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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Autobiography of Pearl Hayes DOXEY

This Autobiography, written in 1964 by Pearl Hayes DOXEY was given to the Author by Cynthia DOXEY.

Autobiography of Pearl Hayes Doxey
20 Oct 1964

....We had some nice girl friends living in our neighborhood. Zina and Ethel MONREY, May PAPWORTH, Rose and Lillian LOWREY, May NEWTON, Hattie WALLACE and Anne PRIATT. Anne played the piano by ear, she could play all the popular songs and dance music. Oscar PETERSON a dear friend ? went with Hattie, tey were married soon after we were. I meet your father on New Years Eve, he sang in a quartet and they came to serenade us girls. We were known as the HAYES sisters.

My sister went to dances? in the 21st Ward, she met Tom Quiere? and danced with him Harry Brain was tenor in the quartet and he knew Ivey. It wasn't long after New Year that Ian asked me to go to a dance with him. I had turned 15 in October and he would be 21 in March. Ben BREWSTER played in a String quartet and used to serenade girls. My sister Myrtle married Ben. Of course I thought your father was very nice, he had beautiful red curley hair, a lovely voice, and a prize dancer. He had wonmany waltz prizes before I knew him. In those days when we had a date with a boy we most always would go to a dance.

We got so we could dance very well together and won some prizes. I remember dancing a prize waltz at salt Air after we were married and winning the Salt Lake Tribune for one year. We went together four years and during that time ? as to my? home a great deal. His mother died when she was 24, she had had four children, two of his brothers died when they were babies. After his mother died his father left him and his sister Nellie with his mother, he came to the United States.

His grandmother was very strict but of course did a lot for them, they were always well taken care of. He loved his sister very dearly, she was five years older than he and did so much for him

He told me when she died at 16 he felt as if he had lost the whole world. He couldn't remember anything about his mother, "he was only three when she died",but he always thought he could see her with her two beautiful red braids. Tom and his grand mother joined the church in England, he was 15 years old when they came to this country. Her youngest son and his wife Rose and their four children Lillie, Edith, Gertrude and Will came with them.

I think she stayed in New York for a while and Tom came to Salt Lake with his uncle and family. She had another son Uncle Bill Doxey that lived here. He met them at the train and took them to his home. When his grandmother came she merited? a little olace in the 16th Ward. I don't know how long they lived there before she moved in the 11th Ward where she was living when I first met her.

Tom was boarding with Mrs DAVIS who lived on the Street. Shw was a widow with three daughters and a son. She had several boarders and Tom likes living there, she would invite me to dnner quite often

Tom's Aunt Rose died and grandmother SCHOFIELD had the four children living with her most of the time. She had 19 children of her own, 16 by Tom's grand father. She married Mr SCHOFIELD and had three more children. She didn't raise many of them most of them died when they were babies. I never heard her speak of leaving 9 daughters, she had two sons that I have heard Tom speak of, besides his father that settled in New York, they were all stone cutters.

She had a son who Tom was named after that died at sea, he was a captain, Tom Uncle Bill DOXEY who lived in Salt Lake worked as a stone cutter on the Cathedral for many years. I think Graham would remember him. Tom's grandmother was quite well to do where she lived in England, I have heard Tom speak about the store she had.

I don't think she could of had much happiness with her children they were all wonders? and she had lost so many of them when they were babies.

She was a wonderful person to raise Tom and his sister and then four more children, a few years after they came to Salt Lake when their mother died.

I have always been grateful she brought Tom to America. She died not long before Mary was born, I think she was 84 years old. I have a very nice picture of her and one of Tom and his sister taken in England. When I first knew Tom he was corresponding with his father who was living in New York and had married a Mrs BLAKE she had 5 or 6 children and one son by Tom's father, they married ?

I don't know how long they lived together, she told me he would leave months at a time and wouldn't know where he was. They wanted a picture of Tom, so he sent them one he had taken before we were married. They were always anxious for Tom to come to New York, so when Helen was one year old, he was working for the rail road and was able to get a pass. I stayed at mothers with Graham and Helen. They were at the train to meet him but she didn't know where his father was. Tom had a wonderful time there, they were lovely to him.

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