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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Wirksworth Postal History

Here is some information about the postal service at Wirksworth
and a few villages around. Headings are:
Handstamps, History, References, Census entries and E-mails

Wirksworth postal handstamps 1788-1978

Postal handstamps listed here were used on letter arriving at the Wirksworth Post Office. Information given has been taken from "Postal History of Matlock and District" by Harold S Wilson, published by Derbyshire Postal History Society in 1990. Also see Postal History of Wirksworth

Handstamps recorded are:

Figure 293, is recorded from 23 February 1788 to 1798. A similar stamp but measuring 38 mm x 16 mm is recorded in 1787
Figure 294, is recorded from 1794 to October 1800
Figure 295, is recorded from December 1802 to 1812
Figure 296, is recorded from 1806 to 1810
Figure 297, is recorded from 1815 to 1826
Figure 298, is recorded on 1 June 1827 on a letter to Derby
Figures 299 and 300 show the two types of "Penny Post" stamps recorded used from 1815 to 1833. The receiving houses at Matlock Bath and Matlock used the handstamps as Figures 163 and 164 respectively.
Figure 301, the first dated stamp, was issued on 20 March.1830 and is recorded used until March 1849. It is recorded in black and blue. From 1840 to 1844 it is recorded in conjunction with a maltese cross cancelling the postage stamp and from 1844 to 1849 with Figure 302 cancelling the postage stamp.
Figure 302 is recorded until1869.
Figure 303, was issued on 26 June 1849 and is recorded, in black, blue and blue-green, until April 1856 either as receipt stamp or in conjunction with Figure 302 on outgoing mail.
Figure 304, was issued on 10 May 1856 and is recorded, in blue, until 1858.
Figure 305, was issued on 1 May 1860 and is recorded used, with Figure 302, until 1869.
Figure 306, was issued on 26 July 1861 but has not been recorded used.
Figure 307, is recorded as a backstamp on the date shown.
Figure 308, was issued on 14 February 1863 and is recorded used in 1869
Figure 309, is recorded used as a backstamp on the date shown and on 30 May 1878
Figure 310, was issued on 1 July 1872 and is recorded used until May 1874
Figure 311, was issued on 23 July 1875 but has not been recorded used
Figure 312, is recorded used as a backstamp in 1879 and to cancel a registered letter in 1885
Figure 313, was issued on 3 May 1881 and is recorded used with index letters A and B until July 1890
Figure 314, is recorded used from 1903 to 1907. A stamp similar to Figure 312 but 22 mm dia is recorded on 20 July 1903 with index letter B and on 15 July 1906 with a star replacing the index letter
Figure 315, is recorded from 1908 to 1915 with times 5.30 pm and 7.15 pm
Figure 316, was issued on 5 September 1908 and is recorded used to 1912
Figure 317, is recorded on registration labels in 1911
Figure 318, was . issued to "Wirksworth, Matlock" on 3 October 1921 and is recorded to 1924
Figure 319, is recorded from 1930 to 1941
Figure 320, is the current handstamp and is recorded from July 1971
Figure 321, is the current counter handstamp
Figure 322, was used on the occasion of the celebrations of 400 years of the Anthony Gill Grammar School
Figure 323, was issued on 23 January 1978 but has not been recorded used.

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Postal History of Wirksworth

Information given has been taken from "Postal History of Matlock and District" by Harold S Wilson, published by Derbyshire Postal History Society in 1990.


The earliest mention of postal services is in Baileys British Directory for 1792 which states "The posts sets out for Derby at seven in the morning, and to Bakewell at five in the afternoon; arrives from Bakewell at seven in the morning and from Derby at five in the afternoon". The sub-postmaster was John Winsor.[ref: 1]

According to the PMG's Minute Book Samuel Taylor was appointed receiver in December 1792 at salary of 48 Os. Od. This conflicts with the information in Baileys Directory for 1792 [ref: 2]and also with a list of postmasters for 1792-1796. The accounts books show John Winson as postmaster from 1795 to 1810. [ref: 1]These accounts also show the basic salary increasing from 6 to 32. In addition to this basic sum there were further payments for Bye Letter and Riding work. In 1832 the salary is shown as 32 and the revenue from the office as 987.

A change took place in 1794 in the postage rates charged on letters from Wirksworth as shown in an entry in the PMG's reports dated 3 October 1794, "I have the honor to enclose a Letter from Mr Western in which he proposes that Bakewell and Wirksworth new Sub Offices to Derby sh'ld each of them have a London Bag instead of their Letters being charged on Derby which is liable to the objections and mistakes Mr Western has pointed out". These new bags were sent on and from 1 October 1794 and the salaries of the two offices increased because of the extra work involved.

An entry for 9 October 1800 admonishes the postmaster for failing to close the box overnight and keeping it open until the morning. Also in 1800 there were complaints regarding delays in the mail from Derby, attributed to the state of the roads and weakness of the horses from poor upkeep. It was agreed to pay an extra 6d per day for extra feed for the horses.

In 1801 the rider wrote to John Spencer, Garrick's Head, Bow Street, London, complaining that he had not received the increase and asking Mr Spencer to approach Mr Freeling (PMG). Also in 1801 the rider complained that the distance from Derby was in excess of 14 miles and not 13 miles for which distance he received payment. The PMG asked the surveyor Thomas Swanwick to take new measurements and he reported "that the distance from the Town Hall steps, Derby, to the Town Hall, Wirksworth, by the way of Belper, keeping to the crown of the road, is, to the best of my measurement and belief, fourteen miles three furlongs and sixty eight yards".

"And I also make on oath that having measured the road from Wirksworth to Derby, by way of Kedleston, with a wheel the distance from the Town Hall, Derby, to the Town Hall, Wirksworth, by way of Kedleston, keeping to the crown of the road, is, to the best of my measurement, fourteen miles and two hundred and sixteen yards". An additional payment was therefore approved of 4 13s. 4d. per annum (the current rate per mile per annum). The rider in fact travelled via Belper. On 5 April 1806 the rate was increased to 6.10s. Od. per mile per annum. It was stated that the rider now carried parcels, an unusual practice at this time.

On 14 May 1810 Mrs Brace was appointed postmistress, at salary of 26, in place of Mr Winson deceased.[ref: 3]

All sub-postmasters had to "post" a bond as a guarantee before being appointed and in the case of Mrs Brace this was fixed at 300. As stated earlier (under Matlock Bath) a Penny Post was established between Wirksworth, Matlock Bath and Matlock in 1911 and continued until Matlock Bath was made a Post Town in December 1834.

In June 1912 a temporary new contractor for the ride from Derby was appointed with a temporary increase of 15/- per mile per annum. The rate was increased on a permanent basis on 12 May 1818 to 7 10s. Od. per mile per annum.

In "Derbyshire Miscellany" for June 1966 Cyril Harrison reproduced William Bamford's Diary for 1826. An entry dated 28 November reads;- "John Brough, who had rode the Post from Wirksworth to Derby for a great number of years was taken up and conveyed to Derby Gaol [ref: 4] for breaking open a letter and stealing therefrom Notes to the value of 80 which had been sent from Buxton to Northampton.

He was tried at Derby Assizes March 1827 before Judge Best, and sentenced to be hanged, this sentence was afterwards commuted to "Transportation for Life". He was sent off, Thursday May 24 1827 (A marginal note entered later says "Reported to have died on his passage")".

Pigots 1828 shows "Wirksworth (Cromford, Lea, Crich, Brassington) PO in Coldwell Street P.Mistress Mrs Brace. Letters to Derby by horse post at 6.30 an, 1.30 pm. To Bakewell at 1.30 pm, arrive at 6.30 am".

After a number of complaints from Wirksworth, Buxton, etc for a speedier mail service it was arranged for a new mall coach to run from Derby to Manchester via Belper. The coach, the "Derby Dilly" began in December 1834. In order to give Wirksworth a good service it was arranged for a Mail Cart to run from Belper at 50 per annum and a foot post from Matlock at 27 6s. Od. per annum.

On 14 July 1835 it was decided to abolish the ride from Belper. and also the foot post from Matlock and replace them by a Horse Post from Cromford at 41 12s. 0d. per annum. This would give an earlier delivery of letters from the north and an annual saving in cost of 35 14s. Od.

On 14 April 1810 Mary Jane Brace was appointed postmistress in place of her mother who died on 3 April. [ref: 3]By 1852 mail was again arriving from Belper and presumably this arrangement dates from the opening of the railway station at Belper. The mail arrived at 7 am and departed at 6.15 pm.

A directory for 1855 shows the mail arriving by mail cart at 7 am (delivered 7.45 am) and departling at 7.30 pm. A Rural Post left at 7.30 am for Middleton, Hopton, Carsington, Brassington and Bradbourne; another for Alton, Kirk Ireton, Blackwall, Idridehay and Ireton Wood and another for Bole Hill, Wigwell and Ashlehay; and returned at 6 pm.

An entry in the PMG's Minute Book for 12 January 1857 stated that J Boden Jnr had been dismissed as messenger to Kirk Ireton and Idridgehay. [ref: 5]He was replaced on 1 July by Charles Cooper at 11/- per week.[ref: 6]

A directory for 1876 shows George Allen as postmaster [ref: 7]with the mail arriving at 5.45 am (delivered 7 am) and departing at 7 pm. The rural posts departed at 6.30 am and returned at 11.30 am. The box closed at 6.15 pm and at 6.45 pm with an extra one penny stamp. The office was open on Sundays from 8 - 10 am. By 1881 there were two arrivals (6 am and 5 pm) and two departures (1 pm and 7 pm) with deliveries at 7 am and 5.30 pm. The first arrival was by mail cart from Derby and the evening mail came by rail. Alderwasley had been added to the route of the rural postman. By 1891 wall boxes had been erected at St John Street, Cromford Road, Steeple Grange and Bole Hill. Letters from Derby arrived at 6 am by mail cart and at 5 pm by rail. Deliveries started at 6.45 am and at 5.30 pm. Rural postmen left at 6.45 am for Middleton, Hopton, Carsington, Brassington, Alton, Kirk Ireton, Blackwell, Biggin, Bole Hill, Wigwell, Ashleyhay and Alderwasley. The box closed at 12.30 pm for the midday despatch (1/2d extra until 12.45 pm) and at 6.15 pm for the evening despatch (1/2d extra until 6.55 pm). The only despatch on Sunday was in the evening.

A directory for 1895 shows Mrs Hannah Allen as postmistress [ref: 8]with the mail coming via Matlock Bath at 5.30 am, 1 and 5 pm and deliveries at 6.10 am and 5.30 pm. The box is shown closing at 8.20 am, 12.30 pm (12.45 pm with extra 1/2d) and 7.20 pm (7.40 pm with extra 1/2d). An additional wall box had been erected at West End.

A directory for 1908 shows Daniel Wright in office [ref: 9]and additional wall boxes had been erected at The Moor and Millers Green. Directories for 1916-1925 show Mrs Alice Bassett, in office. There was now a Sunday delivery at 8 am in the town area only. Mrs Bassett remained in office until 1937 when Mr Sutton took over. He was succeeded in 1957 by Mr Chalmer and the present sub-postmaster, Mr W Marples, took over in 1967.

The present post office was originally the vicarage (1764) and later became the first bank in Wirksworth (Crompton and Evans). The counter is that used when the building was the bank. Mail is still handstamped.

References to above panel

  1. The sub-postmaster was John Winsor. [WINSON?] B 1810may11 WINSON John(Wirksworth) books show John Winson as postmaster from 1795 to 1810.
  2. According to the PMG's Minute Book Samuel Taylor was appointed receiver in December 1792 B 1794jan28 TAYLOR Samuel(Wirksworth)
  3. On 14 May 1810 Mrs Brace was appointed postmistress, at salary of 26, in place of Mr Winson deceased. ---Church Street---[Wirksworth]---(p17, Wirksworth, district 6, HO 107/198/12)--- W784a Mary BRACE 45 f Y Post office W784b Jane TAYLOR 20 f Y F.S. #030---Church Street---[Wirksworth]---(p6, Wirksworth district 6, Enumeration district 2a, HO 107/2145) W030a Mary Jane BRACE Head U 57 F Post & stamp office Wirksworth W030b Ann FLINT Servant U 23 F Letter carrier Derby C 1793dec30 BRACE Mary Jane=(dau)Thomas?/Mary(Wirksworth),dob=1793 B 1870jan15 BRACE Mary Jane(Wirksworth)[76],#2326 On 14 April 1810 Mary Jane Brace was appointed postmistress in place of her mother who died on 3 April.
  4. William Bamford's Diary for 1826. An entry dated 28 November reads;- "John Brough, who had rode the Post from Wirksworth to Derby for a great number of years was taken up and conveyed to Derby Gaol..." C 1808jul10 BROUGH John=(son)John/Elizabeth(Wirksworth),dob=1808jun14 C 1811may26 BROUGH Eliza=(dau)John/Elizabeth(Wirksworth),dob=1811may05 C 1820feb06 BROUGH Sarah=(dau)John/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Post to Derby],dob=1820jan10 C 1824oct31 BROUGH Ann=(dau)John/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Derby Post],dob=1824sep25
  5. An entry in the PMG's Minute Book for 12 January 1857 stated that J Boden Jnr had been dismissed as messenger to Kirk Ireton and Idridgehay. 1841 Census: ------[Matlock]---(p12, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)--- Mk184a Joseph BODEN 35 m Y Post boy Mk184b Hannah BODEN 45 f Y Mk184c William BODEN 10 m Y Mk184d Sarah BODEN 8 f Y Mk184e Anne BODEN 4 f Y Mk184f Thomas RYLAND 70 m N Ind Mk184g William RYLAND 35 m N Plater Mk184h Ellen May RYLAND 20 f N Mk184i Wilfred Henry RYLAND 8m m N Mk184j Hannah Maria WHITFIELD 20 f N Ind Mk184k Mary Anne BROWN 20 f N F.S. 1851 Census: #041---Matlock Bath---[Matlock]--- Mk176a Joseph BODEN Head M 49 M Post boy Matlock Mk176b Hannah BODEN Wife M 51 F Post boys wife Brampton Mk176c Sarah BODEN Dau U 19 F At home Matlock Mk176d Ann BODEN Dau U 14 F At home Matlock
  6. He was replaced on 1 July by Charles Cooper at 11/- per week. 1861 Census: #79---Greenhill---[Wirksworth]---(Page 13,ED 2, RSD "Wirksworth",RG9/2517)--- W242a Charles COOPER Head M 59 M Foot post Derby W242b Ann COOPER Wife M 67 F Wirksworth W242c Jane COOPER Gdau 11 F Scholar Wirksworth W242d Mary OGDEN Gdau 9 F Scholar Wirksworth W242e Sarah A OGDEN Gdau 5 F Scholar Wirksworth W242f John OGDEN Gson 4 M Scholar Wirksworth
  7. A directory for 1876 shows George Allen as postmaster 1881 Census: #120---Church Street, Post Office---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-1-p24) W120a George ALLEN Head M 30 M Sub postmaster Wirksworth W120b Hannah ALLEN Wife M 25 F Wirksworth W120c Annie Lydia ALLEN Dau 4 F Wirksworth W120d George Arthr ALLEN Son 3 M Wirksworth W120e Mary PICKARD Boarder U 33 F Wirksworth W120f Elizabeth E SLATER Servant U 17 F Gen servant dom Ireton Wood E=Ellen 1891 Census: #62------[Wirksworth]--- W063a George ALLEN Head M 40 M Postmaster Wirksworth W063b Hannah ALLEN Wife M 35 F Postal clerk Wirksworth W063c George A ALLEN Son S 13 M Scholar Wirksworth W063d Gertrude M ALLEN Dau S 4 F Wirksworth W063e John E ALLEN Son S 11m M Wirksworth W063f Daniel WRIGHT Boarder S 36 M Postal clerk Wirksworth W063g Mary BROOKS Servant S 20 F Domestic servant gen Wirksworth
  8. A directory for 1895 shows Mrs Hannah Allen as postmistress 1901 Census: #36---Church St, 3---[Wirksworth]--- W036a Hannah ALLEN Head W 45 F Postmistress Wirksworth W036b Annie L ALLEN Dau S 24 F Post office clerk Wirksworth W036c Gertrude M ALLEN Dau S 14 F Wirksworth W036d John E ALLEN Son S 10 M Wirksworth W036e Daniel WRIGHT Boarder S 46 M Post office clerk Wirksworth W036f Florence M BUNTING Servant S 16 F General servant dom Derby
  9. A directory for 1908 shows Daniel Wright in office

181 Postal workers in Wirksworth Area Census 1841-1901

ID key:
4=1841, 5=1851, 6=1861, 7=1871, 8=1881, 9=1891, 0=1901
Abode: Bg=Biggin, Bn=Bonsall, Br=Brassington, Cm=Cromford, Id=Idridgehay,
Kk=Kirk Ireton, Md=Middleton, Mk=Matlock, Sh=Shottle, Ty=Tansley, W=Wirksworth.

More details: Go to Census list and use ID to locate full household details.

ID        SURNAME      Firstname    Age  Sex  Occupation            YOB    Place of Birth
9Cm214a   ADKIN        George        28   M   Postman               1863   Loughborough LEI
0Cm050a   ADKIN        George        38   M   Postman               1863   Loughboro LEI
0W036b    ALLEN        Annie L       24   F   Post office clerk     1877   Wirksworth
9W063a    ALLEN        George        40   M   Postmaster            1851   Wirksworth
8W120a    ALLEN        George        30   M   Sub postmaster        1851   Wirksworth
9W063b    ALLEN        Hannah        35   F   Postal clerk          1856   Wirksworth
0W036a    ALLEN        Hannah        45   F   Postmistress          1856   Wirksworth
7Bn098a   ALLEN        William       25   M   Civil Service Post M  1846   Wirksworth
6W226d    ALLSOP       John          34   M   Foot post             1827   Wirksworth
7W295b    ALLSOP       John          44   M   Postman               1827   Wirksworth
8W235a    ALLSOP       John          54   M   Postman               1827   Wirksworth
0W144a    ALLSOP       John H        40   M   Rural postman         1861   Wirksworth
9W300a    ALLSOP       John Henry    30   M   Rural postman         1861   Wirksworth
9Br101d   ANDREWS      Francis       17   M   Post Office assist    1874   Brassington
0Br003d   ANDREWS      Harry         21   M   Post Office Assist    1880   Brassington
9Br101a   ANDREWS      John M        51   M   Postmaster,tailor     1840   Taddington
0Br003a   ANDREWS      John M        61   M   Postmaster,Tailor     1840   Taddington
0Mk1552a  ASTLE        Richard       41   M   MountedRural Postman  1860   Boylstone
9Cm202e   AVERY        John          17   M   Post office assist    1874   Cold Hinley YKS
0W614a    BARKER       James Ernest  41   M   Cemetery s, postman   1860   Wirksworth
0Mk0030a  BARNARD      Henry deCrez  53   M   Subpostmaster,sta,bk  1848   Lambeth LND
9Mk0463a  BELL         Joseph        39   M   Postman               1852   Rousley
8Mk1208a  BELL         Joseph        29   M   Lettercarrier Post O  1852   Rowsley Matlock
5Mk236a   BESWICK      George        71   M   Post messenger        1780   Carsington Matlock Bath
5Mk236b   BESWICK      Hannah        64   F   Post messengers wfe   1787   Hopton
0Mk1479b  BIRD         Horace        23   M   Postman,carrier       1878   Matlock Bath
9Cm202b   BOARD        Amy Anne      20   F   Post Office assist    1871   Clifton GLS
9Mk1230a  BODEN        George        63   M   Parcel postman        1828   Matlock
0Mk1127a  BODEN        George        73   M   Retired postman       1828   Matlock Bath
8Mk1213a  BODEN        George        52   M   Lettercarrier Post O  1829   Matlock
9Mk0125a  BODEN        George        58   M   Retired postman       1833   Matlock
0Mk1324a  BODEN        George        68   M   Pension,ex postman    1833   Matlock
5Mk176b   BODEN        Hannah        51   F   Post boys wife        1800   Brampton
5Mk176a   BODEN        Joseph        49   M   Post boy              1802   Matlock Matlock Bath
4Mk184a   BODEN        Joseph        35   m   Post boy              1804   Y
7Mk0248c  BOWLER       Rowland N     25   M   Post boy              1846   Matlock
4W784a    BRACE        Mary          45   f   Post office           1794   Y Church Street
5W030a    BRACE        Mary Jane     57   F   Post & stamp office   1794   Wirksworth Church Street
8Mk1047a  BRADLEY      Isaac         80   M   Postoffice pensioner  1801   Woolley Moor
0W178a    BREWELL      John L        33   M   Auxiliary postman     1868   Wirksworth
5W044d    BRIDDON      Amos          23   M   Messenger Post off.   1828   Wirksworth
5W044c    BRIDDON      William       31   M   Messenger Post off.   1820   Wirksworth
6W086a    BROWN        Mary Jane     67   F   Postmistress          1794   Wirksworth
0W293b    BUNTING      William       18   M   Postman               1883   Derby
0Bn264g   BURROWS      Ada           23   F   Assist to postmaster  1878   Bonsall
4Mk167a   BURTON?      William       55   m   Post boy              1784   Y
6Br125a   BUXTON       Edmund        76   M   Farmer,post master    1785   Brassington
5Br091c   BUXTON       Mabel         18   F   Grocer, post office   1833   Brassington
9Cm202d   CARNELL      William       19   M   Rural postman         1872   Darley Dale
9Mk0236a  CLARK        Arthur        36   M   Postmaster            1855   Stamford LIN
8Mk0192a  CLARKE       Arthur        26   M   Head postmaster       1855   Stamford LIN
9Mk0299d  COLLINSON    Alfred G      15   M   Postmasters assist.   1876   Gynsham? OXF
9Mk0299c  COLLINSON    Charlotte     17   F   Postmasters assist.   1874   Gynsham? OXF
6W242a    COOPER       Charles       59   M   Foot post             1802   Derby
7W120a    COOPER       Charles       69   M   Postman               1802   Derby
8W141a    COOPER       Charles       79   M   Superan postman       1802   Duffield
0W088a    CORDIN       William E     26   M   Postman               1875   Cromford
6Mk152a   CUFF         James         38   M   Postman               1823   Bakewell
9Ty017a   DENNIS       Francis       32   M   Joiner,postmarker     1859   Tansley
8Md046a   DOXEY        Joseph        66   M   Retd grocer,subpost   1815   Middleton
0Bn267a   EATON        Joseph        43   M   Auxiliary postman     1858   Longway Bank
7Mk0144a  ELLIOTT      Joseph        28   M   Post boy              1843   Cromford
0Mk0779d  FARNSWORTH   Thomas A      14   M   PostOffice messenger  1887   Cromford
0W471d    FARRAND      Daniel        29   M   Postman               1872   Liverpool LAN
9W022f    FENNELL      Henry         14   M   Post office boy       1877   Wirksworth
9Mk0945d  FLINT        Fredrick      15   M   PostOffice errandboy  1876   Holloway
8Kk018a   FORD         Elizabeth     73   F   Post mistress         1808   Kirk Ireton
9Kk016a   FORD         Elizabeth     83   F   Post mistress         1808   Kirk Ireton
9Bg12c    GREATHOLDER  Edward        27   M   Sub postman           1864   Biggin
0Bg15c    GREATHOLDER  Edward        37   M   Postman rural         1864   Hulland Ward
9Kk025c   GREATOREX    William       16   M   Postman               1875   Kirk Ireton
0Kk072a   GREATOREX    William       26   M   Postman rural         1875   Kirk Ireton
0Md050a   GREGSON      Walter        48   M   Grocer,shopk,postmst  1853   Haworth YKS
9Sh55c    GRETOREX     John H        18   M   Rural postman         1873   Shottle Gate
7Mk0345a  HAINING      William       59   M   Bill poster           1812   Scotland SCT
9Mk0492a  HAINING      William       79   M   Bill poster           1812   Scotland SCT
8Mk0663a  HAINING      William       69   M   Bill poster           1812   Scotland SCT
7W043a    HALL         Jasper Wager  42   M   Postmaster,draper     1829   Wirksworth
0Mk1392c  HARDY        John          25   M   Postmanlettercarrier  1876   Matlock Bath
0Mk1560a  HARDY        William       23   M   Postman               1878   Matlock Bath
9Mk0375a  HARNESS      George T      34   M   Postman               1857   Wainfleet LIN
0Mk1600a  HARNESS      George T      44   M   Postman               1857   Wainfleet LAN
8Mk0737c  HAWLEY       Ernest Geo    17   M   Clerk post office     1864   Matlock
8Mk0737a  HAWLEY       George        41   M   Joiner, postmaster    1840   Matlock
9Mk0852a  HAWLEY       George        51   M   Postmaster            1840   Matlock
0Mk1434a  HENSTOCK     James         63   M   Postman,carrier       1838   Ashover
9Mk0272a  HENSTOCK     James         53   M   Postman               1838   Ashover
0Sh78d    HODGKINSON   Frank         25   M   Rural postman         1876   Shottle Gate
9Mk0448a  HODGKINSON   George        41   M   Postmaster            1850   Matlock
7Mk0344c  HODGKINSON   George        21   M   Grocer,postoff clerk  1850   Matlock
8Mk0407a  HODGKINSON   George        31   M   Sub postmaster        1850   Matlock
0Mk0703a  HODGKINSON   George        51   M   Subpostmaster,printr  1850   Matlock
7Mk0344d  HODGKINSON   Joseph        20   M   Farmer,postoff clerk  1851   Matlock
6Mk326a   HODGKINSON   Lindsey       47   M   Grocer,post master    1814   Matlock
7Mk0344a  HODGKINSON   Lindsey       57   M   Postmaster,landowner  1814   Matlock
8Mk0405a  HODGKINSON   Lindsey       67   M   Sup. post messenger   1814   Matlock
5Mk333a   HODGKINSON   Linsey        36   M   Post master           1815   Matlock Post Office
0Mk1521a  HOLLEBY      Frederick Wm  30   M   Post Office Sorting   1871   Edwinstowe NTT
0W741a    HOUGHTON     Robert        65   M   Bill poster           1836   Wirksworth
0Mk0671b  HURSTHOUSE   Alfred        29   M   Postman               1872   Matlock
0Mk1434e  JOHNSON      Caroline      24   F   Post office clerk     1877   Southport LAN
8Cm154a   KIDD         David         51   M   Ironmonger,postmastr  1830   Cromford
0Mk1315b  KIDD         William       36   M   Bill poster           1865   Cromford
9Bn136b   KIRKLAND     Alice M       22   F   Assist to postmaster  1869   Bonsall
8Bn293a   KIRKLAND     Charles       64   M   Joiner & post master  1817   Bonsall
7Bn280a   KIRKLAND     Charles       53   M   Carpenter,postmaster  1818   Bonsall
0Bn264a   KIRKLAND     Charles       39   M   Postmaster,Joiner,B   1862   Bonsall
9Bn136a   KIRKLAND     Charles       29   M   Postmaster,builder    1862   Bonsall
8W621d    LAND         Adam          16   M   Parcel poster M R     1865   Woodthorpe
0W786a    LEE          Lanna         43   F   Post mistress         1858   Wirksworth
7Mk0238a  MACDONALD    Charles       26   M   Post boy              1845   Wirksworth
8Br068a   MANSFIELD    Mary Ann      78   F   Postmistress          1803   Hopton
7Br132a   MANSFIELD    Mary Ann      68   F   Post mistress         1803   Hopton
8Ty078a   MARGERRISON  Sarah         56   F   Sub Postmistress      1825   Tansley
7Ty032a   MARGERRISON  William       50   M   Shoemaker,postman     1821   Tansley
0Cm036a   MARRIOTT     Isaac         45   M   Postman               1856   Matlock
0Mk1002a  MARRIOTT     James         44   M   Postman               1857   Matlock
9Mk1346a  MARRIOTT     James         34   M   Postman               1857   Matlock
0Ty050a   MARSH        Herbert       49   M   Grocer,subpostmaster  1852   Tansley
4Mk235a   MARTIN       Joseph        42   m   Post boy              1799   Y
6W096a    MITCHELL     Joseph        44   M   Post Boy, G Hotel     1817   Loughboro LEI
0Cm056b   NEWTON       Mary          28   F   Postmistress          1873   Lea
0Mk1472a  OGDEN        John          56   M   Postman carrier       1845   Matlock Bath
9Mk0182a  OGDEN        John          46   M   Postman               1845   Matlock Bath
4Mk267a   PALIN        Samuel        30   m   Post boy              1809   Y
0Cm056d   PARKER       Evelyn        20   F   Postoffice assistant  1881   Belper
6Cm240a   PARKER       John          64   M   Plumber,postmaster    1797   Cromford
9W335a    POTTER       James         59   M   Billposter,letter c   1832   Wirksworth
9Mk0619a  POTTER       Samuel        57   M   Retired postman       1834   Matlock Bank
0Mk0106a  POTTER       Samuel        66   M   Postman               1835   Matlock
6Mk473a   POTTER       Samuel        26   M   Lettercarrier,postmn  1835   Matlock
9Cm202a   PRITCHARD    Emily         42   F   Postmistress          1849   Derby
5Mk169c   RADFIRTH     George        22   M   Post boy              1829   Matlock
7Mk0295c  ROBERTS      James         16   M   Post office clerk     1855   Yorkshire YKS
0Mk0858b  ROBERTS      Mary Hannah   47   F   Postmistress          1854   Middlesbro YKS
8Mk0003a  ROPER        William       35   M   Rural postman         1846   Cromford
0Mk0668a  ROSLING      Joseph J      30   M   Postman, rural        1871   Corby LIN
7W350a    SHERLOCK     Richard       45   M   Shoemaker,billposter  1826   Youlgrave
5Mk171a   SHORE        Frances       79   F   Post mistress         1772   Darley Matlock Bath
4Mk243a   SHORE        Frances       60   f   Post mistress         1779   Y
0Mk0118d  SLATER       Davis L       20   M   Postman               1881   Matlock
4Mk131b   SLATER       George        20   m   Post boy              1819   Y
0Kk005b   SMEDLEY      James H       27   M   Postman               1874   Kirk Ireton
0Kk005a   SMEDLEY      Selina        58   F   CowkeeprPostmistress  1843   Kirk Ireton
4Mk189a   SMITH        Joshua        67   m   Post master           1774   N
5Mk244d   SMITH        William       30   M   Post master           1821   Bethel Green MDX
0Mk1483a  SPEED        John Edward   31   M   Post Office clerk CS  1870   SaffronWalden ESS
0Mk1560d  SPENCER      Frederick     24   M   Postman               1877   Middleton
0Mk1592a  STAINSBY     John A        65   M   Retired postmaster    1836   Darlington DUR
0Mk0266a  STANIFORD    Robert        40   M   Bill poster           1861   Chatham KEN
9Mk1147a  STATHAM      Luke R        42   M   Grocer,postmaster     1849   Matlock
0Id08a    STEVENSON    John R        33   M   Postmaster,joiner,wh  1868   Uxbridge MDX
0Id08b    STEVENSON    Sarah A       33   F   Assist postmistress   1868   Crich
6Ty009d   TAYLOR       John          10   M   Post boy              1851   Collingwood LAN
5Mk089a   TAYLOR       Thomas        30   M   Post boy              1821   Matlock Scarthin Nick
6Ty075a   THATCHER     John          48   M   Grocer,post master    1813   Tansley
9Mk0448f  THORPE       Gertrude E    20   F   Post Office clerk     1871   Herts HRT
0W095a    TIPPER       William       59   M   Rural Postman         1842   Wirksworth
6Mk236a   TRAVIS       Elizabeth     39   F   Post mistress         1822   Lea
7Mk0193a  TRAVIS       Elizabeth     48   F   Post mistress         1823   Matlock
5Mk171c   TREVIS       Maria         27   F   Asst at post office   1824   Manchester LAN
5Mk186a   WADSWORTH    Joseph        36   M   Post boy              1815   Botton YKS Matlock Bath
5Mk186b   WADSWORTH    Margaret      34   F   Post boy wife         1817   Matlock
8Mk0192d  WALKE        William H.    23   M   Clark postal dept     1858   Matlock Bath
0Mk1446a  WALTHALL     William Hy    45   M   Postman,carrier       1856   Matlock Bath
0Mk1049a  WATTS        Elizabeth     51   F   Postmistress,tailor   1850   Belper
8Id36a    WAYNE        Esther        64   F   Postmistress          1817   Brassington
9Id29a    WAYNE        John W        22   M   Subpostmaster         1869   Poplar LND
7Id15a    WAYNE        William       55   M   Sub postmaster        1816   Brassington
4Mk201a   WHEATCROFT   Edward        25   m   Post master           1814   Y
7Kk041c   WHITTAKER    Henry         17   M   Post boy              1854   Kirk Ireton
6Mk219f   WILD         Joseph        25   M   Post boy              1836   Matlock
5Mk220b   WILD         Joseph        15   M   Post boy              1836   Matlock
9Mk0308a  WILDGOOSE    Charles       31   M   Town postman          1860   Matlock Bath
0Mk1558a  WILDGOOSE    Charles       41   M   Town postman          1860   Matlock Bath
4Mk197a   WOOD         Thomas        55   m   Post master           1784   Y
5Mk828b   WOOD         Thomas        63   M   Retd Postmaster       1788   Farefield
7Mk0071h  WRAGG        William       60   M   Post boy              1811   Bendleton LAN
9W063f    WRIGHT       Daniel        36   M   Postal clerk          1855   Wirksworth
0W036e    WRIGHT       Daniel        46   M   Post office clerk     1855   Wirksworth
4Mk227a   YOUNG        William       40   m   Post boy              1799   Y


Sent by Sue Holloway

Unfortunately I don't have a lot more about William BRIDDON than what is on your fabulous Website. Have all the Census records (1841-1881). The Mary OGDON he was living with in the 1871 Census was his Aunt, nee BRIDDON. She had married Joseph OGDON in 1851, Wirksworth, DBY. Joseph was a Butcher then a Draper in Wirksworth. William was unmarried. His Father was John BRIDDON (1771-1846) a Farrier and Cow Leech in Wirksworth and his Mother was Elizabeth nee ARMITAGE, b.Between 1781-1891 from Wakefield, YKS. She died in 1851 in Wirksworth. These two are my 3 x G.Grandparents. Wish I could offer you more informaton. If I ever hear anything further about him, I will most certainly get in touch with you. Unfortunately with him not being married, there won't be any descendants out there. You never know though, someone may have a family photo with his brother's and sister's etc.
Kind regards, Sue (Tropical North Queensland, Australia)


Sent by Jean DURBIN

Derby Mercury Jan 1891 Wirksworth

On Monday afternoon William Briddon, a well known postman in this district died somewhat suddenly at his residence. The deceased entered the postal service in 1847 and performed his duties with regularity and punctuality for the long period of 38 years, retiring on a well earned pension of 12s 1d per week in 1885. His duties were of a very arduous nature, his "walk"averaging from 16 to 20 miles a day over .[illegible].. between Wirksworth, Brassington and Bradbourne and his long service testifies to the satisfactory manner in which he did his work. At the time of his retirement he was in the possession of the maximum number of good conduct and long service stripes allowed by the Department.


More information about William Briddon from the Census: 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881. William died just before the 1891 Census.
He is also mentioned in the Will of Mary Jane Brace 1870, (spinster postmistress for Wirksworth 1810-1854).

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