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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Bonsall Parish votes

  1. A Parish Poll at Bonsall in 1837, to solve a disagreement about new Rates. Among 208 ratepayers, 55 signed with a cross.
  2. Two meetings in 1813 to solve a problem about Pews and settings in Bonsall Church
Thanks to Martin Worthy for this transcription.

DRO Reference : D160 A/PW 1/1

Augst 24th 1837

At a Vestry meeting held this day pursuant to public notice we do order and direct that a levy after the rate of two pence halfpenny in the pound be granted for the necessary repairs of the church, clerks salary and incidental expenses relating thereat, proposed by Josiah Allsop and seconded by John Allen

When an amendment was moved by Willm Tomasin and seconded by John Henstock to the effect that this meeting be adjourned to the 1st of Aug 1838

~~~~ carried by show of hands.

A poll was then demanded by Josiah Allsop and seconded by John Allen to take place on the 28th & 29th from 10 O'Clock AP to 4 O'Clock each day at the Free School House

E. L. Greville

We the undersigned Ratepayers       We the undersigned Ratepayers
of the Parish of Bonsall            of the Parish of Bonsall
do vote FOR a rate being granted:   do vote AGAINST a rate being granted

1. Henry Sellors 1. Joshua Tomasin 2. Daniel Sellors 2. Adam Woolley 3. Soloman Sheldon 3. William Smith 4. John Abell 4. Daniel Bunting 5. Thomas Witchbeck (?) 5. Job Bunting 6. Isaac Raynes 6. Henry X Seedhouse 7. Abraham Frost 7. John X Hollbrook 8. William Frost 8. Thomas X Wigley 9. Robert Chadwick 9. Henry Gratton 10. John Marsh 10. Wm X Buxton 11. Ann X Bateman 11. John Prince 12. Mary X Prall (?) 12. Henry Wragg 13. Ann Hall 13. Henry Alsop 14. Ann Massey 14. Anthony Greatorex 15. Anthony Evans 15. John Oliver 16. Geo Saml Ward 16. Joseph X Tomlinson 17. Joseph X Marchant 17. George X Richards 18. William Maddock 18. Joseph X Fern 19. John Allen 19. John X Fern 20. Rebecca X Walwin 20. Adam Wragg 21. William Butten 21. James X Wright 22. George Henstock 22. George Milward 23. Francis Hartle 23. William Boden 24. John Tomison 24. James Henstock 25. Isaac Killer 25. Joseph Prince 26. George Pickard 26. Francis X Bond 27. Henry X Fern 27. Robt Smedley 28. Wm Wigley 28. John Cotterill 29. Willm Walker 29. Silas X Bunting 30. Luke Gregory 30. James X Gregory 31. Joshua Wigley junr 31. Job Longden 32. John X Charlesworth 32. George X Killer 33. John X Ward 34. Thos Haynes 35. Samuel Carline 36. Anthony X Woodhouse 37. Joseph X Sleigh 38. Thomas Collinge 39. Job X Bunting 40. Tho Greatorex 41. Thos X Frost 42. James X Hay 43. Joseph Hustle 44. John Gratton 45. Job Gratton 46. Joseph Bunting 47. Thomas X Bunting miller 48. Job Gratton 49. John Whysall 50. Benjamin Bunting 51. William Abell 52. William Oliver 53. Thomas Loxley 54. William Bunting 55. James Sheldon 56. Samuel Swindell 57. George X Bunting 58. James Greatorex 59. Thomas X ? 60. John Ball 61. Isaac X Woodiwiss 62. John Raynes 63. Samuel X Gratton 64. John Knowles 65. John Ashton 66. John Worthy 67. Wm Knowles 68. Wm X Tomisson 69. Henry Bunting 70. John Knowles 71. Patrick Wigley 72. William Kirkland 73. John Kirkland

Tuesday Aug 29th second day Tuesday Aug 29th second day

33. Mary H Knowls (?) 74. James Kirk 34. E. Henstock 75. George Wood 35. Josiah Allsop 76. George X Britland 36. Job X Worthy Snr 77. Peter Boden 37. Th. Weston 78. Isaac Doxey 38. Willm Stone 79. Henry Rowland 39. John Sheldon 80. William Sheldon 40. Isaac Twigg 81. Charles X Fern 41. Sarah Twigg 82. Ben Tomisson 42. Hannah Twigg 83. Job Sheldon 43. Grace X Green 84. Samuel Pounting 44. Ann Fern 85. James Budden 45. Joshua Wigley 86. Joseph X Robinson 46. Ann Lane 87. William X Brooks 47. Jo. Frost 88. Thos Kirkland 48. Ann X Wragg 89. Richard Robinson 49. John Abell 90. Henry Kirkland 50. Anthony X Wood Upper Town 91. Benj. Worthy 51. Rich. Henstock Snr 92. John Gratton 52. Thomas X Henstock 93. Wm X Morley 53. Richard Wardman 94. Edward Seedhouse 54. Wm Gratton 95. Thos Brown 55. Richd X Henstock 96. Thomas Massey 56. William X Wardman 97. Hy Henstock 57. Hannah X Spencer 98. James Butler 58. Grace Raynes 99. William Fern 59. Richard Taylor 100. Abm X Smedley 60. John X Beresford 101. John Peniston 61. Grace Higgott 102. James Mather 62. John Twigg 103. Sam Haslam 63. John Smedley 104. Geo X Burton 64. Newton Wright 105. John Gregory 65. Thomas X Anthony Fern 106. Saml X Bond 66. William Worthy 107. John Worthy 67. Francis Raynes 108. Anthony Wood junr 68. Samuel Worthy 109. James Gratton Dale 69. John Sheldon Clay holes 110. James Gratton Bank 70. George Abell 111. Silas Bunting 71. William X Frost miner 112. Saml Kirkland 72. Thos Chadwick 113. Mary X Young 73. ? Wight (Senr) 114. William Bunting Anthony's son 74. Richard X Walker 115. John Alsop Dale 75. John Evans Senr 116. Joseph X Sheldon 76. William Coates 117. John Bunting (lolby ?) 77. Richd X Coates 118. John Wigley 78. Benjamin Sheldon 119. Isaac Bunting 79. Thomas Milward 120. William Wood 80. Geo Pearson green hill 121. Solomon ? 81. John X Sheldon 122. Samson Spencer 82. John Raynes top hill 123. Anthony Woodhouse 83. John Webster 124. John Henstock 84. John Loxley

At the close of this day's polling the majority against the rate amounted to forty. The Church Warden therefore gave up the contest without scrutiny.

E L Greville

NB. 'X' indicates signed with a mark

Meeting No 2

May 27th 1813

A public meeting of the Pew Owners of Bonsall

We the undersigned inhabitants and Pew Owners in Bonsall do agree to repair the Church by new Pewing the body of the Church and laying a new floor etc and to enable us the better to carry the above plan into effect we do agree to apply for a faculty to the Ordinary ~~~~~~~~~~

H J Haddock Curate

Henry Flint
Robt Clayton

Isaac Twigg
Thos Brount
Rich. Smith
Charles Kirkland
Job Worthy
Rob. Hobson
Js Raynes
Wm Stubbs
Dan Sellors
John Pearson
Geo. Henstock
Wm Poundall
Rich. Coates
Robt Chadwick
Jas Mather
John Abell
Joshua Wigley
John Weston
Tos. Fern
Peter Wragg
Jas Young
Ann Pearson

Meeting No 3

At a meeting held in the Church on the 20th day June 1813

In pursuance of an agreement entered into at a preceeding meeting held on 29th day of July 1812 by the Owners of the several Pews in ye Nave and two Aisles of Bonsall Church to defray ye expenses of repairing the same in a proper and regular manner.

And whereas persons pretend claims to settings in some Pews more than the said pews can possibly contain and where as the settings in many cases belong to ye same person are separated in different pews.

It is resolved unanimously that the Revd John Chaloner Vicar of Wirksworth Revd Benjamin Lawrence of Darley and the Revd Philip Gell of Matlock and John Toplis William Mills and Adrian Wolley Esqs be appointed Commissioners (any three of whom may do) to decide upon the said claims and to award the several pews and sittings to the different claimants according as they shall think best and most reasonable and the said pews and sittings so awarded shall be the good and lawful property of the persons to whom they are awarded.

And that proper application shall be made to the Consistory Court at Litchfield for confirming the same ~~~~~~~~~~


Henry Flint
Robt Clayton

Isaac Twigg
Francis Raynes
Robt Hobson
Francis Walker
Edward Seedhouse
Sam Worthy
Job Worthy
John Weston
Elijah Worthy
Jas Mather
Henry Bunting
John Hoolbrook
Abraham Croft

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