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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Ashbourne Baptisms 1668-1702

Ashbourne Baptisms 1668-75

    -----------Your data as I received it-------------------------------- From: Frank Dunn Subject: Ashborne Births 1668 to 1702 CD2 Revised Jan2006 Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 14:25:03 -0000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear John Below my finalised reading of all the births from the second CD. You will note that there is a period missing, as I notified you previousely as ther is an error on 3 folios. You will note that I have made a number of corrections since I sent you a list earlier as experience has made it easier to improve my accuracy. Please let me know that you have received this and I would like your comments as to any improvements I can make to make interpritation easier for you. The numbers in brackets are folio numbers, these appearing in the bottom right corner of the scans. When I hear from you that they are correct I will send similar list of burials for the same period/ Frank Ashbourne Parish Records 1668 Births (9 fields) Date First Name Surname Father Mother Abode Occupation Age Comment 1668sep Phillip Eaton Longlee 1668sep24 Mary Ault Henry 1668sep26 Timothy Taylor Henry Offcote 1668sep27 Thomas Frost Robert 1668sep28 Theophilus Shenton 1668oct11 Ann Aspbury Edward Compton 1668oct26 John Tomlinson John 1668nov9 Richard Adamson Richard 1668nov10 Jeffery Etches Michael Compton 1668nov10 Frances Moale Samuel 1668nov12 Thomas Summers Thomas Yeldersley 1668nov24 Sarah Drakeford Richard 1668nov29 Mary Wagstaff Thomas Hulland 1668dec8 John Frost Thomas Compton 1668dec18 Samuell Jackson George 1668jan26 George Wheeldon Thomas Strurston 1669jan27 John Farmer Thomas Painters Ln 1669jan29 Hannah Allsop Thomas Baker 1669jan29 Mary Smales Robert Hulland (2) 1669feb9 John Blount Robert 1669feb11 Margaret Walker John Compton 1669feb14 Jane Tunnycliff William Compton 1669feb22 John Hurd James 1669eb23 Isabell Myers Robert Compton 1669mar4 Obediah x x 1669mar11 Robert x Jos 1669mar31 Joseph Daken 1669apr27 Sarah Taylor Thomas 1669may5 Margaret Milward John 1669may17 William x William 1669may23 John Jackson Valentine 1669may24 Thomas Yates Robert 1669jun6 George Cook Thomas Hulland 1669jun7 John Holland Richard 1669jun7 Elizabeth Booth Miles Yeldersley 1669jun20 George Ostler William Painters Ln 1669jun20 Mary Slack William Towns Head 1669jun21 Elizabeth Wright Tom Ashborne 1669jun21 Elizabeth Alsopp William Ashborne 1669jun28 Elizabeth Spalton Ralph Ashborne 1669jul18 John Brown William Compton 1669aug11 Francis Mellor John Ashborne 1669aug22 William Jackson John Underwood 1669aug25 Nathaniel Buxton George Ashborne 1669sep2 John Pussey Thomas Compton 1669sep6 John Hinchley Edward 1669sep16 Jane Alsopp John Compton 1669swp26 Thomas Hill Robert Clifton 1669sep29 George Wood George Ironmonger 1669oct19 Samuell Hallows John 1669oct21 Ann Birkehamshire George 1669nov7 Rosamond Wrigley x Sturston 1669nov22 Edward Titterton Richard Currier (4) 1669dec2 Joseph Sherwin Joseph 1669sec2 Susannah Watson Christopher 1669dec2 Elizabeth Prime John Prime Sturston 1669dec2 Sarah Buxton Walter 1669dec5 Thomas Frost Robert ?Agricol 1669dec12 Ann Hollis William Clifton 1669dec27 John Baguly Thomas ?Messer 1669dec27 Thomas Spalton William 1670jan2 Johnathan Sheldon Johnathan Sheldon 1670jan2 John Morley Daniell 1670jan18 Thomas Haywards Jane 1670jan20 Francis Toplady Compton 1670jan24 John Cooper George 1670jan30 Elizabeth Dixon Thomas 1670fev1 William Yeomans Thomas 1670feb4 Bridgett Holme Charles 1670feb6 George Smith George Labourer 1670feb9 Mary Foster Robert 1670feb15 Dorothy Wayte Robert Ashborne 1670mar7 Elizabeth Froggatt William Mercer 1670mar7 Jane Hogge William 1670mar9 Deborah Tattersall Richard 1670mar18 Robert Cordon Richard 1670mar18 Ann Cordon Richard 1670mar21 Thomas Jeffery Thomas Clifton 1670mar21 William Bentley Christopher 1670mar22 Alice Wheeldon George Sturston 1670mar23 Lydia Taylor John Ashborne 1670apr4 Mary Hunt Samuell Ashborne 1670apr1 Dorothy Worcester John 1670apr9 Mary Coop Thomas Sturston 1670apr10 Ann North Andrew Painters Ln 1670apr16 Joseph Wall Humphrey 1670apr17 Robert Kyrkland Robert Yeldersley 1670apr21 Catherine Adamson William 1670apr23 George Summonds Ann Yeldersley 1670apr24 Henry Smith Thomas Yeldersley (6) 1670may9 Frances Webster William Hough Park 1670May23 Frances Watson Hugh Ashborne 1670may24 Mary Rawlins Thomas Ashborne 1670may30 Jane Newton William Hulland 1670jun5 Elizabeth Hurt Thomas 1670jun16 John Lowe John Ladyhole 1670jun30 Ann Sumers Thomas Yeldersley 1670jul10 Elizabeth Keeling John Painters Ln 1670jul11 Thomas Wakefield Robert Ashborne 1670jul12 Elizabeth Watson Robert Ashborne 1670jul17 Leon? Port Robert Ashborne 1670jul24 Ann Greenhough Richard Painters Ln 1670jul27 Ann Ashmore Tom Hulland 1670jul31 Susannah Woodhouse Isaac 1670aug11 Emma Jeffery Robert Compton 1670aug15 Elias Froggatt William Attorney 1670sep22 William Bell Edward alias Dick 1670oct3 Robert Barlow George Clifton 1670oct9 Hugh Tipper Hugh Painters Ln 1670oct26 John Keeling Richard Ashborne 1670nov4 John Dutton Richard Ashborne 1670nov15 Son of Wriggley Robert Compton 1670nov15 Elizabeth Sore Sidney Ashborne 1670nov22 Mary Boston Richard Shoemaker 1670dec12 George Adamson Richard (7) 1671jan2 Benjamin Tomlinson John Glover 1671jan5 Thomas Taylor Benjamin 1671jan9 Ann Boswell Thomas Ashborne 1671jan15 Elizabeth Woodward John Ashborne 1671jan31 Thomas Mould Samuell 1671feb1 Dorothy Frost Richard Jun 1671feb1 George Brown Thomas Ashbourne 1671mar13 Thomas Watson William Butcher 1671mar13 Thomas Spalton William 1671apr11 Marmaduke Alsopp Thomas 1671may17 Son Torr Richard Clifton 1671may27 Lydia Doe Humphrey jun Compton 1671jul1 Ellen Brown Robert 1671jul2 Thomas Thornton Thomas 1671aug27 Sarah Spalton Ralph 1671aug29 Dorothy Colledge William 1671sep6 Samuell Hanson William 1671sep11 John Johnson James Hulland 1671sep15 George Booth Henry Compton 1671sep17 John Slack William 1671aep21 William Keeling Richard 1671sep24 George Smith George 1671oct2 Robert Topladie Francis Compton 1671oct4 William Walker John Compton 1671oct16 John Jackson Valentine Junior 1671oct14 Thomas Allcock Robert Jun (9) 1671nov30 Mary Day William Hulland 1671dec5 Nicholas Etches Nicholas 1671dec12 Mary Sherwin Joseph 1672jan4 Ann Cope Thomas Sturston 1672jan4 William Slater William Compton 1672jan7 John Holme Charles 1672jan11 Elizabeth Greenhough Richard Painters Ln 1672jan11 Edward Hinchley Edward 1672feb15 Daniell Morley Daniell Ashborne 1672feb19 Martha Stone Robert Yeldersley 1672swb19 Mary Gaunt William Painters Ln 1672feb19 Dorothy Farmer Thomas Painters Ln 1672feb19 Elizabeth Wright Henry Ashborne 1672feb29 Sarah Harrison John 1672feb13 Mary Hogg William 1672feb17 Francis Watson Thomas 1672feb19 Mary Burgaine William 1672feb21 Richard Jackson John Groom 1672feb25 Grace Ashmore William Hulland 1672apr8 George Wheeldon Lawrence 1672apr15 Richard Fletcher Thomas Clifton 1672apr15 Richard Tattersall Richard 1672apr27 Jane Baguley Thomas 1672apr28 Thomas Dixon Thomas 1672jun3 Richard Edwards Richard A traveller 1672jul22 Emanuell Wrigley Anthony Sturston 1672jul25 William Newton William Hulland 1672aug1 A Child of Latton Roger A traveller ?4- buried the same child 1672sep12 Elizabeth Rice James 1672nov5 Ann Watson Robert Watson (13) 1672dec2 James Baxter 1672dec4 Elizabeth Reynolds 1672dec30 Samuel Keeling Richard 1672dec23 Thomas Moult Samuell 1672dec24 John Tymms Simon Clifton 1673jan2 A child Keyling Ralph 1673jan3 Elizabeth Wall Simon 1673jan3 Elizabeth Stanfield William Buried 1673jan4 Dorothy Gretorex William 1673jan4 John Hurst Samuel 1673jan4 Margarett Froggatt William 1673jan6 A child Frost Robert 1673mar15 Mary Easom William 1673mar17 Easau Watson William 1673mar26 Joseph Byrdd Ann 1673apr7 Isabel Watson Christopher 1673apr15 Thomas Boswell Thomas 1673apr17 Jane Hawley Thomas 1673apr21 Sarah Wheeldon Thomas Sturston 1673apr25 Ann Ault Ralph Yeldersley 1673apr30 A Son of Smales Robert Hulland 1673may27 George Lees John Lady Hole 1673jun27 Robert Alsopp Thomas Baker 1673jul16 Richard Frost Richard Cromford 1673jul17 Richard Edwards Thomas Longdale 1673jul17 Christopher Hinchley Edward 1673jul28 Mary Smith Thomas Sturston 1673aug25 Margarett Titterton Edward 1673aug25 Ann Dayvis William Hulland (15) 1673oct14 Elizabeth Slack William Town Head 1673oct20 Elizabeth Spalton William 1673ovt21 Mary Birkholmshire George 1673oct21 Elizabeth Burton Nicholas 1673oct28 Thomas Cooper John 1673nov2 Robert Holmes Charles 1673nov5 Hannah Orme Francis 1673nov11 Thomas Slater Richard 1673nov11 Robert Myres Robert 1673nov14 Son Trott Josiah Mappleton 1673nov22 Walter Tyme John Clifton 1673nov22 Jane Ashton William 1673dec22 Jonathan Allcock Robert 1673dec27 George Taylor Benjamin 1673dec18 Dorothy Holden Francis 1674jan1 Sarah Ashmore William Hulland 1674jan4 Sarah Wall Humphry 1674jan27 Ellen Tattersall Richard 1574jan27 Michael Tattersall Richard 1674jan28 Francis Turner John 1674jan28 Margarett Frost Robert 1674feb9 Infant Marston Robert Cubley 1674feb22 T: Smith George 1674fev23 Ann Wood William Compton 1674deb23 John Norton William 1674feb24 Samuell Easom? Joshua (16) 1674mar2 Gilbert Sherwin Joseph 1674mar3 Edward Alsopp Gervase 1674apr6 Ann Jackson Valentine 1674apr10 Ralph Smaldridge x 1674apr29 Sarah Wagstaff Robert 1674apr29 Laurence Keeling x 1674may14 Joseph Taylor Francis 1674may20 Humphry Barnes John 1674may21 William Atkin John 1674jul20 Edward Cooper George 1674jul22 Jonathan Booth George 1674aug26 William Goodread Thomas (17) 1674sep4 Infant Spalden John 1674sep13 Jeffrey Timbadale Elias 1674oct22 Daughter Bradshaw Roland Yeldersley 1674oct29 John Morley John 1674nov11 Jane Newton George 1674nov12 Jane Buxton George Clifton 1674dec28 Robert Shenton Thomas Ashborne 1674dec29 Child Morton William 1665feb1 Emma Tattersall Ralph 1675feb17 Robert Allsop Steven 1675feb18 Child Baguley John Ashborne 1675feb18 Prudence Buxton Edward (18) 1675mar8 Humphry Smith John 1675jun15 Charles Ridgley Arthur Sturston 1675jun15 Richard Keeling Richard 1675jun15 William Foster Robert 1675jul19 Charles Allcock Richard Town Head (19) 1675aug28 Towers Bloodworth John 1675aug16 Robert Lesson John 1675aug19 Thomas Pusey Thomas Compton 1675aug1 William Greensmith x 1675aug1 John Blount James 1675oct1 William Greensmith John 1675oct1 John Blount James 1675dec1 Ann Jenkinson John 1675dec7 James Booth John 1675jan23 Paul Bennett Richard 1675jan23 Sarah Spalton Richard 1675feb2 Hannah Dickens Thomas 1675feb12 William Taylor Benjamin 1675feb26 William Ashmore William 1675feb26 Martha Millward John 1675mar1 Child Soares William 1675mar3 Robert Wakefield Robert 1675mar24 Richard Hampson Richard 1676mar25 William Fletcher Thomas Clifton 1676mar29 William Slack William Town Head 1676mar29 Elizabeth Slater Richard Jun 1676mar19 William Boswell Thomas 1676apr15 Ellen Dycke Thomas 1676apr15 John Henshaw T Compton 1676apr15 Jane Gaunt William Painters Ln 1676apr17 Daniell Palmer H 1676apr17 Thomas Slater Thomas 1676apr26 Sarah Brown Thomas Ashborne 1676apr16 John Alsopp John Compton 1676apr26 John Hurd Robert jun 1676apr27 Mary Hall Richard 1676apr27 Mary Samuell Mr. Leek 1676may2 Elizabeth Holme Charles 1676may16 Hannah Alsopp Thomas Baker 1676mar29 Jane Buck John 1676mar29 Thomas Smith Robert 1676jun5 Sarah Allsop John Compton 1676jun12 Joseph Edwards Mary 1676jun12 Elizabeth Halt Ralph Yeldersley 1676jul12 John Groomsmith x 1676jul24 Manuch Jackson Valentine 1676jul16 Charles Foster John 1676jul26 Mary Allcock John Mappleton 1676aug6 Thomas Alsopp Thomas 1676aug16 Jonathan Sheldon x 1676aug29 James Brandrick Thomas 1676sep1 Sarah Smales William Hulland 1676sep8 Mary Buxton George Clifton 1676sep14 Elizabeth Morley John 1676sep28 Jane Taylor Francis Clifton 1676sep28 Thomas Tardily x 1676oct2 William Easom Joshua 1676oct2 George Smaldridge George 1676oct8 William Hollis Robert Clifton 1676oct8 Lydia Davy James Hulland Dairyman 1676nov6 John Puffy Thomas Compton 1676nov16 Richard Shipley Richard 1676nov20 Mary Tattersall William 1676dec7 John Tomkinson x Compton 1676dec11 William Alleyn John Hollington 1676dec14 Dorothy Wood Thomas 1676dec17 Ann Hole Thomas 1676dec17 William Stevenson Eustace 1676dec17 William Byron George Town Head 1676dec17 John Cook x 1677jan26 Ralph Wood William 1677Jan26 Thomas Thacker John 1677dec27 John Goodman John 1677dec28 Elizabeth Waggstaff Robert (22) 1677jan1 John Woodward John 1677jan4 William Byrch John 1677jan26 Ralph Wood William 1677jan26 John Alsopp Thomas 1677jan27 Robert Froggatt James 1677jan27 Robert Frost Robert 1677feb6 Robert Fouljamb James 1677feb14 Hannah Boothe George 1677apr10 William Robinson William Compton 1677apr15 Robert Smith Robert 1677apr15 John Bennett Richard 1677apr19 Dorothy Sherratt Nathaniel 1677apr19 John Gadsby Edward 1677may2 Ann Cooper George 1677may14 Hannah Mellor Robert Town Head 1677may23 William Bostock Joseph (23) 1677jun4 William Hodgkinson William 1677jun3 Mary Goodreade Thomas 1677jun10 Charles Keeling John 1677jun10 Ellen Cotton Richard 1677jun11 Thomas Plant Thomas 1677jun20 Nicholas Hill Nicholas Sturston 1677jul3 Ellen Carr Richard Clifton 1677jul16 William Morgan George Ashborne 1677jul17 Alice Watson Thomas 1677aug2 William Adamson William 1677aug20 Elizabeth Slater Thomas Hurst 1677aug20 Ann Titterton Richard 1677aug23 Sarah Cope Thomas Sturston 1677sep2 John Greenhough Richard 1677sep3 Susanna Dixon William Compton 1677sep8 Henry Hogge William Ashborne 1677sep23 Ann Hodgkinson Thomas Hulland (24) 1677sep18 Ann Robinson William Compton 1677sep20 Thomas Sutton George Ashborne 1677sep22 Elizabeth Bloodworth John Ashborne 1677sep22 Son Boswell John Tinker 1677oct1 Ann Henshaw Thomas Compton 1677oct2 Samuell Jackson John Green 1677oct8 Dorothy Cordon Thomas Ashborne 1677oct15 Ellen Tomlinson John Jun. 1677oct17 Richard Keeling Thomas 1677oct23 Thomas Robenson Thomas Currier 1677oct25 Margaret Walton Thomas 1677nov7 Joseph Waggstaff Thomas Hulland 1677nov7 Mary Waggstaff Thomas Hulland 1677nov8 Ellen Gadsby Ellen Yeldersley Spinster 1677nov12 William Hodkinson Thomas Compton 1677nov13 John Truelove Thomas 1677nov21 Elizabeth Newton George Compton 1677nov22 Thomas Eley Christopher Ashborne 1677nov27 Child Grove Thomas Town Head 1677nov27 Child Gaunt William Painters Ln 1677nov22 Elizabeth Groomsmith Francis Jun. 1677dec3 George Jackson George (25) 1678jan22 Ann Benthley William Crich 1678feb4 John Clay John Shoemaker 1678eb12 John Walker John Compton 1678feb24 Joseph Carter John alias Williamson 1678feb27 Joseph Heshal William ?Richard 1678ar7 Alice Bown George Clifton 1678mar18 Son Slack William Town Head 1678mar25 Robert Allcock Robert 1678mar28 Son Henshaw William 1678apr21 Mary Frost Robert 1678apr21 Isaac Gilbert Richard 1678apr21 Elizabeth Tattersall William 1678apr13 Edward Stanfield William 1678may1 Elizabeth Soare William 1978may30 Thomas Morley John (26) 1678jun29 Mary Hawxworth Matthew Mappleton 1678jul2 John Roberts George 1678jul6 William Cole William 1678jul7 Margaret Watson Christopher 1678jul7 Susannah Easom Thomas 1678jul7 Elizabeth Clayton Richard Offerton 1678jul10 Richard Dutton Richard 1678jul10 Roger Sheepy Edward 1678jul14 John Timberley x 1678aug1 Elizabeth Alsopp Thomas 1678aug4 William Hardestee x 1678aug5 Martha Taylor Francis Longdales (27) 1678sep1 Jane Jackson Valentine Jun. 1678sep1 Francis Fletcher Thomas 1678oct6 Mary Smith Robert 1678oct18 Ann Walker John 1678oct20 Mary Hollis Robert 1678oct22 William Wast Thomas Yeldersley 1678oct24 Mary Howlett Thomas 1678nov4 Martha Foster Robert 1678nov5 George Frost Richard 1678nov21 John Gilbert Thomas 1678nov28 Thomas Morgill John 1678nov30 Rebecca Tittererton Richard 1678dec3 Sarah Stone Thomas 1678dec26 Tymin Orme John Clifton 1678dec27 Jane Mannsfield David 1679jan2 Elizabeth Easom Joseph 1679jan9 Ralph Bentley x 1679jan23 Mary Worcester John (28) 1679feb6 Joseph Lamb Joseph 1679feb6 Elizabeth Godsby Edward 1679feb10 Elizabeth Buck John Ashborne 1679feb10 Elizabeth Parker Reynold 1679feb11 John Tunnicliff Ralph Mappleton 1679feb17 Joseph Wakefield Robert 1679feb19 Sarah Harrisson John Widdow 1679feb20 Robert Bowley Thomas Hulland 1679feb24 Elizabeth Wood William Ashborne 1679mar3 Ralph Thacker John Painters Ln 1679mar4 George Hinchley Edward 1679mar4 Susannah Harrison George 1679mar2 Joseph Sheldon Johnathan 1679mar13 Joseph Greensmith John 1679mar16 William Dixon William 1679mar17 Thomas Banks John 1679mar17 Mary Pegge Bacchusal alias Pegge 1679mar19 John Slater George Sturston 1679mar28 Sarah Johnson James Hulland 1679mar31 Ellen Goodread Thomas 1679apr1 Child Foster Ellen A Bastard 1679apr4 Elizabeth Kynder Thomas 1679apr7 Thomas Dyche 1679apr7 William Morton William 1679apr8 Margaret Tomlinson John Glover 1679apr10 Jane Carter Richard alias Williamson 1679apr21 Dorothy Ashton William 1679apr22 John Smith William 1679apr22 William Watson Thomas 1679apr22 Elizabeth Lees John Ladyhole 1679apr29 Elizabeth Shipley Richard 1679apr29 Richard Woodward John (29) 1679may7 Samuell Millward John Hulland 1679may15 John Bate William Clifton 1679may20 Elizabeth Watson William 1679may22 Mary Jeffrey Richard 1679may29 John Brandreth Thomas Taylor 1679may31 Mary Morley Thomas Ashborne 1679jun1 Robert Puffey Thomas Compton 1679jun16 Alice Turton Paul 1679jun19 Rebecca Greenhaugh Richard 1679jun20 Ann Grace Thomas 1679jul18 William Tunyclif William Compton 1679jul29 Benjamin Walton Thomas 1679aug6 Ann Johnson Richard Hulland 1679aug18 John Barnes John 1679sep8 John Alsopp John Compton 1679sep27 child Tinks John A traveller 1679oct2 Elizabeth Adamson Richard 1679oct13 Joseph Kent Laurence 1679oct13 Edward Roose James 1679oct20 Margaret Easom John 1679oct22 William Fish William 1679oct27 Christopher Benthley Christopher (30) 1679nov5 Jonathan Jackson John Ashborne gn 1679dec1 Josiah Booth Henry Compton 1679dec1 John Alleyn John Compton 1679dec1 Elizabeth Hood John Butcher 1679dec4 Mary Wood Thomas 1679dec8 Ellen Dickens Thomas Ashborne 1679dec30 John Tomlinson Thomas 1680jan13 John Cooper George 1680jan11 Samuel Leek Samuel 1680feb4 Mary Jackson George 1680feb7 Elizabeth Needham John 1680feb19 Elizabeth Cooper John Hulland 1680feb24 Robert Mellor Robert 1680feb28 Ann Hodgkinson John 1680mar1 John Allsopp William Shoemaker 1680mar1 Elizabeth Jeffery Nicholas 1680mar8 Elizabeth Young William 1680mar8 Hannah Newton George 1680mar11 Sarah Wall George 1680mar13 Mary Henshaw Thomas 1680mar13 Robert Shettwall John 1680mar15 Mary Rawlin Thomas jun 1680mar23 Hannah Massey John 1680mar24 Johnathan Collyer William 1680mar25 Hannah Slack William 1680mar30 Elizabeth Ward Edward 1680feb4 Mary Jackson George 1680feb7 Elizabeth Needham John 1680feb19 Elizabeth1 Cooper John Hulland 1680feb28 Ann Hodgkinson John 1680feb24 Robert Mellor Robert 1680mar1 John Allsopp William Shoemaker 1680mar1 Elizabeth Jeffery Nicholas 1680mar8 Elizabeth Young William 1680mar8 Hannah Newton George 1680mar15 Mary Rawlin Thomas Jun. 1680mar11 Sarah Wall George 1680mar13 Mary Henshaw Thomas 1680mar13 Robert Shettwall John 1680apr2 Dorothy Hickling Thomas 1680apr22 John Richardson Thomas 1680apr24 Richard Etches Richard 1680apr28 Charles North Andrew 1680may6 Samuel Keyling John 1680may12 Elizabeth Blower James 1680may20 George Hough Henry 1680may20 Thomas Grosvenor Richard 1680may24 George Hayne Joseph 1680may24 Ruth Soare Walter 1680may25 Elizabeth Crosswell Edward Jun. 1680May26 Edward Bate Thomas 1680may31 John Oliver John 1680jun11 Sybile Cope Thomas 1680jun22 Jane Walker John Compton 1680jul8 Thomas Laughton Richard 1680jul2 Elizabeth Myres Robert 1680jul3 Ann Bramley Gilbert 1680jul11 Richard Bennett Richard 1680jul23 Edward Briggs Thomas 1680jul25 Katherine Hollis --- (3 folios missing here) 1681apr17 Mary Docksey George 1681apr18 William Morley John 1681apr19 George Slater John 1681apr19 Sarah Gilbert Richard Jun. 1681apr22 Temperance Titterton 1681may8 Joan Bown George 1681may8 Henry Hitchcock Francis 1681may12 John Souter John 1681may18 Mary Johnson Richard 1681jun4 John Longdon Roger 1681jun5 Mary Litton George Ashborne 1681jun7 Samuel Adamson William 1681jun13 John Gretton John 1681jun13 Elizabeth Cooper John Ashborne 1681jun14 Robert Wakefield Robert 1681jun17 Thomas Hill Nicholas 1681jun28 Samuell Lees Francis 1681jun26 Alice Bentley William 1681jun28 Benjamin Hogg William 1681jul18 Joseph Hayne Joseph 1681jul15 Samuel Etches Richard 1681jul7 Martha Tomlinson Thomas 1681jul28 Millicent Bainbrigg William 1681aug4 Charles Hardestee William 1681aug7 Mary Spencer Samuel 1681aug11 Sarah Wheeldon Laurance 1681aug14 James Gaunt William 1681aug18 John Dycke Thomas 1681aug18 Margarett Easom Thomas 1681aug22 Mary Bennett Paul 1681sep5 Ann Brandreth Thomas 1681sep11 Lyney Yeomans George 1681sep12 Mary Wood William 1681sep14 John Bradford Gervaise 1681sep15 Hannah Thacker John 1681sep20 William Cantrell Joseph 1681sep24 William Fox Thomas 1681sep24 Robert Yeomans Thomas (38) 1681oct1 Elizabeth Manson Samuel 1681oct1 George Wall George Hough Park 1681oct9 Ann Ashton William 1681oct11 Joseph Frost Robert 1681oct24 Mary Buck John 1681nov18 Mary Truelove Thomas 1681nov18 Elizabeth Bate Thomas 1681nov18 Ann Clay John 1681nov2 Son Watson Thomas 1681nov7 William Norton William 1681nov28 Joseph Tomlinson John 1681nov30 Robert Hurd Robert Jun. 1681nov30 Thomas Robenson Thomas Curryer 1681dec13 Elizabeth Goodread Thomas 1681dec19 Dorothy Soare Walter 1681dec27 Thomas Dutton Richard 1682jan8 Ellen Bramley Gilbert 1682jan12 William Wood William Hulland 1682jan13 Ellen Alkins Thomas 1682jan13 Samuel Sheldon Jonathan 1682jan16 Francis Watson Christopher 1682jan24 Ann Titterton Edward 1682jan30 Richard Easom John 1682jan31 Elizabeth Webster Walter 1682jan31 Dorothy Massey John 1682feb6 William Froggatt George Jun. 1682feb7 Anne Leek Samuel 1682feb12 German Clark George 1682feb19 Arthur Bainbrigg John 1682feb21 John Slater Thomas 1682feb27 William Gadsby Edward 1682mar18 Susannah Cope Thomas 1682mar18 Sarah Kyrkland Thomas Offcote & U U=Underwood 1682mar20 Susannah Tomlinson Thomas 1682mar21 William Rose William 1682mar21 Christopher Cole Thomas 1682apr5 Susannah Froggatt William Jun. 1682apr6 Thomas Fletcher Thomas 1682apr18 Thomas Roose James 1682apr27 George Froggatt William Clifton 1682apr27 Ann Millward John 1682apr27 Margery Newton x Compton 1682may3 John Cesuren? Edward Tanner 1682may5 Sarah Adamson Richard 1682may8 John Bunting James 1682may8 Ann Barns John 1682may11 John Wibberley Thomas 1682may14 Thomas Hawley Thomas 1682may21 George Hayne John 1682may23 William Day William 1682may30 Elizabeth Dickens Thomas 1682jun6 Richard Walker John Compton 1682jun12 Thomas Sheppey Edward 1682jun22 Mary Wallis Samuel 1682jun22 Ann Harris Thomas 1682jul6 Ann Hood Thomas Blacksmith 1682jul11 Elizabeth Rawlins Thomas Jun 1682jul16 Dorothy Lovatt Thomas (41) 1682aug2 Alice Webster Richard 1682aug9 Joseph Morgan John 1682aug9 William Buck Roger 1682sep17 Dau Maddock J Mappleton 1682oct10 Thomas Slater George 1682oct15 William Cooper John 1682oct17 William Collyer William 1682oct24 John Hodgkinson John 1682oct25 Thomas Webster John Hulland 1682oct30 Catherine Mellor Robert 1682nov1 Margarett Holmes Charles Hough 1682nov7 Jane Booth Sampson 1682nov13 John Ashton William Painters Ln 1682nov13 John Porte Richard 1682nov14 George Bradford Garviselo 1682nov16 William Bentley William (42) 1682nov17 Jane Peach Charles Clifton 1682nov20 John Goodwin Samuel 1682nov21 John Taylor Aleyn 1682dec3 Jane Morley Thomas Compton 1682dec12 John Lees Francis 1682dec20 John James Ralph 1682dec23 John Etches Richard Ashborne 1683jan1 Walter Stanfield Henry 1683jan6 Sarah Hollis Robert Clifton 1683jan6 John Smith John Hulland 1683jan20 Jane Hitchcock Francis 1683jan20 Mary Newton George 1683jan20 Mary Webster Walter 1683jan21 Ann Tuniclife William Compton 1683jan29 Alice Bate William 1683jan29 Mary Kyrkam William 1683jan30 Jane Smith Robert 1683feb1 Frances Robinson William 1683feb5 Ann Adamson William 1683feb18 Thomas Palmer Humphry 1683feb19 John Bentley Charles 1683feb19 Sarah Campbell Symon 1683feb20 John Eley Christopher 1683feb21 William Ashmole William 1683feb21 Robert Webster John Hulland 1683mar6 Elizabeth Easom Robert Jun 1683mar6 Joseph Cambell Joseph 1683mar7 Ann Tattersall William 1683mar14 Lydia Titterton Richard 1683mar15 Jane Flint Thomas Sturston 1683mar18 Thomas Lowther Thomas 1683mar24 Margarett Waste William 1683mar26 John Greensmith John 1683mar27 Martha Dewey George 1683mat29 Jane Bennett John 1683apr1 Thomas Bainbrigg William Clifton 1683apr1 Thomas Gretton Thomas Mappleton 1683apr2 Elizabeth Bennett Paul 1683apr6 Alice Williamson George Mappleton 1863apr15 William Henshaw Compton 1683apr15 George Tunnicliff Richard jun 1683apr23 Ann Bate Thomas Clifton 1683apr23 Jane Blower James Ashborne 1683apr23 Elizabeth Maynell Sturston 1683apr29 Sarah Cooper George Ashborne 1683may1 Elizabeth Bunting William sen 1683may20 James Blower William Yeldersley 1683may24 William Lowley Thomas 1683jun11 John Robinson William Town. Head 1683jun18 John Hayne Joseph 1683jun21 Edward Yeomans Thomas 1683jun27 George Litton George 1683jun27 John Nixon John 1683jun28 Elizabeth Hough Henry Sturston 1683jul5 James Hurd Richard Jun. 1683jul10 John Bowman Thomas 1683jul15 Anthony Morris Thomas Yeldersley 1683jul16 Thomas Hickling Thomas 1683jul23 John Johnson John Ipstone 1683aug2 Mary Greenhough Richard 1683aug7 Alice Ault Ralph Yeldersley 1683aug7 Martha Tyman John Clifton 1683aug10 Bridget Porter Alice Mappleton 1683aug13 John Shipley Richard Ashborne 1683aug13 Hannah Gilbert Richard Jun 1683aug21 Mary Jones William Compton 1683aug29 Joseph Melland Joseph Hulland 1683aug29 Mary Smith Thomas Ashborne 1683sep10 John Wall George Hurst Park 1683sep16 John Gretton John Mappleton 1683sep17 Thomas Kyrkland 1683sep17 Mary Watson William Ashborne 1683sep23 Robert Wibberley John 1683sep28 Mary Lovatt Thomas (45) 1683oct1 George Slack William 1683oct25 Sarah Harrison Thomas Hulland 1683oct25 Jane Hayne John Ashborne 1683oct29 Mary Waste Thomas Yeldersley 1683nov13 Richard Woodward John 1683nov18 Alice Grace Thomas 1683dec2 Ellen Easom Thomas Compton 1683dec4 Grace Clark George 1683dec11 Samuel Gallimore Nicholas 1683dec18 William Spencer Samuell Yeldersley 1683dec18 Ralph Johnson Richard Hulland 1683dec18 Samuel Jenkinson Robert Clifton 1683dec18 John Jenkinson Robert Clifton 1683dec20 Mary Hynde William 1683dec27 Dorothy Tomlinson Thomas 1684jan2 Sarah Dutton Richard 1684jan3 Thomas Titterton Edward 1684jan22 Thomas Smith Richard 1684jsn30 John Weston John Hulland 1684feb3 Jane Eley Thomas Hulland 1684feb7 Thomas Brandreth Thomas 1684feb10 Henry Frogatt William Clifton 1684feb12 Jane Preston Jacob Hulland 1684feb17 John Dyhouse John 1684feb19 George Croswell Edward 1684feb28 Richard Dyche Thomas 1684mar1 Mary Jackson Francis 1684mar8 Mary Bennett Richard 1684mar16 John Maulkin William Mappleton 1684mar10 Edward Morlay John 1684mar11 Mary Dixon Thomas Compton 1684mar11 John Fletcher John Ashborne 1684mar17 Henry Gretton Henry Ashborne Grn 1684mar20 John Thacker x Painters Ln 1684mar20 Elizabeth Chaney Charles Apothecary 1684mar21 Mary Wrigley Paul 1684mar24 Thomas Soare Walter 1684apr3 John Frogatt George 1684apr7 John Cooper John 1684apr9 John Morley Daniel 1684apr13 Ellen Hollis Robert Clifton 1684apr20 Elizabeth Ashton William Painters Ln 1684apr22 Thomas Bramley Gilbert 1684apr20 John Bainbrigg William sen 1684apr25 John Cope Thomas Sturston 1684may13 Alice Cockaine John 1684may21 Elizabeth Tattersall William 1684jun10 Thomas Goodread Thomas 1684jun15 Mary Hill Nicholas 1684jun16 George Watson Thomas 1684jun17 John Adamson Richard 1684jun22 Herbert Simonson Herbert Clifton 1684jun22 Ann Ryley Joan 1684jun29 William Wood John Offcote 1684jul13 Elizabeth Heyling Richard Compton 1684jul20 Child Flint Messenger 1684jul20 Elizabeth Wallis Samuel Hulland 1684jul21 Ann Massey John Yeldersley 1684jul22 Elizabeth Taylor Thomas 1684aug10 Sarah Norton William 1684aug10 John March John 1684aug17 Child Griffin Edward 1684aug28 Samuel Alleyn John Compton 1684sep1 Godfrey Fouljambe James 1684sep3 John Godsby George 1684sep6 Elizabeth Nixon John 1684sep8 Francis Lees Francis 1684sep15 Mathew Easom John 1684sep17 Abraham Bacon George 1684sep29 Henry Campbell Simon 1684sep29 Elizabeth Beech James Compton 1684oct2 Susannah Berisett Paul 1684oct3 Mary Clay John 1684oct6 Edward Gadsby Edward 1684oct7 Alice Ashton George 1684oct11 Ann Walker John Compton (48) 1684oct16 Dorothy Booth Samuel 1684oct19 Jane Laurance ?Wheeldon 1684oct29 Robert Webster John Hulland 1684oct29 Dorothy Richards William 1684nov4 Joseph Easom Joseph 1684nov5 Henry Hardestee John 1684nov6 Robert Lomas Robert 1684nov7 Hannah Leek Mr Compton Buried next day 1684nov9 George Doxey George 1684nov24 Robert Smith Robert Ashborne 1684nov30 Joseph Roose John 1684dec2 George Shaw George Sturston 1684dec8 John Millward Isaac 1684dec9 George Bown George Clifton 1684dec26 Thomas Dicken Thomas 1685jan1 Thomas Bentley William 1685jan2 Ellen Bennett John 1685jan13 Edward Hill Ann Clifton 1685jan17 Thomas Robenson William Town Head 1685jan29 Child Jackson Ralph Buried next day 1685feb2 Thomas Cambell Joseph 1685feb4 Mary Wakefield Robert 1685feb5 John Tatlow Thomas 1685feb9 Dorothy Tomlinson William 1685feb14 Ann Bunting James 1685feb24 Mary Titterton Richard 1685feb26 Mary Grammar Thomas 1685mar1 Hannah Jackson Thomas 1685mar4 Thomas Flint Thomas Sturston 1685mar16 Thomas Gilbert Robert 1685mar16 Mary Alsopp Benjamin 1685mar17 Samuel Sowter Thomas 1685mar17 Sarah Buck John 1685mar19 Henry Fletcher John 1685ma20 William Lomas William 1685mar22 Joseph Lorte George 1685mar25 William Taylor Eileen Buried 26 1685mar26 Alice Hough Thomas Hulland 1685mar29 Eve Wareing Daniel Compton 1685apr5 William Carter William Mappleton alias Williamson 1684apr5 Thomas Head Grace 1684apr5 Mary Hurd Robert Wildborclgh 1685apr6 Ellen Wall George Hough Park 1685apr6 Mary Cooper George Ashborne 1685apr8 Ann Smith William 1685apr9 Thomas Wibberley Thomas Sandy Cross 1685apr12 Joseph Plant William Mappleton 1685apr14 William Smith Robert Thatcher 1685apr17 Thomas Smith Robert Pinfold 1685apr26 James Yeomans Thomas 1685apr29 James Webster John Hulland (50) 1685may4 Alice Milnhouse Arthur 1685may8 Joseph Ashmore William Hulland 1685may12 Elizabeth Goodwin Samuel Hurst Park 1685may17 Isabella Turnbull Ralph jun 1685may18 George Watson Thomas Ashborne 1685jun1 Alice Sheldon Jonathan 1685jun8 Dorothy Burton Edward Clifton 1685jun15 Robert Webster Walter 1685jun25 George Maddock John 1685jun25 John Hollis John 1685jun25 Sarah Doe William Jun. 1685jun30 William Whilston William 1685jun30 Catherine Alsopp William 1685jul9 Eleanor Greensmith John Ashborne 1685jul10 Samuel Myres Esther 1685jul13 William Hitchcock Francis 1685jul27 Arthur Watson William 1685jul28 Martha Easom John 1685jul30 Mary Hayne John 1685aug3 Mary Atkins Thomas Clifton 1685aug9 Elizabeth Bate William Clifton 1685aug12 Margarett Waste Thomas Yeldersley 1685aug16 Elizabeth Pylinor Humphry 1685aug22 John Kyrkland John 1685aug24 Martha Rogers John 1685aug27 Thomas Froggatt George 1685aug27 William Chaney Charles 1685sep7 William Blower William 1685sep14 Mary Woodhouse John A traveller 1685sep1 Charles Tomlinson John 1685sep25 Thomas Etches Richard 1685oct6 Hannah Rawlins Thomas Jun 1685oct7 Edward Leek Samuel 1685oct20 Ellinor Mellor John Farmer 1685oct23 Sarah Gretton Thomas Low Top Ashb 1685oct23 Elizabeth Gretton Thomas Low Top Ashb 1685oct30 Mary Buck Roger Compton 1685nov2 William Beech William 1685nov3 Christopher Lowe Richard 1685nov12 Solomon Griffin John Butcher 1685nov13 Elizabeth Slack William Town Head 1685nov23 Elizabeth El Fynne John Clifton 1685nov30 Ralph Jones Talas Compton 1685dec6 William Clark George Ashborne # 1685dec17 John Booth Samuel Ashborne # 1685dec19 Samuel Cooper John Ashborne # (Out of place in ASH061 folio59)# 1685dec20 Margarett James Gilbert # 1686jan7 Henry Jackson Valentine # 1686feb4 William Longford John Currier 1686feb4 William Jones William Compton 1686feb9 George Cooper George Ashborne 1686feb11 Dorothy Froggatt William Clifton 1686feb25 Robert Hollis Robert Jun Clifton 1686mar1 Elizabeth Lovatt Thomas 1686mar1 Heather Hugh Keeling Compton 1686mar3 Martha Greensmith Thomas 1686mar4 George Rudyard George Jun 1686mar8 Mary Mansfield Edward Clifton 1686mar9 Susanna Truelove Thomas 1686mar15 Ellen Bainbrigg Thomas Hulland 1686mar18 Francis Millward Joseph Hulland 1686mar24 James Johnson Richard Hulland 1686mar29 Thomas Adamson Richard Martha Ashborne (50) 1686apr6 Ellen Bennett John Ashborne 1686apr11 Sarah Spenser Samuel Yeldersley 1686apr12 Isabell Smith Josiah 1686apr20 Alice Bate Thomas Clifton 1686apr20 William Lewis William Ashborne 1686apr22 Hannah Nixon John Ashborne 1686apr28 John Harrison Thomas Hulland 1686apr29 George Cope Thomas Sturston 1686apr30 Elizabeth Tomlinson Thomas Ox Close 1686apr30 Dorothy Jenkinson ? Clifton 1686may2 John Henshaw Thomas Compton 1686may4 John Housley George Ashborne 1686may9 Susanna Roose William Ashborne 1686may19 Elizabeth Banks John Ashborne 1686may20 Mary Hayne Joseph Talbott 1686may20 Martha Eyre George Ashborne Sadler 1686may27 Thomas Walker John Compton Tanner 1686may31 Elizabeth Brandreth Thomas Ashborne Taylor (51) 1686jun7 Robert Frost Robert Ashborne 1686jun12 William Sheepy Richard Ashborne 1686jun15 Ann Griffin Edward Clifton 1686jun20 Elizabeth Fletcher Thomas BalladSinger or Travelling Book 1686jun29 John Johnson John London Taylor 1686jul4 Ann Collyer William Compton 1686jul4 Ann Blower James Ashborne 1686jul6 Mary Creswell Edward Ashborne 1686jul23 Ann Soare William Ashborne 1686jul26 Ann Sleigh John Ashborne 1686jul28 Godfrey Maynell Godfrey Sturston (55) 1686aug3 Francis Lomas Robert Compton 1686aug4 William Bainbrigg Robert Compton 1686aug22 x Barnes John Ashborne 1686aug23 Elizabeth Doxey George Compton 1686sep13 Isaiah Bowman Thomas Ashborne 1686sep22 Margarett Boothby James 1686oct10 Richard Milward Isaac Compton 1686oct21 Samuel Ashouse William Hulland 1686oct21 x Dyhouse John Offcote 1686oct23 Elizabeth Alsopp William Yeldersley 1686oct26 Joseph Cantrell Compton (56) 1686nov1 William Lees Francis Ashborne 1686nov2 Thomas Cole Thomas Offcote 1686nov3 William Litton George Ashborne 1686nov17 Joseph Hurd Robert Jun Underwood 1686nov18 George Dickens Thomas Ashborne 1686nov21 Hannah Jackson Richard 1686nov22 John Cooper John Ashborne 1686dec2 Sarah Dicken Thomas Ashborne 1686dec8 x Soare Walter Ashborne 1686dec17 Elizabeth Sterndale Mary Ostenfield Widdow 1687jan4 Elizabeth Galimore Nicholas Ashborne 1687jan13 Robert Hilton Robert Compton 1687jan17 John Bentley William 1687jan17 John Bramley Gilbert 1687jan26 John Fletcher John 1687jan31 John Smith John Church Sch 1687feb3 Catherine Flint Thomas Sturston 1687feb5 Mary Chaney Charles 1687feb6 William Cook William Shirley 1687feb7 Mary Wibberley Richard Hulland 1687feb21 Thomas Ryley John Mappleton 1687mar9 William Bate William Clifton 1687mar10 Elizabeth Bradbury William Ashborne 1687mar12 Sarah Eley Christopher 1687mar16 Mary Hayne John 1687mar17 Edward Titterton Edward 1687mar16 Thomas Souter Thomas Town Head 1687mar16 James Ashton William Painters Ln 1687mar17 Mary Titterton Richard 1687mar18 Richard Titterton Richard 1687mar27 Ann Titterton John Offcote 1687mar31 William Greensmith John 1687apr1 Thomas Grosvenor Thomas 1687apr4 Anne Bunting James Sturston 1687apr4 Anne Wood William Hulland 1687apr5 John Cockaine Robert jun Hulland 1687apr6 Sarah Rudyard George jun Offcote U U=Underwood 1687apr11 Joseph Smith Josiah Wishet Inn 1687apr18 Mary Beach John Cubley 1687apr18 Thomas Blower William Yeldersley 1687apr19 Daniel Alleyn John Compton 1687apr23 Edward Bransfield Edward Underwood 1687may1 Alice Grace Thomas Town head 1687may5 William Wall George Hurst Park 1687may8 Thomas Hollis John Clifton 1687may16 Margarett Morton William Offcote 1687may17 William Easom John Compton 1687may18 Dorothy Griffin John Offcote 1687may30 John Whiston John Compton 1687jun5 William Milnhouse Anthony 1687jun5 Daniel Shypley Richard Ashborne 1687jun13 Ann Hollins Edward Ashborne 1687jun13 Ann Alsopp Robert 1687jun13 Joseph Hough Henry Hulland 1687jun14 Dorothy Fox Francis Clifton 1687jun15 Mary Cooper John Biggin Yate upon Hulland Ward 1687jun25 Thomas Okeover Thomas Compton 1687jun17 Ann Roberts George Ashborne 1687jul12 Thomas Barnes John Blacksmith 1687jul13 William Nixon John 1687jul17 Sarah Wetton John Hulland 1687jul18 John Needham Richard Ashborne 1687aug5 Thomas Kyrkland Laurence Clifton 1687aug14 Ann Robinson William Town Head 1687aug21 Ellen Wibberley John 1687aug27 John Bennett John Ashborne 1687aug29 Dorothy Sheldon Johnathan 1687sep6 Elizabeth Smith Robert Thatcher 1687sep16 Elizabeth Gosling 1687oct6 Thomas Fletcher Thomas 1687oct12 Elizabeth Dane Painters Ln 1687oct18 Joseph Thatcher John Painters Ln 1687oct22 Mary Orde John Ashborne 1687oct26 Margaret Greensmith Thomas Underwood (62) 1687nov10 Sarah Webster John Hulland 1687nov14 Daniel Leek Samuel Compton 1687nov22 Mary Etches John Ashborne alias Jeffery 1687nov24 Martha Bennett Paul Ashborne 1687dec1 William Tattersall William Ashborne 1687dec4 Sarah Gretton John Ashborne 1687dec6 Sarah Samuel William Almshouse 1687dec8 Susannah Roose James Ashborne 1687dec12 Lydia Ault Ralph Yeldersley 1687dec15 Ann Gilbert William 1687dec19 William Tomlinson John Glover 1687dec20 Alice Hardestee William 1687dec26 John Jackson Valentine Jn 1687dec29 Elizabeth Buxton Ann Compton 1687dec30 Jeremy Spencer Samuel Yeldersley 1688jan2 Robert Wheeldon Lawrence Compton 1688jan2 Elizabeth Jackson Richard Ashborne 1688jan4 John Cockaine John Ashborne 1688jan7 Mary Wheeldon Lawrence Compton 1688jan10 Samuel Bentley Samuel 1688jan12 Matthew Blest Matthew 1688jan12 Elizabeth Froggatt William Clifton 1688jan25 Sarah Burton Johnathan 1688jan30 Thomas Harris Humphrey Compton 1688jan30 Edward Griffin Edward Clifton 1688feb15 Isaac Massley John Yeldersley 1688feb27 William Preston John Hulland 1688feb27 Ann Cooper John Ashborne 1688mar6 Catherine Truelove Thomas 1688mar12 Dorothy Meynel Godfrey 1688mar12 Dorothy Bate Thomas Clifton 1688apr8 George Palmer Charles Offcote 1688apr9 x Titterton Richard 1688apr17 Ellen Alsopp William Taylor 1688apr17 Edward Gadsby Ellen Yeldersley 1688apr18 James Griffin Thomas Carrier 1688apr18 x Ashton William Painters Ln 1688apr23 John Smith Isaiah Church Bank 1688apr24 Mary Lomas Robert Compton 1688apr29 John Palmer Humphry 1688apr30 Thomas Lowe Richard Ashborne 1688may3 John Osborne 1688may8 John Myers Richard Compton 1688may16 Martha Bembrigg Thomas Painters Ln 1688may19 Mary Blower James 1688may22 James Austine Thomas Painters Ln 1688may24 Elizabeth Harker George 1688may27 Thomas Jones Philipp 1688may30 Ralph Woodward Thomas 1688jun1 Joseph Biddulph John Alias Biddle 1688jun1 Mary Biddulph John Alias Biddle 1688jun1 Robert Smales His house at Hulland 1688jun11 Mary Lewis William Ashborne 1688jun18 Samuel Etches Nicholas Compton 1688jun18 x Etches Nicholas Compton 1688jun19 William Woodwise x 1688jun26 Dorothy Bown George Clifton 1688jun30 Ralph Hollis Edward 1688jul George Greensmith John 1688jul12 Elizabeth Maddock Richard Mappleton 1688jul15 Elizabeth Stevenson Eustacheus Town Head 1688jul16 Susannah Doxey George Compton 1688jul20 Elizabeth Ryde John Clifton 1688jul22 James Bunting James 1688aug11 William Baines William Compton by Mr Etches 1688aug5 William Spencer Samuel Yeldersley 1688aug8 Jane Fitton Richard Leek 1688aug13 William Roodhall William 1688aug13 William Byrch William Taylor 1688aug13 William Goodall William Painters Ln 1688aug17 Mary Nixon Daniel Compton 1688aug20 Humphry Bate William Clifton 1688aug30 Dorothy Walker John Compton Farmer (66) 1688sep11 John Tompkinson Thomas Oxelow 1688sep16 Elizabeth Barrington Robert Ashborne 1688sep17 John Creswell Edward Ashborne Pk 1688sep17 John Longdon Robert Jun Ashborne 1688sep19 John Johnson Richard Compton 1688sep26 William Hayne Joseph 1688oct23 Berresford Jenkinson Robert Clifton 1688oct24 William Castle Richard Ashborne (67) 1688nov4 Mary Mansfield Edward Offcote 1688nov4 Patience Tunnycliff William Compton 1688nov5 Ellen Harrison George Ashborne 1688nov6 Ann Litton George Ashborne 1688nov8 Mary Sylcock George Mappleton 1688nov11 George Fletcher Thomas Traveller 1688nov12 Thomas Lovatt Thomas Town Head 1688nov25 Francis Hollis Robert Clifton 1688nov27 Philipp Austine Richard Painters Ln 1688nov30 Elizabeth Baguly Thomas 1688dec3 Thomas Bainbrigg William Hulland 1688dec7 Charles Griffin 1688dec9 Elizabeth Needham Richard Ashborne 1688dec17 Thomas Henshaw Thomas Compton 1688dec30 Thomas Campbell Joseph Compton 1689jan11 Martha Brandreth Thomas Taylor 1689jan17 Mary Eaton Arthur 1689jan20 Edward Cooper George 1689jan22 Elizabeth Eyre Thomas 1689jan28 Elizabeth Watson Hugh (68) 1689jan28 Henry Wall George Hurst Park 1689jan29 William Frost Richard 1689jan29 Martha Gallimore Nicholas 1689feb7 Mary Maddock Philipp 1689feb16 Ann Chaney Charles 1689feb18 Ann Dickens Thomas 1689feb19 Mary x Francis 1689feb19 Mary Clark George 1689feb26 Dorothy Griffin George Callow 1689mar10 John Ryley John Mappleton 1689mar17 Dorothy Grace Thomas 1689mar25 Mary Blower William Yeldersley 1689mar26 Cobham Boothman William 1689apr1 Robert Buxton George Taylor 1689apr2 Mary Hood Thomas Shoemaker 1689apr14 Mary Gretton John Underwood 1689apr14 Walter Plant William Mappleton 1689apr26 Winifred Burton Jonathan 1689apr29 John Jackson Richard Ashborne 1689may5 Joseph Fox Thomas Clifton Spny Spinney 1689may6 Thomas Port John Watchmaker alias Vermon 1689may6 Thomas Gilbert Thurston 1689may 20 Thomas Horton Shoemaker 1689may27 Gilbert Bramley Gilbert 1689may28 Charles Shipley Richard Glasier 1689jun2 John Easom Richard 1689jun2 Mary Titterton Edward 1689jun11 William Geneson James 1689jun26 John Bradbury William 1689jun29 Catherine Cole Thomas 1689jun29 Ann Cole Thomas 1689jul15 John Smith Robert Sheepsfold 1689jul29 Mary Milward John Hulland 1689jul29 x Hood John Butcher 1689aug2 George Gilbert William Butcher 1689aug7 x Hynde Ann 1689aug19 Robert Weston John Compton Lane 1689aug26 William Bennett Paul Painters Ln 1689aug26 Mary Dyhouse James Town Head 1689sep1 James Bennett John 1689sep1 Aaron Bennett John 1689sep5 Ralph Edge Richard Ashborne Park 1689sep10 Ann Cresswell Edward Ashborne 1689sep16 William Hall John Sen. 1689oct2 Sidney Soar Walter Ashborne 1689oct11 Elizabeth Alsopp Robert Dove Green. 1689oct23 John Thacker Ralph 1689oct24 Thomas Byrch William Taylor (72) 1689nov1 Mary Sleigh John 1689nov4 Mary Hollins Edward 1689nov12 John Buck John 1689nov16 William Mellor John jun 1689nov17 George Froggatt George Clifton 1689nov17 Samuell Smith Samuell Mappleton 1689nov21 Benedict Flint Thomas Shirley 1689nov25 Sarah Msdder Richard Hurst Park 1689nov26 Philipp Maddock John 1689nov27 Richard Bentley William Butcher 1689dec5 Mary Cockayne Robert Hulland 1689dec9 William Alsopp William Yeldersley 1689dec9 Mary Titterton Thomas Ashborne 1689dec22 John Fraggatt William Clifton 1689dec26 Elizabeth Lomas Robert 1689dec27 Frances Carter William Mappleton alias Williamson (73) 1690jsn1 Elizabeth Mellor John Ashborne 1690jan4 William Bunting Samuel Sturston 1690jan12 Mary Hollis John Clifton 1690jan16 Thomas Wood George Barber 1690jan18 Elizabeth Fearn John Sturston 1690jan18 Elizabeth Evans Richard Whilston 1690jan20 Charles Harvey Joseph 1690jan30 John Longford John Ashborne 1690feb2 Rebecca Attleborrow John Compton 1690feb9 Humphry Harrison George Church Close 1690feb15 Elizabeth Oliver Thomas Compton 1690feb23 George Baraclough 1690feb23 Adeloexons Elison 1690mar6 Ann Hugh Henry sen Hulland 1690mar10 Jacob Preston Jacob Hulland 1690mar13 Ann Hitcok Francis Ashborne 1690mar18 Rebecca Stevenson Eustacheus 1690mar22 Francis Maynell Godfrey sen 1690mar22 William Hayward John Ashborne 1690mar23 Mary Hayward John Ashborne 1690mar23 William Truelove x Ashborne 1690mar31 Richard Lowe Richard 1690apr3 Edward Shirley Richard Ashborne 1690apr10 Mary Webster John Hulland 1690apr21 Thomas Harvey Daniel Taylor 1690apr22 Child Cockaine John 1690may12 Thomas Austin Thomas Painters Ln 1690may19 Hannah Tomlinson Thomas 1690may25 John Blower James 1690may25 Daughter Fox Francis Clifton 1690jun5 George Gadsby George Painters Ln 1690jun9 John Eaton William Ashborne 1690jun10 Isabell Hood Thomas Ashborne (75) 1690jul6 William Sylcock George Mappleton 1690jul6 Ann Walker Charles 1690jul14 Elizabeth Buxton Edmund Clifton 1690jul20 Thomas Smith Nicholas 1690jul20 Thomas Smith Robert 1690jul28 John Spencer Samuel 1690jul31 Mary Hollis Mary Clifton 1690aug7 John Grammar Thomas 1690aug18 Thomas Smith Thomas Compton 1690aug19 Jane Hardestee William 1690aug31 Ann Hodgkinson Richard 1690sep7 Dorothy Doxey George Ashborne 1690sep7 Richard Osborn John 1690aug16 Richard Gilbert Richard 1690aug17 Jane Hayne Joseph (76) 1690sep7 Child Eaton William 1690oct1 Ann Clark George 1690oct2 Margarett Dutton Richard 1690oct12 Sarah Wagstaff Robert 1690oct12 Isaac Smith John Mappleton 1690oct12 Dorothy Goodrich Richard 1690oct13 Ann Hunt David 1690oct19 John Goodall John 1690oct21 Edward Myres Robert Compton 1690oct23 Edward Gilbert William Butcher 1690nov4 Elizabeth Etches John 1690nov5 Mary Cantrell Joseph Compton 1690nov5 John Bown George Clifton 1690nov11 Elizabeth Bateman John 1690nov12 Elizabeth Carter George Mappleton alias Williamson 1690nov15 Thomas Needham John Shoemaker 1690nov19 Philipp Hollins Edward Ashborne 1690nov30 Joseph Moule Adam 1690dec10 Ann Day James 1690dec26 Elizabeth Longden Robert Ashborne 1690dec29 Alice Bunting Joseph Sturston 1690dec30 Mary Harker George 1691jan6 Elizabeth Hodgkinson William Spondon 1691jan10 John Jackson Ann Spinster 1691jan12 William Spalton James 1691jan13 Samuel Shipley Richard 1691jan15 Humphry Harris Humphry 1691jan22 Arthur Maddock Robert Mappleton 1691jan22 Mary Maddock Robert Maddock Mappleton 1691jan27 Dorothy Chaney Mr Apothecary 1691jan27 Mary Smith Joseph Church Bank 1691feb1 John Burton Johnathan 1691feb4 Mary Alsopp John AnniesMeadow 1691feb10 Thomas Harvey Joseph 1691feb16 William Dickens Thomas 1691feb22 Mary Collyer William Compton 1691mar3 Mary Bainbrigg William Hulland 1691mar11 Mary Madder Robert Hurst Park 1691mar11 Richard Wall George 1691mar26 Isaac Bradford Ganselo 1691apr20 Hannah Smith ?Widdow Ashborne 1691may4 Sarah Hayward John 1691may17 Robert Jenkinson Richard Clifton 1691may20 Edward Gretton John Underwood 1691jun1 Edward Walker John Compton 1691jun8 Martha Hinton Robert 1691jun11 Anthony Ryley John Mappleton 1691jun15 William Greensmith John Ashborne 1691jun15 Thomas Bainbrigg Christopher Ashborne 1691jun21 William Lees Francis Ashborne 1691jul4 Francis Gallimore Nicholas 1691jul6 Mary Eyre Thomas 1691jul12 Jane Ryley Thomas Mappleton 1691jul15 Mary Shirley Richard 1691jul19 Ellen Griffin Edward 1691jul24 Elizabeth Plant William 1691jul26 Martha Jones Philipp 1691jul26 Elizabeth Litton George Ashborne 1691aug2 Daniell Reese James 1691aug3 John Lovett Thomas 1691aug6 John Hollis Robert 1691aug7 Hannah Doe William 1691aug19 Thomas Bewton Hulland 1691aug20 Thomas Lommas Robert (80) 1691aug23 Hannah Attleborrow Compton 1691aug26 Hannah Tomlinson 1691sep2 Thomas Corden William Yeldersley 1691sep7 Ann Goodall Michael 1691sep13 Francis Kyrkland Laurence 1691sep20 John Maddock Philipp 1691sep28 John Eaton William 1691sep29 John Snow Daniell 1691oct2 Hannah Tattersall William 1691oct15 William Gadsbey George Painters Ln 1691oct16 Elizabeth Easom John Compton 1691oct16 Ann Peach Samuel 1691oct21 Mary Mellor John Tanner 1691oct25 George Syllcock George Mappleton 1691nov4 John Bennett William 1691nov18 Ann Bentley William 1691dec3 Mary Brandreth Thomas 1691dec4 Lydia Ashton George Painters Ln 1691dec21 Elizabeth Hood Thomas 1691dec26 Robert Mellor John Plough 1692jan4 John Roose William 1692jan6 Henry Hayne John Green 1692jan14 Ruth Dutton Richard 1692jan14 Elizabeth Thacker Ralph 1692jan22 Elizabeth Woodywiss John 1692jsn25 Ann Harvey Daniel 1692jan26 Thomas Fearn John Sturston 1692jan31 George Easom John Compton 1692feb14 Isaac Wibberley Thomas 1692feb16 William Watson William Shoemaker 1692feb20 Valentine Prichard Robert 1692mar1 Mary Birch William Taylor 1692mar8 Joseph Truelove Thomas 1692mar9 Ann Hawksworth Mathew jun 1692mar13 Elizabeth Bunting James Sturston 1692mar14 Elizabeth Bembrigg Thomas Hulland 1692mar14 Elizabeth Bagnold Richard Wildborclough 1692mar29 William Soare Walter 1692mar30 Jane Grammar Thomas 1692apr3 Elizabeth Flint Thomas 1692apr4 Catherine Webster John Hulland 1692apr5 Richard Titterton Thomas 1692apr7 William Bate William Clifton 1692apr25 John Walker Thomas Ashborne 1692apr26 Mary Deddick Charles 1692may7 Mary Osborn John Ashborne 1692may14 Gilbert Bramley Gilbert Compton 1692may16 Elizabeth Hollis John Clifton 1692jun2 Joseph Greenhough Sarah 1692jun5 Elizabeth Dyhouse John Town Head 1692jun7 Elisabeth Doughty Millicent Spinster 1692jun8 Robert Hall George Hough Park 1692jun30 Samuell Preston Jacob 1692jul5 James Blower James 1692jul10 Barnabas Easom Robert Compton 1692jul11 Elizabeth Myres Robert Compton 1692jul21 Edward Alsopp Robert Dove Green 1692jul25 George Gilbert William alias BUXTON 1692jul26 John Jeffrey John alias ETCHES 1692jul30 Joseph Wrigley William Compton 1692jul30 Benjamin Wrigley William Compton 1692jul31 Humphry Bennett William Compton (84) 1692aug1 John Frost William Ashborne 1692aug1 Edward Hayne Joseph 1692aug8 John Goodwin Richard Church St Shoemaker 1692aug9 Richard Goodwin Richard Horse market 1692aug21 Mary Robinson William Town Head 1692aug25 John Gratorex Daniell Talbot 1692sep7 Johnathan Doxey George Compton 1692sep26 George Bradbury George Ashborne 1692oct5 Elizabeth Elliott John Compton 1692oct5 Ann Alsopp John Armished 1692oct12 John Cordin William 1692oct22 Mary Flint David 1692oct27 Dorothy Wood William Hulland 1692nov20 John Smith Daniel Mappleton 1692nov24 Robert Lowe Richard 1692nov29 Elizabeth Jackson Samuell Brasier 1692dec1 Joseph Blower William Yeldersley 1692dec5 Mary Titterton Thomas Chinnes 1692dec12 Mary Kyrkland Thomas Compton 1692dec13 Katherine Clancey Charles 1692dec14 Elizabeth Cantrell Joseph 1692dec26 Jonathan Froggatt George Ashborne 1692dec27 Robert Cooper Henry Ashborne 1693jan6 James Taylor Thomas 1693jan7 John Collyer William Compton 1693jan11 Joshua Brerton Jonathan 1693jan21 Mary Jackson John jun Buxton House 1693jan29 William Dawson John 1693jan30 Ann Gilbert Thurston 1693feb5 Ann Hollis Robert Clifton 1693feb16 Ann Wagstaffe Robert 1693feb20 John Smith John Clifton 1693feb28 Richard Cook Richard Shirley 1693mar3 George Hilton Robert Compton 1693mar5 Mary Ryley Thomas Mappleton 1693mar6 Ann Allsopp John Compton 1693mar10 William Oliver Ann 1693mar13 Mansel Gilbert Richard 1693mar16 James Day James Hulland 1693mar16 Sarah Smales Robert Hulland 1693mar18 Ann Deddick Charles 1693mar18 William Yates John Carryer 1693mar24 Mary Easom John Compton 1693mar28 Mary Goodall William Painters Ln 1693mar28 Thomas Gadsby George Painters Ln 1693apr4 George Buck John 1693apr5 Robert Goodall Isaac Painters Ln 1693apr7 Edward Greensmith John Ashborne 1693apr9 William Froggatt William Clifton 1693apr13 John Hayward John Ashborne 1693apr17 Mary Barrows William Okeover 1693may6 William Hodgkinson Richard Underwood 1693may6 Dorothy Tomlinson Thomas Ox Close 1693may8 Elizabeth Harrison George Church Street 1693may18 Gabriel Cockain Robert Jun. 1693may18 Ann Spencer Samuell Yeldersley 1693may21 Elizabeth Cole Thomas 1693may31 Thomas Austin Richard Mappleton 1693jun1 Anne Grammar Thomas 1693jun6 Sarah Maddock John Mappleton 1693aug2 Samuel Kyrkland Thomas Ashborne Gn 1693aug10 Elizabeth Bembrigg William Hulland 1693aug16 William Frost William Ashborne Shoemaker 1693aug22 Mary Lomas Robert Compton 1693aug25 Jane Dutton Richard Ashborne Joyner 1693sep8 Richard Smith Ralph Ashborne (90) 1693sep4 Elizabeth Sheepy Edward Ashborne Shoemaker 1693sep4 Samuel Robinson Samuel Lowetop 1693sep14 John Kirkland Laurance Clifton 1693sep26 Susannah Lewis Hannah 1693oct26 John Armishaw? Samuel Hulland 1693oct26 Ann Lovett Thomas Town head 1693nov13 Elizabeth Lamb David Ashborne 1693nov20 Susannah Oliver Thomas Compton 1693nov27 Joseph Torr Thomas Clifton 1693nov27 George Mellor John Ashborne Tanner 1693dec7 Mary Waste John Yeldersley 1693dec26 John Wood George Ashborne Barber 1693dec29 Mary Bown George Clifton 1693dec29 Margaret Titterton Thomas Ashborne 1693dec29 Christopher Newton Gallimore Baker 1694jan3 Lydia Harvey David Ashborne Taylor 1694jan15 Lewis Attleborrow John Compton 1694jan15 Catherine Maddock Robert Mapperley 1694jan18 Anne Palmer Humphry Ashborne 1694jan31 Elizabeth Cook William Dowlow Green alias Shirley 1694feb5 Ann Eyre Thomas Ashborne Taylor 1694feb12 William Soare Walter Ashborne 1694feb20 George Williamson George Mappleton alias Carter 1694feb22 Mary Snowe Daniel Ashborne Estrisman? 1694feb26 Jane Newton Thomas Hulland Carter 1694mar5 Mary Eaton William Ashborne 1694mar5 Mary Waste Thomas Yeldersley 1694mar6 Thomas Gallimore Nicholas Ashborne 1694mar15 Ann Frost Richard Ashborne 1694mar16 Catherine Eaton Anthony Jun Longlee O O=Offcoate (91) 1694mar25 Charles Jefferies Charles Painters Ln 1694mar27 Ann Etches John 1694apr6 Hannah Hopkinson Eustace Town Head 1694apr9 Mary Smith Ralph Ashborne 1694apr17 Joseph Gadsby Edward Yeldersley 1694apr17 Dorothy Whitehead Thomas Painters Ln 1694may3 Ellen Bainbrigg Christopher Ashborne 1694may20 Edward Griffin Edward Clifton 1694may29 Elizabeth Maddock Philipp 1694may31 William Bunting James Sturston 1694jun9 Daniel Greatorex Daniel 1694jun26 Susannah Goodwin Richard 1694jun27 Thomas Lowe Richard Ashborne 1694jul3 Matthew Austin Thomas Painters Ln 1694jul6 George Nixon John Ashborne 1694jul15 John Goodwin Richard Horse market 1694jul15 Thomas Goodwin Richard Horse market 1694jul19 Elizabeth Hastayne? James Ashborne 1694jul23 William Deddick Charles Ashborne 1694jul25 Timothy Bradrick Thomas Ashborne 1694aug2 Samuel Wall George Longford 1694aug5 Robert Smith George Ashborne 1694aug11 Thomas Allsop John Just arrived 1694aug19 Richard Tattershall Richard Jun Ashborne 1694aug21 Susannah Cope Charles Compton 1694sep10 John Lind Ann Ashborne 1694sep13 Ann Palmer Anthony Ashborne 1694sep16 Samuel Tattershall x Compton 1694sep16 Thomas of Ashborne x Found at Almshouses a month ago 1694oct14 Elizabeth Riley Thomas Mappleton 1694oct23 Katherine Chaney Charles Ashborne Apothecary (94) 1694nov2 Ellen Yates John Compton 1694nov9 Sarah Hollis William Clifton 1694nov21 Elizabeth Riley John Ashborne 1694nov21 Mary Mould Daniel Ashborne 1694nov30 Joseph Myres Robert Compton 1694nov30 Joan Myres Robert Compton 1694dec9 Margarett Hollis Robert Clifton 1694dec17 Ann Hurd Francis Ashborne 1694dec19 Elizabeth Hawksworth Compton Then in Ashborne but since in Compton 1694dec20 Ann Halker Gilbert Town Head 1694dec26 Mathew Dutton Richard Ashborne 1695jan2 James Haywood John Ashborne 1695jan3 John Burton Jonathan 1695jan24 Robert Poyser Thomas Clifton 1695jan24 John Dyche Thomas Ashborne 1695jan24 John Shirley Richard Ashborne 1695jan27 Thomas Alsopp Robert Ashborne 1695jan27 Mary Alsopp Robert Ashborne 1695jan27 Ralph Thacker Ralph Compton 1695feb6 Sarah Mansfield Edward Clifton 1695feb6 Frances Jenkinson Robert Clifton 1695feb20 Ann Cordin John Ashborne 1695feb21 Elizabeth Bramley William Hulland 1695feb21 Mary Housley Thomas Hulland Lane 1695mar3 Susannah Shirt Thomas Hurst 1695mar3 John Jolley Philip Compton 1695mar11 Elizabeth Frogat Clifton 1695mar11 Elizabeth Spey William Clifton 1695mar18 William Eyre Thomas Ashborne 1695mar20 Robert Goodalpin William Wrexham 1695mar26 Thomas Lesson Thomas 1695mar31 Ralph Bunting Samuel Sturston (98) 1695apr22 William Mather Robert Brook 1695apr23 Ann Jackson John Ashborne gn 1695apr29 Dorothy Bradbury William Ashborne 1695may8 Thomas Tompkinson Thomas Oxlowe 1695may26 John Bate Thomas Clifton 1695may27 Emme Peach Samuel Ashborne 1695jun2 John Hollis John Clifton 1695jun10 John Blower John Ashborne 1695jun25 Elizabeth Lowe Henry Ashborne 1695jun27 Catherine White Thomas Ashborne 1695jul1 son of Greenson Francis Ashborne Taylor 1695jul7 George Collier William Carsington 1695jul8 Ann Wheeldon Thomas Painters Ln 1695jul8 Elizabeth Birch William Ashborne 1695jul8 Mary Ashton George Painters Ln 1695jul14 Thomas Blower James Ashborne 1695jul15 John Eason John Compton 1695jul22 Francis Hitchcock Francis Ashborne 1695jul27 Joseph Smales Robert Hulland 1695jul29 Ann Corden William Ashborne 1695aug8 Joseph Waggstaff Robert Ashborne 1695aug18 Henry Lomas Robert Compton 1695aug18 George Brown Thomas Compton Joyner 1695aug25 Dorothy Bramley Gilbert Ashborne 1695aug29 John Hilton Robert Compton (99) 1695sep2 Isaac Johnson Richard Hulland 1695sep26 Penelope Grammar Thomas 1695sep29 William Savell William Clifton Staying at John Finney's house 1695oct10 Humphry Goodwin Richard Ashborne Shoemaker 1695oct14 Ann Cantrell Joseph Compton 1695oct2 Samuell Cockain William Hulland 1695oct25 John x ?a stranger Ashborne born at John Taylors house 1695nov9 Richard Frost William Ashborne 1695nov19 Elizabeth Bradford Ganselo Town Head Piper 1695nov24 Ellen Easome Francis 1695nov27 Dorothy Giles Mr Ashborne Cowboy 1695dec1 Isaac Clark George Ashborne 1695dec4 Thomas Kyrkland Thomas Compton 1695dec8 Jane Lowe Richard Ashborne 1695dec8 Thomas Walker Thomas Ashborne 1695dec15 Ellen Sylcock George Mappleton 1695dec26 Thomas Potter William Yeldersley 1696jan8 Rebecah Titterton Thomas Ashborne Shoemaker 1696jan22 Johnathan Elliott Offcote & U U=Underwood 1696feb16 Martha Maddock John Mappleton 1696feb18 Dorothy Tomlinson Robert Ashborne 1696mar2 David Hunt David Ashborne 1696mar8 Ann Dawson John Low Top 1696mar8 Richard Smith Daniell Mappleton 1696mar9 Ann Newton Thomas Hulland 1696mar10 Edward Bennett William 1696mar10 John Corden Ashborne (100) 1696mar10 William Ashton William Painters Ln 1696mar12 Mary Mellor John Ashborne Farmer 1696mar16 Sarah Francis Richard Ashborne 1696mar17 Thomas Waste John Yeldersley 1696mar23 Joseph Froggatt William 1696mar23 Mary Froggatt William 1696apr6 William Harvey Daniel Ashborne 1696apr12 Mary Harris Humphry Compton 1696apr16 Hannah Jackson Samuel Ashborne 1696apr18 Abraham Blower William Yeldersley 1696apr28 Mary Cope Nicholas Jun. Compton 1696may3 Ellen Hollis William Clifton 1696may5 Thomas Williamson George Mappleton Carter 1696may13 William Smith Thomas Compton Weaver 1696may24 George Morgill John Ashborne 1696may26 David Rose William Ashborne 1696may28 John Dutton John Ashborne Joyner 1696jun2 Thomas Cooper Thomas Mappleton 1696jun11 Ralph Lovett Thomas Town Head 1696jun17 John Roose James Offcoate U U=Underwood 1696jun22 John Sanders John Offcoate 1696jun30 Mary Burton Johnathan Ashborne Baker 1696jul10 Sarah Griffin Edward Clifton 1696jul22 John Palmer Anthony Compton 1696jul28 Philipp Tunnicliff William Ashborne 1696jul28 John Kyrk Robert Ashborne 1696aug10 Ann Fox Francis Clifton 1696aug24 Charles Deddick Charles 1696aug30 Ann Slinger John Mappleton (104) 1696sep2 William Greatorex Daniel Ashborne 1696sep3 Mary Milnes Samuel Ashborne 1696sep10 William Etches John Ashborne alias Jeffrey 1696sep15 Philipp Maddock Philipp Ashborne 1696sep27 John Rych William Compton 1696sep29 Ellenor Hayne Joseph Ashborne 1696oct4 Thomas Smith Thomas Ashborne 1696oct5 John Watson John Ashborne 1696oct6 John Blower John Ashborne 1696nov7 Ellen Wood George Ashborne 1696nov9 Jane Easom Francis Compton 1696nov12 David Hunt Ashborne 30 (see long notes) 1696nov13 Francis Bull x Ashborne 1696nov30 Ann Weeks Thomas Islington 1696dec5 Benjamin Moult David Compton 1696dec7 Mary Cooper Henry Ashborne 1696dec19 Sarah Beeson William Hulland 1697jan4 William Brown John Compton 1697jan10 John Laborn Thomas Hulland Lane 1697jan11 Mary Ryley John Ashborne 1697jan12 Thomas Fletcher Richard Ashborne 1697jan14 Mary Roblings Samuel Ashborne 1697jan19 Samuell Bentley William Ashborne 1697jan20 Deborah Spencer Samuel Yeldersley 1697jan26 Hermes H Shinger Moses Ashborne H=Hippocrates 1697jan27 Thomas Goodwin Richard Chesterfield 1697jan27 Robert Yates Thomas Compton 1697jan28 Thomas Smith Thomas Sturston 1697feb7 Joseph Tattersall Richard Jun Ashborne 1697feb11 Sarah Ryley Thomas Mappleton 1697feb24 Thomas Jackson John Jun Brailsford 1697mar1 Joyce Bradbury William Ashborne 1697mar12 Francis Symond John Underwood 1697mar7 Samuell Smith Ralph Ashborne 1697mar16 Joseph Tunnicliff Ralph Mappleton 1697mar18 Anthony Alsopp John Jun. Annies Meadw 1697mar21 Richard Torr Francis Hollow F Hollow Flatts Clifton 1697mar22 Ralph Longden William Hulland Lane 1697mar23 Ann Wagstaffe Robert Ashborne (105) 1697apr5 Elizabeth Wibberley Thomas Longlee U U=Underwood 1697apr11 Richard Marshall Edward Exciseman 1697apr13 Ann Buxton John Ashborne Dyer 1697apr19 Robert Cockam Robert jun Hulland 1697apr26 Mary Dych Thomas Ashborne 1697apr29 George Housley George Ashborne 1697apr26 Mary Webster William Hulland 1697may2 John Yates John Ashborne Carrier 1697may9 Christopher Bainbrigg Christopher Ashborne 1697may11 Anne Kyrkland Joseph Ashborne 1697may12 Martha Myres Robert Compton 1697may13 Mary Wall George Hough Park (108) 1697may18 Elizabeth White Thomas Ashborne 1697may22 Ann Walker Thomas Ashborne 1697iun3 Francis Grammar Thomas Ashborne 1697jun3 Robert Grammar Thomas Ashborne 1697jun13 Mary Bate William Clifton 1697jun28 Samuel Buxton German Ashborne 1697jul3 Martha Drakeford Sarah Ashborne 1697jul18 Elizabeth Cope Nicholas jn Compton 1697jul21 Mary Arnishaw Samson Hulland 1697jul25 George Ault Thomas Ashborne Thatcher 1697jul28 Robert Beeson William Painters Ln 1697aug8 Joseph Smith Daniel Mappleton 1697aug19 John Lomas Robert Compton 1697aug26 Ellen Braddock Anthony Ashborne 1697aug26 William Potter William Yeldersley 1697aug30 Elizabeth Tomlinson John Sturston 1697aug31 Giles Caroley Giles Ashborne 1697sep5 Elizabeth Heywood John Ashborne 1697sep6 Hannah Hugh Robert Hulland 1697sep7 Thomas Hurd Edward Ashborne 1697sep16 Elizabeth Barrow William Oakover 1697sep26 Ellen Northington Timothy Traveller 1697oct1 Dorothy Alsopp Robert Ashborne 1697oct5 Sarah Bainbrigg William Hulland 1697oct5 Mary Ashton William Painters Ln 1697oct22 Gilbert Hirst 35 (see long notes) 1697oct24 Richard Hollis John Clifton 1697oct24 Dorothy Hirst David Ashborne 1697nov8 John Nixon John Ashborne 1697nov10 Elizabeth Birkholmshire George Ashborne 1697nov12 Richard Easom John Compton 1697nov16 Francis Burton Jonathan Ashborne 1698jan1 John Tunicliffe William Ashborne 1698jan1 Rebecca Attleborrow John Compton 1698jan4 Elizabeth Bull Christopher Ashborne 1698jan9 Robert Collyer William Compton 1698jan10 Thomas Deddick Charles Ashborne 1698jan13 Joseph Rudyard George jun, Offcote 1698jan25 Mary Alleyn Isaac Ashborne 1698feb6 George Froggatt George Clifton 1698feb10 Susannah Smales Robert Hulland 1698feb14 John Yates John Ashborne Carryer by Presbyterian Minister Mr Stubbs 1698feb14 Lydia Titterton Richard Ashborne by Presbyterian Minister Mr Stubbs 1698mar7 Abraham Watson John Ashborne (109) 1698mar9 Ann Cook William Shirley 1698mar9 Elizabeth Morgill John Ashborne Glover 1698mar20 Mary Jones Philipp Compton 1698mar20 Ellen Jones Philipp Compton 1698mar20 Mary Thacker Ralph Compton 1698mar29 James Johnson Richard Hulland 1698mar31 Elizabeth Dyche Robert Ashborne 1698apr17 Ellen Lowe Richard Ashborne 1698apr18 Mary Tomlinson Charles 1698apr18 Alice Cowley Thomas Hulland Lane 1698apr20 Mary Brown Thomas jun Ashborne 1698apr29 Prudence Hollis William jun Ashborne 1698may1 Ann Hollis William Williamson Clifton 1698may2 Elizabeth Smith Thomas Sturston 1698may6 Thomas Goodwin Richard Ashborne 1698may13 Elizabeth Ashton Thomas Painters Ln 1698may30 Alice Newton Thomas Hulland 1698may30 Ann Madder Robert Hurst Pk Brk 1698jun7 Isabell Mellor Dorothy Offcote 1698jun8 Mary Jenkinson Robert Clifton 1698jun9 John Wheeldon Thomas Painters Ln 1698jun9 Samuel Lovett Thomas Town Head 1698jun12 James Hilton Robert Compton 1698jun25 John Tattersall Samuel Ashborne 1698jun26 Hannah Dutton Richard Ashborne 1698jul5 Elizabeth Buxton John Ashborne Dyer 1698jul7 Richard Greatorex Daniel Ashborne 1698jul10 Walter Williamson George Mappleton alias Carter 1698jul17 Catherine Grimes John (see long notes) 1698jul19 Nicholas Etches John Ashborne 1698jul26 Johanna Alsopp Benjamin Ashborne 1698aug9 Henry Austine Thomas Painters Ln 1698aug11 Henry Brown John Compton 1698aug15 Francis Litton George Ashborne 1698aug27 John Dyehouse John Town Head 1698aug29 Jane Harvey Daniel Ashborne 1698sep3 Mary Bradbury William Ashborne 1698sep12 John Spalton John Butcher 1698sep18 Temperance Cooper Thomas Mappleton 1698sep22 Alice Francis Richard 1698sep27 Nicholas Cope Nicholas Jn Compton 1698oct8 Francis Sleigh John Ashborne 1698oct2 James Hall Alice 1698oct3 John Cantrell Joseph Compton 1698oct3 Robert Lomas Richard Compton 1698ovt4 Ann Cresswell John Ashborne 1698oct9 John Maulkin Thomas Mappleton 1698oct11 William Cashall Susannah alias Torsall 1698oct18 Matthew Lesson Thomas Ashborne 1698oct20 Charles Harrison John 1698oct25 Charles Waste Yeldersley 1698oct27 John Offley John Ashborne 1698oct31 Lawrence Eyre Thomas Ashborne 1698nov1 Constance Large John Offcote 1698nov22 Lydia White Thomas Ashborne 1698nov25 Elizabeth Titterton Thomas Shoemaker 1698nov30 William Longden William Hulland Lane (114) 1699jan1 Sarah Milnes Samuel Ashborne 1699jan10 Thomas Corden John Ashborne 1699jan22 Joseph Hugh George Hulland Lane 1699jan22 Elizabeth Walker Thomas Ashborne 1699jan26 Susannah Ratcliffe John Haddingford Yorkshire 1699jan29 Ellen Yates Thomas Compton 1699jan29 Algernon Marshall James Ashborne 1699feb5 Joseph Ashe Joseph Mutton Lane 1699feb9 Susannah Alleyn John Soldier (See long notes) 1699feb14 Ann Elliott John Offcote 1699feb19 Alice Blower James Ashborne 1699feb20 Elizabeth Haslam Elizabeth Sturston 1699feb26 William Boswell William Ashborne 1699feb29 Ann Ault Thomas Ashborne 1699mar14 William Beeson William Painters Ln 1699apr4 George Adamson George Ashborne 1699apr6 William Hough Robert Hulland 1699apr10 Elizabeth Torr Francis Yeldersley 1699apr17 Sarah Webster William Hulland 1699apr17 William Rose William Ashborne 1699apr17 Joseph Tomlinson John Sturston 1699apr18 Mary Blower John Ashborne 1699apr24 Ruth Allcock Robert Offcote Skinner 1699apr27 Elizabeth Clark Isaac Town Head 1699may1 Mary Laborn Thomas Hulland Lane 1699may2 John Fletcher Richard Ashborne 1699may7 George Smith George Ashborne 1699may8 Francis Goodwin Francis Derby 1699may25 Millicent Goodwin Richard Horse market 1699may29 Martha Maddock Philipp Ashborne Baker 1699may29 Catherine Cripps John Ashborne 1699jun12 Mary Etches Thomas Ashborne Butcher 1699jun13 Dorothy Ryley Thomas Mappleton 1699jun21 Richard Mellor John Ashborne Tanner 1699jun22 Mary Aspbury Humphry Compton 1699jun27 James Mullett John Ashborne Gardener 1699jun27 Jane Lomas Robert Compton 1699jun29 John Buxton John Ashborne Dyer 1699jul3 Ann Burton Johnathan Baker 1699jul13 Elizabeth Braddock Anthony Ashborne Shoemaker 1699aug8 Jane Bunting James Sturston 1699aug14 George Tomlinson John Yeldersley 1699sug27 John Palmer Anthony Ashborne MLn (117) 1699sep14 Mary Potter William Yeldersley 1699sep17 Sarah Ashton William Painters Ln 1699sep18 Thomas Green John Ashborne 1699sep24 Elizabeth Cooper Henry Ashborne 1699sep29 Humphry Manyfold Ralph 1699oct11 Margarett Bradbury William Ashborne 1699oct17 Francis Gilbert Francis Ashborne 1699oct26 Martha Wall George Hough Park 1699oct26 Mary Hardcastle Thomas Deptford Kent 1699oct29 Sarah Buxton German Ashborne Shoemaker 1699oct30 Sarah Booth Joseph Ashborne Shoemaker 1699nov1 Mary Taylor John Ashborne 1699nov13 Ann Foster John Ashborne 1699nov20 John Spalton John Ashborne Chandler 1699nov26 Robert Litton George Ashborne Baker 1699dec6 Mary Taylor Joseph Longden 1699dec11 Richard Deddick Charles Ashborne 1699dec12 Daniel Cowley Giles Ashborne 1699dec17 Thomas Attleborrow Thomas Compton 1699dec24 Lydia Attleborrow John Compton 1699dec26 William Wheeldon Thomas Painters Ln 1700jan1 James Wood George Barber 1700jan1 Hugh Slack William jun Town Head 1700jan14 Hannah Smith Thomas Sturston 1700jan16 Elizabeth Spalton John Ashborne Butcher 1700jan16 John Hurd Edward Ashborne 1700jan21 Dorothy Robinson Samuel Ashborne 1700jan22 William Tattersall Richard jun Ashborne 1700jan22 William Rudyard George jun Offcote 1700jan28 Samuell Yates John Ashborne Carrier 1700feb15 Robert Longford John Carrier 1700feb17 Elizabeth Thacker Robert Compton 1700feb25 Henry Hurd Dorothy 1700feb26 Ann Ward Jeremiah Compton 1700feb26 Charles Allcock Thomas Compton Hall 1700feb27 Thomas Flower Thomas Lond 1700feb27 Elizabeth Ryche Robert Ashborne 1700feb29 Dorothy Spalton Almshouses (118) 1700mar3 Mary Allsop Robert Ashborne 1700mar13 George Etches John Ashborne Alias Jeffery 1700mar13 Samuell Buxton John Ashborne 1700mar19 Mary Ball Charles Ashborne 1700mar24 Dorothy Tunnycliffe William Ashborne 1700apr2 Elizabeth Lesson Robert Ashborne 1700apr8 Mary Walker Thomas Ashborne 1700apr27 Ann Tomlinson Charles jun Offcote 1700may21 William Hayward Samuel Ashborne 1700may26 Samuell Bunting Samuell Sturston 1700may26 Thomas Haynes Joseph Ashborne 1700may30 Charles Hurd William Compton Who was born May 20th (122) 1700jun7 Dorothy Green James Clifton 1700jun7 Susannah Hollis William sen Clifton 1700jun24 John Byrds William Ashborne 1700jun24 Ann Tomlinson Robert Ashborne 1700jun28 Thomas Hilton Robert Compton 1700jul23 Hannah Brown Thomas jun Ashborne 1700jul30 Hannah Hood Elizabeth Town Head 1700jul31 Frances Beresford John Ashborne 1700aug1 Thomas Pidcock William Ashborne 1700aug1 William Redfern George Compton 1700aug5 Henry Tomlinson John Sturston 1700aug8 Francis Torr Francis Clifton 1700sep14 Sarah Alleyn Isaac Ashborne 1700sep17 Edward Hollis William jun Clifton 1700oct2 Mary Francis Richard Ashborne 1700oct13 William Lowe Richard Ashborne 1700oct16 Dorothy Longden William Hulland Lane 1700oct17 Thomas Tattersall Samuell Ashborne 1700oct21 George Noble William Ashborne 1700oct22 William Alleyn Edward 1700oct28 Elizabeth Burton Jonathan 1700oct29 Margarett Webster William Hulland 1700oct29 Mary Wynk William Ashborne 1700nov8 Hannah Allsop Benjamin Ashborne 1700nov18 Sarah Newton Thomas Hulland 1700nov27 Joseph Collyer William Compton 1700dec10 Alice Wagstaffe Robert Ashborne 1700dec18 Elizabeth Hall John Offcote 1700dec26 Anna Enson John Compton 1700dec30 William Smith Thomas Sturston (123) 1701jan14 Jane Aspbury Humphry Compton 1701jan15 Elizabeth Yates Thomas Compton 1701jan28 Thomas Etches Thomas Ashborne 1701jan30 Samuell Milner Samuell 1701jan31 William Mosse William Ostenfield 1701feb5 Sarah Palmer Arthur Sturston 1701feb6 William White Thomas Ashborne 1701feb9 Ann Sylcock George Mappleton 1701feb11 George Litton John Ashborne 1701feb17 Elizabeth Byrch Thomas Ashborne 1701feb19 John Allcock Robert Offcote 1701feb27 Jane Waste John Yeldersley 1701mar2 Richard Williamson George Mappleton Carter 1701mar2 Mary Maulkin Mappleton 1704mar6 Sarah Lomas Robert Compton 1701mar8 Mary Offley John Ashborne 1701mar11 John Etches Nicholas jn Compton 1701mar18 Alice Hollis John Clifton 1701mar25 Ann Lesson Thomas Ashborne 1701mar26 Dorothy Cope Nicholas jn Compton 1701mar27 Joseph Hardolph Robert 1701mar27 Mary Smalley Samuel Minister of Minister of Bolsover 1701mar30 Thomas Brown John Compton 1701mar31 John Slack William Town Head 1701apr6 William Jones Phillip Compton 1701apr7 Joseph Holmes Robert Compton 1701apr8 Ann Frogatt George Clifton 1701apr21 John Madden Robert Hough Park 1701apr22 Elizabeth Moult Daniel Compton 1701apr25 Joseph Harvey Daniel Ashborne 1701apr25 Samuell Harvey Daniel Ashborne 1701apr26 Richard Jenkinson Robert Clifton 1701may12 William Bradbury William Ashborne 1701may20 Ellen Jackson Samuell 1701jun1 Jane Nixon John Ashborne 1701jun10 Ann Mosley John jun Ashborne 1701jun10 Sarah Litton George Ashborne 1701jun17 Richard Thacker Richard Ashborne 1701jun17 Elizabeth Spalton John Ashborne Chandler 1701jun18 Francis Beeson William Painters Ln 1701jun30 Ann Eyre Thomas Ashborne 1701jul7 Thomas Ault Thomas Ashborne 1701jul9 Richard Buxton John Ashborne 1701jul10 Gertrude Braddock Anthony Ashborne 1701jul14 Catherine Green James Clifton 1701jul22 James Blower John Ashborne 1701jul22 Mary Maddock John Ashborne (127) 1701sep8 George Taylor Robert Ashborne 1701sep9 Henry Booth George Ashborne 1701sep11 Dorothy Cordon John # 1701sep16 Mary Alcock Thomas Compton Bapt by Mr Dakin # 1701sep17 Bartholomew Allcock Jonathan Born aug24 1701sep21 Thomas Thacker Ralph Compton 1701sep23 Jeremiah Ward Jeremiah Compton 1701sep30 John Deddick Charles Ashborne 1701oct1 Mary Atkinson Joseph Ashborne 1701oct8 Mary Ryche Robert Bapt by Mr Dakin 1701oct13 Sarah Blower James Ashborne 1701oct14 Samuell Bainbrigg William Hulland 1701oct16 Edward Brandreth Samuell 1701oct24 Mary Hollis Christopher Clifton 1701oct26 Hannah Longden Robert 1701nov5 Easter Dyche John Ashborne 1701nov6 Matthew Cripps John 1701nov11 Elizabeth Wynte William 1701nov15 Mary Bentley William Ironmonger 1701nov20 George Butler William Yeldersley 1701nov20 William Robbins Samuell 1701nov28 Daniel Cooper Thomas Mappleton 1701nov29 Henry Maddock Philipp 1701dec4 John Tomlinson Benjamin Glover 1701dec9 John Gilbert Francis 1701dec11 William Saunders John Offcote 1701dec18 Ann Tomlinson John Yeldersley 1701dec18 Mary Tomlinson John Yeldersley 1701dec18 Samuell Goodwin Richard 1701dec22 Mary Hough George 1701dec23 Elizabeth Fernehough John 1701dec26 Ellen Brick William Compton 1702jan15 Ann Johnson Robert Compton 1702jan21 Elizabeth Smith George Ashborne 1702jan21 George Noble William Ashborne 1702jan22 Peter Pearson Peter Mappleton 1702jan28 William Maulkin Rowland 1702jan31 Ann Torr Ellen Ashborne 1702feb4 Joseph Kirkland Ashborne 52 1702feb5 John Foster John Ashborne 1702feb6 Elizabeth Brown Thomas jun 1702feb6 William Buxton John Dyer (129) 1702feb10 Magdalen Taylor John Horse Market 1702feb17 Thomas Taylor George 1702feb22 Ralph Cotes Ralph Ashborne 1702feb22 John Attleborrow John 1702feb24 Thomas Ryley Thomas Mappleton 1702mar3 Thomas Alleyn George Mutton Lane 1702mar3 Nathaniel Torr Francis Ladyhole 1702mar4 William Lovett Thomas Town Head 1702mar5 Sarah Tomlinson John Sturston 1702mar5 John Titterton Thomas Ashborne 1702mar10 George Laborn Thomas Hulland Lane 1702mar16 Dorothy Bowker William Compton 1702mar17 a Child Smith Henry Clifton By Mr Dakin 1702mar27 Elizabeth Taylor Joseph Long Dales 1702apr9 Catherine Adams Francis Ashborne 1702apr20 Joseph Wall George Hough Park 1702apr21 Richard Williamson Joseph Compton 1702apr21 Ellen Bradbury William Ashborne 1702apr27 Thomas Tunnycliff Mr Ashborne 1702apr29 Elizabeth Lowe Richard Ashborne 1702apr29 William Milnes Samuel 1702may14 Elizabeth Mullett Andrew 1702may16 Gilbert Hurd William Compton 1702may23 Ann Roe John Clifton 1702may27 William Pearson William Fiddler 1702jun3 John Booth Joseph Ashborne 1702jun10 Ann Buxton German Ashborne 1702jun11 John Tomlinson John Ashborne Grn 1702jul3 Ralph Tattershall Richard Ashborne 1702jul5 Barnabas Hollis William Clifton 1702jul13 Thomas Brandreth John Ashborne 1702jul15 Joseph Frost Joseph Sturston 1702jul19 Mary Alcock Thomas Ashborne 1702jul21 William Wheeldon Elizabeth (133) 1702aug10 William Green James Clifton 1702aug11 Dorothy Etches John Ashborne 1702aug13 Samuell Hogg Thomas 1702aug13 Alexander Hogg Thomas 1702aug15 Elizabeth Yates John Currier 1702aug18 Edward Hind Edward Ashborne 1702aug20 Mary Webster John 1702aug26 John Birch Thomas 1702sep16 Grace Newton Thomas Hulland 1702sep18 John Bradock Anthony 1702sep22 Richard Wood George 1702sep27 Elizabeth Dale William Compton 1702sep27 John Cooper Henry 1702oct4 Thomas Dawson John 1702oct13 Thomas Allcock Thomas Thatcher 1702oct15 Samuell Webster William Hulland 1702oct19 Mary Haywoos John Ashborne 1702oct29 Hannah Bainbrigg Christopher 1702nov5 John Bates Edward Clifton 1702nov10 Frances Pidcock William Ashborne 1702nov18 Hannah Buxton Nathaniel Ashborne 1702nov19 Samuell Manyfold Ralph Ashborne 1702nov21 Ellen Haine Ralph Clifton 1702nov28 Prudence Fletcher William Clifton 1702dec18 William Watson John 1702dec20 Isaac Alleyn Isaac 1702dec20 Elizabeth Sleigh John (135) Full records with long notes 1698jul17 Catherine Grimes John A corporal marching towards Ireland 1697oct22 Gilbert Hirst 35 according to his brother David's information 1696nov12 David Hunt Ashborne 30 aged 30 years or thereabout upon the 10 March next ensuing 1699feb9 Susannah Alleyn John Soldier Travelling between Tutbury the child was born and Baptised at the Bulls Head in Mutton Lane Upon the 25 June 1672 there was a great fire in Ashbourne. Church burnt downseveral houses Etc on the East side of the Horse Market ------------------------------------------------------------------

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