WPR (Wirksworth Parish Records) is a large free website that tries to record most people who have lived in the Wirksworth Area between 1600 and 1900. WPR contains the Parish Registers and Census, Pedigrees, old photos, local history, Monumental Inscriptions, Wills, Crime, Tradesmen, Owners of Land and Jurors. So far WPR has 450,000 records and 13,000 different surnames. WPR is the largest website of its kind on the Internet, and PageRanked number 1 for Wirksworth by Google. Over 1,300 fanmails have been received.

WPR needs YOUR help in collecting old photos (pre 1900), recording old people's memories, finding interesting stories and using your skill in writing about Wirksworth. Over half a million Internet visits have been made to WPR in 7 years, most by people who live too far away to visit Wirksworth themselves. They need your help.

Do your ancestors come from Wirksworth? Do you have photos of them taken before 1900? Do you know their names, dates, occupations and stories about them? If so WPR would like to put the photos and details on the website.
1880 Eliza DOXEY 1885 Alfred DOXEY 1870 William DOXEY
Do you have old photos of events or places in Wirksworth? If they are before 1900, WPR would like to put them online.
1900 Old Market Place on Relief of Mafeking 1874 Engine 381 at Wirksworth Station 1893 Exhibition of MARSDEN Hardware
If you think you can help, please contact the Webmaster on . Send him scans of your photos and text by email. If you do not have a scanner, John will scan them for you and return the photos immediately.