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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire photographers

The author has a collection of old postcards, which are shown under Old Photos on this website. Some of these give the name of the Photographer or Publisher on the reverse, and where these are from Derbyshire, they are listed below. Some of these appear on the Census, and are linked to this.
Photographers marked PPSD are mentioned in Brett Payne's excellent
Photographers & Photographic Studios of Derbyshire, England.

Derbyshire photographers

Photo---Name----Abode----Post date----PPSD
X415 J Watterson, Wirksworth 1919 PPSD
X403 F W Scarratt, Derby 1911 PPSD
X400 H L Doxey, Wirksworth 1937
X395 J Watterson, Wirksworth 1911-12 PPSD
X392 Percy Rowbottom (not posted)  PPSD
X390 W N Statham, Matlock 1921 PPSD
X389 A W Gessey, Matlock (not posted)
X381 James Watterson, Wirksworth 1915 PPSD
X375b Edgar Wright, Starkholmes (not posted)
X375a Edgar Wright, Starkholmes (not posted)
X359 Simpsons, Derby (not posted)
X355a George Marsden, Wirksworth 1907
X353 A W Gessey, Matlock (not posted) PPSD
X349a Cardin, Matlock (not posted)
X339a John White, Matlock (not posted)
X326 George Marsden, Wirksworth 1907
X325a Percy Rowbottom, Matlock Bath (not posted) PPSD
X324 Charles Colledge, Matlock (not posted)
X323 G Marsden, Wirksworth 1931
X212e A W Gessey, Matlock 1920 PPSD
X189 A W Gessey, Matlock (not posted) PPSD
X188 C Colledge, Matlock 1907
X186 Geo Marsden, Wirksworth (not posted) 
X183j A W Gessey, Matlock (not posted)
X183h C Colledge, Matlock 1911
X176 A W Gessey, Matlock (not posted)
X174 G Marsden, Wirksworth 1908
X157a Percy Rowbottom 1911 (not posted) PPSD

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