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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Walter DOXEY of Matlock

Walter DOXEY was the webmaster's great-Uncle, and a mysterious figure until David Bradley emailed out of the blue with this info. Thanks David.

Walter and his bicycle (see photo 110).

Walter and his daughter Marjorie (see photo 227).
Dave Bradley writes

From: bradleystaple
Subject: Doxey tree
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 13:27:08 +0100

Hi John,

I promised ages ago to try and put together the family tree for Walter Howe Doxey and where I fit into the tree. Please find the tree below with bits of information relating to it. I've also included a couple of photos that have been handed down. I have a some more and a collection of postcards of Matlock about 1000 which I must scan and send to you.

Best regards

Dave Bradley 29/8/2006

[See David Bradley's info below, and a tree drawn from them.
See Doxey Tree for Walter's ancestors - Ed]

DOXEY Family

Walter Howe Doxey, Born 1868 in Matlock, Occupation Plumber/Electrical Engineer
Married Lucy Hague from Sheffield

Had 4 Children who were:
John Howe Doxey, Born 19th June 1896 at The Dimple, Matlock. Was taking a Degree in Chemistry when 1st World War Started. Went to War was Gassed sent back. Returned to war and was shot in leg. Came back and finished degree. Worked in Clay Cross Iron works (Walking there and back each day). Then worked as the dispensing chemist in Boots Matlock. Had two houses built in Cavendish Road Matlock, one to live in and one for income. Died 11th July 1965
Marjorie. Married a naval officer in Hull, had no children, husband died.
Doris. Became a teacher and lived in Hull, Goddard Avenue. Died at 1 St Cuthberts Rd Churchtown, Southport.
Lucy. When Walter died went to live with Doris who had moved to Fairfax Av. when Lucy died.

John married Mary Berry, Born 1898 The Beeches, Matlock. Died 1992 in Matlock.

had 4 children:
William Doxey
Betty Doxey Married Arthur Killer of Wirksworth (think he was an accountant at the Quarry and a church warden)
Joyce Doxey lived in Derby
and my mum Mavis Doxey lived in Tibshelf, Derbyshire. Born 1930 at The Beeches Matlock

Married Edward Geofrey Bradley of Tibshelf. Born 1928. Died 2002.

Had three children
Heather Bradley
Martin Bradley
and me David Bradley, Now living in Bushey Hertfordshire

                    |               |
                   1835            1836
                   George          Mary
                             |               |
        |             |      |              1873
       Walter         |     1869            Bertha
       Howe          Lucy   William         Bettina
       DOXEY====v====HAGUE  BERRY=====v=====WEB
                |                     |     1950
                |                     |
 |--------|-----|----|                |
 |        |     |    |         |------|-----|
 |        |     |   1896       |      |     |
Marjorie Doris Lucy John      1898    |     |
                    Howe      Mary    ?    Charles
                           |  1992
   |       |       |                         |
   |       |       |                         |
   |       |       |             |           |
   |       |       |            1928         |
   |       |      1930          Edward       |
  Betty   Joyce   Mavis         Geoffrey    William
  DOXEY           DOXEY====v====BRADLEY
  mar.                     |
  Arthur                   |
  KILLER      |--------|---|---|
              |        |       |
              |        |       |
             Heather  Martin  David

BERRY Family

George Berry of Monks Cheshire Brn Abt 1835. Occupation Stone Mason
Married Mary Bradbury, Born 1836 Saddleworth Lancashire
had a child

William Berry Born 25 Nov 1869 in John street Monks Coppenhall Cheshire. was a coppersmith moved via Crewe to Matlock. Later became a Fish and Chip seller (Apparently owned 3 fish and chip shops, 1 was for a son but he didn't come home from the war this is hearsay not sure if it's true)

Married Bertha Bettina Web Married in St Pauls Crewe. from Barby in Northants. Born 15th Nov 1873. Died 18th Oct 1950. Domestic Servant then a Fish Fryer. They Lived in The Beeches Snitterton Rd where they took in borders, (It was always said that the training Policeman for Matlock always stayed in the attic room, again this is hearsay so don't know if it's true.)

They had three Children
? Didn't come back from the war
Mary Berry (married John Howe Doxey)
and Charles Berry Became an Art Teacher and lived at the Dimple Matlock

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