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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Where to Stay

Several people have e-mailed me saying they would like to visit Wirksworth but do not know where to stay. The Information below is taken from a booklet called Accomodation in the Derbyshire Dales 1999 obtained from the Town Hall, Matlock and obtainable from most Tourist Information Centres in Derbyshire (and its FREE!). The booklet contains far more information than I have been willing to type out here. Below is the essential information for the Wirksworth Area only. I have not used any of the accomodation so I cannot comment on its quality, I always use Matlock Youth Hostel, or if full then Elton Youth Hostel which I find convenient and cheap.



(per person, from)
25-36   The Black Horse, Hulland Ward, Ashbourne, DE6 3EE             (01335-370-206)
90-110  Riber Hall, Matlock, DE4 5JU                                  (01629-582-795)
30-40   Sheriff Lodge Hotel, 51 Dimple Road, Matlock DE4 3JX          (01629-760-760)
15-55   Jackson Tor House Hotel, 76 Jackson Road, Matlock DE4 3JQ     (01629-582-348)
23      The Old English Hotel, Dale Road, Matlock DE4 3LT             (01629-550-28)
30-47   Hodgkinsons Hotel, South Parade, Matlock Bath DE4 3NR         (01629-582-170)
33-36   Temple Hotel, Temple Walk, Matlock Bath DE4 3PG               (01629-583-911)
48      The New Bath Hotel, New Bath Road, Matlock DE4 3PX            (01629-583-275)



(per person, from)
20-25   Town Head Farmhouse, 70 High Street, Bonsall, Matlock DE4 2AR (01629-823-762)
19-25   Woodseats Farm, Willersley Lane, Cromford, Matlock DE4 5JG    (01629-56525)
22-25   Avondale Farm, Grangemill, Matlock DE4 4HT                    (01629-650-820)
20      Middle Hills Farm, Grangemill, Matlock DE4 4HY                (01629-650-368)
16-18   Home Farm, Ible, Grangemill, Matlock DE4 4HS                  (01629-650-349)
20      Eastas Gate, 18 Main Street, Middleton by Wirksworth DE4 4LQ  (01629-822-707)
22      Saw Mill Cottage, 36 Wash Green, Wirksworth DE4 4FD           (01629-822-723)
33-40   The Old Lock-Up, North end, Wirksworth DE4 4FG                (01629-826-272)
24-28   Robertswood Guest House, Farley Hill, Matlock DE4 3LL         (01629-55642)
18      Victoria House, 65 Wellington St, Matlock DE4 3GS             (01629-55862)
13-15   The Orchard, 12 Greenaway Lane, Hackney, Matlock DE4 2QB      (01629-734-140)
17-22   The Firs, 180 Dale Road, Matlock DE4 3PS                      (01629-582-426)
16-18   Bradvilla, 26 Chesterfield Rd, Matlock DE4 3DQ                (01629-57147)
18-20   Glendon, Knowleston Place, Matlock DE4 3BU                    (01629-584-732)
16-20   Farley Farm, Farley, Matlock DE4 5LR                          (01629-582-533)
18-20   Winstaff Guest House, Derwent Avenue, Matlock DE4 3LX         (01629-582-593)
18-25   Dimple House, Dimple Road, Matlock DE4 3JX                    (01629-583-228)
18-21   Bank House, 12 Snitterton Rd, Matlock DE4 3LZ                 (01629-56101)
15-17   Edgemount, 16 Edge Rd, Matlock DE4 3NH                        (01629-584-787)
22-28   Packhorse Farm, Tansley, Matlock DE4 5LF                      (01629-580-950)
19-21   Ellen House, 37 Snitterton Rd, Matlock DE4 3LZ                (01629-55584)
19-20   Kensington Villa, 84 Dale Rd, Matlock DE4 3LU                 (01629-57627)
17-20   Derwent House, 5 Knowleston Place, Matlock DE4 3BU            (01629-584-681)
18-24   Packhorse Farm Bungalow, Tansley, Matlock DE4 5LF             (01629-582-781)
17-23   Wayside Farm, Matlock Moor, Matlock DE4 5LF                   (01629-582-967)
15-18   5 Clarence Terrace, Holme Rd, Matlock Bath DE4 3NY            (01629-55555)
20-23   Fountain Villa, 86 North parade, Matlock Bath DE4 3NS         (01629-56195)
15-22   Ashdale, 92 North parade, Matlock Bath DE4 3NS                (01629-57826)
17-20   Beech Hurst, 228 Dale Rd, Matlock Bath DE4 3RT                (01629-56013)
15      Old Museum Guest House & Restaurant, 170/172 South Parade,
                                              Matlock Bath DE4 3NR    (01629-57783)
20-26   Sunnybank Guest House, Clifton Rd, Matlock Bath DE4 3PW       (01629-584-621)



135-220 Rockside, 65 Yeoman St, Bonsall
          contact Mrs Sewry, 67 Yeoman St, Bonsall, Matlock DE4 2AA   (01629-823-493)
120-260 Hollies Cottage, Bonsall
          contact Mrs Mountney, 38 High St, Bonsall, Matlock DE4 2AR  (01629-823-162)
200-350 Woodseats Cottages, Cromford
          contact Mrs Beardsley, Woodseats Farm, Willersley Lane,
                                                    Cromford DE4 5JG  (01629-56525)
120-300 Kinrara, Cromford.
          contact Mr E Traska, 5 Burnwood Drive, Wollaton,
                                         Nottingham NG8 2DJ           (0115-928-2640)
140-425 Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Clematis Cottages & Caravan.
          contact Mrs Lomas, Middle Hills Farm, Grangemill,
                                           Matlock DE4 4HY            (01629-650-368)
200-250 Garden Cottage, Idridgehay.
          contact Peter Holden, Eliza's Cottage, 17 Cornhill,
                                           Allestree, DE22 2GG        (01332-551-155)
175-650 Dimple Barns, Matlock
          contact Dimple Farmhouse, Hurds Hollow, Megdale,
                                            Matlock DE4 3JX           (01629-760-855)
140-200 The Studio, Matlock
          contact Mrs Reuss, Cherry Tree Cottage, 247 Starkholmes Rd,
                                                     Matlock DE4 5JE  (01629-584-622)
120-230 Hadfield House, Matlock.
          contact Mrs Evans, 62 Dove Rd, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0TE   (01226-211-101)
165-295 Wayside Farm Cottages, Matlock
        contact Mrs Hole, Wayside Farm, Matlock moor, Matlock DE4 5LF (01629-582-967)
185-280 The Cottage, Matlock Bath
          contact Mrs Reed, Riversdale House, 186 Dale Rd,
                                               Matlock Bath DE4 3PT   (01629-583-878)
145-305 Nonsuch Apartment
         contact Dennis Smith, 192 South Parade, Matlock Bath DE4 3NR (01629-582-712)
140-160 Snuffless Dip, Wirksworth
          contact Mrs Doxey, Chandlers, West End, Wirksworth DE4 4EG  (01629-824-466)
150-210 21 The Lanes, Bolehill
          contact Mr Simons, 4 Tippendall Lane, Chiswell Green,
                                             St Albans, Herts AL2 3HL (01727-852-684)



(Price/Night, from)
7       Wayside Farm Caravan Park, Matlock Moor, Matlock DE4 5LF      (01629-582-967)
7-9.60  Birchwood Farm Caravan Park, Wirksworth Rd, Whatstandwell,
                                                 Matlock DE4 5HS      (01629-822-280)



(Price/night, adult)
10      40 Bank Rd, Matlock DE4 3NF                                   (01629-583-484)


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