambergate
As21c      Ada M         SPENCER      Gdau    S 4   F                        Warsop NTT
As21d      Phoebe E      SPENCER      Sister  S 57  F  Farmers sister        Wirksworth
As21e      Lucy          SPENCER      Niece   S 27  F  Dressmaker            Ashleyhay
#31---Beighton Hill---(4 rooms)---[Ashleyhay]---
As22a      George        WARREN       Head    M 40  M  Poultry dealer        Shottle Gate
As22b      Emma          WARREN       Wife    M 40  F  Tape wrapper          Wirksworth
As22c      George H      WARREN       Son     S 17  M  Tape wrapper          Wirksworth
As22d      Harold        WARREN       Son     S 10  M                        Wirksworth
As22e      Ethel         WARREN       Dau     S 7   F                        Wirksworth
As22f      Annie         WARREN       Dau     S 6   F                        Wirksworth
As22g      Ada M         WARREN       Dau     S 4   F                        Wirksworth
As22h      John W        WARREN       Son     S 2   M                        Ripley
#39---Dead Carr---[Ashleyhay]---
As23a      Albert E      SHAW         Head    M 26  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay
As23b      Ellen E       SHAW         Wife    M 26  F                        S Wingfield
#40---Dead Carr---[Ashleyhay]---
As24a      German D      TAYLOR       Head    M 31  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay
As24b      Mary M D      TAYLOR       Wife    M 29  F                        Wirksworth
As24c      John D        TAYLOR       Son     S 3   M                        Wirksworth
As24d      Edith D       TAYLOR       Dau     S 1   F                        Wirksworth
As24e      Maria         STEEPLES     Servant S 13  F  General servant dom   Wirksworth
#7---Spout---[Ashleyhay]---(page 5,ED 8, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
As25a      George        MATKIN       Head    M 34  M  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
As25b      Annie         MATKIN       Wife    M 37  F                        Butterton STS
As25c      Thomas        HOLLOWAY     Servant S 18  M  Ag lab on farm        Ashbourne
As26a      William       HOLMES       Head    M 38  M  Farmer                Windley
As26b      Lucy          HOLMES       Wife    M 30  F  Dressmaker            Callow
#9---Spout---(4 rooms)---[Ashleyhay]---
As27a      Thomas        ROWLAND      Head    M 39  M  Farmer                Shottle
As27b      Mary          ROWLAND      Wife    M 39  F                        Kirk Ireton
#10---Bowmer Lane---[Ashleyhay]---
As28a      Richard       MALIN        Head    M 57  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay
As28b      Ellen         MALIN        Wife    M 31  F                        Ashleyhay
As28c      Ann E         MALIN        Dau     S 20  F  Farmers dau           Ashleyhay
As28d      Richard N     MALIN        Son     S 14  M  Farmers son           Ashleyhay
As28e      John William  MALIN        Son     S 6   M                        Ashleyhay
As28f      Mary E        MALIN        Dau     S 3   F                        Ashleyhay
As28g      John T        MALIN        Servant S 15  M  Ag lab on farm        Weston
#26---Beighton Hill---[Ashleyhay]---
As29a      John G        WILSON       Head    M 25  M  Farmer                Higham
As29b      Harriet       WILSON       Wife    M 23  F                        Idridgehay
#27---Beighton Hill---(4 rooms)---[Ashleyhay]---
As30a      Joshua        KINDER       Head    M 39  M  Farmer,ordinaryAgLab  Callow
As30b      Mary E        KINDER       Wife    M 36  F                        Carsington
As30c      Elizabeth     KINDER       Dau     S 12  F                        Alton Manor
As30d      Martha        KINDER       Dau     S 10  F                        Alton Manor
As30e      Thomas        KINDER       Son     S 8   M                        Ashleyhay
As30f      Annie         KINDER       Dau     S 5   F                        Ashleyhay
As30g      Ellen         KINDER       Dau     S 2   F                        Ashleyhay
#28---Beighton Hill---(4 rooms)---[Ashleyhay]---
As31a      Abram         REDFERN      Head    M 56  M  Gardener domestic     Ashleyhay
As31b      Rebecca       REDFERN      Wife    M 54  F                        Ashleyhay
#29---Beighton Hill---(3 rooms)---[Ashleyhay]---
As32a      Mary Ann      HOLMES       Head    W 65  F  Living on own means   Hulland
As32b      Maria         BEESTON      Sister  S 50  F  Living on own means   Ireton Wood
#30---Beighton Hill---[Ashleyhay]---(page 6,ED 8, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
As33a      Thomas        WARD         Head    M 51  M  Farmer                Gravelly Bank STS
As33b      Clara E       WARD         Wife    M 37  F                        Derby
As33c      Edward        WARD         Son     S 16  M  Grocers assistant     Hollington
As33d      Carrie E      WARD         Dau     S 11  F                        Hollington
As33e      Clifford D    WARD         Son     S 8   M                        Shottle
As33f      Maria         BOOT         Servant S 25  F  General servant dom   Derby
As33g      Eric          SMITH        Nursech S 15m M                        Not Known UNK
As33h      Alfred G      BARBER       Nursech S 1   M                        Not Known UNK
As33i      Douglas       X            Nursech S 1   M                        Not Known UNK         X="surname not known"
---(Beighton Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel)---
#32---Storer Lane---[Ashleyhay]---
As34a      John R        WINSON       Head    S 24  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay             John R Winson junior
As34b      Juliet        WINSON       Sister  S 33  F  Farmers sister        Ashleyhay
#33---Storer Lane---[Ashleyhay]---
As35a      John          WINSON       Head    M 63  M  Farmer                Ashleyhay             John Winson senior
As35b      Sarah         WINSON       Wife    M 77  F                        Duffield
As35c      Alice         WINSON       Dau     S 30  F  Farmers dau           Ashleyhay
#34---Alton Dome---[Ashleyhay]---
As36a      George        WARD         Head    M 70  M  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
As36b      Jane          WARD         Wife    M 66  F                        Turnditch
As36c      Sydney        WARD         Gson    S 11  M                        Parwich
As36d      Mary          MATKIN       Servant S 25  F  Farm servant dom      Kirk Ireton
#35---Brown House---[Ashleyhay]---
As37a      Ernest        YATES        Head    M 33  M  Farmer                Brailsford
As37b      Elizabeth     YATES        Wife    M 38  F                        Basford STS
As37c      Ethel M       YATES        Dau     S 9   F                        Ashleyhay
As37d      Hilda M       YATES        Dau     S 7   F                        Ashleyhay
As37e      Ada E         YATES        Dau     S 5   F                        Ashleyhay
As37f      William E     YATES        Son     S 3   M                        Ashleyhay
As37g      John          ALLSOP       Servant S 21  M  Yardman on farm       Kirk Ireton
As37h      Elizabeth     GOULD        Servant S 18  F  General servant dom   Brassington
#36---Lane End---[Ashleyhay]---(page 7,ED 8, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3235)---
As38a      William       WHEELDON     Head    M 59  M  Limestone quarryman   Bonsall
As38b      Ellen         WHEELDON     Wife    M 47  F                        Ashleyhay
As38c      William       WHEELDON     Son     S 18  M  Limestone quarryman   Bonsall
As38d      Frederic      WHEELDON     Son     S 16  M  General labourer      Bonsall
As38e      Frank S       WHEELDON     Son     S 15  M  Stonecrusher lab      Bonsall
As38f      Helen         WHEELDON     Dau     S 13  F                        Bonsall
As38g      Herbert       WHEELDON     Son     S 11  M                        Bonsall
As38h      Charles       WHEELDON     Son     S 8   M                        Bonsall
As38i      George        WHEELDON     Son     S 6   M                        Ashover
#37---Lane End---(3 rooms)---[Ashleyhay]---
As39a      William       KAY          Head    M 36  M  Road foreman          Wirksworth
As39b      Hannah        KAY          Wife    M 35  F                        Carsington
As39c      Elizabeth A   KAY          Dau     S 12  F                        Ashleyhay
As39d      Violet        KAY          Dau     S 9   F                        Ashleyhay
As39e      Lillian       KAY          Dau     S 6   F                        Ashleyhay
As39f      Hilda R       KAY          Dau     S 4   F                        Ashleyhay
As39g      Frances T     KAY          Dau     S 1   F                        Ashleyhay
#38---Norman Hill---[Ashleyhay]---
As40a      Joseph        MATKIN       Head    M 40  M  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
As40b      Mary A        MATKIN       Wife    M 41  F                        Wirksworth
As40c      George        MATKIN       Son     S 16  M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
As40d      Arthur        MATKIN       Son     S 13  M                        Kirk Ireton
As40e      Mary E        MATKIN       Dau     S 6   F                        Ashleyhay
As40f      John          SMEDLEY      Servant S 16  M  Yardman on farm       Kirk Ireton
#51---Biggin, Farm House---[Biggin]---(page 10,ED 9, RSD "Brassington",RG13/3240)---
Bg01a      Henry         GREGORY      Head    M 38  M  Farmer                Biggin
Bg01b      Annie         GREGORY      Wife    M 40  F                        Kirk Ireton
Bg01c      George H      GREGORY      Son     S 5   M                        Biggin
Bg01d      Mary A        GREGORY      Dau     S 4   F                        Biggin
#52---Biggin, House---(4 rooms)---[Biggin]---
Bg02a      George        OAKLEY       Head    M 51  M  Bricklayer            Biggin
Bg02b      Grace         OAKLEY       Wife    M 34  F                        Hulland Ward
#53---Biggin, House---[Biggin]---
Bg03a      James         BATES        Head    M 60  M  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
Bg03b      Annie         BATES        Wife    M 59  F                        Carsington
Bg03c      James         BATES        Son     S 34  M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
Bg03d      William       BATES        Son     S 24  M  Farmers son           Kirk Ireton
Bg03e      Fred          BATES        Son     S 23  M  Sadler journeyman     Kirk Ireton
Bg03f      Isabella      BATES        Dau     S 21  F  Farmers dau           Kirk Ireton
Bg03g      George Henry  BATES        Son     S 16  M  Farmers son           Biggin
#54---Biggin, House---[Biggin]---
Bg04a      John          REDFERN      Head    S 30  M  Farmer                Biggin
Bg04b      Mary Anne     REDFERN      Sister  S 54  F                        Biggin
Bg04c      Lizzie R      HIERRDE?     Niece   S 28  F                        Derby
Bg04d      Frank         BOOTH        Servant S 13  M  Worker on farm        Hulland Ward
#55---Biggin, Farm House---[Biggin]---
Bg05a      William       ALLSOP       Head    M 74  M  Farmer                Brassington
Bg05b      Elizabeth     ALLSOP       Wife    M 52  F                        Ashburton DEV
Bg05c      William H     ALLSOP       Son     S 18  M  Farmers son           Biggin
Bg05d      Sarah H       ALLSOP       Dau     S 20  F                        Biggin
#56---Biggin, Farm House---[Biggin]---
Bg06a      Samuel        MANSFIELD    Head    M 33  M  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
Bg06b      Elizabeth     MANSFIELD    Wife    M 25  F  Farmers wife          Breadsall
Bg06c      Gladys        MANSFIELD    Dau     S 1   F                        Biggin
Bg06d      William       MANSFIELD    Son     S 1m  M                        Biggin
Bg06e      Charles       SMITH        Servant S 17  M  Horse man             Milford
#57---Farm House---[Biggin]---(page 11,ED 9, RSD "Brassington",RG13/3240)---
Bg07a      Sarah         WAYNE        Head    S 46  F  Farmer                Biggin
Bg07b      Fanny         WAYNE        Sister  S 44  F                        Biggin
Bg07c      Samuel        WAYNE        Brother S 42  M                        Biggin
#58---Biggin, House---(4 rooms)---[Biggin]---
Bg08a      Thomas        BIRCH        Head    M 55  M  Farmer                Ashbourne
Bg08b      Maria         BIRCH        Wife    M 55  F                        Ireton Wood
Bg08c      Charles       BIRCH        Son     S 23  M  RailwayEngine Stoker  Biggin
#59---Cottage---(3 rooms)---[Biggin]---
Bg09a      William J     PARKER       Head    M 28  M  General labourer      Yelsbury?
Bg09b      Fanny         PARKER       Wife    M 24  F                        Hulland
Bg09c      William F     PARKER       Son     S 3   M                        Hulland
Bg09d      Edwin Thomas  PARKER       Son     S 1m  M                        Biggin
#60---Biggin, House---[Biggin]---
Bg10a      William       WAYNE        Head    M 53  M  Farmer                Biggin
Bg10b      Ann           WAYNE        Wife    M 54  F                        Winster
Bg10c      Hester A      WAYNE        Dau     S 22  F                        Kirk Ireton
Bg10d      Franceline M  HUTCHINSON   Gdau    S 2   F                        Biggin

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