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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS from Wirksworth

Here is a list of strays from Wirksworth that people have come across
in their researches. If you can add to this list, please send details
to: John Palmer 

Stephanie Hitchcock writes Hello John, I came across the following in:- Abstracts of the Bonds & Allegations for Marriage Licences in the Archdeaconry Court of Nottingham Thoroton Society Volume 10 Ė Transcribed by Thomas M. Blagg 5th October 1754 ISAAC PAGE, parish of Wirksworth, County Derby, butcher, 21, widower and ANN NOWELL, parish of Greasley, 20 spinster at Greasley (Adam Nowell, parish of Greasley, yeoman, appeared with Bryan Forrest of Thurgarton, yeoman, bondsmen, and swore they knew of no impediment to Annís marriage, but the relationship between her and Adam is not given) 7th June 1760 JOHN DEBANKE, parish of Wirksworth, County Derby, farmer, 30, widower and ANN BESTWICK, parish of Mansfield, 30, spinster at Mansfield. 5th September 1761 WILLIAM BRADLEY, parish of Grantham, County Lincolnshire, 25 bachelor and REBECCA SHIPLEY, parish of Newark, 25, spinster at Newark. (John Ogden, parish of Wirksworth County Derby is bond) 9th October 1766 WILLIAM BRIDDEN, parish of Wirksworth, County Derby milner, 27 bachelor and Martha White, parish of St. Mary, Nottingham, 21 Spinster, at St. Mary Nottingham. {note occupation is given as MILNER} Hope this information is of assistance, do not mind my name being stated but would not like my e-mail given. Regards Stephanie Hitchcock
Hi John, I was just doing a lookup for someone, of the Strelley MI's in Notts & found this entry ... I thought you might like to add it to the following page: http://www.wirksworth.org.uk/94-STRAY.htm Entry found on Notts Memorial Inscriptions (fiche number 9, section 89) STRELLEY MEMORIAL INSCRIPTIONS 'GELL, Thomas of Gorsey Bank Nr. Wirksworth, died 30th July 1848, 61yrs' No need to reply Best Wishes, Helen helen@genealogy-links.co.uk
From: Mike Spencer Hi list, This is primarily for anyone who had SPENCER ancestors from the parish of Wirksworth. It is a list of around 80 SPENCERs who were from the parish but either married died.or were baptised elsewhere within the County of Derby. I know there are others outside the County. It may help find an elusive marriage etc.I have heard that at the time of the 1831 census the greatest concentration of any one surname was SPENCER of Middleton by Wirksworth so you can see the difficulties that can pose. If anyone can confirm the 1831 Census report I wuold be very interested to know of it's source. Where the Middleton SPENCERS came from I do not know but there are references that connects them with Cambridge in the 1300s. I have not listed Wirksworth or Cromford non conformist entries as they have hardly strayed from Wirksworth parish but those nearby separate parishes of Matlock,Bonsall, Winster and numerous others throughout the County. It is not a comprehensive list by any means, though many parishes have been checked but show no evidence of Wirksworth parish SPENCERs. MATLOCK BATH Glenorchy Chapel 03 Jun 1787 Saml. of Anthony /Mary Spencer of MW bp 28 Jan 1789 Wm of John/Ann Spencer of MW bp 14 Mar 1790 Anthony of Anthony /Mary Spencer of MW bp EDLASTON 20 May1833 James Spencer of WW and Charlotte Keeling of Edlaston marr. banns CARSINGTON 27Jun 1696 Thos.Spencer and Elizabeth Ogden now both of them of MW marr. 18 Mar1730/1 Edensor? Buxton and Martha Spencer both of WW marr. Lic. 22 Oct 1747 Saml Holebrook of Ashleyhay and Mary Spencer of WW marr.banns 21 Mar 1754 Robert Spencer and Ellen Spencer both of MW marr.Lic. 14 Mar 1855 Anthony Spencer 25,Wid .Limestone cutter MW George.miner Hannah Greatorex 21 Sp. Carsington, Wm. carrier 12 Jun 1901 Thomas Spencer 19 bach. farm servant Ible - - Frances Steeples 22 Sp. - Griffe Grange - - YOULGREAVE 22 Oct 1752 Robert Spencer of Cromford and Mary Brunt marr. 30 Mar 1751 Robert Spence(sic)of Cromford and Hannah Wheeldon 29 Aug 1861 Elizabeth Spencer of MW bur. aged 25 BIGGIN 09 Nov 1857 George Henry son of Francis Spencer of Ible and Jane Prince of Biggin labourer (not illegitimate) MUGGINTON 5 Sep 1878 Sarah Ann Spencer of WW bur.aged 30 29 May1769 Robert Spencer of WW farmer, and Mary Bateman sp. marr.Lic. 21 Feb 1766 Richard Spencer of WW farmer,and Sarah Longden sp Mugginton Lic. DARLEY DALE 29 Sep 1726 Francis Spencer of WW AND Grace Wilymoy of Darley 27 Jun 1705 Robert Spencer of WW and Mary Wragg otp 18 Jun 1699 Robert Spencer and Ann Spencer both of MW 18 May1828 George illeg of Elizabeth Vickers of Wensley,singlewoman and Isaac Spencer of MW bp. BELPER PRIMITIVE METHODIST 03 Jun 1846 Elizb.of Anth./Lydia Spencer,nee Porter,Bolehill,Wirksworth,miner. 25 Jun 1848 Willm " " " " 24 Nov 1852 Sarah Ann of Anth./Lydia Spencer,nee Morson,Bolehill ASHBOURNE 19 Oct 1763 John Spencer of WW,baker and Ann Smith 18 Mar 1754 Robert Spencer andEllen Spencer both of MW 5 Mar 1753 Thomas Spencer of Wirksworth and Jane Nash of Ashbourne Lic. 21 Mar 1738 James Spencer and Jane More of Wirksworth WINSTER 27 May 1694 Maria dua of Richard and Elizabeth Spencer of Ible bp. 28 Apr 1781 Robert son of Richard Spencer of Ible bp. 18 Oct 1803 Mary spurious dau of Sarah Spencer of Ible bp 29 Nov 1753 Jacob Spencer and Mary Evans both of Wirksworth CHESTERFIELD 9 Apr 1723 John Spencer of Wirksworth and Ruth Stone of Bradbourne Lic. 8 Jun 1791 Richard Marsh of Chesterfield and Elizabeth Spencer,Wirksworth,Lic. WINSTER CIRCUIT (Methodist) 26 Apr 1826 John son of Henry and Mary Spencer of Middleton miner,bp. BONSALL 20 Nov 1817 Peter Spencer of Middleton and Elizabeth Spencer, banns 27 Jan 1819 Ellen dau of John and Sarah Spencer of Ible,miner,bp 27 Oct 1850 Betsey dau of John and Elizabeth Spencer ,butcher of Middleton,bp 13 Jan 1690/1 John Evans of this parish and Rebeccah Spencer of p.Wirksworth 3 Oct 1689 Mary dau of Richard Spencer of Ible bur. 22 Oct 1689 Edmund son of Richard Spencer of Ible bur. 6 Jan 1757/8 David son of Thomas Spencer of Ible bp. 30 Sep 1660 Grace dau of Thomas Spencer of Ible bp. 4 Dec 1667 Grace wife of John Spencer of Middleton bur. 23 Dec 1687 Richard son of Richard Spencer of Ible bur. 30 Jul 1687 Rebecca wife of Richard Spencer of Ible bur. 16 Sep 1811 Isaac Spencer of MW and Rebecca Woodhouse marr.banns 16 Jan 1809 Robert Spencer of MW and Ann Gratton marr.banns. 5 Sep 1796 James Elliot of Bonsall and Mary Spencer p.Wirksworth Lic. 7 Nov 1900William Spencer, 22,bach,Quarryman,Middleton - - Sophia Agnes Barnes,32 sp. Bonsall. Israel Barnes fwk CRICH 1 Dec 1694 William Spencer of p.WIirksworth and Hannah Horobin p.Crich ALFRETON 29 Jun 1738 Robert Spencer of Bolehill,p.Wirksworth and Elizb, Holbrook,Alfr.lic. ATLOW 25 May 1710 Job Spencer of Middleton and Sarah Hood marr. 30 Jan 1763 Joseph son of William and Mary Spencer of Ashleyhay bp BRADBOURNE 12 Jun 1749 John Spencer, Wirksworth and Elizabeth Oldham of Ashbourne marr. 23 May 1763 Richard Spencer of Ible and Hannah Howsley of Bradbourne BRASSINGTON 18 May 1836 Joseph Spencer,bach of Wirksworth and Esther Greatorex,banns. DERBY ST MICHAEL 5 Jul 1744 Willam Kelsall and Dorothy Spencer both p.Wirksworth DERBY ST ALKMUND 4 Apr 1725 Caleb Hall and Hannah Spencer both of Wirksworth FENNY BENTLEY 16 Dec1725 Thomas Langford, Ashford in the Water,and Dorothy Spencer M.by W. HEANOR 9 Aug 1688 Mr John Richard,Doncaster and Mrs Sarah Spencer of Ashleyhay lic. HOGNASTON 20 Dec1886 Frank Spencer 29 wid,gas maker, MW, Isaac Spencer ,Quarryman Sarah Ann Wheeldon 32 wid,Hognaston ,Thomas Harby, farmer HORSLEY 17 Feb 1613/4 Thomas Spensor of MW and Maria dau Roger Harrrison marr KIRK IRETON 21 Apr 1681 Mr Edmund Winter of Langley and Mrs Elizb.Spencer of WW. 15 Oct 1735 James Orme of Darley and Hannah Spencer of Wirksworth KNIVETON 10 Mar 1633 Thomas Spencer of MW and Ann Maulton of Kniveton 24 Dec1792 Thomas Spencer pWirksworth and Elizb.Hough of Kniveton MATLOCK 28 Dec1809 William Spencer of MW and Martha Buckley otp.banns 16 Dec1816 Thomas Spencer of MW and Vinah Bradshawotp banns 3 Jun 1840 Daniel Spencer fa bach,miner MW. Daniel Spencer ,miner Mary Trickett fa sp. Matlock,WmTrickett, wheelwright 25 Dec1854 Thomas Spencer minor,bach miner,Middleton,Isaac Spencer,miner Ann Knowles fa sp Masson Side, Adam Knowles,lab. 19 Sep 1723 Benjamin Spencer of Wirksworth and Hannah Ball of Youlgreave 28 Aug 1758 Henry Pearson woolcomber, Matlock and Mary Spencer,sp. of WW 24 Jan 1760 George Buckle bach,miner,Matlock and Grace Spenser of MW 23 Dec 1773 John Carding of Matlock and Prudence Spencer of Wirksworth MATLOCK BATH 26 May 1900 Benjamin Spencer 50 wid,quarryman,MW ,Benjamin Spencer, farmer Sarah Toogood 35,sp. Scarthin, James Dunstone Toogood ,farmer SNELSTON 18 Jan 1855 William Spencer fa bach,farmer Ashleyhay Richard dec. Mary Ann Gough fa sp Snelston George , farmer SOUTH WINGFIELD 25 Jul 1717 Charles Spencer of Wirksworth and Grace Allsop of p.Matlock Mike Spencer mike@decc9.fsnet.co.uk
From: Helen Prevett, Crewe, Cheshire.
HILTON 1851:
Z/04/192/ Hargate Manor /Extra Parochial
Philip  HURT    Head     Mar 29  Gent Farmer
                                 175 Acres 5 Laborers
                                 BA Cambridge           DBY Wirksworth
Louise  HURT    Wife     Mar 30  Gent Farmers Wife
                                 France British Subject FRA
Sarah   SMITH   Servant  U   24  House Servant          DBY Elvaston
Emma    SPENCER Servant  U   16  House Servant          DBY Middleton by Wirksworth
Francis WALKER  Servant  U   16  House Servant          DBY Breadsale

Z/11/85/Burton Road
Joseph    JOWETT  Head Mar 50  Broad Silk Weaver  DBY Wirksworth
Mary      JOWETT  Wife Mar 49                     DBY Ticknall
Mary      JOWETT  Dau  U   22  Broad Silk Weaver  DBY Wirksworth
Elizabeth JOWETT  Dau  U   20  Broad Silk Weaver  DBY Wirksworth
Martha    JOWETT  Dau  U   16  Broad Silk Weaver  DBY Parish St Peter
Peter     JOWETT  Son      15  Scholar            DBY Parish St Peter
Fanny     JOWETT  Dau      10  Scholar            DBY Littleover

Z/11/111/Park Lane
Samuel HADFIELD  Head Mar 28  Labourer  DBY Littleover
Hannah HADFIELD  Wife Mar 29            DBY Wirksworth
Ann    HADFIELD  Dau      2             DBY Littleover

Z/11/16/Sowkes Square
Joseph    GALE Head Mar 47  Porter            HUN Leighton
Elizabeth GALE Wife Mar 38                    DBY Wirksworth
Joseph    GALE Son  Mar 21  Gimp Maker        DBY Derby
Sarah     GALE Dau  Mar 18                    DBY Derby
Hodson?   GALE Son  U   19  Slaters Assistant DBY Derby
Thomas    GALE Son  U   15  Gimp Turner       DBY Derby

Z/11/33/New Uttoxeter Rd
William   SENKIE?  Head    U  32  Bank Cashier   SCT
Mary      SENKIE?  Sister  U  30  Spinster       SCT
Elizabeth SALT     Servant U  26  House Servant  DBY Wirksworth

Z/11/94/Old Uttoxeter Rd 11
Joseph  SLATER  Head Mar 68  Gardener   DBY Shottle
Dorothy SLATER  Wife Mar 65             DBY Wirksworth
Dorothy SLATER  Dau  U   36  Dressmaker DBY Matlock
Ellen   SLATER  Dau  U   25  Laundress  DBY Matlock
Ann     SLATER  Gdau     10  Scholar    DBY Derby
Henry   SLATER  Gson      8  Scholar    DBY Derby

Z/11/101/Old Uttoxeter Road 5
John   COWLISHAM  Head  Mar 36  Baker Master
                                Employing 1 Man  DBY Wirksworth
Julia  COWLISHAM  Wife  Mar 35                   DBY Derby
Thomas COWLISHAM  Son        6  Scholar          DBY Derby
Emma   COWLISHAM  Dau        8  Scholar          DBY Derby
John   COWLISHAM  Son        5  Scholar          DBY Derby

Z/08/134/Dog Kennel Lane
William CROSBY  Head  Mar 56  ? Woman?         SAL Hon?
Martha  CROSBY  Wife  Mar 56                   DBY Wirksworth
Helen   CROSBY  Dau   U   25  Warehouse Woman  DBY Derby
William CROSBY  Son   U   18  Light Porter     DBY Derby
Henry   CROSBY  Son   U   16  Apprentice       DBY Derby
John    CROSBY  Son       13  Servant          DBY Derby
Mary    CROSBY  Dau        6  Scholar          DBY Derby
Jane    CROSBY  Dau        3  At Home          DBY Derby

Hi John Thought you might like the following Wirksworth Strays to add to your website. I found them whilst transcribing the 1861 and 1871 censuses for Stanley, Derbyshire. 1861 RG 9 Piece 2494 Folio 41 Sch 25 Richardson, Thomas Head M 51 farmer of 200 acres emp 2 labourers b. Ashleyhay Richardson, Sarah Wife M 52 Farmer's wife Ashleyhay Richardson, William Son U 27 Ashleyhay Richardson, John Son U 26 Ashleyhay Richardson, Sarah Dau U 24 Ashleyhay Richardson, Mary Dau U 21 Ashleyhay Richardson, Thomas Son U 19 Ashleyhay Richardson, Martha Dau U 16 Ashleyhay 1871 RG10 Piece 3559 Folio 8 Sch 43 Richardson, Thomas Head M 61 Farmer of 160 acres b. Wirksworth Richardson, Sarah Wife M 61 Farmer's wife Wirksworth Richardson, John Son U 35 Wirksworth Richardson, Thomas Son U 29 Wirksworth Richardson, Ann Dau U 22 Wirksworth Also in the household in 1871 is Redfern, Aaron Servant U 21 farm servant indoor b. Wirksworth You appear to have this family on your 1851 transcription for Wirksworth so they must have moved to Stanley between 1851 and 1861. They are not related to me, by the way, but I thought they might be a useful addition to your "Wirksworth Strays" section. Alan Bloor
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