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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Here are around 635 extracts from the Guest Book and e-mails received from users of this website since it first came on-line on 12 July 1998. Latest entry at the top. See 1049 earlier entries Please also read the Unfavourable comments

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to write and tell me they liked this website. Its my hobby, its free, and a bit of praise from my readers keeps me going! -- Author

The CD has no label (not considered long-lasting) but is written with special CD marker pens. It includes over 1,300 full screen photos (300 Mb), too large to put on the website. These include the Author's old photo collection, Ince's Pedigrees and photos taken within Wirksworth Parish Church.
For sale at £10, P & P included. Email:

Pay by cheque please to:
John Palmer, 29 Sutherland Av,
Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9EB, UK

Readers Comments

    1. I have used your super website on many occasions over the last 10 years or so, and would like to say "well done for a brilliant site!"
    2. Your prodigious efforts in undertaking the Wirkswirth place name study always amaze me when I look at them John. .... You deserve most sincere and continual kudos for initiating, compiling and maintaining this vast, amazing and useful website!
    3. Many thanks, I shall be making a lot more use of this great Site.
    4. Whilst writing I would like to thank you for the part you have played in my genealogical research. When getting started, back in the 90's, there was so little available on the internet and your Wirksworth site was a gold mine for me & my son when we were researching our family. With the information available on your site I was able to make a significant start on tracking down my Storer ancestors and set up a family tree which now includes over 5,000 people.
    5. Over the many years yourself and helpers have done a fantastic effort in compiling what you have, it is such a painstaking task. - Many thanks to all
    6. I spent most of yesterday on your site finding a great deal of new information about my family. It connected to information I already had so I know it was mine. I can't find anything like your site for Normanton and wonder if you know of one. I found your site on google by trying everything that came up and hit the jackpot, not so for Normanton!
    7. I am very impressed by the way in which you have presented the document in context.
    8. On first seeing the document and the emphasis on Wirksworth, I immediately thought of you -- such is your fame!
    9. None of my Wirksworth research would have been as easy without your database and, like many other family history researchers, I'm incredibly grateful for the tremendous body of work you've compiled.
    10. I was so thrilled to have found this site and finding it very interesting. Wirksworth is definately at the top of my bucket list to visit.
    11. Your site is the best John! I've had added so many branches to my tree thanks to your parish records and census records. Thanks and keep up the good work!
    12. One of the powers of this website is the ease with which one can not only trace the parentage of children but also trace the fragmentation of family groups caused by bereavement.
    13. Thank you for your reply, it's amazing how much information you have made available online! it's brilliant!
    14. Message from Hazel W... (nee Kinder), pupil at Anthony Gell Grammar School and on photo from 1947-53. " I was very excited to see this photograph and have fond memories. I am giving all the names I know".
    15. John - your Wirksworth site is a staggering achievement - many thanks for all your work over the years.
    16. I have taken my first look at http://www.wirksworth.org.uk/– what a fantastic and fascinating resource. I’m just sorry to find that my ancestors are from Bonsall rather than Wirksworth!
    17. John Palmer, who runs the Wirksworth site, is a very careful transcriber so if you find the entries there you can be pretty sure they are right.
    18. Your website is extremely impressive and I congratulate you heartily on it. I recognise the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to create something like this as I have been involved in a similar project for the town I used to live in.
    19. Firstly, may I take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all the work you have done in compiling the Wirksworth online website. It has been a great source of information and historical interest as I trace my early family history.
    20. I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know how interesting I found your web site on the history of Wirksworth and the surrounding area.
    21. I have been viewing/studying your wonderful site whilst tracing a HUBBERSTY connection to a family tree I am researching. The site is a treasure trove of information and thanks for sharing it.
    22. I acknowledge the great help I have found in the Wirksworth parish records. Thank you. It is a magnificent resource and I have enjoyed picking up many odd items.
    23. Thanks John. I, by the way,wanted to thank you for your website which is a God sent present for all people with Wirksworth based ancestors, especially those living abroad like me.
    24. I love all the detail you have found out about people's lives. Not sure how you managed it.
    25. Your site is wonderful! I gained a lot of info on my Elliotts. Thank you for all your hard work--I am so glad your Mother's family stayed in town so long.
    26. Thanks again for all the terrific information on your site--such hard work!!!.
    27. Just to thank you for your tremendous site! I seem to be spending more and more time on it!
    28. You have an amazing website. What a great resource, thank you!
    29. I've used your site many times to links together my Alderwasley WALKER Family.
    30. Yours really is an amazing website, absolutely full of interesting stuff.
    31. Just been looking at your fantastic website on the wirksworth area. Amazing!
    32. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prompt reply, time and notes. You certainly know your hobby/job. I have some confirmations from your notes so that was a bonus and when I have a marriage I always like to have both registrations to confirm names . Susannah Waundell to Allsop I could not find so you have solved that one for me. You do such a great job for us researchers and for me I use that term loosely. Many thanks and much appreciation
    33. May I compliment you, not only on amassing such a large amount of data, but more particularly on casting it into such an easily searchable form? Tracing Charles back another three generations was incredibly straightforward.
    34. Thank you for the scan. You've got a keen eye to be able to translate that. Well done. Yes, my family came to Australia in 1978 where I've grown up. It makes it difficult obtaining information but thanks to the tireless work of people like you online has made it a lot easier. Thank you so much, you've done an incredible job.
    35. Your website is an amazing source of knowledge. It is clear to see the work that has gone into it. I have found it really interesting.
    36. Please forgive me for troubling you, but I'm assuming you still keep a watchful eye on your Wirksworth creation, still apparently growing like Topsy, as it seems to have done over the years. First I'd like to bring to your attention how much grief it's caused me. It has seriously unbalanced my family history research with all its wealth of detail compared to the scant attention I've been able to pay to the other descent lines I'm following. As my primary interest is the Sims branch it's been like playing the Sims PC game in real life. But your creation is far more fun. However apart from putting on record a tribute to the outstanding work you've done I wondered whether you had time to help me with a specific question.....
    37. Your work has/is prolific. I reckon no-one has created such a Fastidious and Dedicated web-site as you have....and I recently noted many of the Fitting tributes that have been paid to you...Well Done !
    38. I just want to thank you for your wonderful site that I have been enjoying for the past 18 months! Please don’t change a thing, it is absolutely brilliant! Well done for all the work you’ve put into it.
    39. I used your site widely when researching my FOX and BUCKLEY family history (a life-time ago). It is only since I began setting up the Crich Parish site did I fully appreciate the blood, sweat, tears and hours you must have put into the venture. My tiddler of a site keeps me off the streets almost full time.
    40. I would like to compliment you on the depth of information contained on the website and the amount of interest it is able to generate.
    41. "Sometimes researchers put together their own local websites, which can be a treasure trove – for example www.wirksworth.org.uk". [Who do you think you are magazine, getting started, local records]
    42. I was most impressed by the work you did to produce the Brocklehurst line. I am lucky enough to be related several generations back. You have saved me a lot of work. I originate from Chapel en-le Frith, but have lived in Wiltshire for 32 years. Family history is now by computer as I live so far away from my roots. Once again, many thanks.
    43. I think that your Wirksworth site is absolutely fascinating and it is a wonderful insight into life in that part of my home county.
    44. I have to say that you have done an amazing piece of detective work to get the information that you have!
    45. It has been truly amazing to see the postcard sent by my great grandfather to his son and the return card.
    46. Thank you for your prompt response and the links you supplied. Looking a the site even briefly, I can see that it must have been a "magnum opus" for you. My researches have captured me completely and I am having great fun, to become even greater when I can get into the links you have sent.
    47. I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you had put into the Wirksworth website. It has been an amazing help in tracing my family tree, without it I definately would not have got as far. I can't wait to show my dad and his side of the family the findings!
    48. Your web site is a delight and fills me with excitement at the prospect of moving to this part of Derbyshire!
    49. I was directed to your web page whilst attending an evening class for “Family History on the Internet”, and the lecturer, a friend of mine, described your page as the ‘the best family history page on the net’, a comment I completely agree with, it’s fantastic.
    50. May I commend you on an excellent website. Clearly a great labour of love
    51. I would like to congratulate you on using the internet as it should be (and was originally intended to be) used - as a source of reliable information, not a marketing tool. Keep up the good work
    52. Thank for your wonderful website which I first encountered two years ago when I started looking for my immigrant ancestors, who all came to Australia so long ago that I didn't know most of their names, let alone their birthplaces. Very fortuitiously, William Stafford and his sister Sarah, who arrived in Sydney independently in 1852 and 1840 respectively, were baptised in Longway Bank and Alderwasley. As their leaping off points were Bengal and Liverpool and no old Australian references had their birthplaces, without the Wirksworth site I would have had a very painful and probably unproductive time of it finding them. William did say, in the 1830 Bengal EIC muster that he was born in Belper, but as this was transcribed Bulpar, it wouldn't have been much help.
    53. Congratulations on your creation of the records for Wirksworth! As a part-time genealogist, I was there hunting for my links with the Billyeald line - and duly found one. The amount of effort that you must have put into the transcription and linkages is amazing. I just wish there were others like you in parishes around the UK. Very well done and most appreciated!
    54. I owe a debt of gratitude to several people, without whom these notes could not have been written. Foremost among them is JOHN PALMER, who generously let me plunder his website, a veritable encyclopaedia of facts and figures about Wirksworth down the ages.
    55. Amazing piece of work ! Thank you so much for the countless hours put into this. It will help me trace the Barker line and others in the area so much more easily. You're a star!
    56. This is an amazing achievement John - you surely deserve an MBE. I find this site fascinating and have spent hours using it. It's such a thrill to see my ancestors names appearing on my screen. Thank you so much for preserving this history!
    57. I keep coming back to your Website to have a look for my ancestors as I haven't a clue where the late John Wigley came from born around 1796 and later married in Birmingham Warwickshire.
    58. An excellent site, the aount of data is tremendous, I hope I can now trace lost relatives thanks
    59. Thanks for making this info so accessible. I have found some of my family - The Roomes of Duffield.
    60. Absolutely fantastic work. Much appreciated. Most of my ancestry in the 1800s pertains to Derbyshire and the villages around Matlock and Alfreton. Finding this site had been a godsend. An outstanding effort on your part and one I'm sure people around the world will appreciate.
    61. What a great web site, loved looking at the pics of Wirksworth, we're trying to find pics of the gardens at the back of nether house, any info would be great thanx!
    62. Your website is truly amazing John - there is so much information.
    63. Can I first say how impressed I am with the breadth and depth of your Wirksworth site, and how much I've enjoyed looking through it's various elements.
    64. On behalf of myself and all other family historians may I thank you for your dedication and hard work . I am delighted to find ancestors in the records you have transcribed and that is only in five minutes. I intend to spend many happy hours researching the Fritchley family and others. It is very exciting and like winning the lottery for me or finding the treasure at the end of a search.
    65. Wow ! What an incredible website. I have just traced the while life of my gt, gt, gt grandmother in two hours through the information on your site. Thank you ever so much!
    66. Have spent all afternoon looking at your website - brilliant. Where would we be without people like you. We would like to know if the CD is still available and would appreciate further information.
    67. It is people like you that really need to be thanked for doing this type of work and then putting it up on the Web as I find that the IGI has so much rubbish on it one does not know what they can trust and what cannot be trusted. As I have an acquired brain injury I can no longer go to an LDS Centre to check the films so I rely on the work of people like you. So a BIG Thank You to you for your work.
    68. Thank you so much! Your site has just helped me to find my 5xgreat grandparents after 2 years of searching. Am extraordinarily grateful for all your work. The site is very easy to navigate. Thank you again
    69. Wow, you are incredible! What a fantastic web page - thank you!! Already you have found some info I did not have, you are clearly much more expert than I!...I *must* again thank you for all the effort you have put into your Wirskworth website. Like many before me, I have found it absolutely invaluable! A truly wonderful accomplishment.
    70. Please find enclosed a cheque for £10 as payment for a copy on CD of your wonderful Wirksworth website. Your website has been of immense help in tracing one of my family history lines. Many many thanks for the hard work that must have gone into this website - it is a fantastic research resource!
    71. I was delighted to discover so much information about the various families I am descended from in that area. It would appear that your wonderful dedication is responsible for all this information being so readily available online.
    72. My goodness, the work and hours you must have put into the site, I have used it several times and have traced my mothers side of the family back to the 1700 s, but my Dads side well I cant get any further than his father, who was born in Yorkshire.
    73. Excellent site I have found many references to my ancestor. Thank you for your great work.
    74. Found website very helpful in trying to trace my husband's family tree
    75. Thank you for making such a wonderful work available for those of us that are trying to find out more about our roots.
    76. What a star you are, researching family history, we were just thinking we had gone as far as wecould we found your site. Many thanks.
    77. A wonderful website to help me with my family tree.
    78. Your site has been fantastic in opening up this unknown world.
    79. thank you for your wonderfull web site
    80. I thought I'd send you a quick message of thanks for the wonderful work you've done with the Wirkworth.org.uk website. Anyway, just to let you know that your site has been a great help and although I have plans to visit the Derby record office, It's saved me a good number of journeys already.
    81. I think your site is amazing, so much work has gone into it.
    82. Can I just say how wonderful your site is. I keep delving into it for various bits of family history and I'm never disappointed. Thanks again for all your hard work.
    83. Thank you for such a wonderful web-site it has helped me enormously in the search for my ancestors.
    84. What a wonderful site. Thank you very much. I have found a lot of information on my mother's family, very little of which I knew before.
    85. I came across your website a while ago and I have to say it has been extremely useful. With out your website I don't think I would have been able to untangle this puzzle
    86. What a fantastic site. I have been thinking of starting a site of my own but, having seen yours, I don't know whether to be inspired or daunted. Both, I suspect.
    87. have come across your website which is brilliant....congratulations on all the work you have put into this resource.
    88. Your website is fantastic for novices like me.
    89. I find your website incredibly interesting and am disappointed that no-one else (nobody at all) has provided a similar tool of equal use.
    90. Also many thanks for your brilliant Wirksworth site. I have, in the past, found a branch of my ancestry around that area and thanks to you found out all sorts of interesting information about them.
    91. Thank you for making such a wonderful work available for those of us that are trying to find out more about our roots.
    92. A wonderful website to help me with my family tree
    93. What a star you are, researching family history, we were just thinking we had gone as far as we could we found your site. Many thanks.
    94. Your site has been fantastic in opening up this unknown world.
    95. Thanks for you help, I love your web site, not just for my family but also to see what others are up to.
    96. ...at present time just organizing my tree to send to you. Needless to say your site has been a fantasic help.
    97. One of the powers of this website is the ease with which one can not only trace the parentage of children but also trace the fragmentation of family groups caused by bereavement.
    98. I have just been checking out your website as I do from time to time and decided it was time I bought one of your CDs. There is just so much information on your website, absolutely amazing, and I always need to update my data, usually from new pedigrees. Thank you for all your hard work- it is really appreciated by me and many thousands of others I am sure.... Thank you again for all you have done for descendents of Wirksworth residents.
    99. ....& now as online resources improve as each year goes by, it gets easier to access long distance archives. That's why your Wirksworth pages are a shining example & a great resource to a lot of people who cannot travel.
    100. I search the net quite often researching family trees and I can't remember when or if I have found such a brilliant site. Many Thanks for the effort you have made. I only wish I could find a similar site for every town, county, etc.
    101. My mother's family on her mother's side come from Bonsall, and through your excellent database of the censuses I have traced quite a lot.
    102. It seems that some of my family came from Ashleyhay and Alderwasley going back to the 1500's. Your site has been fantastic in opening up this unknown world.
    103. what a delightful site I thank you so much for all the info you have collected
    104. hello thank you for your wonderful web site
    105. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do what you are doing. I believe, that by posting pictures and family history, it will provoke other people and their stories, to give us all a better understanding of Wirksworth history.
    106. Thanks for everything you do. I, like many others, do appreciate your efforts.
    107. It's fantastic to see our resources so clearly set out on your website.
    108. I discovered your wonderful web page over a year ago and have used it and re-visited it many times.
    109. Thanks also for all the wonderful work you have done to help Derbyshire research.
    110. I'm overwhelmed with all the information on the Wirksworth site--what a gold mine!
    111. I would first and foremost like to thank you for all your effort on the web site. For all the work and dedication you are to be commended. I have had wonderful success in researching my mother's family through the Wirksworth Parish records which you have posted.
    112. Wow John, I am speechless, what a fab sight. I discovered that one of my 2xgreat grandfathers was born in Wirksworth and your site has enabled me to go back a further 5 generations (so far). Well done on all your hard work.
    113. Fantastic Web site, just what I've been looking for!
    114. My family originated from Derbyshire and I had got back to a marriage in 1815 between Samuel Sims & Elizabeth Needham and looking at Inces pedigree and found a marriage Samuel Sims & ? Needham if this is the link then I am back to the 1500s what a FANTASTIC web site congratulations
    115. Great website have found my Wigleys living in Bonsall. My gt gt grandfather John Wigley also connects into two of the submitted trees.I wish all genealogy searching was like this.
    116. Absolutely brilliant !! Have managed to fill in quite a few gaps in my ancestors history. Many thanks for it all
    117. What an amazing web site to come upon. If only all parishes were organised like this. Our local vicar will not allow the transcribed BMDs on line and it makes for so much more work.
    118. A most interesting site. My special interest is in the history of Derbyshire fairs and I found the piece on the Switchback at Matlock Bath most interesting.
    119. I have found your website incredably useful and informative with regards to my own family research and to Wirksworth history generally. So much so that I have been to visit twice this summer.
    120. Thank you for all the things you do regarding Wirksworth. I just got back from England. Unfortunately I do not think Wirksworth keeps up with its heritage. I appreciate all that you do
    121. Keep up your wonderful work. You have contributed just so much for us 'armchair' researchers who find it hard to get to research centres and who really appreciate everything you have done.
    122. Just brilliant loads of stuff. So please keep up the good work xxxx I have found your site very useful and interesting since researching my family tree..The Brooks family of Wirksworth. Thanks so much
    123. What a brilliant website. So much information. John you must have put you heart and soul in to all this. You should be very proud of it all. I just wish some of my family were from here it would make the research so much easier.
    124. Fantastic and painstaking work on your area
    125. Congratulations John on your site's 10th Anniversary! Your kindness in sharing your knowledge and work through your site has benefitted countless unknown people. You are indeed a role model for the genealogical community and have most likely reached icon status by now!
    126. I would like to thank you very much John for all your hard work over the past ten years, it is the most wonderful and comprehensive online genealogy resource I have come across, and I am so grateful to my mother's and father's ancestors for having the good sense to settle in Wirksworth!
    127. Just like to add my thanks to John for his excellent site, I have found lots of Swinsco/e/w/ references for my one name study. Thanks a million John, long may you continue.
    128. And I remember when it was young! It really is a magnificent site, John, and does you great credit.
    129. Add my huge thanks to John for his Wirksworth website. I couldn't believe it when I first came across it - so much information, so easily accessible, and FREE! John has put so much work into it and it really is appreciated. Thank you , thank you.
    130. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into developing and maintaining the Wirksworth site. It has been very helpful to me and again I want to thank you.
    131. I would like to congratulate John on his wonderful Wirksworth site, this site has assisted me over the years... a lot of hard work has gone into it.. so well done John, and thank you..may it grow and grow, and be here for another decade at least!
    132. I would like to add my voice to the chorus or congratulations for John. Like others I have benefited from his hard work and dedication
    133. Congratulations, John, on an excellent job. As I have said several times previously, my own meagre efforts were inspired by yours, and it's an impressive library of data that you now have on the web site. I wish you another enjoyable decade.
    134. Thankyou for such a wonderful site I have managed to trace my family back to 1665 which I never dreamed possible at the start I am sending the results to you and would like you to put it online.
    135. Congratulations John, and thank you so much for giving us this site.
    136. Thanks for keeping this website going- I have relatives in that similar area, and it is great to look at the photos and read the stories and search for my lot as well. I shall be coming up to retirement in 3 years, so will be able to devote more time to searching out the ancestors so that I can pass it on to the next generation.
    137. Happy Birthday John and Wirksworth website. Many thanks for all the hard work over the years John
    138. Thanks for all of your time and hard work and Happy Birthday
    139. I want to thank you very much for all the effort you have put into this website. I have found it very useful on a number of occasions.
    140. Many many congratualtions on your 10th anniversary, from me personally and also on behalf of Sheffield Indexers. Your site is definitely one of the very best, especially in terms of family history information. We do our best at Indexers to emulate your depth and breadth of information, and all free of course.
    141. What a wonderful website, just what the Internet should be.
    142. Wonderful. Thank you so much. I have researched family back to 1666. Considering my husband did not even know the month of his fathers birth. The parish records gave me THE BUG.
    143. Just starting to scratch the surface of this site. Looks exciting and interesting.
    144. Again I am in awe of the amount of work you put into your website at www.wirksworth.org.uk. Thanks again for all your hard work which continues to inspire everyone with an interest in the area.
    145. I've been lost in your site many a time thank you, great work.
    146. Many thanks again for your wonderful site - I will be forever grateful that so many of my husband's family were in Wirksworth for many years!
    147. Very interesting, just wish there were not nearly 2000 Allens!!!! A good website, so much to look at.
    148. Congratulations on your extensive view of wirksworth. it has been exciting finding a great deal of imformation on my family history dating back to 1600. I have been reserching for a couple of years now but this web page has made it so easy and enjoyable
    149. This site is brilliant - have just spent 2 weeks (free trial!) on ancestry website, but this really makes the research more interesting - well done to my namesake for all the hard work. I am descended from the Cockaynes (my mother was a Cockayne) of Kirk Ireton, and was born and bred in Derby, so we didn't travel too far! Have so far got back to 4x greatgrandmother (via my mother's mother) in Youlgreave, but can only get back as far as 2 x greatgrandfather, Andrew Cockayne, on my grandfather's side. I don't drive - is there anyone out there who could tell me if the graveyard at Kirk Ireton is filled with Cockaynes? Also Millingtons as my great grandfather David, married Sarah Millington. Many thanks to anyone who bothers to reply!
    150. Very informative website great for looking into our families from Kirk Ireton and Wirksworth. Names of Ward and Deakin
    151. Thanks for your information and hard work. I am just starting in Family History. At this time I'm trying to verify locations. The Parish Records are very helpful. Thanks
    152. Thankyou so very much for your amazing Wirksworth Website. It has been wonderful to be able to trace my Spencer ancestry back to 1687. It has provided me with a wealth of information. I would never have been able to achieve what I have with my research without your website. Especially as I live in Australia, and distance makes it a bit difficult to track down records etc.
    153. I have long been an admirer of your website and often direct my students to it as a model of what can be done, but up until now I have had no known connection with the parish...
    154. I've enjoyed your website for many years, it has been a great help with my family tree in Matlock.
    155. Many thanks for a superb and invaluable website!!!
    156. Your website just gets better and better.......
    157. First of all I would like to congratulate you on an exceptional website.
    158. You have found me a 'missing' grandmother and another generation of g.father in Edward Fidler. Am delighted..
    159. I was just looking at your addictive site again and came across the Modern Photos Needed page. The very last picture is my Mum's house.
    160. I bought the Wirksworth web-site data on disk from you about two years ago. I must tell you that after having, some twenty years ago, spent hours going through what seemed like miles of microfilm of the Wirksworth PRs and the surrounding areas Census how I much I appreciate your work. Seven of my mother's great-grandparents and their ancestors were born in Wirksworth or the area covered so I'm constantly using it and every time I look I find yet another interesting article.
    161. I have tried before to tell you how useful your website has been to me, but words are inadequate. Thank you again for your work and inspiration.
    162. What an amazing Website! I first browsed it about four years ago. If only every town had the same kind of site!
    163. I have learned so much about my father's family from your site - thank you so much - it is a marvellous piece of work!
    164. Congratulations on an excellent site, I'm sure it is of great value to many many people!
    165. ...Despite searching your amazing Wirksworth website (for which may your name be forever among the blessed!) I can't work out exactly where it was.....
    166. Can I take this opportunity to thank you for putting these pedigrees online. I was stuck for years with not knowing who Hugh Pearson of Taxal's parents were - and then I found your website and I was off again! Thanks so much.
    167. Firstly let me congratulate you on your brilliant web site, We have spent many a happy hours looking around all the information about Wirksworth.
    168. .....your "Wirksworth" site (the prime mover in getting me going).
    169. I have found your website of immense help in trying to compile our family tree and hope to be able to send you further information for your records in due course.
    170. I found your web site fantastic I have traced my ancestors HOLEHOUSE in your area.
    171. It is truly a great site, but the areas are not familiar to me, most of my ancestors come from Warwick, Gloucester, Devon, Lancashire.
    172. I have been looking again at your many further additions to the Wirksworth site, in particular the histories with photos of some old local families. These must be of enormous interest to decedents who are aware of what you have gathered. Straying a little further I have found, and spent some time reading, your exploits cycling across so much of the USA. Forgive me, I think I had you down as an academic swot who spent his time in dusty archives researching for material to go on your website. Shame on me; you make my own outdoor activities seem pretty timid by comparison.
    173. I live in Wirksworth and I am a long standing admirer of your superb website.
    174. Just a word of congratulation on the wonderful Wirksworth website.
    175. I found your website through Google and would like to compliment you on such a wonderful site.
    176. I just love your site.
    177. Yours is a very thorough site - it must have taken a lot of work to put together!
    178. Imagine my surprise (and luck) to find that Elizabeth came from Wirksworth, and my early Internet searches which revealed your magnificent site. Within minutes I was finding Elizabeth, her husband, parents and other family members and everything began to fall into place. The combination of hard facts from your trancriptions of parish records, and the details provided by the diary enabled me to feel a part of these people's lives.
    179. Let me first say a huge thank you for the work you have, and continue to do on the Wirksworth site. It has been one of my major resources over several years, and I feel like I am only scratching the surface.
    180. Subsequent to launching the *** pedigree, three gentlemen currently living in Wirksworth who previously had no descendents listed have contacted me with details of their offspring down to great grandchildren. Updates to follow.
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    551. I have just scanned the 120 pages of 'sign-in' Guests and agree with them all in their appreciation of this site. The area was famous for the lead mines but the ancestors who worked them would be 'gob-smacked' to realise the "Gold mine" that is now available to their descendants from all over the world - and it is all down to a lot of hard work and dedication. I join the rest and say well done!!! I had to wait a long time to get my Grandfather in the 1901 census - but within a week of that I found this site and have rapidly extended the search from Weston to Holmes, Fox, Maskrey, Wragg and Britland. I can't believe my luck
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    564. I have been researching my family .. and through your site I have found a treasure trove of information - wedding dates etc, which would have taken me weeks to research myself, if I ever actually manage to get to Derbyshire Records Office! Instead, when I do visit Derbyshire I shall be able to enjoy the scenery. I do know too what you mean about feeling as if you know people - once you find their occupations, where they lived, their friends (marriage witnesses etc) - they do come to life again
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