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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Criminals recognised

Recognise a criminal in the Crime in Derbyshire list? Here are emails from people who did! Please send
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Libby Duffield comments:
Hi John
Further to the article on your website that Jon Cantrill sent you:-
The said Benjamin was in fact the son of Benjamin Potter & Lydia Gratton. 
Benjamin senior being the son of Thomas Potter & Sarah Dixon. 
Crime obviously ran in the family. I too have a criminal Potter from 
Wirksworth and he was the uncle of Benjamin Junior. In 1843 Thomas Potter 
(born 1807) was sentence to 10 years transportation for Warehouse Breaking. 
Thomas also appears on your website under the Petty Sessions. In 1828 he 
was sentenced to 1 months Goal for "Not making persion fabric" 
- whatever that may mean.
Thomas left behind his wife, Ellen (nee Grattage) and two children, Mary 
& James. It would appear that Thomas' brother, James, took in Ellen and 
the children when Thomas was transported. Ellen lived to the ripe old 
age of 81 and spent most of her life on The Dale and North End. Her 
final resting place is an unmarked grave in Wirksworth cemetery. 
Jon Cantrill sent in the following extract:
Derby Mercury 16 Nov 1842 - Committed to Derby County Gaol
Benjamin POTTER, of Wirksworth, committed for trial at the next
General Quarter Sessions, charged with being an incorrigible rogue and
a vagabond, and with resisting a peace officer when in the act of
performing his duty.
Who was he? I found the following on the Wirksworth website:
1841 Bakewell Board of Guardians
Tansley --- Benjamin POTTER 40, wife Lydia 43, William 9, Maria 4, Benjamin 2, 
res at Belper. Accident.
1841 Belper Board of Guardians
Wirksworth --- Benjamin POTTER 36 wid, William 11, Maria 4 Benjamin 2 
labourer out of employment, children all ill Settlement at Tansley.
Quarter Sessions
1825.2 POTTER Bemjamin (Wirksworth, Ww) Labourer [Assault in execution duty]
 Wirksworth (Beeley t(const) hinder g (hdbor) Wirksworth [Gaol: 12 months common, derby] 
1824.3 POTTER Benjamin (Wirksworth, Ww) Labourer [Assault constable+headboro exe duty] 
Wirksworth (Beeley t & kinder g) Wirksworth [Gaol: 12 months common, derby]
Petty Sessions
1820.4 POTTER Benjamin (N/s, ) N/s [Poaching on sunday] gaol: 3 months hoc ashbourne hl (Blakiston & webster)
1826.4 POTTER Benjamin (N/s, ) N/s [Poaching c net] 1st offence (Halton)
1841 Census for Wirksworth
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p32, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W325a Benjamin POTTER 45  m  Y  Gingham weaver
W325b Lydia    POTTER 40  f  Y
W325c William  POTTER 11  m  Y
W325d Maria    POTTER  6  f  Y
W325e Benjamin POTTER  3  m  Y
From Wirksworth Parish Registers:
C 1801mar15 POTTER Benjamin=(son)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth),dob=1801feb19
C 1803sep11 GRATTON Lydia=(dau)William/Lydia(Wirksworth),dob=1802sep18
M 1820may30 POTTER Benjamin(Wirksworth)/GRATTON Lidia Witnesses: W. WILKINSON,William WOODROUGH
C 1829mar06 POTTER James=(son)Benjamin/Lydia(Wirksworth)[Weaver]
C 1835mar27 POTTER Maria=(dau)Benjamin/Lydia(Wirksworth)[Weaver]
C 1838apr24 POTTER Benjamin=(son)Benjamin/Lydia(Wirksworth)[Weaver],#2310
Likely tree:

1801             1798
Benjamin  1820   Lydia
           |      1841
      |        |      |
     1830     1835   1838
     William  Maria  Benjamin

Benjamin POTTER had a difficult life!
John Palmer Dorset, England

Webmaster of Wirksworth website


Excellent site. 
Regarding your request for info on people appearing on the Quarter Sessions 
section of your web-site, I found the following.
1821.2 Francis Keeling Labourer of West Hallam - Assault of one William Camp
1821.2 Ann Keeling Wife of West Hallam - Assault of one William Camp
1821.2 Francis Keeling Jnr. Labourer of West Hallam - Assault of one 
William Camp
Your web-page does not stipulate what if any penalty was imposed only that 
"No true bill" is quoted and I have no idea what that means - anyone got 
any ideas ?. Does anyone know who William Camp might be ?.
As you can see they are Parents and Son Francis Senior Born c1771 
His Wife Ann Shaw c1775 and Francis Jnr c1798 - Francis and Ann 
Married 31/12/1796 in West Hallam and had eight children, All born in 
West Hallam. I am afraid that is all I know about them.
Francis Snr and Ann are my Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandparents and Francis Jnr. 
my Gr-Gr-Granduncle.
Ian Wilson


From:  Anne Davis  
Subject:  Crimes in Derbyshire 
Date:  11 Feb 2007 05:11

Are you accusing the third-cousin of my great-great-great-grandfather of 
dishonesty? Cheating his customers? Well I never!

What's that you say? You've got the proof? It's all there in black and 
white in those old, old, musty, 200 year old records from the Court of 
Petty Sessions in Derbyshire. 

Date of case:    1798 Mar Qtr
Name of accused: Joseph CHATFIELD
Parish, Hundred: Doveridge, Appletree 
Occupation:      Baker 
Offence:         Weights 
Punishment:      Fine 5/- + 4/- costs
Justices:        Lord VERNON

Oh the shame! 

Well I'm here to tell you that Joseph CHATFIELD the Baker from Doveridge 
Derbyshire was (otherwise) a fine upstanding citizen. Also, in his defence, 
weights being "on the light side" was a very common offence of shopkeepers 
and tradesmen in his day. Unity in numbers!

To prove his upstandingness I offer proof from the court records from the 
Quarter Sessions Derbyshire, in the case of Charles LAND of 1817. Surely 
Joseph's being called as a witness in this case counts for something?

Date of case:    1817 Dec Qtr
Name of accused: Charles LAND
Parish, Hundred: Doveridge, Appletree
Occupation:      Labourer 
Offence:         Theft: Building Materials x 4 : 8/-
Witness:         Joseph CHATFIELD
Penalty:         Gaol: 3 months hard labour, House of Correction Ashbourne 

Joseph CHATFIELD was born in Uttoxeter in 1757. Uttoxeter is a small market 
town in Staffordshire near the Derbyshire boarder. Although Uttoxeter and 
Doveridge are in different counties, the smaller Doveridge, just across the 
Dove river, and 3 miles away, is almost a Uttoxeter satelite. So how did 
Joseph end up settling in Doverdige, while the rest of his family enjoyed 
the more cosmopolitan life in Uttoxeter? He fell in love with a Doveridge 
girl, of course!

Joseph came from a large family. His parents bore 10 children, only one of 
whom died in infancy. They also raised 10 children. No, no mistake, their 
youngest child was actually their illegitimate grandson! (No, not from 
Joseph - but his next younger brother Webb, who, by the way, never did get 

Joseph was the second child and second son of Thomas CHATFIELD the Baker 
of Uttoxeter, from a long line of Uttoxeter CHATFIELDs, and Elizabeth WORALL. 
(Joseph's father Thomas was the first one in the family to become a baker 
- most of his family before him being in the shoe-making trade.) Joseph's 
elder brother Charles also became a baker, and eventually took over his 
father's bakery in High Street Uttoxeter. Joseph also had another two 
brothers who became bakers in Uttoxeter. So moving to Doveridge was not a 
bad career move for Joseph. At the age of 23, and listing his occupation 
as baker, he applied for a settlement certificate for Doveridge in 1780 
(SC71). He married at St Cuthbert's Church Doveridge in April of that year 
to the girl who had turned his head, Elizabeth Clay.

In 1798, at the time of the "misunderstanding" over the weights, Joseph was 
41 years old. He and his wife bore 7 Doveridge offspring, three of whom died 
as children. His youngest surviving child, Mary, was only 10 years old at the 
time, and his eldest Joseph was 17. Mary was to die in 1802 at the age of 14. 
His youngest child Thomas had died at the age of 3 in 1795. And his second 
youngest, William was buried at the age of 7 on 07/01/1798. So Joseph lost a 
son, and was then dragged to court at around the same time. 

Joseph's total fine and costs of 9/- (which equates to 14.48 today) was 
equivalent to 3 days wages for a craftsman in the building trade in those 
days. His hip-pocket would have really been stinging.

In 1817, at the time that Joseph proved a valuable witness in the case of 
the scoundrel Charles LANDS, he was 60 years old. He lived for another 16 
years, being buried in 1833 in Doveridge. I have also heard a rumour that 
he may have spent part of his later years in St Alkmund Derby. There are 
no longer known to be any of Joseph's family living in the Doveridge area, 
though its possible that some may still be found in Derbyshire.

As an aside, none of Joseph's sons are known to have gone on to become 
bakers. Where their occupations are known they instead moved into the 
building trades. They obviously didn't want to work the same long hours 
that they saw their father putting in!

Kind regards

Anne Davis (nee Buckingham), 
the great-granddaughter of Harriet Ann Chatfield.
Bendigo, Victoria

P.S. Thanks for the great web-site!


From:  Blanche Charles (blanchec#paradise.net.nz)
Subject:  Crimes in Derbyshire 
Date:  Tue, 22 Nov 2005 23:50:19 +1300 

Hello John:

Thanks to your wonderful site, I'm delighted to be able to hold my 
hand up for one of your Derbyshire criminals, namely:

1799.1 NORTON Joseph jnr (Cauldwell, RG) Labourer [Fishing illegally] 
fine: £5.00 (Moseley an )

My NORTONs, from Cauldwell (in the parish of Stapenhill) appear to 
have been proverbial pillars of their small community, having been 
instrumental in establishing the General Baptist chapel in their 
village, so I imagine that this lapse from public grace must have 
brought shame upon the family! Unfortunately, Cauldwell Baptist 
records have gone up in smoke, so it's very difficult to identify 
this Joseph exactly.

Joseph NORTON (chr 1701) married Mary MORLEY in Stapenhill in 1730. 
There appears to be an error in the PRs, but it seems that they 
had one surviving son: Joseph (1734/5). This Joseph - who was 
responsible for bringing the Baptist faith to the village - married 
Mary CAPEWELL in Stapenhill in 1756, and their sons were John (1762), 
Charles (1776), Joseph (1764 - my 3x gt-grandfather), James (1767) 
& William (1771). There may also have been Thomas.

Of this generation, it's difficult to discover information about 
their children: John moved to Market Bosworth, Leics, where he 
married & settled; Charles became Baptist Minister in Cauldwell 
and left, upon his death in 1800, "a wife and six small children to 
mourn his loss" (no record of their names!); James was baptised 
(as a General Baptist) in 1782 and was alive (but where?) when 
his father wrote his will in 1811; William died in Cauldwell in 
1846 and had at least one son, John, born c1804. Perhaps he also 
had a son named Joseph.....

The children of my 3x gt-grandparents (Joseph NORTON m Ann BAXTER 
in Stapenhill in 1786) were Joseph (c1787), John (1788 - my ancestor), 
William (1789 - Baptist minister), George (1797 - Baptist Deacon 
in Barton in the Beans, Leics) and Thomas (c1801 - Baptist Deacon 
in Burton on Trent).

The "criminal" Joseph, therefore could well have been the oldest 
son of Joseph & Ann NORTON and brother of all those eventual Baptist 
officers, although he would have been aged only about 12 in 1799. 
It's possible, though, that he was already working as an Ag Lab, 
as his younger brothers have been recorded as labouring by that 
age. So the "bad egg" was highly likely to have been my 
3x grand-uncle! :-))

Kind regards,

Blanche Charles (nee Norton)
New Zealand

NORTON Family History Unlimited



From:  Jill Hyams [jill#hyams.plus.com]
Subject:  Criminals Recognised 
Date:  Sun, 3 Jul 2005 22:26:54 +0100 

There is a Quarter Session entry for my g-g-g-g-uncle William Tyson, 
Apothecary of Ashbourne, who was charged with breach of the peace.
The date of the conviction was the 4th Quarter of 1815 and William 
would have been 28. The witness was a George Novell. The punishment 
was 1 year recognisances (whatever that is!) 
William had married Lucia Elizabeth Meynell in June of that year. Either 
marriage didn't suit him or he was enjoying an extended honeymoon! 
Jill Hyams


Other info about William TYSON is that he was born on 7 Jun 1787 in Derby,
and christened 8 July 1787, Radcliffe on Trent, Notts. He was the son of
William TYSON (a clergyman) and Alicia Ann DAVENPORT (daughter of the Rev
Thomas DAVENPORT, vicar of Radcliffe on Trent).

William married Lucia Elizabeth MEYNELL at St Oswald, Ashbourne, on 7 June
1815. He died aged 56 on 9 Jun 1843 and was buried at All Saints, Bradley,
on 16 June. Lucia died aged 62 and was buried on 20 January 1848 at Bradley.

William and Lucia had two daughters:
. Caroline TYSON, born 26 July 1816, christened 7 August 1816 at St
Oswald, Ashbourne. She died aged 14 and was buried on 20 June 1831 at All
Saints, Bradley.
. Emma Frances TYSON, born 1819, who married Charles Sprengel Greaves
on 11 February 1841. Charles was Q.C., M.A. in 1825, called to the bar at
Lincolns Inn in 1827, was a JP and DL for Stafford, and Magistrate for
Derby. He learned Hebrew, Arabic, Phoenician and Ethiopic, and took a great
interest in the Derbyshire Archeological Society. Charles was a direct
descendant of Edwatd III, according to Burke's Peerage. Emma died in 1880.
They had no children.

Glover's 1829 Directory of the County of Derby lists William TYSON, surgeon,
in Ashbourne. Pigot's 1828-29, 1835 & 1842 Directories list William TYSON,
surgeon, of Church St, Ashbourn.

Hope that helps



Hi John,
My Jacob Sweeting of Crich, caught poaching in January of both 1821 and 
1825 and fined five pounds, was born in March 3, 1801.  His marriage bans 
were recorded at St Mary's church in Crich on July 3, 1827.  His bride was 
Mary Rogers, who was born October 13, 1808 in Clage.  They were married in 
Here are my notes and citations on Jacob, which prove he turned out okay 
in spite of his criminal record.       
Best wishes,
Trudy Limber, California USA

1801, 17 May, Jacob Sweeting christened, parents Simon and Elizabeth, 
Derby Wesleyan Methodist

1821 Jacob, framework weaver of Crich  arrested for poaching, lb.5. fine

1825 Jacob, labourer of Crich arrested for poaching,  lb. 5. fine
1830 Census, Hepburn Tnsp, Lycoming Co, PA USA. lists a Jacob Sweeting, 
age 50-60, and a wife age 40-50, and six children; this is probably my 
Jacob's uncle; my Jacob  was age 29 and was in England until 1840.
History of Warren County by J.S. Schenck and W. S. Rann, Pub. D. Mason, Co.;
"1840, Jacob Sweeting came to U.S. and settled at Quaker Hill, Elk Tnsp. 
His first six children were born in Derbyshire, England. Lucy was born 
during the journey from Rochester NY to and at Quaker Hill, Elk Township, PA.

The last three children, William, Samuel, and Mary Grace were born in Glade 
near Warren, Warren County PA.  Two sons, William and John, served in the 
Civil War."
1850 US Census "Occupations, Stockinger, Draper, Oil Lease, Glade Township, PA."

1860 US Census; "age 59, occupation, mason; born in England.
SWEETINGs listed in Jacob's household are Mary age 57, John age 27,
Elizabeth age 21, William age 16, Samuel G. age 13, Mary Grace age 11,
John TAYLOR age 1 month, and Lucy age 18. John TAYLOR was likely the
son of Hannah SWEETING, who died in 1859, and William TAYLOR her spouse.
Mary Grace Sweeting BLAIR was my maternal Grandmother.

1870 US Census, "Jacob Sweeting, age 69, b. Eng. living in Glade, Warren, 
PA. Roll.1461,  p.203."
1876; Last Will and Testament, dated 24 Nov. proved 24 Nov.
1899; Biography;  The Book of Biographies of the Leading Citizens of the 
37th Judicial District, PA 
"Jacob Sweeting  was educated in English Schools, later learning the trade 
of stone mason.   He joined in marriage with Mary Rogers and came to America 
in 1840, settling in Rochester, NY.  Leaving there after about a year, the 
family removed in 1843 to Elk tnsp, Warren Co,  purchased some land and 
built a log house which they later sold and moved permanetly to  Glade tnsp. 
He purchased more land there and became a prosperous farmer, taking much 
interest in educational matters and the affairs of the township in general.
He served as  school director and road master.  He was a staunch Republican."

This Biography says Jacob and Mary Rogers SWEETING had only 6 children,
but they actually had ten. The eldest four were born in Derbyshire,
England and did not come to the United States with the family.


Hello John,

   Although I'm not too sure I like my ancestor being described as a criminal, 
he was after all only charged with driving his cart without reins, I'm only 
too pleased to tell you more about him. Joseph Greatorex was born about 1769, 
I have identified a likely entry in the Wirksworth Parish Registers for the 
30th July 1769, father William of Risend. He married Ann Weston in Feb 1795 
at St Margarets Ch, Carsington, he was about 26 and Ann about 16yrs of age 
so they were married by license. I like to think that the reason he committed 
the driving offence was that he was celebrating the fact that Ann had said 
yes to his proposal. One of their son's Joseph, bought a farm at Masson Lees 
Matlock, my grandfather Thomas Greatorex was born there in 1863.
I have been unable to identify the parents of Joseph born abt 1769 so am 
still on the case as it were.


Brian Greatorex. (brian@greatorex9717.fsnet.co.uk)


Dear John,
           I can't be sure without further information, but I think that
the Isaac EDGE, a miller of Duffield mentioned in the Quarter sessions 
of 1799 could be an ancestor of mine.  If so, he was said to have been
born in Chesterfield on February 26, 1777. In a biographical sketch
published in 1884 it statesthat"Finding that his ideas were not
congenial to his neighbors or the Tory government, then engaged in a
desperate struggle with France, Mr. Edge with his wife, formerly Miss
Frances Ogden and infant son, came to the United States in 1801."
    Do you know if it would be possible to find out more about this
criminal proceeding? I would be very curious to find out if it was
politically motivated. 

Valerie Frank (argenthal@home.com)


Hi John,
I don't know how the above three TAGGs fit into my tree but the following
two do:
1799.1 TAGG Abraham (Brampton, Sc) Yeoman [Riot& assault] N/s (Booker
thomas) Newbold [Fine 1/=.  see 1312/24]
1799.1 TAGG David (Newbold, Sc) Miner [Riot] N/s (N/s) N/s [No true bill.
see 1356/71]
David was christened about 1771 so he'd be about 28 or thereabouts.  Abraham
was David's brother, was a year older and my 5x great grandfather.
What on earth would they be rioting about in 1799 in Newbold?  Does this
mean that Abraham assaulted Thomas Booker or was he just a witness to the
assault?  David died 9 years later and I still have to find a burial for
Abraham maybe it'll pop in the PRs I'm transcribing? *-) I have a friend
(probably a cousin actually) who descends from David so I should send her
this info. I'm sure she'd be very interested.

Take care
Jayne (spiregen@sympatico.ca)


Hi John
Thanks for putting the crimes on the web site.  I have found three of mine,
two I knew about from research (the ones in 1818, but the first one in the
petty sessions (1791) I didnt know about.  Timothy Swinscow (the first one
mentioned in the list) was transported to Australia for horse stealing, he
arrived in 1825, he was hung in Hobart Tasmania on 18 Sept 1826 for robbery.
So he didnt learn his lesson.  William Swinscow (the second one) was also
transported although not until the year 1834, he married and died in
Australia aged 74.  If you would like any further information please do not
hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks again
Delyth Waugh, Christchurch, New Zealand
email d.waugh@clear.net.nz  ICQ # 13490015
Searching for SWINSCOE anywhere anytime
Home page: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~swinscoe


I am pretty sure that the Henry WETTON from Crich who was fined £5 for
poaching in 1825 is my 3xGGrandfather.  He was baptised in Crich on 23
Jul 1786 and his parents were William WETTON and Hannah TAYLOR.  He was
a labourer and in the 1841 census he was a railway labourer.  I have
only had a quick look so far, and may come up with some others.

Jackie (jackie@russell62.freeserve.co.uk)


Hello John,
Congratulations on another fine addition to your site.
I haven't found any direct ancestors - boring lot weren't they :-)) - but 
attached are details of a couple of people I've come across during my research.

Graham [Hadfield] (gj.hadfield@ukonline.co.uk)
Our main page is http://web.ukonline.co.uk/Members/gj.hadfield/contents.htm 
Alternative e-mail addresses: 
(gj.hadfield@ntlworld.com) and (gj.hadfield@freezone.co.uk)

---1822.4 GEE Isaac (Marple bridge, HP) Shopkeeper
Will of Isaac Gee of Hattersley, Innkeeper, Dated 19th June 1824.
Leasehold House Farm and premises at Marple Bridge.
Daughters Betty, Susannah and Emy.
Grandchildren the Sons and Daughters of Richard Middleton late of 
Marple Bridge.
House Cottage and premises situate in Hattersley leased from the 
Earl of Stamford and Warrington.
Son Joseph Gee.
Son Henry Gee (one of Richard Middleton's executors).
Son Thomas Gee.
Son Daniel Gee.
Daughters Betty Gee and Emy Gee and friend Samuel Cooper Blore of Mottram, 
Tinner and Brasier Executors.
Witnesses: Geo Woodhead, William Burgess, John Roberts.
Codicil of Isaac Gee late of Hattersley but now of Marple Bridge in the 
County of Derby Shopkeeper, Dated 24th February 1827.
Revoke the appointment Betty Gee, Emy Gee and Samuel Cooper Blore as 
Appoint Betty Gee, Emy Gee and Richard Mann of Marple, Schoolmaster Executors.
Witnesses: R.R.Higham, Thomas Taylor, James Beard.
Isaac died on the 27th of February 1827.
Probate granted 15th of June 1827, the estate being valued at under £450, 
to Betty Gee of Marple Bridge in the parish of Glossop in the County of Derby 
Emy Gee of the parish of Mottram in the County of Chester and Richard Mann of 
the parish of Stockport in the County of Chester Schoolmaster.
MIs for Marple Bridge Ind Chapel.
141 Beneath this stone are interred the Remains of Isaac Gee who 
died Feb 27 1827 aged 67 years. Elizabeth wife of Isaac Gee of Ludworth 
departed July 2nd 1801 in her 43rd year.
     You who've lost a virtuous Mother
     A faithful friend and Guardian true
     Come, for how can any other
     Sympathise with me like you.
Also Sarah their daughter depart Oct 2 1801 aged 13 weeks. 
Also Henry their son died June 2 1837 aged 44 years. 
Also Thomas their son who died in East India Oct 29 1827 aged 32 years. 
In memory of Betty Gee who died Apr 29 1853 aged 53 years. 
Also Susannah Gee April 14 1869.
IGI Entry
Isaac GEE, bpt Feb 1760, Mottram In Longdendale, Cheshire, 
Father: Joseph GEE, Mother: Ann

---1822.4 FIELDING Jeremiah (Dinting bridge, HP) Shopkeeper
MI at Glossop Parish Church.
562 James son of Jerry and Lettice Fielding of Wren Nest died Feb 28 1837 
in his 14th year
also Thomas their son died Oct 23rd 1842 aged 11 years
also Charles their son died Feb 2nd 1848 aged 19 years
also the above Jerry Fielding died March 24th 1853 aged 62 years
[This is Family #24 on the first FIELDING page at our web site.]

---1807.3 FIELDING Charles (Glossop, HP) Baker
There were lots of Charles FIELDINGs around in Glossop at the time
 - several on the page referred to above - but I've never seen any 
described as a baker.


Hi John,
Thomas Brunt of Bakewell  sounds like one of my lot, but have not 
actually linked him up yet. As I think I told you before my ancestors were 
nearby at Middleton by Youlgreave. His details on your site:- 
---Thomas Brunt  1827 Bakewell, Petty Sessions, Poaching & Possession of 
Game, Fined £5 

Best wishes 
Peter Brunt from Preston (PBrunt2621@aol.com)


Firstly let me congratulate you on your Wirksworth site, I have visited it 
many times and usually find something to add to my family tree.
Two criminals for you;
LITCHFIELD, Curtis born March 26, 1748 Makeney, duffield, died 1821 Horsley, 
married to Dorothy ELSE Nov 23 1773 in Horsley.  Had seven children all born 
at Horsley.
---1799 Petty Sessions.  Curtis LITCHFIELD farmer was convicted of 
poaching:possession at Kilburn ML fined five pounds (Hurt c)

LITCHFIELD, Stephen, b. June 4 1786 Osmaston, m. Ann BOWLER, 1807 Ashbourne, 
had six children all born Osmaston.
---1821 Quarter Sessions.  Stephen LITCHFIELD (Snelston ap) farmer, was 
convicted of assult against N S Harlow Jn, (appraiser and auctioneer) at 
Ashbourne (certioriaia)

regards Janet Dickinson, australia (dickinsonjanet@hotmail.com)


Hi John,
I have an Isaac Oldershaw born 1744 that may be the one on the criminal
list. He married Elizabeth Pollar......interesting to say the least!

Linda in Canada (ljak1@home.com)


Hi John,
Have just spent a most diverting session with your crime records, and
believe that I can put my hand up for the following ancestors:

Petty Sessions
1794.3 HANDFORD William (Mickleover, ML) Butcher [Poaching: possession
tools] fine: £5.00 (Mundy  fnc )
1793.3 HANDFORD William jnr (Mickleover, ML) Butcher [Drunk on a sunday]
fine: 5/= (Mundy  fnc, )
1824.4 PYWELL Thomas (Littleover, ML) Victualler [Breach of licence] fine:
40/=+10/6 (Heathcote & mundy)
1825.2 PYWELL Thomas (Littleover, ML) Alehouse keeper [Offence against
licence] fine: £10.00+16/= (Heathcote & bell)
Quarter Sessions
1790.4 HANDFORD William jnr (Mickleover, ML) Butcher [Assault] N/s (Pywell
john (butcher)) Mickleover [Not guilty]
1794.1 PYWELL Thomas (Mickleover, ML) Labourer [Assault] N/s (Bradley james
(bailiff)) Derby [Fine 1/=]

I'm afraid I can't offer much feedback as I've only recently started to
investigate the Derbyshire link and much of my information is from the IGI.
However, my Juliet HANDFORD was born in Mickleover in 1800, daughter of
William HANDFORD and Hannah PYWELL(b 1773), who in turn was the daughter of
Thomas PYWELL (b Mickleover 1746) and Ann HODGKINSON. Thomas PYWELL and Ann
also had a son John PYWELL, b 1783.

I'm only laying claim to the individuals for whom I have cross-references,
so cannot comment on the parentage of William HANDFORD. The families seem
to have flitted between Mickleover and Littleover - not much of a flit.
Thank you (and Michael) for a brilliant addition to a brilliant site. Oh
that I could find a Wirksworth link for my HARDYs!

Kate Boyce, Melbourne Australia (keb@labyrinth.net.au)


Hi John
I accepted your invitation to browse the list of criminals - of course,
I wasn't going to find any!! However, Matthew Stanfield DALBY (gent)
is one of mine. 1795 (aged 27 as I have him as b in 1768) he assaulted
John Hayne Esq. It says 'removed by certiovari' Does this mean that the 
blighter got away with it? Matthew is a son of the first marriage of 
my 4xg-grandfather, John Johnson DALBY, so he is my half-5xgreat-uncle
Where or what is Biggin Appletree, please? I'm off now to look for more
criminals. What a fabulous site!

Kind regards
Joy (mandj@jhungerford.freeserve.co.uk)


Hi John
I'm sorry to say that William ANTILL, gent, of Spondon, who was found to 
have made a malicious assault, including garment cutting, on Elizabeth COPES,
in 1789, may well have been my 5xg-uncle at age 40. His father, William, 
would have been a bit past it at 71.
Maybe the birth of his son, William Joyce ANTILL, also in 1789, pushed him a
mite too far! If this is the right William, his mother was an heiress, so he 
was probably spoilt rotten.
He is a cousin, once removed, (previous generation) of Matthew Stanfield DALBY,
mentioned in my previous email. I'm ashamed of the pair of them.

Kind regards
Joy (mandj@jhungerford.freeserve.co.uk)


Hi John
It's possible that the George and Samuel Hudson, of Snelston, in the Petty
Sessions Records are one of my ancestors and his brother. There were two
Samuels that could possibly fit, one born about 1766 and one about 1770.
They both had brothers George. I believe that the one born about 1766 is my
ancestor.  Would it be possible to find out any more about these cases?  If
there is any further information I might be able to narrow down which Samuel
it was.

Also the Mary Moorcroft,of Boylestone, widow, mentioned is almost certainly
Mary Moorcroft, nee Titterton, born in 1731.  She was the widow of John
Moorcroft who died in 1767.

Libby Orme (Liblob@btinternet.com)


Hello John

Well I didn't expect to find this type of crime attaching to my wife's
family. However, when you are in trade I guess this type of crime is
inevitable. As you will see from the following Robert was a Yeoman of
substance. His son Robert (Jnr) owned the Bankvale Papermill, which I
visited in 1993. Robert Slack (1754 - 1822) was my wife's 4x great
grandfather and his details are shown below together with details of
his will.

From the Court of Petty Session records in 1798 you have reported as
"1798.3 SLACK Robert (Hayfield, High Peak) Tanner [Weights] fine: 5/=
(Denman & wright)"

Robert SLACK (c. 1754-1822), the son of Robert Slack and Ann Slack nee
PICKFORD, was born circa 1754. He married Ellen Bradbury at
Glossop,Derbyshire,England on Tuesday 6th September 1774, the marriage
producing two children: Betty and Ann.  He married for a second time
to Mary Tym at Derbyshire, England, the marriage producing five
children: Robert (1782-1851), John (d.1853), Thomas, Dorothy and
Grace. He died on Sunday 9th June 1822.

Personal History:
The last Will and testament of me Robert Slack the elder of Little
Hayfield - Parish of Glossop Yeoman etc.
1. My dear wife and her assigns for life "any such one of my dwelling
houses situate in the Clough as she may chuse" - also annuity making
together annual sum of £50 from Robert Slack, John and Thomas etc.  -
payable ½ yearly  - also household goods- also debts owing from
leather - also personal property.

2. To son Robert estate and premises at Lowe Bank and Upper Bank, the
...end meadow and all buildings and  ...urteges etc. - all debts in my
books being simple contracts for leather.

3. To daughter Ann Steel and Grace Marriott as tenants in common
equally not as joint tenants my estate buildings near Stockport,
Cheshire to dispose of at their will.

4. To sons John and Thomas estates in Little Hayfield and Allotmy as
new formed together with my buildings, factories, rights etc. and all
my three dwelling houses at Townend,in Chapel-en-le-Frith - if one
conveys part he shall pay the other etc. To J. T. all my cattle,
farming stock etc. To Thomas all my sheep.

Detailed instructions to executors at some length - wife and Thomas
Slack of Macclesfield couinty of Cheshire surgeon and John Gee of
31st March 1821.

Signed sealed Robert Slack

Witnesses:  George Hadfield -  John Turner  - John Hurst.

Robert was a "Tanner" of Little Hayfield. He married Twice. The
marriage to Mary Tym does not appear in the IGI for Derbyshire or

The IGI records Robert as being married to Ellen Bradbury  6 Sep 1774
Glossop. Family notes provided by Janice Jackson describe him as
Yeoman of Little Hayfield.

Robert Slack (1754 - 1822) is included in the pedigree, prepared by
Sir Francis Slack, and which was lodged with and proved by the College
of Heralds.

Robert Slack above was the g.grandfather of William Edward Slack,
formerly of Hayfield, who migrated together with three other brothers
to Australia in the period 1852 -1854. William Edward (Ted) Slack was
Janice's g.grandfather.

John, congratulations on your wonderful effort and please feel free to
incorporate any of the above details in your notes.

Kind regards
Alan & Janice Bird (Janice Bird,  nee Slack)
Brisbane Qld. (abird@powerup.com.au)


Hi John,
Thanks for all your work-that was an absolutley wonderful piece of
recorded history.
I am descended from the Abraham TAGG (crime of assault at the Quarter
sessions 1799.) Jayne Mc Hugh may have given you the details.
Abraham c. 15 Apr 1770 and David c 24 Dec 1771.I don't have an exact
date of birth.Both were sons of Moses TAGG an  Ellen - Moses born abt
1750 and said to be a mining expert.
The name of Abraham seemed to be important as his son William had a son
Abraham c. 8 April 1825 at Old Brampton -I have lost him but William's
daughter Mary Ann TAGG also had a child christened Abraham-c.22 Mar 1855
at Old Brampton-no name of father given & I have no more information on
him. Another daughter of William an Emma TAGG had a son a year before she
married his father and he was also christened Abraham TAGG- 17 April
1862 at Old Brampton.I think he may have been the last of the Abraham
TAGGs of direct descent as my mother who married a Sidney, the youngest
son of Abraham 1862, refused to name either of my brothers Abraham.
However as they have not had sons,the name would have ended there.
As you will have gathered I am a nee TAGG. My sister and I married
before having children! My father's brothers had daughters and I met them
only once in 1942 at my father's funeral-I do not think they would have
been happy to carry on the name Abraham TAGG!
To be fair-Abraham & David TAGG named a son William -it would appear
that both the Williams married a Mary Marples and perhaps the Abraham
was a way of claiming this family was descended from Abraham's William
although I have heard stories of property which may have been the land
owned by Abraham. Is it possible there is a record of the 'wicked'
Abraham's address recorded at the time of his 1/- fine as I have been
searching for a Hen Park without success? 
Hoping to be able to close my chapter on the 'Importance of Being
Abraham' & I have not bored you too much with the tale of Abraham.

Thanks for putting the information on the list,
Freda, New Zealand (Freda.Harte@xtra.co.nz)


Hi John,
What a wonderful site!!  I found my direct ancestor and his brother both
charged with assault to the same person.  Could you please help me with N/s
and "see 1021/3" ..... just quite sure what the former stands for and how I
follow-up 1021/3?

1791 (4)  TIPPING Lawrence was charged with assault and fined 1/-.  Lawrence
was given as a labourer (he was also a miner -guess the same thing!!) and he
was baptised  in Matlock on 11th June 1758.  In December 1788 he married Ann
Rawson at St Giles and proceeded to have 10 children.
1791 (4)  TIPPING Peter was also charged with assault and fined 1/-.  Peter
was baptised in Matlock on 6th Feb 1757 and in March 1779 married Hannah
Pearson and proceeded to have 8 children!
Robin in Australia (robindacosta_adams@msn.com.au)


Hello John,
I enjoyed your website. Michael Cox might like to know that Robert Stafford,
Cotton manufacturer of New Mills, was 58 when he appeared in Court in 1790.

Anthony Stafford (astafford@wanadoo.fr)


 Your web site never ceases to amaze me! You may remember that a little
while ago you helped me to discover that the Robert Berrington, who,
according to the IGI was christened in Wirksworth was in fact somebody
else!. The real Robert Berrington was born in Kegworth in 1795, had a pub in
Long Row Nottingham in the early 1820s  (perhaps the Black Boy) before
moving for a short time to a pub in Ripley. As a result of which the real
Robert Berrington appears on your web site under the petty sessions section,
having been fined 10/- with 6/6d costs for a breach of his licence! Shortly
afterwards, he moved to The Potteries and by 1830 he was landlord of the
principal coaching inn, The Legs of Man in the Market Place Burslem. I don't
know if this info is of any use to you and I only wish your fantastic
efforts covered Ripley as well as Wirksworth, since if it did, I am sure
that I could find out the name of Robert's Ripley pub! Ripley information
seems to be non-existent as far as the Web is concerned!

 Brian (brian_berrington@lineone.net)


Dear John,

Firstly may I say what a great site you have and what a great help it is
to somebody like myself who has only recently begun to trace the family
and living here in the Isle of Man gives me limited access to records.

I am responding to your request for information regarding some of the
criminals listed on your site and believe that on the quarter sessions list
the Charles Moreton (1799) of Duffield is my 3XGG. He was born in Duffield
in 1779 to John Moreton and Mary Winrow who were married by license in
Duffield in 1771(Philimores). Charles was a stonemason as were many of the
Moretons found in Duffield between 1650 and 1880. Charles married in
Manchester in 1803 before returning to Duffield. The James and George
mentioned are,I believe, Charles's cousins but here I have not yet
sufficient information as there are two lots of George and James. One pair
were brothers with George born 1770 and James 1772. The others were George
born 1784 and James 1781. The latter pair would look favourite as they are
younger. However, I suppose it depends on what the riot was about. I have
some rough outlines of the familys living in Duffield at the time but as I
said I am fairly new to this and have not yet got sufficient information to
be 100% sure. I notice that the three cases all carry the same reference of
1325/431. Could you please be so kind as to let me know what exactly this
reference is for and where I could look up further information on it.
It may actually have some useful research leads. Also, would there have been
a newspaper report at that time?

If I can prove that these are the persons that I think they are I will let
you know for your records. Once again, congratulations on a wonderful site.
I only wish there were a lot more of them.

Best regards

Brian Moreton



Dear John

Thanks for your work in putting this together.

I found in the quarter sessions section:

1792.2 NADAULD Rev Thomas (Horsley, ML) Clerk [Assault] N/s 
(Gregory hannah wife rich mil/r) Belper [No true bill  see 1051-60]

How do I find out more about the case?

This is what I know about Thomas at the moment.

Thomas Nadauld  son of Peter (Pierre) Nadauld,  Grandson of Henri Nadauld
was born before 18/Jan/1727. Thomas died 9/Nov/1807 at Ashford Derbyshire,
at 80 years of age. His body was interred after 9/Nov/1807 at Ashford
Derbyshire, Holy Trinity Churchyard Ashford.

He married Elizabeth Emery Nadauld at Brewood Staffordshire, 11/Aug/1763.
Elizabeth was born before 1/Apr/1742. Elizabeth was the daughter of William
Emery. Elizabeth died before 19/Nov/1824 at approximately 82 years of age.
Her body was interred 19/Nov/1824 at Ashford Derbyshire.

He was baptized at Ashford Derbyshire, 18/Jan/1727. Thomas's occupation:
Priest in Great Longstone Derbyshire, 1755.
He resided at Brewood Staffordshire 7/Aug/1764.
He resided at Duffield Derbyshire 14/Feb/1766.
He resided at Duffield Derbyshire 11/Sep/1767.
He resided in Makeney Derbyshire 22/Jan/1772.
He resided at Horsley Derbyshire 27/Nov/1782.
Thomas's occupation: Priest at Horsley Derbyshire, 1788.
He resided in Kilbourne Derbyshire 27/Aug/1792.
In the case of Elizabeth Dorothy Nadauld Starbuck versus John Williams,
Thomas appeared as the deponent 27/Aug/1792.
Thomas's occupation: Priest at Ashford Derbyshire, before 9/Nov/1807.

Tim Skittrell


Hello John
William Pidcock, who was up before the court in 1818 for stealing 2 prayer 
books from Dronfield Sunday School, was born 13 October 1779, the son of  
John Pidcock of Ashbourne who owned a factory making 'fashionable glassware'.
John's children went into the church and teaching.  William became the 
Headmaster of Dronfield Grammar School.  There is this entry about him in the
'Victoria County History of Derbyshire':-
'DRONFIELD GRAMMAR SCHOOL - founded under letters patent of Queen Elizabeth,
23 June 1579. ... Before the end of the eighteenth century the school got 
into Chancery, owing to the vicar of Dronfield having been appointed 
schoolmaster and refusing to teach any subject but classics. The school was 
closed. In 1809, on a new vicar coming in, the suit was dismissed, but the 
payment of £1,100 in costs kept the school in abeyance until 1814.  
It was then reopened under William Pidcock with a salary of £130 a year,
and an usher at £66 a year.  But it again returned to Chancery on a 
petition 10 March 1818, by the master, whom the four churchwardens, without 
and in spite of the vicar, had purported to dismiss, and withheld his salary.
With remarkable expedition the court upheld the master by a judgement of 
26 May 1818.
In 1827 (Char. Com. Rep. xviii, 202.) Pidcock was still master, but the 
school was purely elementary with 130 boys and girls taught English grammar 
and reading by the master, and writing and accounts by the usher.'  
William died on 20 November 1860 aged 81.
His position is confirmed by this entry in the 'Alumni Cantabrigiensis' about
his eldest son, also William b.1810:-
'PIDCOCK, William; Adm. sizar St. Johns, July 7, 1831 - of Surrey; S. of 
William Pidcock, Head master of the Grammar School, Dronfield, near Sheffield;
Migrated to Queen's, Oct. 15, 1831; Matric Mich's. 1831; B.A. 1835; priest 
1837; C. of Elstead & Freesham, Surrey 1835-7; C. of Chertsey 1837-45; V. of 
St. Pauls, Addlestone 1845-84. Died May 20, 1884, aged 74. 
It surprises me that a headmaster from a prominent family should be accused 
of stealing 'two prayer books'.
William isn't on my branch of the Pidcocks, but I'm doing a One-name study 
and may connect him in someday.  Your Wirksworth site is of great help in my 
research.  Thank you.
Margaret Pidcock Burns

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