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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Oil painting of Abraham Bennet.

    This oil-painting of Abraham Bennet hangs in the vestry of St Mary's Church, Wirksworth and was painted between 1789 and 1799. The picture is about 9 by 10.4 inches. In the corner can be seen a roll of parchment marked "Bennet FRS", a book entitled "Experiments on Electricity", a book of Sermons and other unmarked books.
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    Rev. Abraham Bennet was Curate of Wirksworth from 1776 to 1799. Among his duties were recording marriages in the Parish Register. The image below gives a record of his handwriting and signature from an entry near the time he was publishing "New Experiments"
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Banns of Marriage between Phineas Peat of this Parish
& Ann Swift of the Parish of Moreton were published in this
Church on three several Sundays namely the 30th of August
the 6th & 13th of September 1789 by me ABennet Curate.
    Phineas Peat & Ann Swift were married in this
Church by Banns the 17th September 1789
                 by me ABennet Curate

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