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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Letters from schoolboys

Two letters contributed by Paul STAFFORD who says: William was born 1860 and George (my gt.grandad) 1861. They were the children of Zaccheus and Patience who moved from Bradbourne to Kniveton sometime between 1868 and 1876.

Letter 1

(William STAFFORD was 12 when he wrote this letter)

                            Coldwell St,Wirksworth,
                            December 11th  1872.
My dear Parents,
                        It being Christmas we have to write our holiday
letters,to announce the time of our breaking up,which will be on Monday the
16th inst. when Mr. Beeson will be much obliged if you can come and fetch us
       I hope you will see an improvement in my writing this half year for I
have tried my very best to improve in all I have undertaken. I think you
will also be pleased with the work which we have done this half year,which
has been of quite a different character from that which we have hitherto
done and with which i have no doubt you will be both suprised,as well as
     We both feel that we can heartily enjoy our holidays with you,and
hoping that you do so as much as we.
                 I remain
                   Dear Parents
                     Your Loving Son
                           William Stafford

Letter 2

(George STAFFORD was 11 when he wrote this letter)

                                The Excelsior Schools
                                Wirksworth,Dec.17th 1872

My dear parents
                 As every art is more or less valuable in proportion to its
extensive usefulness so the art of writing claims our highest esteem,it
being one of the greatest blessings Man can enjoy.Every attempt therefore to
improve and bring it nearer to perfection as it is a public good is
doubtless entitled to encouragement. And as I have been favoured with the
friendly assistance of Mr. Beeson in completing these specimens of my
writing I question not that it will meet with the desired success,trusting
that my efforts will meet with your approvation and that of my friends I
take this opportunity to pay you my grateful acknowledgements for affording
me Mr. Beesons assistance therein and shall always esteem it as a particular
favour conferred on.
               My Dear  Parents
              Your affectionate son
                 George Stafford.

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