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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Here are another 1049 extracts from the Guest Book and e-mails received from users of this website since it first came on-line on 12 July 1998. Latest entry at the top. Please also read the Unfavourable comments

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to write and tell me they liked this website. Its my hobby, its free, and a bit of praise from my readers keeps me going! -- Author

The CD has no label (not considered long-lasting) but is written with special CD marker pens. It includes over 1,300 full screen photos (300 Mb), too large to put on the website. These include the Author's old photo collection, Ince's Pedigrees and photos taken within Wirksworth Parish Church.
For sale at £10, P & P included. Email:

Pay by cheque please to:
John Palmer, 29 Sutherland Av,
Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9EB, UK

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Readers Comments

    1. Unfortunately I have no connection at all with Wirksworth - I wish I did! The map and drawings of buildings are great and as for the aerial drawing..... I only wish such things were available for the towns where my ancestors came from. Especially valuable for us Antipodeans who can't easily pop up and see the places for ourselves. I really enjoyed my visit to the site. Thank you
    2. I want to thank John for all the hard work and continued enthusiasm in bringing Wirksworth information to the rest of us. I discovered that my great grandmother was born there and it means so much to me to be able to become acquainted with her birthplace in such an in depth manner. I keep returning to the site, always finding something new and interesting. Thank you, John!
    3. Just wanted to say thank you for the superb drawings of Wirksworth you have added to your site!
    4. I've wanted to tell you much I admire your site for some time. What you have done is an inspiration to us all and I'd like you to know how I, personally, appreciate it. Don't worry if you're too busy to answer, you're still a star in my eyes
    5. To be honest I only discovered your fantastic Wirksworth website yesterday. My goodness, how long does it take to compile so much information? I have barely studied it yet but must say 'congratulations' on such a wonderful project. I will now lookup the information on the mines
    6. I am getting a wonderful feedback from people who say your website is tops, trouble is, they havent any ancestors from Derbyshire..They say, it is so informative, and wish they had family over there...I told them, they should put their remarks on your guestbook!
    7. I want to congratulate and thank you for all the time and effort you've put into the wirksworth.org.uk site. I discovered the site completely by accident after doing a little bit of research into my family history at the request of my daughter. I have now been living in Southampton for the last four years and so getting easy access to records is a little difficult. This is where your site has proved invaluable.
    8. I have used your site on many occasions and can only stand back and admire your handiwork
    9. I discovered your site by accident ... Now I can spend time wandering your site ... and emailing my cousin in Oregon to compare notes. Now I can tell my 79 yr old mother on TH that I have a new place to research for her family. THANK YOU so much
    10. Wow, what a fantastic job you've done. Hope some more areas will get the bug and copy your example. It's a great help to people like me who, although born and raised in England, are now in the US and have forgotten where everything is! Thanks and keep up the excellent work
    11. John, you must have great patience to full fill a task re: transcribed parish records of Wirksworth. It has been of great beneficial help to me in tracing my family tree. Thank you
    12. Fantastic work on your website - I've found quite a few of my ancestors on there
    13. What an absolute gem of a site you have there. I nearly fell off my chair with surprise when came across it just generally trawling the fam hist sites on the net....such a wealth of information. Felt I just had to send my compliments. Fantastic!!
    14. It was after visiting your site a couple of years ago that our interest in family history began. Thank you very much for the Wirksworth site it has proved invaluable re Byard history. What a pity my Leam ancestors did not live somewhere sensible like Wirksworth
    15. I should like to say that your website provides a fascinating insight into the lives of all classes of society in and around Wirksworth, and you must feel rewarded by receiving letters from people who appreciate the tremendous amount of work you have put in to make this site so interesting. Thank you, from one very happy "surfer"
    16. Again my many compliments on your site. What an accomplishment. Thanks again for the outstanding site
    17. This is the most comprehensive and helpful site I have ever visited ...... congratulations and thank you for all of your efforts to put this information within the reach of people like me, thousands of miles away
    18. I have no connection whatever with Wirksworth but I must congratulate you on the site as I think it is wonderful. I need someone like you to do the same for "my" parish!!!
    19. Just found your site, it is wonderful...I just wish other counties would follow your lead, such hard work must have gone into your site!! It is an excellent source of information
    20. If you have noticed the number dial for visitors to your Wirksworth site rising at an alarming rate, then it is because of me!
    21. Congratulations on your wonderful website
    22. Brilliant website which I have made great use of while researching my Evans ancestors
    23. Fantastic website - a real labour of love!
    24. Thank you very much for the time you have spent putting together such a useful site. It has made tracing my family very much easier than it would otherwise have been
    25. It is a difficult site to leave!
    26. Your genealogy site beats everything I have found on the net so far, I can always be sure to find some interesting snippet of information when I flag in detecting my ancestors
    27. ...my life and roots are in the West Country, but, I felt I had to thank you for a site which has called me back time and time again to read more of the many items of interest. Perhaps because I'm getting on in years, looking back gives a great deal of pleasure
    28. We owe this researcher a great debt of gratitude for his indefatigable efforts in publishing materials for local history
    29. Thank you so much for making all this information available for others to share too. It is an unselfish act and I needed information from it and found it
    30. I must say that this is a fantastic site for an amateur like myself trying to find his family roots
    31. Thanks for your help and your tremendous website
    32. Progressively working through the CD-ROM that you sent me earlier in the year. I can only look at it in wonder and gratitude as I get more and more into the Higton's in the Wirksworth area
    33. Congratulations on the continuing excellence of your site
    34. Thanks to this great site I've been able to further my searching for my relatives and those of my husbands aunt
    35. Incredible web site for Wirksworth, if only Belper was on a site with this much coverage
    36. Just a short note to say what a great web site you have created. I have only been tracing my family history for about a couple of months, and to my amazement I found that you have painstakingly loaded all that information for Wirksworth in Derbyshire. I could not believe my luck as all of my grandfathers relations are from that area. Having no relations left to ask for any more information( I have just a list of my great grandfathers brothers and sisters) ....your site has made it so much easier for me to trace details without having to go all the way to Derbyshire. Thanks for all of your hard work, I do wish there were other sites like this
    37. I had difficulty obtaining your site. The effort made it worthwhile good information
    38. Thank you for all the information I have been able to read on your web site in the research of my father's family
    39. Congratulations on a great site, the help it is giving me in researching my family history is fantastic, keep up the good work
    40. This is fabulous, congratulations! What would I have done without you and the many hours you toiled over these records?
    41. You have a very impressive site John. I think I'll be spending some time on here
    42. Just received the new Wirksworth CD and the Ince's pedigree scans are fabulous. I'm glad that they've been transcribed though because some parts are hard to read. :-) Thanks John, you're a sweetheart
    43. Your Wirksworth website is absolutely amazing; I have great admiration for your skills in presenting such a pleasurable and informative site. Keep up the good work, your thoroughness is greatly appreciated
    44. (from Asuncion - Paraguay - South America) I'm a grand son of Louis Edgar Ogdon, son of Robert, son of Anthony, son of John Ogdon from Wirksworth. Thanks to your superb work, I was able to trace my ancestors to that historical town in Derbyshire
    45. What a great site. What a find! This site is on my favourites already
    46. I am stunned ! I saw your address on the 'Missing Links' site & copied it on to my 'favourites', realizing I couldn't snatch a quick bite, so to speak ! It had to be saved for a weekend! This was a meal to be savoured, to sniff the delicious wafting smells, to drool a little, to smack my lips with anticipation, and tuck my napkin under my chin, and then take my first tentative B I T E !! Then to close my eyes, sit back and then m m m mm !.....savour each tantilizing mouthfull ! ! ! That's Enough Praise ! You might get big headed & stop tempting us all with this wonderful information ! What a Feast!
    47. After 6 months of visiting these pages, researching the Woodhouse (from Matlock) connection of my family, I am still finding even more information than ever. John, keep up the good work and I look forward to viewing your site for anything that I have not seen or miss on previous visits
    48. I visited your site and I'm very impressed, pity I haven't got any relatives in Derbyshire, don't fancy doing Norfolk or Suffolk do you:-) Seriously though a very good site for anyone after Derbyshire info.
    49. Try the Wirksworth website. It is quite superb
    50. Many thanks for the CD which arrived today. I've already got my money's worth as I found in Ince's pedigrees someone who I had been told probably died as a baby. So I am very happy! It is lovely to see the photos of the originals and makes it all the clearer just how much work you have put in to this
    51. I wish to compliment you on your CD and the way in which the information is prepared. Since receiving the CD I have not been to bed until after midnight adding baptisms and new grandparents etc. It is truly a remarkable piece of work and you are to be congratulated. If possible please keep me up-to-date with future projects, as I would purchase any additions
    52. Excellent website! I especially liked the fact that when I clicked onto something, I didn't end up going in circles to other websites. The site is easy to navigate and delivers what it says! I appreciate the hard work that has gone into this site by the owner and all his contributors.
    53. To you and your associates our congratulations on the monumental task you have set yourselves and which has given people such as I such enjoyment
    54. Excellent, live in Wirksworth, found out a lot on the history of Wirksworth. Have you any more on the railway?
    55. Brilliant site. Keep up the good work
    56. From these pages [Ince] I learned of new family members. It was a lucky find and I have recommended the Wirksworth site to many others, including Sheffield local studies library
    57. Many, many thanks, John. It is a great website and provided me with an awful lot of new family links in the Matlock Bank area
    58. Very Good Site Many Thanks for your work it has given me much pleasure now I can not travel very far
    59. I have found your website invaluable in tracing a branch of my family in Wirksworth. The site represents an overwhelming amount of work. My congratulations!
    60. What a superb website. I wish my ancestors came from your area. Other groups could learn a lot from this!
    61. Very fine web pages, wish I could do it like that. Enjoyed it very much
    62. I have just spent several days combing through your *extraordinary* (an understatement) Wirksworth site. I have found some valuable information...THANK YOU!
    63. A million thanks for the wonderful website
    64. We just accessed your marvellous Website yesterday, and are completely stunned by the amount of information provided
    65. I really loved your site. I'm not sure yet if it has any of my family on it, but it's VERY interesting to look at. I wish there were more sites like this one. You did an EXCELLENT job! Your hard work and dedication shows! You have something to be very proud of!
    66. Wonderful site looking for family connections
    67. What a fantastic site! So much information for genealogists and amateurs..as I was browsing I saw many familiar names, so I will definitely pass this site on as a very useful tool!
    68. Thank you for all your work!!
    69. I am amazed - what a great site, many congratulations. I only wish there was a site like yours to help me do my own family history research in the Liverpool area. This is the best site I have visited - simply superb
    70. Sincere thanks for the wonderful Wirksworth website
    71. We owe this researcher a great debt of gratitude for his indefatigable efforts in publishing materials for local history
    72. Thank you for all your and your associates hard work. Your website has been of tremendous help for a novice like me. Keep up the good work
    73. Just to say what a wonderful website you have put together between you
    74. Fantastic amount of information.Some of my ancestors (Allsop) may have come from this area
    75. You helped me trace my Direct Line to John HEAPY, 360 years ago, Thank You
    76. These sites are so very important. Thanks
    77. Loved your website! So incredible and informative
    78. May I say what a magnificentjob you are doing and what a great site it is with tons of Derbyshire information. I thought the Cheshire site was good but Derbyshire must be on a par or even better. It is also good to see a site which doesn't expect payment for every tiny piece of information. Thank you for your time - I know you must be very busy!!
    79. What a brilliant site my husband and I are really enjoying looking at this info
    80. Amazing amount of info
    81. I recently found your fantastic site, which must be the best one-place-study available to the public. Luckily for me my ancestors came from Chesterfield which is close enough to Wirksworth to have some people travelling over and appearing in your records
    82. An amazing site the amount of information is phenominal, I was researching the Maskrey's of Derbyshire(my Maternal Grandmother), I am now back to her great-grandfather (my mother now 95 will be delighted). Thank you, now I have to follow other lines I can only hope they are even one tenth as good
    83. Most of my family are from Wirksworth and the surrounding area, so I'm looking forward to scouring this great site!
    84. This website has been absolutely brilliant for tracing our Smedley/Oldfield/Bamford ancestors in Wirksworth. Many thanks
    85. Brilliant Website only visited a few pages but will be back regularly, THANKS
    86. Fantastic site....I've been able to trace family records back to the earliest census and confirm them with information I already knew
    87. You have a great website!
    88. Once again amazed at your great site. Best wishes for 2002
    89. I don't know where you find the time to do all the work that you do. They can say what they like about archive cdbooks but your site is my most valued source of information. Thank You again
    90. I am impressed with your pioneering spirit and determination
    91. This site was the luckiest find in over 20 years of genealogy. Many thanks. It's brilliant. Link found via Family Search
    92. Mind boggling, great, congrats!!!
    93. Fantastic web site very well laid out & massive
    94. The best site I've ever visited in it's context. I'm so pleased my ancestors came from this area
    95. Just keep going back and back to your wonderful site! Thanks!
    96. Congratulations on your website. It is superb and a wonderful resource
    97. I have been given a copy of your CD for Christmas. I have found it very useful as my 3 x great grand parents were Martha Oxspring and George Smith from Bolehill. I cannot believe the amount of information contained on the CD and it is quite frightening to imagine the number of hours you must have spend transcribing all this info. Thank you very much it is a super piece of work
    98. Just want to say what a wonderful achievement the Wirksworth site is. It has little relevance to me personally, but as an amateur genealogist I certainly appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into producing it. Many congratulations to all involved
    99. What a great job you're doing. The web site is the best I have encountered
    100. John the more I read the more in awe I am. So I now bestow the ultimate praise from a Yorkshireman on you "It'll Do" Which is the old Yorkshire way of saying it's fantastic
    101. This is great. Looking forward to the 1871 and 1891 Census completion. There are many many of my Allsop, Spencer and Keeling ancestors listed on your web site, but gaps need filling. The other areas are fascinating. Great!
    102. I have made more progress in the last 3 days than in 12 years of tracing my gandmother's ancestry since finding your site. Thank you very much
    103. Thank you! I have just found a complete pedigree of my Hodgkinson family -your site is wonderful - I now have far more details on their lives than ever before!
    104. May I also add that the Wirksworth site is THE BEST on the net for people interested in family history. I spend many happy hours browsing on the site and getting a feel for the area, which is quite a way from where I live and having health problems difficult to visit. Keep up the good work and thanks again John
    105. You are a saint +-( : - } . Many blessings
    106. I'm just writing to say how amazingly impressive this site is. It loaded so fast - and on a Friday evening too! Beautiful! I just wish I had ancestors in this area
    107. Congratulations! Too early for my family to be anywhere near Matlock but your work is still an inspiration to those of us who mistakenly think we're doing a lot of work
    108. Your web site was breathtaking. I wish I had the detail and knowledge you have at my disposal. Best wishes and congratulations
    109. Congratulations on an extremely comprehensive website
    110. With the help of all the hard work you have put into this venture I have been able to trace my family history back as far as the late 1700s. I think everyone should have an insight into their roots and with your help I have obtained some very interesting information. I thank you once again for all your hard work
    111. I think that without doubt it is the best local history site on the whole of the Internet! I also teach local history at Ilkeston in Derbyshire and feel very envious that there is nothing like your website for that area
    112. Wonderful amount of work and hearty congratulations for all your efforts. Keep up the good work
    113. For over 30 years now I have been researching my family history but was never able to find my roots. That is until I came upon your website, in just two years I have been able to piece together the whole of my pedigree from 1680 to the present day and have had the pleasure of making contact with long lost relatives in all parts of Britain, Australia and the US and for this I offer you my warmest THANK YOU
    114. Very well planned site, loads of info and all very interesting
    115. I have been an admirer and visitor to your site for a long time now, and recently bought the CD. Very many thanks for all that you do for Wirksworth, my favourite place in all the world
    116. Very good - wish there were more sites like this for those who find it difficult to get to Record Offices
    117. The first time I logged on to your site I was totally absorbed for over 2 hours. This is a must have CD
    118. I would like, once more, to thank you for the time and effort you have put in to produce such a marvellous web site, in our particular case, the very action of researching the family tree has managed to bring together our very disjointed family. It is to your credit that your work has engendered such enthusiasm
    119. My congratulations to you on one of the most comprehensive websites I have ever seen - The genealogical information is unparalleled - would that there were a site like this for the Ashbourne area
    120. Very good site-lots of interesting stuff!
    121. The work put into this site is amazing, it's the best I have found
    122. This is so fascinating. Kind thanks for the offer of interest in comments, and many thanks for all the hard work put into this project research
    123. Thanks for all of the hard work!!!!!
    124. Excellent web site. You've done a great job of it
    125. Thank you, a great help to research when I now live so far from the record offices
    126. Excellent site and so easy to negotiate
    127. I have seen the Doxey photo's on your site, which I enjoyed tremendously. In fact I always seem to find something different with every visit
    128. Many thanks for your superb Wirksworth site
    129. Thanks for any advice, and for your terrific website
    130. I often dip into your website for confirmation of information and to check census, etc. If you were charging the same as the PRO are going to demand for their 1901 census information you would now be lolling on a beach in the Bahamas rather than poring over your PC in Dorset!! Many thanks for your diligence
    131. I would publicly like to thank John Palmer for his suggestions on how to compile a name index. and also for his excellent Wirksworth site
    132. I really enjoyed your site - it is the best I have ever seen. Keep up the EXCELLENT,SUPERIOR work
    133. Thanks for the photos you have just provided, your site gets better and better
    134. I would like to say thank you for your wonderful site. It has solved a few mysteries for me and given me hours of pleasure just reviewing the many pieces of information, whether they are specific to my searches or not
    135. I've been 'doing' my family tree on and off now for several years (15+) and have just come across your incredible website. I suspect that the order for the CD copy will be in the post shortly
    136. What an amazing site full of info. I'd feel very proud of myself for completing such a task, and all for free something you don't get very often. I'd like to do the same for Dunfermline but wouldn't know where to start. Once again a big pat on the back
    137. Discovered your site through your email to Yorksgen. Fascinating site, a bit like a Wainwright guide book
    138. I am full of admiration for all the work you have put in and send my grateful thanks. I shall continue to explore your fascinating web site (you shame us, we thought we were doing well as local historians and heritage wardens for our own village until we saw what you had achieved). Our thanks once again
    139. Great web site, gets more interesting every time I visit. Thank You
    140. I found your website and I'm speechless over all the work you've done. Words can't express the wonderful thing you've done for so many people, living and gone. With great appreciation
    141. What an excellent addition to your already excellent site. More superlatives will need to be invented
    142. May I say congratulations on your excellent website. I was very impressed
    143. Having just purchased your CD about Wirksworth I find it absolutely first class and cannot thank you enough. Yours Gratefully
    144. Thanks for the site it truly is the best
    145. What a wonderful job you have done. It must have taken months of work. With thanks for all you have done for family historians - and others
    146. May I congratulate you on the work on the subject, the information provided has proved invaluable
    147. I would like to thank you for the work you have done on these records. When I searched the Internet for Wirksworth I found the work you had done and I was delighted, especially when i have since been able to trace my great grandmother's family back to 1687
    148. I think this Website is brilliant. My son-in-laws family came from Parwich, so having looked at many parts I have high hopes of tracing some of his tree
    149. Wonderful website! Am searching for my ancestors and appreciate all of the information you are sharing!
    150. Have found several ancestors from your records - great work! Will do more searching though your material. Again - thanks!
    151. Thank you very much for the info and advice you sent to me the other day. It was very encouraging to get such a quick response and it has already assisted me in this research. I will be watching your web site in the future for any updates you might make, I never realised this could be so interesting
    152. I think I signed once before, but keep coming back. Mr Palmer is not just to be congratulated, he is to be applauded and to be sung praises! Well done again, John
    153. Firstly may I say what a great site you have and what a great help it is to somebody like myself who has only recently begun to trace the family and living here in the Isle of Man gives me limited access to records. ... Once again, congratulations on a wonderful site. I only wish there were a lot more of them
    154. Looks like your best web site just got better. How do you find the time? What is your secret?
    155. You won't know me but can I congratulate you on your stunning site
    156. Many thanks, John, for the very prompt delivery of your CD. I should have cleaned the cooker today but have been spending happy hours in Wirksworth instead!
    157. Please help me do a bit more digging by sending me your Wirksworth CD. How could we manage without you and your tremendous site?
    158. ..you are very well known now..yes even here in OZ..you have a great site and I always take a look every now and then to see what's new! Keep it up!
    159. my first visit and won't be my last. I'm exhausted just reading the index page! John, your site is a magnificent tour de force - my own effort pales into insignificance. Dashing off now to send a cheque for your CD...Again, many thanks
    160. A great site. more info than I have ever seen on a website
    161. Thanks John! for a great site!
    162. What a brilliant site. If only all sites were like this it would make family tree research so much easier. Thankyou
    163. I have never seen such a complete WEBSITE as yours. Many thanks for doing it
    164. What a wonderful help this web site has been to me in searching out my family. Please accept my gratitude for the great work that has been done to put this site on the net
    165. First I must say what an absolutely wonderful site you have created - it is so full of info. that I spent most of the afternoon reading it. Thanks for all the information, it must be an incredible amount of work!
    166. Just stopped by once again to view your website. This site is amazing and has helped me so much. I cannot express my appreciation to you enough. You have done a stupendous job and thank you for all your help
    167. Wonderful site. All these folks lived around Derby and Ible; wonderful to get a feel for their homeplace, and supporting info
    168. I heard you on the wireless some time ago talking about your site and now I am on the net have found it full of interest - a wonderful achievement
    169. Your web-site is excellent
    170. Your website is amazing
    171. Bloody marvellous!
    172. I am impressed with the work you have done to produce such a good website
    173. This is one of the most incredible web sites I have come across over the last couple of months. The amount of information you have collected is incredible and all so very important historically. Must go back and check my surname...thanks
    174. First of all may I say how wonderful your web site is
    175. What an absolute gem of an idea John. Very much appreciated, thanks
    176. To John and helpers! Well done on the most superb job you have made of this site. The best of it's kind we have found
    177. Great website by the way. A passion is always more rewarding
    178. I commend you on your fine effort. Keep up the great work
    179. Fascinated by your site
    180. Thanks for all of the hard work!!!!!
    181. Two words will suffice. "Superior site"
    182. A very good site - I keep coming back to it
    183. Very much appreciate your comprehensive site - not so sure about the colours but like the freedom from ads!
    184. Thank you for including the List of Useful Info.... what a lot of very interesting information - most thoughtful of you and much appreciated
    185. You have a wonderful, informative site. What a joy it was to find my ancestors listed here. Thank you for all your hard work
    186. Thank you so very much for your time and effort in compiling this seemingly impossible task. It is a gold mine of information. I am very fortunate to be living in Macon, Georgia, USA where we have many research books and films in our local library (The Washington Memorial Library). However, your web page has given me more information than our entire library building could house
    187. I have praised John's Wirksworth site but it really takes on a new meaning when you find your own ancestors included at this fabulous site. I am amazed at the incredible amount of historical and genealogical information available about these Ridgways of mine. Apparently, I now have a rich 6th great-grandfather, a Churchwarden in Wirksworth who at times had to count dead hedgehogs and hand out payment to parishioners who captured this vermin. It's things like this that make your ancestors 'come alive' and thanks to John I can 'see' my ancestors and how they lived. THANKS John you really are one of a kind
    188. Just the best site that was ever on the web. Thank You John for all the hard work you & your little helpers have put in
    189. Congratulations on a most interesting site
    190. Simply to express my admiration for your site and the genealogical resources therein ... the site is great for genealogists!
    191. Your site gave me my first glimpse at my past and for that I am truly grateful. I found the links very easy to follow. I still have a lot to find and am sure that your site has some secrets to give up. Thank you again
    192. What a neat service you provide
    193. Congrats. on an excellent, nay absolutely brilliant web site
    194. A very great help in reassembling the family of two eighteenth century Robert Adamses in whom I have an interest
    195. Thank you for the excellent website
    196. I would just like to add my praise to the many plaudits you have rightly received for your hard work on the Wirksworth Parish Strays in the 1881 Census of the UK
    197. I am so glad for people like you, who make so much available for the net-cruising family historian
    198. I have just spent many hours on your Wirksworth website and found it very interesting and valuable to my research into our Family Tree
    199. How impressed I am with your Wirksworth CD ROM
    200. Without question the most comprehensive site devoted to a single parish on the entire web. My inspiration!
    201. Your website is a wonderful thing - well done and thank you to all concerned. Someone has already mentioned that there's always something new turning up in it, and has given me an unexpected lead. Well done and thanks again
    202. What a marvellous web-site, I have just started researching my Grattons from Wirksworth and I am sure all the info available will prove to be invaluable. Pity all places can't be so informative, Will enjoy coming back time and again, thank you so much
    203. Excellent web site. You've done a great job of it
    204. After surfing your incredible site I managed to find much information which has in effect filled in several pieces of the jigsaw in respect of my research
    205. The site you have given us is a wealth of information - I don't know how you do it
    206. I've just seen your site - and wanted to congratulate you - it's stunning. Hugely helpful in many many ways ... what you've done there is honestly so powerful it's tough to react ungushingly! My wife muttered darkly all weekend about how distracted I was by your site - but Dad is thrilled to hear all the missing details! Thanks to you and your team for all that work done (and worked saved)
    207. I visit it regularly and find something new each time thank you. It is a favourite and cherished site for me. Thank you again for this really comprehensive site and all the best for the future
    208. What an excellent site, it would have to be one of the best around. Keep up the good work
    209. What a fantastic piece of work, congratulations. The whole web page is "mind boggling" but so easy to use
    210. Congratulations to John Palmer and all concerned on the Wirksworth web site. How easy to use, wish other parishes did the same. A very big WELL DONE, wonderful effort
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Constructive criticism of snags with this website is very welcome. I hope some of the complaints below have now been cured by the introduction of "hyperlinking" Index to Listing at Xmas 2000. Keep those criticisms coming, no complaints no cures. -- Author



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I did look at your Wirksworth site last night before I posted the message but there is so much information on there I got a bit lost
[You're right, with 2,000 pages and 10 million words, its all too easy to get lost. I've plastered it with links and indexes, maybe another simple guide is needed.]

I think your Wirksworth website is without comparison on the Internet, but may I suggest the addition of a note that the registers are C of E only might be helpful.
[Thanks for pointing that out, I will make it clearer that my transcriptions do not cover Nonconformist records in Wirksworth or Matlock]

Not so sure about the colours ---
[Sorry you don't like them, they are meant to highlight different subjects, regret its too late to change everything now]

I do find the search method a bit cumbersome but it works and that is the main thing
[problem now cured by adoption of hyperlink indexing] ---

Its all a bit too complicated for an old man.
[I've done my best to make this website as quick and easy to use as possible, but with a third of a million data entries and 46 different databases its bound to be a bit complex. Please e-mail me if you want some help.]

Hello John,
I am just trying to use your site and have run into a problem. Probably it is something that I am doing wrong, but anyway. I am trying to find a baptism for a Samuel Bland who census from Matlock shows was probably born in Wirksworth about 1822. I looked up the surname code from the B's and found a code of 188 with 19 occurrences. I then looked up the surnames coded 188 but couldn't find any. It seemed to skip from 187 to 189. Are they actually missing or am I looking in the wrong place?
[problem now cured by adoption of hyperlink indexing]
Hello S.K,

What you say is quite right, and I'm afraid it highlights one of the main problems with old surnames. There were about 2,000 basic surnames in Wirksworth, but 5,600 different spellings. If they are indexed alphabetically the same names often do not come together. A good example of this is WRAGG and RAGG. GREATOREX is spelled in 42 different ways!

In my wisdom I decided the best way of handling this problem was to give each surname that sounded the same the same code number, then index by code number not by spelling. This works in 99 cases in 100, and makes building family trees a great deal easier. However, it all depends on my judgment as to whether different spellings were in fact really the same surname. I guess I got this one wrong, because you will find that code 188 covers BLAND and also BLOUNT. BLOUNT is a common name, and you will find it listed in section 2, together with the 19 BLAND entries!

At the time I allocated the code numbers, I judged BLAND and BLOUNT were the same name. This was the impression I had after copying 73,000 surnames from the Parish Registers, and felt that I had as much experience as anyone around. Today, in retrospect, I'm not so sure. It is very difficult for us in 1999, with 100% literacy and standardized spellings and near perfect record keeping, to understand how things were before 1800 with 10% literacy, non-standard spelling and records kept by church officials who were semi-literate themselves and wrote atrociously to boot.

I must leave it to you to judge, by crawling through the records, whether any of the BLANDs had their name spelled BLOUNT. Let me know either way, I shall be very interested. I wish you the best of luck now you have found the BLANDs!

Best wishes,

John Palmer, Dorset, England

Compiled, formatted and copyright © 2003, John Palmer. All Rights Reserved. Contact at