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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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In his epic work "Pedigrees", Thomas Norris INCE three times mentions another MS work by him called "Inceana", but I have never been able to trace this. Out of the blue, David Leahy sent me the email below, and then scans of the 6 pages. It seems likely that when he retired, INCE had this handwritten work printed, perhaps indicating a closure on his research into his own family pedigree.
This pedigree is a model of good layout for so much data. A simple "tree" for this pedigree can be found in "Ince's Pedigrees". Anyone with more more information on the subject, please contact the transcriber on:

Email from David Leahy, January 2004
My cousin has just sent me a photocopy of 5 pages of the 'Pedigrees of Ince' in the County of Mansfeld ...' which has been in our family from my great, great grandmothers time (I think). She was called Caroline Dale and it is possible she married John Dale, nephew of George Tertius Dale mentioned on page 6.

I tried a Google search and came across your site and the full database which was completely new to me and I am finding it very interesting. However in your background comments you say the originals are all handwritten. The copy I have is just the Ince family but is type-set and printed by William Stock Baxter-Gate Doncaster -- were you aware there are printed copies ?? There is a handwritten note at the top of page one saying "Wish to thank Mr T N Ince for sending this pedigree which ? ? ? ? by post" then some initials I can't make out

I don't know if this is of any interest. My cousin only has the photocopy, a different cousin has the original copy apparently.

David Leahy

INCE tree

Outline Tree for INCE

| |1654 John==v== INCE | ............|.......................................... | |1690 | | | | James Thomas==v==Jane Elizabeth John==v== Samuel==v== William==v== INCE | ...|.................................................... |1713 | | | | | | | Thomas==v==Damaras Mary Jane Susana Anne Charles Henry Susan INCE | BALDUK ...|................................... |1741? | | Mary==v============Thomas===========v==Elizabeth Damaris Joseph RICKARDS | INCE | JACKSON | | ................|.... ...|.................................................... | |1769 | | | | | | Thomas==v==Margaret Rickards==v==Catherine Eliza Charlotte Catherine Henry Sarah Mary | RICHMOND INCE | NORRIS Anne | ........|....... .........|.......................................................... | | | | |1799 | | | | | | | | William Thomas Henry Thomas==v==Ann Frederick Samuel Rickards Margret Mary Charles Catherine Mary Harvey Norris LOCKWOOD Norris INCE (Compiler)


"INCEANA" by Thomas Norris Ince, 1857.

Transcribed by John Palmer, 2004

    Pedigree of Ince, of Mansfield, in the county of Nottingham, and Wirksworth, in the county of Derby, by Thomas Norris Ince, of Wakefield, from a Genealogical Sketch made in 1808, and from Parish Register Extracts, Bible Entries, Church and Church-yard Notes, and other authentic sources, A.D.1829 and April 1857.

    JOHN INCE of Mansfield, stone mason, the earliest ancestor at present known to the compiler, was living in 1678, when his name first appears in the parish register; born about 1654; died 25th October, 1701; buried, 26th. Has a Tablet on the outside of the east wall of Mansfield church porch. Had one daughter and five sons.
      ELIZABETH, baptised at Mansfield 29th August, 1678; married there 30th January, 1706, to John Reynolds, of Eckering, Notts.
      I. WILLIAM INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason, born about 1685; buried at Mansfield 22nd November, 1758, aged 73 years. Had six sons and four daughters, all baptised at Mansfield.
        1. JOHN, baptised 19th February, 1707
        2. WRIGHT, baptised 21st December, 1711, buried 30th January, 1712
        3. WILLIAM INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason, baptised there 28th June, 1716; died 16th March, 1755, aged 40 years; married ELIZABETH TAYLOR, of Mansfield, 14th April, 1737, who survived him as appears by his monumental inscription in Mansfield church yard. They had one child, SARAH, buried at Mansfield 24th July, 1752.
        4. ANTHONY INCE, of Leeming Lane, Mansfield, stone mason and innkeeper (Sun Inn), baptised at Mansfield 18th August, 1717; died ..... February, 178...; buried in Mansfield church yard, where is a table monument to himself and family; married MARY, daughter of John and Mary Wigzell, of Seven Oke, in Kent: she died 4th May, 1771, aged 57 years. Their only daughter,
          MARY INCE, wife of William Clark, of Mansfield, ??? maker, died 18th June, 1788, aged 43 years, having had four children, viz: JAMES and THOMAS CLARK, both died infants; ANN, died 31st August, 1800, aged 18 years; and MARY CLARK, married Mr Samuel Midworth, of Leeming Street, Mansfield, brass founder (a relator to this pedigree), in 1829. Had issue -- Mr Wm. Midworth, of Gilcroft House, Mansfield, A.D. 1857, and nine others.

        The said Anthony Ince had a natural son (by Elizabeth Rimington) to whom he gave his name and trade; baptised at Mansfield 5th November, 1736; died 1st October, 1802, aged 66 years. By Ann, his wife (a relator to this pedigree in 1808, above mentioned; died 4th August, 1824, aged 90 years) had a daughter, Ann Ince, baptised at Mansfield 4th January, 1759; married Anthony Buckles, of Mansfield, stone mason, whose issue, in 1808, were -- Anthony Buckles, of Mansfield, stone mason, and Mary Buckles, both living in 1829.
        5. JAMES INCE, baptised at Mansfield 5th April, 1721.
        6. CHARLES INCE, baptised at Mansfield 26th March, 1727.
        1. SARAH, baptised at Mansfield 17th March, 1709; buried there 28th June, 1716.
        2. MARY, baptised at Mansfield 13th March, 1718.
        3. SARAH, baptised at Mansfield 19th July, 1723;
        4. MILICENT, baptised at Mansfield 31 October, 1731; lived with her brother Anthony, and died (in consequence of swallowing several cherry stones) unmarried.

      II. THOMAS INCE (second son of John Ince), baptised A.D.1690 -- of whom hereafter [#1] on this page -- ancestor of Mr T.N.Ince
      III. JAMES INCE (third son of John Ince), of Mansfield, where he was baptised 29th April, 1693; buried there 30th June, 1719.
      IV. SAMUEL INCE (fourth son of John Ince), of Mansfield, stone mason, baptised there 23rd August, 1695; buried there 3rd August, 1743; married at Mansfield 4th May, 1740, Mary Pedley, by whom he had two sons.

        1. SAMUEL, baptised 10th August, 1741; buried 3rd August, 1743.
        2. JOHN, baptised 2nd June, 1743, and buried on the 5th.

      V. JOHN INCE (fifth son of John Ince), of Mansfield, stone mason; baptised there 22nd April, 1699; married at Mansfield 30th November, 1722, Mary Snowden, of Newark, Notts. and had eight children.

        1. JOHN, baptised at Mansfield 20th March, 1724; buried there 11th April following.
        2. WILLIAM, baptised at Mansfield 4th July, 1725; buried there 3rd July, 1729.
        3. ANNE, baptised at Mansfield 19th August, 1728 (query, if not the child of John Ince);
        4. JOHN INCE, baptised at Mansfield 7th December, 1729; was a stone mason, and went to London; died before 1808, leaving issue as stated by his brother Thomas.
        5. EDWARD INCE, baptised at Mansfield 20th February, 1731; was a soldier, and died before 1808, in the West Indies, as stated by his brother Thomas.
        6. THOMAS, baptised at Mansfield 11th August, 1735; buried there 19th August, 1736.
        7. FRANCIS, baptised at Mansfield 22nd March, 1740-1; buried there 24th.
        8. THOMAS INCE, of Mansfield, living in 1808; was a relator to this pedigree A.D.1808; baptised at Mansfield 14th August, 1737; had served 35 years in the army at Minorca and other places. He went by the cognomen of Minorca Ince. Married Mary Sparks, by whom he had two children,
          1. ELIZABETH, married Matthew Haynes, of Mansfield; and
          2. EDWARD INCE, of Mansfield, an operative cotton spinner in 1829, who, by Sarah Allen, his wife, had four children -- Thomas, John, Abel, and Mary Ince.

      [#1] We now return to THOMAS INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason (second son of the first named John Ince); baptised at Mansfield, 28th November, 1690; who, by JANE his wife, had five daughters and three sons.

        I. MARY, baptised at Mansfield 12th March, 1714; married there 11th June, 1734, to John Genn, of Mansfield.
        II. JANE, baptised at Mansfield 9th June, 1717.
        III.SUSAN, baptised at Mansfield 30th April, 1721; died before November 1731.
        IV. ANNE, baptised at Mansfield 5th April, 1723; buried there 24th August, 1725.
        V. SUSANNAH, baptised at Mansfield 20th November, 1731; buried there 19th May, 1736.
        I. THOMAS INCE, baptised 1713; of whom hereafter [#2] on this page -- ancestor of Mr T N Ince.
        III.HENRY, baptised at Mansfield 26th December, 1727; buried there 9th July, 1729.
        II. CHARLES INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason, baptised there 24th September, 1725; died 13th December, 1788; married at Mansfield 27th September, 1746, Elizabeth Darker, of Mansfield. She died 22nd January, 1808, aged 77 years. They had nine children, namely:
          1. MARY, baptised at Mansfield 2nd July, 1748; married Mr Simpson.
          2. SARAH, baptised at Mansfield 20th December, 1750.
          3. ELIZABETH, baptised at Mansfield 29th March, 1753; married Robert Baguley, of Mansfield, frame-work knitter.
          5. HANNAH, baptised at Mansfield 18th October 1760; lived in London, and married there.
          6. GEORGE, baptised at Mansfield 16th January, 1763.
          7. ANNE, married John Cooper, of Mansfield, as stated by Mr Betts, 1829.
          8. JANE, married Mr Mercer of London, millwright, as stated by Mr Betts, 1829.
          9. CHARLOTTE, youngest daughter, as stated by Mr Betts, 1829.
          4. CHARLES INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason (eldest son of Charles), baptised at Mansfield 19th April, 1755; made his will 18th April, 1807, proved at York 27th July, 1807; died 26 April, 1807; married Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Hooley, of Mansfield, gardener. She died 3rd September, 1786, aged 31 years. Had issue, besides two children who died infants ---
            1. THOMAS INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason, died unmarried 12th February, 1809, aged 31 years; buried in New Burial Ground, Mansfield.
            2. GEORGE INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason, died unmarried 11th June, 1812, aged 30 years; buried beside his brother Thomas.
            3. ELIZABETH INCE, married Joseph Betts, of Mansfield, hosier and frame-work knitter (a relator to this pedigree in 1829). She died 19th September, 1810, aged 30 years; buried near her brothers -- leaving an only daughter,
              MARY BETTS, born 6th June, 1807 (niece and heiress to her uncles, Thomas and George Ince); married 6th June, 1828, to Mr John Kerr, of Bridge Street, Worksop, Notts. and now, 1857, of Rotherham, county of York, draper. She died, leaving three sons, viz:

        [#2] We now return to THOMAS INCE, of Mansfield, stone mason (eldest son of Thomas, second son of John as before stated). He was baptised at Mansfield 8th August, 1713; married at Newark, county of Nottingham, 17th January, 1738-9, to DAMERAS BALDUK. In June, 1762, joined in articling his son Thomas to an attorney. She was living in January, 1770. Had issue ---

          DAMARIS INCE, buried at Mansfield 5th May, 1758; and
          THOMAS INCE, of Wirksworth, attorney-at-law from January, 1770, to his death; entered the office of Mr John Egginton, of Nottingham, attorney, spring, 1759; articled to him 24th June, 1762: under-sheriff of Derbyshire to P.Nightingale, Esquire, 1771, and to Francis Hurt, Junr. Esquire, A.D.1778; steward of the copyhold courts of the two manors of Alderwasley with Ashleyhay and Heage, county of Derby; and, on Mr Egginton's death, became clerk and treasurer of the 3rd district of the Nottingham and Newhaven Turnpike Road; was the most eminent mineral lawyer of his day, being remarkably well skilled in the mineral laws and customs of Derbyshire, and was employed either as attorney or advocate -- and sometimes both -- in most of the mineral causes arising in his locality. He was reckoned a tolerable poet, although only a few of his poetical effusions remain with his family. He died 29th June, 1795, aged about 54 years; buried in the W.E. of Wirksworth Church 1st July. No record of his birth or baptism at either Mansfield or Newark has yet been found. Made his will 30th May, 1795, which was not proved until 10th June, 1818, at Lichfield, by his son Rickards, for the purpose only of conveying a mortgage term vested in him. He married, first, at St Peter's, Nottingham, 16th July, 1767, MARY, daughter of Benjamin Rickards, of Nottingham, grocer, by Sarah his wife (daughter of Thomas Wright, of Nottingham, Esquire).Marriage settlement of her estate at Bullcote dated 14th and 15th July, 1767. She died at Chesterfield 26th December, 1769; buried at St Peter's, Nottingham, 29th. Had issue two sons --
            THOMAS and RICKARDS of whom hereafter [#3]
          He married, secondly, at Bolsover, county of Derby, 12th March, 1771, ELIZABETH, only surviving daughter and heiress of Thomas Jackson, of Chesterfield, brazier (by his second wife, Anne, one of the five daughters and co-heirs of Isaac Bown, of Matlock, by Sarah his wife, only daughter and heiress of John Bradshaw, of wadshelf in Brampton, county of Derby, yeoman, aged 23 years, A.D. 1768.Marriage settlement of her estate, at Pinxton and Brampton, dated 1st and 2nd March, 1771. She died 31st May, 1794; buried in Wirksworth church 2nd June. Had issue six children -- five daughters and one son -- all born and baptised at Wirksworth.
            1. MARY, born 21st February, 1776; married at Wirksworth 3rd June, 1793, to Thomas Eley of Wirksworth, gentleman, son of Thomas Eley, of Derby, mercer, by Sarah his wife (daughter of Samuel Richardson, of derby, copersmith, by Catherine his wife, daughter of Francis Walker, of Derby). He died 11th December, 1798, aged 32 years. She died 3rd September, 1801; both buried W.E. of Wirksworth church, where there is a mural monument to their memory. Had issue ---
              MARY ELEY, of Derby --- only child and heiress living, 1857

            2. ELIZA ANN, born 16th October, 1777; died 20th September, 1791.
            3. CHARLOTTE, born 11th April, 1779; died at Manchester, unmarried, 29th May, 1808; buried at St Luke's, Chorlton, 2nd June following.
            4. CATHERINE, born 5th October, 1780; married at Chesterfield (where she had resided several years) on 26th June, 1810, to Robert Burdett, of Wirksworth, gentleman (only son of Wright Burdett, of London, gentleman, lineal descendant of the Lord Keeper Wright temp. Wm III and Q.Ann). She died at Hull 15th March, 1815, without surviving issue.
            5. HENRY INCE, born 7th January 1782; several years in the royal navy, and died a midshipman in the "Theseus", at Fort Royal, Jamaica, of the yellow fever, 19th May, 1803, unmarried.
            6. SARAH, born 16th January, 1788; died 22nd December, 1803; buried with her parents in the W.E.of Wirksworth church.

          [#3] We now return to the issue of Thomas Ince, attorney, Wirksworth, by Mary Rickards, his first wife.
            THOMAS INCE (eldest son), born at Chesterfield 2nd May, 1768, and baptised there; articled to his father 3rd May, 1784; in 1790, went into the office of Messrs Kinderley and Long, Gray's Inn, London, solicitors, in which firm he was several years a partner; afterwards of New Inn, London; several years of Bristol: died at Manchester, where he had resided about three months, 21st May, 1825; buried at St Luke's, Chorlton. Some years before his death, Mrs Kinderley, his late partner's widow, as a mark of her esteem, bequeathed to him ¸1000. Was a poet. He is said to have married Margaret Richmond, who died 20th April, 1824, by whom he had three sons, viz. ---
              1. WILLIAM INCE, of Bermondsey Street, Southwark, joiner and cabinet maker, served upwards of twenty-four years in the royal navy, in the East Indies, China, New Zealand, &c; aged 48 years A.D. 1848; living, unmarried, 1856.
              3. HENRY INCE, M.A. head master of the Beresford Grammar School, Walworth; author of "The Outlines of English History", "French History", "General Knowledge", "Grecian History", "Roman History", and many other useful and popular works: died 19th September, 1841, aged 37 years; buried at St Peter's, Walworth --- unmarried.
              2. THOMAS HARVEY INCE, commercial traveller, died in London 7th February, 1840, aged 39 years; buried at St Peter's, Walworth: married Caroline Ellen, daughter of England Powell, of Walworth, ship steward, and had issue, besides five who died in their infancy.
                TREW HENRY INCE, born 17th January, 1831, in possession of several volumes of his grandfather Ince's poems and other papers.
                FRANCES JANE, born 27th July, 1834.
                THOMAS WILLIAM INCE, born 1st September, 1837.

            RICKARDS INCE, of Wirksworth, attorney-at-law (second son of Thomas Ince and Mary Rickards), born at Chesterfield 9th November, 1769, and baptised there; articled to his father 30th June, 1768: under-sheriff to Charles Hurt, Esquire, 1797; nearly fifty years clerk of the 3rd district of the Nottingham and Newhaven road, and as many years clerk to the Justices at Wirksworth; several years a lieutenant in the Wirksworth volunteers. In 1808, made a sketch of his pedigree from information obtained at Mansfield --- made use of in compiling this pedigree in 1829 and 1857. He died 25th May, 1846; buried at Wirksworth: married at the parish church, Sheffield, 27th September, 1798, CATHERINE, daughter of Samuel Norris, of Sheffield, merchant, born at Sheffield 9th December, 1770. She died at Longsight, near Manchester, 3rd February, 1850; buried in the Cemetery, Rusholme Road. Had issue, eight children, all born and baptised at Wirksworth.
              1. THOMAS NORRIS INCE, of Wakefield, gentleman, nearly 24 years assistant to the clerk of the peace of the West Riding of Yorkshire (eldest son), born 11th July, 1799; compiler of several volumes of topographical and genealogical matter, and this and other pedigrees; married at St John's church, Wakefield, 15th September, 1846, to Ann. youngest daughter of Abraham Lockwood, some time of Hemsworth, Yorkshire, fellmonger and farmer, by Sarah, daughter of John Nicholson, of Badsworth, Yorkshire, farmer; born at Hemsworth, 8th July, 1814, and baptised there.
              2. FREDERICK (second son), born16th October, 1800; died of scarlet fever, 24th February, 1803; buried in the W.E.of Wirksworth church.
              3. SAMUEL INCE (third son),of London, professor of music, author of many sacred and other musical pieces, born 25th April, 1802; died, unmarried, at his lodgings, 3 Bedford Place, Vauxhall Road, London, very suddenly, of a disease of the heart, 3rd February, 1847; buried at St George's cemetery, Bayswater, 7th same month.
              4. RICKARDS INCE (fourth son), of the colony of Demerara, manager, born 21st September, 1803; died, unmarried, at Woerden Canal, No 3, Demerara, 24th December, 1834, and buried there.
              5. MARGARET (eldest daughter), born 28th November, 1804; married at Wirksworth 23rd July, 1828, to George Tertius Dale, of Wirksworth, draper, afterwards of Manchester; who assisted T.N.Ince in collecting and compiling his own and relations' pedigrees in a volume, stiled "Daliana". He died 25th March, 1855, aged 50 years; buried at Ashton in Markerfield, Lancashire. Had issue ---
                THURSTAN, FREDERICK BERESFORD, and ERNEST IMHOFF, all three dead, s.p.; MARY ALICE (wife of Jean Jacques Obousier, of St Croix, in Switzerland, to whom she was married at Longsight 28th November, 1854), ELIZA-ANN, and MARGARET-LUCY.

              6. MARY (second daughter), born 1st August, 1806; married at Wirksworth 22nd October, 1828, to CHARLES IMHOFF, of Wigan, Lancashire, surgeon, and afterwards of Prosperity Canal, No 3 (parish of St Matthew, Demerara), only son of Kilian Imhoff, of the same place, and brother and devisee of Maria Amelia Imhoff, of Wigan, and afterwards of Prestwich, Lancashire. He died at Woerden Cottage, Demerara, 21st January, 1854. Had issue ---
                1. SUSAN CATHERINE, born in Demerara 17th September 1829; christened at ?????? August, 1830.
                2. KILIAN RICKARDS, born in Demerara 26th November, 1831; baptised there 18th January, 1832.
                3. ERNEST, born 1832, died 17th July 1836.
              7. CHARLES INCE (fourth son), of Demerara, manager, born 8th August, 1807; died, unmarried, At George Town there 12th October, 1855.
              8. CATHERINE NORRIS (3rd daughter), born 30th April, 1809; married at Wirksworth 24th December, 1829, to John Dale, of Wirksworth, and afterwards of Winster, Derbyshire, draper (brother of the aforesaid G.T.Dale). He died at Sheffield 9th May, 1842, and was buried in the parish church yard there. Had issue ---
                1. JOHN DALE, of the Oxford and Worcester Railway, 1857, (present male representative of Thurstan Dale, of Ashborne, and formerly of Bakewell, Esquire, who died A.D.1745)
                2. CATHERINE, living 1857; also
                3. SARAH, and
                4. MARY IMHOFF --- both dead.


C 1799sep27 INCE Thomas N=(son)Richard/Catharine(Wirksworth),dob=1799jul11,"Norris"
1841 Census for New Street, Wakefield, Yorks
Arthur       Lockwood  M  28  1813  Yorkshire
Ann          Lockwood  F  27  1814  Yorkshire
Sarah Elizh  Lockwood  F   4  1837  Yorkshire
1841 Census for Northgate, Wakefield, Yorks
John           Whitaker  M  30  1811  Attorney's Clerk  Yorkshire
Elizabeth      Whitaker  F  30  1811  Yorkshire
Harietta       Whitaker  F   8  1833  Yorkshire
Mary Anne      Whitaker  F   6  1835  Yorkshire
Ellen Elizth   Whitaker  F   3  1838  Yorkshire
Thomas Norris  INCE      M  40  1801  Attorney's Clerk -  
George         Hepworth  M  35  1806  Woolsorter Yorkshire
Thomas Norris INCE married Ann Lockwood in 1846 at Wakefield, Yorkshire
1851 Census for Lower York Street, Wakefield, Yorks
Thomas N  INCE  Head  Marr  M  57  1794  Managing Clerk to 
                                         The Clerk Of The Peace 
                                         West Riding             Wirksworth
Ann       INCE  Wife  Marr  F  36  1815  -                       Hemsworth, Yorkshire
1861 Census for Northgate, Wakefield, Yorkshire
Thomas  INCE  Head  Marr  M  62  1799  Assistant To 
                                       The Clerk of the Peace    Derbyshire
Ann     INCE  Wife  Marr  F  47  1814  Assistant's wife  
1871 Census for Southgate, Wakefield, Yorkshire
Thomas N  INCE  Head  -  M  71  1800  -  Derbyshire
Ann       INCE  Wife  -  F  56  1815  -  Yorkshire, England
Thomas Norris INCE died Mar 1873 at Wakefield aged 73
1881 Census for North Gate, Wakefield, Yorks
William  George  Head    Widower  M  37  1844  Cab Proprietor   Northampton, Northamptonshire
Ethel    George  Dau     Single   F   7  1874  Scholar          York, Yorkshire
Harold   George  Son     Single   M   5  1876  Scholar          York, Yorkshire
Mary A   Waller  Serv    Single   F  19  1862  General Servant  York, Yorkshire
Ann      INCE    Lodger  Widow    F  66  1815  Annuitant        Hemsworth, Yorkshire
Ann INCE died Dec 1886 at Wakefield aged 72

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