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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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PRO documents "Glapthorn"

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Reference     Scope         Date

C    1/152/54
     Elizabeth Otter, widow, daughter and heir of John Drake, of Castor,
     gentleman. v. Robert ..aun and Thomas Taillour.: Detention of deeds
     relating to the manors of Oundle, Castor, Ashton, Cotterstock,
     Glapthorn, Leighton, and others.: Northants.

C 1/637/24 Robert Glapthorn of Yaxley, butcher. v. Thomas Gybbes, husbandman.: Compensation for abstracting corn secretly from a barn at Godmanchester, both parties having an equal interest by joint purchase of the same from one Samond, husbandman.: Huntingdon.
C 1/862/43 Simon Norwyche. v. Edward Artwyk, clerk.: Mastership of the college of Cotterstock, which complainant, being patron, declares to be dissolved, and occupation of lands in Cotterstock, Glapthorn, Southwick (Sotherwyk) and Benefield.: Northampton.
C 143/324/17 Richard de Spaldyng and William Braybrok, chaplains, Nicholas Keteryng, and John Heryot to grant messuages, land, and rent in Cotterstock, Glapthorn, and Southwick to the provost and chaplains of the chantry of Cotterstock. N'hamp. 31 EDWARD III.
C 147/318 Grantor: William Kirkham, of Fineshade, esquire. Grantee: Thomas Kirkham, of the same, gentleman, his second son. Place or Subject: Manor house of Cotterstock (Cotherstoock), lands in Glapthorn (Glapthorp) and Southwick. County: Northants 32 Eliz I
CHAR 2/204 Cayton; Geddington; Glapthorn; Glinton; Grafton; Greens Norton; Greetworth; Grendon; Gretton; Guilsborough; Haddon, East and West; Hardingstone; Harlestone; Harpole; Harrington; Harringworth; Harrowden, Great and Little; Hartwell; Hawstead (see also under [1817-1850]
E 134/42Eliz/Hil2 Michael Beale and Thomas Glapthorn, "fermors," Godfrey Bele and Robert Bele, bailiffs. v. Ambrose Smythe, Ralph Boyse, William Quicklove.: Manors of Whittlesey Saint Mary and Whittlesey Saint Andrew (Cambridge). Touching an order of the jurors for the cou 42 Eliz
E 178/4300 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE: Cotterstock, Glapthorn Agreement as to contributions to the payment of fifteenths. 4 Jas. I.
E 326/3906 Grant by Henry son of Hugh de Stok in Cothirstoke, to Henry son of Gilbert de Glapthorn, of a yearly rent in Glapthorn issuing from a tenement which Gilbert son of Hawise de Glapthorne, farther of the said Henry, held of the feoffment of the said Hugh de
ED 21/13319 Glapthorn Church of England School 1872-1913
ED 21/36779 Glapthorn Church of England School 1919-1934
ED 21/58538 Glapthorn Church of England School 1937-1944
HLG 23/14024 Oundle & Thrapston RDC. Upper Glapthorn No. 13 Housing Confirmation Order.
HO 107/812 PARISH: Glapthorn 1841
HO 107/1746 Registration District: 174. OUNDLE Registration Sub-District: 3 Fotheringhay ff.337-End Parish: Glapthorn 1851
IR 18/6558 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE: Glapthorn, parish
OS 26/7247 Northamptonshire: Glapthorn 1882
OS 26/7435 Northamptonshire: Glapthorn 1883
OS 26/7503 Northamptonshire: Glapthorn 1883
OS 26/7505 Northamptonshire: Glapthorn 1882
OS 27/3687 Northamptonshire: Glapthorn 1884
OS 29/161 Glapthorn, Northamptonshire 1883
OS 35/5316 Glapthorn 1899-1925
PROB 20/735 Desborough, Matthew: Glapthorn, Northants 1657
RG 9/963 Parish: Glapthorn 1861
RG 10/1513 Civil Parish, Township or Place: Glapthorn 1871
RG 12/1224 Civil Parish, Township or Place: Glapthorn 1891
SC 6/HENVII/454 Northampton: Rothwell, manor, Rothwell, hundred, Naseby (Navesby), Glapthorn, Hackleton (Haculton) and Piddington Possessions of Edward duke of Buckingham, including account of the feodary of the honour of Gloucester. 20-21 Hen VII
SC 12/13/40 Rothwell, Nasbey, Whiston, Glapthorn: Survey. [Edw. I.]
SP 46/5/Part 1, fo 206 Anthony Cave to the same (Glapthorn): purchase of fells: is sorry to hear he has been troubled with ague; to beware of surfeiting and cold, etc: to ship fells from Boston: is determined to clear all his accounts in Flanders: business at Cales etc: Cales;

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