Updated 30 Nov 2002

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Mystery House

Hello John,

Thank you for your interest and offering to show this old photograph on your 
Wirksworth pages. The photograph is a digital copy of the original.

This is the house we cannot identify. It was found with other sepia and 
black and white photographs of the family and their homes. We probably all 
love a mystery but this is irritating.

The only clues we can offer are that various members of the family have lived 
at Wirksworth, Hopton, Carsington, Kirk Langley, Radbourne, Bradbourne, Ilam 
(and just over the Staffordshire border at Okeover and Blore).

Quite a number of people, on and off list have asked for copies of this house 
so they might search for it. If you agree, I will post a letter to DerbysGen 
telling them where they may find it. However if you would like to do this I 
will agree.

I'm obliged to you John,

Dave at DrystoneCrossing@aol.com

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