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The Hunt for Dalefield

Details of this interesting search for the source of a placename in New Zealand was sent to me by Adele Pentony-Graham. If you can help, please make contact.


15 June 2002
You may remember me, months ago on the hunt for Dalefield?
The research started in NZ as we have an area called Dalefield, and as determined as I normally am, I was very determined to find out why it was called so. And I was able to find Dalefield Mines near Wirksworth. The Historical Society were wonderful, I received photographs of where exactly the mines were on the net, and even a CD in case they did not reproduce okay from the web! Wonderful people I happened to *meet* I even had Derbygen on the Hunt for Oates, as Samuel Oates, one of Carterton (NZ) as there is one in UK near Oxford! first pioneer settler in 1850 come from Derbyshire also for Jane Bonsall family, who later became his wife before coming out to NZ, Samuel left UK first to try for Australia to the goldfields, not getting rich, he met Charles Rooking Carter (who has ties with Buxton..his wife was buried there!) Carter said go to NZ, I need strong men like you...so he did, then a few years later sent for his family....

I was on the hunt for Five Fingers of Lead also....thought it was a rake. seam...signpost..as both Samuel and Jane used to meet there, I think alomst 99% sure now, it was the name of a Public House, there are two listed - Youlgreave and Bonsall, no longer there, found out on pubsindex@pubsindex.co.uk they told me...wonderful site!!!

Getting back to Dalefield, I found next Geo. Barton's wonderful Establishment...Dalefield House, Hydropathy...wonderful, I even mentioned this to Sonia who I see has mention of Hydropathy on your site...I must have given her ideas...she is actually from Carterton NZ would you believe, and I am from London..we seem to have swapped countries!! I am doing the research here, and she is doing it there! Was not happy with the Hydro, thought cant be what I am after, so went further afield. Now did find Dalefield surnames, the ones in OZ. USA.NZ and UK are actually named after Dalefield NZ,,their grandmother changed the name from Deeley to Dalefield, god knows why!

So after a massive hunt, even in Yorkshire, as Dalefield is mentioned for street names, but no, entered Eire...and came across Dalefield House in Castlereagh. Eire, I was able to obtain a copy of edited Deeds as well, and the house dates back to early 1800s. and to cut a long story short, I wrote to the owner, as Deeds office in Dublin advised me of the owners name...so last November I asked for a photograph of the house, what a magnificent house!!! Georgian Manor House, quite the gentry of the area so I have been told! So that is my research into DALEFIELD...I am actually researching early settlers graves at Clareville Cemetery. Carterton...it will keep me going for years...all research will be lodged with Carterton District Historical Society for future generations. Adele Pentony-Graham. you can quote any of this for your site, with my name and Historical Society if you so wish, I can even email the Deeds and Photograph of the House in Eire for your site..even though its not Derbyshire!! The names the same though!!!

Dalefield House, Castlerea, Roscommon, Ireland
by Adele Pentony-Graham
Carterton District Historical Society

http://www.geocities.com/carterton_historical_society/ its taken about two years to fulfil this entire research, no payment, pure voluntary, and thoroughly enjoyed it...the grave at Buxton would be for Jean Rooking Carter about 1890s. Perhaps she had family there, who knows...his daughter is buried in London, and Charles at Clareville....he was originally from Kendal, Westmoreland.

11 Dec 2001
just keep going backand back to your wonderful site! Thanks! Now have you ever heard of: Five Fingers of Lead? This was supposed to be an area by the Bonsall Family Farm at Rakes End. Bonsall. But, I have stumped the Brains over there, Ruth Gordon of the local government is looking into it....It is verbal history over here in Carterton NZ that Jane Oates nee Bonsall, whose home was Rakes End, can't find it on a map, so perhaps its no longer, also been in touch with the Bonsall Old Map people, they cant find the farm either! They say, that it may have been a sign post, like a hand made out of lead? Jane came out here about 1856 to settle, she married Samuel Oates from Derbyshire also, he came out first to the Goldfields in Australia, then onto to NZ, never getting the gold!!! He was one of our first settlers in this area. Adele in Kiwiland. thanks.(Ruth said, it would be lovely if they could find out anything about Five Fingers, maybe something they do not even know about, I think from memory she is something to do with the History of the area, I was told to read Daniel Defoe, but cant see anything about this mentioned. Also told it was mentioned in Domesday book, but would not know!! I need proof!!!
28 Sep 2001
Just been reading these pedigrees [by John Norris INCE in this website], one name stood out, of a place called Dalefield, I am trying to track it down, can you help please!!! I am in NZ and we have an area called the same, and want to know whereabouts anymore are in the world. It is an unusual word!! thanks pentony

Hello Pentony,
From Ince's pedigrees, Dalefield was obviously part of Wirksworth, but I can find almost no other reference to it. There was a placename "Dalefield Mine" on the 6" OS map of Wirksworth (which I don't have), and in 1415 there was a placename "le dalefeld" nearby, and again "Dale fyld" in 1539. I can find no other placename Dalefield in my Road Atlas covering all the UK. It looks like it should be a common name but isn't.
Best wishes,
John Palmer, Dorset, England

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