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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Richard Nathan HUBBERSTY

John Harper of New Zealand sent me this interesting history of Richard HUBBERSTY, from a Wirksworth family (His father was Vicar of Alderwasley). Thanks John.


See also Family trees of HURT and ARKWRIGHT and Census entries for 1841, 1851, 1881 and 1891.
    | | | | | | | 1777 1781 | 1786 1781 1767 Mary Francis 1780 Richard 1808 Caroline Nathan 1801 Dorothy Edward 1802 Elizabeth HURT======v=====SHUTTLEWORTH HUBBERSTY====v====TOMLINSON HURT====v====ARKWRIGHT 1851 | 1827 1828 | 1852 1854 | 1838 | | | | 1813 | 1815 | |----|---| Margaret 1804 Eliza 1803 | | Emma 1838 Nathan 1854 Caroline Francis 1829 Cecilia Charlotte HURT=============v================HUBBERSTY=====v=====HARTOPP HURT====v====NORMAN NORMAN====v====POWYS 1845 | 1881 1899 1861 | | | | | | | | |-----------|--------|---|---|---------| | | | | | | | | | 1839 1840 1842 1843 1845 1839 1842 Richard Charles Henry Mary Margaret Theodore Arthur Nathan John Alfred Margaret Emma Octavius Littleton HUBBERSTY HURT POWYS 1886 1932 1875

Ince pages 033b and 033c

39 Rev Nathan HUBBERSTY Clerk B D Head Master of the Grammar School at Wirksworth Co Derby
Died 30th July 1828 aged 60 Burd at Wirksworth 3 Aug following Will 22d Feb 1828
40 Mary Dorothy TOMLINSON el dar & coheiress marriage settlement dated 18 Apr 1801 Mard Wirksworth Tu 21 Apr 1801 Died 15 Dec 1852

[children of Nathan HUBBERSTY & Mary Dorothy TOMLINSON]
52 Mary Dorothy HUBBERSTY el dar Died 23d August 1825 & burd 30th same Xtnd [Christened] 10 July 1802 Bn 25 may preceeding
53 Nathan HUBBERSTY El son [c 6 Jan 1804 Wirksworth] Now/1823/a studentt of St John's Coll. Cambridge in 1827 B.A.
In 1829 appt Head Master of Wirksworth Gram School Born Septr 1803
54 Margaret d Richard HURT Esq of Wirksth
55 Philip HUBBERSTY Atty at Law Wirksworth [c 27 Dec 1805 Wirksworth]
56 Augusta d of Rev William CANTRILL
57 John HUBBERSTY of Hull Co York Merchant 1857
58 Henry HUBBERSTY of Hull Merchnt 1857
59 Agnes Eleanor HUBBERSTY ux Mr Price WOOD a Banker

[children of Nathan HUBBERSTY & Margaret HURT]
62 Richard HUBBERSTY
63 Rev Nathan HUBBERSTY mard 2dly at Goadby Marwood Co Lei 15 Nov 1854
64 Eliza Caroline W[idow] of Revd William Evans HURTOP Rector of Harby Co Leicester dau of Revd Edward MANNERS of Goadby Marwood

01 Rev Nathan HUBBERSTY

02 Richard Nathan HUBBERSTY of Liverpool wt? Mercht
03 Charles HUBBERSTY
06 Margaret Emma HUBBERSTY bn 20th Nov 1840

Emails on the subject

John Harper of New Zealand writes
Yes, I have a copy of The Hurts of Derbyshire, and a very good book it is too. I meant to say that Richard Nathan Hubbersty was born May 1839 - 3 May according to Burke's Landed Gentry 1952, 2 May according to army records of the 89th Regiment. I've just found the following Army Bulletin notice on the internet:

89th Foot. Richard Nathan Hubbersty, Gent. to be Ensign, without purchase vice Warburton, dec. Dated 24 September 1858.

John Harper of New Zealand writes
Greetings from New Zealand John,

My interest in Richard Nathan Hubbersty (known as Nathan) came about when researching the history of Astrop, a farm near here which was established in 1866 by Arthur Littleton Powys (1842-1875) a young fellow from Northamptonshire who first arrived here in Canterbury (a province on the eastern side of the South Island) in 1860. He went home in 1864 but returned to Canterbury, arriving on New Year's Day 1866. From that time he kept a regular journal until a few months before returning to England again in 1868. One of the first entries in the journal tells of going to the Selwyn "to see Occy and Nathan". Occy was his cousin Theodore Octavius Hurt (1839-1932) a son of Francis & Cecilia Hurt of Alderwasley Hall. Cecilia, nee Norman, was a sister of Arthur's mother Charlotte. "Nathan" had me baffled for quite a while for, while he is frequently mentioned in Arthur's journal his surname never appears. Quite by chance I discovered who he was when trawling around on the internet searching for info on the Hurts. There in the 1851 census were "Occy and Nathan" scholars, in the house of the Rev Hubbersty at Wirksworth. They were distant cousins as well as good friends and it was probably Theodore Hurt (who lived in Canterbury 1862-1872) who persuaded Nathan to come here. It was also attracted quite a few Indian Army people on sick leave.

At the age of nineteen Nathan went into the army as a Cornet or 2nd Lieutenant 89th Foot Regiment 24 September 1858. On the 23 April 1861 he was promoted 1st Lieutenant and the same year the regiment was sent out to Umballa, India. Fever thinned the ranks during the hot season - nearly 150 men were sent for convelescence in the Himalayan foothills - and with the onset of the rainy season came the far worse scourge of cholera. In December 1862, having left Umballa, the regiment arrived in Mooltan and stayed there until early in 1865 when it was ordered home at short notice, the bulk of the regiment sailing from Karachi on the Walmer Castle on the 8 April. Nathan's first appearance in New Zealand that I know of was in early January 1866 when he was helping Theodore Hurt at his farm on the River Selwyn. There is little doubt that Nathan came to New Zealand on extended sick leave.

Later in 1866 Hurt leased his farm and Arthur Powys recorded in his journal that on the 3 October "to my infinite astonishment, who should come up but Occy and Nathan after some land". The following day Occy selected a small area of land and the next day went off the Christchurch to purchase it. Nathan stayed and was taken on as an employee where he remained until just before Christmas 1867. It was almost certainly he who lodged with Hurt in the "shingle hut" that he built on his land. Hurt recorded in his memiors that he would dine with the Powys brothers most Sundays (Arthur's younger brother Richard also worked at Astrop) and that they "lived a jolly if not very profitable life" until the property was let in 1868 when the Powys brothers and Nathan returned to England.

During his absence from the regiment it had become Princess Victoria's 89th Regiment and in 1880 became the 89th Princess Victoria's Royal Irish Fusiliers. Soon after returning to the regiment, Nathan was promoted Captain 17 August 1869 at which time the regiment was in Ireland. In September 1870 they were again ordered to India, embarking at Queenstown on the Crocodile, which was able to accommodate all of the 33 officers, 914 men and 106 wives of the regiment. This time the passage to India took only a month, The Suez Canal having been opened the previous year. There the regiment was stationed at Cannamore in the Madras Presidency until November 1872 when it marched inland to Bangalore which was its home for some time. In February 1875 they left Bangalore for Fort St George, Madras where another healthy and uneventful year was spent. In January 1876 the regiment was ordered to British Burma where it remained until 1880, in which year it returned to India.

Nathan was promoted Major 1 July 1881 and an Honarary Lieutenant Colonel 11 April 1885 by which time he was on retired pay. He died unmarried at or near Penzance, Cornwall 1 December 1886 aged 47. Ince's Wirksworth Pedigrees apparenty mentions him as a Liverpool merchant, but when he managed to fit this into his life I do not know.

I have been unable to find a photo of Nathan but if you ever come upon one, I would be very pleased to have a copy.


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