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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Middleton School Admissions

Some School Admissions, transcribed and sent to DERBYSGEN by Michael Spencer, thanks Mike.

    MIDDLETON BY WIRKSWORTH School Admissions.
    Name; Samuel AXE (See more...)
    Adm; -/8/1872
    Age 13y 10m
    Residence; Middleton
    Parents Occupation (P.occ) joiner
    Prev Educ.; Wirksworth B.S.
    Left; -/4/1873
    Name; Esther BAINBRIDGE
    Adm; -/10/1872
    Age; 12y 11m
    Residence; Grange ( Grange Mill  possibly)
    Prev. Educ. Grange School
    Left; -/12/1872
    Reason; "to service".
    Name; Elizabeth BIRLEY (See more...)
    Adm; -/4/1871
    Age; 8y 7m
    P.occ; stone cutter
    Prev. Educ; Ashbourne N.S
    Left; -/5/1873
    Reason; "helping mother".
    Name; Samuel BIRLEY
    Adm; -/4/1871
    Age; 13y 11m
    P. occ; stone cutter
    Prev. Educ. Pentrich
    Left; -/6/1872
    Reason; " work"
    Name; James ROWLAND
    Adm; 4/3/1878
    Age; 7y 4m
    Residence; Middleton
    P. occ, rag merchant
    Prev. Educ. Matlock
    Left the parish.
    Name; Elizabeth A ROWLAND
    Adm; 4/3/1878
    Age; 4y 6m
    Residence; Middleton
    P. occ. rag merchant
    Prev. Educ. Matlock
    Left the parish
    Name; Joshua STONE
    Adm; -/5/1875
    DOB; -/5/1865
    Residence; Ible
    P. occ. farmer
    Prev. Educ. Grange
    Left for winter months
    Name; Joshua KINDER
    Adm; -/5/1875
    DOB; -/3/1867
    Residence; Ible
    P.occ. farmer
    Prev, Educ,  Grange
    Left for winter months
    Brian Kinder writes:
    One thing interesting is that the family were KINDERs for the 1861 census,
    but stated they were BATTERLEYs for the 1871 census, by 1881 they had
    reverted back to KINDERs. In 1866 ( by BDM )  Joshua was born a KINDER, but
    living as a BATTERLEY  with his Grand parents in 1871, and by 1875 when he
    started school, the family had reverted back to KINDER.
    Did they have a warped sense of humour ??
    See an explanation by Stuart FLINT
    Adm; 16/8/1880
    DOB 19/2/1869
    Born ; Fifeshire
    Parent; Agnes.

More information about these people

    Brian Kinder writes:
    Evening John

    Joshua KINDER looks okay, though the story gets more complex as 1869 daughter Sarah has a son George, father unknown. He is living with Job's wife's sister ( Ann BROOKS )as George KINDER in the 71 census, George BROOKS in 81 census, George Henry BROOKs in the 91 census, and get married as George Henry Brooks KINDER in 1891.Not sure if George's birth started the short change to BATTERLEY for the family, also a quick look at the census looks like they were moving houses as well, i.e. people next to the KINDERs seem to swop, was it a confuse the census chap?

    Going back to Job KINDER ( BATTERLEY ), I had him with a ? on the tree. He is listed on the Wirksworth site with mother only, father gone abroad, pointing to a Ann KINDER marrying Laurence BATTERLEY. But his mother Ann BATTERLEY also appears to have a daughter Elizabeth born 1812 also no father, and no marriage for a Ann KINDER. Looking on Dawn's Winster site I notice Ann BATTERLEY is listed as possible father a Samuel KINDER. But we are a little short of Samuel KINDERs, we have one available for marrage, one marries Martha BUXTUN 1786, one that marries Mary SPENCER 1789 and one is father to Ann. BATTERLEY. It then struck me that if Samuel marries Martha, and a daughter Sarah is born and Martha dies ( no death listed for her, but she also does not appear again ). When Martha is ill Samuel fathers Ann BATTERLEY ( as Winster list ), Samuel then remarries, Mary SPENCER. In 1840 Job BATTERLEY marries Mary BUCKLEY, and they are living with Samuel and Mary KINDER on the 1841 census as Job and Mary KINDER, Samuel would be his grandfather, which seemed to fit known facts. Now if Stuart Flint is right and Ann KINDER and Laurence BATTERLEY do exist it's back to square one, except that at present I do not have a Ann KINDER linked to Samuel and Mary KINDER and why is she using BATTERLEY, and Job is listed in the IGI as mother Ann BATTERLEY, and we have a birth for Ann BATTERLEY.

    Isn't life complicated, and it's not on my direct line.

    Have most of the Wirksworth KINDER's on the tree, just a few deaths and female marriages left, and they are basically one family.

    Many thanks for the Wirksworth site, made my day when I found my grandfather on it.

    Brian KINDER
    Stuart Flint writes:
    Hello John

    Following on after the Kinder/Batterley querie on the same page were the names Elizabeth Birley and Samuel Axe both families which are known to me by relationship

    Samuel Axe was the son of George Perkins Axe from Hatfield Yorks. I believe the original Axe family stem from the area around Epworth Lincolnshire

    Samuel born 1859 married my wife's Gr Gr Gr Aunt Roseanne Slack daughter of Daniel and Sarah Slack of Middleton, whilst Samuels brother Alfred Axe born 1852 married Ellen Jones daughter of William and Mary Jones nee Spencer Ellen Grandaughter of Peter and Mary Jones nee Flint Mary my 3XAunt sister to Samuel Flint who married Mary Killer daughter of John and Mary Killer nee Hawley..Samuel and Alfred Axe's brother William married Rose Killer Niece of my Gr Gr Grandmother Rose cousin to Martha Flint, Samuel and Mary Flint's daughter who married Samuel Killer her cousin Joiner of Steepelgrange

    Samuel and Roaseanne lived in a house called South View in their day, but on the demise of Samuel and Roseanne my father leased the house from the Axe estate and re named it Axeholme..I lived there from age 4 years to about age 8 years up to my parents having purchased a house from our family of Brace at The Fields Middleton after which my wifes Grt Uncle Frank Holmes Butler purchased it from Axe his wife Sally Slack Roseanne Axe's neice...the house owned by the Butler family up to recent years I believe the present owners have reverted to the original South View name..

    Opposite Axeholme,in my youth, lived the Birley family..Elizabeth Ellen Birley of this kinship born on The Lanes Middleton mentioned in the Kinder/Batterley page married Sydney Flint son of Herbert Flint Mining Agent of Bolehill they of my kin..Elizabeth was daughter of George and Elizabeth Birley originally from Ashford In The Water George a Monumental Mason and Grocer removing to first Heage near to where he had a Monumental Yard at Buckland Hollow and then Middleton where by the 1880s Birley's opened up a Quarry above Killer Bros Quarry near Middleton Top Engine House where they shared a Loading Bay with my Sheldon family of Middleton (Bradley Mineral Works opposite the cycle hire depot today) transporting their stone by the C&HPR to Cromford Canal and then on to Buckland Hollow where Birley's Monumental Yard was.. Elizabeth Birley's brother's were John Richard Birley Managing Director at the quarry born at Heage who married Sarah Brookes having a son John Brookes Birley who was a friend of my father's both being Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church along with their kinsman Douglas Slack George Birley married Esther Slack my wifes 3XAunt sister to Roseanne Axe nee Slack Mary Slack sister to Esther married Joseph Evans of Middleton they my wife's Gr Gr Grandparents.. Slacks were also my own kin James Birley born at Heage a foreman at the quarry married Elizabeth Wright of Heage whilst William Henry Birley married Minnie Beeson daughter of John Beeson Joiner of Middleton related to Edith Taylor nee Slack ( Edith has written her memories of Middleton on John Palmer's web pages)

    When I was born, the first home I lived at was owned by John Richard Birley called appropriately Burleigh House Opposite The Nelson Arms Public House Middleton We then moved to South View ( Axeholme) and then to Highfields The Fields which my father purchased from George Brace Brace's brother James Brace having married into my Flint family..

    Alfred Axe's son Richard Norman Axe owned Clatterway Quarry at the rear of The Pig of Lead Inn Bonsall, Alfred living firstly at The Manor House Bonsall and then at Bonsall Lodge. My Grt Grandmother Emily Flint was killed in Bonsall Mill Weir when on her way to visit the Axe family at Bonsall Lodge ..She and my Grt Grandfather Henry Flint lived at the head of Bonsall Lanes Middleton..The short cut to Bonsall was by the Wood and then having to cross a small bridge over the Dam to reach Bonsall village..She apparently slipped and fell into the weir drowning before anyone could reach her...

    When Alfred's first wife Ellen nee Jones died of Cancer in the 2nd year of their marriage he remarried Margaret Carlisle of Bonsall she also my distant kin via my Simpson / Colledge family.

    In my youth two sisters lived in the Birley house opposite Axeholme Sarah and Millicent Birley children of John Brookes Birley both trained nurses who remained single and became Matrons, one at a Hospital and the other at a Children's Home..

    I believe George Kinder of Ible (figures in the Kinder Batterley family ) lived with a member of the Brookes family allied kin of Birley's

    Regards Stuart G Flint
    Hello John

    I think I can explain the confusion re Kinder and Batterley..the Batterley's of Ible part of my family as are at a distance the Kinders as are Buckley's

    Anne Kinder in 1816 had a son out of wedlock to Laurence Batterely by the name of Job ..Batterley did a runner..emigrating I believe before Job was born. Job Kinder married Mary Buckley of Middleton daughter of John Buckley Lead Miner. As Job grew up Laurences parents helped to raise him, and possibly due to the circumstances told the Census Enumerator his name was Batterley...My own father was a Census Enumerator and Deputy Registrar during the 1920s - 1950 and he often had peculiar situations ie. where husbands had children by sisters of their wives... or unmarried daughters who tried to make out their children were their sisters/brothers

    The same Batterley family of Ible married into my sister in laws family direct others being my allied kin from the 1840 - mid 1900s Others living alongside Batterleys at Ible were Longden and Rains of my allied kin

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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