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Bonsall Conveyance 1861

Here is an interesting Indenture obtained on Ebay dated 1861 about the Conveyance of a Barn and land in Bonsall from John RAINS (deceased) to John TRAVIS.
If possible more information will be collected about the principal named characters
If any reader has information about this, please contact
"Indenture: A writing containing a contract, so called from the two copies being originally indented, so as to correspond with each other." Indenture documents were cut by hand in an irregular line, so that in order prove they were legitimate they had to fit together perfectly.

  1. Document front
  2. Document notes
  3. Extracts
  4. Legal Intent
  5. Scan of document
  6. Transcription
  7. Those mentioned
  8. Ironbrook?
  9. Email from Andrew Kreibich
  10. Emails

Document front

Document notes

"J.Travis lives at Champion Farms, Windley/ [Quarndon] nr Derby/ Farmer/ Conson/ 22-10-0/
To John Kinder/ of Cromford"/ Stamp date: 27 Jul 1860
Champion Farm is 1 mile West of Duffield and 1 mile South of Windley in Derbyshire.


  • Twenty perches or thereabout with the Barn thereon standing as the same was formerly staked out and fenced off from a certain Close or parcel of Land situate at Bonsall Leys in the parish of Bonsall in the said county of Derby commonly called or known by the name of the Barn Close
  • Benjamin BUXTON of Aldwark in the County of Derby Farmer
  • [William HEATHCOTE of Winster in the county of Derby Plumber and Glazier of the second part erased]
  • John RAINS of Ironbrook Grange in the parish of Wirksworth in the same County Farmer
  • his wife Elizabeth RAINS
  • Testator died on the twelfth day of the same month of May One thousand eight hundred and thirty nine
  • Elizabeth RAINS the Widow of the Testator John RAINS died on the second day of March One thousand eight hundred and sixty
  • Isaac RAINS of Brassington Moor in the said county of Derby Farmer
  • Samuel RAINS of Ironbrook Grange aforesaid Farmer
  • Isaac RAINS died on the seventeenth day of April One thousand eight hundred and forty nine
  • Samuel RAINS died on the fourteenth day of June One thousand eight hundred and fifty three
  • said Will and the same was duly proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Lichfield by both the said Executors on the fifth day of October following
  • John TRAVIS of Hulland Ward in the said county of Derby Farmer
  • Legal intent

    John RAINS 1774-1839
    by Will on death in 1839 (line 8)
    Elizabeth RAINS 1783-1860
    on death in 1860 (line 9/10)
    (first Trustees) (line 18)
    Isaac RAINS 1791-1849
    Samuel RAINS 1801-1853
    New Trustees appointed
    by Consistory Court
    on death of first Trustees
    (second Trustees)(line 26)
    Benjamin BUXTON 1788-?
    John RAINS 1801-1872
    Sale for £20 by new trustees (line 35)
    John TRAVIS 1816- >1881


    Transcription from the original document by its owner:

      Dated 6 April 1861

      CONVEYANCE of a BARN and premises in the parish of BONSALL in the county of Derby.

      The Trustees for the Sale of the Estate of John RAINS deceased to John TRAVIS

    1. THIS INDENTURE made the sixth day of April in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and sixty one BETWEEN Benjamin
    2. BUXTON of Aldwark in the County of Derby Farmer and John RAINS of Ironbrook Grange in the parish of Wirksworth in the same County Farmer
    3. of the first part [William HEATHCOTE of Winster in the county of Derby Plumber and Glazier of the second part erased] and John TRAVIS
    4. of Hulland Ward in the said county of Derby Farmer of the second part WHEREAS John RAINS of Ironbrook Grange aforesaid Farmer being at
    5. the respective times of making his will and of his death seized of the Land and hereditaments hereinafter described for an absolute estate of inheritance in fee simple in possession made and duly
    6. published his last Will in Writing dated the eleventh day of May One thousand eight hundred and thirty nine and thereby after directing payment of his debts gave devised and bequeathed all and every
    7. his messuages lands tenements hereditaments and real Estate whatsoever and wheresoever with all and every the rights member and appurtenances to the same respectively belonging and also all his personal
    8. Estate and Effects unto his wife Elizabeth RAINS and her assigns for the term of her natural life for her own absolute use and benefit and without being subject to the debts control or Engagements of any
    9. future husband with whom she might intermarry and from and immediately after the decease of his said Wife the Testator gave devised and bequeathed all his said real and personal Estates unto his
    10. two friends Isaac RAINS of Brassington Moor in the said county of Derby Farmer and Samuel RAINS of Ironbrook Grange aforesaid Farmer their heirs executors administrators and assigns for ever But upon
    11. the trusts following (that is to say) Upon trust that they his said Trustees did and should as soon as conveniently might be after the decease of his (Testator's) said wife make sale and dispose of his
    12. said real and personal Estates and Effects either by Public Auction or Private Contract as should seem most advantageous for the best price or prices that could be had or gotten for the same and to receive
    13. the purchase money arising from such sale or sales and to convey surrender assure and assign and to make do and execute All such Deeds surrenders and assurances as should be necessary for effectually
    14. conveying surrendering and assuring the same to the purchaser or purchasers thereof their heirs appointees or assigns or in such manner as he she or they should direct or appoint And the said Testator
    15. directed that the receipt and receipts of his said Trustees for the money to arise from the sale or sales of his said real and personal estates should be good and sufficient discharges for such sum or
    16. sums of money as should be therein expressed to be received And that it should not be necessary for any such purchaser or purchasers nor should he she or they be bound to see to the application or be
    17. answerable or accountable for the misapplication or nonapplication thereof And the Testator directed that his said Trustees should stand and be possessed of the monies to arise from such sale or
    18. sales and to be collected received and got in as aforesaid Upon the trusts in his said Will expressed And he appointed the said Isaac RAINS and Samuel RAINS his Trustees joint Executors of his said
    19. Will AND WHEREAS the Testator died on the twelfth day of the same month of May One thousand eight hundred and thirty nine without having revoked or in any way altered his said Will and the
    20. same was duly proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Lichfield by both the said Executors on the fifth day of October following AND WHEREAS the said Isaac RAINS died on the seventeenth day
    21. of April One thousand eight hundred and forty nine And the said Samuel RAINS died on the fourteenth day of June One thousand eight hundred and fifty three AND WHEREAS the said Elizabeth
    22. RAINS the Widow of the Testator John RAINS died on the second day of March One thousand eight hundred and sixty AND WHEREAS by an order of the High Court of Chancery dated the
    23. [blank] day of [blank last past made "In the matter of the Trusts of the Will of John RAINS" and "In the matter of the Trustee Act 1850" upon the petition of Samuel RAINS and others
    24. preferred on the eleventh day of March last past After reciting as or to the effect hereinbefore recited And it appearing that the Petitioners were beneficially interested in the Lands devised by
    25. the Will of the said Testator And that the said Isaac RAINS and Samuel RAINS the trustees of the Will of the said Testator were respectively dead and that it was expedient to
    26. appoint new Trustees of the said Will and that it was found impracticable so to do without the assistance of that court The Court did order that the said Benjamin BUXTON and
    27. John RAINS be appointed new Trustees of the Will of the said John RAINS the said Testator in the place of the said Isaac RAINS and Samuel RAINS respectively deceased And it was
    28. Ordered that the land subject to the Trusts of the Will of the said Testator did vest in the said Benjamin BUXTON and John RAINS for all the estate therein devised to the said
    29. Isaac RAINS and Samuel RAINS AND WHEREAS the said Benjamin BUXTON and John RAINS in pursuance of the trusts powers and authorities so for this purpose reposed in them as
    30. aforesaid have contracted and agreed with the said John TRAVIS for the sale to him of the hereditaments hereinafter described and intended to be hereby conveyed and the inheritance
    31. thereof in possession at or for the price or sum of Twenty pounds NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSES that for carrying the said sale to the said John TRAVIS into effect and for and
    32. in consideration of the sum of Twenty pounds sterling to the said Benjamin BUXTON and John RAINS in hand well and truly paid by the said John TRAVIS on the execution of these
    33. presents the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge They the said Benjamin BUXTON and John RAINS as the Trustees of and acting under the said in part recited Will of the said
    34. John RAINS deceased as aforesaid and of the said Order of the Court of Chancery and in pursuance exercise and execution of the trusts powers and directions in the said Will
    35. contained and of or any other trust powers or authorities enabling them in this behalf Do and each of them Doth hereby grant release convey and confirm unto the said John
    36. TRAVIS his heirs and assigns ALL that piece or parcel of Land containing by admeasurement Twenty perches or thereabout with the Barn thereon standing as the same was formerly staked
    37. out and fenced off from a certain Close or parcel of Land situate at Bonsall Leys in the parish of Bonsall in the said county of Derby commonly called or known by the name of the
    38. Barn Close theretofore in the tenure holding or occupation of William SHELDON senior and since of the said John RAINS the Testator his assigns or undertenants and was purchased by him
    39. in the year One thousand eight hundred and nine of and from William SHORE Esquire and others and by him by his said Will devised in trust as aforesaid TOGETHER with the
    40. actual and reputed right easements and appurtenances corporeal and incorporeal to the said hereditaments and premises belonging or appertaining AND All the Estate and Interest of them
    41. the said Benjamin BUXTON and John RAINS in the said premises TO HOLD the same premises with the appurtenances UNTO and TO THE USE of the said John TRAVIS his heirs and
    42. assigns for ever AND the said John TRAVIS hereby declares that no Woman becoming his Widow shall be entitled to Dower out of the said premises AND each of them the said
    43. Benjamin BUXTON and John RAINS doth hereby for himself and his respective heirs executors and administrators (but so far only as relates to or concerns his own separate acts deeds or
    44. defaults only) respectively Covenant with the said John TRAVIS his heirs and assigns that they the said Covenanting parties respectively or either of them have not nor hath at
    45. any time heretofore done executed or committed any act deed matter or thing whereby the said hereditaments are is or can be impeached affected or incumbered in anywise
    46. howsoever IN WITNESS whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written

      Benjamin [his seal] BUXTON John [his seal] RAINS

      Received on the day and year first within written of and from the within named John TRAVIS the sum of Twenty pounds being the consideration money within mentioned to be paid by him to us.

      Benjn BUXTON
      John RAINS

      Witness, Benj. BRITTBANK

      Signed sealed and Delivered by the within named Benjamin BUXTON and John RAINS in the presence of

      Sol[icitor] Winster

    Connection of those mentioned

                        1719    Elton
                        Isaac   1754    Elizabeth
                        1804      |     1805
           |                              |         |
          1754 Allerthorpe 1768           |        1774 Carsington 1783
          Isaac   1789    Elizabeth      10     ***John    1800    Elizabeth***
          RAINS=====v=====COBB           more      RAINS=====v=====NORTH
          1825      |     1848           children  1839      |     1860
                    |                                        |
     |--------------|-----------|                     |------|----------------|-----|-------|----------|-----|
     |                          |                     |                       |     |       |          |     |
    1791 Wirksworth 1793       1801  Bakewell  1816  1817 Wirksworth 1816    1801  1804    1806       1811  1813
    Isaac*** 1814   Elizabeth  Samuel*** 1837  Mary  Ann     1839    John*** John  Samuel  Elizabeth  Mary  Isaac
    RAINS=====v=====WOODAS     RAINS=====v=====WOOD  RAINS=====v=====TRAVIS  1872 <1891                    <1881
    1849      |     1867       1853      |     1853 >1881      |     1885?  
              |                          |                     |
              |                          |                     |
              9                         10                     4
            children                  children               children
                                                              1752            1754
                          Walter  1782   Mary                 Josiah  1792    Elizabeth
                          BUXTON====v====STONE                RAINS=====v=====BOWDEN
                                    |                                   |
                               |----|---|                               |
                               |        |                               |
                               |       1788                             |
                               |       Benjamin                        1793            1809
                John           Mary    Stone***?                       Josiah  1830    Elizabeth
                WOOD=====v=====BUXTON  BUXTON=====v=====?              RAINS=====v=====BEARDSLEY
                         |             1865       |                    1871      |
                     |---|---------|              |                              |
                     |             |              |                              |
    1801            1816          1819           1826                           1833
    Samuel*** 1837  Mary          Dorothy 1846   Benjamin                       John
    RAINS=====v=====WOOD          WOOD=====v=====BUXTON***?                     RAINS***?
    1853      |     1853                   |                                    1918
              |                            |                  

    *** Person mentioned in document
    ***? Person mentioned, but with ambiguity
    Information extracted from Dawn Scotting's website: Henry & Alice RAYNES
    And Andrew Kreibich's email


    There are 3 examples of John RAINS' abode in the document. To the modern eye, this placename is easily read as Ironbrook. In 1535 the placename is found as Irnebruke and in 1546 as Irenbroke. The Wirksworth Parish Registers show 67 examples of Iron- and none of Ivon-, although many of these are indeterminate and it was decided that Iron- was intended. Examples of a definite letter "v" in this 1861 Conveyance show it never had a pothook to begin. However Modern maps always show Ivon-, and it is believed this is how natives pronounce their home. It is left to the reader to decide how the home of John RAINS, Testator of the Will referred to above, was pronounced in 1861.

    Line 2 - with definite pothook on the second letter

    Line 4 - with definite pothook on the second letter

    Line 10

    5 examples of the letter "v", none with a pothook:

    Emails on the subject

    Andrew Kreibich (akreibich@gmail.com) writes
    Hi John,
    thanks for putting my stuff on your page. I haven't had chance to put together much more about the farms in the area just yet, got a bit sidetracked with the Buxtons mentioned in the document.
    I found Benjamin Buxton's family in your transcription of Ince's pedigrees page 061b. According to this, Benjamin Stone Buxton was the son of Walter Buxton who in turn was a son of George Buxton of Brassington. George was a son of Walter Buxton a farmer of Castern, Staffordshire.

    Probate for Benjamin Stone Buxton's will was 1865, so he must have died between 1861 census and 1865. I've just searched Free BMD and his death was registered in the march quarter 1865, Bakewell registration district 7b 441 I haven't been able to find anything more about these Buxtons yet.

    I haven't found John Travis after 1881 when he is living with wife Ann daughter Ann and grandson Thomas in Turnditch. The residence is Common Side, but there is a note under this saying Transferred to Hulland Ward.
    There is a death registered in Belper RD march q 1885 for a 70 year old John Travis which could be him.

    If this is correct then the JT mentioned in 1900 must have been his son. He married MARY ANN HOLMES
    20 FEB 1883 Mugginton, Derby, England
    In 1891 he is living at Hazelwood lane, Hazelwood Derbyshire

    Can't find John junior in 1901, but his wife Mary A Travis is living in King st Belper with her nephew. She is listed as a widow. Not quite sure when John died, the only one I can find in free BMD is John Travis age 58 died 1899 dec quarter registerd in Uttoxeter reg dist.

    I've just had a look at the note on the document that you scanned and I'm wondering if the date is 22-10-60 and not 22-10-00. This would make a bit more sense as it is only a few months after the stamp date. I have found a John Kinder living in Market place Cromford in 1861
    He is age 42 born Withington Lancashire and is a victualler. He has a wife, Anne age 41 born Pilkington Lancashire and a daughter Elizabeth age 6 born Bonsall.
    I am still a bit puzzled as to where this stamp and annotation fit into things as you state that the document is dated 6 April 1861, several months later.

    I have just noticed an error in the email I sent you earlier where I have listed Mary Wood as dying in 1852 and being buried in Nov 1853. The death year should have been 1853 not 1852.

    Regarding your query over the spelling of Ivon/Ironbrook. I'm going with Ivonbrook as it appears to be the modern version and is also the spelling on ordnance survey maps from the 1800s. Early versions of the name are something like Wen's brook or Wenbroc from things I've seen, so my feeling is that the v is closer to this. However, I have seen plenty of instance of Ironbrook.

    P.S. I don't mind doing a jigsaw with your scans if you are able to scan the bits (Not that I doubt the accuracy of your transcription, I just find it interesting looking at the old writing!)

    Hi John,
    Thanks for your email.
    I saw the document on your website yesterday and was intending writing to you as I have information on all of those mentioned in it.
    Before I start, I must thank you for your excellent site, which was one of the first that I found on the internet when I started investigating my family tree a few years ago. (Dawn's site was the other one). After finding hundreds of ancestors from my Rains branch on these two sites, I decided that it would be a fairly easy thing to trace my family. Little did I realise at the time that I was very lucky that my Rains lived half way between Winster and Wirksworth and that your two sites were by far the most comprehensive of any places in England.

    Since then I've used your PR transcriptions, census material and Dawn's research to put together a sizeable tree. I've passed on everything I've found to Dawn and most of this has been incorporated into her site, but I can fill in more details.

    First a bit of my background.
    I live in Australia, having emigrated from Manchester when I was 4 years old. My father is a descendent of the Rains of Winster/Ivonbrook. My Rains appear to have lived in Ivonbrook at Wiggleymeadow farm/Upper House Ivonbrook since at least the 1600s. The earliest we have managed to link in is Henry Rains who died in 1667 and was buried at Wirksworth 4 Nov 1667.

    The John Rains in your document is the g g grandson of this Henry through the following line
    Henry Rains and Alice
    one of their sons was
    William Rains (1630 - 1705) who married Mary Marshall (? - 1716) on 31 March 1662 at Youlgreave
    one of their sons was
    John Rains (1680 - 1752) who married Margaret(a) Banks on 22 FEb 1713/14 Wirksworth
    One of their sons was Isaac Rains (1719-1804) who married Elizabeth Foxlow(? - 1805) on 11 Jan 1754 in Elton
    One of their sons was the John Rains of your document. John was born 1774, died 12 May 1839.
    He married Elizabeth North on 24 feb 1800 St Margaret's church Carsington. Elizabeth was born 1783 Ashleyhay, Baptised 22 Jan 1783 Wirksworth.
    She died 2 Mar 1860 according to your document. She was buried 6 March 1860 Middleton by Wirksworth.
    John and Elizabeth had the following children
    John (1801 - after 1851) I'm guessing he died before 1861 as I can't find him after that, but maybe he is the other John Rains mentioned in the document
    Samuel (1804 - ?) I'm presuming he died before 1841 or left the area as I've not found him in any census or marriage or death after this date.
    Elizabeth (1806 -?)
    Mary (1811 - after 1881)
    Isaac (1813 - bef 1881)
    Ann (13 may 1817 - after 1861)

    This Ann married John Travis 13 March 1839 Wirksworth. John was born 2 nov 1815 in Ible, baptised 10 dec 1815 Wirksworth. He was the son of Thomas Travis and Hannah Unknown.
    This is presumably the John Travis mentioned in the document. You have him and his family in the 1861 census at Brailsford Hulland Ward. Your ref Hw40a to Hw40f.
    You will also find them in 1851 in Hulland ward your refs Hw24a to Hw24i and in 1841 at Ivonbrook living with Ann's mother Elizabeth (now a widow), your ref Ir3c to Ir3h

    The Isaac Rains of Brassington Moor mentioned in the document is presumably the one you found in 1841 census your ref Br154a. He was born 1790 Wirksworth according to Dawn, but I don't have a christening for him. He was the son of Isaac Rains (1754 - 1825, buried 3 jul 1825 Wirksworth) and Elizabeth Cobb(3 jul 1768 - Jan 1848, buried 11 Jan 1848 Wirksworth). Isaac Rains (1754-1925) was another son of Isaac Rains and Elizabeth Foxlow mentioned above.(i.e. the brother of the John Rains mentioned in your document)
    Isaac Rains and Elizabeth Cobb had another son called Samuel (1802 - 1852) who is presumably the Samuel mentioned in your document. This would make the Isaac and Samuel of your document nephews of John Rains.

    This Samuel was my 3rd great grandfather. He married Mary Wood 13 sept 1837 in All Saints Bakewell. Mary was born 1816 in Snelston, baptised 14 April 1816, Snelston, died 1852 Ivonbrook Grange, buried 10 Nov 1853 Middleton by Wirksworth.

    Mary Wood was the daughter of John Wood and Mary Buxton. Mary had a sister called Dorothy, bapt 14 mar 1819 Youlgreave. Dorothy married Benjamin Buxton in 1846 (registered dec quarter Ashbourne Registration District)
    Benjamin Buxton was born 1826 Aldwark, bapt 28 june 1826 Bradbourne. Benjamin and Dorothy are living at "The Lead Gate" Aldwark in 1851 census together with Benjamin's father, Benjamin Stone Buxton, widower.
    Benjamin Stone Buxton was born 1788 Aldwark.
    Both Benjamins are still at "The Lead Gate" in 1861, so I'm not sure which one is the one who signed the document.
    Benjamin Stone Buxton was the son of Walter Buxton and Mary Stone who were married 6 feb 1782, St James church, Brassington. He was a brother of the above-mentioned Mary Buxton, wife of John Wood

    If I've interpretted the document correctly, there are two John Rains mentioned. The one who died in 1839 and the other one who affixed his seal in 1861 and, along with Benjamin Buxton, was appointed a new trustee following the deaths of Isaac and Samuel Rains.

    Possibilities for this second John Rains are:
    John Wood Rains born 1841, son of Samuel Rains and Mary Wood. He was living in Wiggleymeadow in 1861
    John Rains, son of Josiah Rains and Elizabeth living at upper house Ivonbrook in 1861
    The document says he was a farmer from Ivonbrook and the above are the only two living there.
    Other, more remote possibilities are:
    John Rains son of John Rains and Elizabeth North (see above). However, I can't find him in 1861
    There is also a John Rains living in Griffe Grange in 1861. (he is related to the others, but more on this later)
    My guess is that the second John Rains was John Wood Rains who took over the responsiblities from his father Samuel, but as he was only 20 at the time I don't know if he was too young to legally be able to do this.

    The only one I can't connect is William Heathcote. I have found him in Winster in 1861 (and earlier). In 1861 he is living with his wife Mary (born at Alfreton), their son Joseph and a servant Martha Buxton. I don't know if Martha is connected to Benjamin Buxton.
    They are also living next door to a William Rains age 41 blacksmith and local methodist preacher, his wife Sarah, age 52 and their niece Anne age 6. This William is the son of Ralph and Phoebe Rains, who are from another line of Rains, tracing back to a Robert Rains of Darley. At this stage we don't know of any link to the Henry Rains line.

    That probably outlines the main connections between them. I have about 400 Rains in my tree so can supply more information if you want. At present I am trying to sort out what was happening on the farms at Ivonbrook. Henry Rains seems to have been the first mentioned in the area, and my guess is that he farmed at what is now upper house/Wiggleymeadow, possibly as one farm. At some stage the farm appears to have been split with what was originally Wiggleymeadow passing down the line mentioned above and what was Upper house passing down a long line of Josiah Rains, starting with a son of William Rains and Mary Marshal.
    To further complicate matters, the names of the two farms (Wiggleymeadow and Upper house) swapped over in the 1930s when both farms were sold. Wiggleymeadow is now the name of the farm on the East side of the road, but before this it was the name of the farm on the West side of the road.

    Rains have also lived at Griffe Grange.
    The Griffe Grange branch descend from another John Rains and his wife Hannah Woodas who appear to have moved there from Ivonbrook in about 1818-1819. This John was another son of Isaac Rains and Elizabeth Cobb. John and Hannah had a daughter Ann Rains b 6 oct 1825 Griffe Grange. She married William Travis, a brother of John Travis on 28 Jan 1858, Wirksworth.

    In 1871 there are some Rains living at Tophill farm. Their descendents appear to have been living there until quite recently. Before 1871 the farm was occupied by John and Mary Webster and their family. Mary Webster (nee Rains) was a daughter of John Rains and Elizabeth North.
    In 1841 John's widow Elizabeth is listed as living at one of 3 houses in Ironbrook along with John Travis and his wife Ann (nee Rains). As Wiggleymeadow and Upper house were occupied by other branches of the Rains family, I am presuming that Elizabeth is living at Tophill in 1841 (unfortunately the names of the farms aren't recorded). She is certainly at Tophill 1851, but is living with John and Mary Webster (nee Rains, another of her daughters). But in 1871 the farm is being run by a Robert Rains. He is a descendant of Isaac Rains and Elizabeth Cobb. I don't know how or when (although it was between 1861 and 1871) the farm passed from the Websters to Robert Rains

    I am sorting through some will transcripts that Dawn sent me, which has helped get some of it into place, but there is a long way to go and information keeps coming in faster than I can process it!

    When I started trying to sort out the farms I did so with the intention of sending my findings to you for inclusion on your site. I will still do this, it is just taking me longer than I thought!

    I have also been following your discussions of the name Ivonbrook/Ironbrook etc over the last few years. Like you, I have assumed that Imbrook, Embrook, Ambrook and Ivonbrook/Ironbrook are all the same place. The Rains living in these farms are also listed as coming from Grange and Grangemill. The township of Grangemill now has a farm called Ivonbrook Grange Farm and another building called Ivonbrook cottage. However the farms that the Rains lived in (at least in the 1800s) are a little further north of Grangemill township (at Wiggleymeadow) and to the east (Tophill). The farms in the township of Grangemill appear to have been inhabited by other families. To further complicate matters, some of the early parish records mention Ember, Imber and Amber. I'm not sure if they are the same place as Ivonbrook as there was an Ember farm in Bonsall in the ordnance survey maps of the mid 1800s and these may be referring to this.

    To complete my Rains connection Samuel Rains and Mary Wood had a son called Samuel who married Elizabeth Hardy of Winster. He moved from Ivonbrook to Winster, where they lived in Main st near the Winster Market house. Their son Frederick Rains moved to Manchester where he met and married my great grandmother.

    There is also a story surrounding Elizabeth Hardy and Samuel Rains. Family legend has it that Elizabeth was somehow related to Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy (Nelson's Hardy) although we have never been able to work out the connection. She appears to have come from a long line of Hardy's from Youlgreave, but apparently the Admiralty wrote to Samuel offering him some money from the estate of Thomas. As Thomas died several years before Samuel and Elizabeth were born, we can only guess that it was something that arose once the daughters and/or widow of Thomas died many years later. Thomas had no male children that we know of, so presumably any relationship must have been more distant.

    Please feel free to use any or all of the above on your website. I will attempt to put together a fuller account of the Rains of Ivonbrook sometime this year and will send it to you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Please don't put this email address on your website (although you are welcome to use it to correspond with me).
    I have another akreibich@gmail.com which you are welcome to put on your website if you like, I'd be happy to hear from anyone with Rains connections or any information about Ivonbrook.

    P.S. Would it be possible for you to sent me a scan of the original document if that isn't too much trouble?
    Dawn Scotting wrote:
    Hi John
    I've had a look at the conveyance thank you. Have been able to fill in a couple of full death dates I didn't have and everything else seems to tally with the pedigree I have on the RAINS except for Benjamin BUXTON - I haven't a clue (as yet) where he fits into it, if indeed he does.
    The RAINS friends who were the original heirs/executors of John's will turn out to be his nephews, the sons of his brother Isaac. I'm presuming the John RAINS who ended up being one of the trustees was his son but could have been any number of his nephews who were all named John!
    It is rather strange that John left everything (after his wife died) to his nephews and not any of his own three sons & two (maybe 3) daughters who were still living. I suppose this conveyance could have just been concerned with only the barn and that his will probably mentioned all of his children - I wonder if his will has survived.
    I'll let you know if I find anything on Benjamin Buxton.
    Margaret Howard wrote:
    Hello John,
    I've got a photocopy of the Bonsall Tithe Schedule (1846) and copies of the Bonsall Tithe map (1847). If you will have patience for a week or two I can give you the exact location of the field, barn and number, who owned what, size of field, who rented etc.
    As far as I am aware there is a Sammy Rains still living at a farm on Bonsall Moor, he's quite elderly now and retired. I can't remember the name of his farm (that is why I need to look at my 6" O.S. map) but it lies north of the lane that runs across Bonsall Moor to Winster and I think is within Winster parish.
    Incidently I've found my gran's copy of "Adam Bede", if ever you're over in Hampshire and want to borrow it I will be more than pleased to lend it to you. Also any of my other records i.e. the complete set of Peak District Mines Historcial Society's journal, nearly a complete set of DFHS journals, quite a few DAS journals and Derbyshire Miscellany magazines, etc.
    Will be in contact soon.
    Best Wishes,
    Dawn Scotting wrote:
    Hi John
    Strange the mail should bounce as I haven't changed my email address. However, I am currently having problems with getting mail for some reason so will look into that thanks. I don't suppose you still have a copy of the bounce message do you?
    Yes of course you may use anything from my webpage that you wish. However, that document you found is way out of date, to see a more uptodate version go to my Winster database on WorldConnect here:-
    or straight to John Rains 1774-1839
    How interesting that you picked that conveyance document up on eBay. I shall have a good look at it tomorrow and see if there is anything else in it that I didn't already know pertaining to the pedigrees of those involved.
    You might also like to contact Andrew Kreibich - (akreibich@gmail.com) - he is VERY interested in the RAINS of Ironbrook etc and has done very comprehensive research on them. I think he would be delighted to hear about this too.
    [Note: see detailed reply from Andrew Kreibich]
    Dawn Scotting wrote:
    I'm still here John, will contact you off list. Strange the mail should bounce, it's still the same address as it has been for 25 years :).
    David Lowe wrote:
    I forgot to tell you-the Brittlebanks of Oddo Hall were a prominent winster family, and on May 21 1821 william B murdered Dr William Cuddie and did a Lord Lucan (allegedly)!
    David Lowe wrote:
    John, In the domesday book winster was Winsterne(I make that win's-or ewan's- stoney ground) and Ivonbrook was Winsbroc or wins brook,Ekwall in the Oxford dictionary of English place names has obviously missed the geographical connection.Saxon settlement would have been at the junction with Bonsall Lane, which is very rocky around, due to the Bonsall fault and dolomitisation of surrounding rocky outcrops making them more resistant to weathering.The drier upland contrasts with the brook further towards grangemill and of course the massively important Shothouse Spring.The present location of Winster would have grown during more peaceful times (Tudor onwards) when a commanding position was less important. I know of no instance of ewan becming iron, but several of it becoming evan or ivon. There is an old street in Derby called Irongate and my guess the clerk who wrote the victorian records knew of it and made a cognitive error.Just my theory!regards, David.
    David Lowe wrote:
    Thanks john, I see your point with the writing.Of course it is entirely feasible that a clerical error by someone miles from grangemill is responsible. I drew attention to the V because firstly i wanted the location to be correctly identified on map. and secondly I can't find any evidence of staining of the stream, although there was an interesting industrial hamlet at grangemill.I am impressed by your research.Could the whole matter have arisen because J.Palmer[RAINS?] Jr inherited as a minor following succession of deaths of John, Samuel and Elizabeth? The gravestones at Brassington are well worth a look.Regards, David.
    David Lowe wrote:
    Ps it is IVonbrook.Latter, Wigleymeadow and Tophill clearly shown in vicinity of Grangemill, Ible Winster and Bonsall Leys, an area associated with pasture and lead mining for 2000years.The Rains family can be found in Wirksworth record and Brassington churchyard, and in todays phone book at Top Hill. Why not visit the Barley Mow (closed mondays), walk over Bonsall Leys to Ivonbrook (preferably on one of Alan's guided walks) and stay at bonsall's favourite bb at the top of' town (details from alan) David.
    David Lowe wrote:
    My mate Jeff Punchard (co Barley Mow, The Dale Bonsall) lived at Bonsall Leys, and Alan Webster, landlord of said pub (Google Mow and Hen to hit BM's website) takes walkers there regularly.David.
    David Lowe wrote:
    John,with all the work you have done on Wirksworth I thought you lived there! Bonsall website is well worth a visit.They are very proud of their heritage. Do you want a map ref for Wigley Meadow or have you found it? The 1;2500 white peak shows it.A transcription might not be too much use if Ivonbrook for example is read as Ivorbrooke!, butI didn't want you to go to too much trouble-your project just excited my interest.We used to live at Bonsall lodge at the foot of Clatterway and I went to Bonsall Cof E and Anthony Gell's, and used to explore caves mines and quarries as a lad.I now holiday there whenever I can.David.
    David Lowe wrote:
    Correction, Rains are in phone book at TOP HILL farm, Ivonbrook Grange, nr Winster/adjacent to Wigley Meadow. I wouldn,t mind a good copy of indenture to enable me to transcribe in light of my local Knowledge.The site of Shothouse spring appears to have been manicured by the national park, but its ownership and communal use as agricultural and domestic water supply has always fascinated me. Although the last property on Bonsall Moor was piped-up a decade ago, farmers still fill bowsers in the constant spring, and i always take some home in bottles.Have you a connection with Bonsall Historical society? David.
    David Lowe wrote:
    The Rains family are still in the phone book at Ivonbrook/wigley Meadow. I am not sure if they are still at Top hill.In 1861 census (wirksworth Parish Records) the families are at both, but the householder at WM , John was only 20. (if I remember correctly 1846 list of tradesfolk shows samuel as farmer at WM).There are some interesting memorials in Brassington graveyard to Rains, where I believe John (of WM) was born. This is from memory of previous reading, not from the family direct, so I suggest you use it as a basis only for research in conjunction with Wirksworth PRs. Wigley Meadow is just up the road from the Hollybush, before Shot House Spring.Haven't you a photo of Hollybush with people?
    David Lowe wrote:
    John, glad you got this .The Rains family have lived at wigley meadow and adjacent for centuries and Brassington graveyard and your records are full of info on them, so I was upset to see it being sold on ebay by someone who had never heard of Ivonbrook Grange.Best wishes, David Lowe (formerly of bonsall and often in the Barley Mow.!)

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