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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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This transcription was sent me by Lady Elizabeth Park of Retford. Many thanks.

    Wirksworth Petty Sessions.
    March 29th 1881.

    Annie HIGTON v Charles PEARSON


    Mr Stone for complainent
    Mr Skidmore for defendent

    Annie Higton on her oath examined by Mr Stone saith as follows, I am a single woman residing in Wirksworth. I was delivered of a female bastard child at Wirksworth on 20 Jan 1880. Charles Pearson is the father. I am going on 17 years of age, I worked at Mr Wheatcrofts nearly 3 years, I left the latter part of last year. I worked in Top Storey, defendant was foreman in that room. He paid me attention in the spring of 1880, days were getting long, he would come and talk to me, before we had connections. He first had connections with me in 1879 in the mill about haymaking time - he had many connections on several times with me usually at the mill, also in Meadow Crofts, he went out early to dinner and came in again to top room and threw me down. Mr Horobin only caught us once, in the room - we had connections many a times before Mr Horobin only caught us the once. There was no- one else only self and person. I was down on cotton bags - he was on top of me - he was having connections with me. I screamed and he put his hand on my mouth to stop me. He had often had connections with me at dinner time in the same room, I used to go to Pelvins on errands and he met me and took me to Meadow Crofts. I did not perceive anything was the matter until 8 months ago. I told Pearson about it and his daughter beat me up he said I was as right as he was. Before I left Wheatcrofts I told defendent of my condition - he used to have connections with me 3/4 times a week, until he was turned away by Mr Wheatcroft, I had been unwell shortly before he had had connection with me I was unwell only once after. I had no notice to leave the mill - I was only caught by Mr Horobin - I cannot remember when Mr Horobin caught us I have screamed every time he has had connection with me, he has dragged me from Palins to Meadow Crofts. 7 of us worked in Top Room, the connections have mostly been in that room at the mill. I complained to Mr Horobin and asked Mr Horobin not to tell that time. I knew Pearson was a married man he said I must not tell anybody or I should get turned away. My mother found out I was in family way last May, I have not been with anyone except defendent, I have not been out in street with anyone, I know Mathers Yard, I have not been there with anyone for the last 2 year. I have not been down Summer Lane with anyone I have never been with Daniel Smith or kept company with him. I have not told May House that I have been with Smith. It is not true that I was turned away because I was seen with Smith on the cricket ground. Daniel Smith has not had connections with me. He lives in Wirksworth.

    Ralph Horobin, on his oath examined by Mr Stone for complainant saith as follows.... I live at Millers Green and work at Mr Wheatcrofts factory, the complainant and defendent have worked there for sometime. I have seen them down once it was sometime at the beginning of 1880 they were in Top Room at factory betwixt one and two o'clock the dinner time I saw no one else besides them they were at top of stairs, down together on some cotton. I cautioned her after that I told her I should tell her father she said she hoped I shouldn't. I saw nothing going off, they were both on the cotton I have not seem take liberties she was in room when I went up I did not see them have connections. I think it was possible for her to have connections without ny seeing them. 9 work in that room, I was only about a minute and a half in that room, I did not see his hand up her clothes.

    Henry Higton, I am the father of the complainant I was told she was in the family way about 3 months. I saw Pearson in the market place - Joseph Frost and James Gratton were with me I said to him you are a nice man to go and ruin that girl of mine meaning my daughter, he said that what he had done he couldn't undo, he wanted to fight me and give me a smack in the face, he was laughing, I said I must do my worst and took my last (shoe last) from my pocket I gave him a bloody good thwacking then I put the last in my pocket I think.

    QUESTIONED by Mr Skidmore, defendent said I have f***ed her many her time, Smith a neighbour has not been courting the complainant.

    Joseph Frost on his oath examined by Mr Stone said I live at Wirksworth, last August I was stood with Higton, Pearson came out of The Lion Hotel, Higton said to him thou art a very nice man for what thou hast done. Pearson said what dost say and Higton repeated what he had said Pearson said to Higton if you say anything about it I will rap your jaws into bargain he also said what I have done I can't undo and I have f***ed her many a time.
    In Gratton's statement Pearson had had some drink but wasn't excited.

    DEFENCE. Mary Else... I am the wife of George Else I live at Greenhill Wirksworth I know Daniel Smith and the complainant I have seen them together last year many a time I have only known her a year. Complainant as tols me she went with Daniel Smith.

    DEFENCE. Jarvis Thompson....I live in Water Lane I have seen Dan Smith and complainant together many a time since last summer at dinner time and at night Daniel Smith lives at Mathers Yard.
    James Steeple said on oath I live at Wirksworth and I am a labourer I know the complainant and Dan Smith I have seen them together at cricket ground up to half an hour in daytime.

    ORDER FOR 2/= A WEEK UNTIL 13 YEARS OLD AND COSTS AS FOLLOWS. Information 1-0 Summons 1-6 Service 1-0 Returning 2-6 2 subpoenas 2-6 Compis oaths 1-0 Witn oaths 6-0 Witn allits 8-6 Orders 9-0 Service 3-0 Midwife 5-0 For defence 2 witness subpoenas 4-6 TOTAL £2-1-0

HIGTON family

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  • Census references: 1881, 1871, 1851 and 1841
  • Annie HIGTON baptised 27 Sep 1863
    1st married 10 Sep 1883 at Holy Trinity, Matlock Bath to William SMEDLEY
    2nd marriage to Clive? PEARSON (The man she took to court on 29 Mar 1881)
    Name of Annie's illegitimate daughter was Lucy HIGTON, born 20 Jan 1880
    She married William STATHAM on 25 Dec 1901 at Hadfield, William was baptised 1881

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