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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Matlock to Madron and back

Stuart Flint researched and provided this article about his relatives. Thanks Stuart.

    The following is information regarding members of my family who were Spar and Marble Turners and Masons who left the Matlocks to work at Penzance as Serpentinite Masons many living at Madron with some allied information regarding those who returned to Matlock Bath and continued to trade as Museum Keepers and Marble Masons at The Royal Museum I have added other information at the end of the text
    William Smith of Clay Mills near Burton Upon Trent married my Gr Gr Aunt Sarah Walker sister of my Gr Grandfather Joseph Walker ..William was at first a Gardener for Richard Arkwright at Willersley Castle but then removed to The Lodge Heights of Abraham where he was Head Gardener at The Botanical Gardens .. Also living in this same area of Matlock Bath at Upperwood were the Pearson family one of whom Benjamin Pearson was my wife's Grand fore bare .. His brother Thomas Pearson was at Loggerheads with John Mawe who owned The Royal Museum in the early 1800s John Vallance being Mawe's Agent

    William and Sarah's son Samuel Smith trained as a Spar Turner with John Vallance who went on to own The Royal Museum then by the 1850s worked for a time as a Serpentine Worker at Penzance Cornwall where the foreman was Charles Wildgoose of Bonsall who had married Elizabeth Jackson.. Charles Wildgooses sister Jane married James Flint of Cromford whose son married into my sister in law's Dickinson and Farnsworth family of Cromford.( my brother married into this family). see Emma Hillman's Farnsworth Family pedigree also my own Farnsworth pedigree on John Palmer's web site .. Samuel Smith married Ellen Robinson of Bonsall at Madron on 11th December 1858 but then they returned to Matlock Bath where Samuel worked for a period of time on his own account at workshops on Museum Parade and Matlock Bank .. Thomas Walker the owner of The Royal Museum died in 1871 and Samuel took over as Proprietor at The Royal Museum..

    From the 1860s Samuel employed among other's William Walthall who married Edith Walker of my kin (not of my mother's Walker family but of my father's Hoades Shaw and Walker family of Bolehill) and William Smedley.. Samuel's son William Smith continued the business at The Royal Museum into the 1930s

    Charles Wildgoose born 1821 was the son of George and Sarah Wildgoose nee Pearson ..he married Elizabeth Jackson at Duffield Parish Church in 1841..They lived at 8 Grylls's Row Madron when he was Foreman at Penzance Serpentine Works where Joseph Fletcher along with Samuel Smith and Joseph Gould all born in the Cromford area worked

    Joseph Fletcher of Cromford was a Spar Turner (also known as Joseph Brown ).. He married Marie Jones daughter of Peter and Mary Jones nee Flint in 1846 ..Mary sister to my Grt Grt Grandfather Samuel Flint who married Mary Killer of Middleton.. Peter Jones was at first a Hatter living with Mary at Cromford but by mid life had removed to Bolehill as a lead miner at The Bage Mine.. where succesive members of my Flint family were Mining Agents from the 1750s - 1880s when it closed down.. The Bage Mine stands on land owned by my allied Killer family today the mine leased by P. Killer of Bolehill, to Wirksworth Mining Group.. previously owned by the Hall family also of my kinship..P. Killer's father was Adam Killer deceased Baker of St Mary's Gate Wirksworth his mother who lives near the Bakery today is also of my wife's family... via Webster and Hall

    Joseph and Maria Fletcher (Brown) nee Jones removed to Madron Penzance by 1856 where Joseph was a Serpentine Manufacturer His heir today is a friend of mine who with his wife lives near Gloucester ..The Jones family are also my kin up to the present day via other marriages ie Greenhoughs of Wirksworth ..Spencer's of Middleton and Bonsall, Axe of Hatfield Mexborough Bonsall and Middleton and Killer's of Middleton...

    Julia Mitchell was born at Madron ..She married at Madron to Joseph Gould of Cromford in 1854 who was a Marble Mason at Matlock Bath for a time and then removed to Penzance as a Serpentine Worker.. Julia was daughter of John and Jane Mitchell of 1 Regent Square Madron.. In time as with Samuel Smith Joseph and Julia Gould nee Mitchell returned to the Matlock area Joseph Gould being a Spar Turner on Scarthin Nick Cromford..His heir today is a retired Deputy Headmaster at Anthony Gell School Wirksworth another heir being of my kinship via the Longden Hall Sheldon and Frost family of Ible and Middleton...

    Samuel Smith nephew of George and Lydia Wigley Walker nee Maskrey.. George Wigley Walker was my Gr Gr Uncle .. George and Lydia Walker lived at first at Alpine Cottage Matlock Bath and then at Belle Vue House Museum Parade Matlock Bath where Lydia was a Lodging House Keeper and George was a Mining Agent at the family lead mine's Bullestree and Moletrap ..Bullestree near where Cromford Railway Station was built and Moletrap near Willersley Castle (one time one of the Arkwright's.. Peter, was a partner) George's brothers who partnered at the mines were William who married Lydia Hall daughter of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint ..Hannah sister to my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge .. Caleb was a miner at the Hall family mine Goodluck Via Gellia where his father Gamaliel Hall was killed in the late 1780s ..Caleb's brother Gamaliel along with Phillip Walker of Middleton was a witness at the marriage of Robert Evans to Hannah Wragg of Middleton they my wife's 4XGrandparents Evans being partners at Springus Lead Mine Middleton Wood ..At Gamaliels inquest taken at Wirksworth Barmote Court with Adam Simpson Deputy Barmaster as Coroner all the Jurymen were of my wife and my family ie Halls Spencer Godbehere Mather Ashover etc.. Adam Simpson of The Study Manor House Bonsall was father to Mary Simpson who married Richard Arkwright son of Sir Richard Arkwright in 1780 at Bonsall Parish Church..

    George and William's other brother /partner was Joseph Walker my Gr Grandfather he a silent partner as he was a Master Stonemason and Building Contractor at Steeplegrange and North End Wirksworth .. Joseph married 3 times 1st wife Anne Wright she of my kin via William Wheatcroft he my 7XGrandfather via Cauldwell and Walker he her 4XGrandfather and Robert Frost he my 6XGrandfather 3XGrandfather to Anne Wright.. Anne was neice to Anthony Alsop (married Hannah Wright of Wrights Cottages Wigwell Wirksworth Moor ) who was Barmaster Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth living at Wensley his brother John Alsop of Lea Bridge they Lead Smelters and Mine owners whose heirs were the Miller and Wass family ..Joseph's 2nd wife was Margaret Fletcher of Wrockwardine Wood Shropshire by whom he had children heirs of whom live in the Wirksworth and Holloway area today and as his 3rd wife on Margarets demise in the 1860s Martha Sheldon of Middleton she my true Grt Grandmother married 1867 Their son John Walker Master Carpenter/Joiner married Annie Cauldwell of Alderwasley they parents to my mother Kathleen born 1916 who married Harry Sprake Flint born 1894 on December 25th 1937 they my parents both deceased

    Maria Jones who married Joseph Fletcher (Brown) was neice to John and Mary Flint nee Flint (cousins) John Flint being son of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge (they parents of Mary who married Peter Jones).. Mary being daughter of my 4XUncle Robert Flint who married Sarah Allen of Bolehill.. John and Mary's son Robert Flint born 1839 married my mother's Grandmother Sarah Cauldwell nee Smith as her 2nd husband when Sarah's 1st husband and my true Gr Grandfather Thomas Cauldwell a Police Officer at Attercliffe Sheffield died in the pursuance of his duties aged 29 years.. Robert married Sarah in 1888 they living at Wigwell Nook Farm Sough Lane Wirksworth Moor where Robert was Overseer at Longway Bank Cupalow and a Farmer Also living with Robert and Sarah were my Gr Gr Uncle Adam Flint who married Millicent Marples she my direct kin via Flint Jones and Greenhoughs and Henry Flint my Grt Grandfather widow of Emily Flint nee Crofts ..Emily drowned in Bonsall Mill Weir .. Emily's brother George Crofts married Mary Anne Smith sister to Samuel Smith who owned The Royal Museum whilst John Crofts Emily's other brother married Elizabeth Britland of Cromford ..John Crofts was a School Teacher first at Bonsall Free Grammar School then an Elementary Teacher at Tansley School then at Somercotes near Alfreton By the late 1870s he was Headmaster at a Public School at Isleworth Middlesex where he died in 1888.. His son James Crofts was a School Teacher at The Sir Thomas Rich Blue Coats Grammar School Gloucester ~ Emily George and John Crofts were children of David and Susannah Crofts nee Birch of Wooley Moor then Cromford David Crofts a Master Wheelwright and then a Carpenter ..

    Robert Flint on the demise of his wife Sarah nee Allen in 1829 became a member of The Latter Day Saints (Mormons) his son in law Elijah West (married Letitia Flint Robert and Sarah's daughter) was one of the first British Priests of the sect..In 1850 when Robert was nearing his 70s he along with sons John Flint who married Mary Foster Spencer daughter of Peter Spencer of Middleton and William Allen Flint who married Elizabeth Slack daughter of Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land emigrated to Kays Ward now known as Kaysville Utah U.S.A... John and Mary Flint's Gr Gr Grandson and his wife who live at St George Utah are my fellow family history researchers today

    (Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land were my 3XUncle and Aunt, Sarah sister to Hannah who married James Smith of Carsington Mining Agent they my Gr Gr Grandparents whose daughter was Sarah who married Robert Flint aforementioned.. This Slack family also of my wife's family, Samuel Slack also of my wife and my kin via our joint Shaw and Butler family of Oker Ible Wirksworth Moor and Middleton )

    My Sheldon family
    Grt Grandmother Martha Walker nee Sheldon's brother was Samuel Joseph Sheldon who in his mid years purchased the Freehold and Mineral Rights of Upper and Nether Golconda Lead Mines along with Chariot and Chance Mines twixt Griffe Grange and Brassington from Edward Miller Wass his friend in 1877.. S.J Sheldon also owned Snake Mine Hopton Wood .. the mine owned by his family from the late 1790s and Bold Pit Mine Middleton Wood ..In 1915 S.J Sheldon sold the Golconda Mines at George Henry Key a Colour manufacturer at Matlock Bath ,,The Key family still own the land now trading as Viaton Industries ..For a time before Joseph Walker my Gr Grandfather married S.J Sheldon's sister martha Sheldon, Joseph owned 2/24ths share at Snake lead Mine S.J.Sheldon owning the 22/24ths share.. Samuel J Sheldon was also into his 70s General Manager at Bradleyl Mineral Works Middleton Top .(Quarry and Mine). He was Deputy Barmaster to parts of the Wirksworth Wapentake and Barmaster to Crich Liberty. I have many of Samuel J Sheldon's personal documents some of which I have donated to Derbyshire County Archives Library.. Samuel J Sheldon married Jane Logden daughter of Job and Elizabeth Longden nee Bradley Farmers of Ible (Longdens originally from Sheffield and Chesterfield ) living alongside the Rains family whose heirs are of the Doxey family one of whom in recent years was a Chairman of Wirksworth U.D.C and a Councillor on Derbyshire Dales D.C. distant kin to John Palmer Web Master of this site.. Jane's sisters were Elizabeth who married George Frost of Middleton Hillside a Mason at Killer Bros Quarry Hopton Wood Stone his brother James Frost being direct kin to a member of the Gould family aforementioned in this account and Mary Longden who married Joseph Hall brother to Ebenezer Hall who owned Martin, Hall & Co Silversmiths of Shrewsbury Works Sheffield.. Joseph Hall being a Manager to the firm.. This Hall family are allied kin to the Halls who owned Goodluck Mine Via Gellia in the 1700s .. One of my wife's fore bare family Peter Wragg son of Nathaniel and Anne Wragg nee Spencer of Middleton became General Manager at Martin, Hall & Co late 1800s ..Martin, Hall & Co closed down in the 1930s depression years ..Ebenezer and Joseph Hall were sons of Gilbert and Elizabeth Hall nee Slack of The Alley Middleton.. My wife's Gr Aunts Alice and Annie Holmes lived in the house once owned by Gilbert and Elizabeth Hall they Aunts to F.H.Butler of my wife and my kin...

    S.J Sheldon was also a Shareholder at Mill Close Mine often visiting the mine as Deputy Barmaster with Captain Chandos Pole Gell of Hopton Hall.. I have written evidence of this in Samuel's private diary. Samuel was quite taken by the novelty of being a passenger with Captain Chandon Pole Gell in one of the first motor cars seen on the roads of the Wirksworth area.. When Samuel J Sheldon died in his 80s 1930s he left my Grandfather in his will the house John Walker lived at Manor Fields The Fields Middleton where my mother was born in 1916 and where my Aunt Doris Walker a Spinster and Departmental Manager at John Smedley Lea Mills lived up to 2000 when she died two weeks short of her 100th birthday .. S J Sheldon also left two cottages on Duke Street Middleton which my mother and her sisters sold to A. Sheldon deceased heir of S.J Sheldon's brother...

    End of Text

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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