Updated 18 Jun 2003

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Found an ancestor in this website? Can't trace their line forwards or back? Found a stray from Wirksworth? The Author may be able to HELP. Contact by e-mail with the details.

Regret I don't normally have the time to SEARCH this website for your ancestor. It shouldn't be a problem to do it yourself because all my records are well indexed. (However, see below for special circumstances when I can do a search).

But if you have FOUND one of your ancestors on this website but can't trace them forwards or back (although you've honestly tried), maybe I can HELP.

All the data on this website is also held in computer databases which I have compiled for my own use. Databases are great for searching and indexing, and are a tremendous help when trying to trace a family tree. But only if the data is in the records to start with.

Send me enough details of the person you've found on this website to let me locate them. For example:
Parish Registers: Burial 1758jul23 DOXEY Aaron(son)Aaron/(Middleton)
Then I'll use my 42 databases to try and trace their family tree forwards or back. But I can only do this within the range of years (1600-1900) and area (Wirksworth, Matlock, Middleton, Cromford etc) covered by this website.

The kind of thing I may be able to unearth is: Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Maiden name, siblings, parents' names, Aunts, Uncles, Dates, Birthplaces, Occupations, Addresses, Cousins, Variant surname, movements of the family etc.

One of the reasons using a database helps is that all the alternatives are shown on the screen together. So, looking at all the children and their ages, I can make a good guess when their parents' marriage took place. Or looking at several alternative baptisms, I can choose the most likely because of father's job or birthplace. Or maybe I can trace a Marriage witness and find he was a cousin of alternative "B". Sometimes I can disentangle the children of two sets of parents with the same names. I can even trace a wife's maiden surname by searching for an "Isabella" born around 1790 and discover there is only one. Perhaps using the Census together with the Parish Registers reveals just who someones mother was?

I am prepared to search the website for a person if I have their firstname, their approximate age and strong evidence they were born in the Wirksworth Area. For example, a married woman called Jemima appearing in a non-Wirksworth-Area Census declares she is 28 in 1851 and was born in Cromford.

Ince's Pedigrees is a goldmine whose potential is only fully revealed by a computer database search. For example a search on "High Constable" reveals pedigrees of three holders of this office. A search on "America" reveals some 40 people born in the Wirksworth Area who moved to the New World.

So drop me an e-mail if you think there's a good chance that using my database will produce a result that you are not able to achieve searching the records in this website.

Best wishes,

John Palmer, Dorset, England

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